4.9 (25.8K)
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Educational Employees Credit Union
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for EECU

4.85 out of 5
25.8K Ratings
2 years ago, dantheman2023
EECU is a GREAT bank for those who meet the requirements(which is just about anyone.)
I joined with EECU just a little after my 18th birthday. It has been wonderful. I have had NO fees. I get about 3 account updates to my phone per day. I am glad to be able to work with a credit union like this one. But fr bro, i use EECU exclusively bc they had a relationship with my parents, and if my parents are loyal to it, I’m gonna be loyal to it. EECU is a household name for us. Only thing I don’t like is how little branches there are outside of the Central Valley. It makes it a little bit of a headache to bank when you’re traveling. I must acknowledge that this is not entirely EECU’s fault. Anyway, I love EECU and won’t use anything else ever. Ps. My name is Daniel, and I am getting my Real Estate license soon. My IG is Vex._.Danny. My pfp is Russell from UP.
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3 years ago, Debgood
No issues here
I’ve been with EECU over 25 years and have never had an issue with them. I’ve had issues with other banks. Citibank for example, conned my mother into a home equity line of credit that she didn’t need because they had been stealing money out of her checking account and she was overdrawn to the tune of $4500. This was such a big ordeal, the US department of justice actually took my case. I’ve also had some issues with other banks making errors. I have never been unhappy with EECU.
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3 years ago, foxoftheshore
Go Back To Previous App Version
I opened up the app, because I got paid, and when I opened up the app everything was different. Before the update, I used to open up the app, and it would show my Checkings, Savings, and Auto Loan Accounts. Now I open it and that’s not there anymore. Now it shows when I first open the app is . . . Transfer Money page. I explore the app to see where I can find my accounts, and it can’t be found. I can go on, but all I can say right now, is I do not like it at all. It may have some new features, but I can’t enjoy new features without seeing my accounts. Sure I can go to the website, but I thought the point of an App is to get my bank information quicker. For now it’s the website, and not the app. Until it goes back to the previous version or they fix it.
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2 years ago, SaritaRita
My Cards Were Stolen
So grateful for ease of use of this app. I had my car broken into and my cards were stolen. I was able to lock all cards before the thief could make any purchases. I have notifications on and I was able to see all the purchases they tried, be declined immediately and I was able to track where they were at. This gave me some peace of mind as I was able to handle filing the police report without worry, and THEN call EECU to report my cards stolen. Thank you so much!
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1 year ago, KPO2000
User friendly
I have had this app for years now and am finally getting around to writing my review. I have never had any problems with the app and it’s just that. When nothing is wrong people don’t say anything. I am finally saying that this app is easy to use, easy to find what I’m looking for. I have not had a problem with any mobile transactions whether it’s paying bills or depositing checks or whatever my need is.
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6 years ago, Nathand8
Even better with iPhone X update
I have always used this app. It’s very easy to use. I just purchased an iPhone X and noticed it didn’t fill in the entire screen. I filled out a survey that EECU emailed me and in that survey I complained about how ugly the app looks on the iPhone X. To my surprise I updated my app and BOOM!! app is wayyyy better looking and takes advantage of the full iPhone X screen. Love it. Now it does look all ghetto and cheap. Thanks EECU for actually doing something about it.
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5 years ago, EECU NM
So far it good
I’m new to EECU. I was a long time customer of Chase but due to the fees I had to look elsewhere so I moved over to Rabobank and boy was that the biggest mistake of my-life, I ended up getting screwed over long story short I ended up having to pay the bank $1,680 for fraudulent check sent to me. I have come to find out that Rabobank has little to no security measures and will cash anything that looks like a real check. Now that I’m here at EECU I have a peace mind.
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5 years ago, Dave829
Good, but could be better
The app is simple enough to navigate without any issues. However, I really hope more features will be added soon; for example, it would be nice to have a money management portion in the app just like on the EECU website. With this it would allow customers more freedom and faster access to their budgets and so on.
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3 years ago, stephen7734
Primary banking out of area
I’ve been with EECU for almost 3 decades, snd been in Southern California for all but 5 years of that time. The app allows EECU to still be my primary bank despite the distance from a local branch. Anything I can’t do on here is solved by the after hours member care line. I’m so thankful for EECU, and the ease of use of this app is a big part of it.
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3 years ago, ericarmybrvo
Fast & Reliant
I use this app just about every day and I have yet to have any problems with it. I’m not always able to call or go in to the bank in person but I don’t need to with this app because it does everything that going to the bank in person other than pulling out cash
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4 years ago, Culebra93662
Excellent customer service!
Excellent customer service at the bank, and the banking on line service is great! I am very happy and satisfied with their customer service all the way! You guys are the best! Thanks! For everything that you guy’s do for us during this hard times, thanks for your help and your time.
