2.2 (35)
58.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Primepoint. LLC
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for EmployeeXperience

2.23 out of 5
35 Ratings
7 years ago, belleza816
Is the developer ever going to update this app?! This is so annoying!
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2 years ago, joeyd0771
Not very mobile friendly
This is supposed to be an app you can access on your phone and easily navigate through to view your paystub or whatever. They have failed to make it easy because every time I sign on I always have to type in my password and I can’t use a fingerprint or Face ID. While inside the app it is set up for a desktop not a mobile app with half of the screens disappearing on so many of the sections. This App needs a lot of work and a huge update
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2 years ago, JavaQueen13
User friendly
Love the ease of use and fully appreciate the security features. Easy access to all of my payroll information.
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5 years ago, Jeremiah smoker
Horrible mobile app
Difficult to navigate. Not set up to use as a mobile app. It redirects to its website which is technically mobile friendly but it is set up like a desktop version. Buttons disappear like when making requests for time off and such, it decides when it wants to send email alerts for approvals. Employer forced this system on us. Would not recommend
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2 years ago, Astationzero
Awful app, just use the awful website
App barely works and makes you do a CAPCHA every time you open it. Most functions just send you to the website and can’t be done in the app. No point in the app if you have to use the website. Sometimes you have to sign into both the app and the website and do two CAPCHAs just to clock-in.
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4 years ago, average google
Lot of improvement required
App has some basic features, could improve a lot. I have used Adp app before, primepoint could learn a lot from it. Some basic features needed are 1- login based on faceid 2- ability to download paychecks as pdf files and share it.
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6 years ago, Daily multi user
Update not impressive
Easy to use. Wish a finger print could be used rather then entering a password every time you use the app.
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1 year ago, manny_overboard
Not well optimized for mobile
Zooming in and out is an issue and overall UE is not smooth
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2 years ago, Michael_Zucker
Horrible app. Not sure what they keep updating. Do they even read reviews? At what point will they actually create a good user experience?
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4 years ago, bdelper
The new update is absolutely terrible. Before the update it was easy to use now it essentially makes no sense.
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1 year ago, Brain brain brain
If you miss the early days of mobile websites, you’ll love this app. Only thing missing here is your 2003 blackberry.
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10 months ago, Christy Ziggy
Horrible experience. Cannot even login. Says update in App Store. Tried over and over. Christine vH
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4 years ago, Toddyyy boyyyy
Forced to use this app for work
Do your self a favor don’t use this app
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7 years ago, Lharristke
Great update - fixed a whole lot
Since the release of their new true app, much of the problems I experienced before have been fixed. No more crashing, acts and feels like a true app. Easy to navigate and does exactly what I want. I understand the company is developing a benefit enrollment tool and the app will allow people to enroll too. Very good update.
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7 years ago, IUseThisApp24
Improved with recent update
This app is easier to use now with the recent update. I like the new display and layout. The things I need most often are easy to access. You can tell they listened to users' feedback when making these updates and I appreciate that.
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7 years ago, Tb29
App needs major work
This app needs to be updated....big time. It does what it supposed to but there's a ton of room for improvement starting with updates. It's not compatible to any screen size bigger than the iPhone 4. Even the pictures on the App Store show how outdated this app is. This needs to be revamped. It needs a sleeker design for the UI, optional notifications for new pay stubs available (and W2s, etc), and TouchID authentication (fingerprint) just to name a few.
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7 years ago, HockSpit
Negative Stars
This app has not been updated in six years so it's no wonder why it is so horrible. I only use it just to take a look at my pay stub because I'd rather look at it electronically than keep accumulating paper. I wish my employer would either use a different vendor for viewing online pay stubs or force the developer to provide at least one update a year.
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9 years ago, Krench
Does not work
Continuously crashes. Cannot open a single page. Please redo and fix all bugs. Your website does not work either. How are you selling a product to companies that is not working in any compacity? I thought it was my computers but see the website and app is not usable. Fix ASAP PLEASE would love to use it if it worked properly.
