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4 years ago
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9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Editorial

4.06 out of 5
225 Ratings
5 years ago, Mac daddy 0512
Great app, would like to see additional functionality
Been using the app for some time now. It has a lot of great features and works very well. I especially like the folding headings feature which allows me to hide and show different parts of a document. The only disappointing thing so far on the app is that it does not allow folding subheadings which would be very helpful for organizing more complex documents.
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4 years ago, kittenings
Best markdown editor for iOS
This is my favorite Markdown editor; I have never found another that comes even close—search works amazingly well every time I've had to find something; I love how customizable the typography while you're working is and how you can write your own CSS for preview themes (so few editors do this, and it's so satisfying to not only write in text that pleases me but also use the Markdown previews I create in a form that's most beautiful and useful to me, right in the app); the UI isn't too graphical and clunky, but more like a filesystem, which gives me more space to work; the extra keyboard keys and macros are so useful and easy to use and set up (I use them all the time). I adore this app! I take all my technical notes in it because of how customizable it is, the Multimarkdown support, the TextExpander support, and how sweet it is not having to put up with themes you dislike but know how to fix if only the app would let you. (Thank you so much for updating! I've missed the full functionality of this app, but everything works wonderfully now.)
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5 years ago, John615
The Most Powerful Writing App
I use it primarily for note taking in meetings, at conferences, etc and it works amazingly for my workflow. I do agree that the app is ready for some updates, however in my opinion it was 6 years ahead of it's time when it was released. Ole Zorn is a forward-thinking genius and Apple is just beginning to even become close to catching up from the OS side by acquiring Workflow and launching Siri Shortcuts. At this point, the app is still ahead of it's time in some areas, but just barely beginning to fall behind in other areas. It's important to keep in mind that Editorial is primarily geared toward power users with at least a little bit of programming knowledge, the extremely negative reviews are coming from users who were in way over their head when they installed it. If you have a little bit of curiosity, hunger to learn, ans commitment to improving the way you write or take notes, Editorial is for you.
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7 months ago, GizmoGurk
The most flixible & powerful editor I have found
Sorry to see this app die. It has been such a huge help for me I wish I could give it six stars. It has performed flawlessly, and though I mainly used it with Markdown on files stored on Dropbox, I was in it almost daily without a single hiccup. That said, it looks like it is no longer maintained, so I am checking out Obsidian. Joplin also appears to be a very capable (and less fiddly) option with good sync. Both are extensible and multi-platform, if like me you are looking for options.
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4 years ago, Sorry2Say
My favorite writing app
It is wonderful to see this maintenance update. I use Editorial on a daily basis as my primary writing program on both my iPhone and iPad, and it is encouraging to see this progress. I have tried dozens of other apps as potential replacements, and none of them come close to the feature set and quality offered by Editorial. There are good apps out there, but I have yet to find one that both hits the key features I want and does so in a refined and elegant manner. I love the way it displays Markdown and Taskpaper, and the folding sections option is exceptional when I am working with larger documents. The ongoing ability to use Dropbox to sync is essential for my use of iOS with a PC, as iCloud struggles to perform well on Windows. Editorial continues to fill a vital need in my work that other apps have been unable to replace, no matter how many I have tried. Really appreciate the work that has gone into this app!
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4 years ago, Somosa-Dosa
❤️Love it! A TaskPaper Editor on my iPad!! 😊
This app does three valuable things that I've not seen mentioned in the other reviews: First, this app is "File Sharing Enabled," which means I can use apps like iTunes or iMazing to see, grab and transfer any of the files I've written within this app onto my Mac, and vice-versa, through a USB cable or local WiFi. I know a lot of folks like the convenience of automatic synching, but I live in a place where the internet is not always fast or reliable, so doing this without internet is a BIG issue for me. Also, I've never lost any data doing transfers this way. Second, this app still supports iOS 9, which means I can use it on my ancient iPad 2!! Third, this app does a BETTER job with making TaskPaper ToDo lists easy to work with than the original TaskPaper app (on the Mac). And that says a lot!
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7 years ago, zurich1900
Don't waste your time or money on this dog of an app
Spent over a hour with this buggy and largely unusable text editor. Impossible to get back to file menu once doc is complete; top row of keys appears and disappears; slide finger to move cursor does not work unless top row is absent and no evident way to make that happen consistently. You can begin new doc at first but then next to impossible to start another doc or return to menu. Only thing that functions as it should is the share sheet. Sure the cost is cheap but you get what you pay for and in this case you get next to nothing. The positive reviewers for this app must either be shills or living in a fantasy world.
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6 years ago, dmetzcher
Developer Not Updating, No iPhone X Support
The developer is MIA. It *was* the best plain text editor with Markdown and Dropbox support, but, given that the developer barely updates it once a year and doesn't reply to direct/private messages on Twitter asking when it will be updated to support the iPhone X, I think it's safe to say that the app has been abandoned at this point. I'd be happy to change this review if the developer updates the app once in a while, but I've moved on to another app. I don't love it as much as I loved Editorial, but I'd rather support another developer who is still improving his app than try to work with software that isn't getting the attention it needs.
