Edjing Mix - DJ Music Mixer

4.6 (152.3K)
451.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Edjing Mix - DJ Music Mixer

4.56 out of 5
152.3K Ratings
5 years ago, GuitarEducator101
Intuitive and professional
I found this app as an amateur while looking for a DJ app that would give me some basic functions for seamless song transitions for use in a party. It works excellent with the library of tracks that you OWN or have RIPPED to your iTunes library; it smartly does not give you access to tracks downloaded through Apple Music, considering you didn’t actually pay for those tracks, just an on demand radio service. I can’t blame them for this function, buyers should understand this limitation. Before I had Apple Music and was adding tracks to my library just through the iTunes Store and via CDs, I could play everything on my device; once playlists started getting added via Apple Music, there was a lot of incomplete playlists. Definitely worth the value as the Left/Right channel Mono/Preview function is really great for timing on the fly.
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5 months ago, Don't look at me lil'puppet
They only care about making money
How about an update to the Mixfader app? The only reason I am asking that question here is because we (the Mixfader users) get no response over there. I find it disgusting that the Mixfader app was abandoned. The people who want to scratch don’t matter to MWM it seems. I have a turntable setup with Phase so I do not need nor want this app but, I would like updates to the Mixfader app because sometimes I just want to do a couple of drills or work on some patterns for a short while. I would be willing to pay a one time fee for a serious update. People still use and really like the app but this company doesn’t know that because the Mixfader app means nothing to you because it doesn’t make money which means the people who want to just scratch aren’t important. We clearly aren’t big enough of a market for you to care. The Mixfader is great, Phase is amazing, this app is good for what it does but it’s clear money is above anything else, the fanbase means nothing. I would not suggest any of your products to anyone. I will direct them to read the reviews on the Mixfader app so they can see how it was abandoned, then tell them to read the reviews here so they can see that money is the only thing that matters. I do not want a response from anyone if it’s going to be the same robotic “ thank you for responding…if you have an issue…blah, blah, blah”. I would prefer you just tell the truth that MWM is only interested in the money.
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2 years ago, F C Creative Workshop, Inc.
I already bought the full version of Edjing once.
I am not sure what has happened but I purchased the full version of Edjing once a few years ago. Now they keep asking me to purchase the “pro pack” again and again. I have already been down this road twice and don’t feel that it’s right for you to limit my abilities yet again. It’s such a good app with a few major exceptions. 1. I am supposed to be able to access my personal music library and it won’t let me. In the past Edjing has told me that they can’t allow copyrighted material. Strange, if I have a copy, I am licensed to use it for mixing. I just can’t sell copies of it. I cater to a much older crowd who is not interested in rap or hip hop music. Be nice if I could use my own library. 2. For some reason lately, the app has been skipping and missing spots in the music a lot. When I try to do a recording, it messes up almost all the time. Sad, it didn’t used to do that. 3. Now I can’t even use most of the sound effects. So much for having once purchased the full version of Edjing. It was very good, now it’s having a lot of trouble working well and giving me what I have already rightly paid for. Let me know when you are willing to work out a better deal than the two current options. Make it something that is well within reason, too. Prices right now are way to high. H F Smith
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7 years ago, Mason Sayre
It's an ok app...for the basics
It features all sorts of ways to load up music, but all of the music sources are copyrighted!! I can't even record my own previously created SoundCloud tracks because of it. Most of the app itself is locked and costs about $10 to unlock all of the stuff you would actually want on a real controller. I like the base effects and the ability to preview certain effects but maybe if you're gonna charge the users for all of the additional crap, you should at least use maybe 10% of that more, on the app itself. It's not even all of my music. I have X amount of Eminem songs and I can only use one. How does that make sense. Why would you only restrict one song from an entire album, let alone an A-Class rapper/artist. Sure the mixing mechanic is pretty good for an iOS app but gimme a break. I have to either play live, or nobody can even hear what I'm playing, if I can even play it. Then instead of it being an easy sharing process, you either lose the recording all together and have a fake link that doesn't work so you end up deleting a whole 20m mix. There's no "save to recordings" button or something simple. Then if I do save it with cover art, I go to share it and the cover art doesnt even come up. Idk what the point in that is either.
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1 year ago, Cj875324689645
A way to link to social media sites via screen capture and video as well all in real time to put it simply a legitimate virtual, DJ, I would also suggest linking up with one of the up-and-coming, and or establish recording, mixing apps as well let’s say n-Track studio 9, you could also link up with rap band lab garage band Songtree I need a Songtree and have not used it, I just got logic Pro as well. There’s a few different companies you could get in contact with this with rap fame and ntrack with video chat capabilities, direct to mixing person to person along with group chat is well would literally dominate the scene, in reality, you wouldn’t have a latency problem other than during chat, but I see it is each person would already have a direct link to the music so the music is playing right there and recording right there, even though everybody saying the same thing the person recording wouldn’t have to worry about latency anybody else he might give us a little bit, but other Nat I don’t think they would be much because you would pre-download your song habit on your tablet orange pewter, whatever I’m just spitball in here but options. Yes please some good on video chat capabilities, and direct link music sharing.
