EpocCam Webcam for Mac and PC

Photo & Video
4.3 (55.9K)
59.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Corsair Components, Inc.
Last update
4 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for EpocCam Webcam for Mac and PC

4.35 out of 5
55.9K Ratings
4 years ago, Brotuulaan
Neat app. And free.
I just downloaded it and am getting used to how it works. It’s outputting an SD signal (4:3 instead of 16:9), which is less than ideal, but it certainly will get the job done when I need an extra angle. It only sends the video to my computer when the app is active on my phone, which makes sense. It installed two virtual cameras on my computer (probably front and back, though I can’t test it yet bc the front camera is currently locked), and I don’t know whether you can use both at the same time or not. If not, then I’m anticipating some difficulty switching between them on the fly. It says at the bottom that if I review the app, I can access the front camera as well, so here’s hoping that works.
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5 years ago, DJ Guilty Pleasures
So far....
At the moment, it doesn’t work. I start the app viewer on my computer and all I see is a blank white page. It doesn’t have controls on it like it shows in the video of how to setup. I’m sure once it works it is probably awesome, but at the moment, it’s worthless. I’m not computer illiterate btw. I’ve done quite a bit of writing my own computer programs, at one point using machine language. So it’s very likely not user error. I will work on it to see if I can correct the issue and get it working and post back if I do. Update... After uninstalling the drivers and reinstalling them, it magically started working. Sometimes that’s all it takes but so weird it didn’t install correctly the first time. Anyway is working perfectly now and even for lower quality video being sent over (limit being it’s the free version), it still looks great. Very impressed.
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6 years ago, imark77
A free app thats actually free but worth paying for
This app is very promising even for a free app. it is usable it's not demo crap where The only downside is the occasional not to intrusive ad. There's a bit of a connect delay then once it's up and running it runs pretty well. The best part is you can run thit in to camtwist And have a whole lot more fun!! like a roving camera Live feeding a projector with video effects. It Has a few bugs and clerks here and there but it's my number one pick for sending video from my phone to my computer live. I haven't really used it for anything but I still feel like I want to buy it ( it would be nice if there was a sale, I find I'm impulsive purchasing in the under three dollar range). I don't know what else to say I've been looking for something like this for a long time.
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4 years ago, Martee's mommy
Works pretty good
I am using this on google meet when I want to show my class what I am drawing or writing. I don’t mind that there are ads because I put the phone in its holder get it going and you don’t see the ads on the meet. I have noticed when I have the camera set on my computer viewing me my face never buffers or lags. When I change my camera to EpocCam I notice what I am doing on the screen does. Annoying when I have a bunch or first graders saying my screen isn’t moving or changing. I was nervous so I stopped using the app for this purpose the last couple of days. I started holding my board up after I wrote. I want to figure out why it was doing this. I am using an Iphone with my MacBook.
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6 years ago, INeedANickName1537
Good but confusing
When I first got this it was very promising. Automatically detects devices and connects on the same WiFi? Awesome! You can use it anywhere within WiFi range and with pretty good quality for a free software. Of course it would’ve been nicer to have a free 720p or native phone camera resolution but I’ll take what I can get. Users should only pay for filters that they could apply, or more recording features like slow mo. The. UI is so simple that it is confusing, I would want helper messages to get my phone connected more smoothly. It took many tries and I’m sure next time I use it, it will take more repetitive tries because it isn’t predictable. All in all though a good free webcam.
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8 months ago, Dalakea
This app helped me so much as now I can use my old iPad for everything now! The filters connect to my Snapchat so I even have a green screen! There is no downside to this at all! Except that I cant use a microphone without having to pay but that is a easy fix with a third part app or voice memos, but all in all this is a great software because all it needs is just internet and its working, no wire no nothing! But for background features you need a Rtx 2080 TI but be honest, do you really need that?
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3 years ago, ohffjdhsh
It's a big NO from me...
