Microsoft Teams

4.8 (3.2M)
359.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Microsoft Corporation
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
16.0 or later
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User Reviews for Microsoft Teams

4.8 out of 5
3.2M Ratings
4 years ago, Kate Cullen10
Teams preliminary evaluation (first week)
Praise: Internal integration of various technologies (Skype, Sharepoint, Outlook Calendar, etc.) and external connectivity with Office 365 constituents is seamless and functional. In particular, remote meetings capabilities, including chat, desktop share, audio, all work well within our corporate network. Also, client-based app and web-based app have essentially the same functionality and look-and-feel, which is definitely preferred. iPhone-based mobile app works well so far. Very good compliment to the main Teams usage on my corporate Microsoft Surface Pro. Criticism: I was never a fan of the Sharepoint-based file presentation and interface. Windows Explorer in details mode using libraries, shortcuts, etc. is preferred for file management. Maybe Sharepoint file presentation is needed for tablet devices. I’m a longtime laptop point-click user. Also, in meetings, it was not obvious how to re-display the control bar (enable mute, for example) once the control bar disappeared automatically. I learned how eventually, but guidance on such important items should be more prominent. I had to hunt for a solution.
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2 years ago, Tim D'Annecy
This app is very buggy, especially when working with the desktop version. Joining and transferring meetings always bugs out and fails to join at least once. The iPhone and iPad apps fight for Bluetooth control with AirPods when you’re joining from 2 devices and will put you on speakerphone on one device without allowing you to turn off audio. Sharing links and media from other apps just sits and spins “Checking your organization policies…” and I have to quit Safari and try again multiple times. Notifications are buggy and don’t notify when you set the desktop availability setting but then walk away for an hour. Can’t join a meeting from the calendar and select which account you want to use. Can’t pin messages in chat. Notification icons show red but there are no notifications after switching accounts. Viewing a shared screen on a call does not allow total full screen on iPad. Whiteboard integration creates a totally new whiteboard outside of the meeting if you want a new page. Can’t search across accounts for meeting invites. Scrolling back in messages constantly bugs out and you go back to the current message. Can’t use DMTF tones when on a Teams call and you call out with PSTN. Sharing your screen from iPad or iPhone fails often and I need to exit the meeting, close the app, then try resharing. No way to make someone a presenter when on a call. No drafts of meeting invites. This app needs lots of work…
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2 years ago, whsbflfirhdbskabbd
It’s decent.
At work they have transitioned from an email service to Teams. So I’m using it weather I want to or not. I like teams for collaborative work on documents, we don’t have to each edit our own copies and then try to merge all the copies together somehow, we can all work on the original document together. The chat function is fine except you cannot delete chats, you can only hide and mute them. So every chat group I have ever been in is still there just muted and hidden. There is no way to clear chats or teams. Whatever has been written will stay there forever unless everyone in the chat/team/channel deletes each and every post or comment they made. The same goes for activity. I have thousands of notifications in the activity tab that cannot be deleted. It makes the app feel very cluttered all the time. WhatsApp is way better in my opinion for chatting but of course the company wants better privacy than WhatsApp so now all our communication must go through Teams. Another problem I have encountered is using the calendar in teams, it doesn’t link up with outlook calendars very well, sometimes at all. So when we need to schedule a team call, I have to exit teams, check outlook calendars and then go back to teams. Anyway, there are some good things about teams but it could be so much better if they made some functionality improvements. I don’t have much hope that much will change however, making the user experience better isn’t a cornerstone of Microsoft.
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2 years ago, Geminispy
Ok, so I broke down and downloaded the app to my iPhone sometime during the summer of 2021 because I supervise a lot of people and babysit the rest of the office so I was constantly being hounded by every method possible (texts, calls to my cell and desk, emails, and Teams). Every time I stepped away from my desk for even five minutes there was a crisis I had to handle immediately so I wasn’t able to see or respond to missed Teams messages until I got back to my computer. I would’ve given it a full five stars BUT, several months ago the emojis just vanished from my phone app. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling and logging out and back in, but alas, there’s just empty black space where the emojis should be. I’ve discovered that if I tap on a random place in the blank space, it DOES throw an emoji up for me but I have no way to know which one I’m accidentally choosing! I’ve seen other people post that they have the same issue but that glitch has been there for months and Microsoft hasn’t fixed it yet. For an industry giant like Microsoft, that’s unacceptable. A lot of people may think it’s no biggie but I use emojis a lot to soften what I’m saying when I have to inform one of my staff that they screwed up. People appreciate that more gentle approach. So yeah. I’m done with my rant now.
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3 years ago, Llama Craze NIKKI
Edit: support pages please. It randomly does and doesn’t work on the Same assignment and when it doesn’t work it says preparing file and never shows up. I had to use google docs as my middle man multiple times (took me really long to finally get something to work) You really need to fix this. Edit: my teacher uploaded things in order and in my iPad it shows out of order and every time I attempt to play the video (the mp4 she posted in files) it has no audio and and I click on it and it sends me out Edit: I went up a star because you guys are fixing up the app. Im still having problems with notifications. I sometimes don’t get them I guess it’s cuz I have the app open, but that’s seriously causing me problems. Ps I’ll give better rating if you support my browser ____________________________________ This app is not supported online on my browser. First of all you decided you weren’t going to support it. (Because you guys originally did until one day it just didn’t) Second of all now I have to download this app waste my space that im running out on. And yes by the way just in case you I’m overreacting I have used teams for two years now and it has had glitches all the time Are these really the same people with word, PowerPoint, Forza Horizon, Who literally own Minecraft? Doesn’t look like it.