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5 years ago, Niki Kinnison15
Nope just another greed strategy
This game is cool and all but I don’t know about y’all but you can’t even get into the game without paying for it. I got on and I was super excited then I saw the purchase and I was bummed out. I instantly deleted the game as soon as I could. It just wasn’t a game for me. I have always wanted a game like this but I guess I can’t get it. Please don’t be as greedy for the money next time you should probably just stick with in app purchases. And plus you should not be as greedy next time because there are people out there that love this kind of stuff but they might not have the money for it. So it seems to me that y’all have made a game for people who put money in to games all of the time and it is no big deal. So please next time think about everyone out there and not just people who put money in to games no problem. Maybe think about if you wanted this game and then you had to pay to play it but no one would let you get it. How would that make you feel??? So now will you not be as greedy for money next time because I sure hope so. You realize you made a game then put it on the App Store and everyone in the world goes on the App Store so everyone should be able to play it right???? Please don’t be so greedy next time and think about the others!!
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3 years ago, La Enana
Please read
I LOVE this app, ive used it 2 or 3 months ago but didnt use it again, then i went back to it and it just forces you to buy the premium trail, for 8 i repeat $8 for the trail. I get people who loved this app would buy it, buts its $8 and its weekly payment for it. And you cant decline the trail your just stuck there, PLEASE update it where youb can decline the trail cause i want to use it again and I deleted it cause of that, and im sure new people would want it to. To also add, i read one of the reviews where a person had the same problem, you guys then replied saying theres a “free restricted version” wich i doubt cause i check the more by MWM and there is nothing about a “free” version unless im not checking right. Please fix this and read this cause i want to use it again. Also I appreciate that you guys want people to experience it, but i didnt pay for the premium before, so restore dosent work, meaning people that got it today is forced to pay $8 a week because of a 3 day trial. Waste of money and pay to play. I mean this game went from “you can play but you dont have access to all of the things” to “hello new user, we will take your money for weekly payment, enjoy your djing.” I love the old version better then this pay to play crap.
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2 years ago, Jordyoftheflyers
Good app…kinda
I’ve used the edjing app for over 4 years and I’ve bought the app twice. First time, the experience was flawless as you could use music from Apple Music and SoundCloud and I even purchased it to have all of the effects. Then an update came, from there things went downhill. Soundcloud policies changed and all of my data had been deleted. As I start to begin my edjing journey over, I go to restore the app and it told me I hadn’t bought anything. So I foolishly purchased again. I had taken a break and decided to get back on recently and as I go to restore my purchase it says “check connection” as if my connection has failed when I had full reception and wifi. I turned my wifi off to make sure that wasn’t the problem and with full bars and 5g it still gave me connection errors. I feel like this has been an ongoing problem as there are other complaints online about the same problem. Does the developer even care or interact with the community to see what’s going on? If you want a casual experience this is a good source for practice or leisure but DO NOT PUT YOUR MONEY INTO THIS APP BECAUSE IT MAY NOT BE YOUR FIRST TIME PURCHASING ON BEHALF OF THEIR FLAWS.
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5 years ago, Gdhdf
oh noooo not soundcloud whyyyyy
I’ve given this a 4 star rating considering the amount of fun this app has given me throughout the years I’ve owned it. I’ve always enjoyed mixing EDM music and making sets like I was playing a festival. Not to brag but I got super good at it and would dedicate hours to finding the best cues to mix every song together. Anyways I took a break and came back just today to see that the option to play Soundcloud audio is now exclusive to its paying members. That was where all of my hundreds of songs were stored but now they are all locked since I am not a Soundcloud Go member or whatever it is. Anyways it is probably out of the developers hands and a decision from the people of Soundlcoud, but I’m just super sad to see that my years of making cues and creating sets has been destroyed. Great app though 😓😭. If it is not out of their hands I would love to see an option to play those Soundcloud tracks sometime in the future, but for now I guess I quit cause I don’t wanna make a trash can sounding MP3 audio for every song I want to mix.
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2 years ago, KillJoyMario
The PEREFCT APP to have for creating AWESOME original sounds on social media!
