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User Reviews for Edward Jones

4.79 out of 5
35.3K Ratings
1 year ago, puffyc23
New IRA.
I recently had a change in advisor notice said to me. Steven is my new advisor, I reached out and he set up an appointment for me to discuss my account. Over the past few days to a week I have had more corrections, options, etc. all of these options I was not aware of, and I was a beneficiary of my wife’s account. So I really want to thank Steven and let the company know that with advisers such as him, he customers can expect top flight service. Thankfully I didn’t miss anything over the past year, as far as benefits or loss of funds, etc. so I’m really appreciative of all the information and service that I have received over this past week. And again I had no idea. So I really wanna thank Steven and his team for great work on my account. And thank the company Edward Jones. Signed, Frank Goldschmidt
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1 year ago, iamshoo
May 2022 Upgrade
May 2022 review…I am revising my rating because the latest update has brought back my favorite feature. It’s a graph that shows Value Over Time of the total of all my investment accounts over a time period of 1-5 years. Kudos! 2021 review…This app seems geared for users that are planning for retirement. As someone currently living in the retirement years, I don’t have an interest in the goals section but it’s very prominent and there is no way to turn it off. This upgrade has also done away with my favorite feature which was the graph that showed performance history of the total of all my Edward Jones investments. I can still see the performance of individual accounts, but I can’t find the summary graph anywhere. It’s just gone.
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3 months ago, texasceal
Safe and important
So much appreciation for Michael Ernsting and his staff. I am in the later yrs of work life and also late in the saving for retirement stage. I wish I would have moved to Edward Jones years ago but I am just thankful to have found Michael when I did. He truly cares not only about my investments but about me. He ask hard, honest questions when we talk and makes me think about decisions and where I am currently. Michael only has my best interest in mind and always feel that my investments are safe and well taken care of. Kudos and 5+ stars. Would not hesitate to recommend Michael and Edward Jones!
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2 years ago, ChrisM-21
Terrible App
This has to be the worst app change in the history of app changes. You have made your app worse by leaps and bounds and are pretending your users like it. It makes Edward Jones look bad generally. Not sure who your target audience was, but it wasn’t me or the many other users I’ve talked to. Your clearly unconcerned about your clients feelings on how they view and manage the assets they hold with you. I even accidentally sent a note to your legal department and their reply was embarrassing (don’t let legal respond to your customers, generally a bad idea). We have all given the app enough time, it’s as bad as it was when it was first released. One example of many, why can I now only see one aspect of my stock holding, why would you make it so I have to use some silly swipe at the top to change from one metric to another? Really?!?! Please, make some dramatic changes, use different design people, talk to clients, something, but make a change!
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7 months ago, neversatisfiedcustomer
Take the step
My wife an I spent the last six years saving our funds in a bank. A major mistake on our part, but we had no knowledge of financial issues. I was recently introduced to Edward Jones.. and the wealth of useful uplifting information we gained from one appointment could have made a big difference six years ago.. But we’re finally taking the step into taking responsibility for our funds..and our future.. Don’t feel intimidated… or that you don’t make much.. Take the step into financial growth.. And talk to Edward Jones..Tell then Eddie sent you..
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8 months ago, KE Long
Service exceptional!
Shelley has been assisting me though many life challenges and milestones. She is such a professional leader in the Richland community so that when I moved to Walla Walla, I kept her as my investment investor. I trust her and know I am in good hands with her and her team. Edward Jones is also another reason to keep my current investments as well as to move my 401K funds after a very shocking RIF from a 20 year employer from Fidelity. Thank you for your efforts to keep my money growing and safe! And I love having a lady as your CEO.
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2 months ago, Tomball Customer
Thank you to Todd Carlyle and Vicky South
I have been increasingly pleased with your service for over 20 years. My father was also pleased with your attention to his estate. Performance is a given in a financial relationship. However, I am most pleased with the personal and quick attention given to my requests. Phone inquiries are always answered by a pleasant, knowledgeable person. Enough said! Appointments are always on time, never rushed, and personal. Thank you for your service!
