eero wifi system

4.8 (60.5K)
73.6 MB
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Current version
eero LLC
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for eero wifi system

4.78 out of 5
60.5K Ratings
1 year ago, Incitive
Great, Simple App. Don’t let other reviews sway you away.
Everyone giving the Eero app 1 star probably doesn’t even know the difference between their modem and router. App works amazing and the simplicity is something I never experienced in routers. Setup was dead simple. Lack of user assessable toggles are a plus for me. I always drove myself crazy looking through the unsecured webpages of other manufacturers products looking for toggles to improve your Wi-Fi experience. All I’ve ever needed was port forwarding but of course the app has it, and luckily so far with these Eeros I have yet to experience and NAT issues like I have with every other router. Every small issue or question I ran into, I found a forum from eero explaining how to resolve something or just giving a general idea of why something is happening, and I love that. Even from how nice the Ethernet cable / cables feels, to setting these up, and the great packaging is small details that prove the care put into the product. I tried the Orbis just out of curiosity and being a nerd. But time and time again people seem to love Eeros support and transparency, unlike Orbi. Eeros are rock solid and provide coverage all around my house and in the yards. Super happy with the whole product.
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4 years ago, ant182
Great network, setup needs work
I’d love to give this a perfect rating. Our network is massively better than what it was. We even have coverage at the back of the yard now. But there is a glaring oversight in the set up app that is the kind of thing that really bugs me when developers don’t think of possible scenarios. As you go through set up, there are two instances where the app requires an internet connection. The new network isn’t set up at this point in the process yet, so that means the app developers have assumed everyone has cell coverage in their homes: I don’t. So the app just keeps spinning with ‘this should only take a couple minutes’ as it tries to register your account. Why do developers not put in contingencies for this sort of thing? Why does the app not recognize there is no internet connection and prompt you with a ‘We detected no network, so we’ll register your new account after your set up is complete” message? I had to unplug the Ethernet cable in the middle of setup, and set up my old router, just to register my new eero system, then unplug it and replug in the eero, which coincidentally confused the heck out of the app, so i had to restart the whole process. This happened twice before i got it set up. I realize it’s probably a small amount of users who dont have cell coverage at home, but this sort of oversight for a product of this caliber (and it is great once it’s working) is frustrating.
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4 years ago, PentaxVanguard
Great app, even better WiFi
My whole family really appreciates the great coverage our eero WiFi equipment provides, so much so that having excellent WiFi coverage in the whole house, including the garage and the front and back yards, has become the norm. The app is great for monitoring what devices are connected to your network (it will even notify you when a new device connects!), you can customize your network settings if your so inclined or just let the app walk you through setup if you’re less technical, you can set downtimes for specific devices or groups of devices, and even block devices from connecting entirely. They even added a highly requested feature recently that shows you how much data the various devices on your network are using, super handy if your ISP has data caps. In short, eero has become the backbone of our internet connected house/family, and the app is great for anyone who wants to run an eero network, from the least technical user to an IT engineer.
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3 years ago, bad27
It's definitely NOT Orbi‼️
I just got new fiber optic internet and is the first time I've ever had fiber anything. I had Spectrum WiFi up till a day ago and although it wasnt fiber it was blazing fast and it was hooked up to my Orbi Mesh System which improved it dramatically!!!! While it was on just the Spectrum channels meaning the 2.4g and the 5g it registered only at around 200mbps but as soon as I hooked up Orbi that was a wrap!! It registered 460Mbps download speed and 35 upload speed all the time and all over the house and yard I even have bars 2 doors down from my house! It also runs my security wireless cameras flawlessly as well! Now, I just had VexusFiber install their fiber WiFi and I tell you what its super blazing fast! It came with the eero mesh system and I left it for a few hours to test it out and it was ok but the range wasn't satisfactory to me so I hooked Ole Orbi back up and it's freakn phenomenal! It consistently tops out at 420mbps download and get this the upload comes in at the same 420mbps! I don't know if that has to do with fiber or what but the installation guy said he thought it would throttle down but that's not the case the upload stays on par with the download which is crazy but great! The Orbi is hands down without a doubt the more superb package but eero can do the job for most!
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5 years ago, 801tkpc
Poor at best
I own an original Eero system purchased directly from Nick in San Francisco. It works very well in a wooden house that is 2 stories and 3500 square feet. I have a base and 5 more units. Coverage is excellent on a 100 meg cable system. This system is five stars I recently completed the renovation of a structure that I will call a guest house and a studio. All of the ceilings floors and 80% of the walls are pine wood. The guest house in 1400 sq feet and the Studio is 750 Sq feet. In preparation for this installation I purchased a pro pack and a house installation with two beacons. The Base station in the Pro came up with no issues. Standing on its own in the 1400 sq feet it has dead spots and drops. I tried to install the two units from the pro kit and the base could not find them even placed next to each other. Same thing with the two beacons. I tried to enter the units with serial numbers and some luck but poor placement and no luck finding them after that. I started with the original unit from the cable company and have since purchased a NetGear X45. It reads the 200+ megs from the cable company but can not get past the Eero issues. The Nighthawk cable router modem gives good coverage in and around the guest house but barely twenty feet away in the Studio the coverage is spotty. I have just purchased two range extenders that are compatible with the Nighthawk X45 C7800. They will arrive next week and I will give an update then.
