eharmony: dating & real love

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User Reviews for eharmony: dating & real love

4.04 out of 5
36.1K Ratings
1 year ago, Vim and vigorous Ray
Five day member review
I really need your help please. Last Wednesday hi found my dream lady based on her profile picture and entry. Her interest in wellness is key and she is wonderfully thin. I found her late at night and did not store her information on my list. I thought I'd find her the next morning. The next morning she was gone. Please help me find her. Our compatibility score was 115 she lives 30 miles south from me I'm in Indianapolis in a small city. I think she was 68? possibly 65 to 70 years old. She likes walks nature comedy volunteering wellness and travel. She's a very STYLISH. That is my word and I would also describe her as a free spirit as evidenced by her clothes and jewelry. and her initial picture is her back a bit not a close-up. She is thin with her incredibly warm smile. Why would her picture not be there anymore? What are the possibilities? Her subscription di Harmony ran out? She saw my picture and is not interested? What are the other possibilities about why she would no longer be visible to me. Please please please help me find her…
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4 years ago, Lovetosimg
Found my match on eHarmony!
I was quite skeptical at first having used other dating apps that this one would be any better. But based on recommendations I thought maybe I would find some like minded individuals on here that were serious about finding a real match and not just a Friday night date. One week after being on the app a man with no picture but a wonderful profile and match score reached out to me. He sent me photos and encouraged me to Google his full name. I’m telling you, don’t overlook those pictureless profiles. There are some hidden gems just concerned for their privacy. We clicked like no man I’ve ever connected with before. Our high match score was very accurate to our personalities and communication style. It just felt so comfortable from day one. I’m definitely convinced eHarmony’s algorithm works! I have several happily married friends who met through eHarmony so I’m very glad I listened to them and paid the extra investment to meet someone of character and quality that checks all the boxes of who I’ve been searching for. It’s format is so very easy to use, has some great questions that elicit personality and interests and makes for a very user friendly experience. The only thing I wish it had an easier way to delete your account. It took a lot of emails to customer service. Maybe just give subscribers a delete button with an Are you sure? Prompt. Otherwise totally happy!!
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4 years ago, 2020Firefly
Trust Eharmony’s Process
This was the 2nd time trying Eharmony after being divorced for 20 plus years. The first time was a good experience but didn’t find the Mr. Right but that is probably because I didn’t utilize it long enough or just maybe God had other plans. This past February after getting frustrated about dating again and about to give up I signed up with Eharmony second time. Within the third week I just wasn’t feeling it and didn’t see anyone who clicked for me and I was ready to give up so I logged off for a few days. Then I thought to myself, R.... you signed up for six months and you need to give it a little more time so I logged back on and found T.... within a few minutes. After reading his profile and looking at his pictures, I was intrigued so I sent him a smile. Within a few hours he was smiling back at me. We chatted through E for a few days. After learning that he loved God as much as I did and how easy it was to chat with him, we decided to meet in person the following weekend. That first date we both knew this was going somewhere. We spent the next day together after going to church. Three months in and we knew we were going to get married. We plan to wed in October. True love and the right person is out there. Don’t give up. Let Eharmony help you find the right person with their process. I highly recommend it.
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3 years ago, thunderouswolf
Think Twice Before You Fall For Empty Promises
My experience with eHarmony was like a bad breakup. So before you decide to pull the trigger on the membership make sure you understand everything up front and more importantly your area has enough people participating. I came in being hopeful because of how they’ve advertised on how different their process is from typical dating apps. However, it came with short falls. Like in a normal relationship you hope those short falls don’t become a problem so you give it a try. Don't do it. We all have preferences on who we are looking for and well when I applied my requirements my choices were very limited. I kept thinking it would get better but saw more incomplete profiles, no photos and even less of those profiles responding. I had finally given up and reached out to them for a refund for the remaining time I had on the membership. Of course like asking for divorce they said no way. For the amount of money you spend on here, really consider if you are in for the long haul before your refund period is up. Mind you the period isn’t really long enough to really understand how the application works. My current results are 15, half of that are incomplete profiles or no photos and the other half not responding. All eharmony has to say is relax my requirements. Ask yourself would you relax your requirements if you're spending that much money? This was my experience and I wouldn't recommend it.
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1 year ago, dgghkmbbf
This is a scam, save your money.
I have a STRONG feeling the 5 star reviews are bots or paid reviewers meant to offset the volume of 1-2star reviews. It’s cheaper and easier than listening to the feedback and changing. First the price, this is ungodly expensive. They claim it is because of the research it took to make their gimmicky test. Let’s be honest this site is almost over 20 years old, the test has long since been paid for. And to add insult it’s not really a ‘monthly’ subscription if you are forced to pay in 4 lump payments. The word you were looking for is ‘quarterly’…. Second, NOBODY is using this. I am just outside DC, one of the most densely populated ‘single yuppie’ areas in the country. There are a Handful of profiles. Not a handful that I liked or matched with, a handful period. And of those most were dead profiles. This is probably due to the prohibitive cost driving everyone to competitor apps, which is where I will be heading. Conclusion, this may have started as a legit dating sight but they have not adjust or innovated at all to keep pace with the competition. Now the bulk of their revenue is people paying their prohibitive cost once then leaving seeing it’s crap and leaving. Save your money, it’s a scam.
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12 months ago, GrubbyBook
Cannot see pictures
I downloaded eharmony thinking I would give the dating app world a try. After spending an hour answering questions about myself and to hypothetical situations I get to fill out some written responses that other people will see. I didn’t mind the process for setting up my account, it challenged me to be open and honest with myself and the people I might meet. Once I finally to upload a profile picture and get to see my matches the first thing that stood out was that the pictures were blurred out. Initially, I believe there may be a loading issue or something of that nature… nope. Gotta pay in order to see pictures. For the majority of people, I would assume, being able to see the people you’re talking to is very important. Psychologically speaking, in the real world any grounds for sexual attraction are the initial means for engaging in conversation with the opposite sex. And by the seems of it, that’s the only thing you pay for. Not a great first impression, and unfortunately the only impression you will get from consumers like me. Limited time offer to immediately invest in several months of using the app or you get no deal. I’m not even convinced that online dating is something I’m interested in, and the moment I get to explore this avenue I’m being asked for money to access one of the most basic features of the app. It’s a pass from me.