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2 months ago, Elwood64151
Terrible port to iOS
I use Teams almost every day on my work PC. This iOS version is awful! I joined a meeting and found there’s no “focus on speaker” setting, so I was stuck in a gallery and couldn’t see the person talking. I accidentally made the video vanish and couldn’t restore the video view. It became an audio only meeting for me, with no ability to get the video back. Joining the meeting from a web-style link was impossible and errored out three times. Only a direct link from the original invite worked. That required me to find a different email. I was late to the meeting as a result. Even then, it required me to allow Teams to connect to other devices on my network—which I then turned off immediately. There’s no need for it to connect to anything but my router! Since it’s logged in to my work account, many features aren’t available if I have a meeting with people outside my organization. ARE YOU SERIOUS?! What’s the point, then, of using Teams—and all the fees that go with it—if features are blocked? I don’t know if Microsoft is intentionally diminishing the capabilities for iOS or if they’re just not competent at programming for Apple devices, but this was frustrating to use and I don’t recommend it.
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1 year ago, Abe Rad
Very hard to use with mouse and no multi app window support
This app is pretty difficult to work with using an iPad with a mouse and keyboard. The iPad OS feature where the mouse icon snaps onto a button or text field remains completely broken in this app. When you try to mouse over the text entry field to respond to a message the mouse icon refused to snap into the text field leading to frustrating behavior where the mouse will snap to some other location. I haven’t seen this in any other application. In reality, the mouse does appear to “enter” the text field because if you place it just right. However the mouse icon remains at the edge of the text field. This also makes it impossible to place your mouse in a particular place in you message to edit. I had been waiting to see if this behavior is corrected but surprisingly this is still an issue. Does anyone at MS test this app with an iPad and mouse? I can’t see how this is missed because it is so central to the teams use case. Also, this app still does not support multiple instantiations, so there isn’t a way to see your meeting and at the same time respond to messages outside of the meeting. Three stars for everything else teams does fairly well.
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3 years ago, Ofuni
Underwhelming/frustrating user experience
Another title for this review might be “Jack Of All Trades, Master Of None.” This product is really not best in class for any product category. It’s not the best calendar app (Google’s is much better and easier to share with others), it’s not the best video chat app (Zoom is and will be the industry leader, at least until maybe Microsoft buys them out and buries them as they did with Skype), it’s not the best messaging app (Jabber or even wonky Slack are far better). It does do a fair job of integrating all these functions, but at a price. Teams really bogs down your system. For me, it’s at a point where I just never leave teams up and running. I only open it when someone else insists on having a Teams meeting. And it doesn’t play nice with other manufacturers’ email software such as Google or Yahoo Mail. The whole point of Teams is to force you to use Microsoft’s other products. I also have concerns over privacy issues with Teams and Microsoft products in general. Teams has all sorts of nifty analytics on user behavior it can run for the owners of Teams software (i.e. the companies you work for). Unfortunately, as long as Microsoft continues to have corporate America in its back pocket, I don’t see any end in sight for this product soon.
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2 years ago, Cjlock11
Avoid if you want something reliable
This app is very unreliable. There are wayyyyy too many issues for me to give it a high rating. If I were the one in charge of picking programs at my company I would definitely look for something that doesn’t glitch out or have so many issues while trying to log in. It’s common knowledge at my company that teams will be difficult and crash/cut people out of our video calls and chats. And that employees will have a hard time getting teams just to open the video chat link. We literally have a grace period to log in because the bosses know that teams is difficult for everyone due to these issues. I usually have to open the link 3-7 times before it will actually open the call. And yes, that’s with the new update. Not to mention that teams glitches in the chat so much that everyday I have to eventually log back in because it’s crashed or my text won’t send. And then I have to try and re-open the link another 3-7 times before it will work. And sometimes even after the video call opens, the chat will not open, so then after waiting for it to hopefully pop up, I’ll have to close the app and try another 3-7 to 10 times to get back in again. It’s just not a reliable program and it causes a lot of annoyance and wasted time.
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4 years ago, And i-oop sksks
Pretty good
Ok so we all know the global pandemic has bringed us to do everything at home. I am a student that uses this app DAILY and i really like it, but recently they did this new update that changed everything but not a lot because you could still understand everything that u have to do in the app so over all i liked the update. BUT there is this section on Microsoft Teams called assignments ( keep in mind that i have been using this app for YEARS)(*with no problem at all*) this section let you see all your assignments that you have to do and they’re due dates, how much they’re worth, etc. And this section was divided by every class, teams, group, etc. For example: if you went to assignments it would appear a list of all of ur classes, groups, teams, etc. And you have to click the class that you would like to see the assignments. I really liked how they were divided BUT now in the new update all of the assignments are put together and i REALLY DONT LIKE THAT because i like to keep everything very organized and i dont like that the assignments are all mixed together. Overall i like this app a lot and its very easy to use is just the little things that bother me a tiny bit.
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6 months ago, RI UXer
Super frustrated with recent update
I use Teams on my phone to take work meetings without needing to sign into a Microsoft account. It used to work great. Since a recent update though, joining a meeting without signing in is a terrible process. When I click the Join link in my email, it no longer puts me directly into the meeting; it makes me enter the Meeting ID and Passcode manually. To do that, I need to copy the ID from my email, switch apps, and paste it into Teams, then switch back to email, copy the passcode… and AUGH when I switch back to Teams, it has backed out automatically to the Sign In screen, which means my Meeting ID is gone. I literally had to copy the Meeting ID and Passcode into a notes app, put them together as one string of text, copy that text, paste it into the Teams Meeting ID field, then select and cut the Passcode part on its own so that I could paste in both pieces of data that I needed without leaving the Teams app (and losing my progress). Microsoft WHY did you make joining a meeting without signing in so difficult and bad?? I promise you that no matter how annoying you make it, I am not going to sign in on my phone, even though that’s clearly what you want and what you’re prioritizing. Please fix this, thank you.
