ADP Mobile Solutions

4.7 (3M)
167.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
ADP, Inc
Last update
9 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for ADP Mobile Solutions

4.7 out of 5
3M Ratings
2 years ago, C.K.20
Password Expiration Date
I like the app and I use it every day but when it tells me I need to reset my password and says it will expire it doesn't say when it's going to expire. It would be helpful to know when the expiration date is so people like me can change the password so we can still log in without having to reset it when it has expired. Just letting you know this is a suggestion for you guys so future users can have a good experience etc... Other than that the app is great and nice to have to log in the hours you work. Many thanks to the team and hope you guys are doing well. Blessings to all! Thank you! Sincerely satisfied customer. Ps. I don't understand why I need to change my password so often. I get used to the old one and then I gotta create a new one it's kinda frustrating. But I'm overall quite satisfied with it. 👻🎃💀🧛🏻🥸🤓😎😁😂
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1 year ago, ADPsuxxxs
Avoid if possible
I don’t know how they got this up to 4 and a half stars, but beware anyone who has to use this service. It’s terrible; that’s the short of it. The long is it’s slow, it is works far less often then it doesn’t, and it will get you in trouble with work. You’ll think you’ve clocked out and it doesn’t go through, you’ll think you’ve clocked in and it doesn’t go through. Worse of all some days it won’t work period, despite phone restarts, being patient, and trying for up to 20-30 minutes. It crashes every other time you open it, and generally takes the worst possible route for what is essentially a stop watch. Clearly they attempted to make this some super app, but it’s an abject failure when the most important thing, clocking in and out of work, is non functional. Many, including myself, are nervous about time, as we don’t want to hit overtime accidentally or be under hours accidentally. This app will nearly guarantee you have more problems than before. If possible, avoid this app, if not possible then prepare to suffer because if you go to their help page it’s a Ai that offers one solution, and if that doesn’t work than you are out of luck. I’ve never had to talk to managers more about time than after having to use this app, starting last July, and every day that I’m forced to use it is a worse day than the last.
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1 year ago, willandreason
It is okay…4,7⭐️ (it’s current rating) it is not
ADP has been around for a while and is okay as an app. How it got 4.7/5 is beyond me though. Don’t get me wrong…it’s not a bad app but it’s not great either. It can be glitchy and before I go on I will say I’m in tech so I do all the standard fixes (clearing cache, deleting and re-installing, etc) and have the latest iPhone (14 pro max) and keep everything (app and iOS updated). One thing I don’t get is why it takes so long to update my pay stubs. Used PayChex before this and my paystub info was available the second I got paid. Two days after I get paid and still nothing on ADP. I do know it will get there and it doesn’t impact my getting paid but still annoying. All that being said the app does (eventually) do what it’s supposed to do, just on its own schedule. So 4.7 (current rating)? Hardly. It’s average at best compared to other similar apps which in my opinion makes it 2.5 ⭐️…dead average. For a company that has been around so long, having a glitchy app that is slower to provide pay stub information than less established companies is just pure lazy and says enough about the company to warrant a dead average rating. Do better ADP.
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1 year ago, Tiredofthecrap2023
What a waste of time
This thing rarely works. Quick clock works one maybe two days in a row. Then you have to sign in and wait forever for it to take. Also it makes you change your password every so often and can’t be one you used in your whole life it seems. Probably not but you get the point. What a time waste. After a certain amount of hours you can’t clock out. What junk. So just wrote the times down and call the payroll person once a week with your times and let them deal with it. How it got any stars is beyond me ! David Update ; I was sent an email saying clear the phones cache. Funny I don’t have to do this to use any other app. Even after that it’s a crapshoot if it lets you use quick clock or do you have to log in and wait minutes for it to load any info. The email also says to contact the payroll people so they can contact the rep. Well news flash. They spend more time on the phone with the rep than they do working since we got this system. Well it seems like it. Every time I go there they just look frustrated with this system. It’s to the point where we call in out times every once in a while. Update number 2. They sent another email that says the same thing as the first. I am at a total loss. Even the service seems to be cookie cutter.
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2 years ago, De Wildt
Painfully slow and fancy fancy user interface
Asside from the app being slow to start up a lot of the UI uses “fancy fancy” components that aren’t what you would expect on your phone. See ting time in a time off request for example isn’t just a normal date time selection. Even more painful is changing your password (when it inevitably resets because apprent security). Changing the password requires a reset and if you use a password manager with generated passwords it is almost impossible to copy paste the password in either the whole app reloads when you switch in and out (because the password keyboard doesn’t work in the app) or when you want to paste the input box has the paste button show only for a fraction of a second. Resetting your password is also fancy fancy when you start typing a phone number in the “email or phone number” box it switches from a normal keyboard to a number keyboard but only about a second after you started typing so you loose focus or mistype because the keyboard suddenly changed. Overall a really painful experience I would have give it two stars if I didn’t have to just go through the password reset AGAIN! One more complaint is the payroll compare this would actually be useful if it included your earnings.
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2 years ago, bbyryee
I honestly hate this app would give 0 stars if I could. It takes almost 10 mins just to load the app to clock in and that’s if your lucky. That’s only one of my complaints… the time card option is almost never accurate meaning it’s telling me the current pay period is feb 5th through 19th when it should be March 5th through March 19th so I can’t see any of my current hours which is really frustrating seeing as this is how I get paid so I feel as though y’all are playing with my money at this point. I’ve also had multiple problems just trying to log in I’ve had to reset my password 7-8 times within the past 5 months just to log in. This app needs serious updates and bug fixes because this isn’t any ordinary social media/ for fun type app this is literally how people clock in FOR WORK! I’d also like to add that I’ve tried reaching out multiple times via email and have been straight up ignored. When your app is designed for people to clock into work the last thing you should be doing is ignoring people. This is how we who use the app get paid for the long hard hours we work so you guys ignoring us and failing to fix these simple bugs and glitches is down right wrong and honestly just lazy. Do better.