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7 months ago, Jyasen
Easy to Use
As a member of EECU Credit Union, I’ve had the pleasure of using their mobile app for my banking needs. I must say, it’s one of the most user-friendly apps I’ve come across in the banking sector. The interface is clean, intuitive, and makes navigating through my financial information a breeze.
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7 years ago, Coco204
Super user friendly
Overall a great app! Easy to use. The only improvement I could suggest is more details on when a check has been sent for bill pay. It happens, vanishes, then when the check is cashed disappears from your account. There’s not real tracking it until it withdraws.
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4 years ago, Tina Rosas 75
I have banked here a long time. I've loved the app until recently. The app works great but the interface change is horrible. It used to separate by day and the font was nice and gentle. Now it looks like a mess. Definitely will be deleting and figuring something else out.
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6 years ago, Tlk4girls
Pretty Good
I gave it a 4 out of 5 because the camera doesn’t always work and some times thru the app -deposit doesn't process. I also wish you could deposit into your saving in the app( depositing a check). That doesn’t make sense because you have to go thru checking to deposit check- then transfer and you only get 6 transfers.
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1 year ago, Poger2
Bank transfers
I wish your app made it a lot easier for me to be able to transfer between my outside accounts. In order for me to transfer from my other banks, I have to write a check deposit it. What year is it anyway? My BofA account I can transfer to my other accounts with ease. Chase is almost as easy. My only gripe . outside of that I’m completely satisfied with EECU.
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5 years ago, PobTsuasXyooj
I love this app, I’m able to manage my money, and also check how much I have in my saving and my checking. Now I’m able to cut on how much I use and one thing I like about it is it also tells you what you use and shows you how much it took out. I recommend this app for those who have eecu account
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7 years ago, Mariyyyah
Fast and Easy
Super simple and quick, when you're on the go and need to transfer money it's a life saver. If someone steals or you lose your card you can see the transactions made right away instead of waiting for the bank statement to come in the mail.
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3 years ago, terrapinbear
The app’s capability to do mobile deposit is a big issue. The picture it takes has nothing wrong with it but it still doesn’t recognize it; this has happened multiple times and yet one picture of the check (that look like all the others) qualifies as readable by the app. Please fix this. There is nothing wrong with my checks and it has worked before but now it is having problems and it’s a major issue to me.
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7 years ago, Kiki's Mama
Waited for this app! Far exceeds my wants and needs!!! I originally wished to be able to see my credit card transactions and they DELIVERED! I can see my accounts and my credit card and I can even use mobile deposit! They have upgraded so many things! It makes me love the app that much more!
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2 years ago, PurPleRose🍥
Excellent banking app
I love the app. It’s very easy to use! I just wish they brought back the savings section of your account to add money or remove money from it, and to keep track of it as well. Other than that it’s a great way to keep track of your account and to manage it if necessary.
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3 years ago, Tabiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitha
Favorite and only bank
I love the app, easy to use. I check my bank accounts everyday looking for fraudulent activity. I use my bank app constantly whether I am overlooking my spending, transferring money or locating an ATM. No problems or concerns at the moment.
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6 years ago, hldhslslyksg
Does What I Need
I’m sure there are other things that people might need from this app, but this one works just fine. Can check balances, transfer money, find ATMs near me, things that are hard to do when you aren’t near an actual branch/bank all the time.
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2 years ago, ChrisC204
I love this app. So easy to do business, make transfers and get information of debit card usage. Love getting text alerts regarding activity too. I have caught fraud twice since having the app as well. Safe, helpful, useful and convenient. Deffinately 5 stars!
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4 years ago, BlackGezus
Been a fan.
The app is easy to use but it feels like it’s missing a few things. I think the routing number could be added so it’s easier to send money and hook up straight deposit. If there is a specific reason it can’t be like this i think it should at least be an option.
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3 years ago, kovomark
Crap app
This app only works if u are checking ur balance, you cannot do anything else on this app, including apply for a loan because it will time out after 3 minutes. Good luck applying for a loan within 3 minutes
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4 years ago, YooMandy
Don’t like the new update
HATE the new update! Every transaction is so jumbled together, there’s nothing breaking up the days. Wether or not a transaction is pending. It is just an obnoxious mess! Please change it back to the pictures shown!
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5 years ago, fmdbehdudijdjdh
I’ve been with EECU for decades and have never had a complaint. The idea of switching to anyone else scares me. I have enough to worry about. I don’t want to have to worry about my bank/credit union. I wish my fantasy football team was nearly as reliable.
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3 years ago, dugy124
Good and bad
Most of the time it will work perfectly fine but sometimes it won’t let me access my data but even then it only happens for a bit
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2 years ago, Albay Family
Jeri Financial Service Representative
Jeri is a very friendly and professional person who goes above and beyond when it came to refinancing our 2 vehicles. We truly appreciate all that she has done for us. Thank you so much Javier & Myrna Albay Albay Family
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6 years ago, Skyby25
Update Your Transactions!!!
