El Dorado Savings Bank Mobile

4.7 (2K)
100.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
El Dorado Savings Bank
Last update
5 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for El Dorado Savings Bank Mobile

4.73 out of 5
2K Ratings
2 years ago, Gordonitis
Since the update it won’t open and crashed on the rare occasion it does open
I don’t know what you did but it doesn’t work any longer. I used it for everything. Making deposits, paying bills and checking my account. Now it does nothing. I think something may be wrong with your database as I can’t even login on the website. You have the wrong phone number attached to my account and my login name seems to be lost too. PLEASE FIX THIS AND LET ME KNOW ITS FIXED. Thanks. A loyal customer.
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5 months ago, B33nt12ia
Simple Yet Efficient
All I need is my balance, with an occasional transfer and rare mobile deposit. For those that are saying this app does not allow mobile deposits, it does but you have to apply on their website and be approved (if you are good standing with your account). Luckily it never have crashed on me, reliable app.
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5 months ago, St.Brigit
Personal and biz accounts
Great small bank easy and everyone is always friendly. I wish you have the ability to take online deposits..that would be so awesome.
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4 years ago, Really10
We’re Leaving This Bank
I thought we should support a local business when we moved to Nevada County so we decided to bank with El Dorado! Nice people but they are 10 years behind the curve! We’re leaving this bank due to the inconvenience of having to use this lame app. Ninety percent of the time the app says its updating and won’t let you in. If you get in its so convoluted you can’t find the bill pay, can’t deposit checks, just not intuitive at all! I’ve called customer service for the last time - the charm of local should not be squelched by too lazy to change!!!
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5 years ago, shelleylavn
Can’t login!
Every time I log in, it says it’s wrote password then kicks me out. Now i have to call customer svc and have them fix it to only try and login again. I have iPhone 7...it seems all the great reviews are from 6 years ago. Come on El Dorado let’s get with the times!! The only thing that seems to work “okay” is the website but to use that in Siri you have to take that extra step for security and they either text you or call you, it’s all a pain in the fanny. Wish this bank could be like the big banks with their online banking.
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1 month ago, vdubpunk
Not Great
This is not a very good banking app; it’s surprisingly bad compared to other banks. Logging in with Face ID is glitchy, the app has limited features, and doesn’t always process bill payments when you make them. You are better off accessing your accounts through the bank’s website. Unfortunately the bank’s online banking interface feels like a product from the 1980’s and it is also has limited features.
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2 years ago, Sierrandipity
Great App
Very easy to use. Account balances are shown right away, and searching through them is intuitive. Transferring funds is simple and quick. No promotional messages.
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6 months ago, Sway916
I dislike that the app doesn’t give you a running balance. It is unclear when things are posted or what transactions are contributing to your current balance. The app doesn’t have the bank routing number and doesn’t let you have access to your account numbers. Also mobile deposit doesn’t work right away.
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1 year ago, JC94041
Face ID needs updating
Note to developers: The app is set to open with Face ID. However after it completes the Face ID I’m then required to manually input my password in order to open the app/get access to my account info. An update to fix this would be much appreciated
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3 years ago, Fiddletown
Terrible App
This App doesn’t work! I like the Bank but, they need to hire people that know how to make this work. If you want to do banking from home like deposit a check you can’t. The only thing you can do is look at your account. The only way you can look at your account is go through your search engine. I hope they get their act together soon! I have called over a dozen times and all they tell me is to turn my phone off and download the App again. Haha
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12 months ago, Paradise Friend
EDS Bank Review
I really like EDS bank; I’m glad to have mobile deposit capability; it was easy & it’s convenient; what I would like to see is EDS bank going with Zell also — that would also be a good thing! thank you
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5 years ago, Poptartgun
Needs work
Compared to other banks and their apps this is not a good app! I wish you could do mobile deposits like they show in the pictures, but you can’t. Also logging into your account can be a HUGE hassle that I end up using their website instead of app. I love the new update but it still needs a lot of work. :(
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2 years ago, Dogday 7
So very helpful!
It is a joy to utilize this service offered by Eldorado Savings Bank. I pay all my bills and deposit checks direct through my phone.
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6 years ago, NanainCA
Bill pay
It seem likes it nonexistent in this app. Yes I see my balance but it seems all I can do. I know it’s older bank but truly wish they would spend more on this app I want to pay my bills, and be able or be able to sync to a bill paying app. Truly love my bank however it’s getting harder to go to the bank and really like this app to do more for its customers. Please!
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9 months ago, Akayhiker
Mobile deposit does not work
I’ve been trying to deposit a check via the app for a while, because I now live 1-2 hours from the closest banks. My app doesn’t even give me the option to deposit a check? Super weird that they boast this feature when it doesn’t even show up for me
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5 months ago, Mystic0054
Bill pay useful
I really love the way bill pay organizes my finances. It’s not entirely use friendly screen wise but it’s an essential part of my ability to manage finances and I appreciate the service very much.
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2 years ago, Robbin's PhotoArt
Banking App works great!
I moved to a small community outside of where my bank was available and this app allowed me to keep my accounts with El Dorado Savings Bank. Super easy to use! Thank you!
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2 years ago, JRICKETTS65
App no longer works
The app no longer opens. I get a message that says it’s not compatible with the server. Then it’s just stuck downloading.
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4 months ago, 4755!@
Deposit Options
It would be great if you offered deposit by cell phone.
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3 months ago, Ninerrod
Excellent Bank
Enjoy doing business with such professional people. Best bank I’ve ever done business with.
