Ent Mobile Banking

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Ent Credit Union
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1 year ago
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User Reviews for Ent Mobile Banking

4.84 out of 5
30K Ratings
3 years ago, Lee Antonyo
Lots of features!
Coming from a pretty limited digital bank to ENT I didn’t expect the app to have so many convenient controls and features. So far I really like it! No complaints, so I’m giving it 5 stars for its dependability and convenient features. I also have a few suggestions for the future. -Money insights built into the app. I see there is a separate “lite” app for insights but it would be nice to have it integrated so you aren’t having to flip between two apps to check your spending habits. Or at least have a button inside the regular ENT app that opens it up so it can be easily and naturally accessed. - UI update. The app works really well but it has a bit of an outdated look and feel. I think it could do with a nice, updated refresh to look more current and competitive with other institutions. - Support to link with more banks. I notice it is pretty limited on how many banks you can link to it in ENT’s app as well as how many outside institutions or apps can instantly link with ENT on their end. It would be nice if more were compatible so you don’t have to manually link with the routing and account number each time. And my online bank is also not supported in ENT’s own app. - Zelle integration within the app to send money to friend/family
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3 years ago, New friend.
Favorite Banking app of all time
Ent has become my favorite financial institution and now it’s app is right there in the same ‘excellent’ column. No other money institution has the same ease of use or set up as Ent. I have tried to set up other bank’s mobile apps on my iPad, but they all require use of a cell phone to confirm the set up. Hate to break it to them, but some of us actually live in remote areas that do not have cell service. Ent has a work around for that eventuality. Bless them. The app is also very easy to use and changes in my balance are nearly instantaneous. Also, the one time I had to call support, the phone was answered on the the second ring....by a real human! Amazing. I can not recommend both Ent Credit Union and the mobile app more strongly. Well done, dear developers. 👍
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11 months ago, Miffed in Colorado Springs
New check deposit policy
My small business employer uses deluxe e checks to pay some of his employees. I am a very very long time member of Ent. After a couple months of going into Ent branches to successfully cash these checks, I am now told that the only way Ent will accept these checks….is now via mobil app. I am very puzzled why they cant accept the physical check, (and place a hold if need be)…at the Ent physical locations🤔 I do view their “new policy” as very much less than user friendly. After approximately 40 years of membership, and all the business with Ent in the past; I suppose it is now time to consider taking my business else where, where “low maintenance” members are truly valued. Miffed in Colorado Springs!
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1 year ago, erickfran
ENT Mobile
ENT mobile is good with exception of bill pay. Not always dependable and takes a long time to load bills is list mode, calendar mode works better. If you are in a hurry or last minute bill payer like me you will be let down at some point. This is because the bill payer will not load properly or in maintenance mode a lot on the bill payer portion on ENT mobile or website when setting up payments a day or two before they are due. Hey I don’t have lots of money in my checking and need to pay bills based on my paycheck without dipping into my emergency savings. If you pay you bills many days advance because you maintain a large checking balance or auto pay you will be happy with the quirks of the system. If you are like me, you have been warned of potential drama trying to schedule a bill payment last minute day or two before due.
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1 year ago, Grossmun
Change recommendations
Please add Zelle as a payment option thru the bank. Also as a business I am unable to do all my banking with ENT because you do not offer ACH PAYMENTS. Also we tried out your bill pay and did not realize that when you sent out a bill payment check that you didn’t immediately remove the money from our account. Because off this we later moved the money out of that account and then the check you mailed bounced. If these things can be changed and added we would be able to move all our banking thru ENT. We really hope to work with you completely in the future
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5 years ago, Ollie C.
Always Behind Other Apps
The ENT app is decent for what it does. I no longer live near an ENT branch and mostly use the app for depositing checks and to pay small bills. However, this app always seems to be lagging behind when it comes to features and stability. This app was quite awful for the duration of iOS9 and 10, and shaky during iOS11 and 12. Now that I’m on iOS13 with a newer phones (Xr), the app can hardly launch without a crash. Quick look has stopped functioning. Biometric authentication is painfully slow as well assuming it even brings you to the right account. (Thank goodness for that secure image.) Overall, I wish this app had better features and was more aesthetically pleasing like the Navy Federal app. Or at least as functional as the USAA app. As is, it’s more worthwhile to get onto a computer than launch this app and that’s truly disappointing.
