Epson iPrint

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4.7 (191.4K)
68.4 MB
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Current version
Seiko Epson Corporation
Last update
10 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Epson iPrint

4.73 out of 5
191.4K Ratings
4 years ago, Wilson-PickIt
Access to most-needed Print settings from iPhone
This app from Epson comes to the rescue, albeit just for Epson-brand printers on your local WiFi network. It performs most printing tasks quickly, and with access to most of the Epson printers’ features that one is used to seeing when printing from a computer, using Epson’s installed printer drivers. IPhone users will agree that Apple’s iOS-embedded Print command provides only the most rudimentary access to printer features, almost regardless of printer brand. Particularly annoying is trying to print full page images on 8-1/2 x 11“ paper from a Letter-size paper tray. On my Epson Artisan 730 Multi Function Printer, using Apple’s Print command, the images from my camera roll will want to print using the much smaller paper feed for cut-size Photo paper. Since I don’t leave any paper in that feed slot except when I specifically want to use it, the image will ignore the Letter-size paper loaded in that tray, and simply not print. So, since I also have printers from other brands on my LAN, I find I need to also have iOS print apps for their printers installed on my iPhone, to access their fuller set of print commands. I have to say this app from Epson will tip my future printer purchases in their favor, so that I will be able to see my multiple Epson printers and select their features from a single printing app. Good job, Epson !
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2 years ago, rustycarey
Works great on the phone
Although I’d give Epson a much worse rating for their Mac software, their mobile app is pretty great. Works with my Epson ET-4760 and prints like a dream. So far all of the features I’ve used work with no issues and it’s fairly easy to use. Way better than HP Smart (which is garbage IMO). The only downside is my MacBooks recent upgrade to Monterrey caused all sorts of issues with their drivers on both of my Mac’s. I tried all of their “suggested” fixes from their support pages and no dice. I can now print from some apps, but some apps error every time. Just be aware, in the event that you have a Mac and upgrade to Monterrey. Until they get that fixed, I’ll probably print exclusively from my Windows PC and my phone. That aside, this app is excellent!
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3 years ago, ElThom2007
Printing frustrations due to app limitations
I sent this email to Epson, and I’m posting it here too. I’m feeling frustrated right now. I bought the Epson eco tank 2720 thinking I would be saving myself money in the long run by being able to print out my children’s curriculum. Well I went to print something out today and after 100 pages were already printed I realized several of the pictures were not printing. I used the print option from my phone instead of the Epson iPrint, because the Epson app is annoying. I want to print back to front and I would literally have to print one page at a time. It doesn’t allow me to just print even or odd or select just the pages I want to print. Since my printer doesn’t do double sided printing this is problematic. I ended up printing one page from the Epson iPrint that my regular phone printing app messed up, and the Epson iPrint did it correctly. However, this was not encouraging, because of what I previously stated. It will take me way too long and be too much work to bother printing it out. So I ended up buying curriculum I shouldn’t of had to buy. Your app needs fixed ASAP!!
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2 years ago, R2Flower
Please take back this printer. ET-4760
I used HP for over twenty years. I never had to use it through an app, or spend hours on the phone figuring out how to use it. never had to call the company every six months because it just stops working. I never had to call a company and spend hours on the phone figuring out how to use their app. I never had HP tell me it was the fault of my Apple app. I have been using computers since 1979 and this printer has broken me. Never have I ever said that about a computer, printer or app before. I only kept it because my husband bought it for me last Christmas. So now I have had it for a year, hardly used it at all and cannot return it. It was expensive. I hate this printer so much I want to throw it out the window and buy a HP. OK, maybe it is not the printer’s fault that they added this app. Maybe it is just a horrible app that is messing up the printer. If only I could use the printer without the app. If only I could turn back time and tell my husband, “Quick, Get that messed up printer out of my house NOW”
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3 weeks ago, kkphoto
Prints nicely, but lacks workflow common sense
One of the most basic features of photo apps should be the ability to easily find the photo you want to use or print. This app only allows the most basic access to your photo library - no way to search photos, view by album type, or sort in any meaningful way. So, you have to scroll through thousands of photos to find the one you want. The Apple photos app makes it very easy to find photos, but then you have to use the Share function to send that photo to another app for printing (with Epson apps control), HOWEVER, the Epson app doesn’t provide any sort of share integration so it is not available in the share menu, unlike millions of other apps that have figured this out already. So, a nice printing app if you have the time to scroll through all your photos to find the one you want to print, but sadly lacking in basic user interface functions.
