EECU Mobile Banking

4.8 (10.2K)
46.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for EECU Mobile Banking

4.82 out of 5
10.2K Ratings
2 months ago, gamermom2019
Best credit union
This is by far the best credit union I have used. I have been with them for almost 10 years now and never had an issue. They always take care of you, handle you with fairness and customer service is always amazing. The Mansfield location walk in is my favorite location but all locations have been good to me. I will probably never leave EECU! Thank you EECU for all the care and service!!!!!!
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5 years ago, Alaira Banks
This is the second time in the last 2 months that I will have a late fee in my bills because EECU app is slow at updating when it comes to pending payments. Like how but the WORLD was it possible for me to get to negative $94 when I DON’T have a credit card??? I know you guys aren’t gonna give me my money back because I always have to argue with someone to believe me and and what I’m saying. Once I’m at a zero balance then my card should start declining right??? Oh nooo not with this card. And I also have my receipts and I have a very good memory when it comes to my payments and I should still have a total of at least $187 in my account and also the app isn’t even showing all of the transactions because it is messing up and now I’m trying to contact someone and of course they’re having technical difficulties. I’m literally so over this I can’t wait to find money out of no where 🙄
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10 months ago, Bulldog55555555
Terrible customer service
I have submitted many texts where they tell me I’m in the que and someone will respond but no one ever has. I have sent countless emails and no one has ever responded. You be can only assume this company is run entirely by computers. I finally refinanced with another company to get away from EECU. Received a letter stating my loan was satisfied with EECU and we were done and the next day I received another letter stating if I didn’t submit my car insurance info they were going to start charging me $140 p/m. I have submitted my insurance several times but they still want to charge me on a loan I don’t have with them. Since my refinance additional money they were paid is now in a savings account that I have no idea how to retrieve.
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2 years ago, Mama MRK
EECU H-E-B Granbury
You could not find better people to work at a bank! They are the most helpful and professional! They are so knowledgeable as to what to do. I was leery of using the ATM at first, yet I think it is awesome now!I think it’s awesome that it can give you change instead of just 20s like most ATMs! The only thing is I wish there was an ATM outside for after the store closes. Maybe out in the parking lot somewhere so we can drive thru!
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2 years ago, l cjgj
Problems with app
The other day I got an alert for a very low balance. I thought that was strange but I transferred money from my savings to checking to avoid my account going negative. I checked it again yesterday and all the charges that had been there the day before were gone and my balance was way up. I checked again this morning and some of the charges are back and my account is low again. One item has been double charged and I don’t know if it’s the bank’s mistake or the company ( I have automatic billing with them). I think the banks app/system is glitching.
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5 years ago, Jean DeJardon
Best bank and great app
Great app, but why is the default account display on Force touch my Savings Account and not my Checking? I would think the Checking account would need to be checked on far more often than a savings account. Just my priority maybe, but I still think there should be an option to change the default displayed account or just show both. Other than that the application runs great and I don’t have to use a bank unless I have cash or loose change. Still I love my branches in the area and the app so please keep both around.
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6 years ago, Taybrensmaga
Great app!
Some people have apparently never balanced a checkbook before so they don’t understand that not all transactions post immediately to their bank and can therefore NEVER display the exact balance if you are writing checks or using your debit card often. This app is great. Very easy to use and I can see all of my accounts as well as tie to other accounts to make transfers easy!
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2 years ago, lbuofoofr
This app is terrible! So is the bank
I’ve been with eECU longer than I’d like to share and this app and the money grubbing ways are getting to me! The pending doesn’t show up ever because the bank takes days to process simple transactions like whataburger Walmart etc and they end up charging a $34 fee for each thing that goes through so if you didn’t keep a journal of what you spent your screwed! And I’m not even terrible with money it’s simply the app not updating for days up to weeks and by the time everything comes out at once you could be .50 short and it’s $35 trash….
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3 years ago, kariandjoe
EECU bank...the best!!
My wife and I have been with EECU just under two years now. We wanted a change from the “big banks” because they were not about customer service. EECU has been very good to us in service, products, and convenience. Working with a credit union that cares about its customers feels good. We hope to continue to be long time customers of EECU!!
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4 years ago, #1Fan🎉
My Favorite!!