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6 years ago, csoule14
UPDATE: Still slow, only works half the time
Updated review: it’s still isn’t great. I still get an error message every time I log in and I don’t even know what’s it’s for. My app is up to date. And now it does this thing where it randomly decides to forget my fingerprint which is also SUPER ANNOYING. The app freezes all the time. I’m lucky if I can log on without it freezing the first time. it baffles me that the ratings are so high on here, because this app gives me nothing but a hard time. Original review: This app is honestly just terrible. Each time I log in I receive an error message. Don’t know why or what for but it still lets me into the app. I get into the app, it takes forever for the clock in button to show up. That is if it even shows up. Half the time a different error message comes up so I can’t even clock in. No time shows up, no buttons, just a red error message. It’s infuriating when I’m just quickly trying to start my day! So later on I always have to log onto the webpage and adjust my time card because the app couldn’t just DO THE JOB ITS SUPPOSED TO DO. I’d much rather just log on using my computer each day but by the time I start my computer up, and the page loads up I waste 10 minutes of my time anyways. The webpage is slow and the app is even worse.
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5 years ago, Skyy64
Just. Get. A. Bank!!! Warning !!!!!!
I have never been more frustrated with a service provider in my life. I called to ask a question about Apple Pay and the customer service guy who barely speaks English blocks my card for “Suspicious activity” even though you have to pretty much give them all your life information JUST TO SPEAK TO THEM!!! My question is how if there was suspicious activity with my card when I called was I still able to ask them information ABOUT the card? Had me on hold just to tell me that they can’t do anything and that I need to send sensitive information to an email address which haven’t even responded to me. You guys are CROOKS. You lock my card when I call to ask a question. You tell me I’m suspicious ON MY OWN CARD which they ask for your social and employer and a whole bunch of information only the cardholder would know and that’s not enough. Your customer service is obviously outsourced in another county and the language barrier is frustrating when they don’t understand what you’re asking or can’t do anything. JUST GET A BANK ACCOUNT. I STILL don’t have access to my account and every time I call they give me the same answer. It’s not worth it. Worst experience ever. And I’m going to continue to spread the word about you to whoever will listen.
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2 years ago, ChrisGonzie
I really don’t have an option but to use this because this is what Global Solutions INC in Michigan use for payroll. And I HATE THIS APP WITH A PASSION! You cannot edit the start clock under the Time Off menu/page. It gives you specific time start options in 30 minute increments (12:00, 12:30, 1:00, 1:30, etc) which is stupid!!! What if you actually clocked out at 12:46 PM and wanted to file an hour time off, what time would you pick from the “ONLY” options given to you? Do you just eat whatever time you lost just because you are not given an option to change the time start of when you actually started taking paid time off? And not enjoy the actual hour you requested to take off? That is just unfair and inhuman! Companies just wants us to work so hard so they earn more money in their pockets from contract employees like me who by the way also has “important” needs and family to feed. Did you forget the part that you wouldn’t have that money to use to live if not because of the contractors like us who works hard for you to eat and get to live your life sitting on the couch pretty while we spend time and gas on the road just to get to work and spend whatever’s left from our pay. 🙄
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4 years ago, Authentification issues
Support is very unresponsive
Ive been using ADP for about a year now. There’s been an issue twice where I can’t see my paystub for months. I’ve tried using the online support through the website and the chat bot doesn’t respond. I called the hotline and had my time wasted multiple times. I never was able to speak to a representative and they just said speak to my employer. When I spoke to my employer she took it up with ADP and they sent her a link to set up a profile when I already had one started. I feel stuck between a rock and a hard place and ADP would rather not lift a finger to try to help those who rely on their service for their own proof of income when there’s an issue with their systems. Update: The email that you gave me to address my issue did the same thing that your hotline and online support for your website did. Nothing but say “your HR/payroll has to contact ADP in order to fix the issue. (Which they have. I was in the office looking at the screen and listening to the phone call) I find it deeply disturbing that a company with such great responsibility over people’s livelihoods would take such nonchalant action with addressing these kinds of issues. Me and my employer have been more than patient with your company for over a year and still nothing
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2 years ago, asiyarox
The laggiest app there ever was
I’m convinced there hasn’t been a decent update for this app since it was released. This app is SO slow and half of the time is lagging so bad it doesn’t log my clock in or clock out punches. First off, the log in screen 🙄 good luck if you miss Face ID the first time because you’re going to have to close the app and reopen it because the Face ID button in the upper right hand corner doesn’t work! When you finally do log in, you have to watch the ugliest, slowest, glitchiest graphic there ever was telling you once again that you’re in the ADP app in case you didn’t know already after spending 5 minutes trying to log in. Past that point, if you’re lucky, the Home Screen will load. Other times, you’ll be left staring into the eyes of the spinning wheel of death waiting for it to load. Which eventually will lead you to closing the app and going through all of that AGAIN. The layout and style of this app also just reads as dated and definitely needs a modern touch. If the app actually worked and was easy to navigate and use, it would be great. Hopefully a face lift is coming up for this app soon.
