Eidetic - Spaced Repetition

2.9 (25)
28.8 MB
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Current version
Steven Waterfall
Last update
5 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for Eidetic - Spaced Repetition

2.92 out of 5
25 Ratings
3 years ago, Jordan_CC
Zero directions
Well, perhaps mine was buggy but when I open it I get a blank page - no directions. You can add lists of items which the app will test you on later, I gather, but that’s it. If it has hidden depths, some kind of intro page that explained them would be useful.
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5 years ago, Ms. Gags
Love but could easily be better!
It would be so great if the correct answer could flash on the screen after being tested on a word from dictionary, just to ensure & help revise. Additionally, if it were possible to add words and phrases to a queue to be learned at a future date that would be great!
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7 years ago, d'Elaphant
Just a little off
This app does what it says - it periodically tests you on little facts that that you enter yourself to help you memorize them. And that pretty much works. But it's a little quirky and can be frustrating - for instance, I set up a quiz to remember the license plate number for my new car, and every time it quizzes me it says I got the answer wrong, I try again and it says I'm right - this has happened so often that I've been EXTREMELY careful to double-check that I entered the correct answer, and it still ALWAYS says I get it wrong the first time, every time. I'm not sure why this happens - maybe it's too picky (an extra space in the answer, or a lower case letter instead of a capital? - though as far as I can tell neither was the case. Maybe it doesn't like hyphens? ). And the watch app is basically useless, it just displays an alert asking if you can remember the fact (so no need for an actual "app" since the watch can display any alert from any phone app without a dedicated "watch app") - it should allow you to try to speak the answer, or at least view the correct answer. In this case, it would actually be better as a plain alert, because answering the question on the watch (to dismiss the alert) causes it to skip the actual test on the phone - you have to remember to *not* answer the question on the watch if you want to test you memory in the app.
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3 years ago, UnfadingLight
One of the Best
I’ve tried many apps in this category and this is still the best remains my favorite!
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5 years ago, Guitarmaster13
Great app! Cram mode is really useful
This app is worth the price especially because of its cram mode. Hope Steven updates it for years to come!
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6 years ago, b_jinoo
Good, but need syncing or exporting
Can we have a way to export the list of words? Also, a way to import a simple list of words?
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3 years ago, jsales41
The only way to use this app is to have notifications on. I never give poor ratings but forcing someone to send notifications is stupid. Don’t waste your time on this app.
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6 years ago, Skirabbit
Downloaded this twice to two devices - does not work - just get a blank screen without the ability to do anything - no instructions no help - just rubbish
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6 years ago, Hieuzzzzzyz
So far so good
This app is great, greater if support share action menu, and export features.
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6 years ago, Floresic
Not satisfied!
I just bought the app and it is closing. I’m trying to input the answer and it’s shut off.
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5 years ago, Sayed LIC
Too difficult
This app is too difficult to use.
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6 years ago, stv123reveiwer
Doesn't work!!!
App tells you to tap + to add items. Tapping the + does nothing. Simply does not work!!!!!
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6 years ago, Nicoli123
Doesn't work
The app doesn't work
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6 years ago, miscme2
Don't waste your time
App does not work.
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6 years ago, MrLanguageDood
Add button is 🅱️roke
Fix it please.
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10 years ago, LooshBuddy
Fix phone number quizzing! And actually test the vocab words.
This app is great for everything except for dictionary and phone number quizzes. The vocabulary quizzes just ask you, "Do you remember what [_______] means?" You then tap either "Yes" or "No." It doesn't ask you to type in a definition; it doesn't ask you to do anything except tap a button. It's practically just a recurring reminder asking yourself to try to remember a word. There's no feedback or objective grading. The dictionary quizzes are therefore essentially pointless. The phone number quizzes scrupulously test your ability to type in parentheses around area codes and dashes between digit groups. It is infuriatingly frustrating when you finally type in the correct number, but then are left baffled by the "You got it wrong" pop-up which displays what you swear you just typed into the entry box, only to notice the little dashes, parentheses, and even country codes (the '+1' that we're technically supposed to dial before every phone number located in the US), if your phone directory happened to have included that in the phone number too.
