DoorDash - Dasher

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DoorDash, Inc.
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10 months ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for DoorDash - Dasher

4.71 out of 5
2.4M Ratings
4 weeks ago, ChrisK0812
Dashers Deserve More Tips
I have been dashing for a little while now and I am close to 1k deliveries and these are some of things that I have noticed and think they should change or update 1st is that they should advertise to tip your drivers more or let the people know that dashers rely on tips more than what DoorDash pays which is usually $2 but sometimes more because when you go to a restaurant you usually always tip your waitress’s and they are not doing as much as us dashers, we are driving through various weather climate and putting wear and tear on our vehicles and going inside and dealing with getting the order which sometimes is a hassle just so the customer doesn’t have to deal with any of that social interaction or dealing with the traffic which saves them time so I think we should be tipped more often and more than some waitress, also the acceptance rate system should be fixed to where every time I decline it shouldn’t decrease my acceptance rate, also they need to use Apple Maps instead of google maps being integrated because google maps takes me to the wrong place all the time and tells me there is a stop sign when there is one but it’s on the side road not the main road I’m on so please try and address these issues to make delivery’s safer and more likely to take the offers if your encouraging customers to tip more and let them know that we don’t get paid much from you!
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3 months ago, Jay dudes
App is good, Google Maps put me in danger
The Dasher App itself is very good, works smoothly, and I love the ability to DoorDash and make money in my free time. It is even convenient that Google maps is built in, making it one step easier to go location to location. The only problem, however, is that Google maps itself doesn’t work well at all. At least once almost every single order Google maps tells me to turn too early or too late, is confused for the first minute of the drive and has me turned around, or takes me to the wrong address. Yesterday for instance, it took me to the completely wrong side of an apartment complex, and later in the night took me to the wrong trailer of a sketchy trailer park, where a man who was clearly intoxicated was hostile towards me for walking the neighborhood trying to find the correct trailer because Google maps was wrong. Although thankfully I was not harmed, things could’ve gone much worse very easily, and it could’ve been avoided if Google maps had simply done its job correctly. All that to say, I’m super grateful for DoorDash, but can’t trust Google Maps and it risked my life last night, which isn’t something I prefer to have happen. The feature of having maps in the app is helpful, but I think Google Maps needs to improve, or DoorDash needs to switch map partners.
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10 months ago, Hobwy
Finally better paying runs
I have been doing door dash on and off now for over a year. I am now starting to do it in the evening again. Finally on the orders that are going far are paying enough money to take. You have to b able to make 1.00 per mile to make money with the cost of gas right now. And the heat I live in Fort Worth it has been over 110 every day I try to stay with in a 10 mile range. But when you send me an order that pays 2.59 and goes 20 miles out I am going to turn that down. It ia not worth taking. But I have to respect you. Last year in the winter when the doordash driver got killed here you shut the app down . You are the only company besides Lyft to do that it showed you cared about your employees and not putting them in harms way but we need to make more money on these runs for sure. The cost of living is why high gas is almost 3.60 a gallon here. Food is costly as well. I appreciate you and am making decent money for my side job. But I’d I had to do this full time I probably would b like the last person and losing everything no one should ever b put in that position and I Also noticed that I’d I get into another zone I get orders there as well which is great because it used to b I had to drive back to the zone. It would b nice to see bonuses offer in my area I see them all over Dallas Fort Worth but never in north Fort Worth. Just show you appreciate us. But I am enjoying myself and I like the updates that have been done
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4 years ago, Minerguy1987
Fun but app could be a bit better for dashers
I like the extra $ and it’s a decent gig but I feel that door dash shouldn’t allow the customer to do a no tip. I get them quite often from the same customers and I’m always on time or earlier. Make sure they have extra sauces. Napkins. Etc and I’m always polite and still get nothing from it. Dashers drive their own personal cars to make sure the customer gets their food and we use our own gas to make it happen. 3$ a trip isn’t worth delivering to people ordering 40-60$ of food and we have to go the extra mile for nothing basically. I feel that door dash can implement something on if you order either a lot of food and or a high price amount then the customer is required to tip. Also regarding if a store is indefinitely closed. They should make it easier to know what button to click to say you can’t do the order and not be docked acceptance because it not being your fault. If you click stores closed it should prompt you to say is it closed or closed indefinitely and then take you to the proper area if it’s indefinitely. Other than that. I’ll continue to do this as a side gig because it’s not hard and easy $. Also I think door dash should do a rewards program on for every order you do you get points to get door dash merchandise to help with deliveries either it be better bags. Drink holders. Shirts. Etc. Would boost people to push for helpful items and or personal merchandise.
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10 months ago, ESPASCO
App update
The current app update is not favorable to dashers that drive at night. Talking about drivers safety, an example is i am dasher that worked from 6:00 PM to about 12:30 AM, that being able to contact the customer in time of delivery is a risk that I consider. I often get deliveries to places either it’s pitch dark, no house number or just in the middle of no where. Not being able to contact the customer poses a more risk when delivering at night, just parked in the middle of nowhere, waiting after I texted the customer , or I contacted customer service and was told for three minutes is just a waste of time and risky. I had an experience before that I pulled into someone’s drive way knowing that the guides me to the right house , all I heard was someone engaging a shot gun, I reverse so fast that I was so worried of getting shot at. From that time I have learned to call the customer and make sure that I have permission to enter his drive way and to ensure that I am on the right house , sometime I deliver to ranch houses in Alpine, CA that have a long driveway before you get closer to the house . I am feel more confident delivering and being able to talk to the person receiving his or her order. The current app update not being able to talk to customer especially delivering at night past 10:00 PM poses risk to the customer, or dropping off an order to the wrong house just like what happened tonight.
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3 months ago, mtemplee
Pay is hardly ever worth the time
The company of door dash is doing extremely well, but dashers are paid little more than slave labor, especially after gas, insurance & vehicle wear & tear are calculated. It’s nice to have the option for some extra cash when needed, and I love that I can just log in & work whenever I want to, but they really need to pay at least double what they pay dashers. Regarding the new completion rate requirements, it really needs to be made much more clear in the offer screen how far away the drop off location is from the pickup location. I have unassigned myself from several deliveries immediately after accepting an offer because when I’m able to actually see how far the drive will be, it often doesn’t even cover the gas expense, and definitley doesn’t come close to compensating for the time. There are times when it has actually costs me more to deliver an order than I actually get paid. This negatively affects the completion rate. If they are going increase the completion rate requirement, they should also increase transparency on the offer screen so it’s easy to tell in the 20 seconds we have to make the decision, whether it’s actually worth it to accept. Accepting an order just to arrive at the restaurant and find out it’s closed also shouldn’t affect completion rate, but it does, even when you send a photo to prove that you aren’t lying.
