Ellie - Help me out...please -

3.2 (105)
44.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Ateam Entertainment Inc.
Last update
9 years ago
Version OS
5.1.1 or later
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User Reviews for Ellie - Help me out...please -

3.24 out of 5
105 Ratings
4 years ago, haniayuriyanderekinder
This Game Drove Me Insane
First off Ellie is a great escape room game but there is still a lot of problems. The begin with, some of the hints are in Japanese so English users can’t read them. Another problem is while I was playing the game I was pretty far in I saw something the floor ( it was Ellie’s organizer ) It was my third time playing so I remembered how to get it but I wasn’t able to! I feel like you should make it so it’s easier to get her organizer. The thing I hate the most about this game is that you can’t freakin save! When I try pressing the continue button it doesn’t work! For one of the puzzles you have to get out the app to do its the center left puzzle. And since it changes every time you play it it’s almost impossible to do it! Make a save feature!
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2 years ago, BOO and not the 👻
Scooby Doobie dude
I love this game! And I almost never write reviews on apps but I thought I should write one on this app. I have a few praises, as long as a few suggestions, first I dislike the blood on the main menu, because there is no blood in the game unless you fail, I also wish you could save, if you turn of your phone for less than five seconds all of your progress will restart! And that can get quite frustrating. Another one is that the puzzles are so complicated that you have to look them up or buy hints. The last one is that if you buy something like coins or the other room then delete the app, it won’t keep your purchases and won’t give you your hard earned money back. And I do have a few praises and questions, my first question is, fake Ellie (or Katie ingle maybe?) how long has she been down here and why? Second how do the police not find her body? She was electrocuted by the hairdryer at the end of the game, and finally, is her "kidnapper" really in the room with her? Or just the real Ellie Foster? My final words of the night are praise words, I love the art, mystery, and surprise ending! Excellent work ELLIE creators! I am very pleased to have played this game and to have experienced the trills and surprise, thank you.
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4 years ago, 10 year old boy
It’s nice, but the title screen is a bit too scary, and you can’t save your progress
I love Ellie, I think it’s a fine game, but I think you should take away the blood in the main screen. Also to top, you need to make the continue feature work, when I tap the continue feature, it doesn’t do anything. I give it a 3/5, but other than that, it’s a fun game.
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5 years ago, KYOMAGA
Please release an update!
I've played this game years ago and I still love it. BUT!! This game can't save my progress much like before which I really hate. Another concern is that I bought the other room years ago too and when I downloaded the game again years later, I tried to restore it, but the game said that I've ever bought the pack before so what the hell? Please update this game even though it's been three years since the last one. I'm begging ya! And add more rooms! I swear this app is just taking space in my phone and I'm still waiting for an update or at least a comeback from you guys for an "ELLIE 2" or something like that. Please please! DO IT.
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1 year ago, mia (nor my real name)
This game is alright I guess..?
This is good and has a good plot but the things are that it doesn’t save your progress and there are some things you can’t get and it’s glitchy. Also I tired opening the drawing cause I obviously figured it out but when I went to open them in the correct order it didn’t. And this games hints are also in Japanese so that’s that. I have playing it for a week and I still can’t figure out the drawers part and it is driving me insane.
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5 months ago, Hey_its_kayla
Love this, it pairs well with murder room
I used to play this game and your other game murder room and I love Ellie so much it is such a great puzzle game with mystery and so was murder room. I wish to play murder room again but you haven’t updated it so please update it. I have a new iPhone and I would love to play that game again.
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8 years ago, ♠SpadeDemon♠
Cool but.....
I really like escape games, and the whole helping someone else was really creative to me. The reason I have this game four stars is because it doesn't save your progress. So if your like halfway through the room, and you have to turn your phone off for some reason, you have to start all over again. That really frustrated me, but other than that the game was fun.
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5 years ago, Zsavoir
This used to be one of my favorite mobile app games and I just re downloaded it, however now none of my progress will save and it is very frustrating having to start over every time I close the app. It seems as though the developers no longer care about the upkeep of such an well made game it’s a shame. I hope that this is fixed soon, but judging from the age of these reviews it doesn’t look like that won’t ever happen smh.
