Episode - Choose Your Story

4.7 (2.7M)
354.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Episode Interactive
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Episode - Choose Your Story

4.66 out of 5
2.7M Ratings
4 years ago, DodgeGirl97
Absolutely love this game. The only things I would suggest is making it to where instead of using the diamonds to chose the best option in the story we read, why not let us use our diamonds towards tickets? We are only granted 4 tickets in an allotted amount of time. Why not let us buy tickets with the diamonds and let us make our own decisions in the game without being charged for them? And instead of getting just 1 diamond at the end of every episode, why not make it 2 diamonds? Each ticket should cost one diamond that way we can continue reading. You can still offer your deals to buy diamonds and tickets, but for people that use this app to read the stories they love and escape reality to go into fiction, it would be nicer and more combiner for us. As far as designing, please add more backgrounds and maybe add music that people listen too daily to kinda make the story revolve around their preference! There are a lot of stories that involve parties and dancing and the music you hear sounds like it came from the early 2000’s version of strawberry shortcake. We get to customize what our characters look like and their names. Why can’t we pick the music we like too? You can make safety features that make you verify how old you are so you know what music content is suitable for younger and older ages. Again these are just suggestions and the app is amazing. But I feel as if the suggestions would better accommodate your users.
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4 years ago, ValUnHAPPYREADER!!
I really like Episode I’ve played it off and on for a couple of years now. I just recently downloaded it a couple weeks ago since a year ago. The first thing I noticed was the new stories that seem really good. I also know that there has been a lot of changes and I’m not so happy about it. First off you have too many choices that I have to spend diamonds on. I don’t remember having to spend money to make a good choice. I get it y’all have to make your money but not with ALL the choices. I shouldn’t have to use diamonds to make a decision on a change of clothes. I can’t change into nothing different with out having to use diamonds and that’s not fare at all for the reader. Make the game a little more useful for us than you and stop being so money hungry he’ll we all got to eat and I’m not about to keep spending my money on no games that I might not keep that long. So I feel like y’all could at least make it a little more interesting and fun because this is not it. You all are wrong for this and the tickets take too long to refresh. I use to be able to read for hours because my tickets would renew while I read now it don’t start until the chapter of the last ticket ends. THIS GAME HAS OFFICIALLY IRRITATED ME change it back the way it was. Like I said before my rant. I love the new stories I’m glad I don’t have to keep seeing the Pretty Littler Liars, and Mean Girls anymore. Just make it a little more fun to read instead of braking the bank for diamonds and tickets.
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3 years ago, AmarissaBN
many things could be improved
Although this app has many great stories there are many things that could be improved. Number one, diamonds, I find it ridiculous that if I wanted to wear a cute outfit or do something like go to a party I’d have to pay 15 diamonds. They could at least make it reasonable like 5 and give u at least two diamonds at the end of each chapter. Just because of this I only watch the stories where I can choose whatever I’d like even tho there are many that’d I’d like to watch but they don’t allow you to choose the best options unless u have that number of diamonds. Number two, tickets, I feel that we should be given more than four tickets per refill. There are many stories that have a least 50 episodes so it’s kind off annoying that I can only use 4 and then have to wait for like 3 hours for the tickets to refill. Which leads me to number three, waiting time, I absolutely hate when I get to a really good part of a story and my tickets run out and I’m forced to wait 2-3 hours before the refill. I will say they have added ads that you can watch and in return you get 30 minutes off your time but you can only use those about 1 to 2 separate times a day before you are forced to wait another 2-3 hours. In conclusion it would be great if the amount of diamonds needed to pick the most appealing choice could be reduced as well as the amount of time needed to refill the tickets, and if the amount of tickets could be increased.
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4 years ago, jaydenjason
Amazing but there’s some suggestions.
AMAZING GAME. It has so many good stories, it’s like reading a book or watching a movie but it’s just so much better because we get to search through all these peoples creativity not only giving readers a good experience, but make authors express themselves in a good way to make them feel proud! But there a some suggestions I would like to make...So, number ONE. The Diamonds. Yes, the diamonds are very hard to get for a reason and I get they put that in the story for reasons too. It’s like an exclusive to make a story more...more...juicy. BUT. JUST BUT...Why only one diamond a chapter. I feel like I have been ripped off every time I finish a chapter and get only ONE diamond. I have to like watch at least 15 chapters just make one choice in a story! And I need to watch so many ads and get so many passes for that! I feel like there should be at least 2 diamonds given. Or maybe a limit to these prices of these choices to all of the diamond choices. If not, I pity you. And problem number two. The Creating Process. So, I’m the game, you can make some stories. But, why would you limit the process choices to add in your story while in mobile? That’s just way to much work to actually make a GOOD JUICY story on mobile. And the creating on computer is so complicated! You have to do all these codings and stuff. It’s just so confusing! Please, fix this. That’s all I got. But I will keep playing your game because it’s over all a cool app.
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1 year ago, S0m330n3
Great app but needs some adjustments
Okay, so when im saying this im saying this for everyone I’m not the only who’s mad about the diamond pricing? The major issue in this game is just diamonds i understand it gives u a free diamond when u finish a story but it’s just 1 and the choices cost 19 diamonds or more and some people can’t afford these diamonds even if the price is set low im not saying you should change the choices of option to a lower price im just saying to fund a solution to the diamond like finding a way to get diamonds easier maybe like a daily log in or a special event every so often so mire people could enjoy this game without spending money I’d think this could really boost the game if you make getting diamonds much easier and most of the complaints and ratings are mostly because of the diamond issue we understand you need the money for the game, but maybe fix some issues like the diamonds first if you do that it could really boost the game and you would be earning a lot more money. If the developers see this please make the issues solved or find a solution, like i said you could add special events for diamonds, a daily log in, make the diamond price higher when you finish a story LIke getting 5 diamonds instead of 1, or even watch an add for diamonds these wouldn’t be such bad ideas hopefully you take this review to mind and deal with the issues thats been told.