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1 year ago, Tina the Dashing Princess
DoorDasher here
I am a Paralegal and I started dashing pastime nearly 2 years ago and I’ve recently decided to take it to the next level and become a full time dasher and I absolutely love this job. Meeting people and driving around making everyone gets the joy of food is very rewarding. I also appreciate the that dasher help assists us dashers with and I really like the bonuses. I couldn’t be happier anywhere else. Not even the law office I previously worked at. DoorDashing is amazing. This is my second review, and I would like to say that I very much enjoy door dashing. I was diagnosed with MS recently, and I was unable to work my job as a Paralegal and for department of children and families when I was diagnosed, I was unable to work full-time at my professional job so I decided to start DoorDashing and this is the way that I am able to survive financially to be able to buy groceries, pay my bills, and pay for my medication and copays. DoorDash has saved my life financially, and I am forever grateful and any time I’ve ever needed dasher support. I have been treated with kindness, and I think this is what I will do for the rest of my days working I appreciate DoorDash. I am very grateful. Thank you all so much. DoorDashing is a blessing I’m very grateful for. I would love to someday become a remote work from home DoorDash support specialist.
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2 years ago, VilasTheGreat
Well organized but could use improvement!
The app is well organized and allows dashers to have more freedom and flexibility. The UI is slightly outdated and the app crashes randomly. Recently, the app will crash when I end dashes. It also has navigation struggles and trouble loading the navigation. It lags and stutters. But my main reason for writing this review has nothing to do with stability. It’s more about safety. When the app gives you an offer to pick up an order, the map is often misleading. I will think I’m going to a safe area then suddenly I’ll find out it’s in an extremely unsafe town or area. It would be really helpful if the offers could detail the towns that the restaurants AND the homes are in, even if you have to click for more details. As a female dasher, this a major concern. I try to avoid areas that could pose a problem, but sometimes I’m not 100% sure where I’m going. On top of that, if dashers could blacklist certain towns from their region, that could be helpful. I hope this suggestion is taken into account because it would absolutely be a game changer for me because declining orders affects my acceptance percentage. Overall, the app brings customers and dashers together fairly well, keeps communication open, and allows dashers to make some cash. However, the app is glitchy and needs stability improvements. It also could be more helpful if it gave dashers more information about the deliveries BEFORE they accept.
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1 year ago, Raymond Minewiser Jr
Couple fixes
1. When u have a dash scheduled, u should be able to reschedule it to any time. I guess it doesn’t allow if a dash is not needed at that time. But that’s not right, I still wanna dash in that time frame, but maybe need and extra 30 minutes before etc. if u have it scheduled from 10 am to 10 pm for example, I should be able to change it to 11 am to 10 pm, rather than having to delete it altogether and now my only option is 4-6 pm for example. Needs to be fixed 2. There’s too many times lately where dashers aren’t needed. Idrg the idea of not needing dashers anyway. That’s the name of the game, if u don’t get an order u don’t get an order that’s the risk of dashing, but to not allow me to dash if I wanna dash because u don’t feels it’s needed, is stupid, and then literally in 2 seconds an opening might appear, doesn’t make sense. Or if u have a certain amount of dashes you should qualify for “dash whenever”. The acceptance rate is a horrible way to decide that. Would u accept 10 orders in a row for $3 for 7 miles? Yea me neither, so because I’m smart I get penalized on the acceptance rate and now I’m not a top dasher? 3. No order should be blow $5, idc how short it is. There’s no excuse. It’s ridiculous, cuz yeah maybe it’s 1 miles drive, but did u factor if there’s a delay at the resteraunt? Delay with the customer? App problems? Now I’ve literally almost just made $3 for an hour or 45 minutes? Yea I’m exposing lol 4. That’s it for now
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2 years ago, UncleRays
Inconsistent and Inconvenient
It has potential, but the real issue here is that even though you are working in an assigned area, they often take you up to 20 miles outside of your service area, then you cannot pick up another order until you drive back into your service area. Beyond that if you try to cancel an order that takes you this very far distance, you get dinged for cancellation. So you may have to except an order that will only pay you $1.50, which won’t even cover your gas to get all the way out there and back. At that point you need to hope that the merchant actually has the food ready, or you could theoretically be making less than five dollars per hour. This is probably an example of about 30% of the routes. The other 50%, DoorDash doubles up much of the earnings, leaves you with a tiny amount of pay, and the remaining 20% are very close by but don’t expect to make much because it is very close by. Then there’s dealing with customer support when something happens like they send you to a closed restaurant, or the restaurant is taking 20 or more minutes beyond the estimate. At that point the customer likely will not tip you as much, even if you do reach out to them and let them know of the issue. DoorDash customer service will typically give you the response that they will work with you to make it right, but they never really do in the end. You can expect next to nothing out of them, and it will likely even damage your reputation.
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7 months ago, PSAfordrivers
DD is a dead end company
It’s only a matter of time. They can’t make a profit because apparently they either don’t know what they are doing or the company just isn’t sustainable to operate. I saw a review about it from a writer explaining how expensive it is to run a company like this. Poor Door Dash! Yet here is the actual truth. If so much money is spent running it, why is no one but the higher ups happy? Why doesn’t the app work properly if they spend so much to constantly update and pay engineers and tech guys all this money? Because it’s glitching and crashing and creating issues for everyone- merchants, customers, and drivers. This past week their instant pay platform through Payfare crashed. Sure, we don’t know if it had anything to do with DD but it’s a little suspect that it happened following an update. The updates cause massive problems. And guess what? I’ve been on it for 4 years and the app wasn’t a smooth ride back then. 4 years later and you haven’t ironed this out?? In fact, I originally started with DD then went to UE because UE’s app was just so much better. Still is. The company is too!! The only reason so many people are using DD is because they monopolized the market by forcing their way in- listing menu’s and services without restaurant’s permission, etc. Had they done it the ethical way they would be like UE, and might be around in 10 years. But they don’t do anything ethically, it’s all cut-throat at DD
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1 year ago, lovethynieghbor
If “we” the dashers could somehow make a personal profile for the people in our community and are available times even if they vary day to day (like our personal calendar for our individual open windows of opportunity to be of assistant to our community) and for customers to have the opportunity to choose the dasher available at the time they would like, I think it would be a greater opportunity for both the dasher and the customer. Some customers order takeout on a regular basis, some customers don’t have the transportation to go grocery shopping on the regular, or run errands themselves. So I think it would be more fulfilling to have aParticular person to be able to run errands for them. All in all it would help EVERYONE in our community to work together efficiently. Bringing the community together a little better! And single moms or families that need an income but can’t afford to pay for childcare well they could build their own personal profileBeing open to their community for services as well being able to afford their bills while working for their community. And for the dashers that would like to make it a full-time job would get the most use out of it,Profile they can explain what they’re single mom and then might have a two year old runaround with them but they’re willing and able to do the errands for them, or what not.
