Empower: Cash Advance & Credit

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Empower Finance
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2 weeks ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Empower: Cash Advance & Credit

4.82 out of 5
176.8K Ratings
2 years ago, Thuglyfeouthere
Excellent Service
Just when I thought I was out of options and nothing was going to arrive in time…. Seriously I tried like 20 different things and they we not going to cut it…. Some not available at all, some available but with a wait that could have been many days, some 2 days, most were either 24 hours or until the next business days, some with one type of error, others with another, others needed me to watch 100 videos and sign up with 10 partners, and apply for a credit card, blah blah blah….. I was stuck on the side of the road in near 100 degree heat and having to walk a mile to a gas station and walk back because nothing would work…. And then I remembered Empower!!! And sure enough I got enough money to get my gas can filled up, and me back on the road to my job I was late to! Better later and frustrated…. Then Never and job lost, and whole life as I know it annihilated….. Empower really empowered me to have the power to climb back up from what seemed like a bottomless pit and be powering myself up back to the top of my game and…. If not better life but at least not significantly worse… so in a way it did Empower me to have a better life because there is a good chance without it… and this measly $10…. I would still have to power up to a better life and be doing much worse with $10,000s less in the long run….. Thank You Empower!! Please don’t stop saving lives with access to immediate simple $10 advances!!!!
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11 months ago, Dakota Livingston.
it’s not great at all but apple wouldn’t publish my review I guess because I was honest but I bank with chime so it’s only so many apps I can use empower was one of them the first issue came about when I couldn’t get an advance because they told me they didn’t see any direct deposits in my account which there was but the next pay I was able to get only a 10 dollar advance with a 875 dollar pay check….I got the free trial and had put for them to bill my chime account so I could continue to advance if I needed fast forward I had got my 10 dollar advance and I had it to put it on my empower card because I didn’t wanna pay a 3.00 fee for an instant transfer to my chime and soon as they gave me my 10 dollar advance they took it 8 dollars within the 10 mins and then support told me they took the 8 dollars for my subscription I told them I understand that but I didn’t tell you guys to take subscription money from my empower card I even told them I didn’t even set my empower card up or order one when I first got the free trial and choose chime as my bank I asked support to give me my 8 dollars back because how do u guys expect me to pay the 10 back when y’all took it and I couldn’t even use it they told me they weren’t giving me a refund and that they would cancel my subscription and not give me MY MONEY back horrible app don’t use it at all!
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1 week ago, April Workman
I’m new
Hello everyone I’m very new to The Empower app. I have seen and heard of the Empower app on ads before quite a few times before and have been very interested in giving it a try, so I am rating this app 2 stars for now due to I did have to pay 8 bucks for the first month just to get an advance of 10 dollars, I’m a bit confused on that and pretty turned off about it due to the fact that I have used other apps like Dave and Albert and their fees are no where near that high, Dave’s is somewhere around $1.99 or $2.99 a month and Albert I believe was free or $4.99 if you wanted to explore other features on the app. So with that said I am rating Empower 2 stars. I will give the app a month to prove to me whether or not, I actually keep the app. Part of downloading the app was the fact that I seen on the ads from different sites that I was using that you could get up to $250 for a pay advance, not saying that I need the advance all the time but when you need it, you need it and so I really think $8 dollars a month is really high just starting out for a $10 cash advance, so I will come back on here next month around the 28th, 29th of February and let everyone know how I actually feel and if it’s worth the $8 dollars. Thank you for reading my review and if you try this app out, please let me know what you think?
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7 months ago, New Jack...
Excellent Way To See All Your Financial Info In One Place!
Excellent Way To See All Your Financial Info In One Place! I like that i can see every account and every transaction and even investments and credit score. Not to mention they offer their own debit card if you want to keep money woth them or make a savings plan. TO THE DEVELOPERS: Great work guys… I’m giving 5 stars, but there is one very very important thing you guys should DEFINITELY add to your already great product… If you found a way to incorporate Crypto, you’d attract a bunch of new blood and money to your platform. We need as many banks and bank services that are crypto friendly as possible. Have a look at Juno and how they do it… they are my favorite rails/onramp-offramp to buy and sell crypto Fast, Free (only exact mining fee’s are incurred) , Safely, & Reliably. Juno (used to be called OnJuno) is exactly what the bank of the future should look like and anyone that can out do them or compete with then has a very bright future… they’d be extremely hard to beat, but if you took a page from their book it couldnt do anything but help for sure in my honest opinion 😉👌🏻 But anyways, great work on what you currently offer, I really enjoy it and use it almost daily as a rule.
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12 months ago, MajerliBothersMe
At first it was helpful
Initially the app was very helpful. My husband also uses the app as well. We had a situation where he didn’t have enough money in his own account to cover his advance so I typed in my information so at least he could pay back to advance. We’ll come to find out if I did that then I am unable to use my own app. I contacted customer support and they said that once the advance is repaid with HIS account then it will be resolved. That’s understandable. So he got a new debit card and typed in his new information and paid back the Advance through his own account. I was able to finally delete my information from his (because it won’t let you delete the account linked to the last advance) and I thought all is well. Went to my own account and I am STILL unable to use my own account for my own advance. The account still says my information is associated with another account which it is NOT anymore. Contacted support which is nothing but robots giving you generic answers to specific questions. Literally said they don’t have a solution??? What do you mean? How are you unable to allow me to just use my account again? You can see my information is completely separate now. There is no reason I shouldn’t be able to use my account. The app is completely useless now so I’ll have to just delete it and cancel if there’s no recourse for these issues. Really disappointing because otherwise the app was extremely helpful.