I honestly LOVE this app! I have used it almost every day since I installed it on my iPhone 13 PRO MAX over 2 months ago. My social media platforms get more attention now thanks to awesome music I’m able to create! I’ve used EDJING so much now and my DJing skills have significantly improved. I have gotten very familiar with most of the apps’ interface that I’m now starting to notice potential for improvements. In my particular case, I’d love to be able to adjust the BPM more precisely, especially during recording sessions. I find myself wasting more time than I should be setting 2 tracks with the same desired BPM. (Suggestion: Perhaps being able to type in the desired numerical value for the BMP would be a convenient solution) I’ll depend on the ‘sync’ button for a quick fix most of the time, but that only works sometimes for example, ‘Track A will change when I was trying to change Track B. (Suggestion: Having the option to choose which track you’d like to sync would also be very useful feature!) [The only workaround I found that works sometimes, is playing the song with the desired BPM first, then adding the second track after so that track 1’s BPM doesn’t change] I also see a lot of potential in the ‘AutoMix’ feature with being able to personalize the songs it picks for you. Please consider these suggestions EDJING I’m sure a lot of people would love it!
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3 years ago, i wish this would work
I really don’t care how many updates you shoved into this app, making an app that previously was free into a “free” app with a paywall that doesn’t have a free restricted version is just plain greedy. I was going to use this since I haven’t in a while but when confronted with this, I’m done. I do remember a while ago you added a screen like this with the skip button being really obscure so as to get money, but this is even worse. I send my hate to every developer making an app that is “free” but with no free version or one that is intentionally unusable. I understand these things require paid devs, but this is just unacceptable. I’m only willing to pay for a subscription that is presented to me in an acceptable and non greedy/sneaky/chesty way. I never even needed the pro features anyways, I just wanted to change the pitch of my song, guess I’lol just use Audacity, or some other service that is what it says it is. Not impressed at all. DO NOT DOWNLOAD. Would have given a 0 star but I can’t. I really, really, don’t care why you did this, it’s really just unacceptable.
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5 years ago, Mk daniels
Good app, reliable but there is a situation
I use this app on my phone regularly to see what I can do to certain beats that I find or make in my computer and it worked out for a long time I was satisfied with what I could do and achieve with this app but then one day it completely took me out of the app and erased everything that I had on the app and then it proceeded to tell me that I need to purchase the Premium version of the app in order to use access the app as of right now if I go into the app I see the description of what the app lets you do like usual and as I continue i can never actually use the app because I’m confronted with the screen that says free trial and after 7.99 monthly it’s weird because this app is free so it really concerns me now if I truly need to buy out this app in order to use it or if this is a glitch or something so now I can no longer use this app I don’t know if anybody else has this situation but I would really love to get some sort of information regarding this please and thank you
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4 years ago, DJSimmy365
Please remember Soundcloud logins :(
I will say I have used this app for several years now and is hands down the best DJing app I have found out there. However, obviously at first when I saw that you now had to start paying Soundcloud to import songs from there, I took a long break from this app. I recently did buy a Soundcloud subscription so I was able to again import songs from there to happily use Edjing Mix, only to find that, ..dude. Please... please fix whatever issue there is, like you constantly every time you open this app you have to re-login to your Soundcloud, like it doesn’t save your login information. I really enjoy Edjing Mix and use it often and it’s such a turn off from the app as a whole to have to login every single time I open the app, which for me is multiple times per day. It makes me not want to even use the app, but that’s just me. :( Other than that issue, this is literally the greatest app which is why I would love to see Soundcloud logins being saved. Thanks.
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5 years ago, DiamondBrickZ
It’s worse now. It’s honestly be a dumpster fire if it were more popular.
Edited to reflect the current state of this app :) It WAS a pretty good app, and it WAS easy to use, although I didn’t use this for DJing. You COULD mashup songs, which often gave good results (tip: the song with the lower volume will sync up to the tempo of the higher one). This app used to be a good start to those wanting to start DJing or creating mashups. Now, you have to pay for Soundcloud+ if you even want to access any Soundcloud tracks. Ouch. I have been using this app for YEARS making mashups. I have a 900+ song playlist in it of sources for them. I guess I should say had. Most of those songs are now blocked behind a paywall, all thanks to some stupid copyright and greedy companies wanting more money. There used to be a slider that allowed you to access songs by tempo or time, but that slider is now nonexistent. Now I have to scroll through this 800+ song playlist to search for any specific song, instead getting there faster. Please fix! All in all, this app was a 7/10, now 1/10, used to be pretty good software that lived up to its name, but some parts are a bit clunky to use. Now all of its good parts are blocked by paywalls. Hope the developers can work something out, otherwise I’m abandoning this app.
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5 years ago, mr eight year old guy
I love it but
When i installed the app i was ready to make some beats but suddenly i had to sign in into there music apps so i decided to choose soundcloud since I already had it so when i entered in my gmail and password it said the sign in failed i tried to sign in with face book instead but then it used error 500 on me i tried some other apps that were on there but none of them were available and i think its because they think my account is a clickbaity bot thing even though that i would still give it a five star rating but from then on im just waiting for a new update but who knows it might not accept my review but at the end of the day i will keep trying till soundcloud randomly stops acting like doo doo Since im just an eight year old dont thank me later
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3 years ago, watchthattone
App updates always mess things up.
