Email App for Gmail

4.4 (3.7K)
201.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Craigpark Limited
Last update
7 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Email App for Gmail

4.43 out of 5
3.7K Ratings
1 month ago, waldrep4
Gmail APP Rating
I have been using the Gmail APP for approximately two weeks now and it seems easy enough to navigate. I do wish you didn’t need to open the folder icon when you want to go to another area of your account. An example of this would be say you wanted to go from your inbox to write a draft, doing so requires you to exit the inbox click on the folder icon and then choose drafts and click on it. This may seem petty and I don’t mean it too it just seems it would be more efficient if you have the table of contents for actions in the account on the page a user had open.
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2 years ago, neowalkit
Very simple! And also for the very very simple.
This app seems to be very simple to use. You can put in your Hotmail, Gmail and one or two others. I’m not sure how good the functionality is because After installing this app and reading through the various agreements I couldn’t get it off my phone quick enough to make me comfortable. And that’s only after I started putting one address in. I would hope this is an excellent app considering what it is that you are giving to use it. You’re basically giving them permission to go through all of your mail and gather any information that they want. If you value your privacy I would discourage you from using this service. If you don’t mind being exploited it’s probably the service for you. Even by continuing to read there various agreements that you must agree to you must accept their cookie or you can’t copy it and post it someplace where it’s easier to read. I went through and read a good portion and decided that I did not want to share my personal life and businessLife with people that could potentially use this information however they want. I highly recommend reading what you are agreeing.
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2 years ago, amanipilates
Slow to Load Emails but Everything Else Great
I have recently switched from another email platform back to Email App for Gmail. I love everything about this app: sleek design, multiple accounts, avatar photos for each account, custom settings and more. The only downside is when I open emails it takes a couple of seconds to see the email compared to other email apps where I can see it in just a second or two. It may be nit picky but it’s annoying when I’m trying to pull up an email to show someone if something on my email needs to be scanned or if I’m in a time crunch. If this issue is fixed, my review would indeed be 5 stars overall. I hope to see this issue fixed because I really enjoy this app overall for checking my multiple accounts, it’s just that one issue that throws me off at times.
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5 years ago, Lucethricfred
Very disappointed
I downloaded this app as the reviews were great. I have spent the day, setting this up, including inputting a slew of new contacts for a particular project. I am doing this all on my IPad Pro. All worked great, until I tried to create an email to the group. Apparently, this app does not work on IPads, though I swore I had read someone who was using this with IOS. I was granted a permission to view another acct. I followed the directions, it kept saying I was successful, but nothing happened. I had to go to my older, slow laptop, then everything worked. Problem is, I do not want to lug that around. So if a developer reads this, please fix these important issues. Thank you. Otherwise, I would have given this a 5/5 stars.
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2 years ago, ChiTownOz
Great App
I have multiple email accounts and need to keep my apps separate for email purposes. This app helps me accomplish that. The calendar app allows me to unify all my calendars in into one to avoid over booking meetings. The only down side is the notifications that I get on my Apple Watch, which notifies me that I have an email in the app, not whom it is from or the subject. You have to tap the watch to get that info, a step I would rather avoid (I am being very picky here). Highly recommend this app as an alternative to gmail app.
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5 years ago, Pennyesq
This screwed up my whole email setup
For years, I’ve had two gmail accounts on my iPad. One is my handle@gmail, which I use for general mail; the other is my name@gmail which is restricted to mail with family and friends. The handle mail had accumulated way too many emails but was told that I could only delete them by using this App. I used the App to empty all the kludge from the handle account, which has filled up again with lots of junk mail. When I opened this App to clean it, all the mail from my personal account is in there too. I’m going to run the text of this review through a gmail help page to see if they have a solution for this problem they created or I have to let my handle account fill up with trash so I can keep my personal mail sails accessible.
