Email App –

4.8 (29.2K)
326.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
V Kontakte OOO
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Email App –

4.78 out of 5
29.2K Ratings
4 years ago, Cubanism
Best multi-email client hands down!
I’ve tried them all, and nothing beats this free app, which includes support for pop based email accounts. The multi account/emails interface has matured to a beautiful and easy to use interface . The search function can work across all accounts(very handy) And the developers are amazing, constant updates, and they even implemented a tweak I suggested ( where you can quickly switch account by long hold on icon++ they added full (name+email) description to the accounts selection. <- very handy when you use same name for multiple emails 🙃 All in all; highly recommended. 1000% worth at the very least a download and trial. Thank you developers for the best multi email solution for iOS ! 👍👍
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2 years ago, no cloning no hacking
Good job
Set up was a breeze. It offers many more options then the average email providers. This may be crazy but I feel safer with a Russian email if they are the hackers that some of our government claims, they are less likely to hack their own people and country.
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4 months ago, Suliko333777
A really great interface
I tried other apps, but this by far is my favorite app to easily navigate through multiple email accounts and has all the functionalities you need for work Lately I do see an add when sending an email, I hope that won’t be permanent, bc that is definitely would be a reason for me to not use the app again But lately all the adds showing naked girls is very much bothering. Might have to reconsider my options!
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10 months ago, TinaAnt
V Kintakte 000
Your app is not in English. Please stop emailing and asking me to describe my problem in more detail. I can’t contact your support team through the link you continue to provide because it’s not in English. Your “feedback” link is also not in English. Since I don’t read or speak the language it is in, the links are no help to me or anyone else who reads English. There is no way to change the language in your app to English unless you read the language it is in. I hope that describes my problem in more detail to you.
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6 years ago, Blueber1237
No Ads Please
This is easily an app I would pay for. Having an ad mixed within the mail every 5 e-mails is annoying and intrusive. Great spam filters, but the ads feel like spam themselves. Also, the ads are all foreign, so they wouldn’t work to get business from me anyway...because I have no idea what they’re for. It doesn’t make sense! Charge for the app. Delete the ads.
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4 years ago, adelrico
Thanks to the Russians
Email protection is never taken seriously in the US. Spam and other unwanted mail is never really controlled. The biggest “anti spam” mail apps for the US are corporate run scams and fakes that create even more spam. Thank goodness for the Russians taking your email accounts seriously without any BS.
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7 months ago, Loki0214
I need translation for all pages , I can’t seem to find the translation application on some of my pages but I do really like the browser . I just sometimes find a page with no translation and I know it’s wanting me to buy something and I don’t want to miss out on anything I may need.
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4 years ago, Antares the star
Undoubtedly the best email app
I have been using this for a long time, all I can say this is the app you’re looking for. Download it and you’ll see. Can’t wait for the update to finally set it as my default mail app. Developers have done a really good job.
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7 years ago, Ak brat
Very well organized! But !
It has one flaw the ads show you several options but you can only click the garbage one. Not Cool . The spam filter is pretty good though . I don’t get as many repeat spam mails once I mark them over all I would recommend this email to my friends and have !
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5 years ago, Ricomars
Great mail app
The best mail app I have used in a long time and works great for multiple accounts! A well executed app from set up to switching between my mail accounts, the process is intuitive and smooth. Keep up the great work.
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4 years ago, Naby101
Perfect for iPhone, I like the part that shows you unsubscribe at button of emails. Which you don’t have to look for in a fine print and you have a choice to keep the emails that you want or not.
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3 years ago, Pantherxus
There are email apps with greater options, functionality, and visual setup that is easier on the eyes that you can select over this app. I do not like the ads, many of which view women as objects, keep appearing and there is no option to get rid of them. As of this writing I am reviewing other email apps and hope to move to one of them soon.
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1 year ago, Mr_Rushh
I love this app!
I wasn’t able to find a better app to have all my emails in one place. This is the best app to control all your email addresses and switch between them.
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6 years ago, Missbruingal
Ridiculous sound alert options
There are only 5 terrible sound alert options! The first one doesn’t work!! I would otherwise love this email app except for this giant misstep. There needs to be SEVERAL sound options and/or the ability to add our own. Probably won’t continue using this app for this sole reason.
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4 years ago, WYZZkid
Can Not Add AIM or iCloud Email Accounts
iCloud just won’t set up. In trying to add my AIM (AOL) email it keeps pushing me to a Yahoo page that says my account does not exist. No fooling. Why would an AIM account exist in Yahoo anyway? This looks like the same as the MyMail app where I have the same problem PLUS the AIM sign in attempt caused 7 pieces of spam to appear in it, 2 for Russian girls, 1 for Asian girls, 1 for Facebook and 3 for AOL which I think are all phishing scams. Just be aware of this.
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4 years ago, No thump access
The best but
I love it and I’ve been using it for years. However, I will have to find other app because Email RU is using Russian servers which blocked by many institutes and I just came to know when of I received a blocking email from on if the banks.
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2 years ago, Eugene737
Using it for about 10 years, love it
Well done platform, have been using it for about 10 years and never issues
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3 years ago, Sirnass
Simple, Clean, Effective
The app works really well. It’s not as extravagant as others, but it works great. If your looking for frills, this is not it. If your looking for simple and effective, look no more.
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1 year ago, Big_Tycoon
Can’t Login
I’ve tried to login on to my account on their website and app and when i put in the password to login, i’m taken through an endless loop of putting the password a second time and verifying if i’m a robot and then on the next page they proceed to tell me that the password is incorrect or to input it again and again. I need to login to my account, fix this.
