Elevations Credit Union

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Elevations Credit Union
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2 months ago
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User Reviews for Elevations Credit Union

4.67 out of 5
605 Ratings
4 weeks ago, Boulder Tabatha
Home Town Bank
I have been a customer of Elevations Credit Union. For 40 + years. Back when it was CU Credit Union. I have purchased several properties, over 8 car loans. They take care of their customer’s! If your looking for “Home Town” service. You are at the right place!
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4 days ago, Wiki Wralf
Use website instead
Not sure why you need this app when the website is much more useful. My big gripe is the search function is very primitive. For example , there is no obvious way to search for a range of dates. Bill Pay is also confusing. If you select Bill Pay from your checking account, you can only create a new payment, no history or pending payment info. But if you enter BillPay via the “more” option at the bottom of most screens, you do have the same tools as on the website. Why have different results when choosing Bill Pay from different entry points???? I only use this app for mobile deposits.
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2 months ago, This2Sucks3
Shouldn’t have released yet!!
Deleted ability to get into account by releasing this too soon, so forced to do. Your new (2 day old) digital app needs ability to add spouse on joint accounts. Was asked to upload ID, is yet another issue that didn’t do a thing for me, except expose my personal info! I thought it might clarify my profile as joint account; nope! Inability to add ‘snapshot’ as widget on iPhone, although the previous version had the ability to do. Who wants to divulge SSN and DOB in order to get initial access to change password? No búenó! Security risk doing so, IMO. So many customers with problems it is a 40-90+ minute wait to get live agent help. Robo chat is worthless, as well. Programmers can do better!
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2 months ago, Kill me now!
quick widget
the new update doesn’t allow for a widget of your balances like the app has literally had for several years. money management is no longer a thing, & my history isn’t synced so that I can start budgeting again? Scout? the chat message feature to help can’t even do anything when you say “chat with agent”. This credit union has failed it’s members, people who pay to hold their money here. They roll out new phone systems, new platforms, yet they are reactive to what’s wrong instead of proactive before launch. The frontline staff are grossly underpaid for what they have to deal with for the lack coming from above. 0 stars.
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2 months ago, Verily Upset
Terrible Update!
Doesn’t go into landscape so I can’t use it. Won’t allow me to log in even after I logged in 10 minutes prior. Loses my accounts so I can no longer see them all. Can’t get in to pay bills, can’t pay into another Elevations account, despite having all information and account numbers correct. Tells me the account I need to pay can’t be found in their system, despite receiving bills for that account and having it show up in the account holder’s page. No customer service available since the update!!! So it’s not working for a ton of their members, nor does the website any longer. I need to bank, so will probably have to move all my accounts..
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2 months ago, Sarvy97
It’s alright, a little confusing
The app redesign is pretty nice, but I’m not stoked about losing my widget for quick balance, not sure if there’s a new way to add it to my widgets? As for my accounts, I’m not really liking how I have to go through each of them to see the account numbers. I do wish that can be switched back, as I have multiple cards for a couple accounts and it’s annoying having to go into each one of them to make sure I’m withdrawing from the correct one. I think the overall experience with the app have improved as far as speed and design.
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2 months ago, Sarasbananas
Update messed up everything
The latest update of July 2023 messed up everything. I had each of my accounts named so I knew which account belonged to each of my 5 children and my accounts. All names are wiped out. I lost access to one of my children’s accounts all together. I called a teller (who was rude) and directed me back to the app for assistance. I’m not able to get access at all. This CU promises decent interest on kids savings yet 3 of my kids accounts have not received any interest at all. After several calls, and depositing more money per the teller request, no interest. Perhaps a different CU should be considered.
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2 months ago, SarahKayVoigt
Mostly a great update
Love 99% of the updated features; the interface is cleaner and easier to navigate. Not sure why the single feature of being able to rearrange the order accounts appear in is gone though- for some reason all of my miscellaneous savings accounts and least-used credit cards are now at the top of the list (meaning the first thing I see in the account snapshot) instead of my checking and primary credit card, which are what I need to be able to find most quickly.
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2 months ago, Mazziemom
Forced change
No warning forced change, new password new ap no widget. Not only annoying to me but for an elderly client it has become a huge mess. Having to revalidate repeated and change password repeatedly is hard for those with memory issues. Widget allowed easy quick access, they took that functionality away. I should charge by the hour for dealing with the new update because then my balance would rise dramatically, though I’d not be able to see that easily now.