I have banked with EECU for 30 + years. Starting in Weatherford, Texas. Always the customer service of a small town bank, where everyone knows you and your family. It’s grown so much, but I still experience the same small town bank -warm and professional customer service. Still in my town too! Southlake branch is awesome🎉
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4 years ago, x firewa11 x
Good App with one annoying issue
If they would just fix this issue the app would be great. But once a bill is paid and sent it disappears from the schedule and is not yet posted on the account history so for approx 3-4 days your paid bill is lost in no mans land and your account will technically not be accurate until that bill is posted. If they would just post it to account history when it is removed from schedule payment then all would be fine.
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2 years ago, Raj2044
Mobile Deposit Feature
I’ve been using the EECU app for years with no issue. However the most recent updates has a problem with mobile deposit. I’m not able to take the required pictures of the check I want to deposit. I have iPhone 12 with IOS 16. Hope you can fix this soon!
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1 year ago, Rachell Ann
Mobile deposit
The mobile deposit isn’t working, the camera will not change and come into focus to be able to take pictures of the check.
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2 years ago, Cust4Life2022
Excellent Customer Service
I’ve been a customer of EECU for more than five years. I have never had a poor experience with customer service whether it be by phone email or in person. Everyone is very helpful, knowledgeable and I feel like I’m in good hands with EECU at all times.
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2 years ago, RevKristin
Mobile Deposit issues
Since the latest iOS launch (16), mobile deposit doesn’t work. It’s been a while, and there’s still no patch. Hoping this is fixed soon.
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1 year ago, mizsims
Unable to take pic for direct deposit
I’m unable to take pic for direct deposit, and there’s no way to back out of the camera when that fails and no instructions for troubleshooting the problem. The camera is fine. I’ve allowed the app access from my phone controls, and still the image is blurred out and the camera isn’t allowed to take the pic. Total fail. Very frustrating experience after many successful deposits via this method.
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1 year ago, anfyejco
Improve app
Great Credit Union but app has been updated with worse features. The bill pay section needs to have a calendar for selecting bill pay dates. The Month, Date scroll you use now requires me to go somewhere else for a calendar to confirm what day of the week the payment will be sent.
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5 years ago, AnthonyH817
Has a few problems but overall it’s ok
Has bugs. Don’t know if it’s the app or the bank in general. My pending transactions will appear then disappear for days on end. And then reappear again. Other than that it’s a pretty cool app and a great bank with helpful people!
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4 years ago, HavinsNest
Horrible Update!
The app updated yesterday to an unacceptable change. There are no longer date breaks so everything is jumbled together. I spend 10 minutes looking for one transaction.
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5 years ago, QueenHoot
Credit Card
Need to have real time view of charges being made to credit cards just like debit cards. Need both to be real time. Other banks do this and it would be a safe way for customers to keep accounts safer in the event of fraud.
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5 years ago, RaeJoi
Love the app
I have never had any issues with this app. I use it all the time for my banking needs. I can deposit checks, pay bills or just view my account balances. I love the new feature of being able to see my EECU credit card statements.
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3 years ago, amycheri
Simply the best
I never have any issues with EECU. Online, in person, whatever the case they have always been so helpful! I believe I have had them for 3 years now? And have never had any complaints. Love them!!! Even the staff is awesome!
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4 years ago, Lomarpo
Great! Easy, convenient and user friendly. Would have given 5 stars but there are no check images. It would also help to subtract payment from balances, as soon as they are paid to payees
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4 years ago, Bock Dean
There is a “1” for a Notification inside of a little Red Box that keeps popping up and nothing I can do to stop it. I have called customer service numerous times to no avail.
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4 years ago, trscomingsoon
App update horrible
The new update makes your app much less user friendly. No organization to it. Everything is bold, hard to recognize what is what. Someone really screwed up on this!
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9 months ago, Ender3313
Mobile app is awful
The mobile app, and the online banking system in general for EECU, is horrible. Clunky UI, the payment system is terrible… can’t set additional loan payment to apply to principal. Managing the Autopay is a chore; has to re-authenticate and MFA every time I go into it, and had to struggle to find the location for it to begin with. I am not judging EECU’s people, but their online banking stuff is just horrendous to use.