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2 months ago, ali_k_333
Can’t view the pictures
This app is good but the problem is can’t view the pictures when receiving messages from someone. Can you solve this problem? Thanks.
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4 years ago, txrver
Porn portal
If you want to receive ads for prostitues this is the ad for you but you won’t be able to read the ads because they are not in English. I received at least 1 every day and there is no way to stop them. You cannot send to spam. All you can do is hide them every time they come in. Deleted app and going to go back to previous app. Oh by the way, be sure your 4+ year old doesn’t use it.
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4 years ago, firemedicjanderson
So far pretty good.
So far i am liking the app. I don’t like the ads part cause I think it’s an email so it confuses me.... and I tried following directions to uncheck it in settings but it’s not there. I’d pay a one time fee to get rid of them. That’s my main gripe, other than that pretty good
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3 years ago, thebeguiler
Great app
This mail manager works well. Set up is easy, and ads are minimal and are not intrusive. Much more reliable than my last mail manager. I use this on both my iPad and iPhone.
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5 years ago, Mobi 007
Needs updation
I am using this app since last one year, it is awesome. But the last time I updated it and now I am not able to hear or see any notification. Only when I get an email then it shows it on its icon. Please rectify this. Thank you
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4 years ago, sroljo278
The best
Email app there. Sure there are some things which could have been better but compared to many, it is doing a better job.
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6 years ago, Mickohio
App section
Not really fond of the app list under the mail section!!! I wish I could remove that from the screen!!! Every phone has access to apps!! Also my registered contact is sent and received as a spam
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6 years ago, BiffSmith
Awesome-easy-peasy set up!
I’m using this app to manage my company email which is hosted by the ever problematic Godaddy Web Mail. This app was set up without issue and without having to enter all that in and out server garbage. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
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6 years ago, Abm3000
Great mail app
Highly recommend this app. I've been using it for over 3 years now. Way more reliable and customizable than Gmail and iPhone mail.
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3 weeks ago, ☁ Layla
Great UI design 👍🏻
I’m using the app frequently times during the day without any problem. Great thanks for developers behind this mail app for great UI design.
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3 years ago, Roman Menyhart
Heh, nice company, steals your account
I have had account with them for seven years and then came a moment when I got locked out. Even providing who I was communicating with and what the communication was about etc. etc. they basically went dark on me and until now I have not been able to recover my account including my emails and contacts. Good luck with them! 👀
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3 years ago, nlrcop
The Best Email
Without a doubt this is the best mail app I've used. I only wish I could show two accounts merged and I hit getting Russian email 😀
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6 years ago, RobCona
Excellent Email App
This is one of the best apps for email out there. The graphics and colorful and smooth. The app runs flawlessly. Emails are easy to read, sort or delete.
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4 years ago, Guijard
The best mail app on Apple store Honestly you won’t be disappointed Even better than the mail app Apple has already installed on your phone.
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3 years ago, jal5428
Good email app
I like everything about this email app. Syncs fast and badge counter works great. I’ve had trouble in the past with email apps but not this one.
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3 months ago, ddm1965
Not getting notifications since last update
Notifications stopped working after last update
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5 years ago, Bazuzazaza
Great app
This is one the best mail apps I ever used so far. 1 little issue - please add ability to chose time zone for the meetings. I’m in US and if I’m getting invitation thru email - it shows at Moscow time zone...
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6 years ago, JamieD F
5* A+++
I love how I can find all of my emails in one place, and I have a lot of addresses to keep up with. Out of all of the apps I’ve read up on, I’m glad I chose this one.
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6 years ago, Cbeta89
I have 4 months i feel Good and and outside that check all emails and life the United States through gmail Now i have one year? The best! Congratulations to all the stuff
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5 years ago, David G J
Love it
There’s app Works very good with the road runner email I really like it at first it did not work good but the updates have made it very worthwhile but I recommend this app to anyone
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2 years ago, ilihuuh
The Best
Love how simple it is to use this app and send out emails. It doesn't have the ad load that comes with the other 2gb Email clients. Awesome work Russia !
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4 years ago, Goldenkhan
I have been using this app since 2011 and never had serious issues. Highly recommended
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2 years ago, ars popov
When I tried to reset the password using a phone number, I was given only a different email, I could not change the method
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1 year ago, Kveldalf
Help: Cannot delete *all* contacts
How do I delete all contacts? The steps to go through each contact one at a time will take ages.
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7 years ago, #Kenzoll
It is simple and it is works!
Completely satisfied. No complaints. Pretty official. No bugs (so far). Simple interface. Just like it.
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4 years ago, RayC4ntor
Best e-mail app
So far all emails work flawlessly and I can switch between them with no problem and fast
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1 year ago, bagazigs
No pictures of mail show
Good application I love it however I will remove it because pictures at any mail not shown . That’s only the problem.
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1 month ago, damshaqs
Practical app
Using many app for email exchange but this one is the most practical and understandable
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6 years ago, PheeBee_Grace
Good app, but not language friendly!
Very good app for those with multiple accounts. Would be “ five-star rating if there was support, a tutorial on how to use and have instructions in other languages! Not everyone that uses this speaks or reads Russian!
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4 years ago, DTallent
You must try this!
I’ve tried all the iOS mail apps that support POP3. His is by far the best mail I’ve ever used. Highly recommend.
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3 years ago, arrtem232
Blocked my account for no reason
They blocked my account because I was changing my phone number on my account and then the blocked my account for no reason. I tried to contact the support every day over a week and no one was able to help me . So I am giving this app 1 out 5 Since my account is blocked. I hope someone will help me
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