Empower FCU Mobile Banking

2.7 (338)
55.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Empower Federal Credit Union
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
14.5 or later
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User Reviews for Empower FCU Mobile Banking

2.73 out of 5
338 Ratings
6 years ago, TginW
Latest update
I love that I can log in with my fingerprint. But the latest update keeps throwing me off since the pending and available amounts changed. I liked it previously where the actual available amount was the one you would see bolded on top vs thinking it’s more before looking at the smaller text. Can we please have this changed back?!?! I don’t have the option to undo the update to get that or I would
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2 years ago, wplaxmom
Transfers and adding accounts
I have been trying to link my outside account in order to make a loan payment. Once deposits are made into your external account there is no way to enter those amounts into the app. The accounts show on the initial layout but when I try to make a transfer the external account does not appear. What the hack? When you send a message to Empower on the app you either don’t get a reply or when you do it’s impossible to figure out how to find it You end up deleting the message trying to find the answer. How hard is it to simply make one recurring loan payment from another bank??? Pretty hard it seems.
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5 years ago, SuRa1551
Check Deposit Not Working on iPad
The app worked fine for my needs and then a few months ago, the check deposit feature stopped working properly on the iPad. The camera and whole screen is oriented the wrong way so I can’t take a picture and can’t even get back to the previous screen. I emailed for support, but was just told to use my phone instead. Since this bank is not local to me, the only way to deposit checks is to mail them in. It’s been several months and the bug has not been fixed and to me, this is a necessary feature.
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2 years ago, MikeCNY
Bad idea to change entire interface.
People are looking for continuity in a banking app. As stated by others; you are not a retailer and there is no need to make drastic and flashy updates to the mobile interface. Why are Holiday Loan banners taking president over my account information? The graphics for that banner should not be taking up real estate at the top of the page. Was this developed by a high school class for a senior project? I’d recommend restoring the last interface that was an actual banking app and trash this superficial toy like junk you’ve got now. This app is now very frustrating to use.
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2 years ago, bwagdogg
please stop changing the app
The app was great with a great setup, this new setup is horrible. Before the latest update i could see available balance and pending , now you can only see available. The whole new setup is just too much someone makimg it futuristic lookimg and its a giant fail. Please recert back to how it was, your a bank not a retailer you dont have to completely change the app all the time , it was easier before now its just weird. The reason many of us bank with you is because the app makes things easier, this update is just horriboe for so many reasons
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5 months ago, FrenchFry98
I’ve been using Empower for years, and I really love this bank. They added a new feature to the app where you can always see your credit score, keep notifications when there’s a change in your credit score, etc. I just want to say I LOVE this feature so much! Please never get rid of it!
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5 years ago, NorthShore60
Hate the update....
....starting with the fact that when it was completed and I tried to get into my accounts, it kept asking for my “iPad password for Empower.” For starters, I don’t HAVE an iPad password for Empower. Secondly, I have a four-digit pin# to get on the site that I have used for many years and it continues to tell me it’s WRONG and then the system boots me off. With today being a Sunday, there is no one I can call — so getting all the financial work done that I needed to get done TODAY is now impossible. Why can’t people just leave well enough alone?!?!? Ever hear the saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”
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2 years ago, Gerard k
Well the apps back to not showing you payment due amounts
The entire make a transfer section was modified and it’s awful now compared to the prior version. Now once again, like when app was newer, you cannot find what your balance owed is. I have no idea what payment amounts to make on my mortgage, card and line of credit. Idk why the make a transfer section was changed but it’s absolutely horrible now. The layout is awful and it’s kinda hard to make a payment when you can no longer see what you owe.
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5 years ago, Ana Alaina
Mobile App
Muy mala aplicación, todo el tiempo trato de abrirla y no puedo, es un fastidio, he ido al banco, he mandado múltiples mensajes y siempre me respondió den lo mismo, es problema del teléfono y eso no es verdad, mi teléfono es un iPhone 8 Plus con ultima versión y es muy extraño que pase esto. Les pido por favor que traten de arreglar este problema con el software de la App. Very bad application, all the time I try to open and I can not, it is a nuisance, gone to the bank, sent multiple messages and always answers the same thing, it is a problem with the phone and that is not true, my phone is an iPhone 8 Plus with latest version and it is very strange that this happens. I ask you to please try to fix this problem with the application software.
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2 years ago, Ajl7789
What happened to this app?
I having been using this app for a few years and it has worked ok until recently. Now the deposit check option is completely broken. You used to be able to just snap front and back of check and be done. Now it tries to auto take an image and then turns around and says the image isn’t up to quality standards even with near perfect focus, clean contrasting background and lighting.
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5 years ago, Satisfied33
Won’t let me update
Every time I try to log in it asks me to update. When I select to do the update it brings me to the App Store and just asks me to open. Once in the App Store it doesn’t offer me the ability to update....it just rewards open. However, as I mentioned, each time I log I. It asks me to update. I don’t know if there’s a problem with allowing me to update or if I’m already updated. I have the iPhone XS. Please let us know.