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2 months ago, teacherskip
You have to use it, so…
Well if your workplace uses ADP to make you clock in and out you pretty much have to use this app if you don’t want to wait and log into your computer or use a shared “punch in here” computer. In my experience the app is really slow and the UI is a bit cumbersome. For example, you click Face ID, it recognizes you and opens the app I guess, but then asks something like “Log in?” and does a second Face ID check to actually log into your account on the app you just securely confirmed you wanted to open. When an app is designed to open every time like this, you basically known e kind of experience you’re in for. Same thing with the time clock. Why isn’t there ONE button on the Home Screen for “clock in?” You have to click the button that’s like “use clock?”, wait a few seconds for the time clock screen to open up, and THEN click clock in. It would seem that most people USING A TIME CLOCK APP would want to clock in for work when they first open the app. That option should be right there at the top. But, what do I know. I only have an MS in HCI/UX.
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8 months ago, RuSMor28
Poorly Optimized
I need to use this app for my job to track my hours. It’s alright, when it works. Lots of nice quality of life features that makes timecard tracking simple. However, this app is poorly optimized overall. It frequently crashes, even when on good Wi-Fi. It also doesn’t log punches often, which can be frustrating. If you leave the app idle for too long it will log you out, which is fine, but it requires two logins if you try to go back in after an idle, the second requires you to type your login. You need to force close the app to not have this happen. This can be detrimental if you’re trying to clock fast and the app bugs you into this state, which happens often, and you need to close and reopen the app. The worst part to me, honesty, is when it logs that you clocked in/out multiples times in a row. As an example, I tried clocking out and it clocked me in instead, continuing my timecard. I waited a minute to clock out and it clocked me in again. It happens often enough that my boss knows how to fix this issue with very few clicks. It shouldn’t be that common.
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3 years ago, kita111979
ADP is a wonder concept, however if there is always a problem with it then it’s not good. There has to be a way to update this app or make a better version of it. ADP is a heavily used app by many many employers. The problem is that’s is always something wrong with it. And at first I thought maybe it’s just that some people don’t know how to use or navigate the app. No, that’s not the problem. The app is the problem because it’s always slow, or something is wrong where you can’t get into something and do what you need to do. For myself as a store manger this app is really important to me!! When my employees can’t clock in or forget to clock in or out the fact that they can text me and I have the ability to fix their time no matter where I am is awesome. The fact that Sunday is usually my only day off and I don’t have to leave my home and drive to my store to submit payroll that’s a life saver. But when I can’t get into my peoples time or I have to remember to keep logging in and checking to see if I can send payroll that’s not helpful. It’s happening more and more and it happens to everyone. There must be a solution to this problem. Thank you so much for your time and interest.
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6 years ago, MrFactotum
Problem With App and Help Is Inaccessible
When I first downloaded this app it seemed to work fine. Now, after several days use information that I enter in the app needs to be corrected/resubmitted through the online web site portal. What's more, when trying to contact email support for assistance I am required to select the category of my app problem from a drop down menu however the problem that I am experiencing doesn't seem to fit into any of the categories ergo I am not able to contact app support via email. What's more, I am told that others I work with are also experiencing problems with the app. Fortunately, my company will shortly provide me with an alternative to the iPhone app and the from home computer login but it is disappointing and frustrating, nonetheless, to think that the information put into the app is safely recorded only to find out that such is not the case some time later. What is infinitely more frustrating is not being able to find a way to contact app support via email regarding my problem without having to submit bogus information to get past the ADP app submission form. I will delete the app and use the online portal instead.
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1 month ago, mojoe577
Adp robbing me. Can change tax withholding on the app only federal not state.
I have confirmed through my HR and my lawyers that my employer is not responsible for changing my tax withholding. I can address my tax withholding, calculator numbers for federal tax withholding however, on the app, I can’t change my state tax withholding. It’s withdrawing the maximum amount and it’s only supposed to take $20 instead of $150 every paycheck which is way too much for it to be taking out there’s no way on earth for me to just stay with holding it’s not fair. I’ve been robbed so many times I don’t own a laptop or a main computer to change it. I only have the mobile app. Why can’t we changeChange it on the mobile app as well regarding our state withholdings!!! It’s not fair when our company use Paycor we could always change your state tax withholding on the freaking app and I can’t do it on this in ADP doesn’t have a phone number unlike Paycor to get a hold of somebody to help youNo one’s gonna respond to my complaint and no one’s going to compensate me. You guys have stolen over $11,000 for me this year
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4 years ago, Haldricsfury
App is absolutely garbage
This app worked properly for the first week, and I’ve fought with it every day for the next 2 years. I’m fed up and wanted to go out of my way to put a review here now because I’m just so done with it. -app crashes, freezes daily -ALWAYS, always, always forgets that I enabled the “log in with a look” feature. And when I say always, I mean every single time I open app. I can enable the feature, then it will accept my info and log me on, I do what I need to do, then log off. I then come back an hour later for some other task, and it will have the nerve to ask me to enable the feature again, and ask for a password to enable. As if i didn’t just do this earlier that day. I’ll set it up and then repeat. Finally o decide to just forget the face feature and just log on normally, but wait, the app now constantly asks if I want to enable the face feature every time I reopen the app. Essentially adding an extra step any time i want to just use the app! This is so frustrating and hope somehow developers magically know what they’re doing because this is the worst piece of application ever invented! I’d give it negative stars if i could
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5 years ago, Pedrovious
I give this four stars because it work well but when it doesn’t it can be frustrating. I have an iPhone 6S plus and can have issues with the app. It periodically will shut down when I go to punch the clock it just goes back to my phone screen. Lately it kept asking me to re-do password and sometimes I user ID. And even asked me to redo my thumbprint three times in one week. Sometimes I shut my phone off and back on and it works or call actually delete the app and then reinstall it. That often works too. It tends to go through spurts like this and then works for weeks. All in all I really like the app! Having the availability to punch in before I get to my computer is great. I often can get sidetracked with people asking you questions before even sit down and easily forget to punch in. I would easily recommend anyone to try it.
