Edmtrain Concerts & Raves

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1 year ago
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User Reviews for Edmtrain Concerts & Raves

4.92 out of 5
3.3K Ratings
12 months ago, Jacob Mootr
Best Edm event tracker yet
TRULY THE BEST APP. The only app I use to track everything EDM. No reason to follow EVERY venue in your city on insta when this posts all Edm shows From all venues in your area directly and the notifications come straight to your phone. If you get this app you truly do not have an excuse to say you didn’t find out about the show. You wil Never miss a show when you have this app because even yourself can add shows when they are announced. You can track shows in your fav cities too. The app is also great because it shows active and upcoming festivals. The layout of the app is extremely easy to view all shows in the upcoming months. Honestly the only one critic I may have is it would be nice to have the events in an actual calendar form just for better visualization however truly it doesn’t matter as each date is posted above the concert. It is also like it’s own media app as you can see posts from other Edm shows around the country. This app is seriously da bomb and If you are a true raver or just wanting to start out in this music genre get this app.
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2 years ago, 1i15
I find all my shows with this app!!
This app has become one of my most used over the past two months. It used to be a hassle to figure out what shows were going on where, especially for me since I just moved to my area, so I don’t know venues or the genres venues will be hosting. This app has every show I may or may not be interested in attending. It’s so nice to have everything in one place and be able to star the shows I’m particularly interested in. Before this app I didn’t go to shows that often with the main reason being that I just didn’t know about them. Now I got to one almost every weekend! I have been showing this to all my friends that are electronic music fans and they love it. The only thing I wish it had was a bit more detail about the events like what particular genre the artist is or eventually the set times when they’re released. But not having these details doesn’t detract from how much I love this app.
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5 years ago, RoundTwo
My Only Source for Dance Music Shows
Hailing from the Twin Cities, dance music isn’t considered the biggest scene here. When I discovered this app it quickly became my primary info source for EDM artists coming through town. I love this app and use it on a weekly basis. It basically combines posted calendars for all of your city’s local venues and filters them based on the electronic genre. It works flawlessly from my experience. The only minor quip I have with it is the URLs it takes you to to purchase the tickets sometimes may not work with all credit cards. This could be my own personal issue but I thought I’d point it out. Sure, you could use Resident Advisor (mostly big cities) or search your local venue sites but this app just makes my discovery/purchase process easier. Highly recommended!
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4 years ago, 67288)))$:&@)(5ggffffhhhhsss
Essential App for Me!
This review is long overdue. This app is AMAZING. I use this to keep updated on every show in the area I live in and use it to check on shows whenever I’m visiting my parents back home. I can’t express my gratitude enough towards the developers of this app. The user interface is as intuitive as it gets and I LOVE that I can get links to wherever tickets are being sold from within the app. The feature that allows me to favorite upcoming shows makes it really easy to keep on top of shows that are coming to my city. Additionally, I love they there is a section at the top of the app that shows new shows that have arrived which prevents me from having to constantly check for them manually. I wouldn’t design this app in any other way. Thank you so so much!! 🙏🏼
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2 years ago, Jtranyo
The one and only one stop shop for ALL edm events!
This app is a game changer for the edm industry. I’ve always struggled finding local events. I would only see big name companies like Insomniac who host their own events that are always regularly scheduled. But what about the smaller local events that are up and coming? It brings exposure to so many events and artists that you would have never expected to see! Worthy of using this when I want to look out for events that are random and not your common typical scheduled raves you are familiar with every year.
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2 years ago, karlitaar01
If you love edm you won’t regret this app
It’s easy to use will show you shows around you by date or you can search cities and surrounding areas! It even gives links to music of artists playing the shows and gives directions! I haven’t missed a single of my fav artist playing either bc it will give me periodic updates on shows happening near me! Haven’t had any problems with it and it’s super cute edm app :)
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2 years ago, Jordan lago
Love EDM Train!!
This app has been so helpful for me in finding what events are going on around me, as well as finding events that are out of my state as well. I use it pretty often. Built in links to buying tickets is super helpful. Also you can add your own event to the listing and that itself is so great so people can have a platform to advertise their show/festival no matter how big or small the event might be. 10/10 edm train keep up the great app!!!