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4 years ago, Mannytech
The new form of communication
Our company started incorporating more advanced Microsoft products at the end of 2019, including Teams. What a time saver! No more jumping on planes and living around the notion that every meeting has to be done in person. From a global company stand point the first half of 2020 more effective meeting and forward progress on collaboration was done than any other year. Many things are integrated into Teams to make it as seamless as possible. Some of these include video meeting, screen sharing, multi screen control, calendar management, sync of calendar, multi device sync, controlled notifications, text message integration, user group creation, profile management, in meeting management like mute for those who don’t know when to mute microphone. In all very well thought out app. If you can’t do some of these things, it’s the administrative person that hasn’t given user rights. Watch out Apple because Microsoft has created one meeting management App for the modern work place so people can work remotely in this COVID era and any other future eras.
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3 years ago, Jeffrey Basso
Teams for the exec.
So this tool stratus to tie file, conversation and meeting all of not one place. It is a great tool. Now here is the push for Microsoft teams engineers. I need more. Their is not a tool on the market that gives me enough of what I need. Here are some examples. Looking for things I have done like files and conversations that hook to meetings. A way to trace My Day back to a meeting by clicking on the meeting. You can get there with the tools but it is still not easy enough to do so and I end of flipping through a number of screens to find what I need if I can find it at all. Here is another one. In a big company their are a lot of people. A way to fav a employee in a meeting and write a few notes about him would be powerful. Maybe tag his name based on key words in meeting title. The tool is great and I expect it to get better I just ask that you survey power execs to see how you can help them as well. We expect everything at our finger tips with little effort. Keep up the good work you are going on the right direction. Thanks
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9 months ago, KeystoneRider
It’s a great app! That being said, I would like to introduce some enhancements to make it even better. 1. Allow to have a chat and a hosted file open at the same time. For example, currently, when I work in an Excel file in Teams window (w/o opening it in the native application), I cannot view chats. It’s either or and i need to swap between them (or I have to close the file to view a chat and then re-open the file again). I have multiple computer monitors in my setup, but that does not help. Also, sometimes the sync for a file opened in its native application (mostly Excel) fails. This is why I prefer to work in Teams as I always work with others and we need to see each others changes in real time. I had many problems with this, subject to Microsoft support tickets. The problem continues for me and others in my company. The sync is not fully reliable. 2. Make the camera background options part of the Settings menu. Most of the time, I cannot find this setup. 3. Add group call reactions similar to Zoom to let participants of conference calls vote and use the check mark emoji to signal completed tasks (very handy for training calls). 4. I can no longer answer Teams calls on my iPhone 12 Pro Max. I have the latest iOS version, but I am not even getting calls any more. Before this happened, I was getting calls but the connection was not made when I picked up. It used to work flawlessly in the past and I used to rely on it heavily.
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4 years ago, lil happy liv
I love this app!
We went virtual over the last quarter of school and teams was awesome! It gave me notifications and the calendar was an awesome tool. I like how if you forget about a class it gives you a notification that tells you the class has started. And how the messages work like, well normal text messages. I also like how you can message your teachers about class work or anything! Maybe even just a thank you, and how you can message class mates but not strangers from other schools. I have never had a single lag! Oh and I like the new feature of being able to see more than four people on your screen. This works great as a collaboration app, an app for virtual meetings, even school! I am trying so hard to think of any criticism or something back right now, I am searching every inch of my brain. It’s like when you ask Siri and she doesn’t give you an answer. Well since there’s nothing bad to say, thank you for reading my “constructive criticism” comment. -Liv
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4 years ago, Notobadmovies
Several improvements would be helpful
Having used multiple conference/online meeting applications, there are several items that have made Teams not the easiest to use. Several clients have had trouble logging in and easily using the application, can always say why I just relay their feedback. I also want to add new participants on the fly to calls/meetings by adding their emails but they’re not accepted if they are not ‘recognized.’ If using regularly for internal teams I’m sure it’ll run better but for external sales and presentations to new prospects it doesn’t run as smooth as I require. Several times when trying to launch conferences calls thru the Teams apps, participants couldn’t hear me. So then I had to dial in outside of the app but that created issues since I had already logged in online. It would also be helpful to be able to have a static conference ID for our business so I can use it regularly rather than having to schedule each call and use unique call/meeting log ins. We use Teams as it’s part of the MS applications and we want to keep everything under one umbrella, but there are improvements that would help to put it on par with other conferencing/online meeting applications.
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12 months ago, lorimicke
Teams is good but
Our company uses Teams a lot and it is pretty much user friendly. When sharing document in meetings the view is reduced and difficult to see… if there was a way to enlarge the view for this it would help (sharing a desktop view) regardless of the view from the person sharing. I had a meeting and if their was a notice or label still available for quick connect when your late. Today, I had to search for which made me later. Quick memo or to do reminder attachment to send to outlook or other calendar and possibly notification on phone. I like Google set up where if I receive information I can immediately make an appointment with the information to set it as a reminder or appointment automatically for my calendar. A quick note or memo grabber in teams to make. To do notes, set appointments, to list major information needed for later., so we do not have to search and add an emoji helps sort out who and what it is. Make information shareable with a google calendar or email if it doesn’t cause security issues.