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2 years ago, Cii Bii
Bring Back the old First page
I do not like this new redesign. It screams at me that my goals are not on track when that is based on one meeting and my goals have changed. I am more interested in the chart of all my accounts and growth over time. It has disappeared and now I can’t find the balances of my separate accounts. What good is this if you can’t get the information you need. Bring back the accounts. Thank you.
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2 weeks ago, johnyvee
Debra and Tiffany the best
Hello thanks again for your patience and appreciate your response I love your help was at Merrill kick me out no patience and communication skills were lacking you guys know how to talk to regular customers and identify with them got some paint and lite construction happening and you were able to help me with your assistance thanks again for your patience and appreciate your response have a wonderful Holiday Season stay safe
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2 years ago, iosUserADA
Garbage if you are visually impaired
Parts of this app have a larger font, but they are not the main content which is unreadable for a visually impaired person. I have asked Edward Jones both at the branch office and at headquarters many times over years and no action. Since this makes access nearly impossible, I am working on finding a firm that takes these things (American Disability Act *and* customer satisfaction) seriously. Beware this app and firm. I would be happy to change this review if the app was truly ADA compliant. I have been waiting for far too long for just the basic functionality to be readable!
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8 months ago, Ptrick the Irish
Scott Marburger, Edward Jones
Scott is an incredible asset to my family and Edward Jones. He exemplifies leadership in financial planning and has been a wealth of information, especially in these past few years with the pandemic and rising inflation with decreased returns in the market. So thankful to have a personal financial planner and friend at Edward Jones like Scott. We have managed to get through this difficult economy and have not lost everything. Thankful for his staff, leadership and friendship.
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1 year ago, Beck & Cheryl
Kelso Edward Jones - Eric Brudi office
We cannot give enough stars to Eric Brudi and his colleagues. We have had nothing but excellent service and care from everyone who works there. They are like family to us and we are 100% confident that whatever they recommend is in our best interest. We believe we were able to retire years earlier than we otherwise might have because of Eric’s advice and actions. Am amazing group of human beings!
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2 years ago, kmw405
Cannot REMOVE from iOS 14
Only option is to remove from Home Screen- which when troubleshooting what turned out to be a known bug the IT support in ST Louis had me do. No way to delete and reinstall. AND no way to return it to the Home Screen. Was hoping maybe I could remove from the App Store - no luck there either. On the phone ONLY options are 1. Remove from home scene 2. Share 3. Cancel. What a mess.
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2 years ago, srrgjohnkrcgjy
Can’t login have the time
Half the time I cannot log into the app. I use LastPass and sometimes I can copy and paste my password other times I cannot. It makes no logical sense why LastPass cannot auto fill or the app cannot take a password paste. The purpose of LastPass is to have strong secure passwords that I don’t have to write down and risk security of my personal data. Having to have an easy password that I can remember to open the app is open crazy and not as secure as allowing apps that can force secure passwords. Deleting the app since logging into it and reviewing on the go is the only reason I downloaded the app in the first place.
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7 months ago, rsharpk1
My money
Tammy and her team have been awesome from day 1!!! They take what ever time I need or talk to me when I’m stressed out some. Very professional all the time!!! They even reach out more than I ever expected just to check to see how I’m feeling with what’s going on this crazy world!! I was very skeptical about putting all I had in someone’s hand I don’t know, but soooo glad I met Tammy ans her crew! Best thing I ever did!
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2 years ago, Dain Unicorn
I regret updating.
When you update, the app purges your cached details, forcing a fresh login (and a trip through the recover user ID and password system). It’s an unnecessary hassle that most banks do not put you through anymore with two factor authentication being accepted and commonplace. The new user experience is geared towards millennials and the younger ‘need fancy charts and flashy graphics’ set. Feels like the UX team took the worst possible lessons from the Robinhood App and applied them to what used to be an excellent UX. This edition is bloated with undesired features, and nags me bad enough I am seriously considering cashing out and seeking a more respectful investment firm.
