Elan Credit Card

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Elan Financial Services
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1 year ago
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14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Elan Credit Card

1.61 out of 5
2.1K Ratings
1 year ago, Grand Puba the Great Potentate
Why can’t you guys get it right again?
This app USED TO BE GREAT but the last two or so years have been extremely frustrating trying to use it! Whoever is in the software division needs immediate replacement! This app is HORRIBLE! After accessing your account once and going out of the app, once tho back in again it shows only a white screen. So you have to power off your phone in order to access your account again. EXTREMELY ANNOYING!! Then here lately it’s been asking to add an “authorized user”. I don’t want anyone else being able to access my account so stop asking me! Then, when you answer either “later” or even “add authorized user” to try and get past that screen it just sits there doing nothing but frustrating loyal, dedicated customers who will likely begin considering other banking options than Elan. What a waste of time, money and resources. You’re going to probably lose customers soon if you haven’t already. But it will be your own fault if and when it does. Look at your overall rating. That’s pathetic. If you even care enough to read these reviews. They tell you all you need to know. You need to get your act together because you’re not the only show in town. I don’t want to leave but now I’m starting to consider it. I’m reaching saturation. Enough is enough.
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4 years ago, Nobody from Del Valle
Very difficult, full of glitches
Signed up in October, downloaded the app and just got off my 4th call to technical assistance trying to access the app. After several attempts to reset password finally had to start over enrolling again. Just like when I first enrolled it went smooth as silk, only the first time in October was the last time anything went smooth. If it hiccups again and I have to go through all this one more time I will retract electronic permissions and accept only mailed paper communications and put my lawyer on notice. At the moment I’m almost ready to change banks and transfer my card balance to a different account. Nothing fast or convenient here. If it works for at least a couple months I’ll upgrade my review, otherwise I will be done with Elan and the bank I’ve had an otherwise great relationship with for over a decade!
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10 months ago, Jen316
This app is awful.I have to log in every time I open it and there's no option to save my info or use Face ID. I have the option to use Face ID but nothing happens when I click on it. Right now I can't even log in to the app, I can't type in the user name & password fields. Nothing happens. The app consistently tells me (incorrectly) that my account has been locked or that they can't verify my information even though I entered it correctly. The account hasn't actually ever been locked & I'm always able to get in after 2-3 attempts. It also doesn't show pending payments after you've made one and it's not showing any pending charges from purchases made last week. I paid off the balance on Friday and there were no pending payments showing but it today it shows the card is paid off. But the worst part is, my rewards points keep expiring every month and going away completely despite the fact that the terms & conditions say your points are valid for 4-5 years! I accumulated 12,000 points in July, they went away without being redeemed. I accumulated almost 15,000 in August, checked it 3 days ago and saw the points but today my points are back at zero!
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1 year ago, chris2997
Great App!
I downloaded the app a few weeks ago when I received my new credit card. I really like the app and how it's all set up and easy to navigate. It's incredible all the things I can do from this app with my card. This app can assist you with any and everything, so you would not have to call customer service everything at the touch of a button. But if you need to talk to customer service it's A+. I had to call when I first got my card to add it to my mobile wallet. The customer service is in AMERICA, and that is just plain awesome! I spoke with an amiable lady who provided quick and friendly service. My experience with the app and Elan has been the best. I've seen the other comments and review rating I can assure you the bugs/glitches have been fix cause I have had no issues. Thanks, Elan, for the great app and service. I look forward to doing business with you!
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1 year ago, Lavmarx
Lots of space for improvement, but functional
I see a lot of complaints about the app not working but that hasn't been my case so far. I can do all the basic things I need to from the app. The UI needs a lot of work though, as everything could flow better and feel less glitchy. One thing I don't like is when transactions post, it takes a while for those to reflect in the balance, and they appear under posted transactions and pending transactions at the same time. Also, why are those even separate things? Why aren't pending transactions at the top and posted at the bottom in the same page like every other card. This is a lot more of a launcher than an actual app, and providing a smoother experience both on the desktop and the mobile app would make a world of difference. I want to add that I have never seen a banking app that managed to get only 1.7 stars. Elan should really pay attention to these things.
