2.8 (73)
79.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Educational Federal Credit Union
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
14.5 or later
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User Reviews for EdFed

2.82 out of 5
73 Ratings
7 years ago, SoleGamer
Miami Dade Internship Program
This app made managing my money efficiently. Although it may have some cons, It lags out when you complete a transfer. This app needs some work on improving.
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2 years ago, big cheesehead
Will this app ever work
Eve since the name change this app almost never functions on my iPad or iPhone. It’s garbage. It decides which pages it wants to load 95% of the time when I log in I can never see my account balances it’s just a blank screen. All other functions work when they choose too. If it wasn’t such a huge mission to change banks I would close all my accounts and move them. That’s how frustrating this app is.
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3 years ago, Awareofthesuirrel
Much needed update
I love the new app and all the features the fact I can go to the reward site without logging in just direct from my phone makes me happy. The fact I can lock and change my card myself through the app adds convenience Not to mention the new external transfers which makes transfers from bank to bank so easy Absolutely adore the app and the credit union !!!
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2 years ago, proffneff
Problems Galore!
I cannot get this app to work on my iPad. The opening display is landscape only, no portrait. When trying to sign in, the data screens don’t display correctly. At the last sign-in, the screens kept scrolling. I couldn’t navigate to another screen, and I couldn’t even log out. Many bugs need fixing!
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2 years ago, angie sarduy
Was working perfectly for a month or two, but just recently it just stopped working altogether. I go to make a transfer from my savings to my checking account and the app tells me the transfer was complete but I go and check my checking and there is no money there.
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3 months ago, emelyurquiza
Needs to be upgraded
I’m a new member at EDFED and I’ve been trying to register my account and every time I put my account number it doesn’t register me, I put everything right and it still isn’t working,
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5 months ago, Benjiahtf e
Mobile deposit don’t work
Idk what to say cuh mobile deposit just don’t work I open the app I go to deposit check and it’s a mostly white screen that says mobile deposit that’s literally it. I need my breadddd!!!
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2 years ago, gabnic06
This app is a joke. When it boots you can’t see the account tab information. It has to be manipulated by going into different tabs to get it to work. The old app had fewer bells and whistles but at least it worked. This one is a total fail.
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2 years ago, maggielucy0911
Bill pay is always updating
The interface of this app is not very pleasant. The app gives you information that is not all needed. I just want to be able to do simple banking. The bill pay section of the app is always updating
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3 years ago, GAMRchef
Bug in iPad Version
There is a bug in the iPad version that won’t let you log out. When you go to the profile screen to log out, the menu just loops endlessly preventing you from logging out and the only way to stop it is to force close the app.
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3 years ago, black WOMAN!!
The update is horrible. Makes me want to change banks
The update is absolutely horrible. The app barely ever opens to work. I can never check my balance. This makes me want to go back to a regular bank. This credit union is extremely inconvenient
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2 years ago, tiyerra
App needs much improvement it’s always picking and choosing when it wants to work
App needs much improvement it’s always picking and choosing when it wants to work
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3 years ago, Cjazzman8
Won’t open
This new app so far is not working very well. I have updated my iPhone version, and the app still won’t open. It just closes when I try to open it.
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3 years ago, Member00712
Bug in IPad Version when going to settings
When I go into the settings menu, the app gets stuck
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2 years ago, Lo KeyKey
Very Buggy
I constantly have to remove and install this app for it to work!! Very buggy!!
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2 years ago, Mochi112021
Very glitchy
Freezes and glitches when using app. Please fix!
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2 years ago, bob277777
Bad Bank, Bad App
The app is terrible and buggy, but it’s no surprise. Basically everything associated with this bank is rotten, incompetent and dishonest.
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7 years ago, Miss JohnSun
SFEFCU UPDATE: Absolute Failure
I hate this app. I have never went out of my way to actually come and leave a comment. But, after about 5 attempts of trying to get into MY account, I've had it!!! It takes 3 minutes plus just to get to the page where I can put my password in and after that I spend time waiting to see the status of my account. How is this supposed to be convenience?! I'm not sure if they read their reviews, but it would be in their best interest to find out why the loading of every page takes so long. My husband hates the update too. Same complaint. I get to the place that shows me every account and then as I click one, all of a certain I get a pop up message saying that "ERROR"... spare me please. Please do something about this South Florida; if it's gonna be this hectic, get rid of it. I'll stick to getting on the computer.