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1 week ago, Ella EBLove
I’ve loved it for months now
The print quality is detailed and clear. It’s the best I’ve had. I first tried the Cannon printer in the same price range and the quality was poor compared to this. It’s incredibly simple to use once set up, and has super convenient printing from anywhere. Projects looks sharp and photos are high quality. The price is right, so I bought for my dad too. The only thing is make sure you don’t need the ADF (automatic document feeder). If you scan multiple pages often you might want to upgrade to the ADF version. The singe flatbed scanner on this one works great as well. It’s just single is all. I only go out of my way to review a product if I am extra pleased with it. Happy printing! :)
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4 years ago, Smitticus 27
Good App for iPad, Easy to Set up Initially, Better than PC, Could use some UI/UX Improvement
4 solid stars because this was super easy to download, connect to my Epson 4750 via Bluetooth, and immediately get started printing and scanning. It misses 5 stars because the UI/UX could use is either impossible or not user-friendly to add additional pages to a scanned document, for can only scan a one-page document under certain conditions. I’m sure that will improve as future versions of the software are released. I can fix those problems by using my PC Epson app—however, on my PC it takes longer to connect to the printer and is generally more clumsy. so I will most likely use my iPad as much as possible with my Epson printer, then pull out the PC when the iPad app falls short (which hopefully won’t be too often.)
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3 years ago, PenroseInverse
Disorganized: free consulting from a recently fired 78 year old consulting engineer with 97 patents
While trying to print a Docusign Fidelity document for a RMD from my IRA, right in the middle, the EpsonPrint app asked me to review and accept NEW terms and conditions for using it so I wouldn’t suddenly reengineer and sell their software, and to absolve you from any screw ups that might cause me to lose data, information, or money. Took 3 tries to complete my task because the Docusign app (also stupid) kept timing out. Why not instead set a bit somewhere in memory at the FIRST acceptance of terms and conditions? Then when a user enters to do a new print job and there are pending NEW terms and conditions, complete the print job and THEN insert “To continue using the app, please review and/or accept the revised terms and conditions”. Having once accepted, would likely accept again, take a chance, “Give the poor slob one more print job, then ask.” If not accepted, then clear the bit. Russian Proverb: ‘Common sense is not common’.
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4 years ago, Jdtb1939
Epson WF3720
I had an Epson WP4530 (big few hundred $$$ workhorse) for years but it slowly moved into old age and began displaying some “printer arthritis” (little aches and pains some days and not others) until it finally gave up the ghost a couple weeks ago. Since it was so great for so long I looked only at Epsons and was blown away at how prices have come down. Decided on the WF3720 for $70 (free shipping, of course). Yes, it takes the smaller ink cartridges but at a saving of a few hundred dollars I figured I’d go that way this time. A few hundred dollar saving will buy a lot of ink! Yes, I can tell the printed copy from the perfect original but for my needs now (mostly recipes and knitting patterns, an occasional form or receipt) it does an amazingly beautiful job. The color is better and more exact to my iPad screen on the red vest I just printed out than it was on the WP4530. This one factor alone, is why I sat down and wrote out this review. (First time I’ve ever done a review for a purchased product). I’m 80, not as technology savvy as most and I can tell you the set-up was a breeze. Just took it one step at a time. Was delighted when the first test sheet printed saying “PASS” on every detail. 🤗👏👍
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2 months ago, WillyH12
So far, so good.