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3 years ago, Not ok1
Used to work, now it doesn’t
Update: every time I log in, it says I have a temporary password that can’t be re-used, which forces me to re-set my password. I don’t have a temporary password. It’s just a regular password. Update: after the app has been updated, it worked once. Now, two weeks later, it does not remember my password/tells me it is incorrect, and asks me to reset it upon login. The app used to work fine. Now, every time when I should be able to use touch, it asks for my password. I enter my password, and it tells me my password is incorrect. I re-set my password, and it tells me the NEW password is incorrect. I have only been able to log in once in maybe 3 months? Please fix. I also note several people have written similar reviews. I’m concerned about the lack of customer service and support given the problem is ongoing. Doesn’t speak well of ADP. Update: after receiving a “developer” response, they say I need to contact my HR for a problem with THEIR app not working?! It’s your app that is requiring and not recognizing passwords! Even more concerned that problems aren’t being investigated, but passed off.
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4 years ago, jksclusoie
Bad service
I have an IPhone 6 and I can't afford a newer one at the moment. I had a hard time understanding why ADP doesn't fix their app bugs anymore. They should update the up for bugs as usually but my iPhone acts like it's hacked when I try to log into my adp app. It blanks the screen and throws me out of adp, and often times it's just citing me right when I'm about to clock in or out from lunch. It is a horrible app, I'm sort but it has mast up my daily clock ins and outs to the point of where my employer keeps reminding me to properly get to work on time or clock out ... If I could use a alternate option for my job I would immediately do it. Sorry ADP, but you're a long way from professional. Even Chinese apps that often steal people's data are the least technologically doing a better job than ADP with all do respect. Thanks at least for giving me the option to express my opinion regarding your unprofessional service.
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1 year ago, SharpayLA
Good enough
It works. It shows my paycheck amount at 11:00pm the night before I get paid is the only thing that’s annoying which apparently is a common issue. It’s be nice if I could see what my pay was the day (which is Tuesday I believe) I got paid than the day before. I used to be able to see what my tax exemptions were and edit when I wanted to on the app also, now i can’t, maybe that’s what the company controls. Idk. It’s a little aggravating to navigate the app too so I usually just login look at my pay then exit. I am able to compare week-to-week checks and see my year to date is as well. Where you see your gross and net pay amounts is a nifty little pie chart showing insurance/taxes etc. being taken out. My company recently started putting my full statements on the app each week which is cool. Overall I like not being shocked at much or how little my checks are each week before errand day.
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2 years ago, Kahvi_1
Fix your app! So tired of bugs in this app
Updated yet again - Trying to use the app to clock in and got an error message that said “You do not have access to view the clock experience” I am so tired of having to chase my money because of the the bugs in this app. For the last 3 days yet again I can not clock in or out due to no clock showing in the app. Please fix this! Update — Sept 2022 Lately the app has been working wonderfully. Then they went and updated the entire look. Ugh… can you put the clock back in front so that you can clock in and go. Having to go into the app than into an area to clock in is ridiculous. Quick functions should alway be for front. Please move it out of the folder it’s in. Here we go again. Can’t log in. You are messing with my money people. I’m supposed to depend on this app to get paid yet half of the time you can not log in to work. I can log into app. But not able to log into work. Now I have to rely on someone else to make sure I get paid on time. This is ridiculous! Please fix this as it’s been a week now....again.
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6 years ago, gpabluearms
The most unreliable time management app I have ever used
This app doesn’t function correctly when on the mobile network. This app doesn’t work when connected to strong WiFi. It’s about a 50/50 chance that it will log your punches, sometimes it won’t log the punch even though it says it was successful. I have had to try and recall time cards from a week before, undoubtedly losing some of the time I should have had. So now every punch I make in the app I have to also write down in a notebook.... seems a little ridiculous, why not just use an old fashioned time stamp machine at this point, if I have to write everything down anyways then what’s the advantage of the app? It does have nice features like being able to see all your pay history and stuff like that. Basically it has potential, but the major bugs prevent it from being anything other then an annoyance and a hindrance for myself and the payroll mngr who has to talk around an correct all the messed up times. Productivity stops, efficiency stops, the whole operation jams up on some level. If the app ever gets fixed I’ll delete this or write a positive review.
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6 months ago, Goldielox/Cricket
Enabling fraud
My Ex employer has modified the payroll on every week I was paid and he has taken more than $3,000 out of my checks without my permission but the problem is that he has went and fixed the payroll to look like he didn’t where it said garnishment it said other and it was showing where he took my money and now it don’t because he knew I got ahold of the labor board and so he fired and tried to cover his behind I’m very fortunate that I had screenshots, but I believe there should be something ADP could do about the hours I worked I wasn’t paid my last 2 checks my employer kept telling the labor board that he was going to pay but never did she finally gave it to her boss I’m waiting to hear from her, I worked 12 hrs a day and 7 days a week this man refused to pay me my overtime and he went and fixated my hours to where it didn’t look like I was working more than 55 but I was the only employee there and our store was open all of the times we were supposed so who else worked? ADP y’all need to tighten up im sure y’all make enough money to fix this issue!