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7 years ago, Squidward112
Many bugs and no resolution
A formerly useful app but following a change in design within the last year you can’t review transactions going back beyond a week past. Now, as well, there is an unresolved bug where account holds are listed as both pending and processed charges so sometimes amounts listed in accounts are inaccurate. There are even indications as of this morning that some charges may not even be listed even as they are deducted. Folks running this are aware of the situation according to correspondences but their tech resource or consultants have yet to fix these issues. Very confusing to be tracking expenses this way. They’re a good organization, I hope they can correct this.
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9 years ago, YoanMH
With this new features this app deserves 5 stars!
Finally a major update! I love now that we can deposit checks on our phone and for free! Bill pay feature included too. Love the app and its super easy to use. - I wish we can add our cards with Apple Pay! I can't wait for that to happen. -Only thing that needs improvement is that at night the app does not let you access your account. Or it takes a long time to load. During the day everything works well.
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12 years ago, 13xxx13
Your bank on the palm of your hands
I like this app because I can keep my budget according to my account balances in real time. However, there is only one little flaw. Every time I tried to log in, the auto save account # option is on and I have to disable it every time I log in. I would like to have an option for those users that don't want that to disable this feature so we can have more privacy and keep our account number hidden for secure purposes.
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7 years ago, monmonbon154
App update
I'll first start by saying I've been using this app for over a year and the new layout is extremely crisp, clean and professional. So far, that's the only thing I like about the update. Since the update of the app, switching over to different pages within it have taken such a long time. I'll be waiting over 30 seconds or more just to move from accounts to statements and then repeat the same process to go back. It's a bit off putting because mobile banking is intended to be quick and easy. As soon as issues with speech and navigation get fixed, it'll be a good app once again.
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4 years ago, diamondheart78
This app is uselessness
I opened an account here because I wanted better rates. This horrible app is enough for me to want to close the accounts. I don’t understand why a bank this size can’t get it together with this app. I try to pay bills and it closes and I have to log in. Then when I log back in it only shows me transaction info for one account even though I keep clicking on Accounts to see all of them at once. I have a loan with them that I can’t even find the way to pay back online... it’s like it doesn’t even exist. I see reviews like this going back 3 yrs... why can’t you guys get this one thing right?
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7 years ago, Lady will
I like the app. It allows you to check your balance and transfer money. If you want to see your transaction history for more than a month that you will have to log online. I believe it fulfills its purpose. Simple to use and if you have problems you can email costumer service and they will give a prompt response.
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5 years ago, Onetherap
Crashes with IPad 13.1.1
Downloaded software for my iPad yesterday and issue began right away. When I called local branch I was told no one had reported any issues. Went to Apple store today and they said it was that credit union program needed to be updated!! Tried calling branch office today and unable to speak with anyone. Recording says “we are experiencing unusually high volume”. Humm I wonder if other people are experiencing an issue? If so, why not notify members via email? Need to be on top of changing technology, last update was a year ago!
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5 years ago, xX8MIRAGE8Xx
Needs attention
I’m a student about to go to college and having my money secured and easy to access is priority to me. But this app is practically useless, it freezes it crashes and at in some points it just doesn’t want to work. I understand that sometimes it might not work or it’s under going maintenance, but that’s not the case here instead you have an app that doesn’t operate at all how it should. You have people’s money in there so it’s important that you make this app work.
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5 years ago, EmmanuelCruz01
Not helpful
This app apart from the many bugs it’s extremely useless. I can't make a simple transfer of my savings to checking or viceversa. I literally have to drive my way to the bank to complete the transaction. Additionally, the app is out of date. In comparison with other banks, such as Chase, Wells Fargo, Citibank. Its shameful to such a good bank. I honestly love SFEFCU. But please fix all these issues. P.s. my password tends to always to be wrong and being having issues. Even when I change it.
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7 years ago, JLCCASFEFCU24
Please try again
This update has several issues that are not hard to fix. I can no longer see my credit card's full transaction history, or even its due date. Language settings are under the category "Change Password." Account holds are no longer seen in the account that they are for, making it an extra, unnecessary, step. Probably more issues to name.