I have used this app for over a year now. I’m on my second annual subscription and most likely my last. After an App Update a few months ago my tracks order was no longer saved when I would go into load a new track to a deck. The sorting options would still show the way I sorted the tracks (my bpm) but it was always back in abc order. After the update on Sept 8th the bpm no longer showed on the tracks in my library when I go to load a new track. I tried deleting the app and reinstalling it and having it analyzed my tracks again and after the app states it’s finished analyzing the bmp still don’t show. Without knowing the bpm when selecting the track you don’t know which one will mix in with the current one your playing. Update: I got a response to this review to reach out for support. I got a confirmation email that they received myself request for help but nothing since then, no follow up and no real help, and it’s been over 7 days.
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2 years ago, Calypso mournings
The good old days
I remember just entering freshmen year and music was one of of the few things I cared for this app was amazing and tho I still use it to this day to mess around with songs I love and even mix them together and impress a couple friends (regardless of the subscriptions)I wish some of the features were still around back from when I was in highschool coming back two years later and there are some features I don’t like,specifically the equalizer not giving you the option to give more then the provided feats of the tracks like the “high” “low” and “mid” as to give songs an added bass boost I miss that and would like to see that happen but overall was a great app I’m glad got me thru highschool ¥
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5 years ago, Amaryk7
Can we use other music apps?👍
Ok so I was looking to try this and I have to connect this with music app and I went to settings and I saw they only had Apple Music in there so I thought they would connect pandora but they did not connect pandora music. And I was wondering can you use pandora with this app because I don’t have money to buy it so I use pandora so can you like let other music apps for this cause I really would like that. And please take the time to read this. I know you want people to enjoy this app. So I hope that you do that and take the time to do this so lots of people can experience this app so I hope that you have a very good day/night. Thanks for spending the time to read this review
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4 years ago, Ganja monsta
Used to be sooo good.
I’ve had the app for 6 years. I got it back in 2014 and it was godly but over time got worse and worse. First it stopped playing certain songs for copyright reason; understandable. Then it stopped playing Apple Music songs. Then it stopped playing a lot of SoundCloud songs, then it stopped playing majority of SoundCloud until it just stopped playing SoundCloud entirely. It used to be able to record songs from SoundCloud as you DJ it; that stopped. That app used to be able to open and play then it was a subscribe/free trail in the beginning of the app with a tiny “x”/“cancel” that you couldn’t exit the screen unless you found it and exited the free trial screen. Now, it’s an unskipable free trial screen that blocks you from the app as well as a loss of all the best features from the app that made it godlybup until 2 years ago that they are forcing you to pay for. They want you to pay for a shell of once was. I don’t recommend buying this.
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3 years ago, Kaysmash605
For a second, i thought i had found a decent dj app, until the first 10 seconds of opening the app, it asks you to pay 8 dollars. There are much better dj apps to buy on laptops and computers that only require five dollars , sometimes even free. What kind of offer is this, who’s gonna pay 8 dollars for a mobile dj app that you probably dont even have full access to. You can’t even use apple music for mobile dj apps and im pretty sure this app is no exception. If yall are going to make us pay for a cheap quality, barely used app, atleast give us a more reasonable price, or put a price on the app. Why would you make the app free, but you can’t use the app unless you pay. Literally POINTLESS. But for anyone looking to buy this app, your better off saving to get the mobile version of FL Studio, an actual dj app that successful producers use. Because with an app like this, you’re probably gonna quit using it the first day of the trial and never use it again , making it a waste of money.
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4 years ago, V0LT Tech
Complete trainwreck
So I purchased Edjing a few years ago, before it switched to a subscription model. I’ve purchased it a totally of 3 times due to problems restoring purchases. Recently, I installed the app on a new iPad I purchased, only to find that it once again will not restore the purchase. Even worse, I can’t even repurchase it since they have moved to a subscription model. I contacted support, provided a receipt, and they gave me an automatically renewing $40 one year trial. I was annoyed that they expected me to pay $40 a year for an app I’d already purchased 3 times, but I went to redeem it anyways since I had essentially given up. However, it still failed to redeem. I contacted support again, and they’ve now started ignoring me. For an app I’ve poured over $20 into, I’d expect to at least be able to use it. As for the app itself, it’s not terrible, but absolutely not what they are asking for it. It would be entertaining to play with as a $5 app, but absolutely not $40+ a year. If you’re just looking to mess around with random sound effects, its ok, but its not capable of anything “professional” like they market it to be. It’s fun for a few minutes, but you eventually run into severe limitations that desktop mixing interfaces typically don’t have. The bottom line, is that even if you do get it to work, it’s too expensive as a toy, but not nearly powerful enough for a “professional” interface
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2 years ago, Jazzy Jock
How Much Money Do Y’all Need??..