I bought this printer to replace a Kodak Verite printer. Originally purchased the Kodak due to low cost of ink and ability to do duplex printing. However, cost of Kodak ink and inability to refill cartridges helped to make a decision to make a change. I haven’t run through a tank of any of the inks yet, which is something because we use the printer quite extensively. And the quality of the prints is quite good. It did take a little learning to make sure I get the best quality on my prints, but I figure that’s part of the learning curve for a new brand of printer. As the title suggests, so far I have no reason to dislike this printer (other than its inability to duplex print). If that changes, you can bet I’ll let you know.
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3 months ago, Tracy in Alask
Epson on apple
So i’ve got an Epson printer and I didn’t realize you needed a different app to connect to Apple. I did download the app from Epson. I have it on my phone and I have my laptop connected directly to the printer. It works great the print from anywhere in my house with the Bluetooth and the refillable ink tanks are a lifesaver in the past in dry up before I could use it all it was a very expensive to replace. My HP would not update anymore so essentially it was worthless. I can buy all four colors of my printer or just slightly more than I paid for one black cartridge on the HP, I expect Epson to take market over
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2 years ago, Dhisappointed
Don’t buy Epson
I just lost my two Epson printers because they monitored my printers and asked me if I want to upgrade my printer which I agreed to and then they destroyed the printer from far so I cannot use replacement cartridges this total loss of privacy is unbelievable how can you buy something from a company and they monitored from Japan or someplace and then they disable it never buy Epson it will be a big loss for you. I cannot even express in words how angry I am. Not only you would lose your printer in the future because they have the capacity from far to disabled it but you also are supporting horrible behavior from a company towards the customers They are welcome to destroy printers in the country of Japan but to come here and do this to American people is just horrific. There is a massive lawsuit against him which I hope I will join about this behavior Advise you’re not to even get close to anything made by absence
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4 months ago, btappl2
Great the first print
I will start with the fact that I don’t have WiFi in my home. I use my iPhone for anything I need to connect. This app is great the first time it is set up for printing and you can print anything you want on the first setup. If you want to print anything after an extended period of not printing, it errors out with incorrect password and I have had to delete the app and completely setup the app again as if it were the first time using the printer. I bought the printer expressly because I don’t have WiFi and want to print from my iPhone without WiFi. Something about the printer, this app and the iPhone software causes the “password” to be incorrect on subsequent uses even though the password in the phone shows exactly what the printer displays. Might need to improve that aspect of the app.
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6 months ago, Superdooperman
Could be better
This app has been helpful as far as giving me more options printing from my iPhone vs the basic built in options. For that I give it 3 stars. However it would be a lot better with some basic functions added such as shrink/enlargement %, or print “actual size” options. I’m not talking about pinching and pulling touch control settings that result in inconsistencies, I want an actual numerical value scale that allows me to shrink or enlarge something by 25% or 50% etc. It also has this annoying thing where it doesn’t know how to override the printers presets, so I have to make it match the printers settings, it should just let me control those options as a one off from my phone without any aggravation.
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3 years ago, Savage89!
Unknown Sorcery
I don’t know why my printer only works using the app but I’m grateful! I get so frustrated trying to connect it to my internet despite so many attempts over the past 5 years. My latest frustrations have left me pondering at the thought of throwing the printer off my 3rd floor apt balcony, taking a hammer to every inch of it’s entirety, and even drowning it in a tub full of water. My hatred for electronics not working runs deep. But I found this app and I feel that it is evident that it saved this printer’s life! Thank you, Epson witch or warlock for making this app for the electronic illiterate!
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4 years ago, MattyShock
Decent Printer with link probs
When the printer is linked to my device it works great. Yet I find myself having to unplug the printer and reset the IP address too many times. It was very frustrating in the beginning because the instructions on how to look up the IP are nonexistent After the 10th time and much cursing at it -I’m a pro now. Nice unit works well. Keep extra 302XL ink packet with you and keep an eye on your device linkage per IP address. Also, the default paper tray is NOT the standard paper. YOU have to go into settings and update the settings to standard tray and standard paper size on EVERY Device you have linked to the printer. Guess it was sleepy day at Corporate when they did the demo and testing on this printer. Us Real People gotta figure it out.