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3 years ago, JJ not twins
More things
Ok, I honestly hate school. But, I think this could use some updates. First, I think you should fix the quality! Idk if it’s my computer or the teachers computer but the quality on the videos are so blurry! I can’t handle it. Second, I think you should add more signs. Like the little signs you put like the hand, smile, clapping, heart and thumbs up. Add more! Like add a toilet so your teacher knows that means your at the bathroom. Third, add a timer for the messages to get deleted! Like after 3 days the post/message has been there then it gets deleted. This would be good so there’s not a bunch of messages/posts every where. And lastly, what if you could add a focus button. Like tap “Focus” and then the next person you click on the whole screen becomes that person. (Only on your screen though obviously) so we could just see the teachers screen or anybody’s screen you want to see. This could be good cause if you don’t want people to have there camera on you can just focus on who you actually want to look at. This would way more better and I hope you could add these.
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2 days ago, Markh142
New teams - now with even more bugs! Half the features don't work, desktop settings like disabling animations aren't available on mobile, plug-ins (what microsoft stupidly decided to call "apps") can't be removed once installed, autocorrect doesn't work more often than not, notifications are inconsistent, bluetooth device compatibility is lacking, and the app uses an absolutely insane amount of memory and cpu. All of this to say that this is just another 'high quality' product from microsoft. Two different chat clients in 3 years and they still don't have feature parity with messenger, slack, discord or zoom. It must be embarrassing working for microsoft - how can anyone on their teams be proud of the software they publish? Apps used to go through qa testing before being released but not this one - they'll constantly force broken updates to your device in the middle of the day and then refuse to roll it back or fix the problems. Submitting feedback from within the app doesn't do anything, no idea if it sends or not because the window just closes. Buttons are frequently unresponsive. The original teams was bad enough but this new one is a joke
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9 months ago, Tristan20699
Solid daily work driver
People may complain about teams but we ask a LOT of it and it handles most things elegantly. There are tons of features we don’t use but its mainstay functionality is rock solid and I would recommend it to any business organization. Time and again I’ve pointed out in meetings that having someone with teams in the conference room to act as a conference phone is far superior to most conference phones given the superior noise cancellation features of Teams. It handles meetings, integrates with Office 360 and OneDrive, and blasts through chats with such ease that emails become a lesser form of communicating. I am personally not as much of a fan of the “Teams” section as I am of the “Chat” section given how they more organically work, it’s easier to just watch the one. Similarly there are a boatload of other integrations that are theoretically neat but could go away without being missed. All told though, I am a fan of Teams.
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3 years ago, devinwbrisson
Best app for web meetings…
Teams blows Skype out of the water! It’s 100% better, very clear with no delays or voice with video synchronization problems. No snow, and I’ve been in meetings with over 75 people logged in to Teams without a glitch or delays! It truly is an amazing app for web meetings. We tried to utilize Skype for our platform with NC DEQ, but it never went anywhere, people just quit using it. There was problems just trying to do a small group of maybe 3 to 4 people, and Skype could not handle it. Most times we just defaulted to audio because video was a nightmare! Going from Skype to Teams was like going from old dialup internet to fiber optics speed and quality, no joking! I really can’t see an app for web based meetings working any better, plus it’s very user friendly. I know there are other apps out there, but these are the two NC State has tried as far as our agency goes. Thanks… -Devin Brisson
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3 years ago, historyceiling
Never works well
I’ve been using Microsoft Teams for over a year since this is the only platform my university uses (and would pay for). 1) it doesn’t sync well with their desktop app, I could never predict where the calls are going. 2) it always crashes on my laptop as soon as I attempt to turn on my camera or mic, doesn’t matter how many times I update or restart. 3) the iPad version is a tad more stable, but I can’t multitask on the same screen AND keep my camera on (which is one of the iPad features). 4) it can be really hard to find the tab/button to join a meeting, even if it’s scheduled. 5) it’s even harder to find a specific recording file unless the host goes through each recording to rename. 6) the document editing interface isn’t intuitive. 7) there is an iPhone version, but it’s difficult to turn on the speaker when I don’t have earbuds with me for a call. On the other hand, Zoom has been incredibly stable with an easy to use interface. Plus Teams stole the breakout room feature from Zoom. I could not in good conscience to recommend this to anybody.
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4 years ago, stagevi
Love Teams! Needs a few things to be perfect!
Teams has been an excellent communication tool as all coworkers are working remote now. Very easy to collaborate, create team calls, screen shares, etc. A few updates would be the cherry on top. 1. As a creative team we are always dropping files into the chat function to share progress shots, inspiration images and comps. I, and a lot of my team uses the same file naming structure for these images - so there are multiple files with the same name. Teams will not let you upload 2 files with the same name without a pop up window asking if you want to keep both files...and if I click yes it renames them xxxxxx(1), xxxxxx(2) and so on. Please make it so it either let’s me keep both files with the same name without asking or renames them automatically without asking. 2. When an audio call comes in via Teams it only shows the person initiating the call. If John Doe is calling through a multi-user group it only shows up as John Doe making team calls vs a single user call indistinguishable. A “John Doe via Project xxxxxx Group” would be all it needs. 3. More customizability within chat groups. We use chat groups 99% of the time vs broader team group windows. Would be nice to be able to change sounds, chat group avatar, background image, etc. Other than that love the app and it’s integration into Outlook calendar and contacts!