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2 months ago, BrianCS75
Great Update
Super clean and much more functionality than the previous version of this app. I can see all my connected accounts which is super useful and the savvy money credit monitoring is great. Improved navigation too. Really happy with the updates!
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1 month ago, Jvazco
Wrong balance
The app has shown me the wrong balance twice so far since release and just cost me $93 in overdraft fees. The pending transactions were not being reflected in my balance like it does for the most part and had in the last version. A couple weeks ago it didn’t show I had recovered my paycheck via direct deposit, but showed up when my wife logged in on her phone. Once I logged out and back in it was corrected but now I can’t feel confident that I’m seeing a true balance.
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2 months ago, K11L05H11
So many functions and options!
Love the new app! Looks better and so many more options! Check out the desktop version (website) so much available! Chat team is incredible if you need help
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2 months ago, ~hustler~
Fantastic app
I love this app it works great doesn’t crash it’s nice to do all my transfers for bills right through the app my wife and I have the same bank so I just send the money to her and she transfers it all
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1 month ago, emdaug
Downgrade in Security
With the recent update, if biometric login is enabled, the account login screen can be bypassed with the phone password. Before the update, your banking password was required if biometric authentication failed. I want the convenience of biometric login but not if anyone with my phone password can gain access to my banking app. Please change this back to how it used to be.
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2 months ago, CO Rockin’
Elevations CU new app
After getting the update done, I am now enjoying all the benefits of the new IMPROVED Elevations CU on line banking and loving it! All my accounts in one place, new touch activation, what’s not to like!!! Thanks Elevations CU. Made my day!!❤️
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2 months ago, Spikediggity
Sad boi.
I’m trying to deposit a check and can’t woth their new update. It brings me back to the settings after I take a picture of the front of the check every single time even if I re-open the app and close it out and try again. Frustrating for sure. Please fix. This app used to be amazing and a powerhouse.
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2 months ago, Victor Blueclove
I love this bank
I love having money and spending it. I do hate capitalism though. I wish I could just barter or something lol. Anyways thanks Elevations for being the best bank!!
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1 month ago, YellowDzn
It’s pretty bad
It’s pretty awful when you can’t even access your account or make an account to make a payment. I’m having to do everything over the phone. Guess i’m not allowed to use the website or app. I’ll wait till monday to call in. Hopefully I can set up auto payment over the phone so i don’t have to interface with this awful agency any more.
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2 months ago, AndreaAMS
LOVE the new app!
Easy to use, clean, modern….so many great new features! Good job Elevations team, really appreciate you making it easier to managing my banking.
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3 weeks ago, Boulder Mark
One of the better banking apps.
Seems pretty bomb proof. Open with Face ID which is more than you can say for other apps.
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2 months ago, Beklaus
Love the new app!
Much better app than the old one. Thank you for updating! Love you, mean it!
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2 months ago, Popaloguios
Remote Deposit Doesn’t Work
Since they don’t allow remote deposits from their website, I had to download the app. I give approval to access the camera and the app shuts down. Then I have to go through the whole process of signing in. Still didn’t work. So frustrating.
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2 months ago, dontbotherwithibotta
The new app has an updated UI… and that’s about it. All my account nicknames disappeared, and the options in settings to make edits aren’t working. The main thing I want to use this app for is to see my accounts and transfers at a glance, and this update actually made that harder to do.
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2 weeks ago, PMO2AB
Missing Face ID Enable
I don’t like how I have to log in with my password all the time when I want to view my whole account. Bring back Face ID enable.
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2 months ago, |__O__o__|
New app wiped my account nicknames
The new app has removed my account nick names and doesn’t even show the nick names in the main accounts page, making them useless. I have multiple accounts and it’s difficult to know which is which without them.
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1 week ago, Maria Gregori
Great app!
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2 months ago, rockiesgrizzly
landscape mode not working on iPad
Thanks for the app refresh. Could you please enable landscape mode on iPad? Many of us use iPads as laptops w/ keyboards these days. Thank you.
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2 months ago, Hazel bell 420
Not a fan of the update. Had to renew all info, doesn’t play well with my internet. Fussy to do transfers where it used to be simple. Sigh
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2 months ago, pnchwtch
App crashes every time it tries to open the camera to deposit a check. The only reason I have this app is for mobile deposit so it’s entirely non-functional for me
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1 month ago, Netsirk209
Not impressed
The older version was best. It was actually readable easy to use. This new disaster is horrible. I can’t login easily. Too cluttered and not an improvement. Just go back to what worked.