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8 months ago, lafay625
Will not return money
I started an auto save account with this company roughly a month ago and deposited $1000 into it to start. Rather suddenly I had an emergency and needed to withdraw half back. Well they locked my account so I could not get to it. I emailed support, followed all the steps for account verification and tried again a few days later. Account is still locked and now I need everything back. I start the email process all over and they tell me I have to verify my account AGAIN so that this can be sent to a specialized team. So I verify the account for the second time, receive zero response and still cannot access my own flipping money. This has been going on for almost a month now and they still have my money. Just got off the phone with an agent after being hung up on because “no one was available” only for this agent to tell me the exact same thing and they are sending this to the specialized team. My next step will be to obtain legal representation because this is ridiculous. Absolutely would not recommend. *UPDATE* We have now reached a month. I have spoken to them on the phone 5 times and every time I have been told the team will reach out. There has been zero communication from this “specialized team” that apparently only communicates via email except that they DON’T. I have not heard a word and my bank account is now overdrawn because they still have my money. I cannot stress enough not to download this garbage app.
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3 weeks ago, RamzyDontLie
First time a commercial did what they said!!
Mann I really didn’t believe this was going to work when I decided to give this a shot when I saw the commercial today. Had some extra financial responsibilities I had to pay off this week and it left me short on cash and I don’t get paid until next week . Didn’t want to call a friend or family member to spot me because why burden them ? Then I saw the Empower commercial and saw they do no credit check no late fees and no interest rates , just pay back what you owe on your next paycheck . Of course I thought there was some type of hidden text or sham lurking to it (as it is with just about any other financial loan institution)but I said oh what the heck what do I got to lose and downloaded the app. Not only did they did most of the work for me but I got approved within minutes and received my cash within minutes too ! and kept it all simple ! No long contracts just simply pay back what you owe !! And your credit limit goes up higher the more you pay off and use the app ! Definitely recommend this to anyone who’s looking for some extra cash to get by until they’re next paycheck ! THANKS EMPOWER!!
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9 months ago, Therea07
I have been using empower for a good while and I have had a really good experience with that up until about a month ago, I have a lot of concerns and customer service has been absolutely no help whatsoever. I have no problem getting in advance and I have never had an issue uploading my drivers license. For immediate withdrawal into my bank until a month ago when I went to go upload my drivers license it states I uploaded too many documents. I since then have been reaching out to customer service completely getting the runaround. This is where my concern comes in, there’s no real customer service agent to speak with. You have no idea who you’re speaking with other than via email was told to upload my drivers license, which is really concerning I did, but now my personal confidential information is out there wherever these representatives are now have access to personal information and yet I’m still getting the runaround and no help as to fixing the issue of being able to accept my advance this is very concerning to me How do we know that there’s not some representative in another country behind a computer that now has access to very personal information that is able to hack us and still our information and possibly get into our bank accounts? What reassurance do we have from Empower that this is not going to happen.
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5 years ago, cheis23
Doesn’t link with my credit union so can’t use most of the features advertised. It says it will but whenever I try there is a “problem. Please try again later.” I’ve been trying for 3 weeks. When I contacted support (after some frustrating and counter-intuitive discussions with a Bot) they told me there was a temporary outage with my credit union and to try again in a week. Obviously disappointed and finding this app totally useless I deleted my account. It says all my data and account details will be deleted. Yet when I attempt to re-sign in and confirm my account has been deleted it simply just re-signs me in and all my data is still there and it hasn’t been deleted at all. I don’t know why so many people are giving this good reviews. Perhaps they haven’t used it properly but I was very keen to use empower that I’d already decided I would. I decided to just do some simple tests to put my mind at ease about using a new company and they failed all of those tests: doesn’t link with external accounts as advertised, time wasting bots are the customer support, solutions eventually offered are totally inadequate and when I made my decision that this “bank” (its really a tech company) wasn’t for me I had to repeatedly email and message them to actually manually delete my account (even though the app tells you you can do it from their main menu). New companies will improve the banking experience in the near future. Empower is not one of those.
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6 months ago, TEAZYJ5454
Great for when in need
I have used 4-5 different CTP apps before. All of them have their pluses and minuses. My biggest plus for Empower is that they offered a higher rate then any other app I’ve used in the past. Other require you to build trust first before raising available funds. Empower gave me that trust just after my first CTP loan. Really helped me to avoid a late fee on a bill, when I didn’t get paid until the following day. They take very minimal fees and was super easy to use. Highly recommend this app for people who work full time and receive a regular basis direct deposit. I can only speak for myself, as I’m unaware of what they offer for others who maybe work part time or don’t have a steady reoccurring revenue. I was able to borrow $150 on day 1 of using the app. Paid it back the following week and 3 days later they offered me a $250 loan. Again, this is my experience and I’m sure everyone else’s can be different depending on a multitude of qualifications Empower likely reviews and requires. Only one way to find out! I recommend giving it a shot, if your needing some extra CTP during these hard times in our country. Let’s Go Branden!!