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3 years ago, Legend45
Would like to see feature to change feed
I have a WF-3520. One feature I would like added to the app would be the ability to change the feed. So if you wanted to print a envelope using the rear feeder you could easily do it without needing to go into the settings on the computer. I find if I don’t do it a lot I find it’s like Where’s Waldo to navigate to the where to change the paper feed selection. If you could easily do it using this app it would be so much better. Also it should have the ability to input the addressee’s address, and the ability to have saved the addresser’s address.
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6 months ago, Chrissy Rener
App is frustrating
I was super excited about my new printer until I realized I had to use the app from my phone in order to print everything. I have a lot of pictures and files in my computer NOT phone and the only way I see to print is emailing it to my printer. Who seriously has time to sit and email 1 picture at a time. That being said as far as the app goes. Everytime I have poor connection (which is a lot in the room we have the printer) or someone calls my phone or it is used for something else (like listening to podcasts, using the internet, checking email etc. it has an error with printing then wastes a photo paper. You can’t use your phone while printing photos. Even if you have like 30 to print which takes a while.
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2 years ago, plmnhyfxsq
Really hard to set up to wi-fi
I’ve tried several times to connect to my wi-fi and it kept telling me my password was wrong and it was not. After speaking with technical support many times and even to my internet provider, I returned the printer and got a new one of the same model thinking it was defective. The new one had the same problem. I had to speak with a technical supervisor and she finally found the problem. We had to restore default settings and only then go through the Wi-Fi wizard. Very complicated! Besides that, the commands shown are really small to see and they change all the time between arrow, diamond and ok buttons. Overall, not user friendly at all. Not even your technicians understand it (and the technicians English is so hard to understand)
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1 year ago, Mindful Creator
Best Printer I’ve Had
At first I was a little frustrated with the printer not waking up when I sent something over Wi-Fi. Then I actually read the manual and discovered the Epson iPrint App! Now it prints without me having to restart most of the time. Good quality, handles paper without jamming all the time as long as the settings are correct, software update reminders, ink level warnings, and separate color tanks make this printer convenient and economical to use. Do take the time to learn how to use its features though. You’ll save yourself a lot of frustration.
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2 years ago, Two Hearted Sailing
Not Good at This Stuff
I am challenged in the area of following directions and setting up anything that has to do with technology. I unpackaged the printer, I followed the directions and I connected it to my laptop and downloaded the app to my iPhone. I did a test run of everything and it worked. The trays are flimsy, but for my use, they are fine. Only needed a printer for emergency use only. Traveling a lot and may need to scan or print things on the road. Took me an hour. It would take a normal person 15 minutes.
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4 years ago, PodsWhileDishwashin
Keeps getting better
It can be a little trickier to figure out how to print to my Epson printer from my iPhone or iPad than it might have been to an Apple Air print printer, but I already owned this printer when I started using my devices for everything. And that’s a while now. So I’ve been using Epson iPrint for a while now. At the start, I couldn’t seem to print some types of documents, but they keep improving it and now I can pretty much print anything I like. The printer still works, too, which is pretty impressive in this day of throw away tech. Thanks, Epson!
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2 years ago, Mejezze
EPSON ET 2800 printer
So far the EPSON ET 2800 has been great. I truly enjoy the refillable ink tanks which are easy to refill and provide many more prints than my previous HP printer. The costs for the ink cartridges are much less than the costs I used to pay for my HP printer. The print quality is excellent and having the wireless connectivity is very convenient. The one drawback is the menu screen is too small to be of any use. It could stand to be much larger especially for older folk like myself. Nevertheless I am satisfied
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Nice try, but not good at all.