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3 years ago, Khloe Vargas
i’ve had this problem where i can’t delete messages, i’ll click delete yet they will stay in the chat and just won’t go away. when i say this i mean in private chats i create with other people like classmates. my saved messages won’t work either, i press the purple bookmark to un-save them but all i have to do is refresh the page and they’re back. i think it might be because i deleted those messages, and so now they’re just stuck in this weird loop. i’m confused and i want to be able to use the chat normally again. also, sometimes when my teachers are trying to let the students into the meeting, it will not show us in the lobby. it’s happened twice and it takes time away from our lessons. PLEASE get this fixed. it’s so annoying and also i beg of you to add a feature to be able to permanently clear all chats with other people. like private chats that you create. the ones to talk with other students or mutuals. i understand that you could use other platforms but i have some student mutuals who i know only in school and intend to keep it that way, so please make that an option. there’s lots that needs to be done to fix this app and i’m very dissatisfied.
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3 years ago, nevaehSpirakes
I have to write this for school 😕
To be honest this app isn’t great because when I try to join a meeting it kicks me out immediately and if somebody calls me into I press join and it kicks me out it allows students to mute and kick out whoever is in the meeting my younger sister uses this and it always says somebody in the meeting removed you and I wish it said who. This app is not great but I have to write this for school which isn’t great either. Also when I write a message to my friends or teacher it autocorrects to something completely different like if I say hi did you get the answers for question 2 I’m stuck on that then it would say hey I want the answers for 2. I don’t understand this app. Also it drains you battery like if I have to use my phone for school if my laptop is dead then I use my phone but if I have it at 100 then like 5 minutes later it’s at 1 and it’s annoying. That’s all I really have to say about this app 😕 I wish I could give 2 stars
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2 years ago, listen Closely Now
App is very intuitive an easy
What’s nice about the app is that it seems to work even better than the desktop version. I can’t think of one time that I’ve had this app on my phone. Give me any kind of issue with locking up or shutting down however, with the desktop version, at least once a month, I find myself somehow in a situation that will require me to reboot my PC! I do know that this could be so many things that it may not even be the program itself. I would be a great tester because the feedback I’d provide I think would be very helpful again not on this app but on the PC I don’t like to try and start a recording of a meeting finding the button is opinion I feel like I have to search for each and every time I go to start a meeting and I don’t understand why it’s not more prominent, the start button that is for recording.
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7 years ago, Jeratain
Nice start; needs polish
Overall Teams is a decent collaboration tool. When using it without being used to other competitors’ methods of working then Teams is intuitive and nice. When comparing it to Slack, then Teams takes one step forward and two backwards. But not all is hopeless! The service simply needs a handful of features and UI enhancements to improve. In terms of the iOS app, here’s some quick updates: 1. When I get notifications on multiple devices, they should dismiss from all devices once I’ve acknowledged it on any of the devices. Right now when I read something on my phone, the Mac app keeps the badge notifications. The inverse is also true. This is rather annoying. 2. More granular notifications. I don’t want to see a notification for certain channels in a team, even if a channel command is used. The lack of a mute function is unbearable. 3. Dark Mode. It’s 2018 and I don’t want to stare at a bright background in the evenings. Please give the option to enable a dark mode to save our eyesight and battery life (for OLED screens).
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4 years ago, Romit..
Best app for video conferencing
Really , this app deserves 10 stars . Very good app , I have installed both in my IPad and computer . It has many features like you can add background effects in your background, share your screen , record the call , add subtitles and invite participants and even guests! In chat , you can not only write messages but edit it like a champ! You can post in multiple groups , not allow people to reply and much more . You can also attach files and give praises and create a poll! in files column , you can upload files , make folders , download them , sync them , you can also make assignments and give grades ! and the new features just made me drive off ! The opening in new windows and together mode , raise hand , and quick meet option are just great! I don’t know why the foolish people are disliking this app , but I like it very very very very very very very very much.
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3 years ago, E.k:)
Horrible App, do not use
As an educator I am constantly looking for innovative programs and applications that allow me and my students to strive within our current academic setting that has been hindered by the virus. I initially downloaded this app expecting a better way to connect with my students, but I was horribly mistaken. Throughout the school year there was one student who failed to turn in any assignments or tests. He was here on an academic scholarship from North Korea and depended on the scholarship money to survive. I worked with him to resolve this troubling issue, yet the issue persisted and by the end of the semester he had not turned in any assignments and was failing. This meant his scholarship was officially revoked. Without the scholarship he had no other choice to return to his home country of North Korea. When he entered North Korea he was immediately arrested as a “traitor to the nation” for leaving his home country to attend college in the U.S. To this day he is serving life in a brutal prison in North Korea. A couple days ago I found out the he actually turned in all the assignments, Teams just didn’t notify me.
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5 years ago, DougNdenver
Best Microsoft app in a decade
In a world where young innovative companies having been running circles around time-honored giants like Microsoft, IBM, Oracle and SAP, it is rare to see one of the “80’s companies” produce an application that is (to put it bluntly) - relevant. Microsoft Teams puts Microsoft back on the ‘must-have’ software map, and could become the bridge the connects the old world with the new world. Unlike past product offerings, Microsoft Teams has made it easy to integrate newer (non-Microsoft) apps side-by-side with trusted enterprise apps like Office365 and SharePoint. Imagine a team collaboration “home page” where topic-based chat rooms, instant webcam meetings, private cloud file storage, mobile productivity apps and trusted office documents, live side by side in perfect harmony. For companies who are trying to make the transition from old to new; from Gen-X to Millenials and Gen-Z, Microsoft Teams provides an easy and intuitive way to get there. (Five stars)
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2 years ago, Mosha sand
Great app for communicating
So after Covid started, my school started using zoom at first but then once everyone found out that this pandemic was not going to last a few weeks, but more like a few years, everyone went to teams because these reasons: 1) You have more virtual backgrounds (which many of my classmates and me enjoyed playing around with) 2) There is a schedule that can sync with outlook calendar so if you get this app, it’s best you also get outlook with it. 3) Teams is more like academically based so you can get literal assignments from your teacher with a deadline that you have to meet, and your teacher/whoever is giving you the assignment to complete can give you feedback and you can undo hand in if you have a few mistakes to correct. Overall, I think this is a wonderful app to use and I highly recomend it!
