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User Reviews for EndNote

2.61 out of 5
139 Ratings
5 years ago, OSK_2019
Good app, please consider the following
The app is overall good. However, to make the app a great resource for reading and annotating papers, please consider better Apple Pencil integration (double tapping, scrolling with finger while in annotation mode with pencil, etc.). In addition, for some reason, switching between apps from EndNote does not seem to be working. Finally, the search function for new papers to add to the library should be improved as well (right now, I primarily rely on the Mac app to add new papers and sync). The web interface is not particularly helpful. It would be easier to search directly in the app and import the paper right into the library.
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5 years ago, Konstantinos3000
Great app, room for improvement
The lack of a good iOS app had moved me away from the gold standard of reference apps, which is endnote. To my surprise Endnote has made a great come back! Specifically: 1) iPhone app 2) great integration with pubmed and google scholar and easy downloading of citations 3) create temporary citations, which in conjunction with endnote web allow for a 100% iOS workflow to create bibliography on scientific articles. WOW! 4) the PDFs of the references can be shared and are not locked in inside the app There are a couple more things that if they get incorporated, then they would improve even more the great experience. These things in order of perceived (by me) complexity are: 1) allow the customization of the info that gets presented about an article. Specifically I don’t like that I have to “dig in” to find my research notes about an article, I would like them to show up on the top 2) allow for subgroup creation 3) allow the PDFs to be accessed by files app 4) automatic citation creation for newly imported PDFs (similar to what the desktop app does) 5) automatic download of PDFs (similar to what the desktop app does)
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2 years ago, ThePlantChemist
Endnote App works now!!!
I used this app about a year ago and it was not what it should’ve been, but now my primary library was able to actually be imported!!! I haven’t really tried much else but that was impossible when I first downloaded the app so I’m happy to give this review to help support the app makers. I hope every one has a good experience. Im a grad student who bought the desktop version almost 3 years ago and it’s so much better than zotero or mendley because of the plugins and now hopefully this app adds to that even more. I recommend buying the desktop version m.
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5 years ago, jpastorino_uy
Really nice experience. Some improvements necessary.
The overall use of the app is great. The improvements in pdf annotation and support for Apple Pencil are a life changer. I do most of my readings on the iPad and manage my library on the Mac app, which is really slow compared to the iOS version. However, a really important feature is not present in the iOS version. How to filter and/or change the read flag for a reference. Once I read, and annotate the document on the iPad, and sync my libraries, on the desktop app the reference still is flagged as unread. The same on the iPad is not trivial to find out which references I read or not. That’s the only reason of not given the app a 5 star.
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5 years ago, NatAnthro
Good companion app, but bit buggy
I think this app works great in conjunction with the desktop version. In fact, the desktop could do with some updating to be on par with the app in terms of sleek UI and intuitive operations. That said, I have had quite a lot of issues in terms of syncing with the desktop in the past and the library taking a really long time to update. At the moment, the app is unusable to me because it will not get past the ‘indexing references’ stage upon start up. It crashes at 88% every time.
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2 years ago, Poidog7
much improved
I found the current version (3.2) to be very much improved. Syncs well with my Mac OS version. Search functions improved and the advanced search is recommended. The web browser that is provided is useful and additional web sites can be added. It does take a little time and effort to learn what the app can do but I think it is worthwhile to explore it thoroughly. Perhaps a video tutorial would be nice for new users.
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2 years ago, Disappointed Surgery Resident
Not a fan
Wow did this disappoint. When I saw the app I was so excited to finally be able to create citations from the papers I was reading - especially random ones that came up on Twitter. What I hoped: When pushing the up arrow while on an article I hoped that one of the app options for exporting would have been endnote and that then it would create a citation like on the webpage platform without me manually have to input all the data myself (literally what’s the point if I have to do all those steps myself). It doesn’t do either of these steps. Okay so best scenario was a bust, what about if I searched the article title through the app. I found the article and it does have an opinion for “Create Reference.” However again it only auto adds the article title. All other details require manual entry which is pretty lame. I had wanted this to be easier than emailing the article to myself and opening on my computer later but this was not easier. Will be deleting the app.
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2 years ago, Errold32
Helpful app for mobile research, but could be improved
This app is very handy for reading and highlighting collected papers. However, on a faceID enabled iPhone (no home button) the swipe from the bottom gesture to switch screens causes pages to be changed when viewing attached documents. This is because of the close proximity of the page selection element to the bottom of the screen. Having the pages change unintentionally is not ideal.