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2 years ago, JJ loves horses
Fair but not worth it
Listen, I never write reviews. But I figured someone deserved to know. If gas was like two dollars cheaper, this would be a great little side hustle. But DoorDash pays you the absolute bare minimum they possibly can. You have to rely solely on people‘s tips and not a lot of people like to tip. And it shouldn’t be a requirement for people to tip at all(should only be common courtesy). But the only reason people who DoorDash get upset at people for not tipping is because that’s literally their main income. And it really influences your order because if you don’t tip, they usually get about three dollars to four dollars at best. And a lot of people don’t like to accept those orders. Sometimes people take advantage of your lopaying order and steal your food or something worse. All in all, it’s not the door Dasher or orderers fault, it’s just DoorDash being greedy. When you DoorDash, you really are just earning what you spent in gas. You have to do over at least eight orders in order to make even a couple bucks on the side. If you have a high-paying job and do this on the side, go for it. But you can’t do this by itself. you would think that when you accept an order from a hotspot and it takes you to a really far distance, that they would compensate you for that. But they really only tack on an extra dollar or two. Not only does this seem like a waste of gas, but a waste in time. just consider this before you sign up.
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2 months ago, gufxbjhfxvbjf
There is no where else to leave this app feedback so I guess I do it here?
So I just drove 3 miles to the store I was going to shop my order at to get unassigned, because the “I don’t have red card” button is so close to the phones home button. When I was switching back to the dasher app from stopping my Everlance trip, I pressed where the “start shopping” button should be, but my finger accidentally grazed the “I don’t have red card” button on the way and the “start shopping” button I thought I was pressing turned into an “unassign order” button that didn’t even ask me if I was sure to give a chance to go back. It just wiped the order off my screen instantly. It would be better if the “unassign order” button would pop up somewhere different than where the “start shopping” button is, or if there could be another screen asking if you are sure about unassigning the order, or if it could just get rid of the “I don’t have red card” button from my app in general since it doesn’t even make sense as I have a digital doordash red card now that if I have my phone then I have it, and if I am dashing then I obviously have my phone. It would also be nice if there was somewhere in the app to leave general feedback about the app that doesn’t require a support session so there is a better place to report this type of stuff than here.
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1 year ago, Puj62
Used to enjoy driving as a dasher till everything started becoming customer based. Customers get free deliveries, coupons off orders and deliveries, don’t have to tip…the list goes on. I’ve called and have wrote many reviews expressing my feelings as a degraded driver and not much has seemed to change. Drivers are still treated as full time employees the way we’re held accountable for our acceptance rate and completion rating all while being given orders for $2 and change to $3 and change going many miles. Orders crossing town lines or even state lines sometimes for only a mere base pay and no tip. This is a service based app where real people are making real time deliveries using their gas and vehicles for customers who are free delivery and no tip, how is that fair?!! I’m not saying a giant gratuity should be added to every order, but an automatic one based off order size(what customer paid) would be VERY VERY appropriate, would make drivers feel rewarded and worth it again! The cash back on the dasher card is nice don’t get me wrong and the (+)pay orders is a nice new incentive, but maintaining an above 50% acceptance rate is very hard when there is no promos going and orders pour in for minimum base pay over and over. I’d hate to stop using the dasher app, but it’s either gonna come to that or I’m gonna be deactivated for poor acceptance rate and that isn’t right either. Sincerely with deep concerns, A fed up dasher
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4 years ago, Mrs. Davegm72
Not sure how to title this....nor rate at this time
Very frustrated & disappointed to wake up this morning & find my account deactivated stating I have committed referral fraud in which have absolutely no clue in how I could have possibly done this. I have only sent out a referral email & one on Facebook each once to my personal email contacts & FB personal friends/acquaintances thru DoorDash link provided in this specific app... how does that go against the rules? I have put in my appeal along with then sent an email back once receiving an email stating that they received my appeal & that I could respond to that specific email & once I did that I got a “delivery failure”stating I may not be in that group allowed to post in or the group was removed... I do not feel I have done anything against any rules/wrong whatsoever & have only done 2 days worth of deliveries & just got a bit more comfortable & was getting more excited to the opportunity to make the extra much need funds. I’m just a simple single mother trying to make ends meet not anything by no means excessive or wrong but was looking forward to for example the $20 bonus challenge given only needed 4 more deliveries to achieve it & had 2 days to achieve & if I can’t get reactivated in time I am going to lose out over something I don’t feel was my fault. Not to mention feel embarrassed for it being considered fraud....that’s an awful strong accusation...
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4 years ago, Conscientious Driver
My Experiences as a Doordash Driver
While dashing I hate it when I see “you missed an opportunity”. I tell myself, how could I have missed when it’s not even offered to me. Sometimes these “you missed an opportunity” shows in succession, like three in a row in a matter of seconds. Does Doordash intentionally do that? I am an optimistic person so when I see “you missed an opportunity” I just smile and tell myself “here we go again, there goes my acceptance rate, it’s going to go down now. I work very hard and I’m dedicated to my job so I always try my best to satisfy my employer and my customers all the time. I have been dashing for three months now, I haven’t declined an offer yet, I always accept whatever I’m offered. Sometimes though, there are offers that I had to pick up from about 11 miles away then deliver it way to the end of town, about another 15 miles. I just tell myself, it’s a normal part of the job so I don’t complain at all. I must commend the “Doordash Support Team”, they’re always there for me. Every time I get into a situation where I needed their assistance, they’re there and always are willing to help. One time though, I had to wait almost 20 minutes before someone offered to help me. The majority of the time, there’s someone within three minutes.
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2 years ago, cerva2020
Needs major improvements
Let me start off by saying that DoorDash pays way better than uber! That’s the main reason for my 3 star. HOWEVER! It needs to improve the way it pays out its drivers. Uber only charges .50 cents for instant payout while doordash charges $1.99 and I’ve added my card several times and I still don’t have an option for instant pay. They really need to work on fixing this. Another thing is I don’t know if it’s a slow month or not but they are hardly sending any orders, I’m a 5 star top performer and I’m out driving and receive little to no orders, for that reason I have been doing uber because I cannot afford to be out driving and wasting my gas. Please note that I always go during dinner so no it’s not because I’m going during non-busy hours!! Almost all fast-food locations should be removed from doordash, we don’t have time to wait over 15 minutes in the drive-thru, we lose money when we end up having to wait for the order, I wish doordash would understand this. The fast food locations I have the most issues with are POPEYES #1, BURGER KING, WENDYS, AND MCDONALDS. PLEASE REMOVE THEM OR DEMAND THEM TO OPEN THEIR DINING ROOM FOR PICK-UPS OR CHARGE CUSTOMERS AN EXTRA FEE FOR PICKING UP FROM FAST-FOOD CHAINS. And lastly, tip should be a requirement, there’s no way I’m going to drive over 5 miles for $2-$5 order, that is just a no! The minimum tip should be AT LEAST $3 and even then I will consider accepting the order.