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3 years ago, 57544dave
The hype is not what it seems
Well I got this app. I was so excited about the payday advance feature. So I was charged the $8 monthly fee the 1 st month. Did not qualify for the second month another $8 charged, on the 3rd month another $8 charged. This time it says you unlocked a $25 dollar advance but would not let me pull it out. I get ssi monthly then it says not requiring enough really I’ve had ssi for 7 years now plus I make deposit about the same every 2 weeks. But then I checked back the next day. There again I was not approved now, but on the other part I was. This is so messed up over $25 dollars. Now I don’t get that. And they will shoot me a generic reply saying “oh we’re sorry to hear your having trouble send me your information and we will help” ya right. You know what I mean. I have thousands of people that will read this. I can’t believe this I given you over $25 for a crappy app. If you are going to do something and don’t and blame it on a glitch. Well that’s pretty sad. Hey guys I will update you on there reply. And I will pay another month. To either add to this experience or give a 3 to 5 star rating if it is done with meaningful sincerity. The $25 dollars is crap even though I should have qualified for at least $50 or 100 because I have more stars hot a higher advance then the $25 I no longer qualify for. I hope you look into this because you have no problems taking my $8 every month
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5 months ago, Eggo1234
It works, but not without issues
This was one of the few places that would lend me money, and for that I am thankful. I had recently fallen on hard times and getting anyone to lend me money was near impossible. However it does like to play numbers games that you may not be able to do anything about due to its own internal issues. One of my most recent issues is that the app told me I repaid late, when I actually repaid a day early they just didn’t take the money for about a day and a half, so they lowered the amount that I could borrow, sorry your system couldn’t take the money on time, it has nothing to do with me. Previous issue was it told me I didn’t have any income and before that, I ended up having to cancel a debit card because of fraudulent charges and getting them paid back was a pain with another card and any future lending they wanted to do had to be only with the card that had to be cancelled, my income didn’t change just the card. I would make a suggestion to Empower to allow you to fund a different account as a possibility even if you’re using a different bank for your income. If you’re in a pinch, it’s not bad, give it a shot, I just knocked off two stars for all the issues I’ve had in roughly just the month I’ve used them.
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4 years ago, nioleeo
This app does not allow the user to unlink their account, which is a cause for concern. I want to cancel because they charge a $6/month fee for all new users. Before I cancel I want to remove my linked bank account but the app does not let you remove it. To cancel you have to email them and wait to get a response. I literally was on email all day back and forth to then have the person from Synapse say they can’t help me because they don’t know about the Empower app and they only handle the back-end banking. I asked who can assist me with the removal and she never replied. I googled and found a number which led me back to Synapse live person and explained everything again. At least this person emailed Empower app, cc’d me to get try to get some resolve. Which unfortunately did not happen, as I asked if they (Empower) can remove my linked account on the developer end and I got no response to my question. DO NOT USE THIS APP. The 1.6% is not worth the headache of the run around and non responsive Synapse customer support. Find an online bank that offers same or better rates with no headaches when you decide to cancel.
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5 months ago, Mikaylafrancis
One of the ONLY loan apps that’s HONEST!
I’ve been using the app “Empower” now for about a month and so far so good, I basically have zero complaints except for one. When I first got offered a cash advance it was $10 which is understandable since I was a first time customer. I repaid on time and got offered another cash advance for $25 which really helped me A LOT at the time so I can’t thank them enough but now I’m on my 4th advance with empower and they still have not offered me more than $25 even though my account is in good standing and have never had a late payment. Is it maybe a little annoying? Yes, of course but are they still helping me? Yes. All in all, I think empower is a great app to help you if you’re needing a little extra money for things like gas, food, etc. but I wouldn’t download this app thinking you will be able to get a cash advance to help you pay for a somewhat “large purchase” unless you already have really good financial history but let’s be honest; most people who use this type of app are the people who probably have a little hiccups in their financial journey because the people empower would offer higher cash advances too are the people who don’t need to download a cash advance app.
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5 years ago, wait to download
My wife and I read about Empower through a financial article and it sounded like a great option for us. We had closed our Chase account and kept our PNC open until everything was switched over to cover expenses and make sure there was no lapse in bills. So once that was finished we finally got our....1 card? Empower does not support two cards for the same account. That was not disclosed or advertised or anything. It was deep within their “Help” section after we had signed up. So because it does work with Apple Pay we thought, ok the options and cash back are a nice option so let’s get through it. Well, we finally closed our PNC account and just had empower at this point. My pay check was a live check one week because of the switching of accounts, they wanted to be sure I could have the cash. So with this live check I look on how to deposit it or cash it..... THEY DON’T HAVE SUPPORT FOR THIS. The only way you can contact them is a messenger or email and you MIGHT get an answer back in 24-48 hours even though their app says most replies are in 2 hours of the operation times. They have no answers. So I had to go to my local grocery store where they would cash it but for $8. I responded back to their for short email giving me no answers and that was 24hours ago. Other than that, the app works nicely. Just can’t deposit cash or checks. HUGE flaw when setting up this business.
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1 year ago, Bossz Ladiee
Great App!
I gave this app 4 stars simply on the matter that I’ve had Empower since 2021 and at that time they didn’t except my Banks. I’ve had some e-mail issues that have caused me to change my email address so when downloading the Empower app again I had to go thru much headache just trying to update my phone number as well as my email address. It was a bit hectic and still isn’t fixed in its entirety, however, once emailing customer support and being able to actually get into my account, I was instantly approved for a $25 Instant Loan which was directly deposited into my checking account onto my debit card as soon as I accepted the offer and added my debit card information. I really only needed a few dollars to make it to work and collect my bonus check and I had little to NO petroleum in my tank. Thanks to Empower, not only was I able to add a few dollars to my gas tank, I was also able to stop by McD’s for a breakfast sandwich and coffee, lol. Came in handy at the right time. I will change my 4star to a 5 star once I get my credentials with my account situated. Other than that, so far so good, can’t wait to see what else Empower has to offer. Good looking out Empower! Keep up the good work.
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5 years ago, grace in PA
1/2 star rating..dissatisfied and disappointed
I made a cash app transfer of $94 to a friend. Cash app canceled because the ID I used was not valid. I reached out and got a valid ID to resend. This time it failed. This all took place on Friday May 24. I reached out to Empower and was told it takes a few days for the money to be returned. By mid week I’m reaching out again and was told there didn’t seem to be available funds for that transaction on Friday. Not true. When I pointed that out to CS I’m told they have to look into it to see what is going on. Tomorrow is May 31 and I still don’t have my money back into my account. How complicated is this? Checks and balances. Since you can’t overdraft and all transactions are listed on dashboard why is it difficult to determine what happened? By checks and balances I should have a balance and I don’t. In all of my years of banking I’ve never encountered this. CS is nonchalant, it may not be important to them however it is to me. I’ve been using Chime bank. I will be going back to Chime. I had misplaced my Chime debit card and had to wait for a replacement so I thought I’d try Empower. I should have just had my DD put on my Cash App card. I give 1/2 a star. I’m so disappointed. I would steer clear of such a bank that takes this long to resolve an issue as simple as this!