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4 years ago, collmm
ZERO STARS. Terrible App
6/20 update. The company emailed me back (and not through the app...I had to login via the web on my laptop). The fingerprint reader functionality has been removed from this app with no ETA of when this convenience will be added back. Does the development team even know to look at app reviews? Original review: After purchasing a new iPhone SE 2020 (I had an iPhone 8) I had to manually log in to the app, no surprise, but there is no longer a finger print reader so I have to manually type my long, complicated password EVERYTIME! There is no setting within the app to turn it back on and there isn’t a way to turn it on in iPhone settings. Very irritating. The developers have made user interface updates but removed the most useful feature (although in the past the finger print reader would regularly and frequently require manual sign in). I have messaged through the app over two weeks ago with no response. This is an old fashioned company with old fashioned technology. I’ll probably get rid of this card that I’ve had for years and use use something different.
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4 months ago, RedSavage9
Should cease to exist
I have never in my life written a review about an app before. I subscribe to the belief of positivity and looking for the good in everything. That said, there is absolutely NOTHING positive about this app. It refuses to log me on through Face ID, and even when I input the correct password, I still does not let me log on, and forces me to change my password in order to access my account. I have now changed my password 17, yes SEVENTEEN times in order to access it. So one would hope that at least when I do access it, it would still function correctly right? Wrong. Part of the reason why I have had to change my password so many times, is because if I even so much as exit the app, (in this instance lets say I need to see something in my notes app) it forces me to log in again, and I have to repeat the change password process ALL OVER AGAIN. I tried using the website to access my account, but it forces me to use this app. I’m writing this review because it needs to be fixed as soon as possible. Do better
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2 months ago, Vfranchina
When I open the app I get the white screen. I delete the app and re-install to get it to work. This is pretty much the norm if I want to check my account. I stopped using this credit card as my main go to when I saw this issue happening. I now use my chase card. My thinking is if a company isn’t willing to invest in services that are beneficial to their clients then I cannot trust they will be in business for long term or that they have the proper protocols in place or the right people in their current positions therefore I’m not comfortable with any long term relationship with this type of company. I liken it to a home builder that I cannot trust to use long enough or strong enough nails to build my home. Who knows when it will fall apart. I’ll keep the card opened for now with a zero balance only to work in my favor as it works towards a higher credit score. Anything further doesn’t interest me to engage in a working client relationship.
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7 months ago, Kmae67
Terrible App
This app has to be the absolute worst one I have ever tried to use . At least 80% of the time, it does not function and all you get is a frozen white screen ! It is more than a nuisance when you are trying to access your account in a hurry and you are forced to have to log in by searching for the website online and then having to enter all your information over and over again . This is not a new problem and has been going on for the 2 years since I have had the app. I am also one of many people that have had the exact same issues. With all the credit offers that are available, this really makes me think about closing both Elan cards that I carry. I have never had any problems like this with any of my other cards . I would think that a major financial institution would be more on the ball and fix it rather than risk losing long term customers.
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1 year ago, keven112
After a few times of logging in you have to type your personal id, which I normally use Face ID. Anyway, I then try and login and it says error I even wrote down my password and iD and even my personal questions they ask for security purposes, just to be sure it’s not ME. I have to literally call these folks every two months to let me back in my account. Highly suspicious. This app could be so great if it wasn’t for that issue. I never have this kind of problem with American Express. I’m confused as to why they even make me put my information in every two months. Frustrates me. Get y’all stuff together or I’m done using this card
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4 years ago, Blue-Moon-Dragonfly
Top 10 worst apps!