Developers, I get it, y’all need money to keep the app up and running… but did y’all really find it necessary to block off every smaller feature even for those people who have already spent a lot of money on a pro subscription to this (and are still on a pro subscription)? As an independent music producer, I use things like this to my advantage despite budgeting myself because I’m also in college without a good job trying to make ends meet. It would have been nice if I don’t have to end up paying more than I bargained for just to get even the tiniest features like Looping, Filtering, and Hot Queues back. None of this is fair… Please stop doing this and please unlock those features for people already on a subscription… If you care about your clientele, you would realize how greedy this really is… 👎🏾
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12 months ago, Lin 🐝
It was good at first…
I was looking for a good DJ app for my tablet because I really wanted to make some music or do something at least and this app popped up, I decided to download it and try it out and after the tutorial of course you have to pay in order to access all the other things but what’s so bad about it is that the only thing you can pretty much do after is just record or like play tracks you can’t do like the repeat thing or reverb and you have to pay to get sound packs, and it’s like $9.99 per week. It’s good for just meshing music but other than that I wouldn’t recommend it, I’m sorry to the creators or developers because I know you’ve worked really hard to make this app and trying to make money off of it but it’s just too much you have to pay for in order just to get full benefits or use out of this app, I’m sorry. I hope you enjoy your day! <3
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5 years ago, I💘🌮
It was good for a while but..
At first when I had the app I thought all was good. I could play free songs any time. Then there was a copy right restriction (where you can’t record your mixes). No biggy. Then... when I came on the app today, I saw the free trial thing. (You all know what I mean.) I thought I could just press the cancel button on the corner of the screen, It wasn’t there. I thought “Eh, might be at the end where they ask me to buy the pro” BOY WAS I WRONG! It wasn’t there. My heart sank when I saw this... “Ok first it’s Apple Music NOW THIS??!!” I was outraged! If your going to make a free app at least make sure ITS FREE! So yeah, please make a separate app that’s a pro/sequel to this app. Don’t call an app free just to disappoint people once they find out they HAVE TO continue with the free trial that later becomes a worthless, money sucking scam. And you know, this idea will get many good reviews. Sincerely -An outraged 11 1/2 year old
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4 years ago, Ericpeto
Good, But Not Free To Public
Now, I know you might be thinking to just get the free trail and stop complaining, but then after the free trail you have to pay. I have seen so many cool and amazing ads about this app so I decided to download it. After downloading it, I opened the app and it gave me a cool intro. At the end of the intro, it asked if I wanted to buy premium memberships, but I really didn’t want to in fear of not being able to disable the membership in time. So instead I searched the screen for an “x”, but there wasn’t any. I had gotten so excited about the app until I realized I HAD to pay just to get past the loading screen. I wish the developers would please make most of the stuff free, or just make it so that you need premium for SOME things, not EVERYTHING. Right now, this app deserves a 3 or 4 star rating. If any change happens I would be really grateful!
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5 years ago, Fgnkkoyfc
Great app, bad trap
There is nothing more unsatisfying then when I opened this app and couldn’t wait to use it, but then was instantly greeted by a charge for 8$ a month. I understand that the creaters need to fund the app and need to make money off it and what not, but it would be a little more appreciated if you had to buy the app from the start. That way you know what you’re getting into. Instead you have to start a 7 DAY free trial that will automatically charge you 8$ a month once the 7 days is over. I find that a bit annoying and would prefer if possibly you split the app into 2 versions, a lite and a premium. Otherwise I’ve played around with this on a friends phone, overall a really cool and enjoyable app but more for people who really want to get into music, and or have the money to sub to something like this.
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6 years ago, Carolfnny
I love it
So when I downloaded it I couldn’t figure out what to do so it was kind of annoying a little bit but I watched a video on how people do this and I figured out that what I do you have to pay money if I want to create my own tracks but then I found the search button and then I thought maybe this to work maybe I can find another tracks that I can play on here then I looked up my favorite songs and other songs and I put two different tracks on here and then I tried to mix them and it sounded awesome so I just want to say to the people who made this you did a great job you might need to make some improvements on paying so much but I think it’s great and keep up the great work
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5 years ago, Jocelyn 101
Why do we have to pay
What I don’t like about apps that you have to pay to play or something when I downloaded this app I thought that I won’t Pat and just get in when I was playing another game this app popped up and the video looked fun so I can play so I download this app and was so excited to play it but it said pay for a free month trial or for free and I got mad and deleted this app because I want to play FREE apps that we don’t have to pay to play please developer why do we have to pay to play the app but the app is good and all but I don’t just want to wast money on a game and then delete it when I don’t play it any more but I still love your app
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5 years ago, The [Possible] Reviewer
Just no.....another greed strategy
This app shows you that you need to pay a subscription to "access other features and become the ultimate dj". I know that this is a lie and another money making strategy. I know that it would just be a un-restricted version, which does not look like an advanced but simple app. The restricted version has literally about all Apple and ITunes songs restricted because of copyright and this is not fair. You can't pay for the same crap just to access more features on a limited time basis. That's a way of making money the greedy way like stated. Also, about the restricted version, you have to use songs from SoundCloud but you know what? 😤The songs are just crap covers, bad or different quality version, or stupid remixes of the song and no real version of it except rock and other genes but pop or hip hop/r&b. I could really only access Tyler The Creator songs. This is why this app is annoying.
