Epic Battle Simulator 2

4.6 (30.7K)
190.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Rappid Studios PC
Last update
7 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Epic Battle Simulator 2

4.6 out of 5
30.7K Ratings
5 years ago, Towermud1
It’s a great game just a few minor problems
Ok so i would like to start off with this game is great and all, but there are some issues here. As you know the enemy gets upgraded rapidly to where you need to upgrade to beat them, but the prices for the upgrades are insane by the time they have their whole army at level 2 you have only got your spear and archer upgraded to lvl 2 because the prices are to large for players who don’t spend money on the game. Maybe lower the prices to half of what they were so players can actually start to upgrade. Also about your epic troops I understand that you want money and all but the epic troop prices in gems are practical impossible to get considering how much gems you get per round I’m now trying to hate on the game it’s just the prices are ridiculously expensive. And there are two ways to fix these issues which 1 is lower the prices 2 increase the amount of money you get per round to a more reasonable amount to pay for the upgrades which at average I would bring up to 500. Per win and 50 per loss. Also I would suggest making it to where you can see the enemy’s health that would just be pretty helpful. But in conclusion thank you for reading and please do listen to this it could probably make your game better.
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5 years ago, rmw1983
Dear rappid studios
I love this game and am totally addicted to it and I’ve only had it for about two days. I have a few suggestions, number 1: it would be great if you had an officer unit that would make troops fight harder and maybe act like the pirate. 2: if you had Calvary that was ranged it would be great. So far the closest I have is the chariot witch is a little too big. Plz add something like a Calvary guy on a horse with a musket or carbine. 3: If you something like a historical battle mode or more specific categories I would absolutely LOVE that. So far, I just have two rows of muskets and some cannons if I wanna be the British army. Basically, there should be a history mode where perhaps you need to defend a village against Genghis khan or a attack gaul (France) as a Viking king. Maybe add ships. 4: a little more control would be nice. Like right now I use Roman tactics with a shield wall and spearman then Guards blah blah blah. But! The shields always attack instead of defend then the rest follow suit (except for the ranged troops they’re my little angels) so my army gets almost surrounded or they just bunch up and charge after the others. 5: buildings. As mentioned in another review buildings would be a fun and challenging addition to the game. Like you could build a castle in custom then have a friend siege it with catapults, ladders, and trebuchets. That’s all I have to say plz read this and have a good day.
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6 years ago, lean mean mr.bean machine
This game is very fun, and very entertaining, but it has serious balance issues, like muskets while they have been nerfed they are still very over powered. Another issue is how under powered the AK47 unit and the M16 unit are. They have no health and have no use. If their stats over all were improved they could have a use, I see why they didn’t make them powerful, because they would just be the next musketeers, but they need a serious power boost. The epics are fun units, but don’t have much practicality, they cost too much for what they are aside for the sentinel, and are under powered. Great example of this is he mini gun, it’s damage is not enough to deal with level units, and can be easily swarmed. Cavalry need a boost save for camels, they don’t have much use save for distractions. It would be nice to be able to clear only me side of the map during custom. Last all melee except spearman need a boost, guards and berserkers especially, the guards try to have a place but don’t do enough to justify the cost, for shield walls the shield unit is just better and for attacking any thing is better just because they cost less, and berserkers don’t have much use, either lower the price or give them a boost, too justify them costing as much as cavalry. Though there are a lot of issues with balance, this game is still super fun and I would recommend playing.
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4 years ago, bntbtvbh
I love it
I love this game the epics are pretty hard to get but I already have 4 epics in just 3 days the only problem about this game is that there are Levels that I am stuck in and there is a custom mode you make your own battle wich is cool but if you press the clear button it clears both sides so the only way to clear one side is to tap on the troops they should add 2 clear buttons instead of 1 and there are epic levels wich are really hard but I only have to defeat 2 more levels and the other problem is that you have less money then the Opponent wich is not fair and they should probably fix this little bug sometimes if the other team is cheeper they sometimes win and if you want to join take all of the epics you have to play this game for a MONTH or pay money and they should edit a unstoppable troop and there should be unlimited troops spawning because in custom mode you can only add 120 troops and if you can spawn unlimited troops it would be more fun because then you can spawn 1,000,000,000,000 troops but in the arena you can only spawn troops at a specific place you can’t spawn them at trees and epic battle sim should probably add these things and fix these things! But still it’s a very good game!