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3 years ago, shawnbb13827
Do not use this app!!
The worst app I have ever used!! I do not ever take a min to write a review about apps but this one I must! First off, the criteria for a cash advance is written specifically for people that wouldn’t even need a cash advance in the first place. You have to maintain a $50 balance for so many days for 4 pay periods. So, why would I borrow $50 if I could keep $50 in my account? Also this app charges monthly fees for what I don’t even know. What they charge you for, other apps have been doing for a while now. The customer service is terrible. They read scripts and will just disconnect the chat whenever you as the customer are right. This place is a scam!! They cold-heartedly trap people into paying $11 or so a month in hopes they might qualify for advances in the future. I receive over 2k a month through the account connected to this app and told I don’t qualify for not maintaining a $50 balance. When I explained I move money to my savings account every pay period they said there wasn’t anything they could do. Thankfully, there is one thing I can do...cancel, never use again and share my experience. THIS PLACE IS A STRAIGHT SCAM!!! Update: they apologized and explained there auto save feature costs $8 monthly. I can auto save from any account for nothing and my bank already advances me $200 every payday. This app is completely worthless!!
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2 years ago, ashleyc86
Pleasantly surprised!!
I am surprised but happy for the app being a success. I thought honestly it was going to be like the first time I signed up a 1 or 2 years ago but then closed my account because I paid a subscription fee for 2 months and never received any advance since I was only able to take out$10 even though I was making $1800 bi weekly. This time around I have my check going to 2 accounts 80% in one and 20% in another so I connected the 1 with 80% and I said it wasn’t surprised when it told me it couldn’t recognize any reoccurring payments for direct posits even though on my account dec, Ashford clearly shows the name of my employer, and deposited direct deposit even said direct deposit next to the employer name! So I was going to close the account again today and when I thought I connect my second account with 20% of my check first just to see what happens since I was being told I was already approved for $25 but after connecting the second account recognize the checks that I have direct deposit it and I actually approval for $75!!! So now I’m going to keep my account open for now. Thank you for partially fixing the system.
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2 months ago, kellydgirl
The Empower app is a very easy & affordable if your stuck in a bind & need absolute cash immediately. They will lend you cash within 3 minutes & give you options on when & how to repay back your loan.. They start with an amount according to your monthly income & give you the options to pay on dates that are workable for you.. Also as you borrow & repay back your loan,, they’ll increase your next amount you wish to choose..The more you borrow, & absolutely pay back on the due date. They’ll increase your borrowing limit. Even up to a $1000… if needed, but you need to build the trust.. they monitor your spending amounts where & when..which will help you automatically.. They do have a $8 fee( monthly ) which is very reasonable for what they’re offering. I highly recommend the Empower App.. to everyone who needs cash immediately.. once you read through all the agreements & accept. You will be on your way to immediate cash in your account.. I hope everyone enjoys the Empower App.. the way I do!!!! I only borrow what I actually need at the time.. Best App EVER!!!
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10 months ago, T-Rex_26
I was skeptical at first
So just like any payday advance app I was skeptical about using it because they’re never legit, but it’s been a little over a year that I’ve been using the empower app and it’s great when I need a little cash to hold me over till next payday or if an emergency comes up and I’m short on funds. The most you can get it 200$ but it also gives you 2 other amount if you don’t need to narrow the max amount offered, when accepting the amount it tells you all the fees that are to be paid back on your next payday, the money deposits into my bank account in less than 2 minutes when paying the extra fee. I’m not 100% percent sure if this app actually helps your credit but I’ve noticed that since I’ve been using it and I’ve been paying the loan back on time my credit score has increased by 58 point, yes I said that right 58!! There is a monthly fee to use it but it’s only 8 dollars which isn’t bad compared to some of the other fees I’ve seen from less promising payday lenders. I would highly recommend this app!
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12 months ago, spacewitch 1976
Love this
I’ve tried other apps like this but they either didn’t raise my amounts or charged an arm and a leg but this one so far has been up front about the charges and after I paid twice they raised my amount which was so helpful at that time and I also use their savings feature and before I knew it I had a few hundred dollars out away which was also amazing. I really like how now you can choose the amount you need you don’t have to take the whole loan if you don’t need it and I love that. I also had some issues with my email and was locked out of my account and at first I was upset I couldn’t just reach a live person but I followed all the steps and they literally fixed my account and had me back in it within 30 minute last on a Sunday night so I’m very happy and will continue to be a faithful customer and all my other apps have been deleted and I tell all my friends because with the way things are right now we all need a little help once in a while and this app has really pulled through for me every time I’ve needed it
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3 months ago, RockStar_Kanye__
Probably the best App for this type of thing
I would have to say Empower is probably the best company that I’ve worked with so far that allows you to get an advance or even their credit line. I’ve worked with many of these companies, including like Earnin, Dave, etc. and this one just works. It’s like helping me get out of a paycheck to paycheck cycle because prior I was using it for advances on my paycheck but now I’m able to use your credit line which I pay back on time and it’s helping my credit. It wasn’t a long process at all. I feel like I signed up and either within a few hours or the next day I was able to get an advance. And with the credit line after using the advance two or three times I was offered the credit line. It also has this really nice feature that allows you to track your spending, create budgets see how much money you’re spending visually and track your credit. It is literally an app that is helping me with handling money, I really love Empower. it’s like my personal financial advisor!
