USPS Mobile®

4.8 (1.1M)
35.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
United States Postal Service
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for USPS Mobile®

4.77 out of 5
1.1M Ratings
4 years ago, greatgoode
My Go-To App
I use the USPS app primarily for tracking any expected incoming packages and the status of packages and other parcels that I’ve sent. This includes items sent overseas. It lets me know when I can expect delivery at the destination. The USPS app helps me to use their services with confidence from my laptop or mobile device anywhere. This app lets me determine the best prices and options for shipping items. As the USPS often serves as the “last mile” carrier for the other package delivery companies, this is shown on the USPS tracking information. And it allows me to hold my mail when I’m out of town. The U.S. Postal Service and their employees are very dependable and deliver my mail and packages with professionalism and reliability. My regular neighborhood mail carrier is familiar with many of the people on her route and makes sure that delivered packages are either safety locked in the neighborhood package mailbox or brought up to my front door entrance and placed in a location not visible from the street. This is greatly appreciated as package thieves are rampant here. The USPS app lets me know the package has been delivered.
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2 years ago, DR mommyof2
Informed delivery
I am really appreciative of this informed delivery service, because I truly believe that where I live, the super of the building has the main key to the mailboxes. However I am highly disappointed that for any mail larger than a regular sized envelope pictures aren’t taken. I am in a building where this no good man is getting away with a federal crime and I truly need a picture of every last piece of mail coming into my mailbox because USPS has not changed the main mailbox key even though I complained about this many years ago to USPS . How long should this man be able to do this ? I don’t know. But i truly think he and his sons have been doing identity theft with my identity. I’m trying to get the proof. However no super of any building should have the main key to the building he lives and works out of because it’s creating a perfect storm for a person of nefarious intentions like himself. Thank You and I truly hope the right person reads this and it could cause some kind of change in my building. Thanks again.
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1 year ago, Mark in Wi
APIs Still Working, But Alas Not the App/UI
It’s a constant struggle to actually get accurate informed delivery information, but it’s like every other week there’s something wrong with the server, causing a complete block out from the site. It’s been over a year since the last update was officially made to this app and quite frankly, it’s well past time for another update. There has been a longstanding issue with the app cutting off the upper section of the incoming mail & packages count, I’ve submitted multiple reports of this to the apparent offshore support team through the app (which that in and of itself is flawed; e.g. it doesn’t remain automatically refreshed like it should do as you wait for an agent on their Salesforce site), yet nothing ever happens to address the issue. For how much we pay for postal services, you’d think we could actually get these fixes resolved rather quickly and at least receive some sort of notification from USPS when their services are unavailable, along with an estimated time for remediation of the issue(s)…That’s what our own customers expect and I see no reason why they couldn’t do the same for us.
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2 months ago, Ginger GG
Informed delivery
I absolutely love informed Delivery! It’s an incredibly helpful and handy app that revolutionizes the way you interact with your mail. The feature that allows you to preview all incoming mail is a game -changer, providing a sense of control and security. No more worrying about mail theft,- you know exactly what’s hit it your way. One standout feature is the ability to report missing mail directly through the app. If you spot a piece of mail in the preview that doesn’t make it to your mailbox, you can quickly notify the Postal Service. This added layer of accountability is a real comfort. Moreover, the convenience of being able to purchase stamps, and other postal services within the app is a time-saver. it’s streamlines the entire process, making it a one stop solution for all your Postal needs. Informed delivery has truly made my life simpler, ensuring I stay informed and in control of my mail, Highly recommended for anyone looking to enhance their Postal experience!
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3 years ago, AFFTP
I want the old Informed Delivery back!!!
