Epson DocumentScan

1.9 (105)
20 MB
Age rating
Current version
Seiko Epson Corporation
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Epson DocumentScan

1.87 out of 5
105 Ratings
6 years ago, wissam
For god’s sake someone update this app already!!
I have hundreds of JPEG images “stuck” in the files section of this app - after a long scanning session of old photos - because the developers have not provided for a feature to save-out multiple JPEG images simultaneously in one-go - neither to the Camera Roll nor to any other option (Mail, Files, Google Drive, etc). That makes scanning for example 100 photos as JPEGs a futile exercise- in under a minute for the scanning, and over an hour to save the files out of the app?!?! Does that make sense? No it doesn’t. It’s anti-user, and it defeats usefulness of the Epson scanning hardware. So, Epson developers - UPDATE THIS APP with this essential oversight Kindly, nobody chime in with “just use the pdf scanning option instead” because it’s not a workaround if one needs to process the images downstream - to have to extract images from pdf files.
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3 years ago, raeco81
IOS Issues
Tried to use the App with my iPad and IPhone on two different ES300W scanners. I had the same issues everyone else is reporting. Was able to find the scanner and set up but unable to scan. The app would say that it was searching for scanner. Contacted Tech Support and they were unable to help offering a replacement. The Lady said that the only reason this issue happens is because of a VPN. Mine were turned off. Continued to troubleshoot on my own and found out finally that if you have a connected IPhone the cellular data disrupts the connection. Turned off Cellular data, and power cycled both devices and was able to connect both IPad and the IPhone. Once connected found that I could turn cellular data back on and go into settings - DocumentScan app and turn off Cellular data connection there. Issue resolved. Hope this helps. Now I completely love my ES-300W
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2 years ago, Curliesue621
RR70W connection issues
I received my scanner thinking it will connect automatically. Not realizing I had to do several things to have it connected without the router from home or the Wi-Fi. It was very frustrating. The lack of instructions how to troubleshoot connectivity would make a person return the scanner and call it a day. Thank goodness for persistence. After reading some of the reviews that people are having the same issues with similar scanners and their troubleshooting attempts have helped me tremendously. Thank you!!! These should be added to the manual. I know this is not the Epson website but reading your reviews helped me to connect my scanner. Thank you again!!! Now to leave a review on Epson have a great day 😊
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3 years ago, SuePB59
Horrible User Interface and Features
I scan everything! So I thought that the concept of being able to scan my work receipts and send them to Dropbox with any of my devices was a brilliant idea. NOT! The mechanics of scanning works fine. But the number of steps involved in just getting the document to be saved to this painfully inefficient apps is absurd. Once the scanning is done the files are essentially stuck in the Files section of the app unless you have a lot of time and patience to move them. And when I was trying to put them in Dropbox I was getting errors and had to resort to sending them by AirDrop to my MacBook and then to Dropbox. My motivation to stay with the Epson portable scanner just decreased monumentally. Epson can certainly make a more user friendly app to go with their hardware.
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5 years ago, Mr.TechSupport 9-5
Scan to anywhere but the app.... Come on!
Seriously thought scanning to the app would be convenient but not on the back side. Can’t move files in BULK to one drive, drop box, icloud or anywhere other then the app. Have to do one by one. When you scanned 50 some odd documents on your phone to save time, I would have rather spent the time on the front side so I can save the files to one drive in one drag and drop operation. Not one at a time. Horrible lack of this feature. Huge waist of time.
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4 years ago, chri879
Productivity Thief
I bought a dedicated scanner (500W) because I wanted to capture and logically store/organize all the paper documents that I have and those that receive in the future. This app from Epson doesn’t make it easy to capture or organize documents, at least not from a productivity standpoint. The user interface is poorly conceived. The functionality is lacking. If you are doing anything more than the occasional scan from your iPad or iPhone then I’d suggest researching a different hardware/app combination. Thankfully the desktop version of their scanner software is much better. Using it on a Mac with the dedicated scanner makes it easy to capture and maintain digitized version of the paper documents that I receive. I expect far more from a brand like Epson. I am steadily relying more and more on my iPad as my primary computing device. In my opinion, Epson, it would be worth getting someone to write a better iOS app if you plan to continue selling/supporting scanners.