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2 years ago, de0lan
THE worst dating service you can use
2022 Update: Let me be clear: this company is atrocious. If you’re on this app page, RUN. Not only is eHarmony functionally terrible as I described below, but they are predatory and have outright disrespectful customer service. They’re refund policy is sleazy, and they hold your information with an iron grip (I had to ask no less than 4 times to get my account deleted, taking months for it to finally happen). You are not a person to them; you are a bag of money, and they will treat you as such. DO NOT JOIN! Can only speak for my age preferences: 20-28, the pickings are VERY slim for that age group even though I’m in Los Angeles. There’s more bots (or profiles with mysteriously little info & no pic that never get updated even days/weeks later). One of the smallest pools of the major dating services. It’s also just not engaging to use. You go through the effort of filling out all your information and then it just plops you on a single page of the same of old profiles that will hardly ever update or even just change order. A dating service that’s giving you the same options 2,3,4 weeks later is not a good one. There’s nothing to encourage you to look at anyone. It’s like an office directory for dating - cold & boring It’s not modern, it’s not that intelligent, and it’s not even that real from how many “blank” profiles I get fed on a regular basis (Pics should be REQUIRED)
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4 years ago, few active paying members
No active members. Scam.
I joined Eharmony for the same reason most do. I wanted to find someone who was serious about a relationship and not just looking to hook up. Unfortunately, there’s no way to know how many active members there are, which is by design. Eharmony knows if they showed you the real numbers, no one would join because of how absurdly few active members there are. After I joined, I set my criteria to 18-40 within 200 miles. I had 42 possible matches. 42. And I have know idea how many are paying members. If I had to guess, I’d say 10-15%, and that’s being generous. Once you pay, there are no refunds, and they make it so you need to buy for at least 6 months to get one of their “deals”. So I’m paying for the possibility of about 5 realistic potential matches, and that’s if every single one of those 5 appealed to me and me to them. I widened my search to the world and got many more matches, but no one is realistically trying to start a relationship on different continents. Eharmony is a scam. Plain and simple. They try to use Christianity as a platform to take money out of people’s pockets. They should be ashamed of themselves. Do not waste your money with this app. Once my 6 months are over, I will delete this and never return. For now, I’ll keep my app and hope that my soulmate is as gullible as I am. Stay away from Eharmony. It’s a scam.
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2 years ago, A person. Yay.
Absolutely pointless
I tried this app and someone messaged me before I even finished my profile (😒) When I did finish I was surprised to see these fools don’t even show you the photo of people who they match you up with. They show the race (if selected) and the bio and stuff but not the photo. I feel like that sets up for people to swipe to satisfy their race fetishes rather than to care about the person. That and you have to PAY if you want to message someone or just see their photos. There is literally no point in this app for people who genuinely want to meet people for reasons other than blind dating or for a one night stand. I’ve never in my life been more disappointed in an app like this. I would get the same results posting a photo of myself with the hashtag single on insta with my DMs open to everyone. This app is a joke in comparison to apps that already exist such as Tinder. They made me fill out a questionnaire and it felt so pointless to do because they were cookie cutter multiple choice questions that you'd see on a job application or something. This felt like less of a dating app and more of a data collection app. I wouldn’t spend a single penny on this and I urge anyone interested in dating apps to just opt for Tinder. You’ll find the same stuff there but in a more secure way and with less restrictions. Not the best but it’s better than this.
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2 years ago, cy_Fox
Nothing if you don’t pay..
You cannot view photos, send messages or pretty much anything unless you subscribe for a YEAR.. people don’t want to pay for an entire year especially if they are just looking or if they find that someone special in a month. If they switched to a month by month subscription instead of a one time recurring yearly payment, people might actually use it more. Having an actual photo verification system and not showing profiles that have no photos for paid users would benefit this app. If your not looking to pay don’t bother. EDIT: After receiving a response from the company, my review remains unchanged. They tried to use employee numbers as an excuse to why EVERYTHING is hidden behind a pay wall. So I can’t view just the photo of people because you have over 200 employees.. right… I rechecked because they said that they offer 6, 12, or 24 month billing, however the app, what this review is about, only has a 12 month option at least mine only has that option. There are plenty of other apps out there, and you can use those for free, see pics of people some allow you to see matches, some will allow messaging for free, yet every feature is behind a pay wall with eharmony. Wait I can read a bio.. oops guess that’s all you get, when 80% don’t bother with one seems kind of pointless.
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2 years ago, allthesenicknamescan'tbe taken
poor or no matches
A premium subscriber, I have very few matches and 3/4’s or more have no photographs, which may signal how feel actual SUBSCRIBERS eharmony has. Whether premium subscriber or not, most men in my preferred age span write so little on their profiles, preferring simply to check a list of interests. Not helpful. Algorithm results not helpful. I’d rather hear what a person has to say about himself, life, books, contemporary politics, whatever. Something. Reveal his voice. Nearly any other app reveals more or provokes more out of its subscribers. What photographs exist are very poor quality and very few in number (despite eharmony offering some 12 slots for any given profile). There’s almost no activity, no one within easy reach of where I live in the U.S. northeast who has an education (my minimum requirement). Why does eharmony have Canadian and British subscribers and search options but not the rest of Europe? Why can’t a subscriber specify he/she is looking within 500 miles or however many? Why so few options on every level? It’s a total bust even or especially even compared to very many free apps that elicit a lot more fun, detailed, revealing responses from participants—OKCupid chief among those, but also Plenty of Fish, Bumble, and Match. All have more possible and appropriate matches for a woman looking for someone from, for example, age 54 to 74.