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6 years ago, cmoniiieyeeyuy
Almost Perfect
I very rarely write reviews, but for this app I’m going to make an exception. I’ve been searching for a budgeting and savings app for a while now, and I’ve tried competitors like mint and even gave a couple paid offerings a shot. Honestly, this app is far better than the competition. It includes all the same features you’ve come to expect in a budgeting app such as financial advice and linking accounts, but it does it better. One good example of its superior customer experience is the feature to add and remove specific accounts from your financial institution (For instance, if you have a savings account connected to your chase checking account that you’ve never touched, it’s not going to be around to irritate you and take up space.) This app even lets you link your investment institutions and lets you see how your securities are doing right in the app! My only gripe is that for whatever reason I’m having trouble connecting my Robinhood account. If anyone from customer service sees this review, I’d be very grateful for some assistance. : )
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2 months ago, ttnfortune
I will give it two stars but…$250 just gone
So I had been a user of Empower for probably 6 months plus. We always paid on time and used it when we needed to. Then March 13th 2024 came. Before hand the previous two times I used empower, I started having issues with the instant cash and had to do the standard days which was 2-3 business days. I don’t understand why that happened but ok. At this time as well, it started saying my account was disconnected. So my questions with that, if it was disconnected how was I able to get money and pay the money back? I thought it was weird. March 13th, I paid my empower like I normally do and it seemed that it was going through but it remained in repaying status. It’s been in repaying status since and today is April 4th. I got a message a couple days ago saying that I still owed the $250 that I had already repaid. I have tried contacting support but I have gotten nothing and I am on the verge of cancelling the payment and cancelling the entire empower app and member ship. This seems very sketchy to do this all of a sudden after being a customer for such a long time. I have done everything I can and still nothing. I wouldn’t waste my time with this app any more.
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2 months ago, sadman1295891
Was 5/5 but recently became useless so 2/5 now
I loved this app at first! I used it a lot and always paid back early like 10 times and paid back on time like 1-2 times. Suddenly after paying back my loan 4 days early, they cut me off and no longer say I qualify for another Loan. My apartment signed me up for a app called flex to pay rent on and started trying to pull My rent 4 days early leading to a insufficient funds hit as I wasn’t paid yet and rent was not due. I had 4-500 n my account but wasn’t expecting rent to be pulled with no ability to stop it 4-3-2-1 day early twice a day. It really hurt me financially as I was actually needing the advance badly after this. It’s been 23 days and still I can’t get another one. Very frustrating that they did this to someone who always has 4-500 in my account and has a better then perfect record with empower. Don’t trust this app and definitely don’t rely on it as they will snatch it away when you need it regardless of how well you are with paying back and doing everything your supposed to do.. if they end up giving my advance back I will come back and change it to 4/5 stars but not 5 as this month has been very stressful due this situation..
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5 years ago, ali_vonleikam
This app is almost genius!
I absolutely love this app. It is by far the best budgeting app I have used, ever. And I have used them all! It also connects to my other bank accounts and credit card accounts, so when it budgets, it budgets ALL OF THE THINGS. So great! The only thing that I hate about this app is that my paychecks are always coming in at inconsistent times. I received my paycheck one day early one time, but as of recently I’ve been receiving my ACH paycheck in late - which is super stressful. You want to know where your money is at all times if you’re a budgeter. So, that’s kind of stressful. If you reach out to support, (and let me just say, the support team is phenomenal), they will usually tell me it takes a certain amount of time for ACH’s to come in - that doesn’t change the fact that it’s been inconsistent most of the time. If the Empower team could figure that issue out, this would be the winning budget/banking app. The look of the app is incredible and aesthetically pleasing. They way it works is user friendly and I get excited to use the app. I wish my paychecks came in on time, that’s the only setback about this app.
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5 months ago, Jokers.Vice98
The app works, but needs improvement.
I downloaded this app a few years ago when I was in a bad place financially and it helped me get through some very tough times, and I appreciative of the apps help. However, I don’t like that fact that you have to pay a monthly membership fee, and that they try and force a bank account on you. Also, the app has a serious delay in keeping up with my actual bank accounts balance and purchases. It will notify me I was paid 3 days after the money hit my account. This app has also taken money out of bank account unexpectedly without explanation. It took 4 weeks after redownloading the app for it to accept me for a small $75 advance. I’m in a much better situation financially now, so I use the app mainly for bill tracking and savings. Overall, it’s a trust worthy app, but stay on top of your bank account while it’s connected. It also won’t connect to any prepaid card, only real major FDIC banks. It needs some improvements for sure, which is why I resulted in a 4 out of 5 stars review. Download it and give a shot!
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3 months ago, jalen904
It actually works
Empower is an absolute lifesaver when it comes to managing unexpected financial challenges. The ability to access up to $250 instantly, with no fees attached, is a game-changer. It's incredibly reassuring to have a legitimate source of quick cash when needed, especially during tight financial situations. I've found Empower to be a reliable and convenient solution whenever I've encountered unexpected expenses or needed a little extra cushion between paychecks. Having used Empower myself, I can confidently recommend it to anyone facing similar financial constraints. If you have a consistent income stream and find yourself in a bind every now and then, this app is a must-have. It's user-friendly, efficient, and provides a much-needed safety net during times of financial uncertainty. Empower has truly helped me navigate through challenging financial times with ease, and I wholeheartedly endorse it to anyone seeking financial flexibility and peace of mind.
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2 years ago, Bstitt
Simple & Fast/ Pros & cons IMO!