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5 years ago, Melllll.....
Is there a recent Update?
Every time I open the app it asks me to update it. But when I hit update it goes to the App Store and shows NO update. Idk if my phone is being delayed or if there is no update and it’s the app acting weird.
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5 years ago, Artcat64
Very Wonky software
Constant issues every time I try to do multiple transfers, look at history, accounts, rewards, etc. Program hangs and then prompts to retry or log in. This issue has been happening for more than a year, probably two years. There’s also a delay in updating balances once payments or transfers are made. This software has some real issues that are SOOOOOOO annoying to the customer. Wish someone with programming skills would finally fix them.
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5 years ago, Jdizzlefoshizzl
Does everything I need!
This app works well and does most everything I need for online banking. Two minor improvements would be to refresh your accounts quicker when making transfers and easier location/atm user interface.
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5 years ago, Djjim315
Just ok.
The app is just ok. The credit union is awful. Look elsewhere. You get charged for using your debit card as debit card. You have to choose credit or get stuck with a fee. Ridiculous. Also, hold time on check deposits are ridiculously long. They claim that their holds are normal for the industry but I had accounts with 2 other credit unions before moving to NY and no, their hold times were not that long. I only kept my account open for 3 months before closing it and moving to AmeriCU. I’m much happier now.
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9 months ago, AngryAppleBoy#1
Smooth experience
I have had this app for months now. Everything is visually pleasing and very organized. All the features are simple and the app is very responsive. I’ve never had any issues thus far. Well designed app.
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5 years ago, issuescontinue4now
New updates
I hate the updates and how every update they reformat the view and fonts.... I wish it gave you the choice so you can actually read things. I hate that it’s always changing so soon after you just get used to the last updates change.... they should offer the classic view and updated views so people with mental health issues dont get so overwhelmed with the changes that they contemplate leaving the bank altogether!
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2 years ago, Pleasegodtakeme
App does not work
I just opened a account and when I go to register, it says account not found. I was on the phone yesterday and today and today the lady tells me she talked to another department and they said I was all set and to try again. I did try again and still no luck. Monday I am going to the bank and if they can’t fix it, I am closing my account and will open a account with another bank.
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4 years ago, rye_bread92
Empower is Great but their Technology...
I LOVE Empower FCU! They have great rates, and everyone that works at the branch by me are amazing. The FSR who opened my account will always come out and talk to me about how I’m doing in my doctorate program. All of this aside, however, this app is AWFUL. They fixed it so it actually doesn’t completely log you out and you can use the Face ID again, but now the widget on the widget screen doesn’t work! I’ve called and complained and it’s still not fixed. Please fix this!
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2 years ago, GA Subscriber
New update several crashes
The new face lift has several crashes. For instance navigating on the bottom bar from transfer to accounts causes a crash. Achieves everything I need in a banking app, just a little buggy.
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3 years ago, jules123457
Used to work…
I have been using the app for over a year and loved it. It’s very convenient and user friendly. Recently the app stopped working so I deleted it and re downloaded it but still giving me error. I can’t even log in.
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4 years ago, SyrGenius
Forget this app
I’ve never had such a poor app experience like this before. For years, across several iPhones, restoring, setting up as new and I have to constantly login to the Empower app randomly. I can never get the widget working, and when I do, it just stops and says to set it up. WHERE??? Why is this so hard to find? I’m gonna switch banks soon, I can’t even attach other services easily to my Empower account. It’s like they have an since t system.
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6 years ago, meggyy45
This app used to be great until it was down for a few days sitewide and then it came back with a lot of things changed. It doesn’t tell you pending charges anymore and you don’t know what your charges are until everything is posted. I also used to know how much my check was gonna be on thursdays but now it won’t show until it’s posted on fridays. everything about the app now is so annoying!!
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2 years ago, GothamKnight1939
Crashes almost immediately
I’m not sure what happened recently but I can no longer use this app. I can sign in using Touch ID but before the accounts load it crashes. I tried using the standard login and still it crashes just as the accounts load. This is inconvenient because not knowing account balances can make things worrisome. Please fix this.
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2 years ago, we need change 2022
Just terrible
This app is terrible. There is a different issue every day. The last two days I can’t even log in. It accepts my password and then crashes. Other times it doesn’t accept the password and makes me change it. When I try to save password I have to try no less than 3 times just to get the user and password to work. I am so disappointed with this app.
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6 years ago, Willow_Joy
Eh, its ok
Was a much easier app to use when I could log in using a PIN instead of my password, which is long and hard to type on this keyboard, since Empower has too many rules about what you can use for a password... other than that it is ok I guess
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1 year ago, MikatoE4
Fix this
Why is it that every time I go to check on my accounts and I get a error to load them up and no matter if there’s a update or I just need to reload the page nothing works and I used to love this bank now I might switch cause ik I’ll probably get better service than this bank
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6 years ago, Lafoofah
App isn’t horrible. It’s laid out in a way thats easy to navigate and understand. Slow response times when doing transfers and logging in but that’s about my only complaints so not really anything to serious.