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3 months ago, Lycan7rop3
Forceful with No Guarantee
They force a long-term Subscription on you, Not even offering a free trial to see if it’s for you or not. Ive now tried every dating app and because E-Harmony does not offer month to month or new user free trials they are the worst in this platform. Ive come to the sad conclusion that these dating platform's are in it for profit and self gain, capitalizing on the loneliness, feelings of other individuals. I guess they did not get the memo about the worlds monetary inflation.. The only thing to do is get out more, find public outlets and engage woman and the like, socially, friends or otherwise. Which is fine by me, rather do that then support corporate greed. On other platforms I also encountered a bad case of Superficiality, at least on the Woman's side, you have woman that basically flash you. Showcasing what their about (Their Twins).. As a woman you should be more than that.. Most woman have unrealistic high expectations like “If you cant make me laugh all the time” or they want to date someone that looks like Chris Hemsworth. They leave you with Ultimatum’s.. while realistically you wont ever find a perfect partner. Im sure these poor traits exist on the men’s side as well but from what I've seen most of these woman are not looking for something real and long term and only seek validation. Well thats fine, but you can do that any place, Just not on my dime..
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3 years ago, emlt123
Overpriced and underwhelming
I made the mistake of signing up one night after I had taken my sleeping medicine for insomnia and was almost like sleepwalking. The next morning when I realized what I had done, I emailed them to get my money back and I also had my doctor copied who said she would verify that I had done it in a sleeping/waking state due to my insomnia response. They refused to give me my money back and instead added even more months onto it for free when what I really wanted to do was not to be online in that capacity. Yes I know , it was my fault but I feel like with a doctors note they could at least give me my money back within 12 hours. So they refused and I tried to set up a profile and see if I could at least use what I paid so much money for accidentally. The matches are so underwhelming and the entire set up is horrible. They don’t follow your guidelines when you ask them to stay within our particular district of people and they ask the wrong kind of questions. I don’t know how anyone finds anyone else on this dating app. There’s also not the option of looking for male and female partners. You have to be straight in order to use it. What an outcome dated and frustrating process this has been. I don’t recommend it. Please don’t do it!
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4 years ago, Horimono88
I was tired of sifting through the plethora of guys wanting something casual or not knowing what they wanted on other apps, so I thought I’d bite the bullet and pay for eharmony. I am not rating it based on the fact that there is a very small pool of people to choose from, because I recognize the company cannot control who signs up for their service (although maybe if they made some improvements and/or wasn’t so expensive they’d have more people signing up). Instead I am giving it a low rating simply based on how it works. I don’t want men to know I’ve “visited” their profile, nor the last time I visited it. I don’t need all my movements reported to the other person. Also, seeing that someone visited your profile and then decided not to reach out isn’t exactly good for the ego. I got tired of emails saying “we have a match for you!”, presenting it as new when it was literally the same dude who had been in my feed for weeks. And I have never had issues with bots on Tinder or Bumble...this site seems to have a lot. Or maybe it’s because there are so few people on it the bots are easier to find. Either way, I found eharmony to be a disappointing experience and waste of money. Now I’ve got to figure out how to cancel my membership, because of course they don’t make that simple.
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4 years ago, Jrozay928
If I Could Give it 0 Stars I Would
Eharmony was a horrible service from the app itself to the customer service. The app claims it allows you a basic service before buying to get a feel for how to use it but all the photos are blurred out. You can’t see any of your matches until you actually buy their service. The shortest option is 6 months for over $300 (and that was their “sale” price), so if you really want to give it a real try, you’re locked in to pay that amount for that time frame. On top of that, their 3-day cancellation policy they mention only applies to certain states, so if you aren’t living in one of those states consider that money lost. When it came to the matches, they were absolutely horrible and when I reached out on Day 2 to request a refund I was informed that there were no options other than paying in full, pausing for a later time, or giving my subscription to a friend which I wouldn’t give to even an enemy. Their customer service was incredibly unhelpful and basically put their hands up and wished me luck. I would not recommend eharmony to anyone and if you are in fact curious about it, pay using your PayPal account where you can suspend the automatic payments when you realize this app is a scam. You’ll have better luck with Hinge or Bumble in my opinion for authentic matches and great connection.
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1 year ago, Alycia617
Horrible do not sign up!
Do not waste your money on the app. I was thinking oh I’ll try it out for $10 or do a trial period. Nope you have to sign up for 6 months minimum and it’s over $100 per month! When I wasn’t satisfied with the options on here, I wrote customer support as follows “I signed up for a 6 month plan several weeks ago, and I have been very disappointed in the selection of men on this application. I tried it out as I heard it was good for finding someone to be in a long term relationship with/marry and I have found very few potential matches. Given the vast number of options I have with other services, I am formally requesting you refund me on the credit card I used to charge the account when I signed up for eharmony and confirm cancellation. I am not at all feeling as though this service has been satisfactory in any way, or that it provides a pool of good matches. I have seen many unattractive matches with no higher education or education level is high school which is incompatible with what I am looking for”. They will NOT refund any of the subscription charges!!! Terrible app, terrible customer service , not a great pool of matches at all. I’m shocked this app is still in business — oh ya, it’s in business because it overcharges its members and won’t let you cancel. Do not sign up …
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3 years ago, ADSU21
Don’t pay until you try
eHarmony bills itself as the serious dating app that matches people by science, however, the service falls short in many ways and is simply not worth the $60 per month subscription price. If you do want to try the service, sign up for the free version first. The features are extremely limited, but you can get a sense of how many serious users there are in your area. Chances are, there aren’t that many. Most of the profiles either have no pictures or have such short descriptions that there is no way that person is using eHarmony seriously. You should also use the free communication weekends to try the features of the service before you commit to the app. I can’t help but wonder if eHarmony purposely obfuscates the lack of serious/paid members they have. I’m sure if they offered the option to sign up for 1 month paid memberships, most of their members would not renew after the first month. But by offering only 6-24 months subscriptions, you are locked in, you can’t cancel once you paid and discover that the pool of candidates is just an empty shell. Of course, many have found love using eHarmony, and there is no perfect dating service. But by charging so much they are limiting their paid membership to those those who are rich, gullible, or desperate.