Took me 4 minutes to sign up and receive my first $25. I just did it to see if it works and apparently the more you use this app to borrow and how fast you pay each loan amount back depends on how quickly the next borrowed loan amount increases. I set it up to pay it back in three days because that’s technically when I get paid again. It’s suppose to go to $50 after that so we will see. (UPDATE/EDIT: didn’t go to $50 after the first time, stayed at 25 for second offer after I paid it back on time, on the scheduled date I picked. Once again it says will go to 50 so m gonna borrow one more time just to see. I was thinking maybe you need to use the app often to receive a higher offer.) I don’t care for the fee you have to pay for get the $25 it was $2. No big deal. So the $27 doesn’t have to be paid till you schedule to pay it back. Also, not a fan of the $8 monthly fee after the 14 day free trial. If I’m already borrowing money and paying a small fee I don’t see why I have to pay a monthly fee.
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4 years ago, Meiweilo
Worst APP ever
This app deserves zero stars. The first Time I tried to get a cash advance it kept Saying it didn’t see my deposits when they were clearly in my account. Reached out to tech support and it was going well until different tech supports were involved. They asked me to provide screenshots of my deposits which I did as well as who it’s from which was my employer. The whole reason for the screenshot was to prove that the deposits were in my account and recent since the system could not detect it. The last rep was oblivious to the entire support ticket between myself and his team members..asked me the same questions, didn’t sound like he even took the chance to read through the transcripts. Been going back and forward for about a week to get this before the holiday and now someone else tells me that they can’t accept the screenshots and that the money isn’t in my account!!!! Who are you to tell me what I have in my account when all screenshots were provided and where in the policy does it say screenshots can’t be provided when there is a technical issue with the app!!! It’s madness, it shouldn’t be this hard to get a cash advance when the proof is there but your app isn’t working. I’m uninstalling and moving on, seriously worst app ever.
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1 year ago, blahmeek
Customer support doesn’t listen
So far so good except for linking my card. I was able to add my account no problem. I was able to get $100 advance no problem. The problem started when I tried to add my card to get an instant transfer, I received an error message saying that the card wasn’t linked to the account which is crazy because it’s the only card for it (I check to make sure I entered everything correct and I did) so I had to opt for receiving it 2 days later which is ok. But I did try to connect customer support because I would like to add my card for the future. They literally aren’t even reading what I said, first I was told my account wasn’t accepted and it most definitely was because I was offered the $100 advance. Then they said I couldn’t get an advance which again was wrong because I literally already started the transfer. Then I was told they couldn’t make changes to the transfer when I never even said anything about changing it. All I want is to add my card that’s absolutely it. This is why I hate chats and emails it takes forever and it’s almost always a bot. Please get that together!
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5 years ago, SF Christopher08
Empower is one of the most worthless and quite frankly, utterly useless “financial/banking services” I have ever encountered. Thankfully my unfortunate mistake of signing up with Empower; will be other people’s gain. I have no problem describing what a pathetic joke the feeble attempt at customer service Empower haphazardly provides to it customers. I can imagine how it would be nothing less than a total embarrassment if I had to admit to people that I worked at or was in any associated with such a deplorable and disheveled wreck of a company that Empower truly is. Seriously. I would say that perhaps Empower can bilk their investors out of more money so that their totally incompetent robot customer service staff could be trained on what “customer service” actually means. Alas, I believe that would just be an exercise in futility. I simply cannot wait to be the first person in line to attend the party that will be held upon the news of this company’s inevitable, and 100% deserved, abject failure. I can hardly contain my glee because the thoughts of Empower being dissolved into total non-existence is a delight of which I will always be ready to enjoy. Always. TL;DR - EMPOWER AND ITS USELESS ROBOT CUSTOMER SERVICE STAFF ARE GARBAGE - JUST LIKE THEIR “PRODUCT”. STAY AWAY FROM THIS TOTAL MONEY STEALING SCAM!!!
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5 years ago, Philsilog
Almost Perfect App
The only opportunity I see for improvement is that I’m able to link up all my accounts except my Alliant Credit Union Account. I’ve seen some reviews where people are also having trouble linking up their credit union account. Also, the maximum you can transfer is $2,500 per week. What?!? At least make it $10,000. I was trying to transfer $10,000 from my Chase to my Empower savings account to take advantage of the competitive APY but the transfer limit is way too low. What if I needed money for an emergency and I had most of my cash in Empower?! That’s the only reason why I would not make this my primary savings account.. until they increase that to at least $10,000. The app also sometimes doesn’t open up and you have to close application and try to open it again. It’s intermittent. Other than that, this app is great. It has all your balances and investments in one place. They help you renegotiate bills which I thought was not possible at all. I also love the user experience, one of the best.
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2 years ago, JenniferLynW
Empower: online banking and services
Empower has helped me keep track of my spending and when I have been short on money at first the cash advance they offered me wasn’t really that much but I accepted it and repaid so the next time I needed another cash advance they were here to help.. If you are in need of a larger lump sum this isn’t the app for you however if $25 your first advance would help along with a tracker to help you see what you are spending and bills you are paying then I recommend Empower. they also have an excellent customer service to chat with online if any questions you may have. Empower offers an online checking and savings account also. These accounts grow interest to help save even more with access immediately to both accounts whenever you need to deposit, withdraw. Track. Or even ask any questions 24/7.. Thanks emperor for your service and trusting me with the cash advance offer.
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2 years ago, Khem Heru
Genius Banking for Millennials
Initially, I have been Using this Bank for a few Months Now, I admire when I use an ATM, this Bank give me back the Fees that, the ATM Charge me., so please keep up the great Work. Furthermore, when I need assistance, please respond within a timely manner, The previous Bank you guys were using the Deposited $9989 dollars within my Account, then I wrote you guys I never received a response for weeks. Moreover, this incident was an internal error on you guys part. Therefore, the bank should give me the Funds instead give me the funds. Moreover, I hope this does not ever happened again., Thanks for swishing Banks Partners. 👑👏🏾👏🏾💯, continue to provide us with 1.00 yield, a lot has happen with this my accounts now you guys are living another Bank, I’m confuse with the Switch. This New Bank is doing a good Job. Just continue allow us to receive or Funds, thank you for letting us know about the switch of Banks.