It was a HUGE struggle trying to connect my Epson 2400 Printer to any device. For example, we had to navigate through so many apps, and we only found one out of many that decently works. Still, it was super annoying to deal with, and the quality isn’t even that good. The colors are dull, foggy, and have random black marks on random parts of the paper. Everything seems to print out pretty small, but I guess I have to toy around even more to figure that out myself. Overall, I have not had a good experience whatsoever using this printer, and I hope we can get a new one soon that works effectively. (I guess that’s that little harsh. Not really.)
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2 years ago, 1flychicken
What is the point of this app?
I downloaded it because suddenly I could print from the rear tray (from my phone) after the latest iOS 16 update. Still doesn’t appear to be an option. Can’t find any info about it. Also, how do I print without borders? Now, because of borders, it is making my image smaller. What about scaling the PDF? Doesn’t seem like an option either. This is my busiest time of the year and as a small business owner, I do not recommend Epson. It is nothing but issues and costs me more money than necessary. This printer uses color ink magically when all I use is black ink, so I constantly have to buy it. This roadblock comes at the worst possible time. Do not buy Epson, then you won’t need this pointless app.
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4 years ago, Skiptomoloo
Great item
I’ve had this printer for years and it always printed good but I could not be sure it would work for me when I really needed it to work. Now days I love it because I took time to cover all problems and found solutions. Epson print app works flawlessly now, or iPhone print or from my chrome book or hp laptops. Sky’s the limit!!!!!!!!!!!! When iCloud quits leaves in December I hope it will stay with me using WiFi. Whatever happens, I really love this machine and will stick with it. Looks good too. And sturdy. 😄😄😄😄😄
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2 years ago, Jeff Zacharias
Scan Features Need An Update
The scan part of this app is poor and lacks much of the settings of the Mac app. For example you can only scan up to 300 DPI when the Mac app will scan 600 and 1200. Epson told me 2 years ago that they were about to release a brand new app that would have better scanning options. Obviously that was not true. This app would be great if it supported the same scanner features as the Mac app. Since I’ve been pretty much paperless for about 10 years, I do very little printing with my WF-4740 and a lot of scanning and it’s sad that this app just has very basic and low resolution scan features.
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4 years ago, JaneMC1
Exactly what I needed
I bought my Epson xp-830 a few years ago and it’s a great printer. I never downloaded the software that goes with it (storage reasons) I just always used a cord to connect to my laptop. For whatever reason this simple thing turned into a hassle. I couldn’t scan anything...! THEN I found this app. 🙌🏻 I cannot express how much this app has made my life EASIER and hassle free. I can check my printer ink levels on the app, and order my ink cartridge directly from the app! This app is everything.
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3 years ago, Angels know
Rodin ET 2760
My Hewlett-Packard printer cartridge got stuck down inside the machine. I took it in for repair and they couldn’t help me. I saw the new Epson ET 2760 and I fell in love. I brought it home hooked it up I can print from my desktop my iPhone I just absolutely love it I can scan to how wonderful. But the best part is the ease of filling the toner no mess no muss no fuss and the cost is perfect and the amount of pages you can print from the toner is phenomenal!!!! The price was good to thank you Epson hopefully I’ll have many years with this new printer Jessie L Michigan
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2 years ago, Bayoubirdwatcher
Great Printer At A Great Price
I have owned several HP printers that just suddenly stopped working. My last one was complicated to operate and burned through paper and ink with repetitive, useless suggestions. I had prepaid for the Epson WF 4830 based on reviews. And was very disappointed when I went to pick it up at Office Depot and it wasn’t there. Fortunately, there was one 3820 available. I’m very happy with it and I saved money if I can get my PayPal account straightened out.
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6 days ago, OnlyMe&NotYou
Worst printers
Epson is by far is the worst printer company I’ve ever purchased. I won’t agree with the terms, so I cannot use the app to print. Oh really. Then the printer is garbage and I should return it to the store. You don’t get to push your policies on customers and you don’t have permission to do so. Epson printer never connects and you have to go through so many steps each time to connect to Wi-Fi, and then it still doesn’t work. This app is useless too. Meanwhile, they’re stealing your information and have access to everything you print. Never again. Throwing my printer away. Back to HP and no one should stand for this. Right to privacy!!! Whoever says good job Epson must work for Epson.