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5 years ago, Reijus the conquerer
Great but needs improvement
There are many things that need improvement. For one, you might want to make the Epic units a little easier to get or it would take hours of grinding to get them. Another one would be to buff up the M16 and AK47. You should also not be limited to amount of units in Custom mode. You should also be able to use Epic units in custom mode. I also have a tip on how to defeat dragons in online. Use a ton of ballistas. I have defeated 7 times 4 dragons = 28 dragons. It would be fun to have more units for the ranged one. Long bowman, shotgunners, and pistol shooters. In the levels, you should provide more diamonds/gems. If you fight a level 3 elephant and win, you should get the amount cost of the upgrades and divide by 10. This way more people would be more encouraged to try to pass the levels. Also please lower the epic level things to 40. I also want there to be combinations of units like spearman + horse = spear throwing horsemen. It would be interesting to be able to combine max level units to make more special units. I really like how cool all the texture are and how many things are balanced. I also really like that there are upgrades. I really think there should be more upgrades for low power units like the man/men. Not to brag but I’ve mastered most of the ways to defeat people in online mode.
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2 years ago, good but could use a new mode
Beauty of a game
HI! This game is really really REALLY F****** good. I love the mechanics of it and I LOVE the style. There are a few issues though. I would like to see a friend system because its a pain to try to go against ur friend unless ur 0.01 inches away from them. It’s also noted that there should be a tactics list, like “stand your ground” were the troops just stand there but still fight, or “charge” were all the troops go into battle. You can come up with other ones if you want. It would also be cool if there could be naval combat mode or something, like we’re instead of a battle field. It’s water with two big boats, the two players choose the specific boat they want like a longship with cannons, or a frigate also with cannons. After they choose the have to put troops (normal category we have today) on to the boat so when one boats gets low on heath they begin a boarding battle. The person that wins that wins the battle. With the boats I would like more game modes and stuff. This game has grade A potential and can become a good game.
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5 years ago, Jared Mojave
I love it accept...
This game is a great alternative to Totally Accurate Battle Simulator in that this is a mobile version and I often do not have access to a computer. There are some features that need adding though. For example, in custom mode, you should be able to erase only one side at a time instead of both at once. I dislike having to meticulously rearrange the troops on the one side that I wanted to keep. Also, this is just my opinion, but the leveling system is pointless. Without buying things with real money or watching a heck load of ads or playing way too much custom mode, you can’t level up reliably. I also recommend nerfing the archers. At level 3, you can just spam them and their fire rate alone is enough to take down even a guardian in just seconds. Please also allow the use of epic units in custom mode wether you have earned them or not. It would be good practice to newer players to get used to the epic units, so they know if it’s worth it to invest in them or not. These are only some of the things I want added or I have problems with. Maybe add a castle defense mode or a halt command to make certain groups or all of the troops on a side stand still. I know this is a lot to ask, but please keep this in mind for future updates.
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4 years ago, bhrbdkdnwbsfg
Good Idea, Unbalanced Troops
Let me start off by saying I disagree with many of the comments here. From what I can tell, many people are upset abt the price and power of the epic troops. I don’t blame them, 16 thousand gems can seem like a lot, and it is. The problem for me tho is that these epic troops are useless. They may look cool and can beat people that only spam troops, but if you are going against an opponent with strategy, the sentinel is the only viable epic. Musketeers, bombs, and spear guys are op. A line of Muskets behind some bombs will destroy 90 percent of things. The only way to combat this is with muskets right back or use spears. This strat is op especially if you wait last second to add you bombs, as most players will be baited into placing mass melee troops to counter the muskets. I have lost few games after I learned this. The ability to see your opponents army shouldn’t be as exploitable as it is. Also, M16, AK, mage towers, and most of the artillery are useless too (ballista can hard counter dragon spammers tho). The last gripe I have with this game is the community and content, once you learn the musket strat, you can brainlessly beat a ton of levels (I’m currently 50+) and slaughter the 5 year olds in multiplayer. Finding a good player that isn’t brain dead, exploits muskets, or spams epics is rare. I don’t think I have to talk abt the ads.
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5 years ago, cford98
Some minor glitches, some impossible levels
Really great game overall, but I had one big issue. The leveling up thing is dumb. On level 32 (which seems to be the hardest to everyone else based on what I’ve seen) you have several enemy troops at level 3. It is impossible to beat this level without at least a few level 2 troops. However, the price for upgrading troops is ridiculous! For beating all the levels before them, I had enough to upgrade only one troop. How am I supposed to beat the level without paying? I understand that the game needs to make money to be successful, but it shouldn’t make it impossible to win without paying. The epic troops (which you have to pay for) are very OP. On the other hand, troops like camel riders, AK-47 gunners, and pirates are actual garbage. Also, I keep getting this glitch in custom where after a battle it just freezes and I have to reset the game to continue. This can be very frustrating when you spend a while putting troops on one side and seeing what they’re weakness’s are. All in all, I still give this a 4 star rating because the good strongly outweighs the bad, it just needs to improve the little things.