This app and Elan are the most frustrating and misleading apps and credit card clearing house EVER! Auto pay mysteriously resets itself. Every payment I make or AutoPay payment generated is only viewable long enough to print a receipt, or up to about 2am Pacific Time. Then it just disappears for 3-5 days! Does not show up as pending, initiated, nothing! I rarely carry a balance on purpose. I go in to my account Mobile App or Online Website to double check that the payment has been processed on time and it does not show up anywhere - customer service cannot explain it or find it either. This has resulted in me double paying off my balance in full—more than once! AND they refuse to issue an overpayment refund until after the 2nd future billing cycle! Written messages to customer support have resulted in replies that have NOTHING to do with the problem I am reporting, just a canned irrelevant reply. What a scam!
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3 months ago, Peej914
Hit or miss
I agree with a previous writer. This is not a good app. Half the time when I try to sign on it tells me after one trial that my password is wrong or incorrect or that I’m using the wrong ID and I have it written down and I double check it. Thinking that I still could have hit a wrong key, I go away from the app and allow it to hopefully reset itself within a 24 hour period and I’m still getting the same problem the next day. I wait another 24 hours and now all I get is a white screen. This has happened more than once. Terrible, inconvenience, and a waste of my time. Trying to make a payment on the run and keep my account paid up. I wonder if this is how they make their money? If you can’t use the app and make your payment, then the interest just keeps accruing while you mail it in..
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7 months ago, steve_in_austin
Don't waste your time with this app
Horribly written app that's going to require you to input your password each and every time even though it's supposed to support iPhone 7 TouchID. Additionally, if you happen to set up as one of your security questions a birth date in the format of MMDDYYYY the app only recognizes 2 digits for the year and you get locked out of your account . . . and I mean locked out of your account, not just on the app, but online using a browser as well. To add further insult, you have to call their customer support line to regain access to your account, and it involves wading through automated "concierge" menus, repeatedly having to input your card number, birth date, and so on. I'm so fed up with this presently I'm thinking about just cancelling the entire credit card as well. Don't waste your time with this app!
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2 months ago, Tr0216
Needs improvement
The app works pretty good if you can actually sign on. I have been reading reviews from a year ago stating the same issues that I am experiencing now. A lot of times when I try to open the app, it will only show me a white screen and will not allow me to log on. I have to reboot my device in order to get the sign on screen. However, once I am logged on, the app works fine. No issues after that. Elan, please! Fix this bug! it can be quite cumbersome to keep rebooting your device in order to use the app. For now, I am using the website until this bug gets fixed. Please don’t let another year go by without addressing the issue. Thanks!
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3 years ago, doobiewa
No touch id, really?????
I've installed and uninstalled multiple times, over a year's span, and the touch id for logon NEVER WORKS. I even had a conference call with someone from my bank and the credit card "customer support" who had nothing else to say besides "try uninstalling and reinstalling." They had me send a detailed email to their "developer" and that went into la-la land and never got answered. This is for an ipad with up to date software and plenty of free space on it. This lack of support is PATHETIC. If you don't want to support fingerprint logon, remove it from your app. Because of the un-usability of this app, and the lack of good cash-back rewards, I consistently use my Citi double cash card infinitely more often than this card. I recommend everyone get a different cad and use it instead, so this card business loses $$.
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2 years ago, magg0919
Needs MAJOR, MAJOR improvement
Just recently opened a bank credit card (January 2022) and unfortunately had to deal with Elan Financial. The first time or two that I logged in, the app worked just fine. Now, when I open the app, it’s blank. I have tried every way possible to open the app….always a blank page. Finally I called Elan and had to go through starting all over again with logging in, etc. I had to go through this 3 times. Finally I got logged on via internet but it was ridiculous! You have to go to the internet page. The whole thing was SO frustrating. Might as well not even have an app. What’s New says that there was an update 2 months ago. It appears another one is needed. The nice lady representative who helped me at Elan was very nice and helpful and I appreciated that!
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2 years ago, WomansToolBelt
Impossible to login, given wrong security questions everytime
I literally can never pay on this card bc the app is awful to login to. I had to start writing down my passwords, and security questions which I never suggest doing bc it defeats the purpose, bc I couldn’t understand why it would give me different security questions. I even started putting the date and time down to make sure I wasn’t crazy. I have never ever ever ever and I mean ever, had this problem with any other credit card but this one! My husband and I actually have to sit down together and try to login and yet it still everytime locks us out. I’m so frustrated with this app. Obviously they don’t care that the app is so glitchy or impossible to login to. Don’t you want me to pay my bill???