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2 years ago, dashcr8zy
First time I got cheated
I was thinking DoorDash was a honest group. My orders were pretty fair as a lot goes into our car and time as dashers. I know they use to take the tip money and play them into the drivers payments. For the first time I noticed how they are now doing that with the “peak or “promo pay” I was noticing 7$ and 5$ orders I said to myself how can there be a 2$ promo and the whole order only be 5$ that would mean the base pay is 3$ and I know I never have and never will accept a 3 $ order. Anyway I’m until now I thought we were finally getting paid for work but a 3$ order in California lol gas alone to do the trip cost 4 so why would anyone lose money for you guys? What a shame it is now I never even had to look at my pay bc u guys. We’re on it and fair and paid what we should get but I think with a 2$ promo running I had 3 orders all that were 3$ base comon greedy to say the least. All I can ask is plz try to be honest don’t put a promo if ur not doing promo prices. Understand we are in cali every order should be at leader 10$ but min is 7 or not worth it we would be loosing money. But certainly don’t mislead and con on the promos I don’t know why y’all just started the conning on them as u we’re keeping it legit. Oh well I’m sure I will be reading about this one soon how doordash uses fake promos to intisce drivers. And if u could actually give me some extra pay for the lies aand inconvience
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2 years ago, mmeerrzz
I enjoy doing dashes whenever I have time. It’s fun checking out the restaurants that people order from, and looking at the menu. I make a decent amount off dash and I like doing it. Recently reached rankings of being one of the top dashers so I get higher paying deliveries which is nice! But…. The worst deliveries are the ones on base. I don’t have a pass and it takes a while to get a temporary one. That by the time I deliver the food it’s no longer fresh. PLEASE show or have some kind of indication that it’s a bass access delivery! People who order sometimes put it in the notes but we can’t see it till after picking up the order! I stoped for a while because it does put a lot on the car. Then I started getting promotion emails. First for $75 then for $200. Completed the 25 deliveries for $200. Told to wait 5 business days to see it on my account. Ok… waited 5 days to contact them again, just to be told to wait another 5 days!? Don’t send out promotional emails like this if you don’t want to pay up when it’s completed! False advertisement! Glad I took screen shots of everything. Also gas and car maintenance ain’t cheap! ***will edit this rating later if I receive the promotion/ bonus.*** ****Edit**** Almost a month of waiting… had to go through a lot of hassles finally got threw to management and got my pay out! Thank you!!
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8 months ago, EmmaLizBeth529
Unfair Business Model
Such a game changer in the beginning - gig work - but I feel this company is not transparent in their business models. Their customer service is terrible both for dasher and customer. None of them know what they are talking about they just read scripts and send you the same email over and over. If you live in an area where the customer base is limited they will not reduce the amount of drivers for the area, and forget getting a shift that isn’t 2am-5am on a Tuesday. This renders dashing unattainable for anyone who isn’t able to be a top dasher yet (you need 100 deliveries first, which is not possible if you can never get shifts to begin with). I think they need to go to a waitlist model like every single other gig work platform. If there are too many drivers in an area they shouldn’t be able to add more! It’s greedy and really shows the company doesn’t care about their drivers, who aren’t even employees anyway so they basically profit from workers who aren’t really compensated by the company itself. The market is over saturated with drivers and not enough customers ordering deliveries. I don’t blame them when door dash marks up the food prices almost 40% in some places! Plus all the fees are ridiculous, “expanded range” fee for living slightly outside a city center is laughable. Overall just disappointed with this company as a whole. Don’t do it unless you live in a large metro like Seattlle or San Fran. Not worth it if not.
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4 years ago, crazyrjp
System needs some work. For sure.
There are a lot of things I like about DoorDash. The opportunity, convenience, & ability to serve & help others who can’t get for themselves. But...From my very first order it seems I was set up for failure. Being sent to restaurants that often were as much as 10 min behind on an order being ready. More than half of those instances I was late delivering as I walked out of the restaurant or soon after. This is especially the case with double orders. Which means from the start I’ve had a low “on time” score. Not ok. Your algorithm for this stinks. Next. If a customer cancels an order after I accept it, or the restaurant cancels for some reason, it most definitely should NOT count as an incomplete on my score. Yet this is happening. Lastly. I’ve seen a lot of young dashers with friends and/or significant others in the car as company to hang out with while they dash. I’ve even had restaurant owners say something to me. I was under the impression this was frowned upon for safety reasons. But especially now..dashers should be warned against doing this since it violates the 6ft rule and puts your customers at risk. I’ve had quite a few restaurants in my area tell me this is a concern. These things above make those of us trying hard to do a good job look bad. As for the rest. The app is great. It’s an awesome opportunity. You asked for my opinion though so I’m being honest. I haven’t had a bad review on my service yet.
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2 years ago, Book'sGirl
Basically kicked off
I have been a dasher for over 3 years. So about 3 months ago my account started giving me an error message saying I couldn’t dash because my red card is not activated. So I called into cs and was told to order a new red card. I was extended for 2 weeks to continue dashing until I received my red card. I received the card and I wasn’t able to activate the red card so I called cs and they tried to assist me in the process but were no help. They couldn’t figure out what the problem was so they extended me for another 2 weeks to figure it out. Called back still couldn’t resolve the issue. I was told to order another red card and was extended for another 2 weeks. I received the new card and I’m unable to activate this one as well. Called cs and they couldn’t figure it out. Then they tell me oh you didn’t complete the background process and send my a link to do this. I follow the directions in the email. I get an error message basically saying background more than 1 year old not available. Called cs back they extend me for 2 weeks and try to figure it out. This extending process goes on for a while every 2 weeks. Then my issue was supposedly escalated and someone would get back in touch with me but this time I can’t be extended for some reason. It’s been 2 weeks and a haven’t received any response. So basically I was just kicked off with no explanation.
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2 years ago, Arios1977
It’s ok.
App is ok. I have issues with the maps. Usually faces in the wrong direction when I start. That’s not too big of an issue. What is an issue is getting an order that’s a 20 minute drive out of your zone and having to drive that 20 min back and not getting anything until you return to your zone. If a restaurant can add a gratuity when a party is a certain size, DD can do the same with a certain distance. When you’re in the middle of traffic, you really can’t see how far it really is and what kind of tip they leave until after you accept and stop at the location. Sometimes even going into another county. And forget about reaching support if you’re a dasher. I called 5 times and the automated thing just kept taking me in circles until it hangs up on you. Chatting, I was able to get someone fast through customer support. Dasher support? Nope. No one answered after waiting 30 minutes. Other than that, it’s been ok. Just don’t know why my deposit for the week was shorted from my actual amount. That’s the reason why I called the support line. Another issue I came across is wait times on food being ready. I keep having to unassign orders because they won’t be ready for 15-20 minutes. I’m not waiting that long for $5. They need to make it so that we won’t receive orders until it’s ready for pick up. Other than that, we’re just waiting time and $6 gas
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12 months ago, Universal Sunshine
My acceptance rate goes down for unassignment
Normally this is the best app for gig workers. The Driver support is awesome.I’ve noticed quite a few dashers talking about the acceptance ratings not working correctly. I have to agree. I think it began with the new iOS update last month since it’s a recent event. On May 31, 2023 my acceptance rate was incorrectly impacted by 3 dashes from which I unassigned. I did decline one dash which correctly moved my acceptance rate from 71% to 70% at the conclusion of my Dash at 9:40 PM on May 31. This mistake prevented me from achieving top Dasher for the month of June, since it incorrectly moved my final acceptance rate from 70% to 67%. My requests to be unassigned correctly impacted my completion rate, which moved to 97%. Apparently whoever was next offered those 3 dashes, failed to accept those Dashes, which incorrectly impacted my acceptance rate. I worked very hard for my top dasher status which I’ve maintained for several months. According to the statistics on my dasher app, I finished with the 70% acceptance rate at 9:40pm at the end of my dash on May 31, but Doordash wrongly had me at 67%. Will you investigate this? Might you please correct that mistake and restore my status as top Dasher for the month of June? I also hope that can you assure me that such a mistake will not occur in the future.
