Elgato Stream Deck Mobile

4.5 (2.8K)
175.3 MB
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Current version
Corsair Components, Inc.
Last update
10 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Elgato Stream Deck Mobile

4.53 out of 5
2.8K Ratings
10 months ago, Joe Sayles
Stream Deck saved the day!
I needed to be able to set up control for music and sound effects, for a stage play in a really short period of time, and give over to others to control, because I would be on stage. I sequenced the songs, as numbers, and sound effects, as letters, for easy and quick identification in low light, while following the script. At first, I had two people, needing to be able to trigger as needed. Problem… low budget, and only a Stream Deck with 15 buttons. Saw a 64 bit version, but the price was out of my range. Then I saw the IOS option, and changed the game! I got an iPad for $100 and installed the app, and gained over 160 new triggers, and you can have more than one running at the same time, so I was able to give both persons their own control boards, and everything worked perfectly!
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7 months ago, gotem...
Love it
Spent slot of time setting up macros and other software to basically have free everything and not buy a stream deck. I bought an iPhone. Remembered that this app works best on it. Then download and purchased the lifetime pack. Which is the cheapest product they offer I believe. I’m so happy I did. You can have so many options and set up different pages full of commands. It does EVERYTHING! I had friends with streamdecks but never felt like I needed it. Boy was I wrong. I wish I had this sooner. Everything is so streamline. Everything works perfectly. Being able to set up multiple pages allows me to have a stream deck for each scene basically. I’m still thinking of ways to organize things but wow. I’m amazed. And for the price. I love it. I have given 4 stars because on iPhone 15 pro max I am left with about an inch on top and on bottom of unused space as the columns max out at 8 spots. I would like to fill the screen more. Also voicemod works seamlessly and plays sounds through the mic output. I wish there was a way to get other sounds to play through mic output as well. Unfortunately I will need the stream deck plus. It would be nice if Wave Link worked without buying a compatible device. Or if they had an app for that to I would probably buy the premium version to unlock all features. I love how seamless their ecosystem is. I just wish I could use my own microphone with it.
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5 years ago, brucevanhorn2
One less thing to carry around
I’ve used the 15 key stream deck for about 2 years to teach a class at a University. I used to haul an impressive amount of equipment around with me, but lately I’ve looked to streamline. My laptop of choice is now a MacBook Air, and I traded a big microphone for a few cables I can use to hook into the University’s audio system. I love my stream deck but when I saw the app, that’s one more thing to not have to carry around. I just use my phone, which of course I always have with me anyway. The pairing feature “just works” even with our University’s wi-if, which can sometimes be a challenge. The app works just as well as the physical box for controlling OBS, though all I use it for is simple scene changes. If you do the math, it’s much cheaper to get this app than it is to get the actual device.
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2 years ago, Aramistech.com
Ok, but save your money
This app works great on the iPhone but being that it’s several years old they would have heard of the iPad by now. When connected to the iPad it should see it as an XL device and allow for more keys since you have such a huge screen limited by 15 keys. You would think it would be optimized for the iPad and work on either devices, 15 on the iPhone, 32 keys on the iPad. Nope, no one at the company has even looked at this yet you pay for a subscription. Come on ElGato get with the times. You want my money and I want an app that works on my device correctly not a blown up iPhone app, for that reason I gave it 2 stars and cancelled by subscription. Don’t waste your money if you are going to use an iPad.
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12 months ago, Lwjpaw
Thank you Elgato
I have their hardware device which I am still using. I really needed a bigger hardware device which iPad is able to accomplish with the virtual buttons. I would go kiss the feet of someone at Elgato for making this app and offering it for such a small subscription price. I have bought premade button setups for some of my programs and made my own for other programs. I can now control everything on my computer through this app. I don't know why Elgato is doing this because for some customers they will buy less hardware devices. All I can say is thank you Elgato and I will come to you first for all my streaming needs.
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3 years ago, GNoMeJoda
Outstanding Solution
I stream only as a hobby and was reluctant on spending $100-$150 on a stream deck, but the complexity in my streams was ramping up to a point that it was difficult to manage everything on the keyboard. I had an iPhone 6 that was able to put to good use thanks to this mobile app and everything ended up working perfectly!! I now have a phone holder attached to my computer chair and this makes it the perfect setup to control the stream with one hand (wirelessly). I am just started with the one month subscription but after seeing the quality of what this app provides, I am sure I will switch to the annual plan.