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9 months ago, smangamer
Terrible app to use to check on your credit card
The credit card works fine, however, this app is a pain to use. Sometimes it doesn’t update as soon as I think it should. Another thing, the face/biometric detection will work for a short while but then it prompts for the dumb password and the security question. Why do I even setup the biometric settings? Sometimes the app will not load and you have to go to the web site and it gives a message that it is due to a security change they did. But they didn’t tell us they did something. Right now the app gives me a blank white screen. This is a bunch of crap. I have uninstalled the app and will reinstall. I have half a mind to get a different credit card company and drop this one.
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1 year ago, Miss_jennar
I have NEVER had so many login issues with a credit card company
Not only this app, but also their online browser. I have only had this card for 5 months and it’s a complete hassle to deal with. I have to call technical support every month when it’s time to pay my bill. The system doesn’t send verification that a payment has been applied????? And doesn’t update the payment within the system for days (was just told it could take up to Two days), this is POOR DEVELOPMENT and can/ should be UPDATED. No other payment app I’ve ever used needs 2 days to list a payment. To say I’m frustrated is an understatement. The staff is typically friendly enough, but does not help much with the frustrations that accompany their archaic operating systems.
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4 years ago, Jwchick1
Do you know what you’re doing????
I’ve had to reset my password 3 times. Each time I tried your app said it was the wrong password or user ID. The app no longer works. Signing on takes me to your internet page. What was the purpose of Face ID if I have to type in my password on the internet side? I have to call customer service every time I try and use your app. Now on the internet side there’s no pull down windows to do anything and the blue links do absolutely nothing when trying to read a past statement. But you want to charge $5 for statements not out there. I tried updating the app and absolutely nothing changed. This is really poor app development not to mention really bad customer service. My password was so screwed up that even your customer service rep couldn’t reset it. I was given 2500 points for your screw up and they took those back claiming I made a purchase that was returned. That’s not true and the rep I spoke with in May couldn’t even do the simple math that if you give me points it has nothing to do with a purchase. Forget trying to manage your account on either the internet or app. They really don’t know what they’re doing.
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6 months ago, Unhappy customer 1594
Worst app on any device
This is the worst app I have on any of my devices. It looks like and runs like something on a desktop computer from before windows 93. Whoever is in charge of this department needs to be fired or retired. Why in the world a multi million dollar company can’t do any better than this is beyond me. My specific complaint from December 15, 2023… Why are you still using challenge questions when two step authentication is the industry standard. If it’s good enough for Apple, it should be good enough for you. Mine is a business credit card and I do thousands of dollars a year with you. The whole thing is clunky and doesn’t work very well at all. Please remember IT team we are profit and you are overhead. Get your act together. Please
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2 years ago, cathmed
Do Not Get This App!
Why? Because it is usually not working. It was great at first but I can’t access it most of the time. Imagine turning off your credit card and then trying to turn it back on…so you go to the app and you think you will be able to access your info.. NOOE! All you will get a blank screen with no explanation of why you can’t see your accounts or be able to turn your cards back on. It happens all the time! I tried calling apple support but they couldn’t help b/c it is this app and developers who decide to shut it down. That is NOT acceptable!!! Especially when you need to turn your card back on (or off). You will not be able to get in touch with anyone! I’m Deleting this App and will be looking at others!
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3 years ago, ~J.D.~
Worst Banking App
I really don’t understand how this app has such poor ratings and they still have not done anything about it. Trying to log in is a nightmare. Once every month I have to change my password because it says it’s incorrect, keep in mind I write my password down so that I don’t forget it. The app constantly has “technical difficulties” that doesn’t even allow you to open the app or see your credit card information. The layout of the app itself is terrible. I have automatic payments set up but it still says I owe, then when I try to pay, it says a current payment is being made. If you find another credit card that offers either similar benefits or better, choose that over this
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4 years ago, Crikkett74
Touch ID settings never stay
I’ve turned on Touch ID settings innumerable times, only to have the app ask for my password again the very next time I login. The app mentions that it will occasionally ask for the password again, for security purposes, but this is Every. Single. Time. Also, during the current COVID-19 situation, there is a HUGE font-size message that takes up an entire screen and appears on every step of whatever I’m doing, so I have to scroll down constantly to see whatever I actually came to the app to check. The font is significantly larger than anything else in the app. I can still generally get done whatever I need to do, but this app is very frustrating to use!