Anytime I buy something with my card or online with my card, I go to check the app to see my balance and it doesn’t change till literally 3-4 days later! It’s ridiculous and can mess with people thinking they have that balance when they really don’t, fix that issue and everything else is good.
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4 years ago, Nena559
The best
Could have made a better discussion I went from having chase and getting all this extra charges for having an account. To bring a part of not just a bank it’s the Best bank ever the staff at the Shaw location treat u like family. Thank you EECU ur the best
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7 years ago, Princess Danita
Help. It’s down
Help! I’m trying to shop for a last-minute birthday gift and I cannot check my bank balance online or on the appI’m trying to shop for a last-minute birthday gift and I cannot check my bank balance online or on
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3 years ago, Carolina Doll
Definitely worth it! Saves you so much time, back then I would call the bank to find out my new balance or drive down to the bank. And now I have access to it all! I love it! Strongly recommend it.
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5 years ago, Nohe18
Eecu app
I really like the app but sometimes it dose not let me log into my account. It get me really annoyed but I need to make a payment and I don’t have the access right away. I have to wait till it’s ready. Other than that it okay.
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1 year ago, cecee41
Was great..
Recently the check deposit option has been very buggy. Whenever you try to deposit a check, the camera will not load. I’ve tried closing and reopening the app, even deleting and re-installing the app, and still it won’t work. It makes it unable to deposit a check. Please fix this!!!
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7 years ago, 18esv
Not a very good app
EECU is starting to fall behind. The app really has two main functions for me: transferring money, and mobile check deposit. The first one works well but the second one is so broken I honestly feel like it’s a gross example of false advertising. It should be taken off of the app because it doesn’t work at all and all it really does it frustrate you when you need it most. I hope the developers understand how disappointing this is.
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3 years ago, Mt. Tim
Mobile check deposit
Very convenient, however often have to take many many pictures of checks to deposit them.
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1 year ago, Lost lora12533
Best credit union ever
I’ve been a customer for over 30 years. Not one complaint. If I have ever had a concern they are pro active and gracious. They have helped me to better my life by approving loans at a low interest rate. I’m grateful that they are my credit union. Thank You , Lora
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4 years ago, Callie Simons
Callie Simons
EECU has helped us with so many loans—house, car, construction, refinance, you name it they have been there! Their staff is friendly, professional, knowledgeable, and always available. Thank you EECU for helping us fulfill our dreams!
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4 years ago, Alondra_xox
Is such a nice bank I love the service and also their support to their costumers. This bank is nice for students that are barely working on themselves and also for old adults therefore I love this bank.
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2 years ago, D a n I e la ✌️
The best hands down !!
This app allows you to do half of all. When you can’t go to the bank personally I love you and it’s always so accurate. I love the online banking.
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4 years ago, Sfurrow
Not that great
This app is mediocre at best. Constant glitches, always getting kicked out and now I can’t even log into the app and check my account. This is always happening. Even the atm’s are down consistently. Come on people this is a remedial app and needs to be fixed. Someone wrote they haven’t been able to access their account since the weekend. Ridiculous.
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2 months ago, HerAnthony
Mobile Deposit
Needs a lot of work I have USAA also and for over 5 years they have had the mobile app and it works flawlessly. With EECU you the app gives you a hard time focusing along with other issues. Otherwise app is good. Be careful with the EECU banking practices. It is very unethical. They will process payments before deposits, even when payments are set for later dates if they receive the notice early. They have been known to process transactions so that newer payments process before older ones if there is a chance to get overdraft charges or INSUFFICIENT-FUNDS charges. While not paying for any of them to allow for another charge of the same.
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6 years ago, Melissa -1
Great app
I love this app! The EECU in my town always has a line and it’s nice not having to go to the bank all the time to deposit checks. I just wish that you could deposited checks in savings through the app.
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5 years ago, Rebeccam570
Convenient, secure, and customizable - a must have!
The EECU app is so handy! It’s easy to use, safe, and I can change my notification or widget settings to match my needs! Fantastic app - I really don’t see how it could be better.
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5 years ago, Dvandal
Once you plug in all necessary account details, it is very convenient and fast to transfer funds, deposit checks, and check balances.
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2 years ago, Xiaoqing A
Credit card payment process time
It takes a few days for EECU to process my credit card payment when I transferred payment using EECU mobile app. However, it only takes a few seconds to receive the payment when I transfer to other bank accounts. I am suggesting EECU improve credit card payment process time. Thank you!
Show more
6 years ago, Mrs.Staggs
More useful than expected!!
I’m surprised I use this app as much as I do! And it’s very handy! I can see pending and approved transactions I can see the last time my card was used and everything is right there in Readily available to see at my convenience!
Show more
3 years ago, dxvxnxr
It’s improved for sure but for some reason for me it’s always down, like at least once a week. Been the same on different phones. I feel like it’s always whenever I need to access my account the most lol. Also great idea to add routing number.
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