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4 years ago, zachh24
Probably better off on tinder
You can not really do anything with the app unless you pay for their premium access which is WAY TOO MUCH for what little you get out of it. If you had a week trial, and the option to just do a monthly basis it might be better, but no the smallest tome frame is 6 months, and like I said you can’t really explore the app to see what little you get, especially compared to other options. The format of the app is just awkward anyways. Because not a lot of people want to drop a ridiculous amount of money for an app on the hopes that they might meet someone, not a lot of people near you are likely to even have the full access of the app. So people are turned away for the price, and the weird set up of the app. Now say you did meet someone that you want to talk to close to you and one of you don’t have the full access you only get one message each. So you can try talking to someone on the other side of the country, or find love with one message. You are honestly better off with tinder. More people are on it (which means more people on your area), messaging is free and useable with out paying for it, if you do want to pay for their advanced account it is cheeper, and you can go on a monthly basis and not pay for 6 months if you don’t want to.
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1 year ago, Texas Toni
Erasing Issue
After filling out many multiple-choice questions, this app deleted my 'about me' paragraphs three times and I decided not to enter it in a fourth. This was super frustrating and caused me to go to eHarmony immediately to request a refund only within hours of joining. They refused so I had to get my credit card company and Consumer Affairs involved. Although I normally would have reported it to the app developer, I'd had a similar issue with eHarmony many years ago so I wanted to await eHarmony's response to see how they would handle this. I tried with them twice this time, but it was a huge disappointment which is why I left. If you have more patience, time, and determination than I, work directly with the developer. Other developers have been pretty cool people and are willing to help whenever there is an issue and are grateful for the opportunity to improve. My suggestion to the developers here is that if this is a timeout issue that does not notify customers in advance that they are about to time out, create a feature that pops up on their phones to let them know. I don't know what the issue is, but a much later screen suggested app access had expired (in the tiniest print imaginable). This was after I went through the multiple reentering pains, hence my bad review.
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4 years ago, davj32
I wouldn’t waste my time
They force you to choose a plan between 6 months, 12 months, and 24 months. They do this because apparently that’s how long you need to benefit from all of their services. I thought it had some nice features, but was underwhelmed by the matches on there. That’s okay, eHarmony can’t do anything about who gets on there or how many people get on there. After using it for a few hours, I decided to cancel my subscription. You have three business days to cancel, they did not allow me to do so. This is the first time I’ve ever left a review anywhere, and first time I filed a formal complaint with the Better Business Bereau. I have a deleted account that I will now have to pay $200+ in 6 months for a service I had for less than 12 hours. You have to be fully committed before getting on here and I think that is ridiculous. Choose another app or site that lets you take it a step at a time and determine how long you want to be in contract, not demanding a 6 month commitment at a minimum. Prices are steep too, and they don’t have a customer support number. I tried 5 different numbers online and none of them worked. The email customer support usually took more than a day and a half to respond. I came here because I thought eHarmony was THE dating site, but it is definitely not.
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6 months ago, Madmoneyyyyy
Worst experience with any dating app ever
I am so displeased with my experience with eharmony. I’ve used many different dating apps and thought I’d give this one a try because it promises better matches. I used it for one day and decided it is not for me. The quality of my match options were not good - worse than the free apps. I reached out to cancel my subscription within 1 day of signing up and was told the fine print excluded my state from their 3 day cancellation policy. They told me they don’t guarantee better matches than other sites which is funny since it says on their website they have the “highest quality dating pool” and told me my poor quality matches were my own fault because of the settings I chose. I literally just had it filtered to people 30-40 kind of near where I live. I tried talking to someone with whom I had the highest match score but it was as far from a good fit as it possibly could have been. He ended up sending me over 100 vulgar sexual images, harassing and threatening messages when I politely turned him down and eharmony has not responded to any of my attempts to contact them about the situation. I absolutely do not recommend using them in any capacity. They are underhanded and do not care about the experience or safety of their users.
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4 years ago, KCtoAtl
Found my soulmate on eHarmony!
After a friend met her guy on eHarmony, I decided to give it a try. I must say I was very skeptical about an online dating service but I did my research. I started with the basic and quickly decided to purchase a subscription. I joined on 11/14 and matched with my soulmate on 11/23. We started communicating through the app but exchanged phone numbers and started talking the next day. He lives 900 miles away but we’ve decided to be in a long distance relationship. I went to visit him for 5 days which included New Year’s Eve and my birthday which was New Year’s Day. It was the best time of my life!!! We just clicked and have such a connection and chemistry. He is the man I’ve been praying for and he checks all of my boxes. We know that this is for life and that we never have to share our stories again. For me I didn’t entertain anyone with a compatibility score of less than 110. Our score was 112. I had scores as high as 132. All I can say works and is so worth it. Thanks eHarmory...I’ve found the love of my life.
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3 years ago, TicketsPlease
A Lot of Money for a Bad Experience
They have some top shelf marketing with some hefty claims to help you find a relationship, but the actual service seems like snake oil once you fork over the expensive payments, only to find yourself in a Mad Max level dating dystopia. The free account is there as a sneaky tease. You have to pay a lot of cash monies for any content (the shortest subscription is 6 months). The average matched profile in my area had no photos, very little info, and since the explanations of the compatibility algorithms are so vague, it offers no real usable metrics to go on. The quality and quantity of matches were rough. Some of the users seem to genuinely be trying their best and are lovely people, but many of the users are there as a last desperate effort, when what they probably need is therapy. One guy I was matched with claimed that women are gold diggers and he wants a prenup up front. Other guys gave off a very distinct Silence of the Lambs vibe. EHarmony, help these people. Give them actual support for the money they’re paying you. Oh wait, but if they actually do level up their emotional intelligence and find someone, then they stop paying you. Womp womp. They don’t guarantee their service. You will not get a refund if you are dissatisfied. Walk away from this dumpster fire and don’t look back.