I saw the recent low reviews but, still decided to give it a shot since it was mainly complaints about the program not working on Macs. EPIC FAIL! I installed the app to my iPhone and downloaded the files to my Windows laptop, but I could not get the program to open/run on my laptop, even after un and reinstalling it twice. Unlike most programs, this one did not immediately open once download to my Laptop, with instructions on how to set it up and all the other HELPFUL information needed to NOT waste an hour trying to figure it out. All I continually see is a white page. I'm not even going to bother contacting customer service. But I would still advise anyone to try it out, just to see if it will work for you. (Also, you have to pay if you want to use your phone mic as the audio source).
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4 years ago, so badd
Update issues
This app was working great prior to an update a few days ago. I was using it for online school and it worked fine as a webcam. The update came out and overhauled the look of it, it looks nicer now which I appreciate. However, it now doesn't stop my phone from going into sleep mode after a few minutes. This makes the app useless since I can only use it 4 minutes at a time or else I have to constantly be tapping the screen to make sure it doesn't turn off. I hope this is just a bug, since I really like using this app. Not sure if it doesn't do this on the pro version. PLEASE fix this!
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4 years ago, moe-masri
Great little app
My laptop is connected to three external displays through the docking station and I keep my laptop closed while I’m working. It was a hassle to open my laptop to be able to use the camera every time I have a meeting. A quick online search and Epocam was suggested to use my phone camera as a webcam. The process is super easy, in less than 5 minutes I had Epocam installed on both my Windows 10 and my iPhone. I have been using it for Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Meetings, Skype and GoToMeeting. I have been using it for 2 months and have zero complaints. Plus it’s free. 5 stars for me
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4 years ago, SonicRush
Ad Overkill on 2nd use
So I just downloaded this app as my Mac doesn’t have a camera. On the first use, it looked good. I closed the app, re-opened it because I was trying to flip the camera on my iPad (haven’t discovered if or how to do that yet), but immediately full screen ads started showing up on the iPad which were annoying because you have to watch them to regain access. Then I receive a message saying “rate the app to start using front facing camera”. I can’t confirm, but I’m expecting that if I want the ads to go away, I’ll have to make an in-app purchase. Overall it’s cool. Let’s see how it works with Zoom, but I’m annoyed with the immediate annoying full screen ads already.
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4 years ago, dee thirteen
Forced Review
I am more than happy to review an app. But having to rate this app to enable front camera is poor practice. I want to test front camera without being ‘strong-armed’ into a premature review. Faith and confidence in your product should never entail this type of practice, it’s shortsighted. $7.99 seems like a great price and all the reviews are solid so why continue to require a review. An app review is not a right, it is a consumer’s choice if they feel a review is warranted. So to be fair, I’ll disclose I have not fully tested this app to see if it meets my needs. I wrote this review because it was the only way to enable a necessary feature for me to test and determine if I want to upgrade to the $7.99 version.
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2 years ago, willkrakos
Basic features locked by pay wall
Setting up the app was remarkably simple - you can even airdrop the installer from your iOS device to your Mac. I did have to restart zoom though to get it to recognize the feed (not mentioned in the setup details). All was going well until I tried to turn on the flashlight - and it was disabled at the OS level (ie, I opened up the control panel and couldn’t activate the flashlight). The developers went out of their way to do this and the only way to unlock it is to buy the paid version. I understand paying for features that developers build, but it’s absurd to pay to unlock a feature that is literally built into the device.
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4 years ago, Tracispeaks
Testing this out but not true review yet.
Giving this a shot since filmora only gives 2 options for iPhone, this or another app, to use as a wireless webcam so we shall see. I’ll update the review once I get more use of it. But off the bat, I think it’s kinda low that they don’t give you use of both front and rear facing cameras in the free version. I think that should be standard but definitely is not here. I’m also assuming I can’t connect wirelessly until I upgrade because when I try to click the wireless icon it does nothing. I’ll try it out and update once I have used it more but it looks like I have no choice but to upgrade to use the features I actually need.