Although this app contains Informed Delivery as well as some other things that I do not use or need, it is a serious headache. It does not allow me to stay logged in. Every single time I open it, even if it hasn’t been very long, I have to go through a multi-click login process. Often it gives the message that my session is about to expire, but when I push extend, it does not work. At that point, it is necessary to click log out. Then I get the pleasure of waiting five seconds for them to redirect me to the main page. Then I get to go through the log in process again. Once I’m on the page with my deliveries, there is a big chat balloon that I can’t figure out how to get rid of, and it’s there even when chat is closed. One time I tried to use it, and no one ever answered. To be fair, I did only give them 10 minutes, so maybe I was hasty in closing chat. I tried emailing customer service a couple weeks ago, and I never received a reply. I had expected “new and improved” when they said they were closing Informed Delivery. Instead, it is the same app with a few headaches added. Gotta love the government…
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3 years ago, dougjones_3
Fix your app please
Please fix your app, I love your app when it’s working because I always enter my ph number and check the text box to stay updated on my deliveries and also to notify me when delivery is made which has worked great till now. Now when I try getting text updates and hitting the done button and checking the I agree box it does nothing, usually I always get text right away telling me everything and then continues keeping me updated by sending me more text and now when I click the done button it’s done nothing I tried getting rid of the app and re-downloading it still it does nothing as if it’s not working at all I can track my package one time by putting in the tracking number and that’s it, it will not let me send my ph number for text updates which I’ve always done before flawlessly so something is wrong with your app please fix it so I can continue tracking my packages
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8 months ago, Umbk1
Poorly designed
We try to use this app frequently but find it very difficult to update when you attempt to extend your out of town dates to hold your mail. Dispite several attempts over the last several years, we have been unable to do so. Additionally if you simply want to add just 2 more days, you can’t start it ie on the 25th and end on the 26th of this current month August. Even if we know we want to extend those days in advance, it’s impossible to even be able to do it in advance because the system doesn’t allow you to make changes to your dates. Although we appreciate trying to avoid the mail piling up in our mailbox, the software for this app is certainly substandard. I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised that the app is as bad as pretty much the rest of the USPS service we get which includes plenty of missing mail never arriving or misdelivered mail for people not even close by our house. I have been trying to minimize my use of the USPS as much as possible, unfortunately it can’t be totally bypassed. The USPS system has been a mess for us since around 2009, so I guess we should just expect the lowest level of customer service as they usually deliver.
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4 years ago, Remnant1018
Missing features I need
I got this app and hoped to be able to do two things: see where blue dropboxes are and send physical money orders to any address. This app cannot do either. I’ve been trying to limit how much I have to go to the post office since my day doesn’t often take me past one. I had really hoped this app would show me where all the blue dropboxes were on my way to and from everywhere. I checked it one day after downloading it and found out there was supposed to be a blue dropbox just down the street. I got there and didn’t see one anywhere. It would’ve nice if the app’s designers added some place to show a picture of the actual dropbox so you don’t have to drive/walk all over the place looking for it in the general vicinity of the map marker. I also hoped it had a feature that would allow me to send physical money orders to whatever address I needed to send to just like you could do at a post office. I currently need to send some to a PO Box. I don’t see any feature for that at all. Smh. I hope both these features are added in the future so I can take care of my business quick, fast, and in a hurry without having to detour to go into a post office and during business hours.
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1 year ago, Sightsonyou
Reliable, Consistent, Convenient
This USPS app is one of my favorites. If you place orders or shop online, this app is a must! Track your postal deliveries from the time they’re shipped out to the time they arrive at your door. Don’t allow bags or boxes to linger in your mailbox or on your porch to tempt would be thieves. Receive a text the moment they arrive at your home! That’s amazing! Plus, through tracking, you’re sent a text or email notification telling you the day and time range to expect each package. (I supplement mine with the Route app which shows me photos of my orders with the tracking number. Not affiliated!) This USPS app will also send email notifications of each piece of paper mail you’re receiving daily in case you’re looking for an important check, letter, or bill. You can schedule package pick up, order boxes, stamps, etc. It’s free and well worth the download. Fantastic app!
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3 years ago, OFS2008
I’ve had this app for a long time. However, I haven’t been able to use it in the last couple of years. I forgot the password and had to answer the two questions I had to choose and answer for security reasons. Note to self, choose questions that have an absolute answer. I didn’t do that. The directions tell you to create a new account. I did that, but I have to use the same email address as that is the only one I have. I was able to get all the way through creating a new account even with new security questions. When I hit submit, it said that email is being used. Of course it is, it’s me! I tried calling 1-800 numbers associated with USPS that would say I will receive a live person to talk to about this. They lied. This app is useless if you can’t use it. All I want to do is change the security questions and change my password!
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5 years ago, zzz97
I am not able to set up mail tracking
With this app we are supposed to be able to be alerted about every letter and parcel that will be sent to us. But the process to get that started this so difficult on this app, it’s basically impossible. You’re supposed to send me an email or text message or phone call, but you don’t do that. I’ve given you my phone number several times, but you do not save it for my profile so every time I try to complete the final step to activate my Mail tracking, it says you don’t know my phone number even though I just gave it to you 10 seconds ago. You need to login profile so that you can store my information and then use it once I need to start the mail tracking that way you will have my number on record - with a user login. It would be better if I just gave you my user login and address, and then I don’t have to sign up for some extra special feature, just have it be a basic standard primary function of the app so that anyone who has the app will always be able to track their packages if they can prove who they are. That would make it so much easier and less exclusive to “the eligible.”