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4 years ago, Jaelthehelper
Worst dating app I have tried
This app takes forever to fill out the profile. I spent a couple of hours and took it very seriously. Then you start to look at the people to see if this is going to be worth your time. EVERY single picture is blurred out so who knows if this app has real people in it. But I am not stuck on looks so I decided to start reading profiles. I found several people I was interested in chatting with...but all it will let you do is send 1 smile or click on these lame pictures to see if the other people will click on the pictures...seemed like a kindergarten activity but I did it because it was the only way to communicate. Then I got a message from a couple of people...this was also blurred out. You have to spend $250 just to look at the pictures of people or to chat with the Basic account is a complete scam. I am not going to plunk down $250 when I can’t even tell if you have real people in this app. So then I just went in and deleted everything from my profile because you can’t delete an account. This is a terrible app, I think it must be a scam. I can’t believe they don’t have a week trial or something...or even a 1 day trial or a 2 hour trial would have let me know if this was worth it. I am just sad I wasted 4 hours of my time.
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1 year ago, wrmilligan
This. 👇🏼 Praise God for how He uses this site. 🙌🏼
To anyone considering this service: Pray about it. Be very honest and specific about who you are and what you want in a partner.....not just outward appearances. Take the leap. Worst case scenario, you meet like-minded people who can be friends for life. But don't give up just because things aren't moving fast enough for you.....the best things in life take time. Use that downtime to search yourself and create within yourself the partner that YOU are searching for. I met the love of my life on this site. We weren't able to physically meet because of the long distance, but we became good friends. Years later when we finally did meet, it was like we'd known each other forever. He became my husband shortly after we "met" and I couldn't be happier. I tried Christian Mingle too.....but anyone can pretend long enough to get a date. Real connections can't be faked. Thank you and God bless to all who have worked hard to create and maintain this site.
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3 years ago, PWR71
EHARMONY IS KEEPING A CONVICTED FELON AS A MEMBER DESPITE THEIR OWN COMPANY POLICY WHICH PROHIBITS THAT. I signed up to join eHarmony on May 2. However, after reading the terms and conditions of the contract which they sent to my email, I saw that it stated that anyone with a felony conviction is ineligible to use their service. So on May 4, I requested that my subscription be canceled without going into the details, thinking that they had a 3-day cancellation policy. My request to cancel was denied, so I replied with a full explanation that I have a felony conviction and my contract should have been null and void from the very beginning because I was not eligible for their service. They have not replied and I have been unable to have my contract canceled and receive a refund since I'm not actually eligible to use their service. They are violating their own terms and conditions by keeping me as a member and they will not correct the situation. Please search “eHarmony BBB complaints” and view the status of this complaint, as they have done absolutely nothing to correct the problem so far. I will be posting everywhere to make sure everyone knows about their fraudulent activity and am currently contacting several media contacts to spread the word. Will update with more details later.
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5 years ago, mrsmfinch
Premium or nothing?
If you want to see ANY pics of your matches, you have to get Premium. Not even their profile pic is available. I appreciate being able to see all other aspects of their profile, but not being able to see any pics without a premium membership makes me not want to use this app. You also can only send one message to your match? That’s highly limiting any connection you may have with a potential match. It should also have a month to month option or at least a trial period. Most dating apps have a trial period, a week of premium, and a month to month option as well as a 3, 6, and year membership as well. But only having 6, 12, or 24 month option makes it harder to swallow the price. Those options also don’t provide much confidence in actually finding my match as quickly as advertised. And if I do find him quickly, I’m now stuck with the rest of the commitment of the membership. That’s where the smaller monthly options would be beneficial. Just my two cents.
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2 years ago, Deeeeeeeertne
This app & site traps you into a contract.
They don’t offer a free trial because they don’t want you to see that their platform is nothing better, in fact possibly worse, than free apps like Hinge and Bumble. I requested a refund several times due to these complaints: 1) being overwhelmed by messages from “compatible” people before I chose to match with them. Just like any free app. And in here, there’s no slide to delete message option. You have to open every single one and then click again to delete AND send them an auto “goodbye” message. 2) unhappy with the overall interface and see no added value for not only a fee, but an expensive fee. And worst of all 3) I have spoken to no one on this app in the last month. And I’ve run out of matches within 15 miles (a wide span for nyc). They told me to expand my search. My criteria is pretty generous. A 12 year age span (6 above and below) and almost no other criteria other than I want them to live within 15 miles in a crowded city. None of this was enough to be freed from my contract and my next two payments. This is a con. It’s likely the only way they’re able to stay afloat - holding on to whoever was dumb enough to sign up (such as me) for as long as possible.
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1 year ago, owidhxbsjeiejsjzbz
Manipulative algorithms
Although it appears as though eharmony wants to match people together, the app actually seems to make it so that you dont find a good number of possible candidates. About 80% of my “matches” were profiles with no pictures or only one picture where I could not completely decipher who the person was. Furthermore, I hardly had any “visitors” looking at my profile, and rarely got messaged by anyone. But here is the catch. As soon as my paid subscription expired, and I could no longer see the profiles or see the messages, I got contacted by several ladies, I had many visitors checking out my profile, and was even sent several “ice breakers” by women with a picture on their profile (Which of course were blurred out since my paid subscription expired). I saw right through their gimmick. While I had my paid subscription, I got very little hits on my profile, and when my subscription expired, and eharmony wanted me to renew, all of a sudden it was raining women on my visitors page and messages section. I find this to be actually a dishonest way to do business. I do not recommend. They make it so you DONT find a significant other in order for you to keep renewing your subscription. Border line fraud.
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2 years ago, zzzman74
Found my perfect match!
Before signing up for E harmony, I wondered if the “matching” system was just marketing nonsense. After taking the little survey about myself, E harmony “matched” me with a MUCH smaller group of women than other dating sites. However, after going on my first E harmony date with Jennifer, I know why: I was matched with a woman who was actually COMPATIBLE not just single! It turns out that when E harmony suggested that “you should strongly consider meeting her in person” because our compatibility score was 114, they weren’t kidding. Jennifer and I quickly fell in love and, more importantly, fell into friendship. Our level of relational compatibility is hard to comprehend. The relationship is effortless, romantic and FUN. Thank you E harmony! As far as the cost of E harmony, you just need to ask yourself how much is it worth to you to be matched with your future wife or husband. For me, I would have paid almost anything to meet Jennifer. E harmony is a bargain! Last month we got married. Thank you eHarmony!