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4 years ago, WaadFoGaad
Outdated, glitchy, badly designed.
Pro: punch in and out without messing with a time clock, allowing social distancing. Most features are useful, though badly laid out. Being able to see your hours and pay as you go through a week is great. Cons: punch button and transfer button are so close you may hit one accidentally, adding to this, a slow internet or service connection causes the time to populate slowly, making the buttons jog down when you’re trying to transfer, causing you to hit punch. It’s badly laid out, and would make a lot more sense if the buttons were side by side, so as not to cause misalignment if the clock populates slowly. Requiring full password every time you’re logging in on your phone. Unnecessary, and time consuming in a fast paced environment. Please update to a 4-6 number pin system, if it’s good enough for credit collection and banking apps, it’s secure enough for a work time recording app. Streamlining a user process should be priority 1 in building an app. No ability to note incorrect punches or transfer updates to be found. If it’s possible, there’s no easy way to find it. Please either add this ability, or add a tutorial page on how to use it if the feature already exists. Having an employee editable transfer and punch system would be highly recommended, not every punch and transfer is necessary, and even just a simple flagging system for incorrect punches and transfers would be useful.
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3 weeks ago, Tjnathanson
ADP problems NOT solutions
4.7 stars!?! Are people being paid to leave shining 5 star reviews? If true app users were leaving honest reviews based on the actual app performance it would sit well below 3 stars. The app is glitchy, crashes all the time despite staying up to date with updates, time punches are often not registered requiring many time card adjustments and unnecessary stress. For how large of a company ADP is and how vital it is to have accurate time clock logging payroll programs, one would think and hope this app would perform better. For how many millions if not billions of dollars you “handle”, I should be able to have trust in ADP to provide “solutions” and certainly shouldn’t have to “babysit” and hope the time I devote to work is accurately logged. Please work out the kinks, I have a family that relies on me and every dollar counts…I’m so tired of having to keep an extremely watchful eye on my time card when I should be able to simply clock in and clock out and trust that the billion dollar payroll company we utilize is accurately logging the data.
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6 months ago, Mojo Dogo 1
User Friendly… NOT User Efficient
This app, more at the end of last year and beginning of this year, would take a while and sometimes multiple times to login. Often, once I log in, when I press a menu button, it will act as though it’s going to the next page but ends up right where I started, on the Home Screen. Right now, my notifications won’t clear from my app, even though I have read them. I’ve tried everything - deleting them, deleting and redownloading the app, logging out and in, etc. The notifications will not go away. I’m now having to get rid of the red bubble on the app in the meantime. On a positive note, I think the app layout and toolbars are very user friendly. It’s easy to navigate. However, with everything else, this app needs some work. PS - as I was typing this I had to manually capitalize letters at the beginning of sentences. That’s not a setting I chose on my phone… Also annoying.
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3 years ago, Spikeman311
My automatic deposit
I recently started a new job at hard rock casino, it was a transition from Majestic Star Casino or I work for seven years to the new hard rock casino.I have had automatic deposit going to two separate checking accounts want my dad’s checking account the other rest of pay to my wisely debit card, though after the first week of pay from hard rock it seems there’s a problem making out automatic deposit into those accounts I had to wait over a week after the regular payday in order to have a hardcopy print of my checks. If there’s a problem with this upcoming pay,,,I will talk to my payroll about another option because I think it has something to do with wisely department because I really think it’s a glitch in the system as far as anything associated with wisely
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8 months ago, Karmel_sutra
Dummy app
This app is not very helpful, lets start with the fact that it doesn’t remember passwords or devices ! Its 2023 and remember passwords is hard especially with this app considering its has to be a very very very hard one . Also this app makes its own notifications in my opinion to get to to engage ( open the app) I have been on leave for 4 months now & have no received a single payment from my employer but literally every two weeks this app give me a notification i check i open the app to check and of course theres no notification with in the app its self . Also i hate how u can not contact an actual person at ADP for assistance. Or the fact that your employer can pay you using ADP but you cant have access to ADP unless your employer gives it to you .
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11 months ago, Mobile app user2
So many problems
This app is one problem after the next its always late to switch to the new pay periods , which makes it hard to track your hours unless you do it manually which defeats the purpose of using the app. It also causes problems when clocking in it doesnt even show of its really clocked in it wont have the green ring around the start time or the green check. Also seems like half the time i try and clock in when i log in and click the clock button it redirects me to what seems to be the web page log in after ive already logged into the app. Another issue i dont understand is if im downloading this app on my phone why do i need to change my password so often or be logged out so fast. I also have deleted and reinstalled the app plus other steps mentioned on another reviewers response from adp and still the same problems. I would avoid using this app for your business if at all possible the old app we had never had a problem where as this one has problems almost daily.