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9 months ago, Kehydius
Love the people! Just takes too long to show transactions on internet banking. I got spoiled by a bank I don’t care for. Transactions showed within minutes at my old bank, unfortunately, it takes MUCH longer here.
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2 years ago, i dont burve all this
On line baking
It hasn’t been working? What’s the problem ? Do you plan on correcting it soon . Error 001
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5 years ago, xfiles1992
Touch ID
The “Enable touch ID“ is automatically filled in each time I open the app. I do not appreciate this as I do not have touch ID automatically allowed for my Iphone, and it is bothersome for me to have to UNclick for the enable ID each time. I would appreciate if the developers made it to where you would have to click to enable touch ID each time instead of having to UNclick it.
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3 years ago, appleissocool
NO direct deposit
After years of banking with EDSB I just found out they have an app... however, the only thing I would use it for is directly transfer deposits from home, especially during the pandemic. Unfortunately I downloaded the app & found out this feature doesn’t exist. Pretty pointless download in my case.
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2 years ago, 06131989
App is ok
App is ok, doesn’t keep a running total of your balance and all transactions are not in order which makes things hard to keep track of.
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8 months ago, NanaJiron
Great bank
Love this bank and the app is super easy to navigate
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5 years ago, jfajw1965
Horrible app !!
What in the world is wrong with this app ????? Ive had this app for months and every time i try to use it it says it’s unavailable at this time to try again later. Ive deleted and reloaded and still the same message ive got from day 1. Comon people, get it together ! I give it Zero stars although i have to choose 1 star to post review.
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5 years ago, kmmoffitt
When will there be real features?
Most banks - grown up banks - offer the ability to snap a photo and make a deposit. Living in an area not convenient to a branch means I am going to have to change banks after 25+ years. Get this to be a real app! It is stuck in the 90’s.
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5 years ago, Crrg223
Frequent problems logging in
Frequent problems logging in and it’s almost impossible via fingerprint reader although with USAA where I have other accounts I have no problems using my fingerprint reader on my smart phone. And it’s been like this for quite a while. At least a year that I can remember.
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8 months ago, Duh7607
Mobile Deposit
Why does it show mobile deposit, when it doesn’t? This app would be perfect if it had it. iPhone 14 Pro Max user
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4 weeks ago, xylophpie
Touch ID
I would very much like to do touch ID or face ID on both my iPad and my iPhone is that available yet?
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2 years ago, RiteAid FeedBack
Thank you
Thank you
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1 year ago, Ozzyman169
Need real time account balance at all times
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4 years ago, tracy @ tcm
“Error 1230”
Every time I open the app it pops up saying the application is unavailable, retry. I retry and it comes back with the same thing. I went to submit a request on the contact page for EDS and got an error message that said it couldn’t submit my request.
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4 years ago, JGR Placerville
Mobile banking hassle
Years ago EDS banking by phone was easy. Now it is cumbersome with extra layers of security questions and hoops to jump through, including waiting for EDS texts or confirmation phone calls just to get into my account. Hardly convenient!
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5 years ago, Nose-In-a-Book15
No iPhone X capability
I don’t know if it’s because of Face ID but I cannot get into the app, even to type my password, but I can use it just fine on my old phone. Also logging in online instead of the app is such a hassle with so many questions!
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2 years ago, Cyberads
Check depositing
Unclear on link to mobile depositing. Need a direct link icon on accounts page…please.
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2 years ago, congnar
Face ID never works
Facial ID log in never works for this app. It scans your face, approves, then you still need to input your password.
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5 years ago, Dr. Kforkian
Incredibly basic
Really basic app that only lets you view balances. Why can’t I deposit checks though the app?????!!!!
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5 years ago, frustrated disgusted
There is no deposit button! I live 150 miles away to the nearest branch how in the hell am I supposed to get a check deposited with no online functionality. Why can’t you get it together and fix this app?!?!?!
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6 years ago, Genoa_14
Touch ID
Fix the Touch ID setting. Does not remember the “enabled” setting. After logging out it says Touch ID has been disabled. Every time !!
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2 years ago, Ted & Kat
El dorado savings
Great community bank, friendly people, good service!
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5 years ago, WarmWinter33
Bad to say the least
App is trash, beginning to think the bank is too. Can’t even open on my new iPhone, doesn’t work. The new IOS has been out for plenty long for them to update their app...
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5 years ago, recn
Doesn’t allow for deposits
I got the app so I could make deposits like I do with other banks. There is no deposit button as pictured in the App Store. Very disappointed!
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8 months ago, Lorianna33
system way behind
this system compared to other banks is very far behind. No zelle and can’t do mobile deposit!!!!
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4 years ago, nhow2020
It’s easier to log in, happy there’s an app
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4 years ago, jwar63
Really bad!
I can never even login to this app. Never! And it’s very frustrating when I travel. The mobile app just does not work on iPhone. I keep waiting for El Dorado to fix it but they don’t.
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4 years ago, Wesley5511995
Doesn’t work
This app use to work on the older iPhones but it doesn’t work for iPhone X pro
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3 years ago, Blood suwu
So bad..
Garbage mobile app. Barely ever works. Can't even deposit a check on there. The only reason I stay is because they have nice employees
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6 years ago, jvpug
Useless App!
I can check my balance, but that’s all this app does. It has a “Pay Bills” section, but there’s no way to add any payees. I’m getting very frustrated with this app and with EDSB!
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