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6 years ago, EdLewis2
Excellent professional level app
Editorial is a serious application that has outstanding multiple capacities from simple text editing to Python programming. It is almost the Emacs of iPhones. It's modal interface takes some getting used to. Expect to spend a few hours before going into the field to take notes. You will be rewarded by this well thought out and professional level application.
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4 years ago, augmentedfourth
Finally updated for iOS 13!
This wasn't working on my iPhone XR and I ended up paying for another text editor that I didn't like as much. I'm finally back to Editorial and it's working great! The only thing I feel I'm missing is a Favorites list so I can go straight to my most-used text files, but that's a minor inconvenience (and they're usually in the Recent list anyway).
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3 years ago, Dabadooba123
Great app for writing markdown notes
This is a great app for writing notes in markdown. It syncs well with dropbox, and is a breeze to use on ipad. I use it as a mobile editor for Obsidian, and it does that very well. I really wish there were more keyboard shortcuts and especially wish there were customizable shortcuts. I end up touching the screen too much when typing. Additionally, tiered lists look really weird in the markdown previewer.
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4 months ago, HW.JY
Perfectly Designed, Easy to Use
I cannot imagine a more beautiful or well-designed application for working with Markdown files on iOS. Editing, viewing, and exporting documents feels perfectly natural. For mobile devices I can recommend no other editor more highly than I can this one.
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7 years ago, msddsm
A lot to like, but what about iCloud Drive?
There's a lot to like, and the potential for automation using Python is something I want to explore. Being able to open documents on a Mac without exporting is important to my workflow, and so deeper integration with iCloud Drive as primary storage would be very nice and seems like such an obvious feature in the Apple universe. I don't use Dropbox.
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1 year ago, ShawnFerry
Fantastic but I would like to have more flexibility for shared file location
Fantastic but I would like to have more flexibility for shared file location. The only shared file location is Dropbox but I would like to be able to use iCloud for storage as well for cross device synchronization.
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7 years ago, ScienceEdProf
Awesome writing app!
Now that it HAS been updated for IOS 10, this is my favorite writing app. I have several workflows that enhance how it works for me. If you like customizing your writing environment with snippets (text substitutions) and workflows (text manipulation scripts), then this editor might be for you. Since being updated, it CAN be used in split screen mode!
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6 years ago, llamaswill
Awesome Tool for taskpaper
Holy cow this editor is amzing. I am using it for taskpaper and it just works. I can see it replacing a host of other tools I use. I would love an OS X version. My original 2 star review was about lack of iCloud support - still annoyed but dropboxed instead. Have to say, the better tracking of files and deletions in Dropbox is worth the hassle.
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7 years ago, IveTriedEmAll
Folding Headers
As far as I know, this is the only app in the App Store that supports folding headers. “What’s that?”, you ask. It means if you use a # Symbol to start a line, you can then tap the symbol to fold the section headed by that line. It essentially turns the app into an outliner. Super powerful. And that’s just one of many impressive features. This is my go to Dropbox editor.
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3 months ago, Kazango
This app *must* endure
March 2024 update: loses a star because, sadly, it does appear to be abandonware 😕 I used Editorial in the past. I just started using it again today, and I had forgotten the ease with which one can create workflows! It is simply indispensable, and I do hope it will never be abandoned by the creator!!
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10 months ago, Don S, NJ
Perfect TaskPaper editor on iOS
I made the move to TaskPaper recently on MacOS and I’ve been searching for a good solution for editing files on iOS. Turns out I bought Editorial some time ago but never really got into it. It’s a fantastic solution for editing TaskPaper files on iOS.
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3 years ago, Ecrivain bleu
No longer supported
I used this for several years and found it quite useful and reliable. I never used the Markdown capabilities. Lately however I found it no longer worked well with Dropbox. It would sometimes take five minutes to create a new file or open an existing one. I have switched to Note Master, which I’ve only used for a few days, but like much better. It’s worth the small cost for the full version.
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1 year ago, galtenberg
Still the miracle app
Ignore the low reviews, they're out of date – yes the updates are infrequent, but the app is in good shape for new phones. Check it out, especially Workflows, there's still nothing like it. Play with your docs, is the best way to describe Editorial.
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5 months ago, RobBanks
Amazing, Perfect and Full of Surprises
I keep forgetting all that Editorial is capable of. I forgot about the snippet/text expansion capabilities for inserting current date and time, and after spending all day looking for an affordable option on iOS… I realized, Oh right, Editorial does THAT too!!! Amazing!
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4 years ago, April and David
Editorial is back and better than ever. Keep the updates coming and add an in-app purchase tip jar if it will help. Thank you so very much for updating. I had switch to AI Writer and while it does some things good, it is missing other things from Editorial.
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9 months ago, gcts27gj
Editorial for work
Covers a lot of ground. I tailor as many of my organization (of info) tasks as I can to Editorial. Nicely behaved. What I can’t do easily I bounce via Dropbox to my main (Linux) machine. Easy because everything’s in plain text. All thumbs up!