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4 years ago, Basketballogy
The only thing that works is the ads! 🙁
I downloaded the free version of EpocCam to my iPhone XS Max to see how it works in making my iPhone work as a webcam for my iMac and MacBook Pro. I would have been happy to pay for the full version had the app actually worked. After installing the drivers on both my Macs, and rebooting in case that was the problem, and with everything on the same WiFi — and even with my phone plugged in with a USB cable, EpocCam free just didn't work. In Zoom, EpocCam doesn't even list as a webcam option. In Chrome, the EpocCam is listed as an option, but the video freezes the moment you choose it. My iPhone, iMac and my MacBook Pro are all running the latest OS, so that's not it. On my Macs, the EpocCam driver notifies me faithfully when I plug my phone in to USB and start the app in my phone. That shows me the Macs and phone are communicating via EpocCam, its just not working. Maybe it's not supposed to work on the free version, but there's no way I'm going to pay if I don't even know it's going to work. I just wasted all this time, and now I have to figure out how to uninstall their useless software from my two Macs.
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4 years ago, fifufs
Great when working. Connection is hit or miss
When it works, it’s great. When it doesn’t, it’s frustrating and you end up resorting to the crap laptop camera. I’ve noticed the camera app always has a hard time connecting to my laptop when I need to use it 😑 even with USB connection. They’ll play ad after ad after ad and when it comes time to connect, the phone will remain searching for the pc WHILE LITERALLY CONNECTED via USB. The ads I get. The lack of successful connection, I don’t. I’ve troubleshoot it many times...still hit or miss. Hopefully an update will get this sorted, as this will been helpful in distance learning.
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1 year ago, EntryafterG
It’s fine but…
this version of the app has essential features locked, reserved for the upgraded Pro version. Alright, no problem. The upgrade is less than $10 and you only need to buy once. Except it’s actually a completely separate app, instead of the same app with all features unlocked. Again, fine. Or so I thought. Long story, truncated: After months of trying, I’ve never been able to get the Pro version of this app to connect to my computer. I’ve tried all connection options, reinstalling app, reinstalling computer software, rebooting, alternative software from same company, checking drivers, anything i could think possibly think of to no avail. I thought maybe it’s just the version number, I can’t be the only one, I’ll just wait for the company to update, and with any luck, it’ll be fixed. Nope. So if you don’t mind being limited to only some features while being constantly reminded of what you can’t do, and your recordings proudly displaying an ugly watermark, Epocam is your app.
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4 years ago, Blameebner
A frustrating beginning.
So, I had tried the Wi-fi solution offered, and the wired solution offer, and I never got the connection. I kept seeing the connection visual, so that confused me as to whether this would work or not. What finally worked was connected both devices to my extender, a TP-Link RE450. That worked. I just tried again using my TP-Link A7 V5 router, and it worked there too. I thought that the traffic was prohibiting things. I want to encourage my other teachers to use this, but I don’t think they will find the set-up process helpful. First of all, I never did get an icon on my device (Apple Mac Pro 2017), I had to go into finder to see the the plug-in. I also had to go to my system activity page to see it was working. Your suggestions did not work, but opening up Microsoft Teams and UberConference did. Sadly, no integration with Discord. I am now encouraged to buy the full version to see how well that works there. I want to recommend the free version to my students. I think they will appreciate it.
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5 years ago, Caayit
Unstable Connection
I've tested this with multiple devices but I get the same results: The connection sometimes doesn't occur and you have force close and relaunch the app on both devices again and again until it connects. When you connect, on my Windows device, connection notification keeps popping up, and whenever notification pops up, camera feed freezes briefly, meaning that it keeps loosing the connection and makes the feed very very laggy. All these connection problems make the app unreliable. You cannot change the resolution or quality of the video and you cannot record within the app. There's no annoying floating watermarks by the way, just one in the corner.
