Embrace Pet Insurance

4.8 (29.6K)
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Current version
Embrace Pet Insurance Agency, LLC
Last update
6 months ago
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11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Embrace Pet Insurance

4.83 out of 5
29.6K Ratings
1 year ago, MandyMWSE
Fantastic overall!
First, the customer service is A+, the few times I’ve talked to a representative they have been so kind, patient and informative. When we were shopping around, the woman that we talked to from Embrace was the only one to take time and look at the different things our dogs breed is prone to and make sure those would definitely be covered under the plan we were looking at. No other company took that time. Submitting a claim is easy and being able to see where the claim is in process is also easy. Quick to hear back and quick to reimburse. The app is also laid out so that it’s a breeze to use. The preventative care plan is also the most comprehensive out of all the insurance companies we looked at. We have a dog whose breed is prone to bloat so we wanted to get him gastropexied as a preventative step. Every other company we talked to wouldn’t cover that procedure unless the dog had already bloated. So glad we went with Embrace and we make sure to tell our friends and family members with pets to look into it as well.
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3 years ago, Svshsj
The 100% Best Insurance & Easy App
This is a review for both the company and app as a whole. Embrace was an easy choice after reviewing my pets options. Unfortunately I used my Embrace Insurance a lot for my pet. From the start of her coverage to the end, Embrace was quick to review my claim, process and pay out. It was also very easy for me to get a hold of an actual person when I had questions. When the time finally came to let my pet go, Embrace cancelled my policy which took one more difficult phone call off my list. The app was not the easiest to use at first, but they listened to feedback and improved it tremendously very quickly. The stress of dealing with what I dealt with made me procrastinate in sending my claims, however submitting the claims took maybe 3 minutes each once they got their app streamlined, it was so easy. Simply put, I will never have my pet insured through any other company and this company takes pride in delivering top notch customer service in very stressful times. Customer for life.
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3 months ago, Eric Fishon
There when you need it
so you never really think about having to put a claim in and you just usually think about paying your policy each month and each year the only time you will look at your policy is the first day you sign up and on your premium annual notification. You sometimes wonder if you should change your premiums as money gets tight and then you’ll always remember your animal is your family and on the days like now that I am glad I am part of the Embrace family. extremely hard time right now with my cat Romeo and I haven’t had a single problem with the claims process. I'm glad that's one less thing I need to Think about right now and whether or not to Get him the services he needs. Thank you Embrace
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1 year ago, Magjones123
2 claims submitted so far!!
If you absolutely adore your fur baby you MUST get this app! Whenever we have to go to the vet, that extra financial stress of worrying whether or not I’ll be able to afford my baby’s health is no longer there! I feel confident walking through those doors k owing that whatever my kitty needs I can say yes to regardless of the price. I will never go back to not having pet insurance again. This app is also SUPER easy to use. All you do is send in an invoice and they get to work on getting you as much money as they can! And that is a beautiful thing. Get it!
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4 months ago, Lizz_ba_dizz
Embrace Is Great Until They’re Not
Embrace for me as a great…until they had to start covering claims. Multiple times I had agents attempt to deny a claim for an invalid reason, and only after clearing showing them they were in the wrong did they approve it and acted almost clueless. One time repeat claims (for physical therapy on multiple dates) for the exact same exercises was given different claim amounts! Each agent had a different reasoning which adds up to that Embrace tries their best to deny paying claims which they are responsible for; which is what we pay them a monthly premium for! On the last issue I had with them, note the agent told me Embrace is allowed to speculate whatever they want to deny a claim, and if a vet writes an appeal letter they can choose to override it and say they think the treating vet is wrong. I’ve sent these communications to outside parties to view for consumer fraud, and I wanted to make it clear that Embrace has had a shifty history and not something I would recommend as being trustworthy.