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1 month ago, Elder chick
Just wanted to express how much I appreciate Aaron Carmack as my agent. He never fails to return my calls. He’s always willing to answer questions and provide his input. I truly feel blessed to have him representing me. Thanks for going above and beyond. Did I mention he has made a few trips to visit me and my husband about financial support and ways to improve. Thanks for all you do! Vicky
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1 year ago, Big zillow user
Great client service
Shandre Harasty and the whole team in the Suffolk, Va office always go above and beyond to provide great client service. They work together efficiently and get any and all jobs done. I had a late day trade yesterday that was in a down and volatile market. Courtney had Shandre step out of a meeting - between presentations to get the trade entered, just 10 min before the markets closed. Excellent teamwork and great execution! Thank you!
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3 years ago, frankthetank_04
Huge Improvement!
Ive been waiting for awhile to see a more modern looking mobile application from Edward Jones. Needless to say they’ve knocked it out of the park with this new application. It’s so much more simplified, looks much cleaner, and allows me to integrate my external accounts to see my entire portfolio in a single dashboard as it relates to my overall financial goals. I also love the ability to communicate and send docs securely to my advisor.
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6 months ago, joanmfritz
Thank you Billy Gordon!
Billy has been my financial advisor for the past 5 years and I couldn’t be happier. He provides sound advice, explains the path I am on and what I can expect down the road, delivers outstanding customer service, quality care and makes me feel part of the Edward Jones family. I would not go anywhere else with my investments. Thank you Billy and Linda! Joan
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3 months ago, BulldogThunder
Running Taxes
Maybe I am missing it somewhere. But why can’t there be running tax information? I would like to be able to see a list of the taxable dividends, capital gains, and any other income. This should be per account as well as a combined list. This would make it much easier to make estimated tax payments. It’s not the easiest thing to read on the pdf statements, nor is it clear cut. Should be a simple tab on the app.
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7 months ago, Cats Fan Family
Local Edward Jones office
My local EJ team has been very helpful as we prepare to move to another state and they have supported us through the process. They are available when we call or send a message. They also hold regular meetings to update their clients on market conditions and help us understand what is happening with our investments.
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1 year ago, PDVCalifornia
Not a happy camper
I came to Edward Jones because I was told by Dawn Simmons in the Camarillo office that she was a financial advisor, I haven’t ever received a call from Dawn Simmons on any information about my account ever. She told me that she could do me so much better than the Chase account! Now I’m no expert on $ but I do no that when no one calls me about my account in 3 years, something is fishy!
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4 months ago, Topper Stinson
My Kind if People
Eric and Libby are the best! Efficient, friendly and knowledgeable - asource you can count on any time. Also, I like the Edward Jones set up as a partnership, and no shareholders trying to manipulate the company. I retired and wanted real income and they got it for me and I stay happy! Also, their building in our historic down town combines architectural beauty with all the modern tech. JUST RIGHT! Craig Robinson (former CPA)
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5 months ago, jilers
Phone Website
The phone website is convent and for most things works really good. My investor Jeffrey Larsen and his office manager Kristen Evens are great to work with, helping me always. However, the phone site shows Bill Pay but does not provide all the services of the full web site. That’s confusing and needs to be fixed.
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1 year ago, nunca sola
Training young people too!
I am custodian for my teenage grandkids’ accounts with Trey. He inspires them to save and patiently advises and guides them to make good responsible financial decisions with their money. He has established a relationship with the 5 grandkids (ages 16-26) so that they are all comfortable asking questions and talking to him. What an encouragement it is to know this future generation has a supporter like Trey Witte!
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2 years ago, DeRochier
Face ID on iOS continually turns itself off
I have to re-authorize this app to enable Face ID almost every time I log on. I put in my 24 character password with “Set up Face ID after log in” checked, acknowledge the authorizations, and it confirms Face ID is enabled. But the next day Face ID in the app is set to off and I’m required to go through the process all over again. I should not have to re-authorize Face ID login every time I use the app. Very frustrating!