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1 year ago, Queenray7473763
I am a fan
Firstly, I like to say this is the best Episode reading app, the others don’t compare. I read different Episodes from others apps I download, it’s only words💁no movement. Only problem I have some Authors rub you the wrong way! Some Authors that doesn’t allow customizing only use their race, there is no ethic groups… stories are good, change it up once in while. Another issue I have Authors, if there is two love interest, Author either pull their story base on fan base, or if the Author has specific character they like the story goes in the way they chooses. But on good note their are some good Authors take their work very seriously. Another thing I forgot to add, buying gems, it’s gotten very expensive now we have to pay the Authors just to read story ahead time, gems customization, gems for clothing, gems choosing who we end up with, gems keep the story going. Episode has gotten very very expensive. That’s not including passes as well keep up to date with our favorite stories, fun out passes you are basically screwed…. I don’t know why I have been reader since 2018; I don’t have VIP, why I don’t know. I did have the 30 days unlimited passes for 9.99 that’s ended. It’s like I am not valued as faithful fan. Episode I hate this Shard task I have now just to get gems in exchange. Why don’t I have VIP. Tired of waiting read what I want, tired of adds. For that I took away star,
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4 years ago, unicorn7475
love it but it needs help
I love episode and I like the idea of being able to read and have fun at the same time. My two problems are the two problems i’ve seen the most according to the other ratings as well. The diamonds and tickets. The ticket is the most aggravating thing, and I understand that’s how they make their money but only 2 tickets every 3 hours? That is very unfair compared to the 10 minutes I have reading the actual episode. And only if I read one episode and use one ticket in one sitting, the clock doesn’t start till all the tickets are gone! So the next time i’m excited to read I only have one ticket then have to wait more than 3 hours for 2 tickets. And I don’t have money I can spend on a game to but more of the app that should already be there then I get so aggravated that I just delete after all and how is that good for your ratings? Also the diamonds. The diamonds change the whole story and of course that’s the path i want to go down but i cant because i don’t have enough diamonds then it just ruins the whole story (that’s why i like the story’s that don’t have diamonds). And the last thing is the outfits! cmon guys if i’m going to a ball room dance and only have my pajamas to wear? and the other option it 29 diamonds!! that would equal 29 story’s worth of diamonds for just one little part of the story and the next thing you know you didn’t inpress the queen cause you couldn’t wear the dress. Anyways if anyone reads this i appreciate the rant😌
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4 years ago, Mitch "HipDangle" C.
Fun Game, but $ Talks...Too Much
First and foremost, I want to say that this game is actually really fun. Woman or man, it’s very interesting. The storylines are interesting and the variety of stories keeps it interesting. However, there are a couple major issues. In order to complete the stories, you need passes. Once you run out of passes, it takes roughly four hours to get more which is a little excessive amount of time to wait. Not a huge deal however. Secondly, and the biggest inconvenience, you encounter several choices in these stories where you only have two choices and one will need gems in order to make that choice which would progress your character in a positive way. The other choice, which is free, will not and potentially do the opposite. The issue with this is that these choices cost upwards of 19 gems and you only get ONE gem per episode you complete unless you want to spend actual money on gems in the app. Now, since this app has minimal ads, I imagine the majority of their money comes from people buying gems and passes, but I don’t feel like it’s necessarily fair that people are almost forced to buy gems in order to make positive choices in the game even if they can’t/don’t want to spend actual money on them. I’m sure several people, including myself, would be willing to have more ads if it means we actually get more options.
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3 years ago, los,leks,sk
Personal dislikes
Over all I like the game! It’s fun, entertaining, and keeps me busy when I’m bored. But there are a few things I not a big fan of like I don’t really like that you have to work your way up to the full catalog I would see why it could be fun to do this but I think it would be better if you could just read the stories that appeal to you rather then what is provided (though all the stories are very interesting) I just feel it’s a lot of work just to be able to look at all the stories available diamonds are another thing you get one per episode and you have to pay if you want to have any more besides the little activity’s you can do the tickets limit you to maybe two or three stories per day it takes a long time to save up especially when some of the stories ask for around 39 diamonds or more just putting into account that it takes days and weeks to save up just for it to be taken away by an expensive choice so quickly and having to repeat this cycle again and again the diamonds was one of the reasons I stopped playing episode I first started when it was relatively new and at first it was fun kept me entertained I was glued to my screen but eventually I got tired of playing a story then having no diamonds after saving for so long and now a few years later I came back and do enjoy the game but these are just some things I find inefficient and I’m sure others do as well
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3 years ago, Sarafina116
Great but kind of annoying
This is a great game. It has lots of good stories, it is just really hard to earn keys to actually play the game. I know it is all about the money and you have to pay to play, but it just makes it less fun and more people would enjoy it if wasn’t so hard to get what you need to actually play. Isn’t making your players happy more important than getting the most money? You could still have some things cost money so you are making a profit, like paying for no adds or paying for a very large quantity of diamonds or passes. But the passes themselves should be easily earned or at least regenerate over a reasonable amount of time not 1 or 2 hours for each pass, that is ridiculous. And one more thing. Some of the choices cost diamonds. This is a huge pain since diamonds are also hard to earn. Again, really with the money grab? They should at least cost 2-5 diamonds depending on the choice. Because if they cost so many diamonds, I usually end up not getting to choose the choice or look that I would have picked, so the game is really not as free flowing as you think it is. Half of the divisions are made for you since you can’t afford them, that is the worst part of the game i think. If you made it this far, thanks for reading, I hope this helps you decide to download (or not download) this game. And to the developer, maybe at least consider making some of the changes? Thanks!
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4 months ago, grathergrate
Fun, but I hate some features
Let me get started by saying this game is really fun, and I enjoy the stories, and you can make your own and whatnot, but one thing I absolutely hate is the fact that some choices cost “diamonds”, I can agree that maybe some should, but I don’t want to have to pay for every single good choice, it ruins the whole story it becomes boring and unsatisfying. The only way to acquire diamonds is by buying them or earning them at the end of an episode. The “golden” choices cost diamonds, but the amount of diamonds they cost is ridiculous, ranging from like 14 to 30, which is crazy to me, I think it should be like 3-5, or maybe you could watch an ad. You don’t earn enough diamonds to be able to save up. You get 1 when you finish an episode, or you can buy barely any for a ridiculous price. So…. In conclusion I think this game is fun, and if you don’t mind spending a bunch of money to get a good result in your story, go for it I guess, but, really, truthfully, it ruins the game experience. Another thing is the tickets…. You get like 3 tickets every couple hours, the tickets allow you to play episodes, I think they should let us buy tickets using the diamonds, because I want to keep playing, but I have to wait three hours, or pay for more with real money, I also think they should give more diamonds at the end of an episode, maybe like 2, honestly this game just shows how money hungry people are.
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2 years ago, Purple Chan
The game has truly gotten greedy…
When I was younger I used to play this game all the time because of the stories and having access to do whatever I want I didn’t get mad at half of the time when I had to buy diamonds and stuff but it wasn’t an issue because I used to be able to watch videos for diamonds or tickets now it’s like I have to use the money to buy a full version of a game I downloaded what happened to this game? I understand that you guys need money but this is a little too much when did we ever have to pay diamonds for a full version of a experience where we could learn and be interested in stories written by other creators? This game has gotten greedy since it came out the only reason I re-downloaded it just to see how it was when I came in I was confused when I tried to get my account back from minor I am on iOS it kept saying I was logged out or logged in and logged out or logged in. The developers don’t care because they’re making money but don’t they know this is a little bit too much I miss the mean girls series and some of the old series I used to play when I was younger, but no! I can’t even have access to it because I have to do a story they force me to read because of sponsorship or promotion from somewhere this game wants money and the developers don’t care how people feel to get what they want!!