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3 years ago, 11CRT30
Really great game, BUT…
I really like this game, and I play it quite often, but I do have a few things I think you should do to make the game better. First, I think you should allow players to make custom areas, or just add more of a variety to the areas. Maybe you could allow players to create a battlefield and place down trees, rocks, etc. OR if you added more areas with more variety, like maybe a castle gate. Second, I think you should allow players to create custom fighters. I like the fighters in this game and there is good variety, like there’s knights, vikings, pirates, ninjas and many other things. But maybe if you allowed players to make other fighters like orcs, goblins or even just other knights and things like that. Third, I think you should allow players to have more than two teams. Maybe if you divided the area into fourths you could let players have free for all battles or something like that. Fourth, I think you should let players place more units on the field. The maximum is 120 right now, but maybe if you increased it to 200 or even 300, the battles would be more exciting and would last longer. Fifth, I think upgrade prices should be lowered a bit, because it seems really excessive that you have to get like 3,000 gems to take a catapult from level 1 to 2. Maybe half the prices or make it easier to get gems. And that’s really all I have to say. I like this game a lot but there are some minor things that I hope are added in the future.
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6 years ago, Bazizi
Awesome game! Some suggestions..
So this has to be one of my favorite games. I have seen a lot of games of this genre, but none have really stood out for me like this game has. You have 105 levels which are reasonably difficult, and if that is too easy, you have the Epic Levels, which can reap high rewards. Prices are perfect, I would not want you to change a thing about that. The musketeer nerf was amazing. They are still viable, but not overpowered. I have a few suggestions though. For one thing, there are many Epics, actually more than any other troop, but some really need a buff. Sentinels are most likely the best. Machine Gunners are great too. But I think all of the others really need a slight change. Mage Towers definitely need a slight buff as well. I think their range should be on par with muskets and Sentinels. Berserkers are terrible. Double the price for less of everything than a Spear man. Anyways, awesome game with good updates, thank you for keeping up with the community, and have a good day.
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4 years ago, Nooooottttt happy
Some things I would love to see
I love this game because of how long you can play it and how much fun you can have with making crazy fights or just playing the levels. But could the game include something awesome that really would glue to into it, yes it could, I think that the best way to keep people in this game would be to add a feature we’re you could make levels for people to beat, you could adjust the amount of money they can spend, how much troops they can place (Max 120 of course). but imagine if you could create your own set of levels for people to play, if this is going to make it complex for you then you can make it so the maximum amount of levels you could make in one set is ten. Also to make sure levels are possible, you could force the creator to beat the level or the set of levels he made in order for it to be published. This is something I wanna see in the next update of the game. From your biggest fan ever
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4 years ago, 95(can't think of a good name)
Need more troops/balance
This game is great but needs some interesting troops that are not underpowered and/or annoying to use, or overpowered. The chariot, for example, can’t make a good combo, it’s slightly underpowered in my opinion and is annoying to use, it is interesting but because of those factors(underpowered and annoying to use), it’s just not that great. I recommend adding mortar, which can’t shoot troops too close and does splash damage. I know I sound like I hate this game and thinks it has many flaws, but I really don’t, how do you think more troops would make this game better, also don’t make new epic troops because no one would use them. Added: I realized this game has a lot of balancing issues with berserker and trebuchet, but the worst of them is M16 and AK-47, please buff these troops, and there’s probably more unbalanced troops. Added#2:Also devs, why would you stop updating the game? This is the best and most popular game you have!
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5 years ago, Fix ur gameeeeeeeeee
Fix ur gameeeeee
The game is very good I’ve seen worst but the prices are way to high can it at least be 1000 a win but 10 a loss like my goodness it’s way to high but epic is way to hard like impossible at this point so please lower the price like just lower it and there should be a new category called vehicles with like tanks a Jeep with 5 guys in the Jeep and all 5 will shoot at the at the blue\red team and barrels that on impact it explode and the fire last there for 20 seconds please look at it and make a legendary Category it will change ur game ur game forever i mean forever with like things that instant kill ever thing oh one more thing fix ur gameeeeee when u put a insane amount of the same people on both team it lags to 1fps and then it crashes ok that’s it no please make a mode Double team Blue and Red team up and a two new teams black and gray and when u place on person on red it won’t copy to blue ok I’m done Please look at this it will change ur game by fix ur gameeeeee aka idk
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6 years ago, sullyboy808
Hello Battle Sim developers....
The game is so fun !! I still have the game and I don’t thing I’ll ever delete it because of the endless adventures that don’t require internet connection. I have some suggestions, the game updates often adding new cool troops, I want to suggest some thing. Battle sim 2 is my favorite battle sim. Recently I downloaded the first battle sim and I saw troops I did not know about before. The original battle sim had some good ideas !! You guys should add more troops, combine the first battle sim to the 2 one. Add Vikings, knights, ranged horses, all those other things in the first sim. Also I got the other battle sim with the thanks and planes. So here are my suggestions for Epic Battle Simulator 1. In the first battle sim I love the Vikings, pls add to game again !! 2. Pls add a mini gun, the mini gun is a heavy item and will have 4 wheels so people can push it to the other guys, pop pop pop !! 3. Ranged horses, guys on horses throwing spears. How cool is that ? 4. More troops in general, the original battle sim troops. 5. Can you make it so that you can control where your army goes? So like you can make a group of solders and drag a line to show them where to attack. Army 1 go left ! Army 2 down the middle! Army 3 hold position and fire at will! Ya know, control the army more. 6. Can you guys make it so that u push on a troop you want to control then you become that troop ? Thank you for your time, I love u Battle Simulator !!!!