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3 weeks ago, ghcash
Our gratitude to the Edward Jones organization
We are very grateful for our financial advisor, Eric Morman, in Findlay, Ohio. He has been steadfast in looking out for our financial best interests. He is intelligent, articulate, and highly ethical. Due to his fine leadership we have prospered, and we have been able to protect our assets and our retirement income. We thank Edward Jones for employing him! Gordon and Jennifer Cash
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2 months ago, boscuot eater
Customer service
We are extremely happy with the way that we have been treated by Tod Bozz. He is very professional and never misses a birthday and always answers us right away If we have any questions. And all of the office staff is great we will definitely recommend him to anybody else who wants to start a retirement plan.
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5 months ago, Zaloumi
Not happy with my advisor , I have never felt that I’m matter to him , I wish I never invested with this branch , in one year I meet with Albert 2 times , every time 4-5 minutes, and it make me feel that I’m meeting with the president of United state 🥲never get an advice , never gain any knowledge from them , I go there blind because the referral, but I never felt good and my money safe with my advisor. If I called to make an appointment and they telling me every time that he booked two weeks. It’s make me don’t want to do business with them anymore. Thank you Angelos
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7 months ago, Grateful 4 you
Kudos Vinay
Thank you so much for your patience and understanding through these difficult times. Giving your time to assure my husband and I goes beyond words. These times are very difficult for us both, more him I’m sure than me. Thank you so much for your guidance and kindness. It doesn’t go unnoticed or unappreciated. Thank you!
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6 months ago, Infrego Girl
Ed Jones Rating
We have been with EDJ since late 90’s and continue to be extremely pleased with our financial advisor, website, and service received since that time. Any questions or concerns are answered promptly with compassion and understanding. Highly recommend them to our friends and relatives for investment and retirement advice.
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2 years ago, Jason T Williams
Pretty Good, but…
It has a bit more of a way to go to REALLY compete with Personal Capital. What I find frustrating is that you still can’t connect to your mortgage account(s). Again, this app is pretty solid, but in order to have a wholistic view of your finances that feature should be a given. That said, I’ll keep an eye open for its continued improvements.
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9 months ago, cdbyrd
Account Linking keeps losing connections to linked accounts
Linked accounts will lose the connection, and need to be re-added constantly. The existing accounts will lose connection, but deletion will fail, so re-adding them isn’t an option. I would also like the ability to see my fee schedule, for each of my accounts, easily in the app. This information isn’t easy to find, if it is even available in the app.
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2 years ago, Luppoe
An improvement but far from great
An improvement but far from great. Why do we need a pie chart showing how we are invested stocks, mutual funds,..? A more usable chart would show equity, fixed income, cash, international... and how we are doing compared to our investment strategy. We shouldn’t have to ask for this information it should be available all the time. We should be able to see it for each account and any combination we choose. The 1st screen should have the total investment figure at the top instead of having to scroll down to see it. We need a tool to see what mutual funds are available to be held in an account. That tool also needs to provide research information so we can determine if it is right for us. This might not work in the mobile application but would in the website. Edward Jones is way behind in providing the tools their clients need.
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1 year ago, illutiv
Our Edward Jones financial consultant is TJ Willingham. We have worked it with him for years now and I highly recommend him for investment counseling and advice. He treats you like part of his extended family and works to ensure that you understand all of his investment advice before he does anything. All of our interaction with him has been positive. Thank you TJ!
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3 years ago, RBowe1634
Much needed overhaul!
Very intuitive and streamlined - useful information and ability to track and see goal progress, as well as contact my branch team are just a few of the many improvements. I’m sure with updates along the way, the EDJ mobile app will be a top contender in the space. Great job!