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3 years ago, totalFlux
Day 2 and already a disappointment
Purchased two eero pro 6 units as a replacement for the latest Apple AirPort Extreme + Express(as extender) setup in hopes of getting better signal in my backyard. Set up was easy and I placed new units in the same exact location as the old ones. Now I did get better signal in my backyard but I also ended up with worse signal inside my house with some devices like my work laptop in the office which keeps switching to slower 2.4Ghz network with no way to pin it to 5Ghz. Same story with my phone when I am in my office. My kid’s old iPhone 4 will not connect at all - says unable to connect every time I try. And then there is the flaky app - 2nd day I check the app and it shows no devices on my network and prompts me to add a new device. I tried restarting the app, toggling WiFi on/off, going next to the main eero unit but to no avail - I finally gave up and walked away. Eventually devices came back in the app just to disappear again later and now I don’t know what I will find when I open the app. And now I’m sitting here and already dreading the next forced software update whenever eero chooses to impose it on me. At this point it feels like a total let down and I am seriously thinking of going back to my super stable Apple network.
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2 years ago, sleeperd3v
Eero 6 mesh sys: great, Eero app: alright
Been using for a few months now. My speeds have been consistently high throughout the house. Best connections I've ever had, with my limited experience in home networking. I have at least 10 devices connected at all times, and haven't experienced/noticed any drops. The app is mostly functional on my iPhone 12 Mini. The HomeKit feature is the only problem I have- Is the "Set Up HomeKit" button supposed to do something? When I'm disconnected from the network, it prompts me to connect to the network to use the feature. I tap "Join". I wait. Nothing happens. When I tap the button while I'm connected to the network, nothing happens. Is this expected? If I have a Home, does the HomeKit feature just work in the background? I don't see any clear answers to this in FAQs or forums. Again, this is my only frustration with the system. Overall, would recommend. Update: Fixed the problem by uninstalling the eero app, disabling my VPN completely, then reinstalling. Afterwards, I got the HomeKit feature working pretty quickly by just following on-screen instructions.
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2 years ago, Dik lover
Worst device I’ve ever used
Recently purchased two eero 6 devices and a new wired router. I assumed since the router doesn’t have Wi-Fi I would need something like eero to not only have Wi-Fi, but to extend it throughout my apartment. Eero does what I needed it to do. It has given me A much larger Wi-Fi signal with a faster speed. Unfortunately eero goes off of the WAN IP address. So it has completely taken over the functionality of the router. I tried wiring a connection to my computer, only to be told it can’t identify the network and there is no connection. I tried wiring to my Xbox and it says it can’t connect to the DNS server. Ok? So I tried connecting my Xbox through the Wi-Fi and it says it can’t connect to a static ip. My phone connects just fine to eero Wi-Fi and so does my pc, but my Xbox won’t. This product has a flawed design. I want to try and assign a static ip to eero (which they allow you to do) but I have a feeling it’s going to be an absolute head ache! As they set it up to where you can’t make changes to the eero while you’re offline, and my phone isn’t working without Wi-Fi. If I could give this product less than 1 star I would. Convoluted problem that has taken me over two days of my life to identify! GARBAGE PRODUCT
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2 years ago, Poot7
Buggy App
The network and devices are great, but this app is rough. No way to search for devices by assigned names. No way to delete devices that you no longer own, so I’ve got many old iPhones still assigned to my profile. The daily activity section and live data are locked behind the eero secure paywall, which is ridiculous. And to top it off, the Show Live Data section is terribly unreliable. It often shows no activity at all, no matter how many times you restart the app. And when it is working, it’s slow, and sometimes just stops working. You can’t tap the device and view it’s profile from that live data list either, meaning if you find the problem device and want to go pause it, you have to close the live data list, risking the chance of it not working when you go back to check. This should not be behind a paywall. It’s kind of insane that such a basic router feature is locked away like that. And since I have to pay for such a basic feature, I expect it to work. Haven’t I paid enough for these devices already? Edit for March 2022. Show Live Data is still as unreliable as it’s always been.
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4 years ago, Scorpiodsu
Good, would be great with a couple more features
Does everything most would need regarding setup, seeing activity on your network, network management. One feature that would be helpful is the ability to either skip or delay an upcoming scheduled pause. For instance I have my children’s devices on scheduled pauses for bedtime. But on days when there isn’t school the next day (holiday or teach work day) and they are up a bit longer, I would extend time a bit more. So now I either have to turn off the schedule or wait until it starts and allow activity to resume. When I had google WiFi I could just select to delay the start for 30 mins and be good to go. Now I have to manually resume and then pause again when time is up. Something so simple makes a big difference. Another thing is to allow content filtering for devices and not just profiles. I could have devices all in the same profile but not want content filtering on all of the devices. The network knows all the devices so should be easy to allow that functionality.