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7 years ago, XxM1THRAND1RxX
Still need fixing
This app delivers in every aspect. It does exactly as it promised, and it is perfect for learning languages. But it desperately needs some upgrades and fixes. For instance, it would be great if instead of telling you so bluntly that you fail to write the answer, it should at least let you see what was wrong with your answer so you have a better understanding of your mistakes. Also for some reason every time i open the app, my battery gets drained. I would have given a better ranking if it weren't for the battery drain problem.
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10 years ago, Call Me Miss M
Perfect way to knock out memorization
Never forget a phone number, vocab word, or factoid again. This app is fantastic. Eidetic is versatile and intuitive. It even lets you access your existing contacts to pull phone numbers from to memorize. It's a great little app and well worth the $2 for the full version. Some things that would make it even better: - A progress tracker, like someone else suggested - A way to create a memorization chain, where you set several things you want to memorize that will cue up one after another. For instance, if you want to memorize how to say the days of the week in French, you create a test for each day. Then, you tell the app to cycle directly to the next test when you've mastered the first. You memorize Monday, then Tuesday, etc. in order, only moving on to the next word when you've mastered the first. - The ability to create multi-test "quizzes." See if you can remember everything you've memorized so far/just key facts in rapid succession. - A "random fact" memorization option. It pulls a random factoid out of a bank of facts, like a greeting in a foreign language or the order of the planets, for you to memorize when you just want a brain workout - A picture-word memorization option, where you upload a photo and memorize the word associated with it (or visa versa). Put names to the faces of every Game of Thrones character or identify types of mushrooms!
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10 years ago, Reality_Bytes
Useful App
This is a very useful app and I can see the benefits to help me increase my memory of useful and non useful information. What I don't understand is the pricing structure. This should be laid out here in iTunes as well as the app, what is the benefit to adding pro, and do you still have to buy more tests? For the longterm cost any reminder app could probably be used for these purposes. I misspelled a word and this app should have recognized that. I ended up going to the web to search for the word anyway. I could easily set a simple reminder and copy and past the information and set the appropriate reminder to review the information again. This app needs to be all inclusive, better word recognition to correct spelling or simply offer suggestions when it doesn't recognize the word is definitely needed. For me to use this on a daily basis it needs to be affordable. Maybe consider selling lifetime memberships, annual, monthly, 90 day, or 6 mo memberships.
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9 years ago, Spicy Stevie🌶
Useful but unstable app
This app is great, especially as a study aid for students such as myself! Unfortunately, there are some issues that only seem to be getting worse! The first issue has been there literally since the first 2.0 release (I didn't use v1.x so I don't know if earlier builds had this issue)! Basically what happens is when you get an alert from the app to take one of your tests, if you click the alert from your Notification Center, it opens the app but instead of displaying the test it shows an error message with an Ok button, after clicking Ok the app crashes! After all the updates so far mentioning bug fixes, they still haven't fixed that issue! Second issue would be the recent update, like others said it crashes when you click almost anything! Click the Archive button then click the Test button and the app crashes! Last thing I wanna mention would be an improvement. When answering a "definition" test, all it does it displays an alert asking "Can you remember what x means?", uhh ok? There has to be a way to improve that to make sure you're actually getting the definition correct! Ask the user to type in the definition, display a list of definitions and have the user choose the correct one, anything would be better!
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9 years ago, steve1976dogowner
rip off and very frustrating if you have more than 1 device
having paid for the pro version on my iPad, I was very disappointed to learn that I would have to re-buy the pro version for my iPhone. in addition to having to spend more money for something I had already paid fro, there is no way to sync your content accross devices, so facts that you spent time inputting into the iad version has to be re-input from scratch ion the iPhone version, assuming you were willing to spend money on something you already bought. when I attempted to contact cistomer support - twice - abouty this issue, I never recieved a reply. the first time I gave them 2 weeks to reply, and the second time I gave them a week. this product is a ripoff if you are planning on using it across multiple devices. I found a number of much better, syncable flashcard apps that allow me to populate content across both of my devices.