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5 years ago, Ohbiyismtthisfun
You’re made to use it, but you won’t like it
I have the app One Star because it never works properly. I work for a Duke n Duchess and in my area the Duke n Duchess stores, Dollar General and Family Dollar all use ADP. I can never clock in, the option never even appears for me and my Manager has to put me in manually. The app constantly keeps changing my bank account information, and never saves my information when I manually repudiate it, always giving me “there’s been an error, please try again later”, it lags so slowly to log in, change screens, or even to log out. When you ask it to find a bank so you can get money off of your card it tells you the banks are surcharge free, except that’s a lie and you’ll miss $3 per transaction Support is never an option as the only support they have is a bunch of FAQs and even when you have your Manager email them or call them they still refuse to answer promptly This entire business is unethical, and unprofessional and anyone that hires you that uses the Aline card and ADP you’re better off quitting and finding a better job anyways
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9 months ago, mathan34
Crashes every time on iPhone 6
The app worked fairly well until some time this year. I have always had an issue with not being able to print my paystubs without special characters showing up in the print, which would make it unusable. The workaround for this has always been to bring the pdf into the brother app, which is an unnecessary step. However, for the past several months, I have not been able to open my paystubs without the app crashing. This is the only app on my phone that crashes and closes. Update: years later, I am now on an iPhone 13. I constantly have problems with the app not loading data. It usually takes so long, that I give up and just do something else on my phone. My internet connection is working fine with my web browser, mail app, and social media apps. However, I can’t view my pay details or PDF of my paystub on ADP. I wish my employer just handed out our paystubs like they used to. Maybe ADP should just email our paystubs so that employees could view them.
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4 years ago, StarsOvation
Worked great until I got locked out
EDIT: it took way longer than it should have to get back into my account, but discovered that the phone number on record was incorrect preventing me from getting texts. It would be nice to have a way to confirm your information to prevent these issues without having to go through HR, a call with the help center, and months of being unable to figure out the issue. I loved being able to check my info quickly using face recognition. Somehow, though, I got logged out and when trying to get back in, my account got locked. I tried the “reset password” option but I never get the text and don’t have access to the email on file. ADP suggests I contact my HR manager, but that still doesn’t work. We even changed the email on record, and it still only gives me the option for my old email. So now, I have nothing. Very frustrating.
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3 years ago, MurderMostFowl
so bad it feels like a college project
How a multi billion dollar company can have an app like this is just ridiculous. UI fails like calendars that don’t pop up until after you’ve entered the date manually. no summary pages when you enter in data, no status for time off requests, some sort of weird calculator widget that no human would want when you’re entering in hours. Completely idiotic UI displays that show you your possible time off options but don’t let you tap that option to enter new time... silly me I should have known you have to press the other tiny button at the top that says request new time. What are the other sections of the page even for!? Also if you switch away from the app it reloads the page like a website and aggressively times you out. But please show me that stupid login animation again. I’m sure you’re proud of it. Also why does the UI show a password box when fingerprint ID is enabled? That’s just confusing. just one of many dozens of design fails. The entire thing is just a master class in poor UI/UX design
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3 years ago, muzzy1992
I have the I phone 11 pro max
I have only been using this app for 3 weeks now and had to call Human Resources department to fix my pay. Because the app said that I missed my punch out when I know for sure without a doubt that I didn’t miss a punch out. Because it will state after punching in or out that you’re punch was successful in which it did. Therefore shorting me hours worked. Also the app automatically takes out a half hour for lunch break but we get paid for all of our time there. And it takes a while for the screen to appear at times it just runs really slow even when I’m right by the WiFi. So I think it could be a really good app because it would be convenient if it worked properly all of the time. I shouldn’t have to call my director of human resource and explain to them every week that something else went wrong. Now that’s what makes it inconvenient but if you could just fix those issues it would be great.
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11 months ago, Uhlishhaaaaaa
I liked ADP until they added the wisely through it. My work has had wisely through their app for a year now, but they recently switched to have anytime pay through ADP app. It does not give you the option to sign into your existing wisely account, they want you to get a new card, or say you lost your card. When I tried to use the chat to get help it was absolutely no help, didn’t even understand what I was saying. Now how am I supposed to use anytime pay when they won’t even give me the option to sign in. It’s very frustrating, either have to wait 2 weeks for new card (my pay check would come first) or don’t use it at all. I have a perfectly working card, and already signed up with my email. Makes no sense at all. Lol, I tried to go through the app to give this review, and each time I went to submit it said “error processing” 3x. I even shortened my writing to 2 sentences , then 1 sentence thinking that was the issue, but i bet if it was a 5 star review it would have went through.
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4 years ago, yourchildmo
Lots of bugs, obviously not a priority to ADP
This app forgets that you enable login with a look every single time you login. It asks, “Hey, would like to enable logging in with your face?” And you go “Hey, that’s great! Works with the cool features on my phone!”. You do what you do, then later that day when you go to clock out, and you’re like “oh yeah, I can just look at it to login!” NOPE LOGIN AGAIN PEASANT. WOULD YOU LIKE TO ENABLE LOGGING IN WITH A LOOK? “Erm... I thought I did but maybe it didn’t take or something...” HAHA NOPE I WILL NEVER ACCEPT YOUR DUMB FACE TO LOGIN BUT KEEP PROMPTING YOU EVERY SINGLE TIME. For real, there’s a bug that literally never remembers your Face ID, but always prompts you, it’s very annoying. That and there’s another bug that will error out when you try to load the clock sometimes. But seriously, every update I get hopeful that the feature actually works, and every time I’m a little more deflated. At this point they should just remove the Face ID altogether, it’s obviously not working for more than just one or two people. It seems like the ADP devs might have a very limited amount of devices to test on.