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5 years ago, The Legitafyer
“I did it Daddy”-my 7 year old. Not confusing but easy and quick. #1 app by us the people
Not confusing if you can read on a 2nd grade level. My daughter is 7 and did this without my help. Like I said. I searched forever downloaded a ton of apps that don’t work. This works. I got an old crappy iPhone and newer MacBook and as long as you are on the same WiFi for both devices you will instantly be linked up. It is a def boss type movement. So if you like boss stuff then get this, if you like Donald Trump type stuff then keep scrolling.
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5 years ago, TheUltraPixelYT
Before I got my webcam, I tried this product about a week ago. After realizing it was garbage, I stopped using it. A day or so later, Discord stopped working and I had to get the test build to run it at all. My pc kept crashing when I played games. Yesterday My pc had a blue screen of death with the drivers name in the error message. Today I restarted to reset an adapter that disconnected. The pc would not start up again with more blue screens of death instead of a startup screen, repairs failed, and I am now in the process of factory resetting the machine. I had complicated OBS overlays and 20 HOURS in Satisfactory, a game that takes a lot of patience and hard work to progress. If steam and epic didn’t save your purchases on the cloud, I’d be suing this company. DO NOT USE.
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4 years ago, M3L G
Update: epoc stopped working properly after first test
Update 8/3/30: How interesting that EpocCam no longer works after my first test. I had a meeting and my app and laptop couldn’t connect (they are on the same WiFi) and then I used a usb cable and my camera froze once it connected, and not able to use the front facing camera. And the ads are super long when you start up the app. Another update: it works when testing but not when I’m in a meeting/class. It freezes when it first connects. 8/2/20 My MacBook camera is not working (it’s a common problem with my type and the Apple store is closed in my town due to Covid) so I needed a webcam for my Zoom meetings. I tested this app out since it’s been promoted by many bloggers who have tested it and it seems to be working great through WiFi! Of course there is a 1-2 second lag but that’s to be expected. I’m going to see if it works on my work desktop computer via usb. I wanted that front camera working so here is my review! (Leave a review to have the front camera working)
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5 months ago, BionicBear
No audio
I can’t find any info on whether this should be sending audio in addition to video. If it can’t, this is going to be useless to me. I installed and reinstalled but it does no send audio from my phone to PC. Is it supposed to? Most Webcams contain a mic, so this is not a replacement for one if it doesn’t. If you have a direct connection instead of WiFi, there should be no lag issues so at least offer that. If I’m not doing something wrong, the. The app description should clearly state video only. Giving it a 3 for lack of audio information or troubleshooting.
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4 years ago, dcdixon
Great Concept / Needs Some Potential Work
Until I’m able to test the full version I give this at minimum a 4-star. It was very easy to setup and connected immediately after installing drivers on my Windows computer. I need to fully test w/in a meeting but it seems promising. I really didn’t want to buy another device (webcam) so being able to use my iPad as a camera seems like a real positive to me. Only complaints far and this might be a deal breaker for me is that I want so work only in landscape mode ...
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4 years ago, Chapmaning
I’m a university instructor teaching hybrid in-person/online courses this semester, which requires me to stream my in-person lectures via Zoom. I want to be able to control Zoom from my computer but if I use the computer’s built-in camera, students can’t see the whole board/ classroom. Now I can put my phone on a tripod in the middle of the room, use the phone’s camera as my computer’s Zoom camera, and everything works perfectly!
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3 years ago, happyyasu09
Works stable, minimal lag over Wifi
This app is free and has no watermark and best of all it has minimal lag over wifi from iPad. 5 stars out 5. Used it or several hours, just a piece of cake. FYI: used all of the apps that reached “blogger” tops of apps for streaming from iPad camera. This app is not there but it beats all those pesky apps that work for 2 seconds just to disconnect from device and leave you with funny face on the stream lol.
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4 years ago, Oceanboy75
Awesome app!
In all this crunch to work from home webcams are at a premium so being able to turn an iPhone or iPad into a webcam is a great idea. So far with my test it seems to work, although I have to use the rear facing camera and I need a mount to hold it but it does work as advertised. It shows up in Zoom and that is the primary one I use at the moment. I also want to test it in obs to see if I can stream. I am hopeful. If it let you use the front facing camera it’d be a 5 star app!