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4 years ago, ivan vae
Just why?
I never write reviews but this one was the last straw! I’ve been a music producer for the past 2 years and always looked for a way to create a set with my beats on my phone when i am away from my computer, I’ve heard a lot of good reviews and great advertising for this app and gave it a try, but as soon ad you open the app they give you an intro then try to shove a 7.99 a month subscription down your throat. I tried finding an X somewhere on the screen but couldn’t find that so i came to the reviews and looks like a lot of people are disappointed at the same thing. WHY MAKE AN APP FREE IF THE ONLY FREE PART IS THE DOWNLOAD, THE ACTUAL FUNCTIONS OF THE APP COST MONEY! Just price the app an amount instead of taking these people’s money that can get free and better software on their computer! There is literally nothing free about this app if things change i will absolutely give this a second chance but for now i will have to give it a one star.
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4 years ago, ajrihsirigbwhr
Crashing Issue
I recently updated this app to its latest version but every time i open it, it crashes like instantly. Does this have to with the type of phone i have? (iphone 6 plus) Also the devs for this app have made some very questionable updates to this app. I really miss when u guys allowed to search soundcloud songs in the app and use them in mixes. (i completely understand if it has to do with copyright reasons) I really loved this app when i first got it like 3 years ago but now it’s just a dumpster fire. I’ve bought the premium before but whenever i get on the app it still asked me to buy it and it got really annoying. The app was fun while it lasted but now i can’t even make mixes without it crashing and asking me to pay $10 even though i payed for it like 2 years ago.
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2 years ago, So cool teady bear
Smart EQ
I downloaded this app when I was a kid and it’s the only DJ app I kept using through the years. I really like it and it has everything a DJ app could need. I had recently redownloaded it because I needed a way to isolate drums and instruments from tracks to get a better idea of the music I was playing, so when I discovered the smart EQ I was thrilled. Now I have to spend an outrageous amount of money to use it. It didn’t hurt anyone to keep it the way it was. I understand making the smart EQ+ an in app purchase, but not the regular one. I’m not a hater but it was quite possibly the greatest feature on the app and no other app on the App Store does it quite like this one. I hope to see some changes (not to sound entitled) I just want my DJ experience back.
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3 years ago, jah0768
Love everything about the app but one thing
I understand about the free trial and subscription but here’s the thing. I had the last subscription and I see that you guys give in extra things such as more effects and other things but I only use the pitch (the pitch is free) and sometimes echo (echo is also free) and I don’t see why I gotta pay when I don’t use the stuff you guys recently made “pay to enter for.” When my trial ends and I cancel the subscription I still have access to the free edits but once the app is deleted I have to pay for another new trial. You guys should at least let people who signed up for the free trial have access to the free content on the app like it used to be. But I do love the app just wish I didn’t have to subscribe and I only use the free side of the app anyway.
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5 years ago, whydoyoumakememakeanickname
I like the app but nope on subscription
I absolutely hate the new sales model, subscription based isn’t for me. I’ll gladly pay once for ownership. Plus, you’re asking 40 dollars a year, there aren’t any audio production apps aside from this and djay that are asking such a ridiculous price. A full daw like Cubasis is like 30 bucks NO subscription. I like the app, works well, but get off your high horse, I don’t see any justification for a 40 dollar sub, there are apps ranging from free to 20 bucks that do a lot more than yours. Hope your sub based model works out for you, but based on what I see, people don’t seem to like it, whether desktop, iOS, or whatever. Too bad you can’t ask a fair price, or you’d have some money from people like me instead of none lol.
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6 months ago, user of egg inc
So they lock like 3/4 of the features for a subscription. And you can’t record without a subscription. I was really excited to dj for the first time without spending money because it had good reviews but I downloaded it then found out most of it is locked unless you get a subscription. I am not hating on having a subscription, you gotta make money somehow, but please unlock some stuff for like ads or for free. And used to for like the disc style and stuff they let you watch an ad, but after I updated it not to long ago they made it pay for styles and made me lose all my stuff. I My only wish for it is to unlock some more of the stuff without a subscription, and for you to watch an ad for styles. Thank you for reading my review.