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4 years ago, the_incredible_edible_egg
Best Wi-Fi app, period.
I’ve been through Orbi and D-Link before switching to Eeros. Somehow the Orbi app has almost five stars, and D-Link and Eero are at three stars as of this writing. Ignore those ratings for comparison purposes; no other Wi-Fi app is anywhere close to the overall excellence of the Eero app. The level of detail provided (Eg., which band a device is using while connected to a particular Eero unit), the ease of use (pretty much flawless), the setup flow, everything. It’s just ridiculously better, and given the current ratings, I almost feel obligated to write this review. They even have labs - really useful beta features that you can toggle on through the app. Currently using Band Steering and Smart Queue Management. Anyway, to summarize, you get what you pay for. My Eero system was very expensive and also very much worth it. This app is a critical part of that value. Five stars, above and beyond.
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3 years ago, BlueNeki
Just 1 complaint
Okay maybe 1 1/2 complaints because the half complaint didn’t really affect me but I could see it being frustrating to those it does. So first: you need cell service to set up the router. I have cell service, and setting up all 3 only took me a couple minutes and the click of a button. So as long as you have cell service, this is great. Unfortunately I don’t remember seeing anywhere on the box that said you’d need a connection to set up the router. I didn’t see that until I read the setup card inside the box. So this is at the very least some really bad communication on Eero’s part, because a router should have a clearly communicated alternative setup method. But my actual complaint, for hundreds of dollars on a router system that marketed great security, no asterisks, I wasn’t expecting that the security it boasts about would have to be through a subscription. Thankfully $3 a month doesn’t really break the bank for me, but it’s the principle of the matter. You can’t market something as having built in malware protection and parental controls and not mention it’s at an additional cost. Overall the router itself is great, and the app itself is convenient, so it only felt fair to still put 4 stars. But as far as Eero/Amazon goes as a company, primarily in the marketing and communication aspect, I’d absolutely give 1 star and without reading through them all I’m assuming these issues I brought up are what the 1 star reviews are about.
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5 months ago, Huey Magoo's Reviews
Monkey’s paw product, App itself is fine
Managing your router is now easier than ever, at the expense of conventionality. The app itself is more than capable of any functions you’d need to do with a router. You can port forward, manage firewall settings, run speed tests, manage DNS, VPN, monitor traffic, connected devices and more. However, it is incredibly inconvenient that in order to manage my router, first I must download an app, I need to make an account, attach my email and phone number, set up 2 factor authentication, and agree to their data sharing practices. With just about any other router, I can just log in from my web browser, without having to make an account or agree to any of this. Making an easy-to-use app is nice, especially to make important settings like VPN, Firewall, and Passwords more streamlined for the average person. However, disabling a local web interface, instead requiring me to control my router via a cloud interface feels very insecure and clunky especially when I want to manage it on my computer.
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12 months ago, Mairi nD
Easy setup-EXCEPT
Purchased eero 6 Dual-Band Mesh WiFi system from Crutchfield. That turned out to be an excellent choice of vendor due to their excellent free technical assistance. The app worked flawlessly setting up the 1st wired eero. Trouble came with the wireless second & third ones. When I got to the page that had a picture of an electrical outlet I saw what appeared to be a progress bar underneath. Never saw any progress. Didn’t matter if I was using the app on iPad or iPhone. HERE’S THE SECRET! It’s NOT a progress bar! The iPad was in landscape mode. When putting it in portrait mode you see a blue arrow on the bottom right hand corner. Click that and keep going. Easy peasy. Mind you, even though the iPhone was in portrait mode you don’t see the blue arrow at the bottom of the page with the electrical outlet. Just swipe up until you see it. My WiFi is working well now. After about a total of 3 hours on the phone with the nice folk at Crutchfield.
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5 years ago, paulblock
Need iPad app support
(Note: I updated to 5 stars because the app has been updated with an iPad-optimized version. Thank you, Eero !) My new Eero system is working wonderfully and worth 5 stars. But I’ve removed a star because of the lack of an iPad version of the app. It could be the same as the iPhone version but optimized for the bigger screen and providing the ability to use it in landscape mode. I’m always on the iPad in landscape mode with keyboard attached and hate having to pick up and balance the iPad in portrait mode while accessing the app. For such a beautifully designed product, great packaging, and well-thought-out app (on iPhone), the lack of an iPad version makes the product feel out of date. Oh, and let us turn off the ad (I’d remove another star for that, it it really is a 5-star product and don’t want readers to think the Eero itself is only worth 3 stars).
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4 years ago, Keyur82
Simple and elegant
App is simple to use and yet it gives the plenty of information and customization. It’s been little more than a week on eero and this app and I am pretty impressed so far. I have wired network in my home so it was easy to do wired backhaul for more stable and faster internet access. Nest WiFi with access points would have formed me to it setup wirelessly so eero setup worked out better than nest WiFi for me. Eero secure is paid and that gives me the confidence that they will keep working on it to improve it all the time as opposed to free security that comes with some of the mesh routers. Subscription is only $30 a year so it’s pretty fair in my opinion. I don’t know why the app is only rated 3 stars here as I don’t see any issues with the app so far. I will update my review if I come across any issues.