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2 years ago, ambaril
super helpful
this helps me keep track of when my favorite artists are coming to my area! i select all the places within a 3 hour drive of my home (my personal limit lol) and it shows me all the shows/artists day by day. i favorite the ones i’m considering going to, and it helps me keep them organized and decide what to do each weekend! LOVE THIS APP
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7 years ago, Gaby0698
I don't write reviews for things, but this app is absolutely priceless. I can never remember exact dates of shows and festivals, but this app makes it so that I don't have to remember. It shows me any upcoming shows in whatever area I choose, lets me listen to samples of an artists music if I don't know them, and I can buy my ticket directly through the app. This app has saved my life. 10/10, trust me.
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2 years ago, I ❤️ Mollusks
App is great! Everything looks and feels good to use. Only complaint is the weird interface when changing cities from the drop down menu. Took me a second to realize I had to double tap on a city to isolate it. That’s just a minor thing though, if you love EDM then this app will save you a lot of time finding events and tickets!
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3 years ago, Rower15
The best place to go for all rave event info!
Any time I want to know what’s going on in the edm scene in a certain location on a certain date, I just open the app and scroll to it and I immediately know everything going on. It’s a great place to find out about shows in your area or in any area you plan on going to. Highly recommend!
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7 years ago, Quint Shepard
So incredible, SO PERFECT!
This is the first apple review I have ever written. However this app is PRICELESS! Shows you every event in any city. You can even buy the tickets right from the link. I use it almost on a daily basis. It's also great for vacations! You can see what events are happening during your travels. It's actually the reason I live in NYC now. This app showed me where the most activity was in the country. I love it so much. ENJOY!
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2 years ago, AHataburda
LOVE this app!!!
I recently deleted my Twitter app which is where I got most of my updates for upcoming concerts and raves in my area. Once I heard about this app, I knew about shows before anyone else -- EDM or not!!! 10/10 would recommend this app. Super easy to use and even links you to the tickets for each show. If you love concerts, you need this app! <3
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2 years ago, Techy22
Great App!
One of my absolute favorite apps to find edm dj shows. Could use a bit more of a user friendly interface. Such as being able to automatically turn on notifications when DJs are playing in your area. Would be a major plus! Everything you got all in all a great app that I use very frequently. 🙌🏼🤘🏽
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5 years ago, CodyAustin
Invaluable, Great Features
This website--and now app-- has enabled me to keep track of dozens of upcoming and newly added shows over the past year. Great features like added specific ones as favourites, and links to tickets. It has also shown me how lucky I am to live in Denver, where there are amazing artists in town almost every day. Can't recommend enough.
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6 years ago, D_rangel97*
Love it! 💜🎉
Love it cause it tells me what Dj’s will be coming to town. Also when I went to Orlando and was looking for something to do this app helped a lot and gave me several options! I don’t have to go looking at every Dj’s social media to see when they’re coming, I just come here and they’re all listed. Fast and easy! Also takes me straight to the website to purchase tickets, Love it!
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2 years ago, Aaron S Tran
Best app ever
This company reached out to me a few years ago to promote on my electronic music meme page and within minutes I found the most extraordinary value in it with connecting the world of edm together and always helping you keep up with the latest shows happening where ever you are. Absolute genius of an app🔥
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3 years ago, Manbapeli
EDM train needs plane
Love interface, design, format, links to ticks/sound c/etc. Only complaint and is big considering it took away 1.5 stars.... info on shows only covers 65~75% of shows out there. Small, medium, and large towns have much more going on (it can be pretty hidden or not mainstream, but that’s where this app should thrive. Get a grimy venal. Chi, n Indiana, MI, Wi have some
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1 year ago, Swillhouse
My go too app to find EDM shows
Myself and everyone I know in the scene uses EDMtrain to find shows. Not only that, but the app provides the link to buy tickets straight from the venues. It’s been around for awhile and is basically a household name at this point. If your not using it, you probably should.