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10 months ago, Famonameio
Low budget printing made easy with Epson app
I shoot with a Fuji X100V. I love the idea of printing my photos, and this app helps me do so more efficiently on the Epson ET-2760. On iPhone, printing to the printer on the network using iPhone’s built in print functiona doesn’t work well (colors are incorrect). The Epson app fixes this, and allows you to print multiple pages and files at the same time. Only thing I wish is that there was a way to open files that exist elsewhere on the phone, such as the Files app or Owl Files.
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2 years ago, BassaBoy
Always ask for location and always paper Jam
Every Epson printer I ever own including my ET 4750 has been a paper Jam machine. Also why does it keep asking me for my location? Back in the days we had printers with all of the same functionalities as printers of today and yet, they worked without asking for location. Linking the functionality of a product to the location of the user is a dumb idea because the more access to the GPS, the quicker the battery drains. And then there is the privacy issue. That’s why I give this review a one star. I wish more people will do the same so companies like Epson can start making smart products again.
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1 year ago, Little Miss Molly
Difficult app
I really dislike this printer. My previous one I could just go to my pictures and print. With this printer I have to use and app that constantly tells me my paper isn’t correct. When I go to print another picture the app takes me back to the latest picture I took instead of back to the section I was printing from. It’s incredibly time consuming and so far after I have been through two different printers, I haven’t been happy with the print quality. Just very frustrating.
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3 years ago, pancho46474!
Epson XP-830
I’ve used the EPSON brand for a while now, I got the XP-830 Back when I was 18 years old. I am now 24 and it’s been 6 years since I bought my printer and it still works like new. It always gives me quality prints. I have a side gig and I remaster old videos and I make them into DVD’s and with this printer I print on the DVD’s and my photos always come out looking professional. If you are starting a business or just looking for a printer for your hobby, EPSON is the printer to go with!
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2 years ago, Fran's brother
Working Okay except no Documents
I’ve had this for a while and didn’t have any trouble setting it up and finding my Epson printer. I can print my photos and it works fine. I do have one problem and that is I am unable to print any documents. I’m assuming they would be in the print document’s directory but there is nothing there and I don’t know how to put them in that directory. I would like to print some of my emails and documents that I receive so maybe you could help me out so I can fix the problem.
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4 years ago, swriterman
Epson Quality
Printers have been hard to find so I was shocked to find no epson printers for sale. I bought a cheaper printer which looked and felt like a toy. Failed right out of the box. I found the Epson online and ordered it immediately. As soon as I got it, the box seemed heavy. My old WF 2540, never failed me. But the paper feeder was broken and was perched on wooden blocks which were ever slipping around. My new printer is doing a fantastic job. A customer who loves Epson printers!
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4 years ago, malamoo60
Love it!
I am so happy with my new Epson printer. I am really green about technology, but I have no problem figuring it out. Took me a while, but seems to be working great. I live in an area with very poor reception, but I have managed to use my laptop and my iPhone to print with little signal. It’s unfortunate you can’t speak with anyone in customer service. I recommend this printer so far, I have always had an HP ended up switching because of performance.
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6 months ago, gngflorida
Nothing but the best
So nice to print from anywhere in the house. No more need to get up and turn the printer on and stand next to it and wait. I’ve never kept up with modern technology but feel very fortunate to have a printer AP that was easy to set up and very easy to understand and use. I would suggest anyone that uses this model of printer to use this AP.
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2 years ago, spa48
Works great once I got it set up
This printer is exactly what I needed. I mainly needed a copy machine, but having print capabilities from my iPad is an extra bonus. The built-in Wi-Fi is perfect since I don’t have home Wi-Fi Reason for 4 stars is lack of info in accompanying instruction manual. Out of the box I couldn’t even make a copy (I don’t qualify as as tech savvy). After an hour on the phone with (very patient) service rep it has performed flawlessly so far (2 weeks).