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6 years ago, JwinPlayz
New Epic A.I. Ideas!
Your guys’ game is awesome, me and my cousin love it! I think that you guys should add new epics tho, because you ave not gotten anymore epics added to the game, Example: Ninja and Samurai Masters, Ninja Master would look like a tall Ninja with golden armor and would throw their Ninja Stars nonstop, the Stars should be Ignited in Flames when thrown and should ignite the Foe that is being targeted by the Ninja Master, and the Samurai Master should His Helmet should have A rhino horn that is cracked a bit, and when it is far from a Projectile, it would front-flip toward the Foe, and jab it in a body-part Of the foe and it should One-Shot the foe and cut it’s body part off or in half, and it’s armor should be Golden with Horned Knee Pads and Horned Shoulder Pads, and both the Ninja and Samurai Master should have lots of Defense, and when the Samurai Master is farther than I said, it should fling the sword at the enemy’s body part and should do Brutal Damage, I believe those two Super Epic Characters would make this game even better than before!
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5 years ago, Cannoli1243
Awesome game! Two minor things to enhance the gameplay:
Hello! I have TABS on my PC, but I wanted to play it on my phone while I was out of the house. It’s a great game, the physics and units overall are completely amazing. I just noticed two things that would really enhance my experience in the game. 1) I noticed that when an archer/ballista shoots, it disappears or stops dead in its tracks. I feel like making the arrow/ballista physics so that they stick into things (which can be units, shields, etc...) would really be fantastic. 2) The catapult and trebuchet both do minimal damage when they launch at units. They’re stopped by a single unit after just being launched. I feel like either buffing the unit’s penetration through units or adding a splash damage effect (like in TABS) would be very cool. I hope you see this because I would enjoy these details, and I hope other people would definitely enjoy these too. Thanks!!
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6 years ago, Bloodmaster24
Great game, but... it robbed me
So ultimately I LOVE the Ultimate Battle Simulator series, and I am a f2p player. I was going through the levels up until level 10 where I was going to verse my first “Elite Unit” (exciting I know) but I tried several different tactics and couldn’t win, so I was going to review the stats for the elite unit to figure out it’s weakness. I couldn’t view this in the battle setup so I exited to menu and checked upgrades, the elite units are not in upgrades so I went to the Epics menu which had them but no stats, I checked the ‘i’ next to the price just to confirm it wasn’t stats. All it said was this is the button that purchases this unit for $2.99. So I canceled and tried to leave, but then my phone prompted for my thumbprint to purchase, I hit cancel, but then it prompted me again, and Again, and Again... eventually I cancelled and quickly backed to the game’s main screen, but it prompted me AGAIN, so I was going to cancel and go to home screen, close the app and reopen, but as I hit cancel and then try to go to my phone’s home screen, it prompts and purchases the stupid unit for me... I love the game.. but for the love of god fix this.
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3 years ago, Rescorvaught
Great Game, Improvements Could Make it Even Better
First of all, this is a great simulator type game. The one thing that I think should be changed is a new type of unit. You! The player should be able to customize a personal unit that can be controlled by the player. The unit should be able to give commands to other units allowing for more strategy. Units should be able to be categorized on the battlefield before pressing go, so the player can tell individual groups to ‘hold position, flee, attack cavalry, attack ranged, attack melee....etc.’ Epic Battle Simulator 2 could become even more strategic and interesting, (and players wouldn’t have to control custom troop or give commands) by giving players the option to create a custom character that can be controlled by the player and allowing to give orders to troops. That is all, I hope to see this added to the game!
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6 years ago, mr orange 1357
Deserves more credit then it’s getting
This is the single mobile battle simulator out there that works smoothly and is actually fun. I’ve read other reviews complaining about how levels are too hard, or how the epics are too expensive, and these aren’t a problem. I’ve beaten all the levels without spending any money, and the grinding problems have been solved because of the new epic levels added (these may only be accessible once you finish the final level but I’m not sure because I beat that before the epic levels were released). The biggest thing for me is the fact that the developers actually read the reviews and make a conscious effort to implement good ideas into the game. The only constructive feedback I have is kinda similar to other reviews, but the only thing that is really needed is an increased troop limit per side, and an option to clear individual sides in custom mode
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7 years ago, Boolayon
Some suggestions
I like this game! I feel that the musketeers are a bit too powerful, but since it is so popular, rather than nerf it new characters should be added so that they are not overused. For example a cowboy or a sheriff these units either have guns with a faster rate of fire (not as much damage as musketeers, but better damage than modern gunners) or a cowboy which rides a horse and is area of effect lasso (doesn't deal as much damage as knights, but uses hit and run tactic like knights). This could probably end the issue with the musketeers without introducing op new characters and nerfing people's beloved musketeers. I would also really like to see some renaissance characters and some more magical creatures other than the dragon, perhaps a griffin or maybe a Chinese dragon 🐉 anything that could attract new customers with a single glance. I hope you try out these ideas 💡 and I look forward to new updates.