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2 years ago, Kairaca
I went back to gmail app quickly
Took less than a minute to figure out that this app was not going to work for me. First of all, although this is a simple thing to fix, drafts was out the way bottom of the list with the folder/labels. Maybe this could've been fixed but I like and the regular Gmail app where you Mark email as read and it disappears from the list unread messages. But what really failed was when I did a search. I did a search under Jennifer did not find any emails started with Jennifer like the Gmail app. Then I did Gmail and the company and it still did not find anything. That's when I decided to give up.
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2 years ago, Chaya Zelda
Almost 5 stars, but not quite
I chose this mail app because the one that comes with the iPhone was loading messages too slowly. I also like that this app permanently deletes messages. I don’t have to go to another platform to permanently delete messages. Lately, it’s been taking longer to download messages or I would have rated the app 5 stars.
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4 years ago, Thundar83
I downloaded the app. The 1st sign to me was it was unable to send sign in prompt to my device, which isn't new to Google. 2nd sign was now it wanted permission to edit, read & delete my contacts! Finally, when done with set-up, I watched as my mail started loading. Just when it stopped and I went to click an email, it just abruptly closed! Tried to reopen and it kept doing it. After 3 tries, I'm deleting it after I finish this review. 4, When I see a developer, not attend to their work in 2 yrs. It's an all out. They aren't attentive to issues with their app. And yes, I'm an iPhone 9+ user So, if your app isn't working for Apple products, you, the developer should say so and not have it on the App Store.
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1 year ago, Oneshot5000
So far so good
It's been working very well, ads are on the top of the page and present no distractions. I have several emails due to my type of work and it connected to all automatically. After one week of use I am very pleased. AND you can mass delete which I find very convenient, lol. All in all, a very good email program.
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4 years ago, plasma_penguin
Works for me
I installed this app because I have an iPhone 5 which isn't compatible with the regular Gmail app, and it works just fine! I like this a lot better than the apple Mail app because for my phone the app doesn't automatically notify me when I get an email. I would have to open the app to see if anyone sent me anything, but not with this app!
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4 years ago, hunkadan
in fairness, it has not crashed yet like the default apple “mail“ app, BUT I find I’m getting slammed regularly with ads that the developer has the gall to CHARGE me for hiding them. I am finding also that while the developer indicates “so easy“ to delete unwanted/unsolicited junk mail, I can find NO Single button solution to get around the default “archive“ button for trash, making it twice as much time to deal with unwanted mail. it seems “user-friendliness“ was not the primary consideration over glitz advertising and “for profit“.
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7 months ago, Old Man BBQ
This app has been ruined
This was once a great app until a new company took it over. They wrecked the folder functionality so you can no longer create folders or rename folders. Half the time it disconnects from Google making me log in over and over. Right now it has decided that I can’t even delete messages from my inbox. Not to mention their help pages are in Russian and there is zero response to any messages sent to the Facebook page. Just skip on by this one. Not worth the time to download.
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2 years ago, Scariot
Pretty darn good
While I’ve had this app for only a short while I really like it. The only thing it doesn’t have is the ability to ‘mark’ unread or read. That was an important tool for me. I like it better than google mail and would have given this app 5 stars if it had that one option of read or unread.
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4 years ago, Still Alive!! heyyy
Lovin it!
My phone got too full to process emails. I found out about the Gmail app and now I never have any problems - and I get notifications when something comes in my box. Way easier and quicker than logging onto a website and opening your email each time - the app is so easy and nice to use!
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1 year ago, Cielito123
Google Doesn’t Own Me or my Privacy
My Google and Gmail accounts have arbitrarily changed how my information is handled and by whom without my permission. Google offers no real Customer Support and I have been unable to receive or send gmail for months at a time. I Fix my app or I’m quitting Google and suggesting other customers do the same. My son is a major player at Google and I am sad to have to criticize his company. I have no other choice, however, when Google and Gmail continue to sabotage my software.