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6 years ago, Mahalia Fan
Spoils what was a good experience
Even though this app was intended to be paired with a wireless scanner Epson did not bother to make the software available so that you can easily switch Wi-Fi networks without using a proprietary desktop or laptop program named EpsonNet Config. That means that if I am traveling and I need to put my wireless scanner on a separate network I’ll have to make sure I pull out my laptop, plug it in, and do it. This functionality should be built into the scanner (like it is on their wireless printer) or at the very least built into the app but it’s in neither location, negating the main function of it being mobile.
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4 years ago, Big Time Bookie
EXCELLENT ignore low reviews.
I use this app 7-8 times each day without issue. I ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️it!!! 1) I started using this app on a 7plus and just transitioned to an 11 Pro Max without issue. 2) I use this app on the road. The WiFi signal the scanner emits allows me to not need a hotspot #Yay 2a) So make sure you connect your phone to your scanner’s WiFi signal before trying to use it. The WiFi name is found on the back of your scanner. 3) Once you scan into the app, move the doc to Dropbox or some other similar app on your phone if you need to upload it. 4) I always buy Epson scanners and I tell everyone about this app! I do not work for Epson. This app is the THE best. 👍
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2 years ago, carr
Once you turn off cellular it works
So a lot of people saying it’s not working. What works for my iPhone 13 max pro running 15.3.1 is to go into the settings tab then scroll down until you find the DocumentScan tab, turn off cellular. Then it should scan. Was very annoying cause you can connect to the scanner. But it would get stuck searching when you want to scan something.
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5 years ago, WookieMaster
Sort of Works
I’m really disappointed that the app crashes every time I try to save photos to my iPhone camera roll. The only I seem to be able to get them from the app to my photos is to text or email them ONE at a time. This app needs the option to download multiple pictures at once and needs to not crash every time I download pics. Works fine for PDFs, so I’ll give it two stars :-)
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5 years ago, MMan03
No problems so far
Works great scanning documents with my ES-300W. I already had the scanner connected to my home network router when I set it up on my home computer. When I saw the steps of setting my scanner up in the app, I was able to skip those steps and just search for my scanner.
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3 years ago, sglaze12
Stopped Connecting Over WiFi
I’ve used the scanner for years on the same network, but it no longer connects over WiFi. The lights indicate that it’s connected, but no device finds the scanner. I’ve reset multiple times and the setup finds the scanner but then errors out when trying to scan. The app indicates that i need to make a privacy setting change, which i already enabled with no luck. Forced to plug in the scanner via USB.
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3 years ago, jeeenyuss
Doesnt work in WAP mode
I have been trying for days to get this software to work with my new es300w scanner, and go through all of the setup for the scanner in Wireless Access Point. It finds the scanner and I get to the “setup complete” but then if I try to actually do a scan, it never finds the scanner, and offers to set up the scanner again. Luckily, I had my laptop with me and it works fine on that. I don’t rec the iphone app version AT ALL
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3 years ago, borovsky.d
Just a few missing features
The app is a bit outdated but it does the main function - scanning. But I think there are just 2 minor features missing to dramatically improve batch scans: 1. Exporting multiple files at once. Storing photos one by one to a cloud storage is extremely painful 2. Adding an option to scan another document after saving scanned file. Now it jumps to files folder that adds multiple clicks to start scanning new document. Please add these features and I think the app would be well enough for all my needs.
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5 years ago, zanp998
Buggy but works
I own a Fujitsu and the software is fantastic. It is not great on photos but fantastic on docs. The 680 is really nice on photos and v good on docs. This app is slow inconsistent and often just stalls but it works. If the software matched the hardware what a super product would be. There a small glitch in the install. According to the reviews this has been going for a long time. Hopeful !!!!
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2 years ago, JAW-Seattle
WiFi Connect Really?