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10 years ago, discHead
Too picky and too limited
I am a fan of learning through spaced repetition, but Eidetic gets the system wrong in a couple of big ways. First, the upper limit of items that can be learned is 50. That's not categories or topics, that's items. I used to use a program like this to learn certain facts about countries of the world. With this app, I'd only be able to learn about one kind of fact for only 50 countries. (And that's with the "pro" version!) Second, when you are tested on your item(s), you're required to enter the answer precisely the same way you entered it the first time. Any variance from your original answer is treated as incorrect. Most other apps of this nature do it more like a mini honor system, where you are shown the correct answer and asked to grade yourself on a scale of "didn't get it at all" to "got it right and got it immediately." While such a system allows you to cheat, you're really just cheating yourself if you do—it's its own disincentive. Eidetic, even with its "pro" features, is too fussy and too limited to be of any use to me. It's got a long way to go to be competitive with an app like Brainscape. I give it a generous extra star because it seems stable and has a clean interface.
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9 years ago, Cre8tv
Learned becomes forgotten
I liked this app while I was trying to memorize phone numbers, important dates and other items. However, when the app thought I learned the item, it then archived the item forever. As a result, those facts were eventually forgotten, of course. There MUST be periodic testing, even of memorized things, or facts will be forgotten. This is a very basic concept of learning, so I am amazed that it isn't included in this app. Additionally, I can find no way to contact the developer--not within the app, the app description page, or the linked web site. I would have liked to have written him regarding this issue and given him a chance to fix it rather than leaving a negative review.
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10 years ago, Lostbonsai
Possibly my favorite app
I'm so glad I found this app. Eidetic is great for helping to aggregate and train me to remember all the curious fragments I run across in disparate places - I'm always running across words or facts I want to recall later on, and there are times when consulting the interwebs appears unprofessional. I can see this being very useful for students as well as the curious or absent minded alike. I don't write a lot of reviews, but this app really stands out conceptually, in its elegant execution, its utility and in the developer's responsiveness.
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9 years ago, Mothcc
Its a useful app but, I would suggest a update on the archive for an alphabetical order, so we can find the words we're learning better. That would be very helpful. If not and the you deny this request then the application is really a useless to me. However, i do believe the application is unique and simplicity. I use it everyday to test my vocabulary. I have over 400 new words I've learned! If your new you should know you have to by test for the application to work properly and open its full potential. I enjoy it, vey much!
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10 years ago, mslexy1905
Great, but...
All in all, I love this app, and am currently using it to remember the numbers of pi. However, as much as I am tempted to pay for it, what exactly am I getting? I am not prepared to pay for nothing. There’s a “Pro” option, yet why is “50 Tests” more expensive? So even for “Pro”, you have limitations? Also, there’s a bug present that whenever I receive a notification for my test, every time I access it from the lock screen, it would show “Do you remember ‘(null)’” and whatever I do, the app will crash. It is terribly annoying.
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9 years ago, Alan~
Seeing is belief
There always will be some idiots that do not know why that an not get the pro. Like I said, it works to me for both iPad and iPhone version and do not need to buy the pro again. The app is awesome. But still need some work, cuz the app is out of update. Please fix it and add more future like you can just list the thing and do not need to write an answer. Also, it would be much better to have a widget.
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10 years ago, I ❤️🎵
Great app!
This is a great app that can help people to learn many things, however there are a few features that may prove discouraging to people trying to learn things. For instance, the app requires (for quotes at least) that every word be in the exact same place as in the original. Thus, if one word at the beginning is missed, it turns all of the text yellow and gives you a 50% (approximately.) Make it at least an option for changing the sensitivity and I will rate 5 stars!
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9 years ago, Rbonito
Great, but needs some small tweaks
The app is very effective. My suggested tweaks would be (1) a way to organize or search archived facts; (2) a way to define "sets," when there is more than one answer and the ordering does not matter; and (3) a way to see what I entered when I get something wrong. (For long answers, I'm often pretty sure I typed the right thing but may have had a small typo.)
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9 years ago, Hope Br.