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5 years ago, Redman0411
Initial Setup is a Breeze!
This initial review is based off of the beginning setup. Using a Windows or MAC, simply click the links in the App’s description. Afterwards, download the App. Follow the instruction, open OBS Studio. Choose the EpocCam Camera from ‘Device’ after choosing ‘+’ - ‘Video Capture Device’ Make sure to have iTunes pre-installed, running and setup to recognize you’re iPhone or iPad. I left iTunes running, but minimized. So far, easy to setup! I hope it continues to have support!!
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7 years ago, BrendanG32
The app is not the problem but rather the software on your computer. I downloaded the software from the official site and thought nothing of it. I wasn't too happy with the connectivity issues so I went on to try and delete the software. It took me a good hour to get it off of my computer and when I had done a virus scan, it said it was a Trojan file. I should have scanned the files before I downloaded them but luckily I found videos online and got them off my computer as quickly as I could. For the app, I'm sure it is fine but the software on the computer could potentially give you a very bad virus. My advice is to find another app.
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4 years ago, kjohn1973
Good Solution
I must say I’m pleasantly surprised so far. I installed the app on my windows PC and my iPhone and when I did it correctly ( I didn’t read the instructions and install iTunes at first. When I did it worked perfectly) it worked with Microsoft Teams. I’m using a cable. No hiccups. I haven’t used it live yet but tonight I have a zoom meeting so I’m gonna hook it up to my MacBook Pro and try it. I’ll do an update tonight after my zoom meeting.
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4 years ago, TSchaadt
My Web Cam Search is over!!!
I can’t believe the days I have spent searching for a WebCam. The good ones are sold out. I did a search for iPhone as a WebCam and found this app. It only took minutes to get it up and going. With this review I should be able to use the front screen of my camera. I’m not a wiz on computers, so I had my doubts as to how well I would do loading this. It was effortless! So far, I can’t complain.
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4 years ago, Ena93
Great for MAC computers and Zoom
I have had an uptick in Zoom meetings and see it being an application I will use more regularly with changing environments. So far, I love this app. Although I had my webcam from my laptop it still wasn’t the quality I desired. Although I have just experienced the free version, I will most likely purchase the 7.99 option since I don’t want to buy a new web cam at the moment.
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4 years ago, nickusnot
Epoccam good luck
My first go around was not great. I installed the window driver and the app on my phone. When I started the epoccam viewer, I only had a white screen. Did some research but came up with nada. So I uninstalled everything. Later I decided to give it another try. But this time before I installed the window driver, I closed all other programs. This time things work as they should. However, the next day it was back to showing s white screen even though the driver said that my phone was connected. Uninstalled everything and reinstalled. Still doesn't work. Looks like it's a crap shoot.
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4 years ago, Red vonBaron
Very buggy
Installed and uninstalled twice. Connecting to Windows 10 (yes updated) using Kinoni’s drivers and own viewer/test app. Installed and uninstalled drivers twice too. No joy. Third time worked for a single session. Then not again. Reboot, reinstall... Boo Hmmm let’s try USB! Yup. Worked. Each and every time/launch. But I want WiFi. Yes, I’m connected to the same network. Checked that. But... let’s take even the router out of the equation. Configured static IPs. Want to do that anyway and not be connected to the internet while using it for certain situations. Ooh... it’s working. Great. Closed app and viewer. Had dinner. Hey guys look at this... Opened the app and viewer back up. Not working! Oh come on guys!!!! Can’t you get anything to be consistent? I’d purchase the full product for sound/HD etc. if this actually worked. Doesn’t look like that’s gonna happen. Or I’ll get a response here either. Too bad. Looked promising. I really should rate it one star. :(
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4 years ago, NeoRatner
Just started using it
I just started using this app by downloading the free version and see about the setup and use on Teams. So far, so good. It seems to be easy to use and with a fair share of settings. Image quality looks great, although I haven’t fully tested it yet (you need to rate it before actually use it, which is weird) I’ll see what happens and then if I like what I see then I may get the upgrade version for better image quality.