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5 years ago, real king tom
Overall a great game, but some change
I really enjoy the strategic aspect of the game, but I believe that there should be constant updates to make sure the game stays balanced. Epic characters are overpowered against lvl 1 cards while they are almost useless against lvl3. I think the only way to fix this is making the epics upgradable. Ak47s and m16s are completely useless and should either be reworked or removed from the game (same for some of the heavy and special units). The trophy system is very messy and needs a complete rework (some players have hundreds of thousands of trophies while some have like 700). You should also lose trophies if you back out of a match before the battle begins (1 out of 5 people I play against just leaves the match early when they see my trophy count). Overall it’s a good game with a high strategic skill gap
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2 years ago, aghdbudbmhccxfhgggggg
Won’t load
So I remember playing this game a couple of years ago and I absolutely loved this game but now every time I try to load the game up it shows the logo and then a black screen and I left it running and went to play some games on my Xbox and then I went back to the phone and it still is loading and I know my phone didn’t turn off because I was charging it and when I pressed the home button it took me out of the app but not out into the password. I love this game but it needs to get fixed so me and others can play this game and if you check some of the negative reviews you can see that a lot of the negative reviews are talking about not being able to get into the game so this problem isn’t just some phone problem or just storage space and that it is a legitimate problem that needs fixing. Game devs please fix this issue I love this game and many others do to so please try to find the problem and fix it.
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3 years ago, angcat7997
Good game I say good game but I came to write a opinion
OK it’s a nice game I like doing war roleplays buttttt this isn’t the opinion I came for but you have to actually buy the epic units with money and I think when you fight the epic units and beat them you should be able to unlock them or at least make it when when you buy one you buy all of them so you don’t have to buy them separately that would probably just cost more money than buying one means buying all of them. Now time for the opinion I came for. I think there should be a animal faction I don’t mean like the riders I mean like a bear with no rider a tiger with no rider and I know if you add a just animal faction there will be more requests for more updates but pleaseeeeee every time I use the Bear rider unit I think about it or at least add someone riding a tiger also please to epic faction to byeeeeeeee. Please🥺
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4 years ago, The Real Pro 89537
Good game but the epic troops
Honestly I love this game but I feel like some things needed to be changed first of all I feel like in custom mode (AND ONLY CUSTOM MODE) the epic troops should be free that will greatly improve the game because that would be great for people that always want to Reenact some famous battles and realize oh wait this troop would be perfect fit sort of like if somebody tried to recreate the legend of the 300 or The Battle of the Golden Spurs some epic troops would be key to be able to do so If this does Follow through I swear there might be more mini movies on this then T.A.B.S making this game Super popular and if you choose not to do this then could you atleast get more gems for doing battles and make epic troops and troop upgrades cheaper since barely anybody has these troops thank you for taking the time to read this
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5 years ago, poopystoopysh****
Please fix what happened to me and my brother.
This is pretty good but the online is not that good at least for me and my brother we were both playing the game and then it would not let us play it... it would just keep loading and is really frustrating cause I really want gems to get some epics and online gets you you a lot of gems!! And I’m really mad at the game and I want the creator to fix it soon I’m getting really mad😡.......!!!!! Can you please fix it it would make me feel good and I would rate the game 5 stars. And i want two epics when you fix this .... I want the Wolf Rider and the Guardian( and if you cant do that, then that is fine, but it would make me happy) thank you and please fix this bug and text when you fix and once again thank you for this amazing game.
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3 years ago, paperchasin1
Must add these to the game
Well one maybe like a sniper? I mean like I know we kinda got that but here’s the difference it’s does more damage including small speed can almost one shot level 2s oh yeah how about adding medics or healers whatever they heal your team and also have a chance to fully heal a team member and they can heal three at a time Also maybe a add a bayonet to the musket dudes so sometimes when running they have a chance to one shot somebody how about a Viking they have way more damage and tiny bit more health and faster and stick in groups oh ye how about artillery mortars ya know and they can hit 10 people at once but only at level two one only 5 and yeah pls add these so the game can be better 😀
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4 years ago, I second the fifth review
Great Start
I enjoy playing this game for the first 60 or so levels; however, the opponent difficulty seems to rise exponentially. Eventually the opponent’s abundance of high level troops (and what seems to be a higher budget) makes it impossible to defeat them. Leveling up your troops takes a long time and losing battles gets you almost nowhere in earning the diamonds needed to do so. This leaves a couple options; watch your troops predictably get steamrolled a few hundred times until you can afford a minimal upgrade, quit, or pay. Replaying old levels takes manually scrolling back each time upwards of 90 levels. If nothing else, I hope that an update can be made to have the game remember which level the player was on to make replaying all previous levels a streamlined experience. I understand that the developers need to add incentive to have customers pay so I can’t fault them for the low pay per battle. I don’t even mind playing old levels if it was made just a little more convenient.