Great app, leaves a little to be desired
It's a wonder no one's come up with this idea already. It's clearly a staple to education (or even leisure) to memorize certain things. I intend to use this to recall poetry and passages for debate team later on, as well as a few French passages for a foreign language competition. This app should be very helpful in both! However, nothing in this app allows for memorization of foreign words and their translations, so I'm pretty disappointed. (Hence the loss of 1 star.)
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10 years ago, Bachstonian
Good idea, lacks vital options.
When I purchased the pro version of this I was expecting to be quizzed with a flash card. Instead, you are prompted to type in a long answer to the topic. In my case, drug action, contraindications, and side effects for pharmacology. That is impractical, and impossible. If there was an option to override an incorrect answer, this app would be useable. Implementing something similar to anki flash cards would work really well. I can't give this a good rating until some changes are made. Please allow some form of override, in addition to allowing the user to choose which way they want to be presented with the fact.
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8 years ago, Yhazmyn
Too automated
I excitedly downloaded this app because it looked similar to Lumosity, which is just fabulous. It works alright for input, but trying to remember anything without repeating the exact same space, dots and dashes makes the app refuse to go on. You are deemed wrong, even if you got the words correct. App won't proceed except you override, or reproduce the same thing as input. For someone who is studying for exams , I repeat from understanding and memory, not from automated stereotyped sheets. Didetic is good, but if you are not looking to repeat verbatim, it can be frustrating. 2 stars.
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10 years ago, Emptylott
I love it, but...
This app is working great for helping me memorize a new fact every day. I'm really happy with it, except that after the most recent update a few bugs seem to have crept into the system. 1. When I answered incorrectly in the beginning, it would show me what words I missed and got correct, as well as give me a percentage of how much I got correct. Now I get nothing. 2. For a few recent facts I've entered it keeps telling me I'm wrong even though I'm putting in exactly the right answer word for word, space for space, with exact punctuation. These two bugs have actually helped me remember facts better, I think, but it's annoying that I can't progress within the app itself, because it thinks I haven't gotten these facts down yet.
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10 years ago, Pleinweb
Expensive for what it does
Basically a random alarm with facts and information added by the user. I would prefer that categorical banks of information were available for independent study rather than solely what I, myself enter. I expected much more for the $2 price. This app also sets a bank of hours during which it will not test the user, but this setting is limited to night time hours, only. Since I work nights and sleep days, this feature is useless to me and actually blocks off learning hours for me.
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11 years ago, Daniel Murata
Way too buggy
For the first week I was using this to remember a couple of vocabulary words I didn't know for my quiz. And it actually helped me a lot. So I decided to add more and more words. I had about 20. That is when the app took a dive. First, it started crashing. Then it started freezing up my phone. And finally, it was spamming my phone with reminders even though there was nothing to test me on. Even after deleting the app I was getting spammed. I had to restart my phone just to get rid of it. tl;dr great app, really buggy
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10 years ago, Guilhermesalome
Great for ENGLISH vocabulary
Works pretty nice. Helped me learn some new vocabulary in a nice way. The app is well built and has a simple, but nice style. I would recommend it. However, there is a huge space for improvement. SUGGESTIONS FOR AWESOMENESS: 1. Add support for words in other languages (add other dictionaries and an option to choose the language); 2. Add support for audio (not only reading a word, but also hearing it; it really helps in learning) 3. Support for MATH: add a LATEX style input for math formulas, so that we can also remember useful theorems; 4. Support for Lists of words: instead of having to add word by word and create a test separately for each one, it would be nice to enter many words and have the app create the tests automaticaly.
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9 years ago, Byrd1855
Excellent, but one thing
I like the app and find it very useful. However the one improvement I could see is to be able to see my answers when wrong. When I write a longer answer in my lists, it may be wrong but it will show me the right answer in red. However, a majority of the time I believe I've gotten right. So I'm not sure if I misspelled it or what.
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10 years ago, Lifesazoo
Helped me build a pattern of memorization!
I have been trying to learn to memorize verses from the Bible but it has been difficult to find a way to get it back in front of me during the day. It has still taken work but after several years of being unsuccessful at memorizing, this has been helpful!
