Electric Forest Festival

4.8 (4.2K)
66.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Electric Forest LLC
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
12.4 or later
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User Reviews for Electric Forest Festival

4.85 out of 5
4.2K Ratings
5 years ago, Minigame masts
Beautiful Amazing Place
This place is so much more than a music festival. Coming to electric forest was one of the most life changing and eye opening experiences in my life. I was diagnosed with epilepsy when I was 19 and I really didn’t want to let that stop me from coming back my second year, so I didn’t. It ended up being something that brought me out of a place I really didn’t want to be, and for that I’ll be forever thankful to all of those involved in bringing this amazing festival together! The people, the artists, the workers, and who can forget the food trucks! I’m telling you, you need to be there!
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5 years ago, Alex3793
Still works, but schedule doesn’t feel as nice as previous years.
The lineup feature is nice because you can find people in alphabetical order, but you can’t see why times they play. IMO that feature is fairy useless. Additionally - it would be nice for “My Schedule” to filter the UI of the schedule screen. Changing to a new screen to show everything linearly/not separated by day seems like a weird choice. (This is the big one for me; the schedule feature is 90% of the reason to use the app.) The app still functions, hence the 4 stars, but there are just some strange UX/UI choices that I feel have made the app a worse experience than the previous years.
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6 years ago, Eggs277
Functional but Fragile
I love Electric Forest and everything they do. It’s a excellent event that supports good causes and brings together some of the kindest, coolest people on Earth. However, I think some more time could have been spent testing their application before their 2018 update stumbled onto the App Store. The app crashes at almost every turn, whether it’s sharing a schedule with friends or simply jumping between artists on the Lineup, the app just cannot stay afloat. While I can slowly build my personal schedule out by re-launching the app, it dies frequently enough for me to consider a pen and paper solution. But it has to be said, it looks great on an iPhone X. EDIT: After deleting and reinstalling the app a lot of the issues I mentioned have been fixed. I’m going to bump this guy to the 5 stars it deserves for being as close to bug free as can reasonably be expected.
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5 years ago, Belledru8
My schedule is bad, just bad.
They really downgraded the app along with making it harder to read with orange on black font. No categorization when it comes to acts selected, ya just have to squint your eyes and keep scrolling till you find what you’re looking for. As a multiple year EF veteran I’m disappointed and I hope for an update soon.
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5 years ago, slackwell
Schedule usage issues
My only problem with the app so far is that when I try to scroll all the way to the bottom of one of the days on the schedule, the very last performer is stuck underneath the options bar at the bottom of the screen. I can drag the scroll up above the options bar, but the performers list snaps back to the bottom of the screen rather than the bottom of the viewing space. I can’t add any artists that are at the very bottom of the schedule to “my schedule” on any days.
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5 years ago, Allysha_thecat
Love the app... let’s take it to the next level :)
Love the idea of the app. Used it to schedule and see who was playing, register my bracelet and such. Just wish the calendar had a better UI in regards to the way the breakdown of artists once liked is all jumbled. I want to see exactly what artist/stage breakdown in an actual calendar format. Also wish it was shareable with friends better. Maybe next year do a login system and integrate better with Facebook or something so we can share with friends or even via a shared posted on social media. Overall love the idea of this app but would like it to go to the next level in regards to sharing and layout!!! Keep up the good work :) Please reach out to me if you would like a better layout. I am in the IT field and love to help applications I love.
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5 years ago, chahoudiebooty
Downgrade from previous years
While the app functions well when it comes to making your schedule and seeing the lineup, it has been downgraded from previous years in terms of EF Radio. It is extremely annoying that I can’t listen to EF Radio when I leave the app and/or lock my phone. It just stops playing music. It didn’t used to be like this! Please fix so I can continue to listen to my favorite radio!!
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6 years ago, Tigers101212
Amount of People going to each set
I love this app, awesome feature added where you can share your schedule with friends on Facebook. Hoping it updates and you can see how many people are going to each set. I loved see what sets were the most popular last year.