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2 years ago, Sack tickle
A list of problems
This app could be just as good as Slack but I’m constantly annoyed by many things: (note! I frequently swap between the desktop and iOS version, this is my experience using Teams in that way) No Download progress bar, no button to open recently downloaded files, no list of recently downloaded files Teams renames uploaded / downloaded files When changing status the icon doesn't immediately reflect new status color--this is confusing Not nearly enough notification options Notifications disappear, if you're not looking at the screen at the right time they won't be visible which makes them pretty useless a lot of the time Notifications will blow up the mobile version of teams even when you're actively using the desktop version of the app. This makes no sense. Why would I need all those mobile notifications if I'm active in that discussion on the desktop client. More notification stuff. Sometimes the desktop app will keep sending my notifications of chat messages when I'm actively engaged in the chat on that same desktop app. For example: you're in a meeting. Typing in chat. But every reply / message is still triggering a notification. Even when that chat is on screen, even when you're typing in that chat. This feels so incredible sloppy and redundant.
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4 years ago, Dancinut
Teams is great and the app is mostly great.
When my computer died and I started working from my iPad , I was worried I would loose a lot of my functionality in Teams as my organization works almost exclusively in Teams. I’ve been pleased to find that for the most part, the app offers the same functionality and even has a couple advantages. In a multi person call, the app will automatically shift from a multi view to a main speaker (talks more than 30-60 seconds without interruption) and back as needed. The down sides are mainly small such as you can’t have chat open and see the video feeds of others in the meeting at the same time. The only major piece of functionality that is missing is the ability to start a video call in a channel or a chat with yourself (which we use to record and share presentations.) Developers: Please add this function to the app and you’ll have a 5 star rating from me. :)
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4 years ago, Alallen01
No notifications
This app has a lot of potential, but can be very frustrating. My main issue by far is the lack of notifications on my phone. I have both the desktop and mobile apps, but can’t get a single notification on my phone. I’ve turned all notifications off and back on both in the app and in my phone settings. I made sure there are no quiet hours, turned on notifications even when I’m active on desktop, turned on all notification styles in my phone settings, went through each team and chat to turn notifications on, and nothing. I get nothing. If I want to step away from my desk for a few minutes I have to bring my phone with me and constantly check it. I’ve done every troubleshooting tip, even though it’s all the things I already tried. Please fix this, it’s a big problem to not get notifications. Other than that, there’s sometimes a noticeable lag in getting messages or statuses updating. I for some reason don’t get calls on my phone, but I used to so I think that may be connected to the lack of notifications. No ability to put that your out of office as a status without putting an event in the calendar. How is there not an “off” status? The closest you can put is “away,” which is frustrating when you need to chat w someone and don’t know if they’re away for a few minutes or the rest of the day. Overall, it’s a decent app but several improvements are desperately needed.
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3 years ago, HADI9493
Ok,so I like teams and all but I have the 12.5.5 iOS and I putted a cloud on it(cuz it was vacation) and I tried to reinstall it but.. it didn’t work so I don’t know what happened i clear(ed) all of my memory but still no luck,BUT I heard something when I was in teams ‘please update this iPad we will no longer support 12 iOS’ And I ignored it-(DONT ask) and I went to google wrote ‘does teams support 12 iOS?’ But I found nothing(useless google) and when I always reinstall it always said ‘unable to download item please try again’ so I hope some one will tell me about this ;-; Yea so I hope they will respond cuz I’m scared Bc my mother is gonna kill me I am PRAYING FOR SCHOOL TO BE GONE- cuz I’m still doing this “reinstall” thing (this is a story now... ;-;) PEACE!:D (Tell me if I did something wrong ;-; cuz I don’t know!) 👆old message...:^ uhm it works now BUT ITS STILL 4 STARS I mean.. if it still didn’t work heh- Well it’s a 3 stars... :)
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3 years ago, leftykiller
App crashes, no customer support.
I use it everyday as part of my job. Since Monday, 07FEB2021, it has frozen and crashed everyday. I have to uninstall and reinstall the app, and then it works fine. I’m forced to write this bad review because Microsoft has zero customer support. I went through the phone number, which led me to a website. Went through the bot assistant (which is worthless), and it said, “click here to talk to a real person.” I thought, “Great! Now I can get a trouble ticket in with the company.” I was very disappointed when it sent me to their public online forum, that they even warn you could have scammers posing as agents. This is extremely frustrating and I have given up. Once Microsoft fixes the bugs with their app, I will change my review. This is making me wonder why I pay a yearly subscription to Office 365 though, especially since it used to be that you could just outright buy the Office software suite, and you had better support where you could talk to a live person. Where is all of my money going Microsoft, if it’s not going to take care of your customers?
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2 years ago, sooniceofagamer1234
This app is great but I have a slight suggestion
Ok so since the 2020 incident, or sixth grade year, or last year (we had to use zoom in fifth grade) I’ve had teams, and I really enjoyed it! Except for the fact that we had like 2 months straight of quarantine, anyway, one of my friends had some friends they knew from a different town, and was good friends with one of them and I decided to become friends, eventually they started being really rude, which is a big NO NO , so my point is I wish you could block them, BUT this also runs into a new problem: teachers. There should be an option to NOT be able to block teachers, as I don’t really like school, but I feel it’s so important to learn. Anyway you could give an option to teachers to have a different email so the teachers pets can’t act as teachers. Thanks for reading this and I hope you fix this!