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2 weeks ago, Cdrum775
Evil Company
Embrace pretends they care, but as soon as you cross a threshold of claims that their hidden team of underwriters have outlined they will start pulling reasons out of a hat to deny you against the professional medical advice of veterinarians. Their claims adjusters get away with crimes that are illegal for health, auto, and home insurers. They see our pets as an under-regulated grey zone to exploit for profit. Embrace does not value our pet’s lives, they insure in bad faith, and should be avoided at all costs 😔 I will be submitting formal complaints with the appropriate regulatory bodies as pet insurance, and particularly Embrace, need to be held to an objective standard based on professional medical opinion and not the whims of their manipulative, heartless, and ill-informed adjusters. The app is also slow and unintuitive. They hide your denials and use dizzying legalize to try and obfuscate their bogus reasons for denying. But when you dissect and parse through, the reasons for denying are often transparent and ill-informed. I have over 10 years experience with litigation against insurance companies, I imagine a layperson would be defeated by their byzantine, gestapo tactics. My partner unfortunately was. Avoid at all costs, any company has to be better than Embrace. Thanks for reading. God bless all your pets, may you and your household be forever free of the financial and emotional hardship Embrace routinely imposes on its insured.
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1 year ago, j.yoonit
Need to fix all the bugs in the app
I love Embrace and have it for all 4 of my cats. The app on the other hand is the worst! The FaceID function has not worked in over a year. I tried to delete and reinstall the app thinking it could be a glitch but that didn’t help. The app itself crashes constantly when I log in to view my active claims or even when I tried to submit a claim. Sometimes, I have to select the same section twice because it just hangs and doesn’t go anywhere. I love the company itself, but they really need to invest some money and time into their app and fix all the bugs. When I look at the history of their last update, it was a month ago for “general bug” issues but not sure what they fixed because I’ve been experiencing the same issues for the past few months.
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1 year ago, Sue's air
Amazing Care Hospital
We are so impressed with the fantastic care our Maggie received after her unfortunate accident with a car while she was chasing a deer. No clue how she was able to get out of her harness. Everyone at Blue Pearl immediately took our baby back to start working on her. It was scary for us but they kept us informed every step of the way. There were update messages from her vet and her care team. Even sent pictures during her recovery. We were so blessed to have all of these caring people taking care of our baby.
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9 months ago, boooooooohoo234
Will Consider Anything a Pre Existing Condition
I submitted my first claim after lesions started appearing on my dog. The vet thought it to be an allergy. This was the first time anything like that happened. My dog is 10. had “hair loss” written in a note from a vet before I had pet insurance. She also had 2 skin tags noted. It took months before Embrace finally processed my claim. I sent them documents directly and they never added them to my file. I called them over a handful of times trying to get the claim processed. When they finally processed my claim, 3 months later, they told me they wouldn’t pay a penny. Somehow “hair loss” and “skin tags” are the same to them as lesions!?! Old dogs get thinner coats! She’s old and still has plenty of hair, it’s just thinner. The scabs were new. Embrace Pet Insurance is a waste of time and money.
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3 months ago, AlandRan
Easy to use but the app is SLOW
The Embrace pet insurance app is very easy to use. It’s very simple to walk through the process of setting up your pet on the app and submitting claims. I’ve been using the app for just over a year. My only problem is the process of submitting claims on the app is very, very slow. Constantly waiting for screens to load and buttons to click. Hopefully future app updates will speed up the functionality. After being submitted, the Embrace team processes the claims quickly. Overall I’m satisfied, but there is room for improvement in the app performance.
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1 year ago, CWJ9
Can’t upload photos when I want to, but then will only take photos for claims!
I would really like the ability to upload photos from my phone for each pet’s profile. I know this is silly, but it would be nice to have since all my photos live on my phone and not my desktop. Ironically, when submitting a claim via the app you can *only* use your camera to take a photo of the invoice - I often have a PDF version since everything is electronic now, but there’s no option to attach a photo or other file type…so again, I have to pull out the dusty desktop.
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4 weeks ago, maeviek
App is suspiciously buggy
I love embrace pet insurance, but the app is so buggy. It takes an unbelievably long time for each section to pop up when you try to fill out a claim submission. I have to make sure I have 10-15 minutes free in order to do something that would take 45 seconds if the app actually worked. Yet all the other sections of the app load very quickly. Kind of make makes me think the claim submission section is not being fixed intentionally so that customers can’t easily submit claims and get their reimbursement. The company should really be improving this because the user experience is so bad that it would probably be faster to cancel your insurance and get your pet on a new plan than to wait for your claim to load.