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1 year ago, Assassin0011
Horrible, withholds funds
I have never had a positive experience on this app, pay is barely worth the effort and every single time I have tried to withdraw money it gives me non stop issues, requiring me to call completely unhelpful costumer service reps who give zero solutions, weekly payout takes days longer than stated, every time I try to use instant payouts it states I haven’t signed up for it, despite doing so, and being approved 3 times at this point, most recently they tried to out my cash into a Doordash debit card(why on earth would I want my money anywhere other than my own bank account???) without even asking me, had to spend 30 minutes with a customer service rep(the first one hung up on me as soon as I stated the issue, obviously no one wants to deal with this issues others clearly have), just to get told I’ll get my money in a few business days, honestly close to just reporting them to the BBB, this is getting ridiculous, what is the point of using this app if they won’t even let me take out my funds. Frankly I don’t even understand why I have to go through a whole separate process to get approved for instant payouts in the first place, it goes to the same bank account, no other money transfer services requires you to go through a separate process with a whole week of waiting(waiting for what, exactly? Literally just put my card info in, that takes a few minutes to verify), clearly they’re just trying to stop you from getting money out
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2 years ago, Tackerma
Needs Apple CarPlay compatibility!!
I have used the Dasher app off and on for several years and while it does have some bugs here and there, it’s still a pretty decent way to make a couple extra bucks in between paychecks at my Day job. I would have given it a full 5 stars if the Dasher app supported Apple carplay because constantly having to switch between navigation apps can be a bit of a nuisance especially because I drive a Stick and am constantly having to juggle my phone and driving. There have been cases where my phones screen will timeout and shut off and I miss an order or 2 because I was never notified of it in the first place with the only evidence of these being my acceptance rate having dropped a certain percentage. Apple CarPlay could make the dasher app so much better in so many ways. The app likes to point out that some dashers think it’s faster to have in app navigation but I think that it is somewhat dangerous because you are having to constantly keep your phone in hand while driving. The compatibility for CarPlay is there, it’s just hard for me to understand why the App developer doesn’t utilize this. I’ve been off the app for about 4 years only in the past month to come back and I was bummed out to see after 4 years they still have not added CarPlay support. Hopefully the developer reads this and gives it some consideration.
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1 year ago, hind quarters
Review Of a Dasher Kenneth
I enjoy dashing very much some of the people are very trying times always trying to work and Angle to steal the for the groceries from you and everything else I just had a double order one was all the way to the north end of Danville and the other was all way to the south in Danville I might pick a point was in the middle that’s really not what I would consider being on my way when I’m taking another one for $2.25 especially seeing how gas is 479 a gallon would like to see DoorDash take some of this into consideration and try to pick up T closest pick up points and delivery just wish more. Dashers would take some of these lower paying two 5350 tickets and everybody can share on the more profitable ones and everybody doesn’t get hung out to dry with all of those small ones especially when you’re top dashing and you really hate to turn down any offers at all I strive to keep my acceptance rate between 96 and 100 completion 100% also the people out here that are giving us one star coming from the black community so they can help their fellow blacks have better ratings points for a driver I thank you very much for the opportunity of working for you bye some of these very same sentiments
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2 years ago, ExoticTale
Only good for side hustle
In my one year experience with the dasher app, I found that the best way to have somewhat of a good experience is to use it as side hustle. I pick and choose my orders from the comfort of my house. When you decide to go to their hotspots, you are running like a headless chicken. Doordash is going to play with you. In addition to that, Doordash has time management issues. When I first started i did $3 - 5 orders until I found myself waiting 30 min to an hour for the order to get ready and received no compensation for wait time. Big orders like Walmart’s literally ask to carry 5+ cases of 40 water bottles up whatever amount of floors the customer request for delivery. Sometimes you make 3 to 4 trips up and down the stairs. A complete waist of time and energy for $10 - 15 compensation. When you do fast food like McDonald’s in the overnight, the only way to get the order is through the drive thru. On the weekend the drive thru is full. The line goes slowly. You could spend half an hour standing in line, but Doordash doesn’t take that into account. They mark that delivery as late. Even when you reach out to Doordash assistance to explain the situation. They make promises that they would look into it, but they never really go ahead to help whatsoever. The system want to take advantage of you. But if you know how the system work, you can take advantage of it. So is the case with the dasher app. All the best everyone.
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1 year ago, Jules985
Worst app ever!
This app never has any updates! I’ve been dashing since Feb 2022. I have not seen one update for this app since starting. The app constantly pauses your dash without letting you know, then they’ll send you a message saying they tried to send you an order and that’s why they paused my dash. Today I was dashing and several times my phone notified me saying I had an order and it even came through to my text message with the second notification from door dash but nothing came through on my door dash screen. Many, many, many times I’ve used this app it would freeze and when you go out of it to go back in sometimes it would say “dash now”, “sign in”, or show my money to be at zero after already having accrued money during that current dash. This by far is the WORST APP and so frustrating bc we are trying to not loose money and be proficient so we can make the most! This app truly makes dashers jobs harder and I’ve even reached out to technical support and they have given me different options to try and fix the matter and the problems still persist! Door dash is gonna loose people working for them if they don’t start updating their bugs and glitches on the app. If they truly were a great company they would compensate peoples loss in money, with this constant problem!! I love doing door dash and so does my husband, but we both have these same problems with the app, it’s very frustrating!! I hope they resolve these CONSTANT ISSUES!
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2 years ago, Rtsylady
Improve DD app
I’ve only been driving since June and I really do enjoy the job…..when the app is working properly. I’ve spent a lot of time ‘chatting’ with Support or speaking with them by phone. I’ve had several different app issues and most have been addressed. Today was the worst. It was absolutely crippling. After accepting the order, I drove to the restaurant and picked up the order and put it in my car…all ready to go. All of a sudden I had no way to inform DD that I had picked up the order, no information about the delivery other than the customer’s name and no way to contact her to let her know it might be a little longer than was first thought for receipt of her food. I went into the restaurant to see if they possibly had her address or phone number. No. During my time in the store, another dasher came in looking for the order for my same customer!!! DD had moved the order from me to the other dasher because they hadn’t heard from me so they assumed I wasn’t going to complete the order. Bottom line? I passed the food to the new dasher to deliver. She would receive the payment (as well she should) and I not even lost a lot of my dashing time, I LOST THE $$ FROM MY ORDER. Unacceptable. This is a fabulously successful company….they should have state-of-the-art technical equipment. Like I said, I really enjoy the job but issues like this MUST BE addressed.