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3 years ago, LRH01
Needs Significant Improvement
I switched to Endnote because Mendeley discontinued their app. I am very disappointed. I have spent more time online with customer support than using the app. The customer service is poor, too. They told me I could not do things that, with some time, I was able to figure out on my own. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app here and on my computer many times at their direction; it has not resolved issues. Even when not dealing with the problems, it is not nearly as user friendly as Mendeley was. I will be asking for a refund. This has been a waste of time.
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3 months ago, shuxinninerica
Worst App forever!
Honestly I used the one for PC, that’s my horrible nightmare! When you want to cite the author name in text, they keep giving you number; and when you want to cite as index number, they cite the author name, and there was no way to convert! No way to format! And you text cannot have any square bracket for your function or something else, it stupidly keep bothering you to cite something unnecessary! And Even no way to manually edit! I know the world has so many useless apps, endnote is the not only useless, but makes me sick! I feel shame of the app! The worst ever app! It’s not app at all, it’s bloody virus!
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5 years ago, Dan the plant man
Great app, recent upgrade in pdf annotation tools is appreciated
This app greatly extends the usefulness of DESKTOP EndNote into the mobile domain. Annotation of pdf is greatly improved in version 3.0, so this app now earns 5 stars from me. One request to the developers: moving a ref between groups is not intuitive on the iPad (it is very intuitive in the desktop version). Can you implement drag and drop? BTW - Telephone support by the developer is first rate.
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6 years ago, ChemGoddess96
Need to improve annotation tools
This is a great app for organizing literature references and syncing with the desktop application, which I use to insert references as I write. Mostly, I find I use the iPad app for reading and annotating PDF references. For this purpose, the tools need to be improved, particularly when using the Apple Pencil. It is nearly impossible to use the pencil to jot comments in the margins of articles as the settings don’t permit the fine handwriting control that is the norm with most note-taking apps. Improvement is needed.
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7 years ago, MudPhud2021
Desperately needs Cite-While-you-write
The Endnote desktop software is almost universally used in the scientific academic environment. However, while Ipad Pros are increasingly used as portable laptops, the use of endnote on these devices remains dreadfully useless. Although Endnote Ipad app is a nice PDF viewer, it does under-utilizes the power provided by the Ipad pro. If CWYW were developed to use with both Pages and MS Word, this app would jump to the top.
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5 years ago, Disappointedthisishappening
Do not install 3.0 iPad yet (if you need to mark up your pdfs)!
My EndNote x9 for iPad 3.0 has continuously crashed whenever I markup the pdf and then try to then re-update/ upload the revised pdf onto my online account. Additionally, both the photo / screen shot incorporation to a pdf as well as the AirDrop function are also crashing the system (though all three of these functions worked just fine on the last x8 on my iPad Pro). Unfortunately, Im 2,500 articles committed to this system (given an institutional account) but would love for a competitor to give me equal referencing/ OS markup handling & I’d joyfully switch!
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5 years ago, Aaron of Krypton
I love using Endnote in desktop environments, but always felt like the iPad experience was left lacking, and I would use other apps for reading and markup. This update has changed that perspective completely for me! The download/upload speeds are incredible, and I’m pretty happy with the annotation tools (But would still like to see a better text selection tool for easy highlighting). Great update!
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5 years ago, Ppptfe
Version 3 worse than version 2
With version 2 of the iOS Endnote app for iPad, I was very satisfied, I used it a lot in conjunction with the Laptop version for Mac. But with version 3.0, I am stunned to find that several basic procedures are now significantly more complicated than in version 2.0! Instead of a simple drag-and-drop, placing a reference into a group now requires several taps; and the same is true of adding a pdf to a reference. I simply cannot imagine why these changes have been made, they make no sense at all and are incredibly annoying.
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6 years ago, Dr BigJim
Only useful for collecting, managing, and reviewing sources
This could have been a great product, if only they cared about functionality. They have limited this product to basic functionality and does not work too well with the desktop version. The temporary citations cannot be found when attempting to convert them on the desktop. Best method for this is to simply do it manually. Most schools force people to pay for EndNote because they provide for it in Technology Fees. This is the only reason why EndNote is still around.