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7 months ago, scampipants
So easy to use
My dog is 14 and had pancreatitis and had to be in V.E.G in nAnuet for 5 days. It was life and death but with the loving care of everyone she made it. Embrace made it so simple to submit a claim and even better is that they did send us money to offset it. It was so easy ! Then my dog , Sophie had terrible back pain. We went back to V.E.G And again they helped us AND embrace again paid us on the claim even though it was only a few weeks from first claim. Great company! Update is now she has an eye ulcer ! Embrace has been very supportive!
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4 years ago, Nkirk
App does not work
I used to be able to do everything with the app...look at all 3 of my policies, upload and check claims and chat with agents. Since April, every time I try to use the app, all I get is an error “No Elements”. I have uninstalled/reinstalled the app, hard reset my phone without the app installed, hard reset with the app installed...still get the same error. No one from customer service can help, but I’ve had more than one rep tell me I am not the first person that has complained about this very problem. So instead, I have to use the website. But before I can log on, I have to clear the cache from my browser. Otherwise, I cannot switch between my policies or do a few other simple tasks. Embrace needs to get a better tech group together!
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2 years ago, Vaslumbers
Embrace is the best pet insurance!
We’ve had Embrace since our dogs were 6 months old. They have always done their part and reimbursed us. My one dog has been hospitalized 3 times for a total of almost $10,000. Embrace never questioned and reimbursed us at 90%. The app is super easy to use and you can submit the claim sitting in the vets office parking lot. Checks are quickly sent out in less than a month after they review your claim! If you’re wondering if you should use them don’t hesitate!
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6 months ago, Dove1972
Fantastic insurance!
We have two bonded sister Kitties. Both have had to go to the emergency pet hospital due to unexpected emergency situations. Embrace has been a godsend. It is not expensive to get and the service is very quick for reimbursement. We did open a credit card that we could hide away just for paying for the visits before getting reimbursed, as you need to have cash flow to pay for it, but that’s the only “downfall”. We are very happy to have Embrace.
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2 years ago, Local Foodie 22
Worst Decision I Ever Mad
Embrace would call birth a pre-existing condition. This company goes out of its way to avoid paying for anything. Any positive reviews are surely planted, I cannot fathom anyone wanting to deal with them. Their app is slow and clunky so clearly the money they are keeping in their claim denying campaign they are not investing in good technology. Worst decision I ever made was listing to the postive reviews for this company, now I am stuck with them or risk my cat having an even longer list of pre-existing conditions for the next company. They clearly know this is their racket and don’t care, when I wrote a scathing google review they responded with references to my dog! I only have one policy with them - for my cat! I’d give zero stars if it was an option.
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4 years ago, Rickgrc24
Great App + Room for Improvement
This app is great for adding pets, monitoring policies & claims status, and changing policies. Things that could be enhanced/improved: 1. Ability to provide app feedback within the app 2. Currently you can receive messages regarding claims status but you can’t respond to that specific message in the claim. A separate email has to be sent that breaks the chain of communication. 3. Pets should have a checklist of things that their owner needs to do and whether they’ve been approved/accepted/completed by their Owner + Embrace (e.g., Orthopedic Exam, Medical History Review etc.). I personally am thorough about having my ducks-in-a-row and do my due diligence to insure my pets meet all the qualifications required by Embrace to be covered. A lot of others don’t realize that the majority of the information is on your website but rely entirely on the app for everything Embrace. Sometimes people need a friendly nudge. Hope this helps both parties. Thanks.
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3 years ago, Krysstal
1st time claim submission
I called the 1-800 number and wanted to speak to a live representative to get an idea of how the process works. The customer rep made it very easy and understandable and explain that the app is very self-explanatory and does give you a step-by-step process on how to submit the claim. It was very easy to do so. And the claim adjuster made me feel confident and comfortable that things are gonna get taken care of and took the time to help me understand versus rush me off the phone.