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3 years ago, Special.Kiy
Could be better
I been dashing for a few months now and I honestly think the app could be so much better. Firstly, when two orders from the same place show up at once; we should be given the option to either accept all or accept one. I had a retail order that was more than half an hour away from my location but because I accepted the other order, I had to accept the long distance one too. Secondly, base pay is too low. $2-$3 is nothing especially considering the amount of wear and tear and gas you’ll be needing when working as a delivery driver. I believe it would be more fair to give a honest base pay plus tips of course. Third, there should be a mileage limit. Especially if I’m dashing in a certain area there is no reason I should be given the option for orders that are 10+ miles away. Of course I don’t have to accept them but it makes more sense especially if we’re choosing a select area to dash in. Lastly, for the dasher retail orders, we should be able to zoom in on the pictures or at least get clearer pictures. I’ve had a couple of times where I had to strain my eyes just so I could see the correct measurements on a product. Not to mention, these photos/ products should be up to date. If the company changed their packaging then DoorDash needs to include the picture of the correct packaging so there’s no confusion.
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3 years ago, dun-dun-DUUUUNNN
App needs alerts for Restricted Area Deliveries
I live near a military base and if you don’t have a pass to get on base you cannot get passed the gate. As it stands now, there is no alert or warning or flag of any kind to let you know that the next delivery is going to take you to a restricted area. This can create a situation where you find yourself with a delivery that you can’t even get close enough to the address for it to let you move forward within the app. The only solution was to call the help desk and have them clear the order from their end. Also, it’s unfortunate that if you decline any deliveries (for any reason, even one such as this) your rating goes down- even if you MUST decline a delivery because it’s in a restricted area. There is no recourse, currently, for that penalty. Besides this, I realize it is an quasi-uncommon situation, the app worked great! The app makes the job a breeze in all other cases. However, beware that when you first use it, there are a couple quirks that are not very intuitive... for instance, when you reach your pickup destination using the in-app navigation, you MUST hit the exit button to move ahead in the process to confirm the pickup (that one took me a sec and a few trips circling the restaurant to figure out). Overall, it’s a great way to earn some extra cash for a student/parent like myself. Excellent flexibility and earning potential- especially if you like driving and are self-motivated 😏. Good Luck and Stay Safe 😎
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2 years ago, melissah33
Save yourself the headache
Don’t get me wrong the app itself is okay sometimes when they’re not having technical issues but believe me when I say this is you have a problem customer support is absolutely zero flippin help. This is week three story of a dasher countless emails calls chat supports supervisors and resolution teams I can’t even get into my account. I’ve had my account for almost three years about 3 months ago got reactivated and started to dash again only to receive a “login error” finally get through to support told the team will email me a day later contact again and this time I’ve been told I didn’t opt into a location privacy sharing contract on their end and countless other are dealing with this and they’re working diligently to get the accounts back “okay” we’ll next thing I know I still haven’t heard anything in a week contact again and now I’m being told there’s another person name on my account! Major issue my bank account and private info is on this app so what’s going on?! And guess what I get told I’ll hear back with the team about this and what do you know still nothing and here we are today two calls in trying to figure out what’s wrong and I’ve been told my accounts on the sign up process and I’m not active how does any of it make sense it doesn’t so save yourself your life and stress level before deciding to put your hopes into something like this only to be royally messed when you need help from them
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2 months ago, TanisGirl
DoorDash is a terrible company to work for and the app isn’t great either
DoorDash will abuse and take advantage of you as a worker. They don’t care about their drivers. They promote people on welfare to use their food stamps which means those orders are obviously not going to pay much of anything. I worked for them for almost 2 years and had an almost perfect rating. Unless you work in California, you don’t get paid for wait times when restaurants take forever to have food ready. They literally will try to pay you $2 to drive 10+ miles (NO EXAGGERATION ) and then penalize you if you reject those orders. They will offer you a “catering bag” program -which are generally (not always) high paying orders and then randomly take it away and put you back to earning crappy orders again like when you were brand new. Unless you have an old junker car that you don’t care about putting insane miles on that is almost hybrid like cheap on gas, it’s not worth it. They have changed their system up so being a “top dasher” now doesn’t mean ANYTHING except that you get to work when you want wherever you want. They call it “premium dasher support” and there is no difference from the regular dasher support except you have to listen to their spiel at the end of the calls and it’s getting a little bit better, but normally the dasher support people barely speak English -let alone understandable English. The app is unstable and unreliable just like their company.
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3 years ago, crd357
Fun job just needs some tweaks to the app
The map is pretty difficult to use since you can’t hear where you should be turning. It just beeps at me when I need to turn. It’s really distracting having to look from at the phone every time I deliver. I have also been missing out on more dashes because the directions are wrong and send me to dead ends or closed roads. I either have to enter it into my google maps if I have somewhere to pull over or just try and figure it out if I don’t. Or I will get sent to an address that is way out of my delivery area and have to go all the way back to my area before I can get another order. It usually cost me as much as I get paid for the order in gas when that happens. I’ve been dashing for a little over a week and have literally only made enough to cover the gas that I’m using while delivering. Even though I show up early to pick up and leave restaurants early with the deliveries. It’s usually the amount of time it takes to actually get to the delivery address because they can be all the way across town. Other than that I love working for DoorDash. It just needs a few tweaks on the app to help out drivers and make it easier and faster to get to deliveries. Or adding to the pay due for the amount of time you are driving to a delivery. Here in Vegas it can take 20 minutes to go 11 miles.
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2 years ago, IamTheMostHonestReviewer
My thoughts
First night I made close to $20 for 3 deliveries. Not so bad. However, some people are horrible with instructions. What they tell you makes perfect sense in their head but when you get there it doesn’t make sense. Another thing is, while I was closing an order out another immediately popped up and the app automatically accepted it making the person think I was ready to take their order! Right after that happened the app closed and wouldn’t open back up after closing it, reinstalling it, and resetting my iphone nothing worked I basically waited for 40 minutes and decided to go home. Nearly 20 minutes after I got home the app decided it wants to work again.. I open the app back up and what do you know? The same order which popped up & accepted itself was just sitting there. So I cancelled and told support what happened. And by the way the order was 45 minutes away from where I live! No. Other than that if customers would.. I don’t know.. LEAVE A TIP that would nice. I always left my dashers $5-$10 tips because they go out their way to get your stuff & also if customers would put the effort in to be more accurate with instructions that would be nice too. Just my thoughts.