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5 years ago, elusivesnake
Ok I’ve never had good experience with usps. Unfortunately it is the only way I can receive some of my packages. The tracking is decent but the customer support is probably the worst I’ve ever had to deal with is you can even get it. The expected delivery is always wrong. I have to base it off of where my package is actually located and not the “expected delivery date”. My current package Delivery is what brought me to write this review. My package got to my local post office at 12:31pm Saturday. The mail women obviously already started her route so didn’t have my package. The tracking changed from expected deliver on Saturday July 28th to SUNDAY THE 29th?? Why would it even be updated to the only day of the week usps doesn’t deliver? So for fun I check the tracking the morning of the 29th to find a message saying “attempted deliver. Package left at post office by request of customer”. I’m just wondering when this package was attempted to me delivered since I was home to get my mail and I never requested it to be left at the post office. Overall they are fine for delivering mail but if available UPS is my number one choice for packages. Again their customer support doesn’t exist.
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2 years ago, Nickname Gestapo
Almost pointless for tracking now
I used to use this app a lot to organize, label and track packaged which were coming and going. Since the app has been changed to redirect to a website instead of providing tracking info within the app itself, I can no longer change the tracking number to a label I can recognize faster, there’s an annoying pop up alert every time you visit your list which was never there before and pressing cancel or ok does the same thing, so not sure why they bother having two options for input there. Then instead of staying within the app to see my information, I get redirected to my browser and have to bounce back and forth between the browser and the app to view multiple items. These updates are huge leaps in usability failures. I can save time by checking my email and clicking the links on there to get almost the same usability experience. There are still some not so often used features I can still appreciate in the app, but as far as tracking goes now? … nah…
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2 years ago, AMGrail
Please fix the pop up
I love all the features available on the app and use it almost daily. My only complaint is the with the recent update came an incredibly annoying pop up. Every time I open the “track” section, I get a pop up warning me I’m “leaving the app” and subject to the privacy etc for the website. I assume this is because the track section actually launches a tracking webpage within the app as it isn’t opening Safari. It probably wouldn’t be quite as annoying if it did not pop up literally every time I go back to the main screen of tracking info. For example, I click “track” in on the menu, it pops up. I select a tracking number from my list to see more details, then go back from the detailed tracking page to my list of tracked packages, it pops up again. I add a new tracking number to my list, it pops up again. I add a name to that tracking number, pop up again.
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3 years ago, Illuminate7
Malicious, conniving data collection
This is not an app. It’s merely a fancy bookmark placed on your Home Screen. I only started using this when the dedicated Informed Delivery app was discontinued. At first I had issues with having to constantly sign in. But then I realized, that it’s not an app but a bookmark which launches and uses safari (if you’re on iPhone) and accesses the USPS using your web browser. The issue with this, is that places cookies and tracks all your internet usage, sites you visit, etc etc continuously, after that. I just want to get a preview of my mail. I don’t want the freaking USPS collecting all my data on every other site I visit. The most infuriating thing is that on the App Store, it says “this app does not collect any personal data”. Well that’s true for two reasons. One, it’s not a stand alone dedicated app to even begin with. Two, it doesn’t have to track you via the “app” because it uses Safari to access services/info, and THAT tracks you. I am deleting immediately and I guess I just won’t use Informed Delivery anymore. It’s things like this that give me no mercy for the state the usps is in.
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2 years ago, imlruru
The most recent update transfers you to your browser app
Recently the USPS app began showing a pop-up message when selecting tracking numbers from the “Track” screen of the app. This pop-up mentioned that I would be redirected to my web browser app, but it only opened up the next page in the USPS app with my selected tracking info. So while the pop-up was a little annoying, it was otherwise harmless. Unfortunately, the most recent update seems to have made this redirection notice carry through with its warning. Now it forces a switch to my web browser app (not the browser that can appear within an app) for the selected tracking info on USPS’s website. I can no longer access the individual package’s tracking info screen, which includes the ability to rename the package for organization. I hope this is fixed soon. Other than the not-so-smooth experience from having to sift through pop-up windows, I miss being able to name my package 😕
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2 years ago, Sean’s Celtic Creations
The Post Office Employees! Amazing!
I if anyone looks below the surface of USPS administration, it is obvious that a lot of compromises have to occur to align with demands of hierarchy. In particular, lLouis DeJoy is firmly bent towards making postal service decisions that destroy the systems ability to function efficiently. He has other interests and investments to protect and nurture. That said, it is the employees who have to deal with the brunt of these malicious decisions, and who do their best to keep this enormous system moving along the best they can. My hat is off to them for keeping focused on the work, not on other aspects of the system that are more disheartening. I wish everyday Americans knew the real source of issues with the postal system, and they may then be kinder and more understanding of the struggles internally. I love the post office, and am grateful for their hard work behind the scenes and at the retail counter. Long live the USPS!