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2 years ago, Me wvdgfv
Twenty Somethings Beware
I’ll be honest, I’m quite upset at how this app turned out. I paid for a short subscription and soon found that many other users were missing vital information on their profiles. Scrolling through my potential matches, I see people without names very frequently. Additionally, many of my potential matches had seemingly abandoned their accounts. This led me to only have a few active potential matches that had names. After a few days, I looked into getting a refund as I realized there was a significantly low number of individuals in my area. It was then that I learned certain individuals from a few select states are able to request a refund up to three days after their purchase. Unfortunately, I had just missed the mark. I can see how this app may benefit some individuals (this the reason I’m not giving it one star) but as someone in their 20s, I’ve become annoyed by individuals who won’t put down a name, or create a profile only to abandon it. I try to have a positive outlook on my experiences in life but I’m disappointed in my experience and unfortunately I’m stuck with the membership.
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3 years ago, carisajoy
Thanks EHarmony!
I got on EHarmony because I thought there has to be better fish in the sea compared to what I was seeing in my small town. One of the first guys pictures that was sent to me really got my attention and I clicked on the heart. We scored a 108 so we were very compatible. A month after messaging back and forth we agreed to a date. Almost 7 months after that first conversation he proposed to me. Now 4 months after marriage I have learned that being with someone that you are compatible with is absolutely the best thing ever. We have so much fun together, and I couldn’t be happier. I wish everyone could find their soulmate like I have. Thanks EHarmony for putting us together!!! Edit: Now almost a year and a half after our marriage we have a beautiful 4 month old baby girl. We’ve learned as with any marriage it’s about growing, learning, improving, serving, loving and so much more but we are still just as committed and more in love than ever before.
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4 years ago, park bench!
Please read!!
Before going onto EHarmony I decided to first read the reviews. Most of what I read was negative. Even with that, I made a decision to develop my own opinion. Here’s my story that I hope you’ll read until the end in hopes that you’ll go in with an open mind and really give the site a chance. I went on EHarmony on a Sunday and received a message from a man named Doug the very next day. After messaging all day, he asked me out that night. I decided to meet him. After sitting on a bench for hours, I knew there was an undeniable bond between two people that had just met. After leaving that night, Doug asked me out again. He and I have been inseparable ever since. He was the only person I met on the site and I fell completely in love with him. Please answer the questionnaire honestly. You really do get matched with people based on how you answer the questions. I would say not to give up until you find “your person.” Thanks to EHarmony, I’m in love with my best friend!!
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4 months ago, TXCiclista
Deceptive auto-renewal practices
After signing up for a two-year period, I cancelled my auto-renewal after several months (eHarmony is not particularly special when compared to the other services). I cancelled auto-renewal at the time, but apparently it didn’t “take.” Just a few days ago, a charge for $260 (!) went through for a one-year auto-renewal. I received no notice at all. When I called to request a refund, I was told no, but that I could have the matter escalated. When I did so and brought up the lack of any reminder that my sub was renewing, I was told eHarmony had no obligation to do so. Generally-speaking, at no point has any person I’ve communicated with suggested that this is anything other than my fault, despite the fact I cancelled auto-renewal a year ago. I will be disputing the charge and writing a letter to my Congressperson and the State Attorney for good measure. As an aside, I went back and turned off auto-renew (again!) and noted that there is absolutely no confirmation sent indicating that it’s off. There is no way to prove to eHarmony that you cancelled a subscription since they won’t send you confirmation of such. (This will be in the letter to my Congressperson as well)
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3 years ago, dm0309
It’s basically Christian mingle in disguise
Don’t trust the positive things you’ve read about this dating site/ app. First, the app stinks and one would think for a company that has been “successfully” active and around for so many years they would have better IT and software development. The functionality of how to use the app and its limitations is just so depressingly bad considering its 2021 and the ability is out there. Do better EH!! Also, after being a paid subscriber for 3 months now I’ve come to realize that this is basically Christian mingle or something of the sorts in disguise. Nearly every guy on this site is preaching about how he lives the lords way and wants to find a woman who will worship with him and a faithful “Christian” woman who yada yada, you get the picture. Maybe they feel their options are too limited on the actual Christian dating sites, maybe they are on both, maybe EH is cheaper?? I’m not sure, but for a site that claims to not prioritize faith based dating they sure have A LOT of guys seeking exactly that and makes me regret paying for this if these are the only matches they can seem to find in a 150 mi radius (oh or truckers). 🤨 P.S. I’m not exaggerating. Be warned.
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1 year ago, Manda65017
Too expensive, too few people
Save your money because most of the profiles on here are not paid, which means even if you pay their crazy prices for a subscription, the person you message can’t write back because they probably don’t have a paid account. Massive scam. This is why they don’t offer monthly memberships like every other service, because they KNOW not one single person would renew for a second month after experiencing the reality of a paid month. AND you have to message customer service if you want to delete your account while your subscription is still active - that’s the other way they make it seem like there are more people, because even if someone doesn’t want the service anymore, they can’t just do a self service deletion. Yes, it was so bad that I am deleting my account while I still have paid time left. Truly I wasted $300 on a 6 month subscription. I might as well have flushed Benjamins down the toilet. Watching them swirl would have been more engaging than this app. Luckily I found a good man on a different paid app. So I have nothing against the idea of a paid service, but this one is truly awful.
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1 year ago, lizzybusy1
not worth it
While I believe eHarmony will have more serious matches, it feels too much like all other dating apps. Too wide of a selection - doesn’t feel like they are truly giving you the best matches. The quiz itself is bothersome - not because it’s there (I’m glad they have some sort of system where there’s substance and not just “oh he’s cute, swipe right”) - but because quite a few of the questions I didn’t agree with any of the answers and wouldn’t react in any of the ways they listed. It caused me to select an option that I felt was most like me out of all the answers - even if it was completely different then me to begin with (lesser evil type of reasoning). In doing that it lessened my trust in the matching percentages to begin with and dang - there’s not even a month subscription option? You go straight to 6 months for like $200+??? Yeah no, thank you. eHarmony may have been popular 15 years ago and has the recognizable name but there’s no way I’m finding any guy on there that’s not already on hinge, bumble, etc. Bummer.