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10 months ago, do vhffv
Looove the game but…
This game is absolutely amazing. It sends the reader into a separate world where they can explore different realities of themselves. But as that is all fun I do have a problem with the game. When I am reading a story and I really get into it, and then I get hit with a premium question but I don’t have enough gems to pick the choice that I’d prefer it’s honestly devastating (in my opinion) because I have basically built somewhat of an emotional connection with the story and when I have to be forced to choose a choice I know, I DON’T WANNA CHOOSE, simply because I don’t have enough gems to decide. First what I think would make the game more enjoyable for most people including myself is if you would give us a head start in the gems we have when we first get the game. Let me explain. Like if when someone first gets the game the game automatically gives the reader like 20 gems to start with, so that way they when they first start playing they don’t have to be disappointed instantly. Second. Whenever the reader gets finished with a chapter instead of getting only one gem Maybe they can get 3 or 5 gems, that way it can feel more rewarding whenever you finish an episode. These are just some of my suggestions but I truly think if the game would give us a little more freedom when it comes to the choices and gems the reader receives that it would not only make the game more enjoyable but also rewarding and exiting for the reader to experience. 😊
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5 years ago, mynameisnotyourbu
Great app.. minor issue... but still amazing
First off. I love episode I have had this app since the sixth grade so that’s been what.. 5 years now. I’ve been obsessed with this app since their classic characters and I’ve never got enough. The people on here are amazing and truly have talent. I feel like episode is the perfect base for people to start and learn how to write. However recently I’ve been having this minor problem where it won’t let me get into the app. It just says error and exits me out. I’ve tried shutting of my phone and turning it back in and deleting/ re downloading the app and it still tells me this. I just wanted to put this out there for episode to see and if anyone else has this problem. But regardless this is an amazing app and I would recommend it to anyone. And if you are apart of LGBTQ+ they do have stories like that as well! And they also have stories that take place in Highschool/ college. And stories with mystical creatures and so much more. They have all sorts of genres to choose from so I’m sure whatever you like to read will be on there. It is more of a romance based app though but not all stories have that happy ending. If you’re deciding to get this app I would 100% recommend it and even if you feel like you’re not into that type of stuff. Just down load it and see how you feel. I’m sure it will change your mind on reading if you’re not a reader.
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5 years ago, only two problems
Kinda getting annoying
This is a pretty cool app, I love the story’s and the design but there are really on two problems I have. Number one is the diamonds, it isn’t really fair for the people who can’t buy them to have to wait to get them. We have to choose options that effect our story but because we don’t have the amount we need we get stuck with the bad ones that almost ruin the entire story for us! The fact that there is only two ways of getting them and one of them is just playing is annoying. We either have to push through not having them and choose bad options or we have to waste tickets on a story just so we can get diamonds! Please fix this. My other problem is the story’s we can make ourselves. It’s a great idea and I absolutely love it, especially sense you can’t have diamond options but the design of the characters are different and it’s to hard to make. The episode story’s have an amazing design and I really applaud the people who make them but why don’t the users get the same design? It’s unfair and really a waste. I’m sure a lot more people would use episode if they had the same chances for characters. My other problem with the story’s is it’s way to hard to make. I’ve tried several times to make it and I’ve failed every time because of the difficulty. You should make more animations, backgrounds and clothes. Also give a better tutorial so we understand how to do it more. Other than that this app is perfect, change those things and it can be five stars.
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5 years ago, Mystee Dawn
I downloaded this for an offer in another app. I had seen advertisements before on social media, but didn’t seem like anything I’d get into. I expected to only get through the few chapters I had to, in order to receive my gems in the initial game. But after those fewchapters, I ended up reading more and more, finding myself constantly checking for passes. Sometimes, it can get frustrating to not have passes when you’re reallyinto reading the story, but you can watch ads to reduce time, or you can get so many after reading a certain amount. They also give so many passes after a couple of hours. I normally rate an app, based on how much they keep my interest, as well as their support/customer service. It’s definitely kept my interest, as I’m constantly coming back to the app each time I get the baby settled or he’s distracted. I’ve only dealt with customer service twice with once hoping for something I’d googled about subscriptions to passes (which are no longer available/offered), and the other with an issue with one of the ads. Both times were responded to within 24 hours (very good timing, as most take days, or never respond), and the issue I had with an ad freezing, they were aware of and looking for a fix, but compensated me with the loss of my items (very quickly). I definitely have to rate the app a 5, and the customer service. They’re great!
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4 years ago, AVE ANDLEN PLAYS!
Love it!!!
I love this game I love story games there cool I think but if you think you don’t like the game well that’s okay it’s not me it’s you that don’t like the game so I play this game every day and I really like the story love on fire it’s cool and in that story I look hot and I’m a lesbian so I date girls on the game but sometimes you have to date a boy and that’s okay to me and and I also love the story my brothers hot friend I love that one but do not not look like my family because I did not know they were gonna look like that because they show you then but that’s ok I love the game I am 18 so I can get this game and my sister is 11 her name is max and my name is opal and i love this game so much and will forget this game and my sister has this game it’s her birthday in 6 more days and I can’t wait that means she is gonna 12 because she was 11 can’t wait and add more to the and story’s so there is more cool story’s to do and I also have a brother he’s 20 years old and he’s name is mike and I have a girlfriend she is 18 like me and her name is Blake and she’s really cute and kind the only thing that is sad about her is that she has cancer 😔 her brother died 13 yeas ago her brother was 16 and he was kind helping her sister and he’s friends and family and people he’s name was Zach and I have a job but I’m not gonna tell you where and I live in Canada and thank you for his game it is my favorite game I have played in years!!!
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3 years ago, Krysix_
Please change the gems system
episode is a really great game for boredom as well as people getting hooked onto visual stories, but the problem comes when you have to spend gems for something and you have to buy them instead of watching ads. I would rather watch ads instead of having to buy every single time I wanted to make a premium choice. ads can get you more renovate revenue than you think and they could give the people what they want which is gems without having to pay for anything nor going through a bunch of episodes where are they basically pick the “bad choice”. I really don’t like picking the bad choice and I know that a lot of people don’t like it either and if you want to and if you want to have people play your game instead of hacking it then I suggest putting ads into the games or putting it in the offers icon to where people can watch ads for gems instead of just buying it all the time because sure get you more money but my god is it so annoying especially whenever you’re one jam away from making a choice that you really want to make but you have to pay for a bunch of unnecessary gems that you didn’t even want again rant over but still I would rather just have ads in the offer button to where we can watch ads for more gems instead of having to read four episodes of it a series that we are not very interested in
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2 years ago, mia mcgivney
Ticket issues
I love this app to death but they make me have to wait about 2 to 3 hours just to get 4 tickets! I hate having to do that because there really good story on there and I would have to wait 3 hours for 4 more Tickets and do it again and again. Sometimes I just wanna delete the app but I don’t cus I don’t wanna loose the story’s, but it’s just hard when u have to wait 3 hours to read a good story. Why are people having to wait 3 hours for only 4 tickets, for that we should get like 18 tickets for 3 hours of a wait... the sad part is episode doesn’t even look at the bad reviews on there app! Some people have gem problems like we have to read 1 chapter to get 1 gem or we have to use like 5 gems just to get a outfit or to say a quote like”should I tell him I love him” and u gotta play like 10 gems for that but if u pick “I’m not going to say anything it will make me look weak” it’s free but it’s messing our story up! Episode should really change! People are hating the app for stupid stuff so much that hundreds of people are deleting the app everyday. I have been here since the first month it was out and this has away been a issue that they have never fixed! Episode please do this for us and fix the app if your gonna give us 4 tickets make us wait like 5 min for them instead of making us wait 3 hours......