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3 years ago, Race Fiend 100
App is buggy when you need it and feature poor
When the network is working, the app shows you this clearly. When the network is not working well, the app cannot be trusted. For example, it says “Internet down” on the main screen, but when you click through t says the internet is up and speed test is fast. The reboot status of eero units lags reality (eg lights on base unit goes white for connected status minutes before the app will reflect this). When the network is slow through some satellite eero units, the app provides no information to help narrow down the problem. For example, it would be simple and helpful for the app to give a network speed from each satellite unit to the main eero unit. Almost as simple would be to give a speed test that reports speed from phone to nearest eero unit, though each eero unit in the mesh to the main eero unit and then the internet. This would help to diagnose where slow speeds are occurring. Network topology would be even better for many users. All these are needed because the eero mesh is not sufficiently reliable. It is common for speeds to a satellite unit to be 260 Mbps one day and 100 the next. Calling eero support shows that they can see more info. But they don’t often have the time to solve problems completely. Given the cost of this system I would give the system overall 2.5 stars. We have 5 eero units and can’t cover 2400 sq ft with reasonable speeds.
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1 year ago, mikeyc14
Nice wifi but horrible useless app
While its nice to have a wifi router that’s supposedly so secure and safe the app leaves a lot to be desired. You already pay a fortune for the router then have to pay for secure+ so it will warn you of possible threats to the network but it will flag things as possible malicious or phishing but doesnt tell you what those things are so how are you supposed to remove them or stay away from them. In the past i had warnings in both categories and through process of elimination found that it was flagging verizon digital secure, Disney + and netlfix all apps that got from app store and millions of people use every day. Was there something wrong or a false positive? No way to know. Also it does its scans once an hour at random times so cant tell if the block came from the previous hour or that hour and why cant you send a warning immediately when flagging something so maybe i can figure out what caused it. If apple is to secretive for you to make this app work properly you shouldnt be charging people. Very dishonest.
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5 years ago, Cha733
Good Router NEW app needs work
Since the new app has come online I have less functionality than I used to have. Before if I noticed my Internet was slow I could look at my devices and figure out which was eating up all my Bandwith. Normally it was an Xbox doing a game update or one or my PCs updating. I would simply look down my list of devices and look at traffic. Now I have to hunt and peck and click on each device to figure out which one is the offender. Can we please have an option to display upload/download per device or a sort button. Anything to give use a useful way to guage the activity per device. Also in the Activity Tab can we have a total upload/download count. Sure it’s great to see what my last Speedtest was, but current activity would be great so I don’t call up and yell at my ISP for slow net and get told I’m currently using it all.
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5 years ago, 11iloveyou
Good networking, poor app
WiFi signals are strong and speed is good. Setup is easy, but troubleshooting is difficult because the devices don’t offer any user configuration. You can’t tell if an Eero is working unless you unplug all other Eeros on the network. Content filtering (i.e. restricting internet content) is assigned to individual devices, which is great for flexibility but is difficult to administer. Each time a new device connects, you receive a notification. That’s good, but by default the new device receives unfiltered internet access. So when your kid’s friend comes over and connects their phone to WiFi, they have unfiltered access until you open the app, identify their device (which is more difficult than it sounds) and assign it to a profile with certain restrictions. Our family of four has about twenty devices connected at a given time, and each child has about 10 friends who connect occasionally. That’s 40 devices to keep track of, and many of them have identical names such as “iPhone”. Eero could substantially improve the content filtering process if they would let users sort the list of connected devices by how recently the devices connected. That would make it much easier to identify the new device after receiving a notification. With the app as it exists today, content filtering is a frustrating experience.
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2 years ago, Joely Cannoli
Great so far
I’ve been using AT&T’s modem/router and their Smart Home Manager app for about 3 super frustrating years now. The Smart Home Manager app takes 30+ seconds to load to a device list and 15+ seconds to implement any setting change, only allows 1 parental control schedule (no weekend schedule), was unable to pause some devices or add them to a parental control schedule. I’ve had an eero 6 for about a week now, and all of these issues are now solved. The eero app loads instantly, changes are made instantly, I can finally force Fortnite to disconnect, but still give my kid some extra time on weekends. It has a user-friendly UI and works with Alexa. I have 2 more eero 6 routers that I plan to connect in my new house. Hoping it will be an easy setup.