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10 months ago, Cupcake.Fiend
Needs an overhaul
The app is terribly dated. Constantly prompts to re-login for “security” on a previously remembered device. Incredibly frustrating to people who use very secure passwords. Making a payment is pretty easy, which is why I give two stars-that is, IF you can sign in without being locked out. The app has been the same since I’ve had the card (2 years) with no updates or improvements. If you have no plans to update the app for this century, please give the servicing banks more freedom for users to manage our credit card through our banks app.
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3 years ago, aaaaagghhh
Disgraceful !!!
It’s 06 Aug 2021 so that everyone clearly knows when this review is being posted. I loaded the app yesterday, activated the Touch ID, adjusted my alerts and did everything just fine. I logged out and tried going back in, but the Touch ID was gone. Worse yet, there is nothing in the Settings that allows you to reset the Touch ID. I tried fixing the problem today without success. I then called Technical Support, but they were of no help at all. I then decided to read a lot of the reviews and it appears I am not alone in having problems with Touch ID. Bottom line, delete the app and move on. Save yourself from the frustration of trying to get it to work. This is a blunt, but honest review.
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2 years ago, tired dan
Tech problems
I’ve downloaded this app bout 3 different times and when I click on it it will not pull up. There’s definitely a bug in the program that needs to be fixed! This is the second review! I’m still having problems getting my account to pull up when I click on the app, I’ve already signed up but the page comes up blank! This needs to be fixed so I can continue to monitor and use this card service. This is so aggravating every time I want to go to my account first I have to delete the app then go to the App Store and reinstall, I’m getting sick of this, may have to go back to my old credit cards! Please do something about this app!!
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8 months ago, The Other Elf
Terrible app
Worst credit card app I’ve used. Face ID doesn’t work despite being enabled, making me login with the password every time, which defeats the purpose of an app. It often won’t even open correctly unless I restart it. It often gives a popup asking me to add an authorized user or add it to PayPal, with no option to never show again, only a ‘later’ option that insures it will pop up again. (I have no one I want to share my card with, but there’s no way to get it to stop asking.) The app has always been bad, but now it’s practically unusable. For that reason I try to avoid using this card as much as possible.
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10 months ago, Junito O.
Needs vast improvement
I do not have any problems with the app, when it comes to basic operations i.e. reviewing my bill or making payments. However, I have a problem with the monthly number of times, forced to change my password. Furthermore, the interface needs to refine. As a reference I recommend Amex and Discover apps. Your apps it's to convoluted, difficult to navigate, and find exactly what I'm looking for. Each section should be easy to find e.g. rewards, travel, bonuses, and specials offers.
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2 weeks ago, Garbage company!!
Stay away from this garbage company
I was a blu peak credit union member and everything was going fine until they made the terrible decision to switch to this crappy garbage company. My account being all paid off was put on review for no reason at all, since it wasn’t connected to blu peak anymore and I couldn’t do cash advances anymore I wanted to close my account and this scammers refused to close my account and they are literally forcing me to be their member. They told me I have to wait for a phone call which is extremely inconvenient. Customer service was extremely rude and annoying and hung up on me I hope that women gets fired
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1 year ago, Sikkitty
I have multiple accounts through smaller banks that are actually paid through the land financial services. Would it be too much to ask for you to give the name of the institution that I am logging into through your web site so I know what I have to deposit in each checking account and credit card? I honestly do not understand why you can't put the banks name. It's not like somebody's going to hack into it based on my banks name when there is no other information about the account. It was annoying enough when there was only one back because I had to figure out which credit card it was.