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4 years ago, Normskul
Good for at home; slow, noisy and obscure directions
I found directions online; the menu on the small LCD screen is difficult to remember what it is you wish to find. The exterior buttons should be in a well lighted place as it is hard to see and distinguish. Air printing is iffy from some apps so that the Epson app is necessary. Print quality is excellent and other than the difficulty of getting used to its ways I find it to be a value. The scanner and cheap ink is a plus.
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3 years ago, CHERYLKOLVE
Looked forever to find correct printer
I looked and looked to find a program that would be compatible with my printer and didn’t cost extra money and it was right in front of me!! My Epson air printer had a program to download and I can now choose the correct measurement for my print and it’s so awesome!! Thank you so much Epson!! I won’t look elsewhere anymore. You were right here the whole time!!!
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4 years ago, Jenmil65
Epson all-in-one printer
Excellent printing. Professional quality. Cares for, lasts many years, while still working flawlessly and printing quality remains in phases. Slightly problematic in using with Apple products, ie phone, laptop, but Epson works its way around that with companion app. Just need to jump thru a few extra hoops, but doable. Certainly a hearty, machine performing flawless photo, and lesser jobs, for a really decent price. High quality output throughout its life. Would buy again in a heartbeat.
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3 years ago, DkaeG
Time consuming
When I print it requires that the app stay front and center on my screen. When I put the app in the background to look at a different screen the app stalls printing until the app is forefront again. So if I have a large print job it ties up my iPad until it is finished printing. This is quite inconvenient and I don’t understand why in this day and age something like that is required. You should be able to print your documents and then push the app into the background so that you can get other work done. This is not productive at all.
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2 years ago, B. Zhon
Incredible customer support
The customer service is so extraordinary that I am sure I will never replace my Epson printer with any other company. I have had Espson printers for more than a decade and the support has never disappointed. My printer is user friendly and works very well, but it’s the customer service that differentiates it from other good printers I’ve used.
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3 years ago, iamaluddite
Best printer ever
I am so over looking for the best price on a printer, because the ink costs are inversely proportional to the printer’s price. With Epson, you pay for the best quality printer and the ink lasts an amazingly long time. With the Epson app I can print quickly from my iPhone- anything that I want to send or save on my phone, the Epson icon shows up to give the print option.
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2 years ago, CWLowry
Bad luck with printers
I have been through a lot of printers over the years and most all of them have an hp on the front. They may last a year or two, then they stop working. I purchased my Epson eco-tank ET-2500 more than 5 years ago, and it has not failed me yet. Only had to add black ink once since that time. Great color prints as well.
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2 years ago, BourbonSharknado
Impossible to connect to printer
When opened on its own, the app loads and connects easily to a printer. But that’s of little value, as nobody stores documents through the native app. Instead, we use the Share function -> Epson iPrint function. But I can’t print here because it says no printer is connected, despite the printer being connected when the app is opened from the Home Screen (see first paragraph). All attempts to connect here fail because the app somehow cannot find the printer. So taken together, it’s not practical to use this app to print, hence the 1 star review.
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1 month ago, Vintage Artist
Makes printing hassle free
I love using my Epson XP-630 with the Epson Printing Apps. It’s quick, reliable and extremely user friendly. I’ve been out the office for about 6 years and with these apps and my Epson I just jumped right back in and haven’t stopped since. I’m about to buy my third ink cartridge since Christmas. I definitely recommend Epson. Angie
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2 months ago, McKievers arts
I bought a epson ET-2550 never had any trouble out of it til this week it is the best printer I’ve ever owned when it said the pad needs replacing and I had to have copies right away I went and purchased a ET-2803 I’ve tried to get it to print for hours and the screen keeps saying printing is suspended due to paper mismatch this machine and I can’t seem to get it to print other things can’t get that other app to work either I touched the 5 stars before I realized it but if I keep having issues I’m going to return it I’m not really liking this machine at all at the moment
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