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4 years ago, chipchap42
Remarkably poor app
As others have written, the hardware, (when you can get it to work) is great. But the app is a disaster. Nearly everything in it failed to work as soon as problems were encountered and simple, last-resort items like deleting nodes or remove the network don’t work. I wanted to see how smart the system was at reconfiguring itself, so first I tried changing which node had the connection to the gateway. Didn’t work and had to start everything again and wait, just do get it back to working at all. Then I wanted to move nodes around as the first place I put a node said it couldn’t receive a signal at all. This is despite my house being half the size eero Pro claims to support, and also despite putting the node on a hard surface off the ground with no electronics nearby. Then I wanted to remove a node so I could put it somewhere else. Wouldn’t do that either. Finally I tried (while right by the connected gateway) to delete the entire network. Nope. And it doesn’t give any useful feedback either. Not any kind of acknowledgment there’s a problem and what to do about this. Then I saw there was a new version of software I could download into the devices. “Fair enough, it’s a very new product”, I thought. So although it warned that would take 15 mins, and there would be further howls of anguish from the family, I thought I’d try that. But no, that didn’t work either. Again, no explanation as to why. So far this is garbage.
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4 months ago, August Schartner
Meeting the milestones
I bought your first product some years ago, and while it was a bit finicky, it was miraculous, considering there was nothing Like it in the mesh arena. We are multiple Farm facilities. all over Island mass in New Hampshire and we’ve continued to use your product and the upgrades are nothing but outstanding. I just set up euro six at our Exeter Rhode Island location and it was seamless and went so much farther than I had expected it would I have three extra pucks that I’m not using yet. I know they’re not pucks. Anyway, I want to thank everybody involved in the outstanding follow-through with your product. I expect to be a customer going forward because I can determine outcomes with your product. Thank you, Tim
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4 years ago, jdixon1990
Was disappointed the first few days. Now very happy
The setup was great. The app is good. But I was replacing a regular AC router and for the first few days, my network seemed noticeably worse. I was extremely close to returning the system. They say the network will learn, and maybe it did, because it quickly became great. I have an eero pro and 2 eero beacons in a 3300sqft 2 story house and it works very good. Really like the automatic updates to the app and the firmware of the router. Really like the automatic daily speed testing of the network. I also really like the new activity feature that shows data usage by device. Would be nice if they let you add a priority device list, but I think they try to accomplish this automatically, which is maybe a better solution if they get it right.
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2 years ago, Jondoeca
Blocked Access
The Wifi coverage is overall better than what it was with my Airport Extreme, so that’s a plus. The setup was also fairly painless. I had some trouble getting it to talk with my Surfboard modem, but my experience has taught me that these modems don’t always like it when you change their LAN device connection. What I don’t like the most about the Eero; 1) I can only access the router settings from my phone/tablet. That’s annoying, actually. Why not have a desktop app or web app? 2) The setup was fairly painless, but it’s because it was automated. I’ve learned that when things are automated, there are fewer options. The advanced tab doesn’t have any options, it’s just basic info like MAC addresses, SN, and other general info, not an advanced tab for configuration. 3) Previously, I used both password and MAC address filtering to connect to my WiFi. The Eero doesn’t have both options. For all the security being offered (mostly for pay), I’d think MAC address filtering would also be offered. 4) I also didn’t know that my own router functionality is under the management of the cloud. If Eero’s network goes down, will my router still work? Will I be able to make config changes? We know what happens to Tesla cars when the Tesla network goes down. They stop working. Is the same true for Eero?
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6 years ago, Lukewaranis
Absolutely Fantastic
I have read through the comments and kinda laugh at some of them for saying eero is a bad device and I strongly disagree I am 17 years old and really run the house electric tonically, I am not a part of Eero however this is recommended to anyone, to those who have bad feedback are most likely just clueless about the 21st century my 11 year old sister could have set this up and have it work great (not as good as me cause ya I’m better lol). Phones will automatically magically connect to the closest eero however laptops (excluding macs) will not do this, however it is simple turn your WiFi on and off and boom it will be on your nearest and strongest connection in the house. Please invest your money in this, this product is truly amazing.
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2 years ago, Saber38
This review was definitely a God send. A very computer savvy friend of mine and I hooked my new three piece unit in today. I would have had the same problem with very poor phone service without solid wireless connection. The setup was straightforward. I have an unusual Shotgun Two Story with detached garage. Starting with number one. We took a great deal of the original installed system that was quite pricey but never could handle much of a load even though I am suppose to have Gigabyte service. We followed the directions about 2.5 hours trying a few different positions and ended up with great connectivity. As "Ant182 " mentioned the range is surprisingly large. I have 15 feet to a detached garage and with both doors shut inside the RAV4 it was giving 2-3 bars of wireless.
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2 years ago, Blatotheblabla
Stop. Just stop now and get anything else. This eero system is garbage. The router is completely useless if trying to connect a network switch to hardwire anything! It simply fails. Even without a switch attached, it goes offline 100 times a day and constantly needs to be “reset” by unplugging. Customer support is useless and they believe it’s normal to have to follow 20 troubleshooting steps every 30 minutes to keep your network up and running. Complete trash straight out of the box. I had a replacement system sent direct from eero, and SAME GARBAGE. Can’t support Ethernet connection at all and backhaul is a complete lie. This is lemon. False advertising. Product does not function as advertised. Demand a refund and keep all your emails from customer service to use as proof when arguing your case. Save yourself the time and hassle…just get a new router and get some tp link or netgear access points. The eero system is weak
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5 months ago, pictonator
Really not good
For how much the hardware costs, it would be nice to have more useful features in the app. When my Internet runs slow, I can run a network health scan that just tells me my incoming Internet is blazing fast. However, it doesn’t tell me the speed and health of the mesh network. Google’s app always gave me better data for their mesh system. Additionally, if you explore other features in the app they want to charge subscription fees for many of those features. It’s really not a very user friendly app overall, but it’s basic. Hopefully the developer can continue to improve the app and include basic features to provide feedback when the network is running slowly. If I pay for 1 Gbps Internet service and run a Eero Pro mesh system with multiple access points, it would be nice to have software that can keep up with useful data to fix the consistent speed issues.