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3 years ago, iosbizdev
It’s basically a web browser and not a good one
This just basically opens the USPS website like you could on safari. EXCEPT ITS WORSE THAN SAFARI! I have to go through the login procedure for everything, everytime, even if I was just in that section 3 seconds ago or a section that the same login is valid for. That is, unless you navigate in the browser page that pops up when you click on a button from the homepage. Again, why not just use safari and bookmark the page. The only plus about this is because it’s literally a webpage in the app, my password manager app instantly recognizes what the appropriate password should be to login. I currently use the informed delivery app which worked well because in an instant I could see what was coming and going. This thing is supposed to replace it but I just use the USPS site because it’s faster as a homepage bookmark than this app. I’m not surprised about this app though, it’s typical government garbage, somebody knew someone that had a cousin that donated money to someone and they needed a couple million to slap a browser in an app and call it useful.
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2 years ago, Bikergirl80
Buggy and not worth having
Until recently, I used this app weekly if not daily for tracking packages or mail. I used it for other helpful things that helped me avoid needing to go to the post office since the closest one is nearly 20 miles away due to rural life. Anyway, after it started showing broken links on every screen and multiple times for some things, I gave up on it. Then it said there was a bug fix for iOS so I downloaded it again but it’s the same story. I’ll just use the desktop site or the regular internet browser app instead of going through the hassles… going to the PO means a minimum of 30 minutes of waiting in line with impatient customers complaining about the wait and understandably grumpy desk clerks…so between the app not working, hiccups on the website, and the subpar in-person experience, I’ve had to use other delivery methods and the small business I work for has had to do the same. The app needs lots of help and if it were working well, could use some extra abilities to retain customers since other avenues aren’t stellar means either.
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3 years ago, Omega80000
Functions perfectly, even if it’s an older design
The app could use a visual refresh, but it functions so well that it’s not worth deducting stars IMO. One of the main things I dislike about third party tracking apps is it doesn’t update in real time. I’ll get something delivered and it won’t update in the app until hours/days later. This app gives me real time updates for all my USPS deliveries all at once, which is all I could ask for. The one improvement I’d like to see is to make Click N Ship a native part of the app. Currently, it just takes you to the website. It’s a pet peeve of mine when apps just link to the website instead of making it part of the app, but the website works well so it’s not an inconvenience.
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2 years ago, G17Gen5MOS
Informed Delivery App Was Better
I use the USPS mobile app primarily for the Informed Delivery service. I used and loved the Informed Delivery app, but begrudgingly moved to this app when USPS killed the Informed Delivery app. Regarding Informed Delivery, the app isn’t even doing anything. You are essentially being directed to the website. This app is more of a website disguised as an application. It is ridiculous that you have to login Every. Single Time. and every time you navigate away from the app. Very annoying and frustrating. This app should also implement the use of logging in via Face ID. A little ridiculous and surprising that you can’t login using Face ID. I also constantly receive warnings that I am now leaving the app when using many of the services and the app opens up a browser and attempts to do what should be done in the app. Then when I go back to the app I have to login again! There should also be a widget for inbound packages or some sort of tracking. A little more thought is definitely needed for this app.
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4 years ago, AO Lifemember
The Pony Express
Their Tracking System is so vague which may be on purpose so you are totally unaware of your actual parcel location. Had a Priority package which was supposed to get to an address in California within four days from Honolulu, Hawaii which was according to the USPS tracking system in transition that after a week I had to inquire where it was and was told that it was in the Barrigada, Guam. Apparently they (Honolulu Main USPS Distribution Center) thought that California from Hawaii was west of the island. So after two weeks the package finally arrived damaged at the address in California. A week later upon shipping a similar package to the same address in Southern California we found that the delay this time was due to the package being sent to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania so upon sending a query why the package was in Pennsylvania instead of California I received a msg that the package was in transit again, And they wonder why they are losing money? Seriously?
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2 years ago, PatoGrande49
USPS - Mental Torture
You wonder how our Government can get anymore screwed up? Try ordering stamps online. They say wait 7-10 days. 3 days later the say they delivered them. At the end of 10 days, I start trying to find my stamps. They said they delivered the last Friday and this is Thursday morning. The app has no way of reporting the missing stamp, so I call the 1-800-number. It took 5 tries to copy the information that should’ve been in their app. They won’t the particulars of the order, so I go to tracking to get the information. Tracking gives the information in individual boxes to make it impossible to copy and paste the information in the email that I’m writing to request their assistance as to why they can’t deliver the stamps I ordered. After the 5 calls to the 1-800-number, a survey was supposed to ask what I think of the USPS site, like it matters, but it just hangs up on you. USPSUCKS
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5 years ago, Debmomtwokids
Why bother with a mail hold option?