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6 years ago, Mr. Agitated
Great port for TABS
This game is basically a copy of totally accurate battle simulator for mobile, and make no mistake, it does a good job of keeping the crazy antics whilst still being small enough to run on a mobile device. However, some levels are EXTREMELY irritating (if you play it, you’ll see what I mean). I have been stuck on level 30 for weeks now because of the “epic” Troops that cost a substantial amount of in-game currency. The game wants you to buy gems in order to beat the levels. I like this game, but try to remove the pay-to-win feature? There are also some annoyances, like the army being removed every time you lose a battle, or no “clear blue team/red team” option in custom mode. I also think that making the upgrades cost less would help me out? Make level 30 easier please. Thanks developers, I may change my review if you answer these problems.
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3 years ago, \/\/ VV W vv w
Dear rapping studios
I enjoy this game a LOT. It is very fun and addicting, though I have a few suggestions. Number #1 would be to maybe add footstep sound effects to the units. Number #2 would be to add more range to artillery, if you use an artillery unit against a ranged unit it will usually fire once then be killed. It would be probably better if they could get a few more shots in at the enemy. Finally number #3, add music units! What I mean is to add drummers, fifes, bulges, etc. I love history and I would love to create many battles in this game. These could gives certain boosts to the army like speed, faster reload, better aim, etc. These are just suggestions and this is obviously your game so you can do whatever you want with it. Anyways, this is a great game. Bye!
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4 years ago, kagkao
I love this game. But I have one problem how do i gain gems in game? Like I have played up to level twelve and as of that why have I not gotten a single gem like I don’t understand how am I suppose to unlock new characters and level up my other ones like com-on how am I?! I love this game don’t get me wrong but I think there should be a way to get gems in game that is if the isn’t but if there is one they should reduce the amount of levels you have to play to like every 10 or 15 levels (even though I have only played to level 12) i would love if in a future update this game should have a gem Austen or a un-nerf the amount of levels I have to play to get them plz.😐
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3 years ago, Kariberry79
Please read rappid studios
Sooo Ya it’s a great game and I have no idea why you stopped updating. First off there are a few glitches with the elephants like they like stretch like a mile when they die and this might be a new one but the other team on levels sometimes just spins in circle and they attack nothing it makes killing them easier but it’s not very challenging. Units aww yes haven’t added one in a year please add one or two soon some ideas healer guy, guy who keeps others in formation, archer tower, cowboy would be cool, maybe a club giant or a guy with a flail, and some epic ideas a big ole Viking with moose antlers and a giant axe, a tank, a super wizard, a dinosaur 🦖, and the most expensive and most powerful a well whatever you want it to be as long as it floats and glows purple. Thanks for reading keep updating!!!!!!
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3 years ago, wizardman 42
Great game, but...
The game is amazing and probably the best ever! But there are some problems for example when you finish a battle there are AWAYS ads so can you please do something about that. And maybe you could let the players use the epic troops in sandbox mode for free and so they can so what they are like! And can you please add a castle and you have to defend it and you can station archers and heavy troops on the walls and even better you can build a castle and defend it but I hope you read this because I am a BIG fan of your games and I have played every one of your battle simulator games but seriously please read this! Sincerely, your biggest fan
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4 years ago, UraniumPlays
It’s a really good game but it needs some features and etc. #3
Epic battle simulator 2 is a GREAT game but I think it needs more updates on like BUGS, and also you should add more features to the game like when doing campaign there’s like different types of campaigns and you should add NEW PLACES and NEW UNIQUE/INTERESTING CHARACTERS to the game kinda like TABS aka totally accurate battle sim, I want LIKE that! also make like shaders to make it more BETTER so yea devs plz read this. ALSO the prices for upgrades are INSANE like they cost ALOT so could u plz make it CHEAPER so it’s EASIER to UPGRADE characters plz make changes.. you should also update more frequently to the game cuz the last time u updated was 1yr ago! really?! and also read the reviews and give us what WE want! Then ur game would be SO much better!!
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5 years ago, Alphs97
The game is very fun and a great idea but there is one problem.