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4 months ago, LaniGrly
Great app but needs improvements
I played this app for many years, and I always loved it. But I was reading other peoples reviews and couldn’t agree with them more. The fact that we have to go through all these tasks surveys and watching ads to get diamonds is becoming a little annoying. A lot of the stories have choices with diamonds but the diamonds a are way too expensive. If the diamonds were cheaper, maybe we wouldn’t be complaining. When it comes to changing an outfit, that should be free. And I agree with one of the reviewers that the diamonds should maybe go towards tickets instead. However, I do like that we get achievements throughout the stories, and the achievements go towards our gems Another thing I want to add is we should have the option of taking off tattoos on our crushes. I know the characters are supposed to represent a bad boy but I just don’t like tattoos on my men soooo. lol. Option would be great to change that if we have the choice to change features anyway. I just find the that the process we have to go through to earn gems is really making the app less exciting. Maybe there can be other ways to earn such as fun booo related contest. Or POLLS is a good idea. The gumball machine keeps giving me clothes for my profile which I don’t need. I also feel like there should be an option to reset the story if we mess up instead of that story being saved.
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1 year ago, The Real Nugget :)
Amazing, but three complaints
This game is amazing, like the story are juicy and good, you can make your customize your episode character and make your own profile which is so cool, but I have three complaints. 1. THE DIAMONDS ARE STUPID! Each episode you complete you get just ONE diamond. ONE. And most gold questions are 14-30 diamonds. I would suggest instead of only one diamond you get two or three, now that would be a lot better and also there’s this chest thingy with 60 diamonds you can unlock but it’s 2.99 or something which is stupid to me. I would rather watch a bunch of ads other than that, and speaking of ads there annoying. 2. I know all games have them but at least how different ones! I keep seeing this one ad over and over and the app doesn’t even work so what’s the point of showing that? 🤦‍♀️ 3. After you log in for the day you get four passes which allows you to actually play the game but it’s so dumb that you only get four. Now there are some games that have an infinity number next to it meaning: you can play it as many times as possible which I like but there’s only a few story’s with them (two right now I think) I think it’s better if you get at least six passes because not all people are only reading two or only one story’s.. Please please please consider these and I’ll bump the rating to a five star. If not and the app because worse then it’s going to a two. Thank you so much for reading and have a good day 🙏
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4 years ago, 283958282048492
Stories by Episode are insufferable due to gem price
I absolutely love the user stories, there are no premium options and the story actually goes how you want it to. I have seen so many reviews on how annoying the premium options can be on stories created by Episode. It's very true and you'd think the creators would have changed it by now. The cost for the premium choices range from 14-30 gems which is absolutely ridiculous seeing as there are about 6 premium options in every episode and you only get 1 gem per completed chapter. If you don't pick the premium options, then you get the crappy side of the story. The only way to afford them is to buy gems. It costs $2 for 22 gems, which gets you one premium option. It's absurd how much you expect us to pay if you're not going to take into consideration the feelings of the people playing and using your app. Not to mention, when we download your app, play your games and watch the ads on your story, it's already giving you money per person. I mean how greedy do you guys feel the need to be? If you download this, I suggest reading the stories you have to in order to unlock everything and then going straight into the stories created by users of the app, instead of the gem inspired stories. Sorry this was so long but if you read it then thank you!
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7 years ago, PlsDontBotherMe
Not just me
Episode is great, don’t get me wrong. I honestly love it so much and I play episode almost every day. But the passes and gem situation is very frustrating. You have so many downloads, and you guys probably want to keep it that way. So if I were you, I would try putting yourself in a different position and ask, “Would I be frustrated if I waited 4 hours to get 2 passes?” I definitely would be. 2 measly passes after waiting for 4 hours! That’s insane. Now I need to point out one thing though, they do give 4 passes every 4 hours of you continuously play episode. that seems a bit more reasonable. As I said I love episode, but maybe change it to 4 passes in 4 hours all the time, not just if u play episode a lot. Some people can be very inpatient and might just delete the app as soon as they see how long you need to wait. Also, maybe consider a thing where you can watch ads in order to get a pass?! please consider. One last thing. Some stories actually have tons of choices to choose! There’s the rlly bad choice you have to choose, or the really good choice. But you don’t really get to choose the one you want unless you have TONS of gems. And I mean TONS. Especially the pretty little liars. I honestly love it sm. But srsly? Almost 40 gems just to choose a good choice?! It makes me furious. Maybe have a limit for authors for about 10 gems per choice.
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7 months ago, Syd2357
Love episode
I’ve been playing episode since 2014 now , and there are certain features I miss with the old versions of course , like the mean girls which was ICONIC . The Demi Lovato stories too are just simply nostalgic to a lot of people . I think the gumball addition is so cute and fun ! , I love how they switch it up and it’s a new gumball theme every 2 days , and the prizes are really cute . The cottage core one is my favorite one at the moment , but I’ve won all of the outfits from the other ones too ! Adds a lot of backgrounds and more exclusive outfits to the game for your personal avatar which is really cool . Love how they added daily rewards too so if you like to play every day (like me) you get rewarded for it ! I am an episode VIP customer and love it , I feel like more people would be interested in getting VIP if you did a 3 day free trial so people can experience the luxury of no ads because I genuinely think I’ll never go back to watching those ads before reading . And pass free reading on episode official stories is GREAT for getting extra gems , and just enjoying the stories because you don’t waste passes if you are one of the people who read them strictly for gems . I think they could bring some of the old features back , like being able to write a story on mobile and stuff but other than that the new updates have been really great and I’m excited to see what’s new
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4 years ago, Athena Nerd 16
Pros and Cons
I like Episode, but there are a lot of faults. First off, a lot of the stories only have choices that cost gems. For example, Protect Me (Always) had not a SINGLE choice that didn’t cost gems. Also, I think the rewards for reading an entire story should be more than 1 gem. Finishing a story should be at least three or four gems. I appreciated how in the Demi Lovato story you could earn gems in the actual gameplay, which made it much more appealing to me. Also, many of the stories have inappropriate material, and a majority of users are children, but I do appreciate the addition of warnings about content. I have seen many reviews about passes, but that doesn’t bother me too much, but maybe as time goes on, you can earn more than 4 passes as added incentive to continue playing. That being said, there are definitely some perks to episode. I think that many of the stories are beautifully written and they compel me to keep reading. Most of them portray real life problems and issues but I still feel they are captivating. I definitely appreciate how most of the stories if not all are LGBTQ plus friendly. Also I think the aspect of designing your own character’s appearance and deciding a name is super fun and useful, end it lets the reader feel in control, as well as doesn’t give the opportunity to discriminate between races or anything. Overall, although there are so many things I would change about episode, this is definitely a game worth keeping!