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3 months ago, Andy F 123456
Don’t pay for full year
Poor customer service. Claims adjuster refused to have another person look at records for second opinion on what was considered “pre-existing” and required a biopsy for a “skin growth” that no longer existed (claims adjuster couldn’t use any common sense to explain how to biopsy something that no longer exists). Basically, everything is considered to be pre-existing, so they won’t cover anything. Refused to remove auto-pay, so i had to go through my credit card to block future payments. I just wish i had paid month to month so i could’ve canceled after it was clear that they won’t cover anything… this was a $500 lesson to not use embrace.
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1 year ago, Worthless Company31
Worst insurance EVER!!!
This insurance is a scam and for a company that simply partners with USAA who is great and services service members is sad. They simply don’t do anything and I bought a yearly policy and there’s always a loophole for them to not cover anything for my dog. My dog has just randomly started having healthy issues and costed me over 2000 in two months, this insurance has had a reason to not cover one dime of the whole thing. With my deductible being 750, they seem to just have random things that are in the finest of writing to make sure you don’t get covered. If you’re reading this MyEmbrace, I would much rather have my money back and call it even then have you ever “serve those who serve”. INSURANCES SCAM.
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12 months ago, 80sVinylgirl
German Shepherd loves Embrace
Our pup had a rough start in life but we were blessed to have Embrace pet insurance already in place without knowing how important it would be for our girl. She was so sick and now has a chronic condition. To say that Embrace helped save her life is an understatement. Filing claims using the app is super easy and the few times we’ve called they have been wonderful to us. Thank you Embrace for helping us take care of our beloved GSD. The Cole family ❤️
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2 years ago, Raychil73
Best pet insurance
I’m a very satisfied customer. I find it very important to have the preventative/ grooming services available to be covered. I’m on a fixed income so I don’t have much but I’m glad that you have options for me. My dog needs to be groomed so it’s not optional for me. They need shots, and so many things come up besides sickness and not many offer the option. I’m glad you are affordable enough for me to have my dog protected thank you
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2 years ago, Mrs. Hviz
Fabulous insurance
We have insured both of our Labs through Embrace over the past 11 years. The coverage is excellent and reasonable plus the customer service is outstanding! We have never had a claim denied and we get reimbursed quickly back into our checking account. I tell people all the time when I hear they’ve gotten a puppy or a rescue about the importance of pet insurance and always recommend Embrace to them.
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2 years ago, shshbdnixkslozc
Great User Experience
Just submitted my first claim and am blown away by the user experience! It was so easy thanks to the practical functions like being able to take a picture of your invoices, drop down down options and being able to submit a claim for multiple animals at the same time that may have a shared invoice. Embrace thank you for making it so easy to take care of my pets!!
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3 years ago, Frankie Keane
Wonderful company
I can’t say enough about how wonderful this company is. They have been so helpful & their staff is warm & friendly. They have also paid a few claims & did so quickly and without a long, drawn out back & forth. I WAS with VPI insurance & they were not remotely CLOSE to the kind, professional & helpful demeanor that this company is. I’ve recommended to many friends already. Finally a company I can trust.
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4 years ago, BiJeeJ
Full functionality would be nice
The app doesn’t allow you to submit a message through a claim thread; however, you CAN submit documents. The website doesn’t allow you to submit documents, but you CAN submit a message. Between the both of them, you can get what you need done, but it’s odd that the app doesn’t let you send the message, even though the empty message box is there. When you type up a message and hit “send message,” it takes you to the upload documents portion. This really ought to be fixed.
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2 years ago, Paiinter
Almost perfect
The embrace app is easy to use and makes submitting claims a breeze. However, I recently had a request to send more documentation via email. After I sent it, i had a reply that they could not accept photos embedded in the email. They have to be an attached file. Well, I work on an iPad Pro. My photos are not “files” and therefore cannot be attached to an email. I guess I will have to learn how to turn a photo of my claim, into a “file”.
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2 years ago, Charlie and Landy
If you are thinking of Pet Insurance, think Embrace
I have had Embrace for a number of years. The coverage has been worth the small monthly installments, in comparison to some of the vet bills I would have paid for. Time and time again I find myself so grateful that taking care of my pets and possible trips to the vet are something I don’t have to worry about. They have us covered!