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10 months ago, Angela 🦄
Could possibly be my fault
So I got teams to be able to chat with my friend who has a PC that either does not support messages, or, my friend has no idea how to get messages. I’ve been using teams for almost a year, and I would give it five stars, but 1) it is laggy, keeps freezing and messages come late 2) whenever I video call my friend and we want to, for example, play Minecraft together or something, the minute I open Minecraft (or any other app), the video call ends and I have to call my friend on another device or it won’t work. This is very annoying, but I’d like to say that my iPad is very old and fell into the sink when I was five (fell into the sink as in submerged underwater). With that being said, messages works perfectly fine and I use it on the same iPad. I have no idea if or how you can fix this, but I would really appreciate it because I’m basically stuck with this app to talk to my friend.
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4 years ago, BrianKy123
Teams doesn’t work for me most of the time
Since august, I’ve been using teams for quite a while cause I have school. But when it doesn’t work, I get mad because I’m gonna be marked tardy for not showing up to a meeting on time. The problem is that the loading bar doesn’t stop, and when I tap to switch to a different chat, or the calendar or the teams, it freezes. And it freezes for a long time. I’ve tried to clear app data, I’ve tried deleting the app and reinstalling it, but nothing seems to work. I’ve looked up many ways on how to fix it, but it just doesn’t cooperate. I believe that I’m the only person having this problem since everyone else seems fine. But can I get some more suggestions on how to fix this? Overall, when I did use the app before, it was great. There were some minor problems, but those were fixed shortly after. Please tell me how to fix this, I can’t stand having to go to the website just to use teams.
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3 years ago, Donatoo
Good but can be better
I use this as a volunteer. Several training sessions and meetings that I get invited to each month. I have used it on my iPhone and and laptop. Thanks to a mistake on my part the laptop that I use now takes several minutes to load teams. I prefer the laptop because it is easier to see shared information on screen. I can not setup any groups on my iPhone unless I send an invitation immediately. As the team lead, I wanted to have everyone in a group before setting up an event. I prefer to organize things so I just click on a group, send the invite, and then work on other things. If there is a way to do this, the app is not very forthcoming with the info. This also why I do not like being hounded to do a review when I have only just started to work with the app for myself instead of clicking the invites sent by others.
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3 years ago, ToothpasteNarwhal
Read before purchasing
So yeah, we all sort of had to use this during the pandemic. Both for work, and for school. It’s a pretty good app, but if you can use zoom for the meetings that would be better. The meetings can be glitchy. Sometimes teams automatically kicks people out of the call, and also automatically mutes people. When you have a lot of people on the call sometimes you can’t hear anything. Either no sound comes out, or there is a really high pitched sound. The chats are pretty good though. Although I must admit, I do prefer the iMessage format to the Teams format. If your looking to use teams for a long term project with a lot of people I would suggest you look elsewhere, all though it is quite easy to use and set up group chats. The judgement of weather or not your going to use it is up to you, but know that there might be consequences despite Teams’s easy set up. Three star is an appropriate rating I’d say.
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2 years ago, MattyRich845
App for professionals should do professional things
In general, there is not a lot to complain about. Wish it was easier to go back to general chat window during a Teams call. Right now, I have to minimize and right click/long press on the Teams icon from the desktop to get back there without getting lost in menu maze. Most of all: I would like to multitask on my iPad without dropping off camera. I want to stay on camera if I do PnP, and I want to stay on camera if I minimize Teams so that I can do other things. I want to stay on camera if I pin teams to the half or third of the iPad. I want to stay on camera unless I turn the camera off. Offer settings for this behavior if this is not a broad default use case please. Please. Similarly, and perhaps I AM the problem here and have my settings wrong, but it would be great to see the a speaker’s presentation instead of the presenter when Teams is minimized/PNP. Thanks, Microsofters!
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4 years ago, Gracie Leigh GBMS
Needs some help!
Overall, it’s a pretty great app! I had to download it for school, and for about the first week it worked great. I could chat with friends, turn my work in ( after 1 hour of trying to figure out how to do that ), and even call and FaceTime friends and teachers. But about 2/3 weeks into using this app, the bugs started happening. I can’t call any people anymore without the app just giving out and kicking me back to home screen, or doing the same when I try to turn into assignments. Very disappointed, now I have to email my teachers instead of being able to properly turn it in ( which causes much more stress for them too! My school has 1,200 students! ). I really love the idea of the app, but the glitches have almost taken over the app for me, and makes it stressful to complete school work. Also, I feel as if the app should have a guide when you first download the app too! When I downloaded it, the app was very confusing and I didn’t know where everything was, and it took me almost an hour to find my way into assignments and turning them in. It was like being in a maze! ( not a pleasant experience! ). I honestly hope this app can improve! COVID-19 will probably not end anytime soon, and I will be stuck using this app for at least a year. I don’t hate this app, but I think there are some large improvements that need to be made, so please take this as constructive criticism!
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4 years ago, Kai not Karen
Not all these 8th graders coming to try and dent the 4.8 customer review with their “I hate school” reviews. Anyways, this is a pretty cool app. It’s better than zoom, imo. It is tricky to get the hang of at first though, mostly because of the lack of training before the district had our school use this as our live classtime platform. The only issue I have is recently it’s been seriously bugging out. Yesterday classes had to be cancelled and due dates delayed (which is cool, yes, but not for when we still have to do the lessons crammed into time later.) today, most of the students could get on but this morning the app on my ipad stopped letting me in. I’m about to see if it let’s me in now that I’ve redownloaded it, but if not I’ve lost my backup plan for when the school’s *global protect* stops working again. Edit: no it did not let me in. Microsoft, please fix this, or if there is a way to troubleshoot that would be cool.