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4 years ago, Pappas11
Great network, App needs work
I just updated our network hardware to the Pro version and I think it’s great. I am able to stick on the 5g across the whole house with concrete walls and all. The app is where I have frustrations as some others have said. A single hub to see all usage by devices is a major need. Having to drill down to each device is frustrating when you have over 20+ connected. Also the ad blocker and other features don’t seem to have an actual details other than a count. So I can’t see what was determined as a issue. Maybe it sees it as an issue but it’s not or maybe it’s just a data point to make you think it’s doing something. Please provide more ability to drill down to what the system is identifying and a main page with system overview of all usages! On a positive note, I like the profiles to lock out the kids when their time is up.
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3 years ago, funtara
Best Secure Wifi Options
I purchased the eero home Wi-Fi System directly from products offered at the Apple Store trusting the suggestion from Apple. I am so pleased with the product! Of course it took some time to get familiar with but error offers users a better internet experience in advance security. The product notifications confirms of any unrecognized device trying to access your internet and makes it so easy to block it. I really like the content filters that allow me to specify what I need to limit each working device to as for my social media, gaming, shopping, and streaming comparison for business or entertainment development. I also like that capability of being able to change your Wi-Fi name when ever you want to! That is really cool. Erro offers even additional security for users that especially remain on the internet for long time periods for business, University or even developers there is Erro Secure and + with Malwarebytes, 1 Password , Encrypt Me, I absolutely love it is just what I needed Thx!! 👍🏻
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2 years ago, runningrinke
It’s pretty good but…
So I really do enjoy my eero, it’s increased my max speed significantly from an old Netgear Nighthawk router. However, the app does have its annoying quirks. Even with “Optimize Gaming & Conferencing” turned on, my Xbox Series S is usually limited to the 2.4gHz network. This is obviously not nearly enough speed to play AAA title multiplayer games. Please, please, please just add a button to force 5gHz on a certain device permanently. It’s so frustrating that I have bought a 50ft cat5e cable to hardwire it. If you search online, you will see tons of posts of people having the same issues with Xbox consoles dating pretty far back so I don’t anticipate this ever being added in or fixed. Oddly enough, my Xbox One S, which only use streaming apps on and do no bandwidth intensive gaming on, is always connected to 5gHz when I check. Very frustrating. Other than that, I do like the app and the accompanying product. App is updated often which is nice to see, as well as being able to use beta features, if you want, like the one mentioned above. Overall, happy customer and will keep using the app and product.
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2 years ago, vBuren
Hardware: Yes, App: Yes, Services: No
The hardware is working quite well compared to the Unifi system I’m coming from. After two weeks I haven’t seen any of the network issues I experienced with my old system. The app is basic at best and needs more functionality. Though, I’ll take a reliable working network I don’t have to “fix” all the time over all the options offered by my old system any day. The services, we’ll, I don’t understand them. I’m using the trial version and when I click into Activity, Scans, and a device, I’m presented with Web; 295,378 scans and no details. I won’t be paying for it after the trial ends. In this respect, it’s tough loosing all the functionality and services from my old system.
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4 years ago, Heavy business user
So far, not impressed
I have had this app for about 2 hours now and I am not impressed. Setup was quick and easy. The network worked great for about 10 minutes but then it decided to stop working. I was connected to the WiFi but there was no internet. I clicked on the restart eero button on the app, nothing happened. Tried a few more times and mixed in force closing the app - nothing. I clicked on the speed test in the app, nothing. Tried a few more times and mixed in force closing the app - nothing. I clicked on the remove eero button in the app to go through initial setup again - nothing happened. I waited a bit then tried a few more times and mixed in force closing the app - nothing. I then did a hard reset with the physical button on the gateway. After that, I opened the app and it said my eero was still online, which it wasn't. This app must be a joke.
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12 months ago, GrannyDar
We are being played!
Eero's pay subscription service is not doing what it says it does. Please explain to me how it shows it blocked 234 ads on Apple TV when I have premium streaming services with no ads (except for their own promotional material) and when NO ads are blocked on live streaming content like Peacock's channels. Then there is the supposed Guardian VPN that I engaged for only several hours today and was email spammed 5 times as well as had Apps drop out plus my speed access decreased. Try to look up this company and there is virtually no information on them. As for this new VPN, it isn't even rated as a top 20 viable option. 1Password has had several vulnerabilities over the years and malwarebytes is a tinker toy compared to Bitdefender, Macafee or Norton. Other top routers do not charge for security or password protection. Don't fall for the pretty graphics as there is no substance behind them.