I loved this app until I needed the mail hold option. I thought I was SO smart doing an online mail hold. I even had a confirmation. We were leaving town for close to 3 weeks and I really needed my mail held. Well, despite a confirmation number and a visual confirmation on the app, my mail was delivered the entire time we were away. I called THREE times and spoke to people in the main USPS office as well as my local office and it was STILL delivered (with an improper hold date on the form manually entered by the USPS rep). I was told that the best way to hold mail for future is to come into the post office and fill out a form so there would be a paper trail. Seriously?!?! Why bother having it on the app and website if it is not the proper way to have your mail held? I am writing this in hopes that the USPS gets their act together and fixes this AND so anyone else using this app for a mail hold will rethink it. I am thankful to my amazing friends and neighbors who checked on my house and mailbox to make sure it wasn’t glaringly obvious we were away for an extended time.
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2 years ago, ZM231
Updates have rendered this app useless
I don’t normally feel compelled to write reviews on apps but the culmination of recent updates/changes to this app made me feel compelled to write one. As someone who tracks their packages very closely, the option to utilize access the tracking info was very appealing. However, due to changes to the app’s functionality the app essentially opens a web browser for every action one would perform within the app. For instance, if you track one of your packages it instantly shows a message stating that the app will redirect you to the USPS website and load the tracking info. If you select informed delivery to see incoming mail/packages, the same thing happens. While this does accomplish the task of showing your tracking info, it begs the question why you would use the app rather than just going to USPS website? Versus an app such as FedEx’s which performs all of this natively in an easy to read and fast format. I could be remembering this incorrectly, but I’m pretty sure that the USPS app used to function this way as well. Nonetheless, there is no longer any reason I can see why I would continue using this app in its current state as it no longer makes things any easier than utilizing the website. The reason for me giving them 2 stars is due to app at least working and being functional. But doesn’t make the consumer’s life much or any easier.
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1 year ago, MusicMac
Little clunky but works fine!
First, everyone should consider themselves lucky to even be able to have and use the app. I had received notification the app was to have been discontinued at least a year or two ago! I’ve been using the app ever since it came out. It’s not the greatest; a little clunky, but it works and does what it says it does. For laughs - read some of the one star ratings. Either comments that have been made have nothing to do with the app at all or people simply don’t understand how it and the postal system works! YES, you need a USPS account (and sign in) so you can check for your OWN mail and their services. The sign in is hard to see sometimes because it’s at the bottom of the page of the app and you need to scroll up a little to see in entirety if you need. Also, the app does NOT send you to USPS website in a browser Informed delivery “is” clunky but once you understand it - it works fine. PLUS!! You actually need to have signed up for informed delivery service with your post office in order to see scanned mail (informed delivery) on the app. If you don’t - NO informed delivery. And yes, it could use an update. Even though the App Store says it had an update a year ago… I don’t think it ever really has ever had one.
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6 months ago, The mail commenter
Very mad and disgusted about how my mail is delivered.
The massively overweight lady that delivers my mail seems to always for some reason never ever do my requests as far as delivering my mail. She always tries her best slam jam my mailbox with stuff that doesn't fit and she just forces it to fit ruining the packages and makes it very hard to get my package as well. If the package don't fit don't force it in the mailbox put it on the bottom and if it don't fit there then do as I say and just put it on my porch behind the bushes I will see it if it's hidden behind the bush. Now if u wanna hide behind the pillar that's fine too but don't force my package somewhere where the package is hard to get out and it will be ruined. That should go for not just my packages but everybody's packages. We like our packages delivered in good shape like Mr. MCFEELY USE TO DO FOR Mister Rogers back in the day. We don't want our packages ruined by forcing or trying to fit it somewhere it can't thank u.
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2 years ago, FaeHunter
Changes but not progress
I honestly use to greatly enjoy the USPS app. However the latest updates seem to have broken tracking. For awhile I could no longer enter tracking numbers under the track tab but only on the Home Screen. This was mostly fine. Honestly a minor inconvenience at best. This was fixed however but now I can’t view any information under the tracking tab anymore. Before I could see progress etc but now clicking on anything that is being tracking send me to my web browser to open a new tab to view all tracking details. To me this makes the app essentially useless. What is the point of using the app if I have to go to the web to view all tracking information anyways. And is the reason I’m leaving this review. I’m hoping it will lead to it being corrected. I really hope so because right now I’m tracking everything through third party apps instead like Shop.
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1 year ago, shisuies
Might as well just use the website from your phone’s browser
I downloaded the app in hopes that I’ll be able to manage my tracking numbers for packages and Informed Delivery all in one space. But for some reason, instead of having most of the features launched in-app, it opens in a browser that constantly displays a this annoying pop-up. Sometimes I don’t even actually leave the USPS app and I’ll still get it, which means there’s some messed up the coding somewhere. I read a few reviews and apparently the browser redirection is a new implement. You used to be able to access everything from the actual app itself. I don’t know why they decided to go this route. You might as well just not use the app if it’s just going to take you to the website. You also don’t even stay logged in long enough for Informed Delivery. You have to sign in every time you open the app, which is a pain.