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4 years ago, Jambalayafjjdch
Simply DOES NOT WORK on MacBook & iPhone
Does not work even though I’ve got the latest MacBook Pro 16” and latest iPhone 11 Pro Max. I installed the EpocCam driver first on MacBook as required. Launched the app on iPhone. It tried connecting over WiFi. Nope! So I connected iPhone to MacBook with lightning cable, and then it worked finally... but only worked for 2 minutes before completely freezing indefinitely!! Seriously?? What a terrible app and waste of my time. I even restarted both devices to see if that would help. It didn’t! To add insult to injury it’s not simple to uninstall the driver from your MacBook either. Do yourself a favor and avoid this piece of junk.
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4 years ago, Eliel 17
So far so good...
I’ve been using this app for about a day now and so far everything seems fine. Only complaint that I have is when running on OBS I get a lil text below my screen that’s advertising there stuff, which is sorta annoying because I am streaming and get asked what the text says. Other than that it is a pretty impressive app, I am considering paying for the 8 dollar one if the text doesn’t show up on my stream.
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3 years ago, BeastRiderGamingYT
First install on PC, Webroot said it was a virus. Wasn’t too surprised as many other reviews said it was a virus. Something to do with advertising, so I just ignored it. Installation completed effortlessly on both devices. App is very handy for a DIY webcam, especially if you don’t want to spend the extra money on an actual one. There is one problem though, and it’s annoying. The connection between my phone and PC isn’t always reliable. It’ll work for awhile, and then the screen in OBS will go black. Pretty sure it isn’t a problem with my phone or cable because they both work fine otherwise. I doubt it is OBS, because I can unplug my phone and see the three blue dots showing it is looking for a connection. Please fix this issue, it’s getting annoying.
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4 years ago, LRothbart
Fantastic support!
I had some difficulty getting EpocCam to talk to my computer at first; my email to support was answered literally in minutes, during coronavirus lockdown when usage of online communications apps is at a sudden all-time high, with a lot of 1st time users who are likely to need support. I hadn’t realized FaceTime doesn’t support 3rd party webcams. When I tried it w Skype it worked immediately, very easy.
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2 years ago, Iffeffo19
Maaaan!! I can’t tell you how blown away I was when I tried this using the NDI protocol instead of just basic Wi-Fi. It was PERFECT streaming wirelessly with NDI as I plugged my phone with a cable straight to the computer !!! If you get NDI software on your computer and run Webcam Input , you should be able to see your device and …….man you will be blown away by the quality 👌👌👌👌
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4 years ago, Laughingrice
Sort of works, not everywhere
Does not detect iPhone orientation so can only be used in one orientation (the opposite of what works on my desk) Popup ads are annoying but as I have to use the rear camera due to the limit on the orientation, I don’t care much (it is the annoying type that depends on you clicking by mistake and throwing you to other places) Under Mac, I got it to work with zoom after upgrading zoom to 5.0.5. Works with Microsoft teams. Failed to get recognized by Skype, even with their signature removal instructions. Didn’t try Webex yet. Doesn’t work with photo booth. Has a button for flash/hd on the free version to send you to the sales pitch page for the paid version. If the free version didn’t use all the annoying tricks for the ads and fake buttons I might have paid for the paid version.
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3 years ago, AbnerO2004
It’s cool, but...
This works on windows computer, but it doesn’t work on Mac. I have installed the driver on my Mac and I try to change cameras to EpocCam but there isn’t an option. I’ve looked around online and I’ve looked at the website from where I installed the driver and it didn’t help at all. The only thing that works is the microphone which I can’t access without pro.