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3 years ago, Nageki_
When it works it is amazing
I would give this 5 stars if we were given the option to connect to our PC via USB instead of WiFi or maybe Bluetooth. I use Ethernet for everything and I setup WIFI just for this app but the connection drops randomly (usually right before I need to use it). No amount of troubleshooting will give me a constant connection. However, like I said, when it works— this is amazing. But for now I feel like I wasted a yearly subscription.
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5 years ago, Ragnarok34
Fantastic Alternative
This app is an amazing alternative to a physical stream deck. My girlfriend and I just moved into our own place for the first time, and money is tight. Instead of dropping $100+ on a physical deck, this came out at exactly the right time for us to get our start in streaming. The only drawback, and the only thing keeping this from a perfect 5 stars, is that I would love there to be a native iPad version. The iPad would be by far the perfect interface for this app, with the potential to do so much more. It does work in the way that running any iPhone-only app on an iPad does, but just feels restricted. Make one of those, and this will easily be one of my favorite apps on any of my devices.
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3 years ago, AspireToInspire
So much potential, limited by small thinking.
I own a StreamDeck and am looking at purchasing them (regular and XL versions) for the office, but to be able to have a virtual version at the same time would be great, as it would allow for process testing, etc. But, the mobile version is $3/month/person and only gives the mini version! Come on, Elgato/Corsair. Make this dynamic, or at least equal the physical versions a person purchases. A Mini version is NOT worth $36/year/person. This is especially true when the number of integrations grows at a snail’s pace. Put some resources and effort into this platform and you will find we will more than make it worth your while in sales and promotion. You have a gold mine and are digging with a baby spoon.
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2 years ago, Hi I'm a Mac
Crashes OBS
Who decided this app was ok to release? It crashes OBS all the time. It is an absolute embarrassment. Sure go ahead and get this app. You’ll be able to switch scenes and a lot of other things. But you might also end up doing 2-3 streams per night because this app keeps crashing OBS and forcing you restart your steam. It’s painfully obvious that Elgato knows this. I don’t know how you could ignore it. BUT why fix it when you can just take peoples money and provide an app that does an ok job? Whoever worked on this app: I hope you all feel ashamed of yourself and the product that you allowed real users to experience. You’re all a stain to the industry and you should never be allowed to touch a pixel ever again.
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9 months ago, tBasco
Good App
It’s a good app. I used it for a week now and it’s more affordable than buying the devices. I’m not a gamer, at least not a computer but I use it for working from home. I don’t need quick response for what I need. I just need somewhat soon. I use it for web pages, finding folders and apps. The only complaint so far is when the Mac goes in screen saver mode, it kinda shuts down and has a spinning wheel trying to find a connection. Every time this happens. Sometimes it’s quick to reconnect, sometimes it takes awhile. Fix that and this gets five stars.
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11 months ago, Bryambryam
Volume Controller
Everything on it ,using it on my iPad Pro, works perfect. But I have a pet peeve, not sure if anything else is having this problem, when I add a Volume Controller I see a bug. 1. On the Type: Adjust, where it creates a slider, it doesn’t stay on after closing the app or restarting PC. It ends up with the original icon unless I change the type and put it back to Adjust. 2. Same thing on Type: Set, the percentage disappears and I have to click on another type and click back to Set. I HAVE TO DO THIS EVERY TIME I TURN MY COMPUTER ON ! Lol
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4 years ago, Granuaile's Keep
Excellent for workflow!
I won a year’s subscription to the app in one of Elgato’s Twitch streams, and it has been fantastic for me! I have been using it to open programs, adjust settings, and facilitate productivity while working from home. The connection between the app and PC is seamless - it only requires that both devices be connected to the same network. The button functions are configured within the desktop interface, and there are seemingly endless possibilities! Thank you Elgato for the subscription!
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2 years ago, CALegendre
Great app—not as crisp with graphics, no iPad support
Love the app, although my custom icons are not as crisp and nicely rendered as they are on the Stream Deck.. I wish they would add iPad support and iOS/iPadOS 15 Split View/Slideover support. This would make my large iPad Pro the perfect tool for monitoring Twitch chat, the OBS feed (through a remote viewer to my stream rig) AND be able to easily slide Stream Deck over and change a scene without app switching & load times. Hope the developers read reviews. I’m a product owner AND app subscriber - I’d love to see this become reality.