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5 years ago, N_mausbach
Schedule by Stages?
I’m not sure if this is the finished product (App) but I’m almost positive last years App allowed to search daily schedules by stage. It was so nice to have if you’ve been bouncing back and forth from the same stages, want to check out something new but have no ideas who’s playing there.
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5 years ago, Buck Isis
More of a suggestion than a review
Soo the app tells you all the vendors and where they are located but it would be cool if you could tap on one and hit “ directions” and it pulled up a little map telling you where to walk to. My friends and I get lost a lot so it’d be very useful
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5 years ago, Bmart112211
It’s finally here
It made me so happy at work to see the new ef2019 app update it looks grate and is very informative. Can’t wait to see everyone in the forest pretty soon
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5 years ago, akellner
Great app, iffy radio
I love the app in general. I want to discuss the radio. I plan on driving 4.5 hours to the fest and want to play the radio, but when I leave my phone alone for 5 mins the player stops. Is there a way the developers can have it play even if I go to another app or if my screen dims? Please and thank you.
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5 years ago, Stella :D
Idk why they changed it from the old app
The older layout was way better imo. This new one isn’t bad, but the personalized schedule isn’t organized well and it’s hard to tell which day you’re looking at because it has each set in a list without markers to tell you when you’ve scrolled into the next day.
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2 years ago, Hd743322111
Gets the job done
App worked fine but wish there was an offline mode because there is no service in the Forest for T-Mobile users. Missing schedules for The Chapel. Would have been dope to get the set times with more than 1 day notice as well.
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5 years ago, Pjm046
They ruined it
They removed the only actually useful thing this app had going for it. I can no longer see my schedule in a easy to view format, everything is just listed out. I’ll probably keep it installed to receive push notifications throughout the festival but I won’t be checking it all day every day like I used to. Super strange decision to change this
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5 years ago, User1549264840::8
Missing useful schedule format
2019 version eliminated the calendar view of the schedule. The lists are not user friendly to work with or plan your music experience. Searching for artists doesn’t even tell you useful information! It tells you time and stage, but how about what day they’re on? I’ll be relying on schedule screenshots and the crowdsourced clashfinder because this is useless to me.
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5 years ago, Officepolicy
Standard fest app, slightly lacking
Good app, wish you could share your schedule with friends to compare. And can’t select the last artist of each day since the bottom bar blocks it
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6 years ago, Meagan Elarton
Forest 2k18
Super stoked for this. It’s a great app and makes things way more convenient though I would like to be able to add workshops to my schedule! I don’t want to forget an artist but I also don’t want to forget the awesome workshops that are offered!
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2 years ago, Raijin11
2022 artist lineup and schedule?
Hi Dev Team, The release notes mention 2022 artist lineup and schedule being included but it is nowhere to be found after the app has been downloaded. Please fix.
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5 years ago, AFMike1993
2019 update is trash
So many removed features. No good way to view my schedule, missing and incorrect information, app was great in the past. Not sure why they decided to ruin it so much. App would have been better if they just updated it with 2019 info instead of trying to rebuild components and making them non-functioning/useless.
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5 years ago, ZacGarcia
Great app
Great app really helped me out being my first year at the forest. I’m sure you guys are going to be updating this here soon seen how the forest is not that far away?
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5 years ago, bananalani
Thanks app makers!
App works great off-site so far. Being able to make alarms will definitely help when I’m out and about!
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5 years ago, djdano47
Schedule viewing
I just hope that like in the years past I can scroll left to right on the schedule as the day happens
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5 years ago, Createnicknamewasalreadytaken
Disappointed with the scheduling
In previous years you could see the schedule on a calendar in the app that showed where you have overlap and what stages. the “my schedule” this year is pretty useless. very disappointed since that’s the main use I’ve had for the app.
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6 years ago, kristo3w
So when’s this update coming electric forest is less then a month away
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5 years ago, Beeeeerian!