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7 months ago, Gladtobeamomof3
So thankful for this legitimate just-in time app!
I was a few days out from my next paycheck & had an unexpected large bill come up & saw a review for this on Nerd Wallet & decided I would see if they could assist me. VERY easy to use & understand & for those saying that the fees are high, compared to the rip off & predatory payday loan companies fees & interest, Enpower’s OPTIONAL monthly fee is pennies compared to those. Empower also encourages you to SAVE money & does a great job of your explaining how their program works. My approval was fast & easy. Empower verifies your banking information through Plaid (a secure site) and I TRUST Empower with my information. They provide information on how you will pay the money back as well so that you can make an INFORMED decision before you decide if you want to utilize their services or not. For me they were a lifesaver & I am so thankful for them, for Nerd Wallet for the information on Empower & for this app!
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3 years ago, Kibby la bella
Could use some work
They have a good system going on, good banking, borrowing system etc. the frustration only sets in when you want things to happen because every process in the app is slow: I was prompted to link my Chase Bank with Empower, and with linking my bank, I expect the application to report banking actions as they happen or at least within the hour… for example, I get paid on fridays… I get the notification of my direct deposit days later. Same thing with regular store purchases. Their lending service is appreciated: I can borrow $50, $75 (If I agree to have it sent to the credit card they sent me), or $200 if I sign up to get direct deposits through Empower. I would sign up for direct deposits but am hesitant that I will not get paid right away due to their already slow services. Lastly, I want to shed a little more light on their lending service. Whatever I borrow, I have to pay it back, I get that. But what irritates me is that it takes about 5 days for that repayment to process, which means I can’t borrow from them until that repayment clears through them. Most apps I borrow from only need about 1 business day for repayment to reflect on the app and I can borrow again. Not Empower, no. I have 4/5 starts because I appreciate the services and am glad they can help people like me lot. But the company itself is flawed and they should really take a second to improve on the issues listed above. Thank you!
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4 months ago, Jlmhtx
Mistaken account closure
Hello I wanted to drop off my review, yesterday I got my first direct deposit to my empower account. I was having trouble logging back in because of an old account. I got a little bit frustrated with their email customer service I might have been kind of rude. Well keep in mind that I have a severe mental illness and I am considered disabled by the State of Texas I have been 3 days without my physic meds I stopped by the pharmacy yesterday evening. It was closed so I figured I'd go today, I've never had problems with my BOFA account but I figured the credit building aspect of this app is awesome. So I'm trying to get assistance from the customer service online. I was rude I admit but not to the point were they automatically cancel my account and keep my money. Now I have no money to buy meds and am broke. No my mental health is deteriorating by the minute. Just because a customer service agent wanted to retaliate against me. Now they won't respond they kept my money which I was gonna use to pay for my medications I wish I would of stayed with my bank these people just retaliated and closed my account because I made them upset.
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3 years ago, Countrygirl0732
Worst app ever. I used them for 9 months. Fairly consistently. I always paid on time. Tipped. Etc. Then I had an issue with my bank account. I contacted Earnin and explained that the money would not be in my account and I needed to push my payment back a couple weeks. It had never happened before. They refused and said they had already started the process of debiting the money and couldn’t stop it…. And I should have asked them sooner to push the payment back. I would have loved to but unfortunately hackers don’t give advance notice before they hack your bank account. 🙄I told them the money wouldn’t be there and I would be charged a fee. I got disconnected from the chat 5 times…. Then was told if the money wasn’t there it would be returned to them and if I was charged a fee to contact them. Well the payment wasn’t returned and I was charged a fee. I contacted them and was basically told tough crap. There is nothing we can do and I didn’t meet the criteria to have my bank fee reimbursed but no one would tell me what those criteria were. I will never use them again. Dave is way better and I never have had an issue with them.
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6 months ago, bigs333
A like..a good business relationship
Very good app. Service has been quick, easy to use and efficient. I honestly haven’t had any issues at all. If your income is routine and you’re paying back advances on time, sometimes early..you’ll definitely see the benefits of using it. I went from $25 to $150 in about 2 months. It’s like..a good business relationship. I take out advances pretty often and basically use the funds as a boost to my current income so that I have more money on hand to spend and don’t have to tap into my savings. To be honest, I wasn’t even saving before, the app actually made it possible for me to save. I’m also considering signing up for the credit builder upgrade too. Definitely allowing me to take my finances and resources more seriously, I’m seeing the progress. 10/10 would recommend and I literally just did like a week ago. Appreciate the support :)
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7 days ago, Saphirekane
True to what it says
I’m in love with this app! I recommend everyone try it before trying similar apps like Dave and Brigit. Unlike the rest this app is true to what it says which is a quick application and an almost guaranteed cash advance for everyone who has a direct deposit. Unlike those who require a cash advance of at least $1500 every pay period this one is different. If you are not given the cash advance it could be because you have too many days remaining before your next deposit which is when you will pay back your advance. In this case do not fret because this app will let you know how many days remain before you can get an advance and it will also tell you how much you will get. I’m sure I am leaving out other great things about this app, so in that case I say give it a try so you can discover for yourself how awesome this app truly is
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3 months ago, RespectUrCustomer
Empower is a lifesaver
Sometimes you just get in a spot, other times you aren’t being paid enough to survive… either way and anyway if you need a front, empower can do that for you. I started at like $50-$75 and it’d grab it at my next paycheck, which is perfect for those last few days where the ol “stretch it out,” technique is used. No longer do you have to spread yourself thin. What else is great is if you are consistently paying back your fronts, eventually you’ll qualify for “Thrive,” within Empower which is a line of credit for you to use, it can grow up to $1000 and you can split payments between multiple checks depending on the amount. As you start to realize roughly what you’re drawing is the amount you should either work a few more hours if possible or pick up a side hustle, once you get ahead, this can help you build your credit.