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4 years ago, my love of episode
Just want to say first that I really love episode and I have been reading these stories for a very long time but just a few days ago I was having some issues with the app. I went to read one of my favorite stories and it popped up telling me I had to agree to the terms and conditions and it has never done that before and also I noticed that all my stories were not listed on my favorites they were back in the genres. Also when I tried to read my story it took me back to the very beginning and I was already on chapter 20 or so in fact it did all my stories like that. It wouldn’t even let me save them to my favorites. I’m am really upset about this so I sent in a complaint to support and they sent me an email telling me they had to restore the app and that I had to uninstall the app which I did and that they would let me know when I could reinstall the app which I haven’t heard anything back from them yet and I have been trying to find out how long this process would take because I miss reading my stories but they won’t answer me back which is really aggravating. I’m just trying to find out about this issue so could you please find out something for me and let me know cause I would love to get back to reading my stories cause I love episode. Thank you
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7 months ago, the better kenny benny
Fun but money hungry
Ive been playing episode for a long time and at the beginning I enjoyed it. I remember not always having enough diamonds to make the better decisions and that’s how I found user stories. Not only were user stories well written they also did not force you to spend 29 gems on one decision and they had way more episodes then the regular stories produced by episode. I thought I had hit the jackpot until episode noticed user stories were deemed better so they gave author’s the ability to make choices cause gems. This upset me as I enjoy supporting author’s but it’s not fun to read my favorite stories when every time I make a decision it cost me money .Years ago you would get 4 tickets every 3 hours and now it’s only 2 tickets. Inflation in episode is everywhere and its very upsetting. Every choice in an original episode story cost 29 gems. Making 5 choices would cost you 145 gems. To even get 145 gems you would need to spend $20. Thats insane and there are way more then 5 choices in one single episode. I have 1 more ticket left and now they are telling me I can’t read the next 3 episodes of a user story unless I wait an hour or unless I give them 7 gems. This is insane you can not do a single thing or you will be spending money and a lot of it. Please do better episode and make this app usable again, if this keeps up I will be deleting my account soon and taking my business elsewhere.
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7 months ago, Shelia macks
I mean I guess
It’s a great game honestly however it’s still got the same issues that made me delete it a year ago. The diamonds concept is stupid you can’t do certain parts of the story without diamonds but you’re expected to earn diamonds by completing chapters which you can only do 4 times at most every three hours. Yea that really motivates me to play.🤡 you miss out on so many things in the Beginning chapters bc you just started and there definitely ain’t no bonus diamonds you get the first option of every story free but that doesn’t do much when there’s 12 different choices that all take diamonds in different scenarios and if you don’t have $10 or more to put into a new app don’t expect to get far. The game has potential I used to love it before they made all these changes to it but as it sits in my opinion it’s just blatantly annoying. It’s got potential to be one of the top games on the market if they actually listen to their users and care about something other than stuffing their own money hungry pockets. Y’all have irritated and disappointed nearly every previous user of episode and you still refuse to turn any eye to the matter? Won’t be using this again until changes are figured out and better solutions are found I’m not playing a game to stuff your pockets it’s a waste of my time and I’d enjoy reading a plain book so much more I don’t mind missing out on the experience episode offers.
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2 years ago, Jollyrancher2000
Sorry for the lengthy review but…
I love love love this game so much. It makes it so easy to escape the real world. I love how I’m able to read a good story and see what’s happening in the story at the same time and the different outfits and life choices and everything are perfect. My only complaint is the money that I spend on this app. All the good choices cost so many diamonds and not only is it so many diamonds but it’s every couple of minutes that you get to chose a premium choice and it’s not fair because after buying one choice of 19 or more diamonds you don’t have enough left to buy another premium choice which results in buying more diamonds just to lose them all in one episode. This game is the best interactive story game out there and I really do love it but I hate that I’m spending about $20 for each episode. I’ve deleted this game so many times because it’s addictive and such a money waster. I won’t be downloading this game again until the prices are lowered or the rules are changed. I saw a review that said something about spending diamonds to buy tickets instead of waiting so long and it sounds like a great idea to me. I think episode is great but I don’t like spending so much money just to get a premium choice cause it’s not fair to those who want to read and choose the good choices but can’t afford to keep buying diamonds every episode.
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4 years ago, dancer girl101
Way to expensive
I’m going to start off with all the things I like about Episode. For one thing, I love how it is interactive and the stories are super fun to read. But I don’t like how much the outfits cost that don’t even really effect the story for example, I bought an exclusive outfit and used up all of my gems and all the characters were super impressed, but then, it gave me the option to pay for an exclusive scene so really!?!? I wasted all my gens on an outfit that didn’t even get me a bonus scene which is ssuuppeerr annoying. And if I don’t get the exclusive outfit? Everyone overreacts and says I look awful which is also annoying. Then there’s the fact that I saved up to get this outfit I really wanted and I was reading the last story that I needed to get the last gem when all of a sudden it gave me a choice to pay for a scene but I didn’t want to but, my finger slipped and hit the exclusive option and I didn’t even get a chance to confirm which was super annoying because I didn’t even want that in the first place!! The gems are also basically impossible to save up because you only get one per chapter which I think is unfair. Last but not least, I would like it if you could make it so that I can change my characters height and body type because it is not realistic that all the girls are shorter than all of the guys and all is the guys are super fit and have six-packs whole all of the girls are super skinny and have big hips and a small waste.
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5 years ago, Hcurrey
Passes and Time
I love the interactive stories this has to offer and their plots are intriguing as well. However it not only takes forever to get passes but the timer on it is glitchy. For example, just now I went back to the app around 6 o’clock 6:30pm and it is currently 9pm. I used the rest of my four passes before 7 and it showed 3 and a half hours left but when I just checked it was telling me I still had to wait for 2 and a half hours instead of one and a half. That’s an hours extra wait time. Players shouldn’t have to use all four passes in order to reset the timer to earn more. It should be an hour or even half an hour for each pass with the option to watch ads (limited number per day) in order to earn more. Additionally players should be able to watch ads and earn gems, even if it’s just two or three at a time because we want to be able to play the game fully. Also for whatever reason I feel super guilty when I don’t do the premium option but that could just be my anxiety and lack of friends in the real world. Anyways the timer can be super glitchy and needs to be fixed as well as the opportunity to earn passes or just have a shorter waiting period. The pass timer being glitchy and awful has happened to me before on multiple occasions and I would like that to be fixed. The lack of ways to obtain extra passes and the unearned wait time really sets what otherwise is a really fun break, back two stars.