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3 years ago, wammy7
The app won’t let me access my money.
I have called in multiple times and tried to explain to the workers there that this app will not let me transfer any money from my savings to my checking. I can’t express how infuriating it is to not be able to access MY money. Fix the issues empower or you’ll lose a long time customer.
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2 years ago, Scott F. (NY)
Used to be good
I have used this app for a while and after updating to iOS 15.3 the app crashes after login attempts. I was once able to see my accounts after a login, but all other attempts just closes the app after clicking the Log In button.
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2 years ago, tedram33
Once again Fix what isn't broken
I'm about to reload the app per their suggestion. Maybe that will help. Because since this change it is far more difficult to maneuver around the site. More steps. I went to bill pay and there is no link to see what is already scheduled payments. I had to take four steps to find it. When I click on the app I see my accounts. When I click on checking for example I used to see the last 4 recent transactions. Now I click on it and I now have to go to the site. No quick look like before. Let's fix what isn't broken.
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1 year ago, jofsmith
Constant loss of services
The worst app ever. Constant updates with increased loss of functionality. Today none of my bill payees are in there, lost all the history as well. Updates are supposed to make things better, seamless, more secure & efficient. Instead… it makes banking harder & me questioning their ability to secure my funds. Awful!
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2 years ago, justinzabc
Last Update Broke App
Last update broke the app. I haven’t been able to login at all because every time I do, it shows my accounts for the slightest second and then crashes. Apparently I am not the only one. Rebooting device and deleting and reinstalling app doesn’t help either. It’s been several days now.
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2 years ago, mpmpmompmpmpmp
Unhappy member.
Not happy that w the new app u have to have a newer phone. Not everyone has a new phone!!!!! I depended on my mobile app a lot. Especially w my daughter in college Now I have to call and wait on the phone to talk w someone. I like to see my account myself and move money around. Pay my bills w it too. Not happy 😡😡😡
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5 years ago, Davinayvonn
Every time I come into the app it tells me there’s an update and if I want to update or skip. When I press update it brings me to the App Store but doesn’t give me an option to update. I even uninstalled and reinstalled the app to see if it just updates and still doesn’t. Super annoying
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6 years ago, Kar_mar
The app was updated. And for some reason they decided to flip flop the available balance and the amount before all the pending transactions went through. I’ve now more then once messed up and thought I had more money in my account to spend then I actually do. That was an incredibly bad choice on the app makers part.
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6 years ago, Peoples mind
Not working
This app is perfect but is currently down please fix its been down for a week please please fix I use everyday
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3 years ago, iiittsalissa
Can’t even sign in
4/5 times I can’t even get signed into the app. When it does decide to work everything is great. Not sure why it’s being so temperamental lately. App and phone are up to date so I know the issue is not on my end.
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5 years ago, keystart
Add account
Did you get rid of the option to add another savings account. Other than that it does basically everything I need it to.
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7 years ago, Heather Foster
Reinstall to Fix Bug
Great app, but latest update created a "temporary maintenance" bug that only went away when I uninstalled and then reinstalled. Other than that, fantastic app!
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1 year ago, 1846(
Getting worse
The app used to be quite user friendly. Now features such as scheduled payments, payee management and other important aspects are difficult to find and use. I’m quite disappointed with it for the first time since it was originally developed!
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6 years ago, Morrell@1972
This app is always broken. Try to check my balance all weekend and it keeps saying it is down for maintenance. All weekend?? Before you just needed a pin to see your balance now you have to go through hell to see it. Avoid this app if you can!! Better yet, deal with a different credit union all together!
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2 years ago, asanch2027
Shutting down
App doesn’t even open anymore it just shuts down completely after you log in. I even deleted the app and reinstalled it and it still shuts down completely. Can no longer access anything on this app
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3 years ago, toby0113
I can’t get into my account it says something is wrong with the app
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5 years ago, lilian west
Well the app keeps saying I need an update and i go to my App Store and there’s no update available. I transfer money and it takes 6 hours to see in the account. Kinda crazy
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5 years ago, Sonismylife06
I updated my app. Now every time I try and log in it keeps telling me there is a newer version. I click update and it tells me I’m up to date! So frustrating!!!
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5 years ago, Bobbieex3
I downloaded the most recent app update and every time I open the empower app it STILL tells me to update it even though I already did 😒 I thought the purpose of the update was for bug fixes and improvements is that really what you call an improvement?
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7 years ago, emarcellus
Great app
Never have had a bad experience with it and it does everything I need it to!
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1 year ago, M.M.M 07
Zelle on app
I try to use Zelle but it always says error even though I am putting the right information.
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6 years ago, Betweenthebirds
Mobile deposit doesn’t work
Tried so many times to deposit a check via the app, but it keeps telling me to redo it and it didn’t meet the photo credentials, yet I’m taking a photo in direct light, no shadows, and all is well within boundaries. It can CLEARLY be read. Waste of time.
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