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2 years ago, Loyal Customer_26
Customer Service
I’ve used this app for over a year and it’s been pretty good, however I’ve noticed that repayments are taking longer and longer to process. I’m not picky so a few days is totally fine with me but I recently repaid my loan and noticed that one payment was still pending a week later. After another week I contacted support only to be told to wait again for my repayment to process. It’s now been 4 weeks (20 business days) and my payment is still pending. The payment definitely came out of my account and everyone I speak to at empower just asks me to wait. I feel like 20 days for a payment to post is more than enough time or in the very least it’s enough time to figure out why it’s still showing up as pending. There seems to be no one at the company who will even explain what is going on which is a shame because I could really use that extra money right now and I’ve always repaid my loans on time… Smh, I feel like they’ll never actually tell me why this happened and no one there is even willing to try to figure it out.
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1 year ago, NotToBadDad
Honest review from a struggling social worker
Hey all, Times are tough and I have a predisposition to be irresponsible with money. A couple years back a got sober and noticed some of those addictive behaviors showing up in different parts of my life- in this case my finances. Empower has tools to help educate people on savings, banking, and finance 101. With this app I’m regaining confidence in my purchases and saving ability. While learning more about responsible finances my roommate lost her job and was unable to pay the total amount of her side of rent. I didn’t budget for this- with their cash advance I was able to help out and with the educational material I’ve engaged with I feel confident having uncomfortable financial conversations with the people in my life. I was able to figure out an acceptable payment plan for my roommate where it wouldn’t burden either of us while she paid me back. Great app.
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7 months ago, GodsGraceisthePlace
easy, fast, highly recommended for quick fix to financial jams
I was nervous signing up for this service, afraid of being scammed as everyone is these days. I was pleasantly surprised to find that this actually is a true and easy way to bridge the gaps until payday. Overdraft fees are MUCH more costly and Can add up daily. Banks these days are hurting for funds with more and more options to do financial transactions with other outfits solely online. My bank squeezes money from anywhere they can manage from my account rather then help me save and earn , they take and take when money is there or not and the fees continue to add up daily! This advance is free and will reduce 4 days of overdraft fees from my bank until my direct deposit Friday! Could recommend more for those of us living from paycheck to paycheck! This can provide the stress relief you have been searching for!!!!
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6 years ago, Qroco
Great for keeping track of where you spend your money
I have been on the hunt for the perfect financial app to help me with budgeting and goals. My ideal app would be able to link to my accounts, I would be able to easily see the different categories that I am spending money on (food, shopping, bills, etc.) and I would be able to create my own financial goals (for vacations, large purchases, etc.) Empower makes it SUPER easy to see exactly where your money is going to. It makes it easy to change thing from category to category if need be. Empower is easier to use compared to the other financial apps I have used including Mint and Clarity. My one request is to add a way to create personal financial goals. I want to be able to say “I want to save 10,000 in the next 3 years for such and such, where can I save money and how much money do I need to be saving per month in order to make this goal?” If I had that, Empower would be a five star, for sure.
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2 years ago, magsmiller26
Terrible company!
You don’t get to pick what your repayment method will be, ACH or by card so my spouse and I got royally screwed by this company. We had our repayment taken out by ACH on a Thursday evening and it will take 3 business days to repay. Meaning we can’t get more money till Tuesday. We asked to have it taken out of my husband’s paycheck almost a week earlier through our card which is automatic bc his is a much bigger paycheck and it works way better for us financially. They said “our system picks the best repayment method”. So it came out of my much smaller paycheck and left us with $50 for almost a week. We talked to a supervisor who “couldn’t do anything”. This is in spite of the fact that they have access to our bank account, so therefore can see that the account has been repaid. And the supervisor didn’t care at all that this had happened to us. Or tried to fix it. We had talked to them multiple times asking to make sure that they take out the money when it worked best for our finances but unfortunately they leave it up to an automated system instead. Don’t use Empower, I wish we hadn’t!
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1 week ago, Tyrencia
The system is rigged
HIGHLY recommend that you DON’T do business with Empower. They give you an good amount starting out and then after you pay it back on time and everything the “system” reduce the amount and then you end up short on money because the amount you paid back is now not an option anymore. The autosave saving account pulled money from my account when it was paused. I got in contact with customer service she tells me there nothing they can do about it, because they can’t override or correct anything in there system so basically it’s a system that’s works itself. The system tries to pull your cash advance back out of your account earlier then the initial date it tells you. Moral of the story don’t do it, if you want the full story of what happened find me on Instagram (itsjust_shnae) I’ll be more than happy to tell the full truth on how these people really hurting you vs helping you. Smh I’m short 400$ now after dealing with them. After I get back the 100$ that was unrightfully taken from me in the first place, I definitely will not be returning.
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8 months ago, Shaneirah
Don’t trust this app!! Use Earnin or try doing some Instacart orders!! TRUST ME
I downloaded the app for the cash advance feature. Every time I tried to use it, it would force close. as a result, I tried to close my account with this app because it doesn’t work.. the app would not allow me to remove my bank account because of the subscription so I canceled this subscription, I went back to try to close the account and it wouldn’t let me remove my bank info because of the subscription that I already canceled. The app will not allow you to cancel your subscription immediately it makes you wait 14 days and because of this you cannot remove your bank information…. It is super odd to me that there is no option to cancel your subscription immediately and remove your bank information immediately. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m not not comfortable with an app that I’m not using having access to my bank account.. as we all know pretty much every bank helps with credit building so outside of the advance, this app is useless. I 10 out of 10 recommend Dave or Earnin.
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