Epson iProjection

4.2 (1.4K)
24.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Seiko Epson Corporation
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Epson iProjection

4.17 out of 5
1.4K Ratings
2 years ago, Hannahgraceheart
Great App!
I have a Fitbit Premium Subscription and it comes with all these different options for workout videos. Even though I can watch them on my phone, it’s definitely nice being able to have them projected from my phone screen onto a bigger screen with the help of an epson projector that one of the group fitness class studios located at my local Recreation Center has. I admit I was unsure about this app because a lot of the reviews said it won’t project videos but it actually does! It’s super easy to use and has helped me enjoy trying different workout videos a lot more! My only complaint is that there were a few times throughout some of the videos I watched where it froze but otherwise it works perfectly!
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2 years ago, Isaac Showalter
It’s very fun
This app lets me connect to every projector in my school because they are all connected to the same IP and I can screw around around with my teachers
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2 weeks ago, Mr.Jher451
Could be so much better
I gave the app 3 stars because it works pretty well when it works. There has been several times that it’s taken me over 45 minutes to even get the app to read the projector (or however it works). Then there are the times that it shuts off in the middle of using it. This becomes very problematic when projecting a design for a mural for example (which is how I use the app). I think it’s a great projector but the app has a few glitches which I feel could be fixed pretty easily. If this is the only projector I use with the app I feel like it shouldn’t be so difficult to connect to every time.
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7 years ago, Ericlmercer
Pretty nice. Please fix Photo Album iOS 11
It’s a nice app. It’s my 1st time with using iProjector as I just purchased an EX9200 & was happy to easily connect two iPads simultaneously to it with it working as advertised with one important problem. I’m on an iPad iOS11, lots of photos in iCloud & local. Every time I try to access Photo Album the app freezes & I have to kill it. I’d like to try to play a video, haven’t gotten the Album to open. Thanks for the recent update (a month ago). Please keep them coming. The bad reviews were from yrs ago. Please give iProjector a little love, both users & app producer. It’s useful & appreciated.
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5 months ago, Roloa007
Worthless for presentations
I wanted to have a little wireless freedom and walk around my class while I was able to control my presentation. This is not an option for that. You can’t use it like an extended display and see your presentation notes, read from another document while you are projecting your slide, I know, if you mirror your screen, then you can see your slides going smoothly on the projector, but you will loose the ability to see your notes in keynote, and if you decide to “project document”, you loose all your animations. Feels like was intended just for pictures and little things, even the app looks like it’s working on an iPhone 3G.
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5 years ago, kesythia
Does not run PowerPoint
I got this projector with the expectation that I could easily use my iPad or my iPhone to project PowerPoint through the projector. However though it allows you to project a file that contains the slides from PowerPoint it does not allow you to use PowerPoint. So all of the work that you do in making decent presentation is unusable in this app. All you can do is project the slides without transitions, without animations, etc. You can only project the entire slide and then move onto the next.
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2 years ago, E Kansas
Device mirroring is a game changer
At last. This app works as it should and allows full device mirroring. Thanks so much.
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4 years ago, PolymathCrowsbane
Why support new projectors and not new Office?
I purchased the Powerlite 1781W to project Keynote and PowerPoint presentations. However, after being unable to do that, I learned from Epson Support iProjection only supports Office 2013, nothing more recent. It makes no sense not to provide support for an obsolete version of Office. Epson hardware is good...the software, not nearly so good. Combine that with a lack of support for Airplay and I’ve lost 75% of my rationale for the projector purchase.
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5 years ago, Drtxmnr
Not so good
I’ve been using the iProjection app for a while. I used my iOS phone over the Wi-Fi. But lately I just get kicked off or worse cannot connect. I have a little pigtail and hdmi cable to connect but have to stand next to the projector which is less than optimum for presentations. Please put some work into this app. I like the projector.
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5 years ago, iaswingkid
Epson software is terrible
This software is clunky, but at least it's not as bad as Epson's protector software for Windows, which doesn't work on my Microsoft Surface. It disconnected the Wi-Fi every time I tried to use the projector. It also had the same problem on a Toshiba laptop. Stay away from Epson projectors! The hardware might be fine, but I haven't been able to evaluate it because the software is so bad!
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6 months ago, mmmèė
Great, but
This can only connect to a few apps
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3 years ago, phyl1337
it’s 2021, not 2001.
hey Epson, what was the point of making this app if you can’t even display videos? This is in 2001, we are trying to show off our solid PowerPoint. We want to watch videos off of an expensive projector. Users don’t waste your time with this app because you can’t even play video. One star deserved
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6 years ago, Jwright4105
Could be great
As others have mentioned especially for home users this should allow streaming. As it is the only applications are business for presenting mobile apps, documents or photos.
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4 years ago, LostinTexasToo
Very limited use
I purchased an Epson projector to be able to watch movies in the backyard, only to find out it wasn’t wifi enabled. My mistake. I spent a significant amount of money to get the Wireless LAN Unit from Epson. Then I find out I can only use the wifi projection if I download the app, only to find out you can’t stream any type of video from the app.
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2 years ago, Carduchi
Same issue I tried to connect one day and it asked for a password in which I don’t remember creating . No help resetting the password.
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6 years ago, oconn246
Very limited
The options are very limited, your phone’s pictures, a webpage, and documents - all the same things that the desktop version allows. I hoped the app would allow me to project any app on my phone. Disappointed.
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9 months ago, Um Yazzed🌷
Magical app.