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5 years ago, xah27
Not worth the money
The matchmaking metrics they pride themselves on are questionable at best. Having tried many other apps, I can attest to far better results with other (cheaper) options. If the handful of “matches” provided were of higher quality or better fit than other sites, they’d have something to offer. That, however, is not the case. As with all online dating apps, these things take time. However eHarmony doesn’t offer any sort of window for satisfaction when it comes to reimbursement. They take a hard line on their policy for customer (dis)satisfaction which I can only assume is based on a clear appraisal of the fact that they overcharge and will never see any more of your money. Folks, dating is rough enough. Online dating more so. If your assumption is that they charge (significantly) more than other services because they’re better, please PLEASE think again. I have several months of subscription remaining yet I’ve deleted the app. If this review saves even one person the same frustration I’ve endured, I’ll have gotten my money’s worth. And if you’re hell-bent On spending money on a dating service, try Match or Bumble or even Zoosk. It’s the same people for the half the cost.
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8 months ago, heyim_leah
Money Grab
I NEVER give apps any kind of review but I had to give a review on this particular scam. This app is nothing but a cash grab. I joined that app bc I’ve seen the adds on tv and thought why not? Once I actually joined the app I thought the process that you had to go through (taking a personality quiz and whatnot to get best potential matches) was pretty good. I like that the filters worked well and everything. But then I realized, I had to PAY see people’s faces. Once I tried to get past that, I realized I had to pay to see messages. I had responded to this one guy’s reaction to my bio and he had texted me back and I had to PAY to see what he said. That infuriated me because he seemed like a pretty cool person based on his profile. I also liked that he interacted with me first. I deleted the app mad and just added my ig in my profile and deleted the app. Some months later I rejoined the app for some random reason and realized that he has messaged me again and I felt so so bad but I was not going to pay what would end up being maybe hundreds of dollars (i might be exaggerating) for love, a date, relationship, etc. I deleted my account after this. Screw this app.
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3 months ago, OMGTRYTHISNAME
Only looking for hook ups…
Took a risk and paid for a year subscription. I know a couple of people who had a success with this app, so I tried my luck. Being a plus size woman I had that fear of rejection but, I’ve met a few men who were sweet but ended up with the, “I’m not ready to commit…” even though my bio stated I was ready for a committed relationship. They were more into an hook up type of relationship. A lot of men weren’t forward even thought they reached out first, some of them felt like I was pulling teeth just to have a conversation. I then ran into a catfish, I immediately reported it and the site handled it pretty quickly. Needless to say, it’s not for everyone, it definitely wasn’t for me. I will go back old school and meet someone face to face. This is a take a chance type of process. The process definitely takes more than an year to possibly be successful. I just know it’s not for me. My three stars are for mostly these men are looking for sex partners more than a serious relationship. Good luck to those who are interested.
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4 years ago, uber eats is better.
Don’t download unless you want to pay $250 off the bat.
Seriously. So all the quizzes are pretty cool and make you know they really try to match you with someone, but you can’t see ANY pictures of anyone unless you want to pay $250 for a 6 month membership right off the bat. You can’t do month by month. And you can’t see anyone’s pictures unless you pay. Seriously, not even a profile picture, they make it all blurry. Pretty useless, I’m not going to pay $250 for an app i’m not even sure I like yet just to see someone’s pictures. I’ll go somewhere else. Update for developer response: Again, let me get this straight, you want me to pay $250 for an app I can’t even see my potential matches on? You want me to pay$250 and get a 6 month commitment with you when I can’t see my matches, send messages, respond to messages, basically do anything right? I can’t even see pictures of people lol!!! This has to be a joke because paying $250 for an app you haven’t even been able to experience is hilarious. I deleted my profile 2 days after I made it. Not paying a ridiculous amount of money for this.
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12 months ago, bsac13
Not the best dating app out there!!
I signed up for the 6-month premium hoping to take advantage of the dating life. First day using it wasn’t what I was expecting! Eharmony only matched me with TWO PROFILES, including one without a photo, both within a 30 mile radius. I also saw that both of those profiles weren’t fully completed and haven’t been active for weeks and weeks (I doubt they’re fake profiles). I live in a densely populated area and I’m surprised that there weren’t many active profiles showing up nearby for me based on my compatibility questionnaire which was time consuming. This is a complete waste of time and money (very expensive as well), and I’m not satisfied with their service at all cost! Their cancellation and refund policy is also ridiculous, which is only allowed in certain states and if you reside in those states, you would need to email or write a letter to customer service 3 days after signing up for premium to request a refund (excluding Sundays and holidays). After that, they don’t refund at all! I regret myself signing up for this and I wish I never signed up at all. You’re better off using other dating apps.
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4 years ago, LaserConstruction
DO NOT purchase unless you’re willing to get one match 81+ miles away
Let my $600 complete loss be the example before you do the same. Just a heads up to all (and of course eHarmony doesn’t warn you about this because they want your $400-$600 a year with no refund, even though there’s literally no benefit to buying their product)- I live in Florida and not one profile of another person is within a 80 mile radius. Not a single one, the list of surrounding profiles is flat blank, and you’re not allowed to see any profiles until you pay. I had to do a 100 mile radius just to get one profile to pop up and God knows people want options for $600. Serious ripoff and obvious they intentionally keep this a secret until you pay. Unless you’re willing to travel very far to meet someone, or in an absolutely packed city with lots of people; avoid eHarmony and try a different and honest dating app. I found out the hard way and after researching; only a few cities in the US benefit from eHarmony (remember that, only a few). I hope this warning helps! Good luck to you all and I hope you find a product that will reciprocate the benefits!