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5 years ago, ScottUtz
Effectiveness of App
I think the app in general is good, is for the most part effective and easy to use. I do though, as a person who uses the app on a highly regular basis, think that there are a few areas where it could be improved to ensure a higher on time delivery percentage and/or accountability factor. I have packages I’m tracking that will take numerous days (in some cases up to a week or more) to receive updated statuses. I don’t know if this is something that could be integrated into the app, but if there is a way to notify offices that a package has not departed or arrived within a set amount of time, forcing them to do so, that would be huge to a consumer like myself who is too often left to wonder day after day what the delay is without any updates whatsoever, often leading to them wonder if the package got lost along the way somewhere? Thank you!
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3 years ago, Jonathan.872
Very Glitchy
I use the app primarily to track my occasional Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express parcels that I am either sending or receiving. The app has glitches galore. The update button at the bottom of the tracking page does not work; if I tap on that button, it just stays in an “Updating…” state forever. I have to force close the app and reopen to refresh the list sometimes. Also, sometimes the tracking page simply does not appear after tapping on the Track button at the app’s home page; occasionally, it will remain as a blank white page forever. Further, why does the USPS mark a package as being on time to its destination even when it’s not until the expected delivery date/time is near or passed? If the USPS knows that a package is delayed and isn’t where it needs to be to meet service standards, they should mark the tracking as being delayed rather than showing the item as on time until that expected delivery date is broken.
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3 years ago, 1st Time iPhone_User
Informed Delivery app was 20X better
I don’t have a clue why you would discontinue the Informed Delivery app. In the several years I’ve used that app, I never had problems with it. It was so quick and easy, and a big help to me. Okay, so you’re discontinuing that app and want us to start using the USPS Mobile app to view the Informed Delivery info. Well, why can’t you make it as a quick and easy?? Not only is it ridiculous to have another window open after tapping “Informed Delivery” on this USPS Mobile app, but then to have it require logging in, is just another step that takes time. But the worst part is that it will not stay logged in!! Why??? It’s 2021, USPS. If smartphone users don’t have facial recognition, they have touch ID, and if they don’t have touch ID, they have passcodes on their phones. FIX THIS APP SO IT STAYS LOGGED IN!!! I can easily see from reading other recent reviews, that almost every person is very unhappy about this exact issue. Does that not tell you something?!
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2 years ago, claudette B M
Unprofessional attitude
I am really not impressed with the poor service, I have been getting from USPS. Irrespective of the any times called USPS, with regards to receiving open mails. Especially my mails from the revenue department. I am still getting them opened. Was recently disrespected by a usps representative. Who delivered mails at my apartment complex. Try expressing my concern in a respectful manner to her , since it was only my mail for the IRS and State Revenue Department letter were opened , all the other mail was never opened. This had happened on more than one occasions and the matter reported to USPS. Had just received another open mail from IRS ,thought that if I spoke with our mail person that could make matters better. Just to see if my mail would be safe some what. She just looked and with a disrespectful tone “YOU ARE WASTING MY TIME “ I am working for 34 years. and walk toward the mail van. It is shame that these are the kind of behavior we encountered as the general public. Shame on you usps.
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6 years ago, GeorgetownHerbs
Not Reliable
I thought using this program to keep track of USPS orders related to my job would be convenient, but I’ve learned my lesson. If you try to add tracking information too quickly, the program isn’t best optimized to handle it. Not only that, but it will decide on its own that it just wants to get rid of all the rest of the tracking information you had stored. THIS HAS HAPPENED TO ME MULTIPLE TIMES. If I could rate this program 0 stars, I would. You would think with it being The United States Postal Service they could put more money into this app and at least make sure tracking information NEVER gets deleted, unless the user does so themselves. If you plan to use this program to keep track of multiple tracking numbers, just write them down. DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!!
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2 years ago, wwizri
Great app. Enhancements to think about
I use this app a lot to status incoming packages and schedule runs to the post office to pick them up. It would be really helpful to know a little more about each package. If package weight could be included, it would help with determining who should go pick it up. If addressee can be included, that would be useful, too. Recent changes to statuses are way less useful, particularly things like “moving through network”, which seems to have replaced more useful ones that made it easier to know if a package is at the nearest distribution hub. I’m guessing that isn’t the app developer’s change, but something pulled from the post office database. Still, it’s a bummer for the users of this app.
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2 years ago, Decadeindc
Might as well just use the website
During the last major update of this app, the package tracking function offloaded nearly the entire experience to the usps mobile site. And multiple notices (requiring dismissal to proceed) that the user is leaving the app and entering a website now pop up as soon as the tracking number is entered. Some functionality in the app was lost, like being able to replace a tracking number with a nickname in the list view. The only real advantage of the app now for tracking is that it does retain previous searches in memory. Otherwise it’s just a redirect to the mobile site. If you plan to or already use the app for other purposes, I’m sure it could be helpful. But for tracking, the functionality in the app is actually worse than it used to be. Meanwhile UPS and FedEx are only improving their tracking functions in their apps.