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1 year ago, hfuf fb
So it was great at first and fun but I could not pick up the organizer elli organizer and I tried is sooo many time so I could not play no more and when I exit out of the game I had to start alllllllllllll over again it made me soooo mad and I spent like 10$ on there I just do not like it it has some bug to get out but I saw so one else play it and the end was good I just wish I could see it for myself 🙃😢🥺😠🤪
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4 years ago, uwu12344
Why I hate this game
I got this game thinking that it would be fun because a lot of people were playing it and liking it, so I got the game and it started off good, but when I got to the part were you pick up the coin I saw this little book and my friends said that I was supposed to pick it up but it won’t let me pick it up because Ellie kept getting in the way and I wasn’t about to spend money on a game that I barely played yet.
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2 years ago, Wistyy
Good story, bizarre execution
I enjoy the story itself, however the mechanics of this game are a little bizarre. At times I knew what I needed to do, I just figure out how I was supposed to do it. There is no save feature, which gets annoying. If you do some things in the wrong order, you simply won’t be able to go on.
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5 years ago, Jeffrankin
Good but
So sad this game will never be updated. No iOS game is ever as fun as this was. I remember playing this in school trying to beat it and got excited when “another room” was released. Such a shame this game died off. Really wish they would update it again.
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8 years ago, AliceSeason
Woop woop
This game is absolutely amazing! It really makes you think and when you solve it, boy you feel smart!!! I truly recommend this game to people the like puzzles and all~ I was totally scared, I had nightmares all the time!
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4 years ago, ice cream gacha
Disappointed at this game
When I first saw this game I thought wow that’s gonna be super fun but then I started playing the puzzles are way too hard in the progress during safe so when I go back after playing another game I have to restart the whole thing and there’s plenty of other bad reviews but I didn’t read them because I thought they were scam but they’re not scams
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4 years ago, Becky2004
Great concept.
The idea of The game is really cool. I just wish there was a save feature. You have to restart the game every time you back out of the app. I also wish there was an easier way to get hints.
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7 years ago, User90oh90
Everytime I close the app and re-open it, I have to start the game all over as "new game" The "continue" button is not working
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4 years ago, lou134.5
I was trying to go back to the game and I couldn’t get back into the game that I was playing before but other then that I loved this game it’s so challenging and it’s freaky to ny cousins so yea 😁
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3 years ago, saywa77
Hey, It’s my first time playing this game! There are a few problems though. First off, There is some note on the ground that might be a clue but Ellie always gets in the way to click it and it’s ANNOYING! Secondly, It’s nearly impossible To get out without buying the clue books but I have no coins and how am I supposed to?????
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4 years ago, SnoflakeDummerstonWebPage
Pretty Good!
Ellie is a fun horror game for teens and adults. The graphics are amazing and the riddles are great to train on your brain. The only problem I have is how the you can only use some of the objects once.
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6 years ago, Alexander32405
Deletes Progress
I beat it with the Bad Ending and was working on the Good Ending. I got a text so I got off and checked it. When I went back, the entire app restarted and deleted my progress. I don’t even have the wallpaper now that you get from completing with the Bad Ending. Please fix! Also, bring back Murder Room!
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3 years ago, none yaaaaaaaaa lol
Don’t Download This App!
This app will drive you insane. It’s so hard to find out what to do next, and you have to PAY for hints. Plus, the app is really glitchy and buggy and needs a serious update/fix. In addition to that, this game is seriously really creepy...
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4 years ago, LAdybug555555577739384$3$;,
Ok so I love this game! But I can’t figure out the drawer thing I’m really TRIGGEREDD >:|
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2 years ago, ellemonster12
I love this game, but when you try to get something off the ground her head is in the way. I REALLY HOPE THERE IS AN UPDATE ON THAT. But I still love the game and I LOVE HOW THEY MADE IT MY NAME ELLIE.
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7 years ago, Nierly419
I couldn't press continue I had to restart and the fact that you have to pay you can't even watch a video
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4 years ago, Jadelion
Like the endings. Didn’t see them coming.
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4 years ago, loUwUTwT
Good game but-
This is a really nice game but would like more rooms and a save feature
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8 years ago, Sggedfggd
(Only a bug issue) (not a real review)
When I load up the game the ad makes my screen only show half of everything I can't review this game properly since I can't play it....
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7 years ago, cLEEM777
Very hard but original and rewarding!