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2 years ago, cjfwarden
App for gmail
Works great for gmail. There is a spot at the top of my email list that is always trying to get me to install a program and keeps coming back as I delete or hide it. I see this as a possible virus because it keeps trying to get me to install it.
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6 years ago, go4ferIt
nice app!
I got this app because I didn’t like the gmail app’s auto response suggestions and because it didn’t have a way to make an email full-screen, which I needed in order to project a single email for a group while not showing them the others. This app does both and doesn’t let me down!
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3 years ago, flyingpecan
The Gmail. Com account
I would like for this K4sajhs13@gmail to be removed and deleted. Someone hacked into my old account and I couldn’t get in at all to delete or remove it. Please do help and get this fixed. Don’t ask me since I don’t have an access to it anymore.
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3 years ago, Warrior1960
Better than Gmail
I’ve been having tons of issues with gmail and decided to try this app. It’s very user friendly and easy to set up. I actually prefer this app over gmail and highly recommend it to everyone
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6 months ago, May-ram
Not sending notifications
It can be better. I turned on notifications but It doesn’t send me any notifications for new messages. And although being up to date for new messages is on, but it doesn’t work. So every time I must open it and scroll it down to update and then read new messages.
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2 years ago, MsWiz
Works like a charm
I was having MAJOR problems with my Mailbox from Apple on a IPad; to the point where it wasn’t downloading my mail. Not only the the Gmail email app work - it has all the bells and whistles and works seamlessly with my two email addresses. THANK YOU!
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3 years ago, Wonzell
Constantly using deceptive selling tactics. When you order certain items somewhere along the way they will tell you that they are giving you a refund. Also they’ll charge you for everything but then they combine the items you ordered. When you receive the “combined shipment” you will always be missing the most expensive items. At this point they will say that you received the package and you should go speak to the local post office. Beware!!!! Scam Scam!!
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3 years ago, jonboyhelton
Gmail App
I really like the google mail app, it is so easy to use and has a lot of cool features and google security for your identity protection . I feel safe using Gmail and I highly recommend gmail to everyone who needs a great email account for personal or business use.
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8 months ago, Candacwblumaroo
Keeping it simple
It is fantastic to be able to view all of my email platforms at once. No more confusion over which email is in which format. Thank you for helping to keep life simple.
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4 years ago, DCIAOC
Bad useless app!
Bad app! Instead of downloading my email it just sends me a email that I got an email and gives me a link to sign in to my email on the web! I could do that myself! I signed into my email account from this app giving my email address and password so they would download my mail & it did only one time but now it just links to my email account on the web where I must again log in to read my email So what good is this app? 🤬
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1 year ago, Doc Beaz
App for Gmail
I like that I can "copy all", which is important when writing manuscript in the digital age. It doesn't work on regular Gmail. Unfortunately, when I click on folders like "Sent Mail" and "Junk", they're always empty. Are they kidnapped and held for ransom while enroute to my iPhone?
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12 months ago, Gina_TN615
It's for sure got its perks!
I love a lot about the application itself but all in all, it's got some major updating to do before it catches even the Gmail app itself. Which isn't saying too much. However, I do want this app to come up (more than it has and best out Gmail and Cloud) and succeed to the fullest, because it's got potential.
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6 months ago, k_gdement95
Slight delay opening emails
I have had gmail for a long time now. I will continue to be with gmail as it is my favorite. Although, in this app, I noticed there was a slight delay in opening an email! Other than that, very user friendly!
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3 years ago, Zteph626
Gmail app
I love this app because it is wonderful because my email is always getting hacked with the app it’s a little harder to do so it’s wonderful would definitely recommend to others.
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1 year ago, Mollydoll55
Gmail review
Love the gmail account. I got it because the other email I used was too crowded. The only thing I don’t like is the commercials. I like also that I can swipe to delete a message quickly. Thank you! Molly C
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5 months ago, Nana Nancy 67
I’ve been using Gmail for several years now. I would definitely recommend this app as your number one choice for your email!