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6 years ago, NoeyTheUnicorn
Like it/don’t like it
Don’t get me wrong, great game! The stories are all nicely hard worked on, and detailed. But then it comes to hatred! Seriously, I know this isn’t real life but...would you have to pay diamonds to wear something nice that you already have in your closet! No! At least have a source of some sort to earn them, instead of waiting a day to only earn like 1. I understand you want to make money off of your game, but this is to much! Those people who are insanely rich probably don’t have a problem, but I’m sure those people who don’t have iTunes money and stuff are sick of having to wait a whole day for diamonds and 3-4 hours for only 3-4 tickets! Really, in all honesty I would actually watch like 17 ads to get a few diamonds and tickets rather than waiting a day, and 3-4 hours. It’s true. I just want to watch my story without waiting a whole 3-4 hours. Also the diamonds is just outrageous. How would you feel, in real life, there’s a nice dress/suit in your closet. Would you straight out pay 20 diamonds when it’s already in your closet. Or would you just stick to a old, ugly outfit? I’m so tired of this, it honestly wants to make me delete the game from stress of diamonds! Who knew a diamond could make you stressed? Yes! I am STRESSED! So please fix this or this game goes in the trash for me! Not trying to be rude but it seems it’s the only way I can make my point! So for random review readers..if your about to download the app just know what’s coming your way!
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3 years ago, GoldenBubblez
i really enjoy playing episode but I've noticed it's really buggy. sometimes while watching ads, right when they're about to finish and i'm able to ready it'll freeze and i have to close the app and start over with the ads. my profile also tends to disappear or log me out and i can never log back in so i have to create a whole new account. and now recently i'm trying to buy vip but a bunch of symbols like %@/ will show up instead of the price and when i click buy, it doesn't work. my suggestions would be to first fix the bugs and 2, even though everyone always says this, decrease the time for the passes. 3 hours is a long time and i have other things to do throughout the day and because of the wait i'll often forget about episode and it'll delete itself. and maybe consider making it so after you read a story where u can add gems, depending how long the story is you should be able to earn anywhere from 1-3 gems. i've read a lot of LONG stories with many gem options and they're always 20-30 gems just to make a decent option to keep the story going in the direction you want and then at the end you only earn 1 which isn't gonna get you anywhere in the story. and lastly idk if this is an option or not since i'm not an episode author but i would suggest making smoother animations or having it so authors can make their own so it doesn't look so choppy and animated if this isn't a thing already.
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6 years ago, just_melexy
It’s good but....
The game is really good but I’ve seen some issues that I have and some that other people may have the first is the passes issue I’m not getting mad I don’t really like that you have to wait hours just to get three passes sometimes I don’t even get three I get two I was thinking maybe watching adds to get more passe. 2 gems I know that you have to pay or watch episodes for gems but I was thinking maybe just giving more than just one an episode maybe like ten or five. 3 choices when I do an episode like Cameron dalles or pitch perfect I sometimes run into choices that require 20 gems I certenly do not like that I think that no choices should give gems and I understand that the choices are pretty big like you get a cool dress but I still don’t think choices should require gems it’s just unnecessary and I think you should take that out and lastly I don’t think this happens to evreyone but every time I try to make a a episode of my own it dosent let me it says story has eneded would you like to create and it doesn’t let me create that started about a week ago and last every time before that happened I finessed my episode series it wouldn’t let me post it to real and i got mad cause I worked really hard on it so those are some things I think you should fix but otherwise I really love the app and think it’s amazing
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3 years ago, Personwhobreaths
I love this so much...but the diamonds
Episode has its ups and downs yes, but it’s a fabulous app for all kinds of stories and fiction! I don’t read a lot, and this is my source for literature! It’s like a moving comic book to me. Most of the stories on there are super fun and interesting, sometimes getting me all riled up. The only unfortunate thing I would say is how expensive some of the golden choices are in the front page stories. 40 diamonds at most! I only get 1 diamond per episode read, that is crazy! It takes me forever to even save up 20 diamonds. I get it you want us to spend money on you, but come on, one diamond per episode?...help a person out here. I’ve even stopped reading most of the front page stories because of this, and began reading the lesser known stories, which are much better in my opinion anyway. But also, those smaller stories don’t give you any diamonds for reading them.. so after I read a bunch of small stories and go to a bigger one, I have little to no diamonds to spend on the golden choices. Now, I’ve learned to get over it, mostly because it’s not like the golden choices really effect the outcome of your story anyways. Most choices in the stories really don’t. I say to any new readers, the lesser known stories are extremely fun and heartwarming! Give them a try they are the best ones.
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5 years ago, _H4lo
Needs Some Work.
The concept of this game is amazing, having a bunch of different stories, choices and personalities to chose from but the fact that most of the choices are locked away if you don’t have gems is really disappointing. Even in the first 3 stories you are given nothing really happens if you don’t have any gems, all you get to do are the blander choices and the stories goes on and on with filler to get that ONE chapter that you read 12 other chapters for. Honestly it’s very disappointing, even though that may be the case it may still be fun seeing what happens without them. But also the way tickets are given is very strange, the 2 tickets that you get are given ever 3 hours, but the 3 hour timer doesn’t start till after you use all of them. Which means you get to read 2 chapters every 3 HOURS, even though it only takes maybe 5-15 minutes to read a chapter. You should instead just get them every 3 hours no matter if you’ve used the previous 2 or not. The gem choices should be lower especially in the starting 3 stories. Some of the choices will be from 20-50 gems even though you start with 0 gems at the beginning of the game. The fact that this games REQUIRES you to buy big amounts of tickets and gems is ridiculous. If the game developers would find a better way to profit the game would become much more enjoyable for its players/readers.
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5 years ago, iltg=i love this game:))))
Dear,whoever made this game:) OK so in this review I will be telling you all of the good things about this game. None of the bad things about this game. So this game is really great and I really appreciate the developers and yeah, so this game has a lot of stuff and okay I will be telling you one of the bad things I just barely downloaded this game and I read a review just very that said if you play it for a long time you won’t have to wait three hours to get your tickets back so you can play the game and I had to wait three hours for one I don’t know well I haven’t stop having to wait three hours I really appreciate this game and that’s why I’m kinda disappointed about this. Sorry that was a really long sentence. Ok here we go OK here we go I said that’s what is sorry I know this is it really bad or you OK if we talk about the good things then one of the things is that the characters are honestly to me it look like real people like the way you rock the waiting room and like the way that they kind of like I don’t know like what kind of talk there like talking like a real person moving like a real person and it’s just kind of like honestly if I were to be like a Real person in one of those characters I am are you a joke I would not know how to do this I honestly do not act like that but yeah there’s a lot of things that are really good about this game OK will thanks for making the game I guess:) Love, Makynli
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5 years ago, swooten223
Best Interactive Story App
I have had this app since the beginning. It’s the one app I’ll never delete. So many amazing stories with beautiful storylines and plots and incredible animation/directing/art work. Once you’re done with one story then there’s thousands more to choice from. Literally every storyline you can think of is on here and I love the diversity. The app itself is great and easy to navigate and I love how you can personalize your own profile on here and have a list of recommended stories. My favorite part of the app is the fact that anyone can create stories in here much like Wattpad but I’m strictly a reader as I don’t have the skill set to direct my own stories on here because it definitely takes skill to create the ‘episodes’ but I enjoy the other users story greatly. The only thing I don’t like about the app is the featured stories that the app’s team makes because they often cost a lot of money for gem choices and sometimes those gem choices are the only desirable option or the only way to dress nice and for people who cannot afford those choices can miss out on important scenes and also those storylines tend to have terrible plots so you waste your money on gem choices for a mediocre story. I do use the unlimited passes for $9.99 a month which is worth it if you read a lot on this app though!