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7 years ago, dcurcio204
Great App!!!
This is a great app for any employee! This displays all the information I need regarding my paycheck and even my W2! Very easy to navigate too.
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8 years ago, Christina_Anne
Doesn't work!
Just downloaded the app. Was able to view my most recent check but when I clicked on the W2 tab nothing happened. Closed and reopened the app same thing happened. Waste of time and space on my phone. Deleted it.
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13 years ago, Vacation Dad
Excellent! So easy to use and access my pay info!!
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13 years ago, Metsfan69
Awesome App!
Quick and easy access to my pay stub! Well done!
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8 years ago, Tbird2005
Great App
Don't know what all the negative fuss is about. App downloads in seconds and works great.
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8 years ago, RealSunKa
Please test & fix it on 6s, starting from login
I would better remove such beta version of app, together with Ad on site. It's just doesn't work, first inside (hangs on reports, crashes), now outside (can't write login , just pass).
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8 years ago, ChrisCam87
Just horrible
I just downloaded the app and logged in. Well I went to see my last paycheck and the app crashed. Now I can't log back in. I guess I'll have to stick with the website.
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8 years ago, alff64
it worked as piece of crap on previous iOS version but on latest one it won't work at all. developers won't update or support it. don't waste your time. deleted
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8 years ago, Mess888
Locks up
I can only see my pay stub! If I try to look at the document/message center, it locks up. Anything other than my current pay stub locks it up. It's rite next to useless.
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8 years ago, RC26K
App is useless. Crashes about 95% of the time. If you are able to log on and get to a link it will crash. In need of a massive update and bug cleanout
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9 years ago, FStruff
I've tried multiple times to sign on but cannot access this app. Completely annoyed!!
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9 years ago, dafuzz1014
I've tried it several times now and it has yet to work. I've been able to login but, that's where it ends.
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7 years ago, heluser
Doesn't work
Very old UI and now it doesn't work. You can login but when you tap on a button you see an empty grey rounded box.
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7 years ago, bsujan86
Login freeze
Always freezes on login on iPhone.... when you log on nothing ever works!
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9 years ago, Ricklalala
Can't even sign in. The website is horrendous too. Interesting how the only positive reviews are all within 3 days.
Show more
7 years ago, loveTKO
It's alright
I can't print my pay stubs with this app
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7 years ago, Matratman
Doesn't work
It freezes right when I try and log in.
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9 years ago, EhurleyJr.
Please Update
I'm running on IOS 8 and I've attempted to sign in multiple times but it's not working. Please update. It's frustrating.
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7 years ago, EdLeft
App keeps on locking up when running reports
App keeps on locking up when running any reports.
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8 years ago, No Days Off
Please Fix
When The App Is Running Its Great! But Most Of The Time Is Down! Or Slow You Guys Need To Fix It Or Update The App Like You'll Update The Website Please!!!!!
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9 years ago, Joe9a75
Does not work !!!
Horrible needs work ! Unable to use on phones! Primepoint ~ Pointless! . Needs work
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9 years ago, Allure86
If I could give this app no stars I would. The app is unusable it constantly crashes. Please fix this!!!
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8 years ago, Guffaw hdtshhtsatvj
Crashes every time you hit login.
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7 years ago, Beensbaby
I would like to rate this app no stars. It doesn't work because they don't update it!
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8 years ago, FatimaJoy
This app does not work! Not sure why this is even available or referred to employees for use :/. PLEASE FIX!!!
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7 years ago, Ipcanales
After the new update, app does not work anymore. Crashes after opening. PLEASE UPDATE!
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9 years ago, AileenJanine
Never signs in
I just started using it, and It won't let me sign in.
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7 years ago, Dmfish
Please update so it will work. Does not work with ios11
Show more
7 years ago, Archie Tkachoff
This app was developed for iphone 3?
It doesn't work!
Show more
9 years ago, Fix it nerds
Fix your app...hardly ever works
Show more
13 years ago, Bizymom3
Awesome job!!
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