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3 years ago, Drew_J_
Awesome app! Use it often
I used the website for a while, but then when I realized EDM train had an app too, I switched over, added it to my music folder, and love it!! So helpful to see all the shows and then have links for tickets right there. Thanks for maintaining this!
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6 years ago, Zainlolz
Using for years. Best event locator.
Been using since college about 7 years back. It’s come a long way as the design was very different not too long ago haha gives you all the details you need for upcoming events in all the major cities and more. It’s seriously my go-to app for any events happening. Excellent stuff
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3 years ago, McVey88
Lots of shows, but filters don’t work
It is impossible to search for your city and only see shows for that city. Seems like an extremely easy feature to have. I live in Dallas and when I try to find shows with this app I have to decifer each poster to make sure they’re actually near me. Often times I am scrolling seeing shows in Miami, LA, Chicago, etc that are not relevant to me at all - And you can’t fix it. Really weird.
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2 years ago, Sara D Cooney
Didn’t know I needed this app so much
Since I downloaded this app I’ve been able to see artists that I love who I didn’t even know were coming to my area. I’ve gotten deals on shows and had experiences that have changed my life. Absolutely a necessity for EDM lovers.
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8 months ago, Ruhensooane
The app creates a good place to locate shows. They do intentionally leave off certain artist which is exclusive when it supposed to be an inclusive thing. Whether it based on race, beliefs system, genres, or something else, it’s clear that there is negative motives behind the owners of the site. I have also listened to them on a podcast that really showed this to be true. Very unfortunate for the community. I hope a new more inclusive site is created so we can all find the shows we enjoy.
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3 years ago, johnny ck 57
I think you should be able to filter a little easier. I live in an area where I have to go to Albany NY, Boston and Providence for a lot of these shows. Don’t like going to NYC, wish I could see Albany with out seeing all of NY, but thank you for keeping me informed for who is around. ✌🏻
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3 months ago, Radioapocalypse
Quick Response,
This site/app is great. I love what they do to build the community. It’s so fun to see your event display on the calendar, and I know it drives traffic to the events you post. Their review process for submitting events is prompt as well as the response to technical issues.
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5 years ago, ToDdW3nzell
Life Changing, like legit 😹
Are you ready to have FOMO daily? If so, this is the app for you! All jokes aside this is an amazing app. I’m a pretty avid concert goer and this app has been amazing for planning upcoming shows and just simply knowing who’s around. I recommend this app to anyone looking to know more about shows in the area or wherever.
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3 years ago, CPolanky
Okay, where do I begin… before EDM TRAIN finding shows was HARD. Now I always know exactly what is going on ESPECIALLY when I’m traveling. No matter where I am I can trust that EDM TRAIN is going to hook me up with the best shows possible. Not to mention the app is SOOO DOPE! It has EDM news & promotes rave lineups… which is awesome!! Thank you EDM TRAIN… YOU ARE THE REAL MVP!
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6 years ago, Mar_g_86
No better app than this for true ravers
If you are a true EDM fan and want Up to date info on where your favorite EDM DJs will be then look no further. I’ve been using this app for two years and is by far the best and easiest app to use whenever you wanna see who may be playing in your neighborhood ❤️❤️❤️
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1 year ago, Jwolf928
Absolutely incredible app
Best format, easy notifications, never miss a show!! Favorite your top artists and shows and never be out of the loop. Early bird tickets are easy to get when you have notifications on. Any location, any rave
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1 year ago, Jojo.87
Notifies me even of underground artists
I have plenty of ways to see when a concert happens but this one somehow always shows me the underground scene. Maybe it’s the venue or band promoters contacting EDMTRAIN but I get notifications from nowhere else of the scene unless it’s directly from the artist
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7 years ago, Chris Suzukida
Great way to find events!!
I love this app. It's an easy way to plan events, get details, and even buy tickets without having to go to multiple websites. The downside is that sometimes events don't show up or take a long time to be added. The layout could use an update as well.
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1 year ago, jakejones181818
Very solid EDM event app
This has been an amazing tool in finding shows from all around me and it actually shows a lot of lesser known artists as well which is amazing. Only thing I'd say it needs is a more modern layout but its amazing either way
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2 years ago, Tyloy170
Simply Yes!