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2 years ago, HTXCatDad
It grows on you ... like ivy
I have used Teams almost since it came out (Disclaimer: I am a contractor at Microsoft). For our team, it replaced Skype for Business. It's better than Zoom for presenting PowetPoints (I want to say, "Duh!" here, though it's common knowledge that not all Microsoft products play nice with each other). This is true whether you are presenting or watching a presentation. As a presenter, you can see your notes on the same screen as your slide, and use a laser pointer to highlight. You can also write/draw on the slide. I think the coolest presenter feature is the ability to insert yourself, like a TV meteorologist. As an attendee, you can have content presented in high-contrast if you're taking the meeting from the beach. You can also enable captions, when take your meetings at the airport, for example. If the presenter allows, you can move forward and backward through the deck without affecting anyone else. The best part of the mobile app is the rainbow theme they call Pride. Most posts and chats are basically monochromatic. The theme givea you rainbow tools. Everything is not rosy. It can be awkward to switch between a presentation and chat. Also there are sufficient differences between the mobile and desktop that sometimes finding what you need tap is challenging.
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3 years ago, JayBoogieWitThaHoodie
User experience is extremely stupid
So first off there is no way to delete chats, so there is unnecessary and very annoying clutter that can't be removed. There isn't even an option to hide a chat despite it saying to do so online. There are no "three dots" with more options like it says. Second thing getting on my nerves is how the calendar is only accessible on your personal account, which renders it completely useless for the actual team channel where you'd need to make that information easily accessible to everyone. Same with tasks, also only available for your personal account. There is also no way to add your own personal account into your own business channels. So the features locked behind the personal account version, at that point, could have never been accessed by you or your team anyway. I don't even understand how you could design an app this frustrating and think that it's okay to make it available for other people. I will be searching for other options now.
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4 years ago, kelseykren
iOS App Needs Updating
I’ve had major issues with my calendar section of the app never loading. It continually says it is “updating” but never finishes loading. I would also really love to have more features that mirror the desktop app. I can’t initiate using the whiteboard from a video call, but I can participate if someone else starts it. As a teacher, I'd love to use this. It is also really difficult to use video conferencing for teaching because I cant keep the chat open with the video screen at the same time. Please consider adding a pop out where the chat can come up next to the video like the desktop app. I also find it difficult that I can only use one note if it launches the app (which also lack features that are available on the desktop version, like the math function) rather than being able to use OneNote directly from teams. Lastly, I want to be able to manage my teams from my iPad app because currently some of the manage features are only available on the desktop version. Otherwise, the platform itself isn’t bad and some parts of the app, such as assignments, are exactly the same as the desktop version if I have them side by side to compare. I’m not sure why the app has less functionality than the desktop version, but with so many people using tablets nowadays, especially to teach from, please make them the same with all functionality.
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8 months ago, red r2d2
Great capabilities, but needs UI improvements
Shifting to Teams for collaboration is an overall effective strategy, however the UI in teams needs to be improved to make collaborating and managing information fluid. With more complex organizations where generally the information handled is both sensitive and ‘need to know’, the sheer amount of teams, channels, and chat groups to compartmentize information can become overwhelming. Tack in business portals, support groups, apps and workflows and the complexity grows. The UI need a better way to organize and present these. The UI also needs to present what’s changing, being posted, and being mentioned better than a dot on an icon, or an activity stream, both of which are dated approaches. It also needs to suggest best approach when sharing information to reuse existing teams, channels, sites, chat groups, etc. and to help reduce the sheer number on new things from growing.
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12 months ago, AbdulHameed_
Unable to make and receive calls in MS Teams (Free)?
We had a Teams Org (Classic) account registered with Outlook personal email IDs (under one Group named xyz) and had 7 members, and the same members have been registered with free Teams Personal Account (under the same Group named as xyz). I’m an Admin for both accounts (Org and Personal Group). Earlier, the calls were working fine when we switch from Org to Personal and wise-versa, but currently the Teams (Classic) is no longer valid. So, we use Teams (Free) calls mainly to connect which was working fine earlier, however, suddenly, the calls stopped working for some members (within the Teams (Free) personal xyz group) and working for some (within the same Teams (Free) personal xyz group). The issue started recently, however, earlier it was working fine. We get an error message “we couldn’t complete the call”. Email IDs are the same in both accounts (Org and Personal).
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2 years ago, sonomaGTLN2
Revert your last update!
After last week’s update I have one question: Why does the UI force me to agree to the full meeting experience to unmute the first time and use landscape mode? By signing into a meeting I already am seeking a full meeting experience. This is not an added feature, it’s a more inefficient way for the user to get back to the experience we had before last week…and now we’ll be hearing people comment for the first 3 minutes of conference calls or when “they can’t find the mute button” for the next week because they can’t figure out how to unmute. If having a reduced feature meeting is necessary, don’t make it the default. Make the setting something I can toggle to if I don’t want the full meeting experience. Until a user figures this update out on their own they are stuck with: - No way to enter full meeting experience without attempting to unmute the first time/cannot make this change via view settings - No landscape mode - Distracting reaction emoji animations being on the screen 100% if the time - Needing to “slide” the controls card, press the unmute button, press/agree to full meeting experience, press the unmute button to fully unmute the first time In general this app has been great and a lifesaver during WFH periods that started in 2020, I would otherwise give it a 5 star review…but this latest update is distracting and inefficient.
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