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4 years ago, Pospto
I’ve given the app four stars because I genuinely enjoy it, and it’s been a hobby of mine for years to occasionally play around with it. Unfortunately I recently got a new phone, and when I downloaded the app, the lifetime subscription that I purchased several years ago was gone. I do enjoy the free feature, but I’m hugely disappointed that I can’t use the pro features anymore. I wonder if there’s anyway I can fix that? On another note, when I try to use the filter effect, it immediately makes feedback sounds and I have to close and reopen the app to make it stop. Any support on either issue would be appreciated!!!
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5 years ago, Eazy_itz
Highly disappointed
I’ve been using this app for sometime now & i made some pretty good mixes with tracks, but now I’m kinda disappointed & annoyed that you all will charge people to use SoundCloud on your app. I would’ve liked it better if you all wouldn’t charge people just to soundcloud & not being able to mix anything without having to have SoundCloud go+ unless you pay for it. Why charge people more for doing what they love to mix with different song while you guys already charge for extra little stuff as far as certain sound effect & stuff you guys have. Just really disappointed
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4 years ago, thicc boi 🤣😅😂
So I was really excited when I was gonna get this app, because I have ALWAYS dreamt of being a DJ. And this seemed like a really cool app. So when I got it I was so excited. But then I realized I couldn’t play it because you had to PAY for it. I was really disappointed and sad because I have been wanting this app for a long time, and now knowing that you had to pay for it to play it made me really sad. So please, maybe can you make it free to play. Thanks. Also, I put 5 stars on this app because I figured that it would be a really good app, even if I couldn’t play it. Thank you for your time. Bye!
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4 years ago, kadence07
Hello, I honestly LOVE the game before this, but... I am sooo sad about this update. I love how before you could use 100s of songs, and mix them however you wanted! It was absolutely my favorite app ever! I would dedicate at least an hour of my time playing per day! It was amazing! But then... we’ll now I can’t play at all... I am not allowed to pay for games, I don’t even have the money to give you because I’m a kid! But still, I do love the game! I just can’t play it anymore...🥺 And to the developers of the game (if you see this): I sincerely love the game, and I want to play more, but I can’t...😩 so if you are in anyway able to make it so I can play, I would be soooooooooooo thankful!💖🙏🏻 - a weird 12 year old kid who loves your games
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2 years ago, Cozqdt
Great place to start
eDJing is great! Just started and went through the lessons and found it entertaining especially when you’re learning to entertain people! It’s fun, amazing, and just a great space to start having fun and sharing your love for live music with your audience. It’s time to roll out the mixes with your friends and community as there are some functions to turn up.. Show us how to get up out the slumber! It’s exciting and a great opportunity to begin venture out with your passion. I mean how could it go wrong?? Keep safe and enjoy y’all! 5/5 for me, there’s a couple parties I need to rock
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1 year ago, Timbre Sciurus
ADD AD CREDITS 🎞! Absolutely love the concept.
I love the free library and effects, but I have an idea. Instead of making all users have to pay, instead you can let broke users like myself have a bank of ad credits (credits they can earn for watching ads on their practice, and not performance, time) and these can apply to the amount of time they are permitted to use certain features, like loops. The more ads you watch, the longer you can use these locked features. An ad timer, if you will. Anyway, great concept and really loving this app sofar! You devs are geniuses.
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6 years ago, digtalzombie
editing dj
you have to remember with a lot of the software today they don’t want you to record anything but however you can do a DJ mix live and that’s OK but too bad it’s not like the old-school days still nice to do though you need to keep up with the tones just move forward enjoy the software that if you grew up with the all DJ equipment you just have to move forward with the new DJ equipment it opens new doors and this software is great maybe small and compact but it really gets the job done, you don’t have to lug around your old DJ Quitman worry about someone stealing coffee on all your equipment went today you just plug everything into your iPhone or iPad and you’re good to go you just have to get used to it once you get used to it it’s it’s great
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4 years ago, TraeBeats aka Tho-Rough
Is it efficient?
Because of my lack of hands on experience with DJ apps such as these, I can’t adequately say if this app is the best of its kind. What I can say is that it is decently efficient for on-the-go DJing, and is a rewarding enough experience for confidently creative musicians. I have DJ’d my own mixtapes with this app and the extra polish and flare I’m able to apply to my projects, post production, gave my projects depth and originality. Also, the layout, style, and operations are user friendly enough for new users to quickly explore and find rewarding and usable features. Because I haven’t used many other DJ apps, I will give this one 4 stars just to be as accurate as possible with my opinion.
