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2 months ago
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13.4 or later
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User Reviews for Employee Central

2.25 out of 5
80 Ratings
5 years ago, Vampyrez96
Needs Fixing
My job recently started doing our schedules online and we would now view it on the app. However, there needs to be some sort of notification when anything pops up in the “Activity History” section. That way, I wouldn’t have to check every single day to see if anything on my schedule has been changed. I also wish I wasn't constantly being signed out of the app. It’s very annoying to be wanting to quickly check my schedule, then to have to waste time and sign in. And I also wish there was a way to view everyone’s schedule as a whole, that way, I know who I am working with, and who doesn’t work that day.
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1 year ago, dominic_035
Whenever I open this app, it’s clear that it’s using all of my phone’s CPU for some reason. My phone gets really hot and the battery starts draining quickly. It’s really annoying because any time I use this app I need to make sure to only use it for as short amount of time as possible. Please… fix this issue! So I can use the app properly.
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2 years ago, NcCB89
Poor Design
Hard to use when you are pretty much locked out. When my manager posts a message that pops up when you log in to check your schedule, sometimes you can’t click the button to close it. Since it’s off screen, which means I can’t look at my schedule or do anything else.
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2 years ago, Dragon Vortex
No way to sync to a calendar app
My only complaint with this app is that there’s no way to sync my schedule with a calendar app through an iCal link. There should be a way to get a link so that you can add it to your calendar service of your choice and so that your shifts automatically populate into it.
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5 years ago, whalens
This app makes me want to cry
I have no idea who I am working with and I get no notifications when my managers put up my schedule. Also, I can’t tell if my managers approved a shift change or not, so that’s pretty neat. 10/10 This app makes me projectile vomit whenever I open it thanks.
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2 years ago, Scottybingbang
Worked well, for a week.
I’m unable to reset my password, no email is being sent, this is very frustrating since it’s kinda my job at stake. It logged me out and for some reason every password I have written down isn’t working…
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2 years ago, qingkush
Log in issues
This has been the second time the app has logged me out of my account and every time I type in my password it says invalid. So I go to the forgot password option and literally from my email to number I receive no notification at all from the app I’m confused on what’s the problem
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4 years ago, quackingtoad
Logging In
Y’all need to implement a remember me option when logging in. I keep getting kicked out after just a few minutes of not using it. It’s really annoying, so please fix this.
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5 years ago, 4567block
Wish I could put zero stars
What a terrible app. There’s no way this was invented by anyone who’s ever even had a job. You can’t do ANYTHING. No employees, no numbers, no messaging, no contacts. No notifications. No cancel pick up button. Made a mistake? Too bad. Can’t even see who you’re working with. It’s literally just “here’s when you work, here’s what you can pick up” THATS IT
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2 years ago, Spadeagle
Literally Broken
Let the app load for 10 minutes, deleted it and redownloaded it, and it has done nothing but load since trying to log in, 15 minutes ago. No mention of it being down on social media, no other app on my phone behaving this way.
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1 year ago, max-_123456789
Glitchy app
It logged me out and won’t let me log in. I tried resetting my password but it doesn’t send me a link and I’ve tried both my number and email
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2 years ago, Clasher No 297484937838473
Performance takes a dive when scrolling through menus. Entire phone becomes unusable for a short time. Please fix.
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4 years ago, ryanlusk
Needs Notifications
This app is great I love the real time updates to shift changes. I do want there to be a notification system implemented so I can take advantage of the messages section.
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3 years ago, Redkiwi08
My employer just recently switched to this online schedule, it’s ok so far. However, you can’t enable notifications on your phone whenever something is posted. Can this be updated?
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2 years ago, Brayden Ostrum
Login sign in
Idk what’s going on my job has this app to show our schedules and I try to login and I can’t I try to fix my password and it never sends me anything
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4 months ago, JoshTacoJohns
Messages notifications
Somehow they made it possible to get notified when schedules are posted, but not for incoming messages.
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1 year ago, mothere may i
The app is not working
Not even able to check my schedule my job just send me this to keep from Asking about the schedule now that get this it’s not working for me
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5 years ago, kayresheal
Needs updated
App logged me out and won’t let me log back in so I can see my schedule for the upcoming week.
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4 years ago, need help with app
app not loading on iPhone
the app isn’t loading up
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1 year ago, MadelineSW
Works great
He app works great.
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2 years ago, lns417
Login error
It won’t let me login and it won’t send a password reset to my email
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2 years ago, 6021_fruitloop
Log in
For some reason the app logged me out and now I can’t log back in and when I put my email or number for them to send a link to reset my password they never send it. I just don’t understand why I was logged out in the first place because it shouldn’t just log me out and if it does it should at least send me the link to log back in but it doesn’t so that needs to be fixed.
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1 year ago, ShelleySaysSew
Works great
App works great.
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3 years ago, oxyjeon
reset password
it won’t let me reset my password. i’ve tried to send it to all of my emails and my phone number and nothing is popping up. i’ve waited multiple days to see if it would pop up but nothing is showing.
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5 years ago, MackenzieGoodman
Zero stars.
I have previously written a review and everything has remained the same since I wrote it months ago. Now, the app has stopped allowing me to sign in at all. Every time I try to put in my username and password (that I had written down so I know it is right) it won’t work. When I try to do “forgot password” and have an email sent to reset it, I never get an email. This has been going on for days and I can’t see my work schedule. Instead I have to go in and have it written out for me by a manager.
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