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1 month ago, dr. chacon
Bad update
This bank has not allowed my review of its recent update. Not much more to say.
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2 months ago, Miserable degenrate
unbelievably bad
using this provided the perfect motivation to start with a new bank, thanks Elevations!
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2 months ago, The farmer with only one L.
Elevations Credit Union App
Cannot get app symbol to display on my iPhone Home Screen.
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2 months ago, usppommern
I miss the old app
I miss the old app
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9 years ago, LouiseC303
Good layout and function
Update: best banking app. Easy transfer within app. Easy to transfer from another bank. Locations. Contact IT. Excellent! I love using both the iPhone and iPad versions. Compared to the Chase banking apps Elevations is clean, streamlined, easy to understand, large text to read easily. So far, no crashes. Camera functions well for check deposit. Running iOS 8 on a 4S over an AT&T cellular hot spot modem at 4G LTE. I would not recommend this on low power WiFi. I have trouble if I connect to WiFi in a house with old routers on a cable Internet connection. Not enough bandwidth due to sharing among the other cable connections in the condo complex. I have also had good interactions with the Elevations IT department.
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7 years ago, Qqpwpqi
Limited functionality, limited information, pest popover
The app doesn't give you simple information like running balance transaction by transaction, and it doesn't let you see linked accounts. There's no easy way to jump from one account to another. When you make a transfer the on-screen keyboard pops over the amount you are typing in, and while you can scroll the screen to make it visible it springs back when you let go, so no matter what you can't see what you are typing. And apparently some genius programmer decided it was a good idea to pop a must-click-to-dismiss "rate our app" box over the screen after you complete an operation. Bad timing, programmer.
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11 years ago, colomod
Very Basic Functionality
Elevations Credit Union offers a lot of great products, and rates to their customers. However, they're extremely behind 'in the times' when it comes to technological advances and Banking services. It has taken a long time for them to improve their online website, and create a mobile application. This has left longtime members like me, extremely frustrated and bewildered as to why. Having waited so long for these various services I had expected more of their mobile application. It leaves much to be desired. Basic functionality is in place - view account(s), transfers, and bill pay(but only if first initiated via their website). Other than these few features there really isn't any real benefit to their mobile application, versus accessing your account via a web browser. Extremely disappointed with how basic Elevation's mobile application really is, especially given the long wait.
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2 years ago, kimmvint
I love my credit union!
I’ve been bank with a credit union since I bought my first car at 18 , I’m now 65. My Dad banked with Longs Peak federal credit union and he helped me get a loan for my first car. Over the course of 47 years Longs Peak went from a federal credit union to just a credit union than to Elevation’s Credit union. Now I do most of my banking with them on line. I really like that. I pay my bills on line , get direct deposits . All their features save me money and that’s what we all want isn’t it! Kim Vint
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8 years ago, Feudejvuk
Mobile deposit has a SERIOUS issue
Like most, the primary reason I have this app is for mobile deposits. Aside from it being very picky with iPhones, it also approved checks it shouldn't have: I deposited a check for $700 on Friday- went through fine. Then Monday I get an email it was reversed due to some 'difference in numerical and written amounts'. I'd already thrown the check away since it had been previously approved and I'd already used several hundred of the money. Thankfully I hadn't taken my trash out yet and I found the check, which I had to take to the branch before they'd give me my money back. Boy was I lucky another check cleared right before the reversal, because losing that $700 would have sent me into the red, and ECU would have charged me a fine, not to mention bounce some of the transactions I'd made over the weekend. When I asked the teller why the app approved a check it shouldn't have, he told me "the app doesn't catch everything, so when someone actually looked at the deposit 3 days later, they rejected it... So I have one question for you, ECU: WHY DO YOU HAVE A MOBILE DEPOSIT FUNCTION IF IT IS APPROVING CHECKS IT SHOULDN'T BE?!? FIX YOUR APP OR DONT HAVE ONE
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2 years ago, klpeach
App is great something changed with deposit checks
The app is excellent. Something changed recently with the deposit check feature and the pic it takes barely gets the bottom of the check in the frame. My view when taking the pic has plenty of room around but I’ve had to retake the pic multiple times to actually get the check with all edges exposed. The preview that shows the check also cuts off the bottom with the “retake or keep” menu bar so you can’t tell if it is good or not. Please fix this as it has become more difficult to get the check fully in the screen.