Should file for false advertising. Direct WiFi rarely works on first try. One day ok then days were it won’t connect. Random enough to disrupt workflow. Some times immediate connect, sometimes 5 mins before phone finds it after cycling Phone WiFi on/off and scanner on/off. Other times never connects and have to use USB to computer which defeats the purpose of a mobile app.
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4 years ago, Gulliusa
Works very good!
Have no problem at all with this scaner and the APP. Every time it saves me time scanning my docs and saving in PDF format. Wish I could have bought it before expending in others scanners that I have thrown in the garbage.
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5 years ago, E123456$&
Works perfectly
Too easy with the 60W, connect WiFi and scan every page into a pdf on your phone, double tap the file and email to yourself or anyone.
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4 years ago, NotaryCheck
Spinning ..
I have documents that I used through this scanner as library or something I can go back to. But if I delete and redownload the app I lose everything I scanned previously. I saw a comment from two years ago and very disappointed to see EPSON hasn’t rectified this defect/issue . I’m a Mobile Notary for the state of Pennsylvania and no having any options. I have docs that I NEED to scan back immediately and this cuts into my window time to scan back if it’s gets stuck. My experience starting was good , but this feature is a CON for my profession.
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3 years ago, Killerrabbitpe
Scanner can’t be found by my phone through this app
I can’t get my IPhone newer SE version to connect through this App to my Epson Scanner 300DW. I purchased it to be able scan documents while in my car and it just won’t find scanner even when phone is right next to it. I tried finding a cable to hook it up directly to my phone and no luck there either.
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3 years ago, jlfigueroa
Great scanner, horrible app. Worthless.
This is a good scanner but the app makes it worthless. Do not buy it. You will continuously have problems with the setup. Even professional installers have been having problems with installation in Ipad and iPhone. Please have someone fix this. What is going on at Epson? Can't they read the reviews? The last product of this company that I buy.
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3 years ago, javachic1
Pretty much useless
Don’t bother with the app unless they update it or you will spend countless hours for nothing! I purchased the fastfoto scanner to scan thousands of photos but it you use you choose to scan them to your ipad or iphone there is no way to share them with this app.
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5 years ago, Reva108
Please Update and remove bugs Apple or Epson!!! Cannot see a scanner on App, was a challenge to connect thru WiFi AP Restarted phone and scanner 30 times tried different apple devices still nothing... Seems you don’t like each other, why should I like you either!!!
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2 years ago, Ukie Gourmand
Convoluted way to scan something
Finally found a solution by searching online I finally was able to scan something. It took about 37 steps but the kicker was turning off the cellular service on the phone. Turning off the cellular service. Really? Come on Epson. Very unproductive.
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3 years ago, AZN 321
Please update for iPhone
My new iPhone 11 Pro Max don’t work with this apps. Got it to scan once and then it doesn’t find the scanner even though the scan is connected. Please update this apps please. Thank you
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3 years ago, Headgearhead
Does not work
I cannot connect my iPad to scanner. I follow the instructions. They are on the same network. Doesn’t work Epson’s customer service directs you to a number which directs you to another number. When i call the number I hold for ages, then their VOIP system makes the call intelligible.
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3 years ago, MCarls
Doesn’t work with my phone
I have installed and uninstalled this app several times and tried setting up my Epson DS-65WR scanner to connect directly to my phone but the scanner is never found. The scanner shows up as a network connection, but the scanner is still not being found.
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3 years ago, Galgomite
Very Limited. Not worth using.
Stable but that’s it. The app offers no image tweaking— if it guesses exposure or colors wrong, there’s no fixing it. For these reasons I ended up with a better “scan” using TurboScan and my iPhone’s camera.
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1 year ago, Seanmichaels
Works so far , missing key feature
I was hoping you wouldn’t need the desktop app. Unfortunately, there’s no way to OCR document here. Please Give it OCR support.