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2 years ago, Mariettahikes
Seriously bad App
As others have noted, the App is full of glitches. 1. I cannot access my statement as a download (I can only see the App version of the account overview). 2. When talking to a representative, the ‘Cobrowse’ button/link which enables the rep to share the screen DOES NOT work. 3. When and if you have password issues, it took me a lot of time and energy to get someone on the phone (!) to walk me through changing the password. All in all, this App needs a lot of upgrades and updates to actually function. I agree with a previous reviewer who was ready to go back to paper statements just to avoid having to use this App.
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12 months ago, Viktor.chib9
Please update the following
Please update the lock of the card option, for more convenience so it can be locked from the main screen faster , compare to now you have to go to settings look for it, it is just inconvenient. Just put the lock button where unlock button is, on the main screen where you can see your balance
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5 months ago, MONDO CHICAGO
Best credit card and service
I really like the app. No nonsense easy to use so long as you know how to read. You can even see your statements with the app and cash in on your rewards. The alerts options are the best. It send me an alert every time a charge posts even if it’s for a nickel. The card also has excellent protection. It can detect a charge by algorithm to see if it’s let or not.
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2 months ago, Brenden of Edgewood
Horrible do not get this
Please stop logging me out every two months and then I go to log back in and it locks me out because I’m typing in my password and it’s asking me a stupid security question and then I get locked out and then I have to call the place and they say my things not locked and I’m fine but I am locked out but the problem I have to make a new passwordbut it can’t be one that you’ve already used before I’ve done this 57 times so there’s 57 passwords I can’t use and I’m running out of passwords and please just stop. Logging me out and making me create a new password every three months.
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4 years ago, @slowkingtail
Not Bad
I know there are a lot of bad reviews, but for me, the app has been passable. I haven’t had any issues logging in, and it does everything I need it to do to manage my credit card. It went down completely for a month because they were redoing the whole app, which was annoying, but the app is a little sleeker now. It’s not bad, but even with the renovation, there’s still no way to view your rewards? Lol you still have to go to a separate website.
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1 year ago, Bc_207
Extremely glitchy
I should have read the reviews before getting this card through my bank. This app truly is hit or miss. I either get an “Accsess Denied” message or a white screen. Sometimes it does work but when it does it’s extremely slow. Keeps displaying to add an authorized user even though I keep hitting no. Facial recognition seems to not work sometimes and it doesn’t like my password (yes it’s the correct one). I have had to delete the app and reinstall it sometimes just to get it to work but obviously you don’t read the reviews so I’m probably wasting my time typing this.
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2 years ago, blueroseroyalty
I would give 0 stars if I could
Every time around bill pay I’m locked out of the app. I end up having to call member services and resetting my password and this time I also had to reset my security questions. I always have Face ID set up but apparently that gets shut out every other time I use the app. It wasn’t until I used the website with tech support on the line that it worked so honestly I probably won’t be using the app again. I ended up going over my credit limit because I was unable to see my credit amount to properly plan. Venmo works better than this.
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3 months ago, Belford Jersey girl
Customer service
Today it took over an hour to get my card registered properly on the app which isn’t user friendly at all - she was courteous, patient, helpful and kind. I wish i remembered her name so i could put it here. i realized i hadn’t gotten alerts about this new account and i missed my 1st payment by a few days. She helped me set up a payment but i forgot to ask if she could waive the late fee as it was an honest oversight. Overall this needs improvement.
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2 years ago, 62hwovw11
This is a good app
I saw a bunch of bad reviews when I first went to download this app, I have never had an issue everything has run smooth in the app. The interface is pretty user friendly. It is super easy to make payments, view pending charges, see what you credit balance is and so on. To sum it up I haven’t had an issue with this app I like it.
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3 years ago, pagman777
Security and Login Nightmare
I have to use my user ID password with security questions EVERY time I log in. Biometric login has never worked. It does not save when you check off log in with biometrics. Every second time I log in, I have to input my security questions and ID and password. Then, the app immediately logs you out and you have to input all of the information again. It is clear this financial institution does not care whatsoever about the customer experience. It shouldn’t take me several tries to log in, just for me to check my balance or pay my bill.