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5 years ago, Fyrekev
Glad to see it on iPhone
I was happy to see this come to iPhone as I was not going to buy an iPad for a specific piece of software. I have an iPhone 8 Plus and the screen is plenty large enough to serve as a good portable tool for my graduate school tasks. The only issue I have found is that the app crashes when I try to link my OneDrive account.
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3 years ago, adriaran101
Thank you for the update!
They've now added nearly full functionality of the desktop program into the iPad which is what I've wanted for years! Thank you! Hopefully you get some additional good reviews for your hard work.
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5 years ago, Busebee
Useable, but not enjoyable
While I appreciate Apple Pencil integration, the PDF annotation abilities are kludgy at best. At times annotations duplicate themselves randomly. I would love to see an eraser (sometimes the undo button stops working!), as well as different profiles for highlighters and pens- I never seem to want to write notes in the same thickness I need to highlight text. I don’t find the UI intuitive at all, and have to go to my desktop to find and import all references and PDFs.
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6 years ago, Neuro Guy
Limited functionality
Syncs the citations just fine but constantly crashes when trying to import the pdf attachments (3.4 gb library, 80 gb free on iPad). I use Endnote both as a reference manager and organizer/reader for my pdf library so without the ability to sync both citations and pdf attachments this app is of limited use. Also note no CWYW support for iPad word processors so final insert of citations and creation of formatted Reference requires a desktop/laptop.
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2 years ago, mmss21215684
Checkout bookends
Bookends on IOS and MacOS is the best reference manager with every feature you can imagine. Reading all other reviews seeing what people say can be improved makes my mind scream bookends by sonny software. If you don’t use bookends then good luck with your research.
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2 years ago, Pierrej1990
Great app for iPad
Some of the bad reviews that I see are quite old. I think the app is great if you use endnote to manage references and store papers. The annotation function seems to work great with Apple Pencil. I will use this app a lot for my research!
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2 years ago, Mac_User_01
EndNote still lacks Safari support
The EndNote App’s “EndNote Click” feature/extension still lacks Safari support, years after its release. This is extremely disappointing and makes for a poor user experience for the large proportion of researchers who use Safari and are either unable or unwilling to use an alternative browser. EndNote developers, please do right by your users and implement proper support for Safari.
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6 years ago, TheWuse
Works for quick access
However, it would be quicker if group folders were organized according to the desktop organization. I am unsure why I spend the trouble organizing the references into 'group sets' only to have it divided into individual groups on the iPad.
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2 months ago, RenderRob
Really stupid
I have a product key, I’m already a paying customer of this company, using their desktop app. Yet somehow I don’t have an account, and there’s not any way to create one through their website. How incredibly stupid do you have to be that you would lockout your paying customers? This app can’t be opened by anyone who doesn’t have an account. Screw these people.
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4 weeks ago, theIFMRD
App frustratingly closes without warning
I was attempting to use this app to add research notes for an annotated bibliography. Frustratingly, the app closed whenever I attempted to use voice to text, to dictate my notes. I resorted to typing them in on my phone keyboard. They did not save, the app again, closed unexpectedly, and I lost all my work.
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6 years ago, Adam Reviewer
Frozen 100% of the time
This horrible app is unusable. Essentially every time you open it, it needs to sync, and this will mean freezing your iPad for over an hour. It cannot do it in the background, you have to eave it open and untouched all this time. Next time when you try to use it, it will do it again, the same way. If you have more than 5 papers in your library, forget it.
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2 years ago, Iampeatman
A good sync paper viewer
Less function than the Desktop version, so I can only use it for reviewing papers. It will be better if EndNote iOS can enable text highlight in paper-viewing mode (now only writing/drawing shapes/inserting texts).
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2 years ago, JulyaMcGoolya
Great for Doctoral students but crashes
I LOVE how organized this app keeps all my literature for my projects. The browser and MS Word plug-ins make Endnote special compared to other similar services. Only problem is that the app crashes when I’m annotating PDFs - another one of my favorite features. Hoping this is just a bug that can be fixed!
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5 years ago, 龙游浅滩0625
Can’t open shared library on iPad
This app only syncs self-added literatures but can’t either open or edit shared library by others which is not fully functional. Hope the shared library can be accessed in the future version.