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6 years ago, Zulutime911
Great editor, with one minor annoyance
Great editor, with Dropbox sync that works like a charm. The only annoyance is that even if it has an auto-capitalization feature, it does not work when creating lists (does not activate when typing ‘* ‘ on a new line).
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4 years ago, scubaninja
It’s good, but...
It needs an update to support iOS 14. There is a weird paste dialogue every time I add text. Also there should be native support for the iCloud file structure. It’s seems really weird to use something like Dropbox when iOS and MacOS provide an easy to use structure. I don’t like having to use iTunes to transfer my files back-and-forth.
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4 months ago, Shugarlove
Does not work with iCloud Drive
I'm so bummed. This almost did it. It had what I wanted and it works with my decade old iPad. Like finding a unicorn. BUT I got it to to work with files in my Obsidian folder on iCloud. IT DOES NOT WORK WITH ICLOUD DRIVE! This ONLY works with DropBox and local storage. Drop box login doesn't even work on my old iPad web browser.
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4 years ago, Seattle Rover
Awesome App Except....
...lack of support for anything other than Dropbox and local files. It might have made sense back in the day when every cloud provider had to be integrated separately. But nowadays iOS (iPadOS) support a central file repository which integrates with multiple cloud providers including Dropbox and local files. Why not support that?
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7 years ago, james, james bond
My daily driver
Couldn’t get my work done nearly as easily without editorial. Would pay 10 times as much for this app. I couldn’t script my way out of a paper bag, yet I bought pythonista only to support the dev.
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6 years ago, Michael Camilleri
Workflows are Amazing
This is a solid Markdown editor but what really is amazing is the power that come from workflows. I’m using a workflow to publish blog posts to GitHub Pages (using Working Copy) and it’s incredible how powerful and customisable I can make the workflow.
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3 years ago, hsarji
Amazing app
Editorial is an amazing app. It is robust in so many ways that aren't available in other apps. For example, a workflow allows folding and rearranging headings. Please continue to develop this app.
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3 years ago, Drag0nSilver
Still good—a pity it's abandoned.
No other text editor even comes close to its absolutely transparent Dropbox integration. I'll keep using it until it won't launch any more.
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2 years ago, Glubstermeister
Solid DropBox Sync
Really like the way it’s been syncing reliably with DropBox. However, I wish there was an option to sync through iCloud Drive as well.
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4 years ago, Jolds
Only Dropbox
Would love to use it but unfortunately Dropbox is the only option for file sync. Not even iOS Files is supported
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4 years ago, schmudde
Powerful and now works with large iPhones!
Shortcut keys and scripts make this the most powerful text editor. There are many features I don’t use (like Taskpaper) - this software is deep! A good compliment to Emacs.
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3 years ago, __Alessandro__
Still works… but abandoned
Still works! Unfortunately, it is pretty much abandonware.
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2 years ago, Bit Byte
I use it and Pythonista to learn and to just write. These apps help the days go by and I'm saying that in the best way possible. Thank you.
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6 years ago, Gozar
Most powerful editor you’ll find
Editorial is my main text editor, and its taskpaper support is exceptional.
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4 years ago, G in Austin
Thanks for the update!
This is one of my most used, most depended on apps. So glad you are continuing active maintenance on it.
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6 years ago, rayalez
Dropbox sync doesnt work right
Dropbox sync creates dozens of conflicted copies, even though I'm only editing my files with editorial. This is extremely confusing, and I've just lost some of my writing again because of that. Great app otherwise, but this issue makes it unusable, please fix it!
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4 years ago, justindclark
The Best
This is, in my opinion, the best Markdown editor available on any platform.
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4 years ago, FunkyMac2015
SO happy to see an update after 2 years. Thank you!
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3 years ago, WT9T
Apparently abandoned (RIP)
Until today, Editorial was in my Dock. Anything I wanted to write, Editorial was a matter of muscle memory. The last update was a year ago, the developer tweeted that maintaining the app was overwhelming him, and most of the support forum has been deleted. Now that iOS/iPadOS notifies the source and destination of pastes (version 14, nine months as I write), every tap, keystroke, and move to another app after you paste anything pops up the same notification. It's too bad. It's a loss.
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5 years ago, treehd
🏆 Great App, 🤔 Needs OneDrive Integration
Best iOS text/Markdown editor I've found, but I'd really like to see integration/sync with OneDrive in addition to Dropbox.
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2 years ago, ngault
Best mobile phone editing for Markdown*
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7 years ago, amerritt81
Please add Box support!
Great app with all the core capabilities and functionality I need, except the ability to link to Box and iCloud! Adding these features would make this a 5 star app!
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5 years ago, Bool?fl:fy
powerful writing tool !
I love this app and use it every day!
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6 years ago, Kang Wang
iPhone X update please
Thank you for this great app but it’s been quite a while and it would be nice to see an update for the screen size of iPhone X.
Show more
6 years ago, samuelknecht
Not being actively supported
I’ve used this app for years and really loved. It was extremely disappointing to buy an iPhone XS and realize the developer has not supported the newest displays. Moving on to another text editor.
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7 years ago, K J Lopez
So confused
I have read the tutorials. Guess I still don't know how it works. I'll be back and update later, probably
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