This app is the only reason I’ve ever had fun in my life, have ever been able to feel like I’m a part of anything bigger than me, and part of a family. If you download it and use it… I promise you your life will change forever.
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5 years ago, jayiliy
I enjoy this app for the scheduling mostly, I got into the rave seen back in 2010 at 13 heavy and looking for shows at that time was... difficult and extremely frustrating. I just wish we had something like this 10 years ago
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1 year ago, Big chachas
Best app ever
I always tell everyone about this app when they’re looking for something to do! I love edm and traveling so it really helps me find the move for the night! So grateful for this app, it’s lead me to some pretty amazing concerts and memories. Thank you edm train!!
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5 years ago, CerDav05
If you like EDM you need this....
Truly a life saver when it comes to shows. Hard to keep track of the many shows that come to SF - but this app is an all in one. Links to tickets to favoriting your events, makes it easy to plan ahead for new and upcoming events.
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2 years ago, Spaccemann5
Lit boi
Bored? Lonely ? Like music? Get the fuuuuuuuuuuuk up m8 and find some local music around you for the low. You’ll never run out of things to do with your handy dandy Edmtrain app , you’ll be the coolest out of all the friend you don’t have so why wait ??? Download now and get littttt boiiiii
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7 years ago, HMAtherton
Best app for shows/festivals
I solely rely on this app when it comes to finding shows--it updates quickly and I often find hidden jewels I wouldn't have known about otherwise. I've used it while living in both D.C. and TN and it works well no matter where you live! I love it!
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1 month ago, AdrenalineAndy
Love this app
I’ve been using this app for years and it never lets me down. Updates often and it can take you directly to the websites for ticket purchase. Highly recommend for avid concert goers!
Show more
2 years ago, brandon_Prince
We needed this!
Love how much this keeps me in the loop, obviously Instagram has the most up to date announcements because it’s coming from the venue/artist/event but this app always shows me what I might have missed or reminds me what is to come
Show more
3 years ago, AstridPagan98
The best app for edm updates and shows!
This is hands down the most needed and best app invented for edm shows, not only do they provide recently added shows but also news on upcoming festivals, track releases, and merch drops. Props to the creators.
Show more
1 year ago, Fkitletsgobowling
Find out about shows around you
Great app! Easy to buy tickets and always notifying you about upcoming shows to go see. Need more apps like this to help artists increase ticket sales!
Show more
6 years ago, pastore82791
Phenomenal app with responsive operators
If you’re a lover of electronic music and always want to know who’s in town this app won’t fail you. Also if you’re a DJ or promoter they post your events almost immediately. Useful if traveling and want to know what’s up in a different city!
Show more
7 years ago, hannah_shawl
Great app
This is something I use all the time to find a few options for me and my group... we all really enjoy wherever we go and sometimes do a few in a night :) just turn up listening to music is our thing.
Show more
6 years ago, Dashveed
Best Edm Concert App
No other app will find and collect every electronic music related concert in your area as well as this one. It even gives you multiple links to find tickets, so you can compare and find the least expensive.
Show more
7 years ago, BrightLites28
Love that I can go on when I'm off work early and shoot down to the city for a show. It's so helpful when your plans fall through last min in NYC to. With locations of the venue any restriction at the event and the artist music link is there too. Check it out
Show more
7 years ago, JonH2O
Dude download it now
It's awesome. My kinda music. I really hope this company sticks around and doesn’t go belly up from not making a profit. Would be interesting to get some insight on how they generate revenue. Hopefully they get some peer feedback before they pull the plug like many free services do.
Show more
2 years ago, SirMcWolfie
Genuinely the best app for local or distant shows!
Easy to understand layout, tells you age restrictions and venue locations, and has a very wide and vast range of shows and artists from different genres but MOSTLY EDM which is what I love :)
Show more
3 years ago, kat_12345
Steve Jobs Approved
This is the best app i have ever used in my life. I love Anthony - the owner of the app, he is like if Steve Jobs and Pasquale Rotella had a love child. This app seriously saves my life when it comes to finding music events to attend. I cannot recommend it more.
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