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2 years ago, k/dot
Red Card Issues
If you decide to make extra income with Door Dash please review this before hand. One way that Door Dash will have you pay for orders is by providing you with a company business card referred to as a “Red Card”. What Door Dash does it pre-fill the card with the amount needed to pay for the order. I had an order as such and this experience was a nightmare. Not only did the card get declined multiple times. After contacting Dasher Support, which session lasted for over an hour and half and multiple attempts of re-swiping the card and verify the card info and verifying that there is cash on the card. I was unable to complete the order and this order was then reassigned to another dasher. Check this out not only did they ask if I could pay out of pocket in order to complete the order. Because I’m definitely not door dashing because I need money (sarcasm). They then told me they had to unassigned the order and in this now onwards of 1 hour 45 min. I haven’t completed one dash and didn’t get compensated for my time, gas, and energy put into this. They did not make it right by the people who make this company run. So after reading this, please ask yourself do you want this sort of experience?
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8 months ago, hellraiserharv
They rip off employees and lie
I was in the middle of door dashing for 1575 an hour and they asked me if I wanted to add a delivery that had a $10 tip to my order in the middle of my delivery while I was delivering by the hour but they decided just to give me two dollars and take away my hourly pay . Their excuse was in the middle of doing that I was scheduled to start working somewhere else. Well when you’re scheduled to work somewhere, you’re still working at the other job until you get done with it if I was cut off and I wasn’t scheduled that money should have carried on at the 1575 an hour at said I was getting when I accepted it. . And when you do schedule it pops up and says, would you like to do it by the hour by the tip and it’s always highlighted by the hour when I start because that’s what I do.. they decided to give me just two bucks for the delivery instead of $25 I agreed to while dashing by the hour and say my schedule changed in the middle of the dash and decided to switch it to by tip on their own in the middle of the delivery . So I got ripped off I’m out of gas and this is the 5th time they ripped me off . Door dash will lie straight to your face and rip u off as much as they can as long as u allow them to . Screw these rip offs and there lies . I will never work for them again . Friday I will send anyone who sends me a screenshot of rating door dash one star a dollar for everytime you can . Real talk . No one likes being ripped off
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9 months ago, CrossFit Johnathan
They really only care about the bottom line
You can tell DoorDash really only cares about making money. As a Dasher, I feel like everything is set up to benefit the company and so they put a customer first and penalize the Dasher. I’ve made deliveries where I had to find somebody’s tent in a fairground, and my car got hit and they’ve done nothing for me. Their customer service is so bad. It’s mostly people who English is their second language and I’ve never been able to talk to anyone higher than whoever picks up the phone even though I requested speaking to a manager on four different phone calls. They always say I should get an email but the email always includes a generic response that you can find on the website with no further helpful information and then they close the case. I’ve literally been doing this for over a year now and they won’t even give me a pizza bag for free. I convince my sister to become a Dasher and they didn’t give me the Dasher referral bonus. If I wasn’t in grad school and needed this in addition to my two other jobs for extra income, I would never do this. It is so horrible to their employees. They don’t give you anything and they’re just trying to make money off of you and any turn they possibly can. i’m sure they’re going to start losing customers and workers for how bad their policies and procedures are. I’m telling all my friends now who asked that it’s an awful job, and they should never do it.
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1 year ago, Iron finder
Please do something about the navigation!
While the app itself is a wonderful way to earn some money if you’re a college student like myself, the navigation system is horrible and outdated. I’ve been driving around town multiple times trying to find my way to an order and it has just completely taken me to the wrong area. What prompted me to write this review was the instance that happened to me today, resulting in me getting a 1 star review, almost lowering it to the point where my account may end up being deactivated. Since this customers house was right off the road, and there was no driveway to my knowledge, I ended up having to pull up onto their front yard to drop off the order, when in reality, there was a driveway, just behind the house, easily accessible about two blocks down. This was also noted in her instructions for the order, but I could not see those because I was trying to follow the directions the navigation app told me to take, which was to take a driveway that used to be in the front yard. If the system was updated to the point that I could’ve A: seen the customers instruction while following the navigation apps instructions or B: updated recent enough to have known that there was no driveway in the front yard now, and it was obvious it had been gone for years at this point, then this could have been a seamless delivery with no issues.
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3 years ago, WiltingIvy
Simple, Convenient, and Honest.
I work for three different on demand companies, or apps, and DoorDash was always my favorite one to work with. I absolutely love that there is now a Debit card for dashers to be paid, DAILY, I am impatiently waiting to receive mine! The only things that I would suggest are being able to know more about the mileage you’ll be driving when accepting an order, and the road conditions (if paved or stone, pot holes, hilly, etc.) another is customers are still able to text you after you have marked a delivery completed, I’m not very comfortable with that, although DoorDash hides your number, it is still aggravating when you are trying to delivery your next order and you have the previous customer texting or calling your phone. I also wish Dashers had discounts for the apparel and car accessories on the Stores website. I think it would be a pretty cool idea to have local Dashers in the different areas to get together for meetings, that are not mandatory, for things like advice on being a Dasher, practicing possible delivers, and fun delivery games! That may also help keep us Dashers to stay motivated and want to Dash more! Thank you for this opportunity, I think this was an amazing idea!
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3 years ago, Suzukigirl1000r
App Ratings/Order Pay
Door Dash app lowers your acceptance rate considerably if you refuse a couple of orders in a row. The app doesn’t show you if a customer is adding a tip, so sometimes it’s just the base pay, or base pay plus peak pay, no matter the distance. I want to deliver during lunch hours but won’t because it’s not worth the expenditure of fuel for $4 to travel 3-5 miles/$5.50 for 6-12 miles. When sending two orders, it affects our delivery time window, especially if the restaurant takes longer to process the second order, or the customer doesn’t include gate codes, or special instructions that there are 2 entrances to their residence location, which brings down our “on time” delivery rating. If I’m headed in one direction I am sent an order that is in the opposite direction, I can’t switch lanes that fast, sometimes traffic is heavy it’s difficult to find where to do a legal U-Turn. And the biggest issue is I get sent orders that take me out of my scheduled delivery area, and am notified that I’m out of my delivery zone, so I have to travel back if I want to receive more orders, so for a longer distance the app doesn’t account for round trip travel which is not cost effective. I’m looking to sign up with other similar food delivery apps to see which one works best for me, but of course I will continue to do Door Dash.
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1 year ago, Mooglej10
Can be better
DD needs a form of compensation. Had a double order that would total $13, accepted it, picked up one of the orders and then BOOM, the second one disappeared. Turns out it was canceled and I would still need to drive 7 miles for a delivery outside my zone only totaling a whopping,$7!!! Contacted doordash and the best they could do is tell me it wouldn’t affect my ratings. Obviously it won’t affect my ratings if that order just didn’t exist anymore and now I have to deliver the first order I already picked up, or else get punished for choosing not to because of how NOT WORTH it was. 14 miles for $7, in ILLINOIS, fun! DD does the bear minimum to compensate for distance, and I don’t know how but I swear they pay you less when someone decides to tip. Very misleading to the “You get to keep 100% of your tips” saying. DD: “Oh you’re total was $10 for a distance of 12miles one way? We’ll give you $2 base pay and the other $8 was their tip” people shouldn’t feel forced to tip an outragous amount on top of all the extra money they pay, just so it can guarantee their order to arrive on time or at all. Maybe people would order if they didn’t know all that. Also as a dasher, I don't know if I would order and The only time it feels like it’s worth dashing is when there is peak pay promos, which barely happen and if they do are at inconvenient hours.