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4 years ago, Michael Vosburg
Huge step forward, but please
I am very impressed that this app runs on the iPhone at all, but please allow it to rotate to landscape mode. Reading and annotating PDFs would be perfect viable in landscape but is not in portrait. FYI: my iPhone benchmarks well above my iPad or Macs.
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4 years ago, DrKennyRhodes
Please update
I love my desktop version of Endnote, but the iOS version freezes and crashes a lot. It could also use more integration with Microsoft Word as well. Do this, and I’m a 5.5 star reviewer!
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5 years ago, dancind612
Terrible Update
This new update is horrific. Took me 10 minutes to figure out how to highlight a PDF, my library is MUCH harder to navigate, and overall I am extremely frustrated. The annotation tools were already not great, and now they are worse. I think it might be time to move my reference management to another program.
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5 years ago, s. george
Desperately lacks features
1. The update very old, the app doesn’t have access to iOS Files. 2. Working on iPad — there is no drag and drop support. 3. Annotation is very weird. 4. No app fast switching. Also, I’ve downgraded score to 2 stars from 3 because the app constantly crashes. In addition, the Mac app also crashes constantly and is super slow to sync. That is unacceptable from the paid app costing over $150!!! The new update is very important because I’m a desktop endnote user.
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2 years ago, Tech.13
Buggy, Clunky, Feature Barren
The app is clunky, does not support nearly the number of features it should considering the price of a full Endnote 20 account, and it’s extremely buggy. I wish the competition was better or I would hop back to Mendeley or Zotero.
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5 years ago, ff3468
Can’t read PDFs unless they can be rotated
Good idea, but this is the only app I’ve ever used that doesn’t let me rotate text to read broadside. Makes it pretty useless for reading the normal 2 column small text PDFs that I’m organizing here
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5 years ago, Saudadevida
Update a fail so far
Cannot use, takes forever to index library and I have not been able to complete after three days. Stops indexing when iPad goes to sleep so must keep app active. Haven’t got past 50% indexed and seems to start from scratch if close app. Please fix!
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5 years ago, Habosoft
Screen rotation in reading mode
Screen rotation when reading the attachments is not enabled. To me this is a must in iPhone version of the app.
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5 years ago, Arizona jeep
Do not rely on this app
The latest version of this app is crashing while indexing my reference library. There is no known fix, and no way to stop the program from indexing as soon as I launch it. The program reaches 85% indexing complete, and then it crashes.
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2 years ago, treeski3
Not at all convenient
It seems the iOS app was an afterthought. Smart Groups don’t carry over. Very cumbersome to search your library. Compared to other reference managers, EndNote is lagging in mobile platforms.
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3 years ago, longyou1243
Cannot sign in
I am 100% sure my user name and the password are correct, and they can be signed in on the website. But this app cannot let me sign in, saying my user name and the password are not matched.
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5 years ago, Hukeone
Great app for researchers!
Hope updates can be more in time like the screen compatibility with iPad Pro 11
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3 years ago, Sundown57
No longer downloads entire library
This app used to provide my whole library on my device. Now it only retrieves about 400 references. I have 8000 and plenty of phone storage.
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4 years ago, Nabizzle
Missing key features from desktop
Please update this app - there needs to be group sets, not just the groups. This is a critical feature.
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7 years ago, cosmospring
Can't import references from the Web
Useless as a research tool. Maybe if you have an Endnote library already... and it's a small library... and you don't want to add to it from your iPad... Then maybe this very limited software is worth your time.
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1 year ago, michaellporter
Just Terrible
This is the worst app I've experienced. Consistently having to reset my password with no explanation as to why it's needed. I dropped Endnote and moved over to Mendeley.
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6 years ago, gradstu2018
Not Comparable
Not comparable to the functionality on a Windows PC or MAC. No Cite While You Write in Word. This could be so much better if it mirrored the other versions available. For iPad it is just lacking.
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4 years ago, qokijumyhn
Bad Apple Pencil integration
The main point of using endnote on an iPad as opposed to laptop is annotating pdfs. But there is no eraser. And the Apple Pencil options are pretty bad (compared to other apps like notability) so its very difficult to get used to
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6 years ago, Orion 1128
iPad application is horrible
Will not sync. It’s almost as if I have two separate libraries, but I don’t. I love Endnote on my laptop, it runs seamlessly and everything is right in the world. The iPad app and the online endnote make me want to burn things.
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