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7 months ago, Boo29701
Phone display
I use my iPhone to access my account and check for what expenses etc. have come out of the acct. the entire line for the expense is taken up with the words mny mkt fund investment shares. Leaving NO ROOM for the description of who the money was paid to. I have sent numerous messages about this and have never heard back. There are other problems with the system being down and having to repeatedly go thru IDENTITY checks etc. I am considering using a credit union or some other bank if I can’t get a reply.
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2 years ago, TFR
Where are the notifications???
Overall, this app is easy to use but it defers to the website for many of the features. Suggestion would be to create a web-based UI application for App Store or allow us to do more in the app. Second, why in the world aren’t there any notifications??? If I have a secure message from my advisor or his staff I have no idea unless I open the app. Did I miss something?
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1 year ago, whatzamattayou
Despite difficult economic and investment times
I truly enjoy the work and relationship that Keith Stults and his team have created with us. A quick yet important vote of confidence for my financial advisor! Keep your ideas and information coming despite these difficult economic and investment times.
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3 months ago, Tampa Mullet
Steady, consistent performance!
This is the most comprehensive report I've ever seen and I am so glad for all the support and guidance Jasmine and Steve have provided for Kathy and I. You two make Edward Jones a financial super hero for people like us who need professional and competent guidance in investments during both good and adverse times. THANK YOU!
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8 months ago, It is getting better
Always Helpful
Anytime I call I get a friendly voice and actually get to speak to my advisor. I have friends that are with other Edward Jones offices and they get to schedule a phone call. If I ever get that message I will also be taking my business elsewhere. John is awesome and is a trusted advisor.
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8 months ago, donna mcb
Best investor ever
Keith you ales time to get to know his clients personally as well as financial so that he can stay on top of what works best for the client. He has become a very good friend and I trust him completely to do what is right for my family. He is a great asset to help with our finances and Edward Jones is very lucky to have him
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1 year ago, happpydadx4
Easy to use
App is very easy to use! Intuitive so figuring out how to do it generally is simple. Plus secure messages to my financial team is so easy & they respond quick & very helpful & give ya options or recommendations on our Edward Jones accounts! Keep up the great work on updating App! Thanks!
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6 months ago, Marconi -1
Cole Saint Clair
To whom it may concern, I’ve been extremely happy with the assistance Edward Jones has provided these past 3 years. Our financial advisor Cole Saint Clair has been a wonderful, but mostly knowledgeable, financial advisor. His expertise in this challenging market has given me relief to know where I might stand 7 years from now. I have referred some of my friends and family to Cole these past two years. Of course, all of them feel he’s terrific. I will continue to keep my account and long-term health insurance policy, which he gave me great advice when choosing the right policy. Kindly Renee Smith
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12 months ago, GGrant28
Great service
Always have been up to the par high expectations services to me and others from my perspective! Always love their understanding and being careful to make sure I am clear understanding over the conversation neither over the phone or in-person.
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1 year ago, GaFatboy
The app makes looking at my account via Mobil very easy to do. I appreciate that I can view without a hassle at any time. By hassle, I mean having to work through cumbersome menu options. Thank you for creating a user friendly app.
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10 months ago, Tabby 99
Trust Edward Jones with Your $$$
Becky Roh is a bright, knowledgeable, and kind woman. I was impressed with her at our first meeting years ago and that admiration has grown. Becky explains the intricacies of investments so a novice can understand. I am definitely delighted to recommend her. Her administrative assistant Marcia Shultis is also a joy to work with as well. Kathy Pruitt Taos
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2 years ago, championunderdog
Latest version login issues
I have the latest version and cannot get past the login screen. I’ve done everything, deleted and redownloaded the app, updates my iOS, changed password on website, rebooted phone. Nothing. Says loading and then just sits on login screen and never opens the actual app. So new version seems buggy.
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10 months ago, Beltone Hearing
long term planning means long term relationship
Nancy is truly a steward for financial planning. Her expertise along with the Edward Jones philosophy is a winning combination. Nancy is trustworthy and has your best interests in mind as it relates to your long term planning and risk tolerance. I’ve referred a handful to her and continue to speak with people about her knowledge and trustworthiness.
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