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2 years ago, DirtyJ375
The routers are great. App could use some help.
Things I’m not a fan of: - Seeing “new” next to a device that has connected to my network thousands of times before. I’m getting notifications and am thinking that my next door neighbor has hacked my network and is leaching off of me, but no. It’s just my iPhone connecting for the thousandth time. - Not working with device-specific features. Have “private Wi-Fi address” or “private relay” enabled on your Apple devices? Then content wont load on random websites, and none of eero’s knowledge base articles discuss this. Do they know about it? Yes. They just want you to contact them rather than freely providing this info. - VPN overrides profiles. Have a child that you want to keep safe from adult or nefarious sites, just use profiles. Oh, and that VPN that you got from subscribing to our premium tier (or any VPN)… that prevents profiles from working, so no doubt your kid is online past their bed time, or watching copious amounts of porn. I’m not a dev, but I was hoping that since this is at the MAC address level that a VPN would have no affect, but I was wrong. Oh, and there’s nothing on the eero support site that tells you this (that I’ve found).
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5 years ago, potatoheadbobby
New skin, same lacking app
I love the core product (Eero networking and Secure+) but it’s unfortunately frontended by an overly simplified app. It’s all fine to lead with a clean, simple design, but I would like to be able to dive into detail when needed. As an example, Secure+ provides a nice, clean dashboard telling you how many scans and threat blocks it’s done, but there’s no way to determine which sites you or a user on your network have been visiting that have been causing those threats. Great 5hat you blocked 52 attempts to install malware, but which pieces of malware? Which site tried to install it? No way to know. Similarly, performance tuning on the network side is left to a “just trust us” model. I would just like to be able to see how everything is configured and to have an “expert” mode should I need to make a fine adjustment.
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6 years ago, Phwu dat
OK app
So I almost spent an unnecessary $200 for another beacon due to the inaccuracy of the app in which it lead me to be annoyed and convinced this product is hyped. I finally decided to play around with the beacon placement because i was still getting subpar speeds and finally realized that the app isn’t updated/refreshed which is stupid even when you force close the app. It keeps saying my PC was connected to the furthest eero rather then the one plugged into the same wall but when I ran a speed test, it was obvious it is connected to the one on the same wall (blatantly obvious when one beacon gives 15 down and the other gives 46 down 🤦🏻‍♀️). I can confirm with turning wifi off my phone but eero still saying phone is connected smh. I have a 1200 sq foot home, so glad I decided to trial and error before wasting more money.
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7 months ago, drbruce2
In from the start
We live in a fairly large house and the router couldn’t reach the whole house. I tried power line adapters and range extenders, but each had their drawbacks and limitations. When I read about the eero system being developed, I ordered a set. Is have added and modernized the system over the years, and cannot say enough about the ease of setting this up, and the speed of the units. I have given them as presents, and even the most electronically backwards can set the system up in minutes with no anxiety apor distress. When we got a vacation home, the first purchase I made was an eero system.
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4 years ago, TheBen12
Very nicely designed app
I recently switched from Netgear and the Eero app is far and way the better designed one. It’s a pleasure to use and supports modern features like Band Steering and local DNS caching, while showing an incredible amount of info like the bands and WPA-standard that each device is on and real time WiFi speed and usage. Software updates are also far more seamless than I’m used to. They even have a dark mode. As another reviewer noted, I feel obligated to write this review because the app has a criminally low average rating. Ignore that. The thoughtful design and comprehensive features make this app far better than its competitors.
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3 years ago, Chuck Kemp
Very useful
The setup was fast and easy. This is great for none technical individuals. I can see where highly technical individuals would be less than happy. I am a retired IT professional and I enjoy some more technical options. But for now I would like to see the network being able to set itself as highly secure as possible on an individual device bases, meaning if a device can’t use WPA3 then for that device down shift to what it can use, but allow the ones that can use the higher security to do so. The speed of my network is great, and the speed of the extenders are also very good and the speed is running at what is to be expected by design. The extenders are half of what the gateway routers speed is.
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2 years ago, SycOps
The people have spoken
I looked at the 2.9 reviews and thought to myself, surely not I will give it a shot. This must be a good device and setup. 2 hours later I told myself I should have just trusted the reviews. No need for me to write you 15 paragraphs. Either you trust the reviews or you can try it yourself. The setup is horrible, the intructions are horrible, the troubleshooting is horrible and there are no information or documents to tell you what does what. Does my wife have to install the app to get on the WiFi now? Do my other devices all have to be added to this network from the app to access my modem? Or does it scan it through my modem? A 100 other unanswered questions. But you bet they will do a great job getting your email and phone number then spam you with junk. That is the one thing they do really well!!