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7 years ago, Sugardaddysparkles
What's the point of showing me how much money I have if I it's not going to be the actual amount I have like this app will constantly add more money and take away money it's always happening and it's very tiring
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1 year ago, @9$75(:53:.$7
Check deposit no longer working
Please fix your app so I can deposit a check!! It stopped working with the last major IOS update MORE THAN A MONTH AGO and it still doesn’t work. The camera is blurred and will not rotate and this is NOT a user error. Multiple people in my house have tried it with their phones and we all have the same problem.
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5 years ago, DFW Superintendent
Intuitive way to do anything I need with my accounts. The Bill Pay feature is great, I schedule payments for auto loan. Mobile Deposit always works for me, such a time saver.
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4 years ago, Puerto Rico
User friendly
This app helps me keep up with my transactions while on the go. I have not had any issues running the app on my old iPhone 6 either.
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1 year ago, mjo456
Not fully functional
I can’t get the check depositing feature to work anymore. Maybe the app hasn’t been updated to work with the newest iOS version, but it’s been several months since I could get it to work.
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2 years ago, WhitfieldFamily
Bad update. Can't deposit checks through app anymore
With the last update, the app says to rotate your phone to continue with deposit. No matter how I rotate my phone, I cannot continue with the deposit and I'm forced to force close the app because it will not allow me to do anything else at that moment. Not sure how long this fix will take. Let's see...
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3 years ago, Marlymar69
Waiting to see more payment options like seller or etc. That would be nice
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1 year ago, tannerhearne
Major Bug - Check Deposit Broken
Since a recent update (I’m not sure which) I can no longer deposit checks. A screen pops up that says “Rotate your device to continue your deposit.” It is impossible to move past this screen and the app does not detect any device rotation regardless of iOS rotation lock enable/disable status.
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10 months ago, BeanBacksin
This app is amazing and has let me be able to exchange my balance and deposit checks without any worries or hassles
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1 year ago, kmcsu
Best bank
Easy to bank with EECU! Love the customer service and the ability to use your app without issues Have been a member for about 5 years Love it! Kmcsu
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4 years ago, jeepjeepjeepjeep
Always getting an “Application Error”
1/2 the time I get an “Application Error” and cannot log in. Other than that it works fine when it lets me log in. People complaining about payments disappearing should learn how to balance.
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4 years ago, HatJen
Best CU around!
I have had EECU for over a decade. My husband has tried two other credit unions and none compare. This app helps me find all locations, free ATMs to avoid fees and handles all my bills with ease. I Love EECU and the app!!
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1 year ago, Kellergurl
Broken mobile deposit
The latest update of the app has broken mobile deposit. I’ve tried on 2 different phones and the camera for mobile deposit will not work and the caption says to rotate my phone. Fix your app!
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2 years ago, Nimdae
Mostly works
Been with EECU for decades and the app has improved over that time. Never really had issues. Until iOS 16. Mobile deposited doesn’t work.
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1 year ago, TX N Texas
EECU Bank App
What can I say it works as should , covers all my needs , loads up fast and runs smooth. It’s a must have … use as needed.
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4 years ago, Raeeex7
The update is horrible, it has no organization to it.
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1 year ago, bugg♥️
2 ⭐️
Mobile check deposit is busted. Screen stays extremely blurry, and doesn’t give an option to exit out of the feature without closing out the app and signing back in.
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3 years ago, pokalove87
Takes forever to load my purchases
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6 years ago, Sjf99n
Great app
Everything is just so easy to use and understand. Saves so many trips to the bank.
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4 years ago, Lwitty
Will never finance through EECU again!
I have financed many cars in my lifetime but this is the absolute worst app ever for trying to make a payment. Have tried since November to use this app, constantly locked out needed two different logins to get to make a payment. I would way rather finance through Ally or NMAC, the payment app is so much better.
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1 year ago, shellacker
Mobile deposit doesn't work
The whole point of having the app, for me, is the mobile deposit feature. Which doesn't work anymore. The camera won't focus and just gets stuck saying "rotate your phone" no matter what I try.
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6 years ago, Dpuglas P
EECU Mobile Bank App
Absolute fantastic app! Very very easy to use. User-friendly. The way to do banking. I would rate it six stars if I could.
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4 years ago, dollyfied
Update has been great
This app honestly used to be terrible but it has gotten a lot better and easier to use with the new update
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4 years ago, game crashes all the time.
App works great. No issues. But every single time I log in there’s a notification about the “Get Cash Back” offers that will NOT go away. Every time I open the app there’s the same notification and it’s annoying. Please fix this!
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