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1 year ago, zzdriver1950
Faulty systems and stress
I’ve been door dashing for a while now and I find that your system has many faults I have to restart my cell phone almost every day during a trip during a run a dash so that it’ll work effectively. The requirements that you give us for time causes me to speed and causes me stress costing me money because I have to pay for more gas cause I’m driving faster. This is also an unsafe behavior I don’t know where are you came up with this idea of giving essay in a limited amount of time to deliver in order. Maybe some delivery boys are not very diligent but I am a diligent driver. When I deliver I deliver. Another problem Hass to do with stacking orders on me and then not adjusting the time so that I can meet as of a reasonable on time rate for example yesterday you gave me to order stacked on each other and the delivery time for each one was after I had already picked up my orders though how can I deliver on time when I didn’t even pick up the order on time I feel the system is very unfair and it can get any causes more stress because i’m a diligent driver. When I drive for DoorDash I do my best and yesterday it was pouring down rain I got soaking wet to the bone but I still delivered my orders you know a little gratitude sometimes goes a long ways having your system working efficiently would be nice thank you
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1 year ago, Mayseemoua
Love the job but hate dealing with support services
I absolutely love dashing. I really really do. But to call support or anything besides from helping me close an order, they’re kind of pointless. I have had money stolen from me (dasherdirect but all the same) so I basically dashed for free a whole night. Then was penalized with a contract violation that has nothing to do with me. Then have my completion rate deducted for traffic accidents (which aren’t my fault) like being rear ended while I’m at a complete stop or having to change a flat tire. The continued avoidance of having a supervisor contact me for issues like orders just disappearing from my account after accepting them and it has affected my completion ratings immensely from 96% to 87%. i’m starting to wonder if supervisors even exist or if there’s really a specialized team that takes care of these things like open cases or system issues with the app that’s also affected a lot of top dashers. I do everything I possibly can to avoid contacting support because I can’t seem to talk calmly or patiently with them anymore about any issues that I need them to support me on. Most agents are just so focused on apologizing and not listening to any of the issues. with how things are being handled I no longer have any confidence that anything will ever get taken care of. I am so frustrated and aggravated that there is no one or anybody that can help with Dashers they have the same problems or even worse.
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2 years ago, Cloverappuser123456
Not user friendly
DoorDash does NOT let the drivers Dash on there own schedule! Drivers are forced to catch an open time slot on the app’s schedule and that’s if the driver can ever see the open times available to schedule, a week in advance, due to the time ( 3pm or 12am , now unsure) when the schedule becomes available. They have what they call “Top Dasher” of the month, which becomes available to drivers that hold a high rating, however to become a Top Dasher with a high rating means a driver has to except all orders assigned to them, 12 mile or more deliveries for just the base pay sometimes because customers get a free trial for 30 days therefore they don’t tip. Also DoorDash drivers are now forced to shop then make the delivery, on the same low base pay. Doordash has become greedy due to other apps, that offer higher base pay and tip, that requires shopping and delivery. Doordash isn’t “”DoorDash”” anymore! And drivers should not be rated on friendliness by the customer, drivers are working drivers are not trying to make friends! And customers are rude, needy, don’t give good directions, and they don’t tip….. with the timer running (ratings), heat, store employees, and traffic, all of these factors on the Drivers, and the customer ( who puts in there notes “ leave at the door “, AKA: I’m not tipping) get the opportunity to rate “ Friendliness “ of the driver? Come on, really? Nope, DoorDash only gets 1 star rating, DoorDash is not a good side gig, DoorDash is lie.
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3 years ago, YourGuy-Ry94
Dangerous long deliveries
I used to love to dash because of the extra money I was making and still staying close to home. But now someone can order something 15 to 20 miles away from the area that I want to stay in and if I decline it, my rating goes down but if I take it then I’m in an unknown area taking deliveries where I don’t feel safe for an unfair amount of money. Now if I want to get back to my area, I have to either pause within the app or end my dash to return to a better known/safer area. There’s no reason that I should be picking up deliveries 15-20 miles away from the drop off then being told I’m “outside the delivery area,” especially since I want to stay in the area that I’m comfortable with and not go to a completely different city. How is that also fair to the people that ordered food when their food gets delivered cold because of the far deliver distance? My first and last delivery today I got called profanities and then was told “I would’ve given you cash if you weren’t so late.” My response to the DoorDash team is to quit allowing restaurants to deliver WAY outside a delivery area then expecting drivers to waste gas and time to return to the area in which you sent them out to.
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3 years ago, volsgrl01
Dasher Michelle Walker
I love doing deliveries! Meeting new people and building a network with the merchants. I have established a few regulars which makes this that much more enjoyable. My only thing is that there seems to be too many drivers out at the same time on certain nights and even during the days lately. Makes it hard to commit full time especially in a small town. I like to stay busy and for the last two weeks I am not busy at all. I can schedule a seven or eight hour shift and actually only work maybe 3 hours. Too much down time. I love being part of a platform where I decide what works for me and change it up by doing deliveries when I go to my moms in Colorado. Being able to work in different cities around the United States is awesome ! There aren’t too many platforms which allow this, I think it is great though because a dasher can keep their ratings high and the app greasy and not lose status as a top dasher if they so choose or they can take vacay! So many great options driving for Doordash but working for me by me! I’m going to give full time devotion here in a couple weeks I’m praying to be able to quit the working for someone else and be happy doing what I am loving more everyday! Best to you all out there doing the deal!!!
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2 years ago, 5 start Dasher
My Door Dash Review
I’ve been DoorDash in for over two years now my first month was good I made over $1000 but it took them over a month to pay me that because supposedly my bank card info was incorrect eventually I ended up getting it with the same bank info strange huh felt like they didn’t wanna pay out also I dislike they charge a fee of 199 to do fast pay these past few weeks I haven’t been able to get a dash schedule I don’t know if they hire just anyone or what the issue is but this is my main job only source of income and I haven’t been able to get a good schedule since this following Thursday it’s frustrating I don’t understand how there isn’t any schedules available when I call and try to speak with someone they have a really bad accident and it’s hard to communicate and I feel they don’t understand what I’m trying to get across to them last time the mistakes me trying to get schedules for dashes it’s very frustrating and they say first come first serve which I feel it’s unpredictable and unfair sometimes I’m up for hours trying to get a schedule and nothing sometimes I’ll get a schedule for two hours and only make $25-$30 if I’m lucky I hope Door DashSees my review and makes changes so there is availability for all Dashers not just first come first serve so for that you get three stars
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