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3 years ago, SuperGirlyReviewer
The mirror isn’t working?!
The first time playing this game and it’s not working! The mirror isn’t working. I can’t use it once I get it and this is very frustrating. Someone fix this.
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7 years ago, Mynicknamesnevergetaccepted
Fun game
It had a really cute girl and I was really happy to help her, ending was worth it 😘
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5 years ago, mrscheafer
played this game about a thousand times when i was a kid. good spooks even if you don’t solve the puzzles yourself lol
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8 years ago, Lovey7878
Would give 0 stars
I bought coins but got 0 coins in return and still lost money :))))
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3 years ago, ydnbsjnsvs
The game is great but you can only beat it if you have the hair dryer and you need hints for that and I’m not gonna pay money for a hint
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8 years ago, Lavsa Ad
This game only show half of the screen what's up with that
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4 years ago, its so cool awsome!!!
i won the game it drove me insane
Don’t download ⚠️⚠️it will drive you insane
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3 years ago, Carol 1234321
I like the game but some people call it cursed
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9 years ago, Harkins97
I like this but there are some things I have problems with. For one thing, the plot is much too predictable and doesn't have enough depth. I know it is only a mobile game, but it would be nice if there was more to it. It was also very short. As for the puzzles, they are complicated, and there are no hints. The one with the drawer mechanism is especially annoying. You're supposed to look at the first two numbers under the names, but there are 6 numbers. Why not just make there be two, so we know what to look for? As for the part where you put the mirror on the star and then you dig through the wall, there was only one tiny clue for that written as M.onstar. The puzzles are difficult and some make no sense, like getting screws out of a mirror with a pressed penny, and had too many unneccessary additions to them. Other than that, I do like the idea behind this game, and I do like that it was fairly challenging.
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8 years ago, Shillihs
Bs puzzles
Nuff said
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4 years ago, heff te oloer
I hate it
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2 years ago, Jalita Mcdoodle
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10 years ago, Danny31533
Lol it's fairly fun, but it's kinda hard, there are really no hints on what to do besides clicking everywhere and hoping that something pops up, but even than, there are certain things that you must do and it really got irritating sometimes. I guess you'll need a good amount of patience and maybe accidentally doing the correct things to advance the story. I loved it btw, and there is a good and bad ending to find.
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12 years ago, Deejayycaracappa
This game is really good and challenging! When you first start its difficult and that what I like. I haven't gotten far but I have gotten farther than most people that I've heard of. If your stuck on a part try and investigate something else just because you can't get one piece or item doesn't mean you can get the rest. Very good game has you thinking a lot :)
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10 years ago, Potnpins
It's fun but..
I played this game when it came out a while ago it's all fun but there is a part that unless someone tells you to do it you will never figure it out and it's hard to see any clue on how to do it watching a walk through is mandatory but aside from that one part it's fun
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10 years ago, SwaggaDeej
The greatest!
This is one of the best horror games I've ever played! Also one of the best stories too, I found this game years ago and every so often I have the urge to go back and play it. I highly recommend it! It has multiple endings too which is always nice. Dear, Devs Please make a sequel!!! Also please bring back the HD version!
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10 years ago, BAM <3
Enjoyed the game. Thought a bit of it didn't make much sense and had to look up a few ways to proceed through the game. Other than that it does test you and it is fun.
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10 years ago, Chubsthepig
I thought it was good, but I got totally creeped out when you found out she was evil and her eyes went all wacko. So, if you get creeped out easily, don't get it. Also, what is the name of the girl who's evil who claimed (and lied) that she was Ellie.
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11 years ago, Stonechild31
Stupidly Clever!
You have to be super smart and observant in this game. I had to look up a ton of hints and walkthroughs but all in all, clever, suprising, and rediculously fun! (I ended up playing it 4 times!)
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9 years ago, ~MeganRogers~
Awesome game. Just one request: it's a little confusing. Can you please make it so that it's a little more understandable?
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10 years ago, MusicDefines
And Ellie HD?!
Its gone and now I can't play my Another Room file anymore 😢😢😢😢. Bring it back please!!
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11 years ago, Princessofgaming
Awesome game!
It's an awesome horror game! I recommend it to everybody! I also recommend murder room that's even creeper than this!
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