It’s a very helpful and easy way to illustrate your lessons
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5 years ago, MFJoyride
Like the projector, but needed mirroring
When I first bought this projector it allowed mirroring. I purchase a very expensive anatomy app for my students and now it no longer functions from my iPad. Why has the app and function changed?
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3 years ago, AVMiami
Airplay Support need to be considered by epson on future updates
I do not get why epson do not offer airplay support since most of the tv already offer that option by updating their OS. After Apple resealed their new AirPlay 2 functionality also enable several vendors to add it!
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3 years ago, maxswings
Does not project the screen
The app does not allow you to project your device. Only documents, webpages, and pictures can be displayed. This would be a 5 star review and more revenue for the makers if it mirrored the display. Instead it’s one star and I’m spending money elsewhere on cable connections.
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5 years ago, my name is alexander ham
I downloaded this app, not because I needed my pictures on a projector, but just to see how it works. It seems very difficult to use and has very limited options for what it does. This app isn’t necessary. It has potential, but needs some serious TLC.
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3 years ago, mclassic
Why is this here?
This app has no practical functionality for iOS. It is not possible to project an iOS device’s display with this app. The app’s web browser does not support video. This app also seem quite dated.
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1 year ago, E_Mike123
This software is archaic. I wouldn’t even want my companies name on this software in 2023. I mean seriously hire some software engineers, update your technology and get with the times, this would have been good tech in 2005 maybe and that’s pushing it.
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6 months ago, Reeeeeeeeeeeed
App doesn’t connect when website works
This app fails to connect to my projector (via direct ip), while entering the same IP in my browser brings up the web remote just fine. Please fix!
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5 years ago, Fatima20099
Add the ability to view ipad on wireless projectors
Please add the ability to view the ipad screen on wireless projector
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6 years ago, Future mummer
Limited use only
You can access your pics or some docs but that's it. You can't play a video through your camera roll or from an app like Netflix... huge miss!
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4 years ago, IIMrOhII
Effectively non functional
For all intents and purposes this app is non functional. The hardware requires you to be connected to either the internet OR this projector but not both. If your content cannot be saved locally on the device you cannot display it on the projector. If your content is a video, MS Office document or pdf it won’t display on the projector as the projector won’t accept the content. I’m honestly not sure what this app actually was designed for.
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6 years ago, poadawg
Waste of time!
After taking 5 minutes of loading a short keynote, the app plays one slide, doesn’t recognise any additional fonts, then crashes. Such a huge let down! Guess I’ll buy an Apple TV to project.
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3 months ago, Wise, Josh
Would not stay connected to Apple TV
When I downloaded the application and attempted to play something from Apple TV I was immediately disconnected from the projector.
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6 years ago, drefrost123
Barely works:(
This worked for a hot second but now when I try to use the wireless to project images from my iPhone or iPad, only a few images appear from my photo library. Please help!!!!
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5 years ago, Susan.W.T
Would not connect or recognize the Epson 2150
No matter what I tried. Removing and reinstalling the app, it would neither pick up nor connect to the Epson 2150 projector. Please fix the app because it has a lot of potential.
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5 years ago, J75449
Power point problems
Since the latest iOS update, the projector now projects the slides in the wrong colors.
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4 years ago, Joefflll
Horrible app. Won’t let you wirelessly stream netflix
You can only project stuff wirelessly through the epson app, so you can’t open your Netflix app and stream wirelessly from there. Next
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11 months ago, Yust the best
Doesn’t connect
I cannot connect my iPad through this app not even with an HDMI cable. My projector is a 2350. So sad that I have to return it.
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2 years ago, iwilltypeanentiresentence.
Choppy stream
I tried watching a video off the internet and the video/audio was deaynced with the phone and the projector.
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7 years ago, Atticus Roark
Doesn't work for Epson5040-UB
I connect to it and it sees my device, but it doesn't project anything. That makes it totally worthless. Will be deleting.
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3 years ago, mel0714
Really crappy the remote function doesn’t load properly all the time very inconsistent app.
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6 years ago, UB1
Garbage app
The kind of thing you wish you knew before you bought the projector!
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5 years ago, Hondo331
Useless with a Mac product
Very elementary capabilities if using wirelessly with an Apple product. Do not buy this projector if you intend on using it in this way.
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4 years ago, xxAKSHUNxx
Terrible for iOS
Not worth using for iOS.. it’s awful.. just get an adapter to hdmi, this app is awful and doesn’t work as intended
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5 years ago, Jason2637
Trashy software
Makes Epson look like chumps. Literally can’t stream videos on a projector. What does Epson think we bought it for?
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6 years ago, 21012008Mg
You can only transfer pictures or documents but not movies....
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7 years ago, epson trial
App won't load
When trying to download the app will not load.
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1 year ago, GI Joe Texan
Needs updating!
Ever since the latest IOS update, the PowerPoint slides are all out of alignment. PLEASE FIX THIS!!!
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4 years ago, Jim Finance
Good projector, terrible app
Love the epson 2045 projector, but cannot connect wirelessly. This app simply does not work. Not sure why the lack of development by epson on this.
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11 months ago, Lq1220
Can’t find projector
Stupid app can’t find projector. Even with ip address
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5 years ago, Tor user man
Does not support video
The only thing I wanted to do is project video on the wall EPSON please add video streaming between iPhone and Projector
Show more
2 years ago, xohitR
Keep disconnect
Can you fix this app , I’m keep getting disconnect
Show more
7 years ago, Cdow1001
Needs mirroring
This app would be complete if it could mirror. W/o that ability this is useless.
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3 years ago, Dr evil Adam
Does not work with teams
Does not work with teams, very very basic
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