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1 year ago, allow me to explain
Bad even for an insurance company
Gross negligence and unmitigated issues and responsibility are just the start of this application and embrace in general . I’d rather not continue since last time the lovely team replied accusing me of losing service due to unpaid bills . Which is not true . They will take as long as they can to follow through on any of their promises anyone considering embrace I’d suggest taking that monthly fee then contributing it to a savings account for your animals health . The application works horribly the company steals money there is a litany of complaints on the better business bureau website . I urge all people to not ever waste money on these crooks
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5 months ago, LLLva
Amazing service
We have had Embrace now for four dogs. Response is always quick and when we have lost a pet every single member of Embrace that we dealt with was so wonderful. I will continue to recommend Embrace to everyone I know and we will continue to use Embrace insurance as long as we have dogs in our life. thank you for being such a wonderful company!
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3 weeks ago, Amhunting
Easy to use great customer service
Embrace is incredibly user friendly! We are able to submit claims the same day our pets receive care from our vets with the use of their app. Anytime we have questions Embrace customer service responds quickly and professionally. We have used Embrave for seven years and would recommend to any pet owner.
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7 months ago, WaffleRhymes
A Really Great Option for Your Pets
This is my first experience with pet insurance and I’m genuinely really happy with it. I’ve been with this insurance for over a year now and it’s been hassle free thankfully. The app is super streamlined and simple to navigate and the rates seem really reasonable. I really haven’t had a reason to complain so I can only hope it continues to be like that.
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4 years ago, kernan.ashley
Useful but has room for improvement
What's great: -track your claims - see full details of your policy plan -submitting claims (absolutely the best!), -emailing/contacting their policy employees is easily accessible What could be improved: -can't reply to messages for claims, you have to use a web browser -can't update your pet's profiles from the app, has to be done through a web browser -can't utilize their best feature: PAW SUPPORT, can only be accessed through a web browser If Embrace could add and improve on those three things, they'd be getting 5 star reviews across the board. I love this insurance company and their friendliness, professionalism, and genuine care. I hope they can work towards making these three improvements on the app.
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5 years ago, ARC girl
Not at all fast, both in process and upload
While Embrace tells you the fastest way to get your claim fulfilled is this app, it’s extremely slow and time consuming to use the app. You still have to download a claim for, fill it out, save it, then upload it AND your receipts. The app runs very slowly, and having to fill out a claim form for every since Rx refill is very time consuming. Not only is the process time-consuming, but the app sign-in and upload time is pretty slow. Kinda bummed at Embrace for not investing in making this truly helpful and efficient for clients.
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4 weeks ago, brook3 :)
App and Online services not working
i’ve been trying to change my password by pressing forgot password and haven’t gotten an email for days. The app is also very buggy and it won’t even let me sign in online either, i have a claim to submit and it won’t even work very disappointed.
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5 months ago, Just A Girl in Michigan
Best Pet Insurance Available
I was skeptical getting pet insurance but this Embrace Insurance has been the best thing I have ever done for my pet. It’s easy and I receive a check right away every time. It gives me a piece of mind and I rarely skip routine treatment because I know Embrace has my back. I recommend it to every pet owner I know. Thank you for this superior product!
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7 months ago, E bulldog
Very satisfied
We have a bulldog so knew we needed insurance. We’ve had insurance on him since his adoption and fortunately didn’t have to make a claim until a few years into his life. Once we did no questions asked and embrace paid for a bit of the claim and we were satisfied and are optimistic that they’ll support us as he ages.
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2 years ago, Dottie's Mom =P
App turns off mid claim all the time
I had healthy paws before this and their app was SOOOOO much more functional and easy to use. I actually have lost out on getting money back because I get so frustrated by this app shutting down mid claim almost every time I try to use it. I’m a veterinarian and only keep this because my pets have preexisting conditions and the cost is more affordable than other insurances for my 3 dogs and 1 cat. But I will no let be using this for any new pets in the future and I don’t recommend it to clients.