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3 years ago, iLLM4tic
This app is garbage
There’s always something wrong with the clock in system. I hate the fact that my employer uses this. Multiple times I clock in at the start of my shift and when I go to clock out at the end of my shift I notice that my clock in time has been altered somehow. I’ve in at 10:30AM and by 8PM when I’m logging in to clock out. My clock in time says 3:30 PM. There would be up to 3 clock in punches with similar times on it. I’ve had to have the Payroll HR rep correct my time 3 times already. It’s also the end of my shift and I can’t clock out . My supervisor told me that there’s an outage on ADP. So it’s not just me that can’t clock out. Everybody who’s working at my job today can’t do it. Fix your app. Things like this shouldn’t be happening. ADP should not my glitching and altering my time card on its own. If I don’t notice it myself, I’ll get rob of my time that I put hard work into. Don’t even try to tell me that it’s not on ADP. I know for a fact that ADP is doing this. I’ll say it one more time. FIX YOUR APP. It’s terrible!
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7 days ago, mucko65
Evidently “better shipped than perfect”
Let’s begin with the time off module. This area has a huge deficit in terms of its ability to integrate with Google Calendar, and because of it’s own calendar deficits, the process of adding to our corporate calendar, as was our normal process in BambooHR - has become a very cumbersome and manual one. Once the notification is opened, the approver must then self-navigate to ADP see the details of the time off request in order to approve. After approval, then we must navigate over to ADP in order to see the dates and time off of the request in order to the date and time out, to the Company calendar. After attempting to semi-customize the email template (which does not let us add pertinent details like the day request is actually for!) one major issue is that one cannot view the record via the mobile app. It’s only viewable on a desktop, greatly limiting the supervisors, flexibility and slowing processes. Ironically, ADP’s mobile app mantra states, “ Aways Designing for People.” We came over to ADP from BambooHR because of its long-standing reputation. While we’ve not been disappointed yet - losing PTO user-friendliness we’d had BambooHR has been difficult for everyone, especially since it seems so solvable. Therefore, I’m holding out hope that ADP lives up to their motto of designing for people and overcomes these problem areas.
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4 years ago, AshNicoleJ
This is probably my most used app on my phone but is the worst. Constant log in errors, internal app errors, errors viewing or adjusting my time or other employees, etc. Just all around a non user friendly app. It’s been years with no improvements. My face ID feature constantly gets disabled on its own. Another issue- It’s like pulling teeth just to enter in my time. I have to put in the clock in section, clock out, GO BACK TO THE FIRST SCREEN (takes long to even update time you’ve just entered and go back), clock out and clock back in. Why isn’t there an option to enter it all in at once? After 4 years of use with little to no improvement I’m really frustrated with this app. The bad thing is I have no choice but to use it on my phone because I am a manager which requires me to manage my employees’ times outside of working hours. One would think think number of negative complaints against this app should be alarming to this company. They should have worked on major improvements and changes on this app all around by now!
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3 years ago, @bhi9730
Login issues with FaceID and Remember password feature
The developers have created a loop of terrible experiences when logging into this app. The app doesn’t remember your password whether you enter it manually, have fingerprint or FaceID enabled. Literally, every time I have to put in my full credentials because the faceID never works on this app and it also forgets the password that you entered last time, even when you click “Remember my Password”. This is what happens with FaceID: When you log in and since faceID becomes automatically active, it gives you an error message because it does not remember my face. Then, you might think of entering the password manually, but before you even get a chance to enter it in the box, the error message pop up would have arrived. This happens each time you try to log in using FaceID. Eventually, after 5 failed attempts the account will be locked and you will be told to reset password. And when you log in next time, the loop continues.
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4 years ago, naw t available
Useful but unstable
When it works, it is a helpful source of basic information. It’s so unstable it’s more often a source of irritation. More detail: mobile app on an iPhone 6+ with iOS 12.4.5. Program opens, but a fairly long time to get to logon screen. 100% success rate. Logging on with thumbprint or with password makes no difference. Logging on with cell or wifi-assisted cell makes no difference. Day or night makes no difference. Location change does not help. Long dwell time to load first page (over two minutes. Often longer). 80% success. Select second page (detail of current pay period). Long dwell again. 20% success. Select any of the detail pulldown menus (taxes breakdown or retirement, etc). Less than 1% success. Occasionally screen actually loads before booting itself off. Another 2% of the time. Failure signature is the same no matter where I am in the app. Screen goes black, app kicks itself off the main screen and returns to the logon screen. Does not close the app. Re-log-on required. Sequence repeats. Only time it completely worked recently was when I was able to access the “submit feedback” button within the app as one of the second pages loaded. Then it allowed me to access various pages at will for 20+ minutes before failure. I’ve used the ADP Mobile app before without trouble. Last time I used the app (3 months ago), it worked without incident. Thanks.
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12 months ago, Enagic 1
Fails every now and then.
When using the app on your iPhone or iPad, it fails. Or sometimes doesn’t load up. Or totally fails to work. Especially if your out on the field away from the buildings where you can clock in. not too enamored with this. Hopefully the bugs will be fixed. it does have its good side, but, this flaw negates the other functions of why we have this app on our iPhones and iPads in the first place. *My opinion. Also, there’s no correction feature where you can manually fix the time you started or completed the work task. Because of the main flaw of this app (not being able to input the time you started or input when you ended) you can’t go back and manually input your correct start time or input the end time. I’m actually still using my old app on my devices to compensate for when this app fails. However, I hope that this flaw is fixed. No pressure huh I.T. Team?