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11 months ago, dharmafreund
Fix the login!!
Used this app several times a week to track spending. Worked great with old phone. But since I upgraded my phone to one that uses face recognition, I have to enter user name, password, answer a security question and check the box to recognize this device. Then it often doesn’t load anyway. When I try to change settings, I have been getting “we’re experiencing technical problems at this time. Try again later” message. That’s been happening for four months. Save yourself a headache and don’t get this app. FIX IT!!!
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9 months ago, Nera129
Horrible App
This is by far the worst banking app I have ever used. It seems like no one pays attention to customer reviews and feedback. I am facing the same old white screen issue and I have to restart the phone to log in. Extremely horrible. The funny thing is the customer service don’t even know there are bugs in the app. I am in a position to move out from this card just because I cannot access my account using the app and review the transactions. On top of this the web version is not fully responsive making the things worse.
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4 years ago, Mikekayy
This app gives me hope of becoming a software programmer one day because whoever made this didnt really do a good job, horribly optimized and if they can get into the career then i definitely can too lol. Some buttons dont even work, delayed loading times feels like im using Internet Explorer with dialup, logging in and switching from stuff within the app seems very clunky like whoever coded this app was doing it from a typewriter powered by their grandma’s toaster. No hate though it still works, you just have to be a little patient and a little persistent when using it.
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11 months ago, Cookies $ Milk
Face ID turns off and I’m constantly locked out.
It just stop working. Every time I activate Face ID it shuts off again. Then I have manually renter my information. That not too much of a problem, but eventually it locks you out. I’m not sure why, I know my password and ID. It just keeps happening. It tells me to go to account assistants and I re-enter info again and the same error. Now, I can’t use it because it doesn’t recognize me. They need to update the app or get rid of it.
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3 years ago, JOSR99
Auto payment doesn’t work
I’ve been using this app the last 7 months. Since day 1 I’ve had auto payments. Recently I had an issue with the card and had to change the info. I set the auto payment up and it goes through for 3 months straight no problem. Out of no where I get a call stating I’m behind and I explained to them I set up auto payment and that their system messed it up. They go their money and my payment history is messed up because of them. Go with a different company with a better developed up.
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1 year ago, Can253
Most frustrating credit card app.
Elan Financial Services is the most frustrating App for credit cards I have experienced, it will work for awhile then it won’t. When trying to log in with face recognition on I Pad it will say not recognized, once I manually log in I go to settings to update Face ID and it says having technical difficulties and if this continues contact technical support, who are no help. I have tried deleting and reinstalling the App that doesn’t work either.
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2 years ago, _____llama_
Horrible app and horrible banking service
Locks me out of my account weekly. does not recognize my password even though i am acutely aware of what passwords I use (especially since it locks me out so often). Additionally, doesn’t even let me reset my password after multiple error messages and me being locked out of my account. Awful service, just closed down my account today. That is, assuming I can trust Elan Financial to actually shut down my account considering how inefficient and untrustworthy their online services are to begin with.
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3 years ago, CptnMo
Terrible Customer Service and App Full of Glitches
I’m trying to create an account on the app and I keep getting an error saying that my information can’t be verified and I need to call technical support. Tech support is of zero help. One woman kept saying it’s my fault and wouldn’t even acknowledge the fact that there could be an issue with the app. So frustrating. Going to see if I can get a balance transfer elsewhere. I wouldn’t have signed up for this credit card if I had known I wouldn’t be able to manage it through my bank’s app.
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9 months ago, South12345South
Won’t Load!
Do you want your payments made online through an app but your app is a joke. When I open the app half the time it goes to a white screen in which there is no information. Your app is the only one that does this. I have to close down the app and restart my phone for the screen to re-populate. I use the Face ID, but it might take up to a minute for your app to recognize and acknowledge my face. maybe you should charge less interest to accommodate for the frustration that you cause your customers
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