The game is great and fun but there is a problem in online mode. The game should be fun a balanced and already is, but some players have a big advantage in online mode. In the shop, players have the option to buy special epic units for gems or money. Other players who don’t want to buy the epic units have to play online for gems to get them. This makes it so some players can easily beat other players with epic units. There should be a restriction against epic units in online or just not exist. Not being able to buy epics might make the game a little less money but it would be more fair for players. I hope you take my suggestion into consideration because it would be more fun and fair for players of the game.
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5 years ago, Review_Critic
Great but needs more updates
I absolutely love this game! It functions very smoothly and is by far the best battle simulator on the App Store. Developers if you read this I would make four suggestions (in order of personal preference): 1. Add stats at the end letting the player know how many troops died on each side 2. Keep adding more troops, this game is amazing! 3. I don’t know if it’s possible but increasing the max amount of troops in custom. 4. Add the ability to clear one side at a time like in the first game. Not sure why this wasn’t kept, it makes it way easier in custom. Those are the only changes I would make. With or without these ideas this game is awesome and most definitely worth the download!
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3 years ago, iwueiuw
awesome but needs some improvement things
this game is by all means great and awesome, it’s just epics take to much grinding to get. and ranked is the only thing that gives me good gems since levels don’t give much gems (i’m on stage 56). and i also think this game has very unbalanced cards like the boar rider, don’t get me wrong but this card has more health than a giant at max and does around 101 damage in one hit, it also targets 3 things, so pretty much 303 damage a hit (if there is a group). i also suggest making the level ups a tiny bit better rather than dumping a whole +20 attack on something. also this game could use more like damage range, for example thy could add poison troops like a alchemist, or for the mage towers there fireballs/ice balls (depending if your red or blue) could do burn damage overtime. or something like some of the ground troops could deal open wound damage, just something like that. i also feel ak47 and the other gun person should get a buff, cause they are pretty bad even max. also why does playground have limited troop space?
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5 years ago, not really good comenter
Deserves more than it gets
I started playing this game, and checked that the reviews are saying it’s good. But when I played it, it was one of the best games in the world!!! I had been a bit mad when I figured out how much more it should get, so I hope someday you people could make a game with nothing but 5 star reviews. And, I don’ have any suggestions because I don’ even know how to make this game even better; but I have at least one. Can we add some super soldier with armor to the ranged so we could have more ranged troops, you know? But then it would outrun the “historical” troops like the archery. But that is a suggestion that I hope will be added to the game someday, and this game deserves 5.0!!!!!!!
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4 years ago, AK49JEEPER
Good but a lot off adds and overpriced things
I like this game and what the problem is that after every battle i get a bunch of adds. Like minute adds and after you have to watch those it pulls off you having to wait to exit the adds. That is so annoying because I’m trying to do something on the game and after I fail or something this is what I have to do after.😠😠😠. I can’t remove the adds because I am not aloud to purchase or buy any thing and even if I could it is way to expensive. And that pay is every week that’s ridiculous. Also I don’t have the epic stuff because you have to buy them or spend a bunch of gems and most of the gems you can get you have to watch adds!!!😠😠😠. Beside that the game is pretty cool and fun.
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3 years ago, THE_EDAWG
My Suggestion to add
I love this game and I just got it and I am so addicted to it already. The suggestion is tho that if maybe you could make it where you can be one of your army. For example if I wanted to be an archer in the game then I could tap on the archer and shoot arrows around the battle field. I would also like to move around with the archer to make it a little realistic. I would lastly like to make it when you control your character it will be first person sighting. These were just my suggestion you do not have to do these, but if you do I will be so happy you read this. Thank you and I love the game. 5 stars!
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5 years ago, Bludgeon1236
The user starts with the expectation of the game providing strategy based gameplay. However, they are disappointed to find a narrow selection of troops, and gameplay that isn’t engaging due to it’s predictable nature. The custom battles lose their appeal quite quickly, with simplistic single player levels that are also quite dull. It is understood that advertisements are necessary to maintain a free game, but an advertisement after every single battle is highly questionable. Online gameplay doesn’t get much better, as matches are filled with players using “Epics,” which are essentially over-powered, pay-to-win troops. They can be attained through the collection of in-game currency, but at steep prices which require much work. Two stars for providing a some-what entertaining experience, before driving the player to a void of insanity with its ads.
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7 years ago, Servdaily
This game is great
I spend a good amount of time on this cool game and I love it here is a request. You should make it so we could edit our own terrain and be able to put castles or others things like a river hill etc. I would play a lot more if I could do this because I always wanted to do a siege battle in the game but there is no castles or walls so this is my request but otherwise keep up the good work :D ps: please I and I mean please fix the musketeers like make them weaker I never play multiplayer anymore because all people use is musketeers and it defeats the purpose of a strategy game when people only use musketeers so I ask you to please do something about this
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4 years ago, guntavare nykvistr
Good game!