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2 years ago, CoasterFanDan
I have spoken with the Eero team and they have assured me that the Eero is blocking all the phishing and malware hits my router is taking. Sometimes its quite a lot. It is rather bothersome. What is troubling to me is that there is no other information that you get with this data screen outside of, the number of hits that have been blocked. What websites? What prompted the triggers, is there a place or open network we should avoid? For paying in advanced for such a secure product to inform you, we seem to get little back. One the flip side, the Custer service against have been fantastic in talking to us at length about how the units work, process data and how the system does block these sites from out network. Still, it is a bit unnerving to see all these hits. More information guys. Please.
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4 years ago, Sorlinges
Good Product, Terrible App
I am a longtime NETGEAR Nighthawk user. With the advent of mesh technology, I wanted to extend coverage & improve reliability. Considered both Orbi & EERO. Chose EERO on the advice of Apple. Purchased EERO Pro 3-pack a week ago & installed this week. There are zero installation instructions outside of the app, which is “one size fits all”. The app is designed as a “decision tree” with no explanation re what the terms mean. Nor is it particularly intuitive & I’m a graduate engineer, who is comfortable with technology. To date I’ve had 4 phone calls with Eero Tech Support. The system is now set up & is functioning reliably. However, the app still won’t let me register using my mobile number & Tech Support says EERO’s troubleshooting guide doesn’t cover this situation. The app is barely in beta test format & should never have been released. I made a mistake in buying EERO. Cannot recommend the product, until the app is fixed.
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5 years ago, WiZzyzx
Latest upgrade made it worse!
The latest “all new” Eero app is a downgrade. The old app allowed you to see connected devices and see how much bandwidth each is using. The new one discarded this functionality - now you need to drill into each device to see. So if your network is slow and you don’t know why, you can’t tell any more which device is the issue unless you click on ALL of them. That’s just stupid. It wasn’t great before, since you couldn’t sort by usage or anything like that, but the new version is even worse. Also, for the love of god, please allow us to change what time of day you run the speed test. Mine runs at 5:57pm every night, right as my kids are pounding the internet playing video games. I can’t change it though... Eero - time to pick up your game on the app!
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3 years ago, nejjj
Must pay a monthly subscription to use all features
They charge you $500+ for their WiFi system and then after expect you to pay for a monthly subscription to unlock all its features. This is a huge scam. I understand charging for third party integrations but for simple things like checking the devices usage and daily activity is something that I’ve had with all my WiFi modems for more than 10 years and never had to pay extra for. These are things that the device can do without an external service, the device that you paid for can do this but they block you from using that feature. I wish that I head read the reviews here before buying the system. Don’t waste your money and buy this system, it is a huge scam. Spend your hundreds of dollars elsewhere.
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7 years ago, Tryna Get Slim Jim
First Gen Eero owner
So this review is not about the amazing eero whole-home WiFi system itself, rather it’s about the app. The app has a beautiful interface and unlike the velop app I had prior it updates frequently and always stays sharp and simple. I love the app because it fully controls everything about my network. From guest access, to connected devices, to adding an eero, to controlling the led lights, to family profiles and parental controls, to everything else you may need!!! Love this sleek and sharp app. It’s details and color scheme is also super complimentary (from an artist with firm views on grouping colors based to coincide in a way that’s visually appealing). Nice app eero!!!
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4 years ago, Eric Summers
Better then most routers, but can use work
Better then most routers, but setup process doesn’t handle errors or reboots well. The app will lock up if it is unable to save settings due to communication failures. Several operations required restarts. I think all of these issues could be solved if settings could be staged then applied all at once. It is strange that cell service is required for configuration. I think a less technical person would have given up on the initial configuration. It would be great if home automation devices could be forced to 2.4 GHz somehow, my Ring Pro doorbell doesn’t work well on 5GHz through a brick wall. I could do this on my old system with a 2.4 GHz SSID.
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4 years ago, Penguin flier
Mixed feelings
I’ll start out with how it’s cool to be able to access your router through a app and it’s nicely streamlined for less techy people, but the minute you want to mess with the settings your options diminish. It feels like you don’t have enough control over the router and locked down. Also when the internet/router dies the app can be slow to realize it happened and it’s hard to figure out what’s wrong. I would use the pc I have plugged in via Ethernet to mess with the settings more quickly to figure out the problem, but they’ve been stubborn on not allowing support for that. Overall I think they need to allow more control to the user and integrate something like a priority list. As well as make it more responsive.
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4 years ago, JGriffin1984
New Update is Atrocious
One of the recent updates (not sure which, as there have been two in the past couple weeks), has made it impossible for me to reconnect my Eeros to my network. As happens approximately once per month, my Eeros needed to be completely reset. A tedious task under the best of conditions. However, with the new update, although my Eeros are able to be detected (they stop blinking blue and hold a steady blue after a minute or so), my phone will not recognize that the device has been found. It will literally search for the Eero for hours if I allow it to do so. The effect is that my entire Eero system is down and cannot be reconnected, no matter what I do. I’ve tried on two separate phones and an iPad. I’ve tried creating a new account. It’s clear the problem is the app. What a clunky system for such highly priced equipment.
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