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2 years ago, Hot Boyz 95
Not great on iPhone
Had to turn off cellular data for this app to make it work properly with an iPhone. Only figured this out reading someone else’s review
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6 years ago, Michael David Morrison
I purchased this scanner to go in my brief case. I never can get it to connect with my iPhone 8. Poorly written instructions. Useless purchase and useless app. Someone needs to tell them to KIS - keep it simple dummy. This isn’t simple! The included instructions were zero help. Provided no information. Trash can another purchase. You should not have to delete and reinstall the App each time to direct connect. Fix your problems. Do you guys ever use these products on a daily basis? Help is badly needed.
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4 years ago, Eijh
iOS support is false advertisement
This app is unusable in its current state on iOS. As many others noted you can’t export scans out of the app... making the scans useless. Update the app Epson. I’m returning the scanner. I wish I can charge epson for return shipping. This app / product is the very definition of negligence.
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4 years ago, My hong player
Worthless - and returning scanner today
Same as most others reviewing. "Cannot find scanner" message every time. Setup is fine and my tablet sees the scanner network, the app sees it and the scanner lights all confirm connection. Load doc....hit scan button...nothing. No more Epson for me.
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2 years ago, Driller1237
Never connects.
I can never get this stupid scanner to connect to my network. Every time I want to use it, It turns into a big ordeal. I want to throw it out the window. So frustrating. I was so excited to get a nice scanner and it never works.
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5 years ago, Really Not Amused
Does Not Work
Have iPhone X and updated to latest version of iOS. Have the ES-60W. I was able to go through the setup process just fine but when I go to scan it starts searching for the scanner and never finds it.
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3 years ago, MellowPapaya
Missing essential features
This app almost makes my scanner unusable unless I am on my computer, in which case I didn’t need a wireless scanner. This app is extremely basic and lacks essential features.
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3 years ago, dplaw
Limits resolution to 300dpi
I cannot figure this out. If you use this scanner with a mac or pc, that software will allow you to scan at higher resolutions. If you use this app on an idevice, it appears capped at 300dpi. Can you please fix this?
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6 years ago, JimOet
Really bad
App only works in WiFi direct mode. Not with the home network. Feedback/ask a question asks for a model, but no place to enter the model and without it there is no way to ask a question.
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5 years ago, schmod
Would be good if I could get files out
The scanning process is relatively straightforward, but there’s not much point to this application, given how difficult it is to export scanned documents to the camera role or Files app.
Show more
1 year ago, JGRog
An Atrocious Mess
This app simply doesn’t work. One reviewer said it needs to be updated. He’s got my vote. If that won’t do it, then go hire a STEM-educated 12-year-old and pay her what she wants to rewrite it so it will work!
Show more
4 years ago, AWE92
Wow, it’ll connect and disconnect then it will say it’s not linking even when it’s connected. This is the worst app ever for such a pricey tag. It works fine with a WiFi but with just the app it won’t connect.
Show more
5 years ago, c.morrow
Doesn’t seem to support ES-400
My company just got an ES-400 and I tried to pair my iPhone with it and there is no option to even select an ES-400. When I went to support for the ES-400 the only mobile option for software was Windows 10.
Show more
5 years ago, chrisgeleven
No OCR support
Basic scanning works, however you cannot OCR to make searchable PDFs. UI is also a bit clunky to use, would be awesome if you could more directly save into the files app.
Show more
9 months ago, Adgkop
Doesn’t work
I did the hokey pokey and turned things off and on and it simply doesn’t work.
Show more
3 years ago, YasWeh
Not working on iOS 14
It says it needs to be allowed to connect to local area devices in the iOS settings: I can’t neither find nor add this app there.
Show more
3 months ago, AANA19888
Unbelievably bad
Really I don’t think it can get worse than this app and this scanner !!
Show more
1 year ago, Concilliance
The app and the scanner are pure garbage. I WILL NEVER PURCHASE ANOTHER PRODUCT FROM YOU. you’ve lost a life long customer over a crap product and criminal software
Show more
4 years ago, mralienz
Doesn’t scan to iOS
Doesn’t work on iOS app. Listen to the other reviewers.
Show more
5 years ago, snowleopardcub
Piece of junk
No idea why it doesn’t work with all in ones. Total nonsense.
Show more
1 year ago, astartes1995
My scanner is a brick. The software WILL not work with IOS.
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