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1 year ago, J-dubb-u
ENT. It’s my only bank!!!!
I’m so happy with ENT! I have been with this bank for many years. I have seen and watched them grow and open up so many more branches. Which is so important to me, because I have moved so much with my job. I needed them close. I just want to tell them how excited I am to watch them grow! But also that I’m proud to be apart of such a great institution! Thank you ENT for being a comfortable place to hold my money. I doubt I’ll ever have another bank! Your team has provided me with immediate help when I was desperate! You will always be the best banking institution that I have used!!!!
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7 months ago, Makior72
Needs native support for managing credit cards
The app works very well overall, but it is incredibly annoying that to do anything with regard to management of my credit card account with ENT. As it stands currently, you can view your balance just fine on the app natively. But if you want to do something even as simple as making a payment on the card, you are redirected to a third party website where you have to manage your account. Just let me do it from the app natively please, there is no reason i should have to ever leave the app for any ENT financial product that I already have. Will rate 5 stars once this gets implemented if it ever does.
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7 years ago, Kevin Holdcraft
Automated banking through the ENT app!
The app is very good, for the most part. But for some reason, a programming error in my opinion, automatic transfers from savings to checking of my retirement check for bill paying, aren't done before the bill is paid. This stops or prevents the transfer from taking place as scheduled. Because of this they're wanting to change for the excess number of transfers that their system created the necessity for in the first place. It would seem that scheduled automated transfers into an account intended to pay bills would have precedence over automated funds out under the bill pay section, unless it's a way for them to generate fees against an account to generate bogus income for the credit union, but that's only one of my suppositions.
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2 years ago, Worker📚
Great customer service! Great app!
I got a car loan through Ent, and I’ve never used them before. Their app is super helpful and I can do all of the services on the app. I also have a lot of ent banks around me which is so convenient! Smooth process of transactions and getting a debit in person was super easy. They care for their members and I always get a helpful person. The only reason I decided to open an ent checking account was for the $200s they gave me as a credit for using them as a bank. But now I have it open bc I appreciate the service! Thanks guys!
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4 years ago, Dsanforhim
Normally great, but transaction alert system is not working
This app has been great until recently. I just upgraded phones to an iPhone XR with the current iOS. the alerts function no longer pushes notifications to my device. I have tried unregistering and reregistering my device from within the app, deleting and reinstalling the app and nothing seems to help. I know part of the system is working because I can get a notification sent to my email, but I would really rather have the notifications on my phone. Please fix!!
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3 years ago, jrswaff
Best Credit Union Ever
I love the app and the credit union. I’ve moved to three different states and currently reside in Oregon, but ENT is still my primary account for everything. The app makes banking so easy. I can easily transfer money to my spouses account through the app and to external accounts as well. I’ve used the app spending monitoring to watch my spending and create a budget to get my finances under control. When I moved to Hawaii and went to open an account there, coincidentally there was a teller working at that credit union that was from Colorado Springs who told me that even though she works for that credit union, ENT was still her primary as well. I can do everything I need to do through this app and if I need to make an in person transaction, there are many sister credit unions to choose from to do that. Highly recommend this credit union and this app!
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4 years ago, Reptagian
Great app, been using it for a while; but found a bug
Using an iPhone 6, so it might just be that the device is becoming outdated, but when attempting to go to the Alerts section? —whether it be to set up an alert or otherwise —I am rendered unable to actually touch anything in the app as it effectively freezes and begins flashing brightly. It doesn’t crash however, but is still rendered otherwise unusable when going to this section of the app. Not to mention that the flashing is violent enough that it may affect users with epilepsy.
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1 year ago, momabriiiiii
Amazing! … and I don’t leave reviews normally.