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2 years ago, BabyGurlBG
Fix the App!!!!!!!!
As a Postal Employee whose given my opinions previously (which are always asked for to help improve the service), why don’t y’all listen? Seriously, whoever’s behind the functionality of this app should take a dang seat and find one of the many employees who will get it done right. There’s a lot of hidden talent in the USPS that’ll help y’all get it together. Why are we now notified we’re leaving the app to go to the USPS site to track our packages and not be able to add a name to the tracking number as we previously did? Why doesn’t the app link to our USPS Account so we can easily make changes or updates to packages that’ll be sent to the Delivering Station and the Carrier who scans our packages so they’ll see any notes on the MDD Scanner? I mean there’s so much that can be done with this app that’ll make life so much easier but y’all just keep slacking. Stop it and get someone else on board.
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2 years ago, marcie Marcia birth name
My only problem with my mailman or woman I believe it’s a mailman that always Krams all our mail in there even if we have packages. On one side of the group mailbox he opens and puts our mail and that is about an inch bigger than our side. So when I go to get the mail if there’s a package a big package my husband has to try to get it himself. my husband wrote a letter to you in regards to disability my husband is disabled and now I am disabled is there anyway the mailman deliver our mail to the house? He can just set it on the front porch if you would like that would be wonderful and a huge help to both of us thank you very much for your time. Have a wonderful weekend and a great day ! marcie and michael meyer.
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3 years ago, ElvisPresley970
Updating issue
When one types in a Tracking Number, and selects enter, then selects item, selects “Edit Name”, gives package a name, returns back to the list of packages one is Tracking, the User MUST go back to USPS app’s Home Page, then select Track Packages in order to see the edited Number in order to see the chosen name that was selected for that package. It may seem petty, but it is possible to program the application to alleviate the two extra steps. Also, the app does NOT take the Name, and one must complete the process over again. By the way, I am using an iPhone 12 Plus Pro Max iOS system to navigate through the USPS application. I also do keep my iOS device up to date with the most current version of Software.
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1 year ago, Captain Steve Smith
I love Informed Delivery
From the day I first began using it, I know what to expect in my mailbox (with pictures of what it should look like) and even know exactly when a package has been delivered, if I’m home, I go to the mailbox and retrieve packages within minutes of them arriving. If I’m not home, I check what has been delivered against what was supposed to be delivered that day and can even let the USPO know immediately if anything was missing, simply by putting a check mark next to the entry. With mail theft being a problem, I know if something is missing the day of delivery. The App. Does a ton more things, if you need it to, but the bottom line is I’ve found it to be very useful and best of all, it’s a free service.
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4 years ago, john h6212
Great App it’s has a few qwerks but it’s Awesome
I love this app!! It’s very accurate it keeps you up to date on your mail and packages!! The only down side is that I have to login to many times I feel, but I really shouldn’t complain it ensures me that my account is secured and not left logged in somewhere else I’ve used it.. Thats the only downside for me Everything else is Great! It even lets you if something is delayed even if it’s not what you want to hear, at least it’s honest and let’s you know. Even with the one issue I still give it 5 star’s, because it’s so accurate. I recommend getting and informed delivery is my favorite, it gives you the option t mark for mail you haven’t gotten and they will find and normally get it to you the next days!
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2 years ago, CAT052504
Ugh..FIX IT!!!
I liked the way the app used to work, everything stayed in the app. Now you get an annoying pop up warning you that you’re leaving the app on everything you do, you can no longer “nickname” the packages coming in making it easier to keep track. Also now when you click to check tracking it takes you to the website instead of the simple info on the app. The old way was definitely better. I wouldn’t call the way the app is now an update. Unfortunately I will still use this app, because it’s the best to track mail, but if you could put it back to the way it was before, more user friendly that would be awesome!
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4 years ago, that.907.girl
Great app for tracking packages
The main thing I use the app for is tracking packages that I’ve either sent or am expecting. One improvement that could get a 5 star rating from me would be if there was a way to make a note or “name” the packages that you are tracking. Currently, there is just a lot of packages that are identified by the long tracking numbers. When you have 4 or 5 (or even more) packages being tracked at a time, it is very confusing to know which is which. Having the ability to rename the items listed or add a note would aid in identification of what is in transit and what is lost. Thank you for the convenience of only have to enter a tracking number once to watch an item all the way to delivery, now take the last step and make the list of packages more coherent to monitor :)
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6 years ago, Hidelsc
Needs major improvement
I’ve been using this app for years and it has its flaws, regardless of my having the latest version. It can’t seem to handle tracking more than one package at a time, while older versions of the app could. Even when I type in a new tracking number, it will still only bring up the previous package. It often has incorrect information. For example, I was tracking a package that said it would be delivered on a Saturday by 8:00pm. I received an alert that it was going to be delayed; no reason was given, nor was an estimated date/time. I continued to get this error for 5 days. I knew from past experience that you need to wait a full week before you can file a complaint. Finally, late on the 5th day, I got a msg saying the package HAD been delivered on the original day at 2:15pm. Why the app wasn’t updated in a timely manner I’m not sure. That’s the government for you!