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4 years ago, NorwichfcGeoff
I’m old.....
.....and I like this App! Which means it’s intuitive, simple to use, and comprehensive. I’m not entirely sure how much power it requires when not in use - probably not much - but overall it’s way better than the competition, and way more cheerful than Gmail itself,
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2 years ago, andyent70
Wayyyyy to slow
I am on the iPhone 13 Pro Max. I deleted this app within one hour of use. Literally I will tap on an email in about six seconds later it will finally open the email. When I want to move it to a different folder I will hit the move in about four seconds later it will finally pop up. It literally took me 15 seconds to move one email to a folder. No way!
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3 years ago, bad. sad.
Really good app
My Gmail suddenly decided that all my avatars were going to be blank faces and all monochrome: black and white. Found this app when I went to reinstall Gmail. Absolutely love this. Lots of cool features. Works like a charm.
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4 years ago, SkylarNight
Easier gmail
This is the best way to go if you want gmail but want to use safari. In my opinion this gmail app is more organized and makes it so much easier to sort out your email gmail.
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4 years ago, just wow 😱
Nicely Done
I needed to get the gmail app but didn’t have a computer so I just used used a tablet.I found this and didn’t hesitate. The app was well done. The only issue was that there were a lot of mail but I deleted it. But it is a good app.
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4 years ago, DrHeavyGamer
Been using it and love it
Been playing with this as an alternative to native Gmail and actually live it. Wish it had delayed send features like the original but concise and effective clean easy to use and streamline
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2 years ago, Lockxgirl
App for Gmail
Love the app BUT it does take a bit of time to load my mail it can also use a bit more notification tones otherwise I give it 👍🏾👍🏾
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4 years ago, juliarescue
I like everything but the ads. Think it’s crappy to have to pay to not see them. Don’t like that I’m forced to use a password often to get back into my account on my home computer. Everything else is good thank you.
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3 years ago, fivefingerbihhhh
Honestly this app is amazing , you can look at different emails without even logging out !! From different email sites like yahoo , bing and gmail ! This app is super useful and I have no complaints.
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3 years ago, big mac 1774
I give Gmail 4 out of 5 stars because of the advertisements that keep popping up. You should be able to get your email without the advertising. But Gmail is excellent.
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4 years ago, Terrypfahringer
Gmail app really helps keep me organized!
Thankful for this app with all the emails I have! Couldn’t live without it! I tried another app (which I can’t remember) and it was awful. Give this a try!
Show more
3 years ago, Canandaigua reader
So nice to be able to read my emails on my phone. I can’t read them when I want to when my husband is on my computer watching Utube!
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4 years ago, Ember Falls
Always had my back
I mean ever since I left bellsouth I’ve had gmail. Always been super reliable. Can’t really go wrong. Good security, format is great. Really helps keep you organized in your day to day emails.
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4 years ago, Dezarae SL
Better than the other Gmail version
I have no trouble with this app, the other one always seems to have a slight problem. But not this app, two thumbs up! 👍👍
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3 years ago, botailor
App for Gmail
This front end for Google Gmail nicely Enhances the Gmail experience Recommend you try; if you don’t dig it, just go back to the front end for Google mailer that you like, i.e., standard Gmail.
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10 months ago, Just like the bank
But I’m confused why I have to verify my email account, at least every other day, before I get mail. Otherwise a good service.
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10 months ago, Shhddjsjjw
Constantly forgetting log in…
I had this app for awhile. Initially it worked great as I dislike the gmail set up. Lately every time I go to the app, it wants me to sign in and/or log off yet again. This is inconvenient and annoying when I am working. I am finally ditching this app and going to Outlook despite liking the set up of this app. They just can’t get it together.
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11 months ago, Karlie50
Worthless app!
Every single time I try to link my email account to this useless app, I get a message saying that my internet connection is not stable for no reason at all. My internet connection is stable enough. For those of you who are thinking about using this app to check email, find another app to use. This one worth it at all.
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