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2 years ago, CWE1963
Massive rip off
I purchased eHarmony three days ago, I thought I would like to make more friends. Especially after moving into a new home and a divorce. Even thought I had done nothing wrong as far as behavior goes. Within 24 hours of paying $700 they suspended my account. I was then told that I would have to get A refund if I wanted one, like who would not want refund for $700? From Apple since I bought there. When I requested information why they said it was their policy not to tell you? Wow, this company believes they can take this kind of money from people and not give any explanation. I’m sure this review is not going to change their personality nor ethical practices as a corporation. This is a case of where they think this cannot hurt them, and they’re probably right they spend millions of dollars on advertisement so that they can continue this type of behavior. Just before warned, I don’t know if I’ll get my money back or not, but what a major hassle, just to make new friends. I’m not even sure I would have dated anyone, but they definitely are not a safe environment especial Concerning your wallet and the service they deliver.
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2 years ago, nirvana121
1.03 out of 5 on Better Business Bureau
eHarmony charged me almost $200 without my permission even though I didn’t sign up for their premium service. When I disputed the charges, they were unresponsive until I repeatedly contacted them. Then they got aggressive and refused to to reverse the charges. Then they sent the balance over to a collections agency once I had my bank reverse the charge. They also charged me a second time (for a service I never requested, mind you) and sent that to collections as well. I had to report them to the Better Business Bureau to get them to stop financially harassing me. And when the BBB stepped in, they played dumb, responding with basically “omg how could that have ever happened?! We would never do such a mean thing to anyone”. If you go read their reviews with the Better Business Bureau, this kind of thing happens all the time. They are basically a giant scam corporation and I would advise that you don’t even download the app, because they will find some kind of back door way to charge you like they did with me and many others who simply downloaded the app and made a free profile.
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9 months ago, jsndjdmdnd
This is a Scam
I have tried e-harmony a few times in the past 15 years. The first time I have to say it seemed as though people actually filled out their profiles with intention. Years later I decided to try it again because they advertise so much on compatibility. I deleted the app right away after seeing the options given, empty profiles with no pictures. I then realized I didn’t give it enough time so I downloaded the app again. This time it was a similar situation, practically no profiles or real matches. I decided to stay on it longer to see if anything would change. Well I ended up meeting someone however this person was a complete scam! When I messaged eharmony about it they had nothing encouraging or helpful to say about it. I asked them to unmatch me with the person and the response was not immediate, they seem to question my concern and in other words “not their problem” they didn’t seem to want to address the issue. They also don’t make it easy to unmatch or delete profile. This dating site has become another cheesy unworthy dating app. It’s definitely not worth the money.
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4 years ago, greengrass12345
Let down
This app is a huge disappointment. You cannot experience much functionality without purchasing a plan. Plans are not cheap and are strictly non-refundable. A short trial period would be far preferable to requiring a blind long-term commitment. Search filters and match lists are very limited. I don’t feel like I have much control over where and what I can search. Though I’ve communicated with some men, I don’t feel like we are very compatible, which makes me wonder if their match algorithms are accurate. The most disappointing part is that at least half of the profiles that are visible are incomplete. I’m not opposed to paying for a service and allowing time for matches to come around, but since I’m paying, I expect a level of quality in the match pool. Eharmony could do a lot more to filter out incomplete profiles so that they provide a quality product to their paying customers. In reality, I waste time scrolling past empty, nameless profiles. Too much wasted time for the cost. I would not recommend this site/app. I will not renew my plan and sadly, I rarely log on (despite already having paid a fair amount of money).
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4 years ago, davddddsss
Bad, bad ,bad
This app is the first that I’m going to review unfortunately only because its so bad and if you don’t pay you can’t even read the messages that other people sent to you, Let’s start from the beginning it ask you a million on questions just to adjust the algorithm to find you the best match, I was like okay why not. Then when you are finally done with that you think everything is ready to go, Wrong you have to set up your pictures your bio, what you like what you don’t, why they can’t you ask those questions from the beginning? Ok whatever. Then when you are done with that and you want to find your true love you can’t see any of the profile pictures because you have to pay for it, silly me I thought I could see profile pictures for free, all right i was upset but tried to message a couple of the girls anyway, but when they replied you can’t read any of the messages only if you pay so that was the last drop this eharmony should not exist in this form and if you pay for it I hope you already met your true love but I will not pay money for these crooks, I rather go to bars now to meet girls.
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11 months ago, JPhunt007
Buyer Beware!
I renewed a subscription back 10 months ago at a discounted price (where they harass you with emails about specials to entice you back in). I immediately cancelled my subscription as I do with all of these apps to prevent them from automatically renewing at higher prices when the subscription runs out. Well the subscription ran out this past spring, no transactions for 2 months, then eharmony begins charging me $148 each out of nowhere. I cancelled my subscription again but they still charged, so I had to stop pay with my financial institution. I just received an email from eharmony saying I owed them a monthly payment, and if not paid, my total bill would be due. In the mean time, my entire eharmony account is locked out. I have no total bill as I never renewed my subscription nor allowed for automatic renewal. This company is a total scam, beware. I’m now seeing others having similar issues in the reviews, as well as some history of lawsuits. Be very careful with your subscription details if using this, and watch your accounts so you don’t get ripped off without your knowledge.
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4 months ago, Cactusjeff1
Don’t Waste Your Time And Money
It’s a cliche to say I never write reviews but I am going to say it. I never write reviews but if I can save someone time and money I am going to. Don’t spend your time and money on this app. It is not worth your time when free apps have everything eharmony does but free. I was recommended by a couple that met here 7 years ago because of the app and services trying to help make relationships. When I showed them the app they asked “where did the functions go?” There are very little users that have pictures and I am in the Metro ATL area. The functions that you spend money on are you get to message people who can’t answer if they don’t pay. The people avail are stale accounts that don’t log in. The score is a joke and basically a number that can be ignored in the upper left hand corner. The app itself is malfunctioning and their team is acting like they don’t understand the issue and can’t fix it. Basically they won’t get on the phone and act like the pictures of issues are not what I am reporting. This app is a waste, don’t let yourself get taken for a ride.
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