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4 years ago, djl0525
Not for XL users
I have a 32-button Stream Deck XL, but the mobile app only displays 15 buttons. I find no way to change the number of buttons on the screen. No scroll. No zoom. Not sure I’ll keep it after the trial since I can’t even access half of my buttons. This problem has an easy fix. I am very disappointed! 🙁
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1 year ago, FroakieG
I think it’s worth it
At first I tried it on a iPad Pro 3rd gen and no luck then tried my phone and worked for a split second then never connected. Ever since I have not tried it on my laptop, however connecting my phone to my Desktop worked wonders. Tends to buffer but always comes back and I tend to have spotty wifi on my phone. Still doesn’t work on iPad though but compared to a $150 box, this is a good way to save money until you have enough for a button box.
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3 years ago, Pumasalad
Nickel and Dime me to death, please
So after buying an expensive (but fun) piece of hardware for my Mac, Elgato offers this software for my phone and iPad. Mind you, it won't work on the phone without the hardware on the Mac. Then, in order to actually use it on your phone, you have to subscribe for more money. Then 1/2 of the time it's faster to walk into my office and push the button on my Stream Deck than it is to wait for the software on the phone to log in and provide me with a subset of buttons. So, it's nice when it's working, and I have no complaints about the hardware, but the phone software is a disappointing rip off.
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2 years ago, Al707
Way overpriced. Should be free
Ok, the app provides some nice utility. I can control something from another room with my iPhone. I have two XL’s on my desktops. I would really like to have control over the web over a vpn. But seriously Elgato you have great products, I have a room full of them, but this is just a ripoff. This should be free for all owners of stream deck. Have hardware verification if you like. A charge for this has lowered the good feelings I have about your company. It used to be ‘let’s get something from elgato’ now it’s ‘let’s see what else if out there’. And something will be. You get top dollar for your products, and have built a good reputation. Why damage that?
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2 years ago, Nin7
Bait & Switch NOTHING FREE
This app is listed as FREE with in-app purchases. What they don’t tell you is that it’s COMPLETELY USELESS once downloaded - unless you purchase a subscription. Personally, I think this is lame. I have NO idea whether or not this app will or will not be useful to me if there’s nothing to play with & test. Also, subscription apps are not “purchases”. You are renting the app. - Thank Adobe for this horrible style of money-grab. Essentially, if software is good, people will buy it. If developers add quality features, people will upgrade. THIS type of monetization is bad for consumers & only benefits greedy developers. - Buy the hardware version and steer clear of apps like THIS!
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7 months ago, dreamingbinary
One Really Annoying Complaint
More often than not, coming back to my desk and unlocking my computer, I’ll also have to manually clock on my device to get Streamdeck Mobile to connect again. The older version didn’t have this issue as often. It might take longer to connect but was more reliable. This latest version… I could go for 5-10 mins before it’ll connect again… 3 stars for [re]connection issues.
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2 years ago, CMPerfection
Try Touch Portal first. This app is useful for mobile use, that’s it.
Before anything, try Touch Portal. It’s free. Used it before getting a stream deck. Has limited use unless you do a one time purchase, then it’s just about as good as this app that charges that much for only 5 months of use. If you’re dead set on Elgato, this app is useful if you like a more mobile form of a stream deck, like traveling with your laptop. As I said though, Touch Portal offers almost the exact same service for free/one time purchase.
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2 years ago, Techexpert007
FIXED: Connection issues & Profile not switching
I see many reviews mentioning app disconnects and also that profiles are not switching when opening a desktop app for which a profile is set. I had the same issues and was able to resolve. The issue is that you need to close the StreamDeck Mac desktop app with the red close button, do not quit with Cmd+Q, do not minimize with the yellow button. Quitting the app will cause the disconnect from the IOS app. Minimizing or leaving the desktop app in full window will cause the profiles not to switch. I logged a ticket with Elgato as this should be MUCH clearer in their software via pop-up dialog etc.
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1 year ago, JD Matlock
Great on iPhone, worthless on iPad.
The iPad has been out for over ten years, Elgato. It's not that difficult to add iPad support to correctly written iOS apps in Xcode, so why hasn't this happened? Many streamers don't want to devote their phones to controlling streams (some of us like to use them as an independent way to monitor our streams). Please add iPad support so we have more buttons, less paging. Even those of us with Streamdeck XLs and Corsair keyboards with G keys could still use more buttons.
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3 years ago, throwaway414
Great budget option for streamers.
This has served me wonderfully for my twitch streams. Also for daily use. If you have extra phone lying around which I did then this app is a fantastic way to get your own stream deck for cheap. The actual product is nice but this is a great budget option. So much customizability with the elgato software.
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1 year ago, DiveShark!
Wish it had Split View.