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4 years ago, MusicMaker ; )
Add menu has no exit function.
I’ve used the app before and it was great, but now that I have a new phone it won’t let get back into the app. I’m having the same problem a lot of other people are having which is that in the first menu screen with the add for the pro version there is no way to get out of the add so I can’t get to the app itself, I’ve tried deleting it and re-I sat along it but it still wouldn’t work. The only reason I’m giving it three stars is because I have used the app before and it is great, if I hadn’t used the app before I would have given it a one star review. If you could fix this it would really help me and a bunch of other people getting to an app that they want to be able to use.
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5 months ago, haydenxxrose
App was great, now its basically pay to use
The reason I gave this app 5 stars was because anyone could use it and enjoy it. Now you cant really do anything without purchasing the plan. Just gonna go out on a limb and say u dont rly give a f* but users like me bc now the app is basically pay to use. Cant use any effects without the subscription even though watching an ad to get the effect for free was basically the reason everyone was invested in the app and buying pro version.. sales are going down because your team is greedy. Saying that out of love not out of hate. Get it together please and look at the bigger picture of what this app could be. Im not a developer, this is the way a lot of your users feel
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4 years ago, Ava:(
Well I love dj apps and I was SOOOOO excited to play it. I got in and it said I had to pay premium just to play. I was SO bummed out. Just seriously think about the people who want this app but can’t get it bc it costs money just to play the game. I was irritated and really mad. I thought you could play for free but NO! This is like some other games which is free but then make you pay to play. I find this ridiculous!!!! I would fix it if I were you. After I got the app and saw I had to pay, I went back to play store and read comments. Almost 90% of the comments said they didn’t like you had to pay for it. I am now deleting the app until it’s free to dj. PLEASE FIX IT! So many people are bummed out. Don’t say, “We’re sorry but if you want updates then you have to pay.” WE DONT EVEN WANT UPDATES IF WE CANT PLAY IT! This is ridiculous. Please fix it.
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2 months ago, Ariana Grande<3
Crazy how this app isn’t how it used to be when there were just focused on the fun and being creating instead of thinking about money. You have to pay for literally everything and it’s not cheap especially for monthly, ESPECIALLY for what you’re getting. I remember back in the day if you wanted to used any of the premium items like the reverse, all you’d have to do is watch a 10s add that YOU CAN SKIP and test them out for a time limit. I used to love this app but this is my last shot at trying to love it again. I always used this app since I’ve had a phone when I was about 13. I’m almost 20 now. It’s sad cause I come back every once in a while to see if they’ve changed this. Please fix this. What’s the point of having the app if you can’t even use/have fun with it.
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5 years ago, Not funish
Good app but shady business practice
I’ve been using this app to chop music for so long and now it’s just unusable. I get having to to pay for certain editing tools because you gotta make money, but now having to have SoundCloud+ is just too far. The only songs I used was from SoundCloud and I couldn’t even record them and now I have to pay 9 dollars to SoundCloud just to chop songs on this app!?. No thanks. I don’t get how you can listen to the music on SoundCloud for free but have to pay just to edit with them. I’m leaving this app alone from now on. And not only do they make you pay for SoundCloud now so you can’t use the copyright songs. But they give 5 free songs from them that are all garbage, like why even give use Songs when we literally just had our libraries on there just 5 hours ago. SMH
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3 months ago, App User No. #7
App Used To be good now it’s so unusable
I remember self learning this app and using it to create music and it used to be so good and user friendly and you could use features like loop by just watching an ad. but that was years ago and now this app has just gone downhill. you have to pay at least $8 USD to use one feature you wanted because now they make you pay to use all of their features. The UI or layout used to be so simple and easy to use and this new interface is super complicated and even after using it for a year, i still have trouble from time to time. The amount of bugs in this app is astonishing as well because they never were this bad. bugs in the app make it literally so un usable. all because the whole thing lacks proper updates.
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3 years ago, TheBatboy_
This is the one you want to read.
I’d imagine at least a tenth of the downloads this app receives (after it stoped being free) are from people who delete it immediately after realizing the app is a subscription based service with a predatory free trial. This is an instrument, not a service. It should be separate. The industry, if it could, would make guitars that had subscription services tied to them that "allow" you to play other artists music on them. The strings will lock up for 24hrs if you played anything that sounds like copyrighted music without the service. Too bad for them people can make their own guitars and sell them to each other. I wouldn’t recommend this app to anybody. If someone is considering this app I’d implore them to buy their own mixing kit and find free software on pc to mix with. If that costs too much they probably couldn’t afford this app anyway. This app is, with no exaggeration, a complete waste of money. They’ve seen many reviews like this and will not change their app for anybody. I’m not trying to change their mind. Only give you the confirmation that you’re not the only one seeing this as greedy nonsense.
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