Please Fix the Schedule
In all of the previous versions of this app there was a grid style view of the schedule. There was also a way to make your own grid. Neither of these functions exist in the 2019 version, and I see little use for the app now. Please consider adding the grid in the next two weeks.
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5 years ago, FiveByFive17
2019 App more or less unusable
The primary reason people use the app is to set up their own personal schedules. For whatever reason, the section for your own schedule this year does not have the breakdown between stage and day, just one giant unusable list. Hopefully they update that or the app will be more or less useless this year.
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5 years ago, Sbeast24
Does the job
I mean I don’t know what else I would want in a festival app but sure you guys will think of it
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6 years ago, fgdhjbfgvj
Weekend 1 a week away
When is the new version going to be available?????
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5 years ago, dixyyyy
This is awesome when you’re in the forest you can use it and access the set list !!
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6 years ago, Payton Tipton
Great app for being at the festival
You have the map, schedule, vendor lists, all at your finger tips! Great way to navigate the forest. Happy forest 🌲🌀
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5 years ago, ashhh789
Needs Work
When you search a DJ in the schedule it doesn’t say the date their playing?? I have to go to my schedule and search for them to see if conflicts with another set. Super annoying. App also keeps glitching 🙄
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2 years ago, itsbenjen
Incredible experience like no other
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5 years ago, shem bañuelos
Thank you
Had the best time of my life , was my first time & I feel very happy
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12 months ago, UncleSteak
When will the new version be released
This app would be a lot more helpful if they would have the lineups earlier so we could plan a weekend and see what stage the artist are going to be playing. Also, the map illustration could be clearer.
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5 years ago, Vnhxjdjrjejejieijrvehdhhr
Bring back the old app
The scheduling feature on this years version Is horrible. Why fix something that isn’t broken? Please bring back the old scheduling version with the two different views. So hard to see the conflicts between artists.
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5 years ago, lildrummerboi678
Overall pretty good.
I would love to have the schedule with the grid view by stage like in previous versions of the app. Everything else is working well.
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6 years ago, rootc01
this app was super helpful last year with my friend groups, we were able to coordinate what shows and keep track of things easier using this, so here’s hoping to another update for 2018 :) thanks for the work put into this, really is awesome
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6 years ago, Jane🌞
Incorrect dates
Just wanted to let u know the dates are off a day in the app!
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5 years ago, Marty burnside
Where’s the grid view
Love forest and the acts that they support, but why get rid of the grid view? Would love an update before the festival to make it easier to find the artists (although the idea of wondering around the forest aimlessly does sound a bit entertaining 😂).
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5 years ago, its the best bean
A+++ just wish it had a filter for schedule by stage
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6 years ago, Vitnay
Why is the map blank?
It’s nice to be able to create a personal schedule but the festival starts tomorrow and the map is completely blank
Show more
5 years ago, NMStar
Great App / Bad Service
The app works great WHEN there is service. When EF is in town we have horrible service in our rural area :(
Show more
5 years ago, ZachRogen
Removed the best feature.
The grid view for your schedule was the best part of the app. It’s very hard to visualize the sets/placement without them.
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5 years ago, RazzBarrier
Titles and locations
It would be very helpful if you could label the location and names of the RVs on the map handout/APP
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5 years ago, Steventhedude
Great features but unstable and buggy
The ability to view the artist lineup and create a schedule is great. However, it crashes often and is riddled with bugs.
Show more
6 years ago, cyde8899
Where is 2018?
Let’s see the 2018 update! I can’t wait to use it and it would be helpful.
Show more
6 years ago, F_KABA
Where’s 2018
When are you gonna release the 2018 version?
Show more
5 years ago, Richy_8
Pumped for EF19
Super easy to use. I love how organized it is with the schedule.
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6 years ago, tightbwhole
2nd weekend schedule doesn’t work.
It keeps sending me to the 1st weekend schedule
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