Working on making better use of my desk space and had the thought of using this app and the twitch app on my iPad using the multitasking Split View mode. While this would impact streaming substantially for access to stream manager along side it, it would also be a great productivity tool along side many apps out the like notes or a calendar.
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8 months ago, BrettLefty
Does what you’d expect it to.
This device/software works well. My only complaint would be that it sometimes breaks my windows key. Restarting the program seems to work. As far as i can surmise, this is the result of some interaction between Stream Deck and Starship Troopers Extermination, as it otherwise does not occur.
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4 years ago, EBJ Games
Pretty good, A star away
I love the stream deck mobile, a downside from this is the loading bugs and the internet connection bugs. Sometimes on a iPad 5/6 gen, it keeps crashing, I am going to test out your wired stream deck. The WiFi connection and sync right away, even tho I only have a 5g Internet, so I couldn’t get the connection far away. If I get the stream deck, I’ll review about it, I am planning to get a stream deck mini.
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2 years ago, ScreenAddict
Why must I rent this?
It’s a simple little utility which mimics features of my physical StreamDeck to add a few more buttons - I’d be quite happy to purchase it outright at a reasonable price to add a bit more functionality, but there is only the option to rent this forever! Insanity! What’s more, it doesn’t even recognize iPads and only operates in iPhone mode. What is with this trend of only providing apps as rental when they’re just simple utilities with little to no possibility of significant future evolution and no inherent cloud functionality. They killed their own app! 🤷‍♂️
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12 months ago, Krakadon
App is awesome, still needs a lot of features
Still needs a lot of features (pages in folders, multi-action open folder, etc.). Doesn’t always use screen real estate. Editor is super tedious and can’t edit on iPad. Functionality is amazing. You’ll never go back to working without one. I already have an XL, and still, I welcome this app greatly.
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4 years ago, TacticalOnlineGaming
Best Value... period!
I had a iPad and I had no idea I could turn it into a fully functional stream deck. Look, cheapest Stream deck is 90 bucksish. Most spendy version is 200+. The yearly for my app/iPad version is 25 bucks.... hellooooo! I love my streaming capabilities now. Best value item from ElGato. Get it before they figure out they can hike up the price! Hehe
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5 months ago, Errbodylikessam
Good but missing one key feature
I like this app and it does make my working from home way more seamless. My only feedback/wish to the developers is to integrate widgets on this app so that i can access my shortcuts from anywhere within my iOS system. That is the only feature keeping me from rating this at 5 stars.
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4 years ago, Forexer
Constant irritating pop up message blocks usage☹️
If you leave the app open for quick access to your buttons (which would be the intended use case..) constantly when you go to use it, it has lost connection for just a brief moment but it puts up a pop up banner that forces you to dismiss it which involves going to “settings” then clicking “done” and then it’s fine (until it happens again). This of course kills usability of the app. Developers - please fix this and I will be happy to change my review to 5 stars!
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5 years ago, josephthewoo
Trying it out
Or not, I couldn’t even try it out since I can’t even get into the app (due to the lack of a credit card) I understand how much the physical one costs but I’m recommending a “light” version which doesn’t have everything but is free The only reason I have wrote this is because of how much I stream and need stream deck but with the lack of a credit card making it impossible I’m sorry this really isn’t against you it’s just my thoughts needing to be written down
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1 year ago, gujvdggdetgddtiigg
It worked and then didn’t.
I downloaded the app set up everything and was hyped! It worked great for few days then just stopped. To be more clear, it stopped working for OBS. Works for Twitch and when using anywhere else, but just not OBS. I uninstalled, reinstalled, made sure everything was updated, but my OBS just doesn’t recognize it. If i don’t find a fix soon I’m uninstalling and canceling subscription
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5 years ago, Jeff Thiessen
Does What It Says
It does exactly what it says it would do. Yes, it requires a subscription, but this is pennies compared to the cost of purchasing an actual Stream Deck physically. Lots of customization, very convenient, especially if you learn how to write batch files on windows. Easy to recommend to streamers out there!
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2 years ago, SoDak12
Simple and Easy
This is incredibly easy to use with my OBS setup and works just like I need it to. Great 1080 quality at lightning speed. Only thing right now that I wish it had more capabilities like another OBS app out there where I can lock the portrait/landscape mode and manually adjust the camera (f/stop, iso, etc.)
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12 months ago, XC子玄
Almost perfect,but i don’t like this 2.0 version
In the past version,i can use the zooming to make 3*5 fill my ipad in quite a large button,but it seems I can’t do it now
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5 years ago, brixalot0
Not free, but not a failure.