I’ll make this short and simple. I over from where I started my account in CO, but I refuse to give up my bank bc it is the best there is and I have lived from Alaska to Florida! This app makes it so easy for me to be able to control my accounts and cards, the bank and their associates are amazing, kind and always helpful. They are very quick to respond too! All around good. Ok, that wasn’t to short but …ya get it, right? ;)
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3 years ago, TonyMace88
Solid app but sometimes annoying
Solid banking app from Ent. Allows you to do most all basic and advance ranking functions. I would consider this a 5 star app however, there are two things that I hope can get looked at by the developers. First the app constantly forgets my login settings (remember me and quick balance) and I have to do a full login almost weekly. Second when looking at transaction history the navigation arrows and page numbers don’t seem to scale up and are tiny. This makes them almost impossible to hit on the first tap.
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3 years ago, Taunua
Bill pay system is horrible
The last bill pay system was perfect! You could track your payments and view history to each company easily. This new bill pay system doesn’t allow you to do that conveniently. You have to go back to each month and then go back to the payments. Please bring the history list back
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7 years ago, alligator1726
Great app to have, but could use some basic enhancements.
I love having mobile access to my accounts. However, my main use of the app is for mobile deposits. When depositing, there is no ability to add a comment as to what's this deposit was for. Also, there is no ability to later see an image of the check, so sometimes I'm at a loss as to what a deposit was. Add that ability and I give this five stars!
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3 years ago, Sonny517
To many issues as this app falls apart.
This app has gone from a decent useful app that you could use for checking you account and possibly paying bills and other financial stuff to a nightmare of a hassle to just log in to check your balances and transactions, if that information is even available from their servers when you do manage to log in. Complete decline of anything that resembles being a useful financial tool. Do yourself a favor and do not bother with this garbage and just stick to their website until they get some people working on this that actually care or know what they are doing.
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4 years ago, michellekl
Bland & blinding
*Total deposit amount has been added to the top, so one star was added. Thank you! The new version of the app lacks the personality & Colorado feel of the old app. I can understand wanting a more streamlined look but I miss the old landscapes. Also the stark red & white color scheme is very harsh on the eyes. There should be a dark mode offered. Another thing that is missed with both with the web version & app is a grand total deposit amount among all of your accounts at the top. That is VERY much needed!
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1 year ago, The Simple Life😉
Easy to use banking app!
Ent’s banking app experience is easy, user-friendly & accessible. It also feels secure. In addition, I’ve only had pleasant, professional experiences using Ent’s in-person banking services. My only recommendation would be to add the service or ability to “send” Zelle payments using the Ent banking app. I need to research or ask why this service it is not currently available.
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3 years ago, T-Sunshine
Great service but 1 quarrel
Ent, I love your service and all that you offer us. You by far have been one of the easiest banks to work with and offer excellent customer service. The only quarrel I have is the functionality of online transfers. I don’t understand why I can’t transfer funds from a personal account to a business account. If my accountant keep track of all of the numbers, what’s the difference on which way the money flows?
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3 years ago, Tom L 42
I love ENT mobile! Easy to use, quick access to what I need
I find the app to be very intuitive. It fills most of my banking needs. I like being able to look at my history and drill down to a transaction. I have seldom needed help but when I do the phone support has been very responsive. ENT is my definition of excellent service, both products and, most importantly, people!
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4 years ago, J Webb 8753
Struggling with the Change in Bill Pay
Up until the big Bill Pay change, I would have rated this app a 4 or a 5. Since I use Bill Pay, heavily, the sudden negative change in that part of this app continues to taint app. However, after 40 years with Ent, my hope is I am in the right place and this app will one day return to a 5.
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4 years ago, Jtprime93
Great until recently
I have had this app for quite a few years, and never really had a problem with it since I got it. Until now. The transaction alert system decided to take a vacation. It used to be so great, to where as soon as my card was swiped at a restaurant, my phone would chime with amount that was taken out. As of late, it’s only sending email notifications when a transaction happens on my card. I relied pretty heavily on that and it’s getting frustrating. I called and talked to the tech team and let them know but I’ve heard nothing back. Please fix this.