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2 months ago, rosemily125
Constant crashing and lagging
This app has potential. It has everything necessary easy to get to and clearly visible. However I always have to deal with the app crashing when I open it. It unlocks then just cuts to my home page, then opens up the second time. I now expect it every time I go to clock in/out, and guaranteed it crashes. The buttons also occasionally don’t work, I’ll hit the clock and it just doesn’t do anything. Everything about the app seems very blocky and half designed. I’d love to see access to the discounts offered through ADP which I can never seem to find anywhere. Something else that would be super helpful is a timer showing how long you’ve been clocked in for. Just to make it easy and clear for those who need to pay attention to it, takes the guesswork out of it. Please please please fix something about it, I dread opening this app everyday for work.
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1 year ago, Big Seahorse
ADP defrauded me of hundreds of dollars and refuses to even attempt to fix it.
I was working for a company unfortunate enough to use ADP. I opted out of the terrible retirement program twice in 6 months. Since the app wasn’t in a functioning state for most of that time they almost get a pass but they decided to start taking the max contribution amount from my checks WITHOUT AUTHORIZATION. I specifically said no but they decided to STEAL that money anyways. I contacted HR and they said ADP said they were working on it. Well that was two months ago and ADP has no good way to contact them. The money is being siphoned away because ADP is terrible at managing retirement funds. I haven’t worked for the company in awhile and I was supposed to receive a letter allowing me to cash out. Unfortunately it seems ADP just ripped me off for hundreds of dollars and will only respond once I spend more on a lawyer. Avoid this company like the plague and try your best to keep your money out of their greedy thieving hands.
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2 years ago, Iffhjdsbrs
Loathsome App
Because unfortunately there is no way to express your opinion to a real person, I am forced to write a review on here about this company overall. I used ADP with several companies by now and I could confidently say this is the most terrible, loathsome, frustrating, none user-friendly, complicated, uneasy, anti human website/service/company/management I have ever used in my life. I cannot begin to describe how much I despise myself when I use it because I simply don't think it is made to serve but rather to control, manipulate and make things harder. I am bummed and disappointed in every company that uses this service as it should be boycotted. Some of the reasons for me loathing this service: App is laggy, and does not accept time off requests from everyone. So pick and choose (probably an agenda by the company) No human support. They just tell you off and ask you to call your HR (thanks for the help) Old interfere vs new interface on the website. You only have an option to switch to the new one but not go back you the old one. Some options are only available on the app!!! You heard it right. Website literally does not work well on Firefox and when i attempt to use chrome by copy-pasting the link from Firefox all i get as 'incorrect login' but i just changed my password?! And many others. I do not recommend this service or app to anyone. Terrible, simply terrible.
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1 year ago, MR.Fart1
ADP crashes a lot
ADP is a good app for getting a job and doing all that, but there are some issues I’ve found while using it. Number 1, if you leave the app for a set amount of time the app will completely close and it will have you fill out whatever you were doing over again from the beginning or some random place in the middle. Number 2, if you are on the app for too long then the app will just stop working and the loading circle is just going to keep spinning, forever. Number 3, sometimes when I try to continue my onboarding, when I hit the active button the app looks like it’s trying to pull over the next screen so I can continue, but it just keeps looping this animation of pulling the next screen over. Overall I know that ADP is a big platform for getting a job and stuff like that, but this mobile version needs some work done to kick out a few bugs.
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5 years ago, FrustratedADPUser
Never works.
I don’t enjoy emailing my boss every single week when I review my time card because this app decides to “record” my punch but then actually doesn’t. My hours are ALWAYS off because of this app and sometimes the app will randomly clock me in or out when I’m not even using the app. I end up with long explanations to my boss every week as to why my time card is a mess. And that’s just when the app actually lets me use it. If I had a dólar for every time this app crashes or just decides to not load I wouldn’t need a job to clock into at all. Unfortunately at my job we are required to use the app more than just clocking in online so I’m stuck hoping these people will one day fix this app. And it’s not just a problem for me, my boss is always reassuring me that she gets several emails from several employees every week just with time card problems to fix because of this app. If this app actually worked I would love the convenience of it, but it’s hard to like it when it never works.
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1 year ago, Unhappy Mavs Fan
Retirement services: sorry there seems to be an issue, try again later (for weeks) Me asking Automated messenger(feeling so dumb asking AI for help): I need help with retirement. Response: seems you’re wanting to talk about retirement, I haven’t learned how to talk about that yet. Is there anything else I can help with……as if I have lots of additional tasks to accomplish through ADP. Me talking to robots: can I talk to a person about retirement. Have someone call me. Response: seems you’re wanting to talk about retirement, I haven’t learned how to talk about that yet. Is there anything else I can help with……as if I have lots of additional tasks to accomplish through ADP. If I had sn option I’d never use ADP again. What a pathetic excuse for a HR portal. I already hate using portals for everything, why not make it complicated and not user friendly?!? It’s not like I need this information. Nothing like jumping through hoops just to access your own personal work information
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1 year ago, Redraidergal
Convenient but wonky
I’ve been using this app for a while to log my hours at work. But I keep having issues with clocking out so I’m starting to get question at work for being irresponsible. There have been a couple times Ive forgotten to clock out but there have also been times I know I clocked out and it doesn’t show. Then this last period it clocked me in one morning twice flagging my account for my employer. Had I gone to clock in and was already clocked in my only option should be to clock out. I don’t even know how I clocked in twice within five minutes of each other without first clocking out. Then one day it clocked me in for work one day when I was off so my account got flagged again. Not sure if I should give up using the app altogether and only use my computer or what. The app is convenient but I don’t like that something seems to keep going on during each pay period.
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