Yeah, so if you thought “hey a stream deck free alternative, nice!” Then uh, think again. You gotta pay 3$ a month for this (yeah 3 day free trial ig that’s ok). Now, I ain’t saying it’s trash and completely worthless and don’t waste your time on it. Maybe you don’t want to carry a stream deck with you. Let’s say you want to go down to Starbucks and do some work, but really need the benefits of the stream deck. This provides a really portable alternative since you’re always carrying your phone with you. That’s why I give this 3 stars. but I think a good idea would be the addition of a one time purchase option for maybe around 40$ so you don’t have to worry about the subscription.
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3 years ago, this app very gæ
Great, but needs an iPad app
The iPhone Stream Deck app is really great but I would prefer to have a full iPad app so that I could really take advantage of the much larger display. This would allow for many more keys and just an overall better experience than I would get on my iPhone.
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5 months ago, MissyMaybe
Constantly loses connection to my PC anytime I switch apps
I would give this 5 stars if it didn’t constantly lose connection to my pc every time i use a different app on my phone, when I reopen stream deck I have to completely restart the program on my pc and my phone to get it to connect.
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5 years ago, josephanterola
I have the steam deck
And now I have the app for $24/yr. the app does work almost instantly with no lag,I only wish you could customize how many rows and columns. My iPad is a lot bigger than my 15 button deck and I would love to do 5x5 or more on the iPad version.
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7 months ago, Big Appletite
Good but there is room to be great
I love the app. I find myself revisiting it all the time. But the settings page, in Dark Mode particularly, is tough to navigate. Improving the contrast of the text would go a long way. It would also be wonderful if we could remove or reduce the borders of icons. Please keep up the good work!
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2 years ago, Mdog4343
Utility Locked Behind A Paywall
The idea of the app is great. But here we have another example of yet another company providing a “service” for a product that most of us have bought already. I already have an Elgato stream deck. Why would I pay to have access to a few more buttons? Stop being greedy. Verify a purchase of the stream deck or make us pay a one time fee. What a waste of a good product.
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4 years ago, ShadyShiba
I love all my mobile apps.
Stream deck mobile has been amazing. I’ve been trying to cut wires and clutter on my desk so I have an arsenal of apps and wireless devices. This has been great for gaming, work and general computer use streamlining transitions between all three fluidly!
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7 months ago, 67Thunder
The best gets better
The best stream controller for mobile now with the update gets even better I’m using it on iPad and iPhone as tools to help my stream and recording much smoother its a worthy investment.
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3 years ago, Lowbraincells
Do not waste your time
Skip this for now, I REALLY wished this app worked but it only stays connected for short periods of time. Most of the time it is searching for the app on your PC even though it is there and running and not being stopped by the firewall or anti-virus, it cannot find it. You must restart the app and the program on the computer to get it to reconnect and then within minutes you’ve lost connection once again.
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4 years ago, jammallnyte73
Useful for my stream ...
So I have a mini which just isn’t enough. I was saving up for the larger one and decided to try this. Works great on my iPad Pro. Wish it was customizable up to 32 buttons like the xl version. But this will get me through for now. Bothers me el gato hasn’t updated the app in 8 months.
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5 years ago, tffort
Subscription fee for an app that runs macros? Ridiculous!
I would pay $5 to buy this app. I might pay $10. But $25 per year for an app that launches macros when you push a button? Forget it. The actual physical Stream Deck costs ca. $125, includes real tactile buttons, and won’t require you to pay in perpetuity to keep on using it. I was considering buying the Stream Deck, but am so disappointed by this app’s subscription model that I think I will avoid Elgato entirely. Huge fail.
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4 years ago, iPadiMac
Disconnects From Work Machine
I connect to my office Mac using internet connection sharing because Stream Deck does not seem to work through the university WiFi. Stream Deck connects fine when I start it up, but disconnects after 1hour. I must then cycle the iPhone WiFi off and on again to get another hour. This is really annoying when you are in the middle of a class session and you lose your controls. Reported the problem, so I’m waiting to hear. You can do a lot with it, but you really are at the mercy of the other applications providing keyboard shortcuts or allowing you to create them.
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2 years ago, rayry7
Why Just Why?
I understand that you can make more money with a monthly/annual subscription but why? Probably 90% of people rather buy the app upfront and that’s it. Why don’t you make it a remote to the hardware? Example buy the hardware, must have hardware to use app, then charge $20 for the app. Give both options and customer pick. I will not get a subscription for especially a remote…
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