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2 years ago, App girl135
Not as bad as I thought, here is something to know
It appears that what USPS really wants is for you to use “informed delivery” you can access it in the app without being taken to the internet. It’s actually better than entering each of your tracking numbers manually. When you receive a tracking number from a vendor wait 24 hours go into your informed delivery account and it should be there. You can then give it a nickname as well. You will see most things coming to you via USPS especially all packages. I’m giving it 4 stars because they really need to let people know to sign up for informed delivery in order to use the app for package tracking. When I understood what they were doing, everything got much simpler.
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3 years ago, CplMSO
Well, can’t get tracking texts alerts anymore.
For quite some time now, text alerts haven’t been able to work. As soon as I select to receive all alerts listed below, enter my number and agree to the terms, nothing happens. Just prior to not getting anything now, I liked that they made it to where you get one text confirming that I’ve opted to receive all text tracking updates, instead of one confirmation text for each option, and then the most recent update on a package. I drive mostly for work, and don’t always have time to stop or always get enough reception for cellular data, and manually check; so it’s great to at least get full tracking alerts, via standard text sms, for packages I select and be able to simply just look at my phone to see if there’s any updates on my packages. I’ve had the USPS app for years, probably close to 10, it’d be nice if they finally get full tracking alerts via app push notifications too. If they had the money to keep a separate informed delivery app that was more up to date despite it being buggy, (which my mom told me about as a medically retired rural carrier of 34 years) I’m thinking they certainly have the money and resources to finally add and make use of such a basic option for a smartphone app.
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2 years ago, Timsgirl02
I like this app because I can keep all of my tracking numbers accessible. One thing I really enjoyed was naming each individual tracking number so I knew what was coming or where my boxes that I sent to family were. Now I cannot view any tracking in the app, it takes me to my browser to the usps website. I am unable to name any of the tracking numbers which is frustrating as I have to look up what tracking number goes with what purchase or recipient. At this point the app doesn’t seem to be that useful to me. I can go to the websites I order from and track my packages from there easier. Or open my email and click on the tracking number for the packages that I send to friends and family. And I know exactly which package I am looking at or what recipient I am looking at.
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11 months ago, P@b1ito
What a pain to use
Simple tracking tasks are fine, but try and manage a PO Box. No where in the app. Instead users get redirected to the website, which is also difficult to use. The first thing presented to me when tapping to manage my PO Box, is the sign ups for new PO Boxes. Way on the bottom, is manage. I suppose they must have a lot of new customers? The user interface is confusing and frustrating. Have to keep looking for things to complete simple tasks, like managing PO Boxes, updating payment info, placing a Hold on Mail. Person designing the user experience must not be using the app. What the? Why are you sending me a confirmation email to hold mail with my full address and the hold dates displayed? Emails aren’t a secure form of communication so protect my data please! Have a secure message center and email me that there’s a message for me would be more protective.
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2 years ago, Ashbie14
The USPS app used to be very helpful and easy to use. As of recently, it is more complicated. You can no longer rename your packages so you actually know what that tracking number is for, and anytime you click on a tracking number it takes you to the web version of the tracking instead of showing you on the app. It’s kind of nonsense and a useless extra step. I miss the way it used to be when you could control everything in the app. I dont know what the point of the app is anymore if they just send you to the website. It’s no longer a phone friendly app. They really messed things up when they got rid of the informed delivery app.. I was fine with them doing away with it because it was an extra app that you could do all the same things on the original usps app, but after that they started “tweaking” the original app and now I won’t even use it. It’s just a meh app now.
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2 years ago, Solar1986
Needs an update
The last update the app was given resulted in me losing the ability to rename my packages and being able to check the actual tracking on the app. Now you can no longer rename each package on the app, and when you click to track it redirects you to the USPS website and opens a new tab for every single package you track. I liked having the ability to rename each package, because it made it easier to track numerous packages on the app itself. Since now On the app you can only see tracking numbers and not package nicknames, it very confusing to figure out which tracking # is for which package. It seems obsolete to have the app when the app just reroutes you to website and you don’t even know which package you clicked on to track because you can’t rename each package on the app. I wish they would change it back to the way the app worked before.
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