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10 months ago, Jenna Mann
This is so silly
Even though there are like millions of reviews and no one will see this one I thought it would be fun to write. Honestly I just got this app and it’s super fun! I don’t really like how if you want a good option you have to spend money.. i’m a cheapskate LOL so I haven’t spent a penny on this game no matter how tempting. It makes me laugh because of how much this game will pressure you to spend money, i’m not even mad it’s hilarious. They will straight up be like: You can wear this STUNNINGGG beautiful gorgeous breathtaking amazing dress and wow everyone else and win your life savings for 29 diamonds 💙💗💙💙 OR you can wear that garbage bag of a dress i wouldn’t be caught dead in with stains all over that will make everyone else faint from horror for free.. 💀 and then when i pick the free option sometimes they will even second guess me like ARE U SURE UR PICKING THAT 🚨🚨 everyone side eyes me so hard and judges me and im like sorry bro i don’t have free will in this app 💀 but i just really like playing because it’s so silly and i love the emojis they put when an option has the smirking emoji if always makes me laugh and that’s all i have to say if ur bored play this app it’s funny and just so u know it will be okay if you don’t spend money you will be judged but it won’t affect the story drastically or anything
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1 year ago, Honeycomb_18🍯
Tickets and Gems
Sadly I’m only putting 2 stars not because of the story’s themselves but because of what you have to do just to read another story. Like it’s not ok that you only get two tickets when the story has like 3 characters each, and when you run out of tickets you have to wait hours just to get two more. Honestly if there were 5 maybe even 6 tickets we wouldn’t have to wait so long just to see another story,and even though I like the cliffhangers I want to be able to make a choice if I want a cliffhanger or not, like if I want to continue reading or not. Also another thing is that it’s annoying that you only get one gem every time you finish a story, and I say that’s unfair because if you want to make a good choices in the game you have to almost set yourself up for failure because you don’t have enough gems so I think if we were given at least 8 maybe 10 gems when we finish a chapter of a story we would not have to wait so long before your able to make good decisions. Also one more thing if you don’t put the (make a good decision gems) so high because with it being so high and not getting enough gems you have to pick a choice that you never wanted to pick and possibly not have the best story. So if you could lower the good decision gem amount not so high so that if your a beginner you can still enjoy making good ones and ones that are unexpected. So that you. But other then that it has good story’s so far.
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2 years ago, shhfyn
i really do love this game but a lot of things have changed with the prices and the ways to earn gems & passes without having to pay i don’t know why you guys decided to remove the daily prize thing were you could earn passes or diamonds after certain days and earning extra passes after reading 4 chapters of a story it’s sad plus the vip subscription is very expensive $15 for only a month seems overpriced & even buying gems & passes alone are overpriced also the episode official stories are honestly interesting and i would like to read them but the choices in chapters of getting to pick better options/actions and better looking options is so expensive you guys charge so many diamonds for one single outfit change i’m pretty sure i’ve seen ones that cost up to 50 gems just for a pretty looking outfit it would be better if you were to decrease the amount of diamonds for these choices the episode official stories would probably even get more reads than the community stories if it were to be like that either way for now i’m sticking to community stories they’re really good to read and have better story plots and choices than the episode official ones and choices are free it also seems u fair how in order for authors to get their stories to be popular the readers must donate gems for this to happen even though the author gets millions of reads and positive feedback that’s not enough anymore
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4 years ago, skull fave
I love the game but theirs a bit an issue and a problem...
Okay so I have been playing this game since I was in 5th grade but I deleted because I was really busy, then a past of months plus year’s have been past so I re-download it again but now I have this problem, it won’t let me in then it would like take like a bit of 5 mins or maybe more to let me in but it didn’t. Well if you open the app the first thing is you see Is Welcome We can’t wait for you to start your new story okay then so you look down and see this red thing which is loading part but for me it didn’t EVEN load properly to be honest like it suddenly glitch. So then I was just waiting to open my game then suddenly this sign thing or a warning pop out-( idk if this is a warning but I didn’t do anything like I didn’t cheat or etc. I just want to play this game again because I’ve missed it for such a long time )- Like out of nowhere and said this to me: TIME OUT The connection is timed out. Please retry to connect the server, okay so I did fix my connection so then I try again but it didn’t so I try and try again but it didn’t even work. Okay so I have WANTING to play this game again but the problem is I can’t i don’t know if this a problem or something but please try to fix this! that’s all I want plus I want all kids or everyone to enjoy this game again please fix this issue. Please and Thank you.
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4 years ago, SakuraSprings
Pretty Good
I won’t deny it, the game’s entertaining. I find myself genuinely frustrated to have to wait 3 1/2 hours to keep playing again. I just wish the game would stop guilt tripping the player to constantly spend money so they can wear something or do an exciting action to change events in the story. It just bothers me how much manipulation is in the dialogue. The game should be happy to let you use the normal route, not trying to convince you to use your money about three times per chapter. (This applies to the story I’m playing through.) But other than that, the character design’s pretty nice, the story doesn’t seem half bad, and I do feel pretty happy playing when I’m not being asked to pay money. The storyline does seem to try to convince the player they’re supposed to be interested in one character, even if they don’t like them at all. I’ve seen multiple instances of this, but I don’t think I need to name any specifics. In summary, the game’s pretty great when it’s not trying to tell you what you should be doing. It’s truly great at the points where you have your choices to make. I think it’s pretty good, overall. I suggest it to people, but trust me, you don’t need to pay them money. The story will survive without it. If you want to spend your money, feel free, but don’t let them manipulate you too much. It’s called a “choose your story” game for a reason.
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5 years ago, beehive03
Love This Game But......