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4 years ago, JZ from MA
New User - Jury’s Still Out
Not crazy about all the ads popping up, and don’t much like that I can’t use the front camera until I rate the app (which I *just* started using!), but for such a simple to use, and free, tool, it might be worth it. If not, I’ll switch to a paid app, or a paid version of this one if it makes it more seamless. In any case, hats off to the developers! Looking forward to getting started!
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4 years ago, Quidhala
Don’t waste time if you have Mac.
For OBS you do not need these apps. Please don’t buy. Tried the free app. Kept dropping the WiFi connection. Said I needed to pay to use usb, which the app description said was available with the free version. Paid to upgrade and I doesn’t work. In OBS I see the feed in can see the video of me moving but it is blocked by a spinning black fan and says “Waiting for connection” never goes away. After 30 minutes of research online I realize... my phone was feeding screen shots to my computer without an app. I can just use the Apple camera app and USB connection. It’s already a webcam.
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2 years ago, Theo Van Dinter
Does not work in the slightest
I installed the app on my iPad and tried to get it to work with my Windows 11 PC both wirelessly and via USB cable, neither worked in any way. The app just sits trying to connect to the PC. The PC, running Elgato Camera Hub, just sits there not finding any cameras. The troubleshooting documentation does not know about Camera Hub so has a bunch of outdated instructions for the older driver method. That said, I tried following the information as best as I could, but nothing changed the situation. After about an hour I gave up and uninstalled everything.
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5 years ago, butterz_
Surprisingly works as advertised
So, it goes without saying that a lot of 3rd party apps don’t exactly live up to user expectations based on the way the apps are demonstrated in the App Store. Unlike the experience I just described above, Epocam has so far done exactly what it promises with zero frustration, glitches, or anything other than a smooth, seamless installation and working “plug n play” process. Good job devs!
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1 year ago, ChungusAmungus
Won’t connect to Camera Hub, wired nor wireless
I’m using an iPhone XS Max and Windows 10. I’ve fully uninstalled and reinstalled twice, tried WiFi and ethernet both, all available configurations of USB ports and Lightning to USB adapters and nothing happens. Camera Hub just stays on the connecting screen as does the iPhone app. It seems like most of the elgato support/YouTube videos are for the driver-only install, before the Camera Hub app came out. Maybe this is just a bug or something, but it definitely does not work for me according to current install instructions.
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4 years ago, etuckerrn78
Worse than computer cam
I‘m teaching fitness courses through zoom, and there are issues with lagging, so the video and audio don’t always synchronize. I thought having my phone as a camera might help, but a simple test run shows poorer video quality. I have to upgrade for better 😡 I‘m not paying if I don’t know if the quality will be better or not! And stupid ads keep showing up, which makes it difficult to transmit a video. Don’t recommend unless you plan to buy the full version.
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3 years ago, emptybucket75
No Mac Support for Teams
I download this app and would very much like to use this as my primary camera for my Microsoft teams meeting however I have not been able to find any way to do so. They’re only reference to this is saying that it does not currently work. With someone from the development team please give me an idea if this is being planned or if support for Microsoft teams on the Mac should be expected. I would gladly pay for the paid version if this was available.
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4 years ago, kylector
Borderline Malware
After much mental debate, I installed the driver on my Windows 10 workstation. It immediately started consuming 100% of my CPU resources. 6 cores, 12 threads. My machine became completely unusable. I couldn’t even open Windows settings to uninstall it because it was unresponsive. I had to reboot into Windows Safe Mode to be able to uninstall it. I am kicking myself for being so trusting of a system level driver from an unknown company. Never again! The only reason I don’t call it full-on malware is because it does appear to have uninstalled. I can’t find any further traces of it, but I sure am worried.
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4 years ago, iH8pickingusernames
Only rating so I can use front camera
2 Stars because I despise apps which require a rating prior to giving its users the opportunity to experience the app we’re being told to rate. The installation went fine so far, but the back camera on my phone is broken and Kinoni requires I submit a rating in order to use the front camera with the “free version” of this app. I will update my rating and review if after actually using the app I feel its functionality and usefulness outweighs my feelings toward this requirement.
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