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9 years ago, SFEFC MEMBER SINCE 1994
Get with the time and technology please
It's 2015, can we get Touch ID and be allowed to deposit checks via our phone cameras using the app? It's about time an update was made but only to allow the app to be compatible with iOS 9 is just an ultimate B.S. since I have been using the previous version with iOS 9 betas. Can we please get our credit and debit cards to be compatible with ApplePay? Let's get with the times!!!!! Other than that the ap works as advertised
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7 years ago, LuluNa10
Needs to include all history
App is fine but the fact that I can't look at ALL my transaction history makes it nearly useless for me. I don't understand why it will only show me like a week's worth when in the website you could go back years. Unfortunately the web version is not mobile-friendly so it's a big headache. Please fix one of them!!!
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12 years ago, AppleBum227
I love this app however it should have a option that you can take a picture of your check and deposit it from your iPhone . That'll be awesome!!!!
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13 years ago, katysc
Much Faster!
I hated logging in through the regular internet on my iPhone, this is much faster! User friendly and still keeps your account secure! Love it
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13 years ago, Randy Kr2
I've been a member for years and it's good to now have an app for quick access.
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5 years ago, BADAPP222
Read this before downloading!!
I have never written a review for any app but here I am, that should tell you how bad this app is. The level of difficulty for me to simply sign in is enough for me to close both my checking and savings accounts and go elsewhere, I hope the app’s backend and API engineers fix the app for future customer’s sakes because you’ve just lost one. Regards.
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13 years ago, MMA522
I've been waiting for a banking app!! Very functional and user-friendly. Thank you!!
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4 years ago, Талгат
Need to step up
They change their bank name, in order to expand all over FL state, but app looks like s...t. Before I used apps of bank accounts in different bank worldwide, and never saw cheap design like this one. Not mention, still don’t have Zelle transfer. Only keeping money in this bank because my wife loyal to them.
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7 years ago, SFEFCUYUCK
Since the new update, this app is HORRIBLE! Takes several lengthy attempts to log in. Then, once you are in, one must swipe to each account which is absolutely fine, but it takes a ridiculous amount of time to load. I preferred the previous app's "At A Glance" view of my accounts. The new app is extremely inconvenient!
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4 years ago, KaiParis
Can’t log in
I tried logging in and it said my password was wrong so I went through my email and changed it and I went to log in and it still never let me log in I spent half an hour trying to log into my account with the correct password and I still never got in
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7 years ago, Outlandiekf
Not working
It looks frozen, I can't log in to transfer money for a bill I need to pay. It's being difficult. It use to be nice where I would transfer money whenever I wanted to and check my money but now it's out of control.
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11 years ago, iruletheworld123
Finally! iPhone 5 Support!
Love this app. Easy to transfer money between shares and find an ATM. Support for the 4-inch display is a huge plus too.
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13 years ago, onethewizard
Great Mobile Banking!!!
I have used this app since it came out and it's worked awesome!!! Everyone needs this app!!!
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9 years ago, Patrick817
Ok, but.....
I have had no problems with it. But, why can't we access Bill Pay?
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5 years ago, Cest Si
Problems with opening
When APP first came out I was ecstatic ... since about 3 months ago I started experiencing issues with accessibility. After log in; APP wouldn’t open, time out and mid session log outs. Frustrating, please fix!
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13 years ago, Sabbatino
Good News
Looks like a good first step for the credit union. Hope to see more in the future. An iPad app would be nice.
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8 years ago, Carlito177
Crappy app
Always having trouble with this app. It would be great if they fixed it to be as good as my other banking apps. Finger print login would be great. Being able to access my account whenever I want is even better, too bad that is rarely possible.
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10 years ago, James Johnson
It's great but needs to fix the glitches
The glitches on the only thing that will ruin of this app otherwise great app
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11 years ago, Chris Ruiz
Great app
Great app very easy to use. The bank overall needs catch up with the rest of the banks in south florida.
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5 years ago, CCurbelo
Older version better
I like the older version where I can see all of my account balances at once. The new design takes time to swipe from account to account. The design is nice, but not efficient.
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9 years ago, mixedbeauty0124
Pointless update
Update says remote deposit feature. I download it, and then try to use it, and it's disabled. What's the point? Yes, my software is up to date.
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9 years ago, A guy concerned for this app
This app is terrible
This app is terrible. It needs to upgraded asap. It's always kicking/timing me out. I can't see my purchases from my debit card. Other apps you can deposit by taking a picture. Which is extremely helpful/useful. Please please please upgrade.
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