About two years ago, I installed this app and FELL IN LOVE with it❤️I would ALWAYS play it, but an issue had begun and I had to delete it. Last week I re-installed the app because I missed the stories. When it finished downloading and I started reading, I noticed that after the 3 tickets it gave me, I had to wait 20 minutes to play AGAIN. Which kinda surprised me because the last time that I had played the game *2 yrs ago* I could watch an ad, gain a ticket, and easily start playing again. But since nothing ever stays the same, I accepted the fact and waited the 20 mins. Today I went to play again, wasted my 3 tickets and it told me that I had to wait 3 HOURS. Now I understand 20 minutes but to wait 3 HOURS FOR 3 TICKETS IS KINDA STUPID. People are more likely to stop using the app because nobody spends money on a game, and waiting 3 hours doesn't make sense. I would REALLY REALLY appreciate it if you could find another way for us readers to gain tickets. For example , if the reader were to finish reading ,“Watch This Ad For A Free Ticket” and instead of making the person wait, have them watch an ad and start playing again. That will benefit both you, the creator, and us, the readers. I would really love that. I really do like this game but I disagree with having to wait more than 20 minutes on end. I hope you take this into consideration. Have a good day❤️
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2 years ago, Shadowingstars
Review from someone who’s been playing for years
Over the years, I’ve seen many methods invented by the developers to for lack of a better term “better” Episode. The concept of the game and how it works isn’t the problem. However I (and multiple other people) have a problem with the system the game uses to function. I understand that these games probably take a lot of money to run but having ads after every chapter of every story seems extremely desperate. Additionally, the ads don’t give you anything beside access to the chapter and many of the official games require a LOT of diamonds to make choices the story “favors” you make. Also, I hate how the “Episode VIP” pass offers barely the minimum for the game while being $15, I know it’s your choice to spend the money but $15 a month is a lot and in many places the minimum wage is under $14. AND, I don’t know if this is just for me but after a few chapters I get a message saying “The chapter will be released in a few hours…” which is so frustrating especially when I have tickets left, the tickets don’t go over the number of 4 unless you purchase them/get them from the daily streak it ruins the experience for me and makes it very frustrating. I also see many people talk about how the game is inappropriate but that is how the game is advertised. But in essence, episode is not a bad game, it’s just very frustrating with the credit system they have right now.
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4 years ago, Alexys Rae
Great app
I’ve always loved this app, and it has come so far over the last few years. One thing I have noticed though is that in all the main stories if you don’t have the money to get the coolest clothes or to do certain activities, you’re made to feel bad about it! I get that it’s a tactic to real in money but when young girls (and boys) learn this kind of thing they get subconsciously aware of their societal class and it’s almost implying that they won’t be able to get those clothes, fame, relationships, or hang out with certain people unless they have money. It’s not good! I think there should be at least some stories (that aren’t the user stories, even though those are great!) that don’t make you pay with diamonds for cool events or fashion. We’d rather watch some ads to be able to do these things, compared to spending real money on diamonds! But on a different note, they’ve got so many great stories in the User Stories section! I have literally almost read all of them. They have such talented writers on here! And in those stories you don’t have to pay for scenes, friends, or clothes, so to anyone who may want to consider getting this app, there’s a huge plus! Also they have updated the facial features and clothing on the characters to look much better and more realistic. Now they’re more varietal and very inclusive when it comes to skin tones, hairstyles and body types. I totally recommend this app if you like to read!
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3 years ago, Emily_Claire54
Love but needs some improvements I think
Episode is a really great fun app that truly does have amazing stories but I wish we didn’t have to buy gems for every story to get the good scenes and dialogue. We have to pay 19-30 gems for a good outfit and if we don’t we have to wear sleep clothing? Also I wish there were more ways to get passes and that you could stack them up easier rather than just paying a bunch of money. Also I would like the idea of a “continue reading” shelf where stories you have started will be and where you can remove them if you don’t wish to continue reading. I want this because my “Favorites” section gets to filled up with stories because I have so many I want to get to that I feel so overwhelmed because there are like 70 stories in there and I don’t even know if i want to continue some of them. And right after I finish a story that’s been in my favorites I remove it to clear up some space for myself and just keep stories i’m in the middle of so I don’t even really use it for stories I would consider my “favorite” it’s just stories i’m in the middle of which is why I would really like if there was a continue reading shelf on the home page for episode. But this app is still really enjoyable and some of the community stories are so interactive and enjoyable.
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5 years ago, Smashy the Potato
Too much for me, but fun for being stupid.
Episode is a fun app for making stories. It allows you to create practically any kind of story you want. Each separated into two categories: serious and stupid. My stories are on the stupid side. Now, you may be wondering - what else is good about the app? Not much. First off most of the stories that are made by the community or the staff are... well... gross. They’re all about sex and love and dating “bad boys”. This isn’t my interest. Now if you’re into that genre, be my guest. Another problem is how you cannot share your original story on the iPad app. It is a pain in the booty to work on the episodes on the website. To me this app does not have much to it; once you find the beautiful, comedy stories though, the app becomes heaven. Oh! And the advertising - the ADVERTISING for this app is so horribly done. How does this app even have people using it? How about come up with a better marketing idea rather than really annoying, stupid ads about complete random stuff like ‘peeing on someone asleep on the toilet’, or being pregnant and some guy saying ‘yay it wasn’t a food baby!’. Honestly, what. The. Heck. If you wish to make everyone smile by writing and creating a hilarious story use this app (I extremely recommend it for this use). If you are searching for something steamy to read, pick this app. Personally, I use it for writing stupid and pointless stories and showing them off to the world.
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4 years ago, greaser_central
Kinda good overall.
I wish that they would give readers more tickets or at least have to not wait as long for a refill. Also I have a huge issue with the whole gem situation. I’m currently doing a story that I would love to make some fun and flirty choices but I am unable due to not having enough gems. I wanted to make a choice to find out what someone was thinking about a situation but I would’ve had to use THIRTY-FIVE GEMS! That’s insane! I only have five because I just redownloaded the game and I can’t make any good decisions. My stories are going no where due to me not having enough gems. I personally think they should give readers/players like maybe 60 gems to start off with but even that will only give you about two choices. Another option is reducing the amount choices cost. I saw another review that said maybe limit the cost to 10 gems. I think that’s very reasonable, but it still has it’s cons. Players can save up gems and make more choices at a smaller price, but they also have to wait a LONG time to get this amount and by the time they get enough gems, the choice is long gone and they have to restart their story. My last solution is to give readers/players more gems per episode. Maybe they should earn 5-7 gems instead of one so that way they can make more choices and be more involved in their stories. Other than those issues I think this is a great game with great and very creative stories.
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4 years ago, svfc3
Please Listen to Us!!
I first downloaded Episode years ago way back when it was first being released. And I loved it! For a little while. I found a lot of little flaws that eventually built up and made my experience awful. So I deleted it. Then a year or so after that, I redownloaded it because I wanted to create a story and I missed reading all the stories. But again little things got in the way and I deleted it. And downloaded it for a third time because I really wanted to play. This last time I downloaded it I saw that a lot of things had changed like the ticket and gem/diamond situations. It has already begun to frustrate me and I’ve had the app for 20 hours. So, I decided to check out the reviews to see if other people were feeling the same way. I went back four months, which isn’t a whole lot, and people back then were complaining about the ticket and gem issue. That means that Episode has not fixed this problem for months but the app has the holiday design and says it was updated more recently than that. This means that the people at Episode aren’t bothering to listen which is really disappointing Honestly, it is a really fun game but I would not recommend downloading it unless you’re okay with not having any choices or having the options and spending a bunch of real money. As someone who was there at the beginning, I am very disappointed. I wish the Episode team would read these reviews and understand that people don’t want to pay.
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