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1 year ago, dwright1241
Good features but slow to load
The app has great features but is insanely slow to load. The app also does not automatically time out your login, if someone were to get ahold of your phone they would be able to open the ENT app and see details they should not. It’s not until they tried to access a different page that it would prompt login again. iPhone 13 Pro user
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3 months ago, Savvy_A
Could use improvement
I’ve been banking with ent for 15 years or so and have been very pleased with customer service and overall banking experience. However, I’m pretty disappointed with the app lately. For the last several months, when going to make my weekly deposit, the app continues to glitch almost every other time. Some improvement in the quality there could really make the app more user friendly!
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4 years ago, Rockman II
Payments seem to have regressed in usability
The sorting doesn’t make sense. The payees section isn’t alphabetical anymore. Not all the payees are present even though I used them last month. I can’t use this app for payments anymore. I will have to use my computer now. I don’t understand why you would make it worse. This keeps me from using the app.
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1 year ago, Mysterious Birb
What’s With App & Website
Both app and website seem to always act mainly up during the night. Apps been slower loading up lately even on fast internet speed. Noticed it takes a few tries sometimes to just get logged into account for some reason. Don’t know if that’s designed on purpose or not.
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4 years ago, Melkor87
Update constantly crashes and glitches
The latest update causes such frequent crashing and glitches, and also does not load the check withdrawal images for some reason. It kept sending me automated texts for account authentication, fair and appreciated, but by the time I tried to enter the sent password, the app had crashed again.
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3 years ago, ShushDeOso
New update wrecked linked accounts
After the new update, I can’t switch accounts from my main account anymore. After being forced to change password it says “accounts deleted” Why mess with our money? I needed to pay bills off my biz account and literally can’t access it.
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3 months ago, Ashjomo1
Buggy app
I’m pretty sure this is a hybrid app because the latency issues and unresponsiveness seem to align with the website. Regardless, I’ve never banked with anyone who has an app this bad. I realize there’s a tremendous amount of data being passed through. Not sure if it’s a framework problem or if service calls aren't set up correctly. This app isn’t equipped to regularly handle the data load. I have no other choice because l bank with ent. If I did have a choice though, I’d leave this app and use another one. Non stop bugs in this app and poor design.
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3 years ago, Adonis71!
Once again…not working
This app constantly has issues. Currently, the app is giving me an error reading telling me that it cannot display any of my transactions. It’s been telling me this for hours today. Usually the problem is the app making me sign in every single time I need to look at it which is at least a couple times per day. That’s very frustrating when I have the face recognition. Let’s get this app up to standards.
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3 months ago, Jillybeanz76
The app would not allow me to mobile deposit.
It’s usually great, never any hiccups. But, today it would not allow me to mobile deposit a check. Every time I tried to take a picture of the front side of the check, the app would crash and completely log me out. I tried this 4-5 times before giving up. Hopefully, this will be fixed soon and I can update this review.
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2 months ago, MEG37388
Wonderful Banking
Our family hasbeen banking with ENT since we were stationed in the vicinity, since 1993 and have been very happy with them. Everything from family banking to mobile deposits to personal loans have helped our family abundantly. I will refer them wholeheartedly!
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5 years ago, p.impalli.davis
Used to be very reliable.
I’ve had this app for years and it used to be incredibly reliable. I use it primarily to deposit checks, but starting a couple months ago, the app’s mobile deposit function has developed issues - it won’t recognize the check as signed, even if it obviously is or, recently, the check deposit page won’t even load. Also, every time I sign in I have to prove to the app that I’m not a robot by selecting pictures that include cars or traffic lights or whatever, and it’s incredibly tedious.
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3 years ago, lmiller1900
Added an outside account for transfers to my other bank account. Took 3 days to verify but will only allow me to select to transfer from outside account when I need the transfer going the other way. I have most of my auto pay bills on my outside account and need to put money into it from my ent account!!! Why be able to add an account if you have to input information and verify account AGAIN to do what needs done instead of making that account able to be selected in either direction!!!