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3 years ago, linzy383
Would be great if you could submit a claim
When the claim submitted function. Was working this app was great! For some reason it freezes when I try to put in my veterinary provider. I’ve tried deleting the app and reinstalling and on my iPad with the same result. Please fix this feature or add it to the website! Not having to submit the claim form takes a load off of the vet, and I hadn’t been collecting them because I thought I had the option. To just submit the invoice with the diagnosis on it.
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2 years ago, SpygirlRebecca
Good policy
As with all insurance, you don’t know how good it is until you need it. Unfortunately we have needed it for our Standard Poodle who has Addison’s Disease, a chronic condition requiring monthly shots. The Embrace app has been easy and painless to use, and they reimburse quickly. I’m very grateful we have had this insurance for our Max for almost 7 years now.
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7 months ago, Way_2_Talented
Straightforward and self explanatory to use however my only complaint is when you go to submit a claim, and you’re at the step of choosing which vet center you visited, it freezes as you’re typing and takes at least a minute to refresh the search bar, your keyboard, and even exiting the page. Takes way too long.
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3 years ago, mipsy12345
Easy to use and fast claim processing
Takes less than five minutes to file a claim on the app. And they’re very quick about processing claims too. I’d say the only down fall is that it does not allow you to just view documents. If you want to see something, you have to download it to your phone.
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7 months ago, Willow 2022
Never knew about pet insurance.. Embrace is great
I’ve never had pet insurance before and after my last kitty I decided I would with my new one. My previous cat was healthy until she was 10 years old. I never expected my new kitty to get sick as she’s less than 2 years old. I am so thankful for having insurance and Embrace.
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2 years ago, DTS1971.2
Not synching to web. Not iPad friendly
I suppose it might work? But we had to rework my policy because of a delay in obtaining the puppy. But when I open the app, it shows ALL my policies closed. If I login to the website, it shows an active policy but the app says closed. And a pet peeve - many of us use the app on tablets which are often used in Landscape mode with a keyboard. The app is useless in landscape mode. No amount of display changes will make it rotate.
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3 days ago, Elizabeth6767
Took my cat to the vet for her initial exam at a new vet, I had mentioned that my cat had hurt herself jumping from one piece of furniture to the next the summer before but any limping or pain had resolved by the next day. Fast forward to 8 months later after I had purchased pet insurance through embrace, the same cat was diagnosed with osteoarthritis. Due to me telling the vet that 2 summers prior she had injured herself and was limping from it embrace is now claiming her newly diagnosed osteoarthritis was a pre existing condition. THIS INSURANCE IS A SCAM DO NOT BUY IT. They will find any and every reason to not provide coverage
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1 month ago, AKsgc
5* Cust Service; 3* App
I love this company and I want to love the app. It regularly crashes when I am trying to upload documents or view an EOB. Generally it is fine if I am just looking to see the value of a paid claim. I’ve tried it on different networks thinking internet speed may have affected its performance, but that does not help. The online portal works flawlessly though, so unfortunately that is my go to for uploading claims.
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3 years ago, Jlbmtb
Can’t view documents
App shows all documents/policy available, but if you try and look at one, it only lets you download them somewhere and not simply view them... this is ridiculous if you’re on a phone and just want to look up a bit of info in a document.
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1 month ago, She needs training
Customer service
I talked to Tiffany Lopez and she was curt and said she couldn’t assist me in figuring out how to upload and all that stuff. Reason was she couldn’t see my computer. It’s a computer just like hers I said. Then we got cut off, ya right, she said in a email she tried to call me back, ya right, she did not. I had the phone right in my hand. I was very impressed with Tiffany in a very negative way. She didn’t want to assist me in doing it via the app. She said she didn’t know how to actually talk me through it. Not happy with your customer service representative Tiffany.
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4 years ago, Marvel newbie
Not sure why all the other good reviews
Not sure why this company gets great reviews as they are just like everything wrong with people insurance. Taking “liberty” at determining a pre-existing condition as do not cover something that will cost them more; not following-up with communication on claims; not reading, in detail, doctors findings so they don’t have to cover something. Just not a great insurance company at all. They also tend to “lose” or “not receive” communication through the app or strangely enough by email. I had my vet review their findings from my dogs assessment and she said, “did they even read the records?”.
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