It is a pretty fun game that I can get back on when I’m bored and have nothing else to do but i feel like you could add more factions like another military faction and maybe a tribal faction I don’t know why don’t you think about what you want to do developers because sometimes when I come back to the game I see that there isn’t that many factions to pick from and maybe you could improve the maps a little bit like add more physical objects that the npcs can shoot over or take cover behind it or maybe they have to walk around them and when you put 2 mage towers on the other side of the map they automatically die maybe you could fix that? But anyways I’m hoping for a big update on this cool game.
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4 years ago, Orange Tyler 767
Not very replayable
It’s a great game but as soon as you beat it there is basically no point to it . I’m going to compare it to other games like totally accurate battle simulator, so you understand what I’m trying to say. So unlike tabs there are no updates and also in epic battle simulator 2 you can play the same battle over and over again and see a different result with tabs it will most likely be a different outcome. Now EBS2 does have multiplayer and tabs does not but tabs has a fliping unit creator. And they got that from just onece a month they updated their game to where they had the ability to do that. So EBS2 pales in comparison to tabs so if you want me to keep playing than you will update your game more.
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7 years ago, Rroocckkeerr
I love this game! I have some suggestions to make the game better. First of all, we need more units in the range category such as a pistoleros and shotguns. Also can we have different team colors. What I mean by this, is that when you chose a map you can scroll a different team color such as orange or green. I don't know why but recently I studied a battle about two clans in Ghana fought. One side wore a black uniform and the other side had a beige color uniform. How we can do this is that we have a color picker (and basic already created colors) and choose the color. I think this would be very cool for the game and I love that you keep updating. KEEP IT UP!!!
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3 years ago, fgh929
This is a good game
I have only had this game for a day and I already love it the only thing I do not like is that it is so expensive to upgrade and it’s fine and also another thing I don’t like is that when you make a world to battle there should be someway where you can save that world that way you can go back on there and you can battle of that set up again with the exact same army that’s the only thing I don’t like is that you can’t save them and it would also be helpful if there was something telling you how many soldiers are left on each side
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6 years ago, minecrafter184
Things to add
I love the game but let’s make it even better 1. Make the more modern units like M16s and AK47s stronger. And to make the game have more modern. Cavalry add tanks and army trucks filled with M16s like the chariot. This would make a modern day army amazing. 2. It would be awesome if you add an air category with things like blimps, bombers, and fighter jets. That would completely change the gameplay as well as my 1st suggestion. 3. Take my ideas into consideration to change the game, get better ratings, make more people satisfied, get more downloads, and get more money. This might make your business skyrocket and make me as well as thousands others very very happy
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6 years ago, randomperson2.54
Plz add more troops to the game. It has been a month or more since the berserker was added. You had said that you would add a new troop to the game every week, but you were obviously lying. Pros and Cons of the game: Pros: Fun gameplay Epic troops awesome and creative Both custom, regular, and online battle options You can earn gems fairly quickly Levels mode not too hard Cool music Cons: Ads annoying Glitch where it just shows the last troops, no escape button Epic troops and upgrades outrageously expensive Troops dumb, no retreating Musketeers and Bombs way too OP When I do online battles, people I face are way above me in trophies Crashes sometimes Suggestions: A retreat button Troops will run away if they are at low HP New Online battle mode: Teams. Two players face two other players. Each player gets 1/4 of the battlefield. FIX THE LAST TROOPS GLITCH IT IS SO ANNOYING!!! Add troops from the future, like a laser gun Add troop formations done by the troops when battling, like “Protect Archers” or “Guard Mage Towers” And finally and most importantly, KEEP ADDING A NEW TROOP EVERY WEEK. This game is good, but it, like any game, has its fatal flaws.
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5 years ago, Resqthegods
Fun but needs updates
This is a very fun game, I recommend getting this game, but unless you are willing to pay for it or grind hard, your not getting pass lvl 30 (and/or some other lvls). Just having two Spartans and the Phoenix now is just too hard to beat unless you are willing to pay to buy some of the epic characters. Sorry to be such a droop, but I just don’t see how you can do it. Overall it’s a good game and I recommend it to everyone (Devs if you are reading this then I would recommend to take out the Ak, mini gun, and the other guns that are from modern times because it just doesn’t make sense since almost everything else in the game is from the Greeks or Roman times.
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5 years ago, Animallover22222
Possible new game
Hello, I really enjoy playing these games. I have a idea for a possible new game. In epic battle simulator 1 and 2, there are musket-men, and cannons. I would really enjoy a game that revolves around the revolution/civil war eras. You could have units like officers, riflemen, sword Calvary, different types of cannons like the 10 inch and 15 inch cannons, and also walls which could be used to make forts. Also, maybe even 1 or 2 maps that allow sea-units like blockade runners, 50 gun sloops, and 100 gun sloops. I really enjoy that era in history and would be overwhelmed with joy if you released a game with even half the things I’ve mentioned. Thank you, and have a nice day.
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