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1 month ago, Smellin8
Ease of use
Do not like the vertical view option only - cannot switch easily to iPad. I had to check in to verify my device and account every time now - system asked to use fingerprint ID, which I said yes, but it does not use that, I have to verify account every time. Account screen now has checking and then savings listed - where before it was savings then checking. When transferring money the list is back to savings then checking, which is confusing when you have multiple accounts.
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8 months ago, Joey7.62
Worst banking app
I have 2 other banks and 1 other credit union apps that I use and this ent app is the worst. It’s slow on a good day. Multiple time in the past 4 months it’s had issues they were fixing. The call center has been rude and condescending multiple times and then they will charge you to make payments over the phone when their app is down. I have pulled all my funds out of these accounts and wish I had the small personal loan somewhere else so I didn’t have to deal with this place anymore
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1 year ago, MrBill757
Needs upgrading
No longer can one view a running balance in checking accounts. Only the most recent transactions show the balance. Another problem occurs when checking a transaction when scrolling down. When returning to where you were, you can’t. It goes back to the most recent transactions. The app needs reinstalling at times and often won’t work. Compared to other financial apps this one is quite poor.
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1 year ago, NGenoshe
Long time member
I’ve had an Ent account since I was working my first job at 14 years old. I’m now 38. Recently, I’ve had problems with fraud and they have been quick to resolve the problem. The tellers are friendly and the wait time is always short. They do a great job.
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1 year ago, snoopyshadow
Great, still missing Dark Mode
I’ve been using the Mobile app since it became available and Ent has worked on updating the app and fixing bugs regularly without issue. This is more of a request to bring the functionality of Apple’s Dark Mode to the app.
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3 years ago, Daisylady44
The best
I truly love having a bank(credit union) like ENT that cares about you as a customer as well truly helping make things happen. Always pleased with how knowledgeable they are and or how accommodating they are to help one another to make it happen for those of us that bank there.
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7 months ago, Gas7Man
Always the Best
ENT’s online banking never disappoints! From scheduling bill payments to transferring money between accounts. Great service; now, can’t wait for them to take over and handle their own credit card business. The one they use now is not good.
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1 year ago, Mtnflyr
ENT Cares
I’ve been working with Ent for the past 20 years and between fraud protection and loan qualification, it has represented reliable customer service. In this recent financial crisis, I trust that Ent will continue to protect the assets of its customers while continuing to provide top quality professional services.
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4 years ago, cotnBalls
New bill pay is horrible.
They updated bill pay a few weeks ago and it’s horrible. It’s very mobile unfriendly which I don’t understand because a lot of people do banking from their phone. It’s hard to navigate and doesn’t fill up the screen, you have to scroll and it freezes all the time on a iPhone 11. It’s hard to see things in one glance also. It was a downgrade not a upgrade.
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1 year ago, hcgyfsf
This is a great app but…
This is a great app it is very convenient for when you are on the go and you need to transfer or look at your balance . There was this one time though we’re the app wouldn’t load for weeks but other than that this is a great app and would definitely recommend.
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3 years ago, Cheltonb
The best bank I’ve ever used
I’ve been a member with Ent for several years now and they’ve always been so helpful and accommodating to me, whether it be car loans, personal loans, lines of credit or just plain ol’ checking and savings, ent is the one to go to! Their app is incredible aswell!
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6 years ago, Good credit brotha
Been a Big Help
I have banked with ENT for years. Currently I live in a town without ENT or a partner of the bank. So this app has been a huge help with checks and just being able to transfer money from various accounts. Still waiting to win one of these drawings they have on there too!
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1 year ago, keithrt
Deposit camera function broken
The photo process for deposits is broken in the last update. Weirdly, the phone must be held in portrait orientation to get the check to fit lengthwise. Then a dozen attempts return a message that the photo was the wrong size or didn’t match the crop of the front photo. Finally gave up. Was an excellent app in its previous versions.
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7 years ago, Kansasgirl 7
Love This App
I had never used on line banking until my friend asked me where I was one day. I told her I was at the bank depositing my pay check. She asked me why would you want to stand in line when you can do all of you transactions with your IPhone. I am not up with technology. You can teach an ole Gal new tricks!
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