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3 years ago, Alex Candel
Time for me to find someone else.
App was fine now it’s buggy, laggy, oh and did I forget to mention I deposited a check into an elevations atm and 24 hrs later all those funds were withdrawn because it’s “missing?” It’s hardly my responsibility after the method of payment has been inserted into the atm and listed as completed. Honestly I heard good things but lately Elevations has hardly lived up to the standards everyone blew out of proportion, I’ll honestly probably be closing my accounts with them because the customer service side is also very frustrating and truly only exists over the phone where you can wait for an entire hour to be told, “we can’t do anything.” ...fantastic. 👎
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2 years ago, blahblah_blah564+564+564
Just a couple of things
I love Elevations and I love this app. I would love it even more if just a little more information was included in the app for my mortgage (also through Elevations). If nothing else, it would be fabulous to see the interest rate and the original loan amount. Ideally, I could also see the loan origination date, maturity date, original loan term, and even a short breakdown of my payments. Basically, the loan summary page that I see on the web version would be helpful to see in the app, but seeing the interest rate and original amount would be great. Thank you!!
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11 years ago, icfantv
It's ok, but I'm not blown away.
While I would love to applaud Elevations for finally trying to get into the 21st century with their on-line banking, they're 4 years late to the party and it shows. With the disastrous rollout of their new banking website to this "meh" app, it's like they just still don't understand what their customers want and need. That said, if all you are looking for is the ability to look at your accounts, check balances, transfer funds, and pay bills, then this app should work for you. If you're looking for a wow factor, you won't find it. It may be basic, but at least it's better than what passes for their website.
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8 years ago, Tonkageorgio
New to App & Elevations
I just switched banks to Elevation Credit Union and have been very happy with this app. Screens are simple and easy to read, and all the basic functionality I need is there. Easy access to all accounts and transaction history, simple fund transfer and bill pay. Fingerprint authentication is great. Check deposit from the app will save me trips to the teller! The only addition I would want is integrated search of ATM locations. Currently it directs to a webpage. I would also like to see which ATMs are drive-thru.
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3 years ago, ekrasno
Good for the most part
Pretty good for the most part. Have recently been having issues with check deposit. App layout is not great for check deposit. There’s now a white block at the top where it says “endorse” so you can’t see exactly how it’s supposed to be captured by the camera. Honestly the whole layout of check deposit needs to be redone. It’s pretty annoying. Words constantly cover up what you’re supposed to see. As a bank though, elevations is ok. Nothing great. Signed up in college and the customer service is about the same as it was then. No improvements.
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2 years ago, HereN0w
Just one little thing…
Works great but one little thing to improve… After the check is photographed it says to check the image to make sure all edges are shown, but the instructions actually block the bottom of the image so I’m always hoping it’s OK and so far it has been but often I find myself trying to aim the camera so there’s space at the bottom so that I can really see clearly that everything is in view.
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8 years ago, __davey__
Very handy app
I routinely use the Elevations app to deposit checks. Also, I live in Denver but wanted to keep my account with ECU (because I've had such good experience with them, including buying a new home). No problem, since the app has a handy locator feature for finding nearby ATM's and other credit unions that are "in network". As far as a standalone app goes, it doesn't do anything particularly amazing. BUT the app + Elevations taken together definitely deserve 5 stars.
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4 years ago, IsaPainter
Mobile deposit makes this app great
It’s so much better than other financial institutes. Elevations is a good credit union. The app keeps getting better which is more than others can say. I love the auto capture feature and the fact that they display what needs to be written on the Check when the camera is pulled up to mobile deposit. Thanks!
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11 months ago, Stop n smell the Roses
Mobile deposit
Recently, the app on an iPhone no longer allowed per monile deposit. After you type in all of the information, the camera pops up and is covered by a screen that says rotate the the phone for check capture. However, no matter how much you rotate the phone it remains frozen on that screen and you cannot capture image of the check.
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10 years ago, Kristihoff
Best credit union app I've ever used!
This ECU app is very user friendly and I can do almost everything on it that I can online! I can transfer money between accounts and I have even used it for bill pay while on vacation! And NOW they have added check deposits with the snap of a picture! I would definitely recommend this credit union and this app!
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