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10 years ago, LauraHi
Good app
This is a good app, very helpful. I would like the opportunity to override the "do not disturb" times, as they are not convenient for me. People have different schedules, after all. Please consider offering the opportunity to randomly test words from the whole archive without having to restart 10 tests each. Great job on this app, particularly the upgraded version. Thanks for making this.
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10 years ago, bendaddy
Great with fundamental design flaws
Amazing idea! This app has truly changed the way I approach day to day memorization. However, there are a couple things that could use work. First, I noticed that there is functionality for adding a Note via Quick Add, but there is no option for adding a Note via the normal menu. Wouldn't it make sense to keep things consistent here? Also, the Do Not Disturb feature allows for specification of time between 7pm and 11am. Why not broaden the time slot to include all 24 hours? There are many users that work off hours (including students like me - a large group of people don't ya think?). Otherwise, I absolutely love it.
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9 years ago, Green eggs & ham
Love it
Does just as advertised. When you need to memorize a quote or phone number in only a day, Eidetic will hound you repeatedly until it is complete. If you get it wrong, it is easy to remind yourself of the correct version. I particularly like that this app is founded in the science of memory recall.
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10 years ago, Pwnagingu
A good app :)
It worked for a few weeks and now after the update, it crashes. I am giving it 3 stars because it was somewhat useful before this update, now it just crashes when you take a "test". I'm sure it'll be fixed but it is annoying right now, I'm sure others will find it useful.
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9 years ago, egreen
I normally have difficulty memorizing things—especially lists. I used the app to memorize the NATO Phonetic Alphabet and it worked really well. The tests are well-spaced and I like the push notification reminders. Will definitely be using again to memorize other things.
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10 years ago, siegeperilous00
A must download for productivity!
I haven't been using the app for that long but it's great so far. While it does remind me what I need to remember, I think it should go beyond asking the user if he or she remembers the definition of a word, for example. Maybe let him/her select a synonym or something for the word? But it's great and it's really helpful. Awesome work!
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10 years ago, sarahblenk_sws03
A bit disappointing
I thought it was like- you write something down and give it a title and all that, like make your own sections, but it gave you like tests, quotes, phone numbers, things like that. Even though it isn't what I expected it is a very useful and helpful app and I definitely think you should download it.
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10 years ago, 6r360ry
Freemium Limitations
I hate it when there are no details about the limitations of the app until after you download it. Only one "test" until you buy the "pro" version should be prominent in the description. Be up front about it instead of trying to be deceptive to get download numbers up. That said the idea is interesting but it agree with everyone else that it needs more work for a paid app.
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10 years ago, A-Teezy13
Great App
I think this App is fantastic. However it has a lot of improvements that could be made such as: -Being able to view your answer in a paragraph format that way you don't have to scroll down the entire line to make sure that you got your answer correct if you use voice recognition. -Showing the correct answer after you answer wrong. -add a category for photos for history related items and the like. -Have a few premade items that you can memorize. Useful everyday things that people may forget.
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10 years ago, Opus81a
Be aware....
This isn't an app that teaches you new ways to remember things or attempts to improve your memory, it's simply a place to jot down things you want to remember (a notebook works equally well) and then charges you money to push the info in front of you and pop-quiz your memory of it. Repetition is frequently the key to memory, but you don't need to pay an app to do it.
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10 years ago, JasperBurns
Great app, some bugs
The app is wonderful and I bought the full version and it really does help you remember stuff, don't let the below bugs deter you from getting it, it's worth it even with them That said I have a couple bugs that need fixing: -- Whenever I click "I don't know" on a dictionary word, the app quits and doesn't show me the definition (it used to, so idk what happened) -- Also, there is a "Note" style as default for quick add, but that style note isnt otherwise an option! Please add it back in to the normal selection list!
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8 years ago, Hannibal1111111
Pretty good needs some work
I needed this app to help me concentrate and study. It's really helpful, my only problem is the organization, instead of individual notes, package them within one another to reduce clutter. Can you also add a formula section?
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