Epson Smart Panel

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4.7 (142.6K)
176.9 MB
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Current version
Seiko Epson Corporation
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Epson Smart Panel

4.72 out of 5
142.6K Ratings
11 months ago, HeatherBelleApple
IF I COULD GIVE 10 STARS, I WOULD! EPSON IS THE ABSOLUTE BEST. I plugged the printer in, hooked to wi-fi, downloaded the EPSON app and it immediately found the printer, connected, updated firmware. Worked. Everything worked in less than 10 min. I had an hp printer, “had” being the key word here. I spent literally HOURS of my life going around and around and around, trying to get it to sync up on my phone with their app. which cannot automatically find the printer and once manually entered by IP address, won’t show up in the app. They have so much going on with their auto ink scam, that the functionality of their printers and their app are all compromised. Not to mention the 17 emails I got while trying to do a simple task of connecting my printer. Emails prompting me to complete the setup. …it was set up. Over and over again! Grrr! I even paid for a subscription and still spent more HOURS of my life, looking up troubleshooting, reading blogs, reading their website suggestions and even contacting them. All failed. Will never buy hp again. Thank you soooooo much EPSON. I can’t tell you how happy I am! Beautiful print quality on my ET-2803 btw.
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1 year ago, Ron Sauve
Constantly disconnects, then nowhere to be found!
When we first got this printer, we liked it; despite it having no touch screen, it seemed to work okay. And we were lured in by the economical ink use. However, it seems like every time we want to print, it has disconnected, and it cannot be found! 😡 Then we have to start setup all over again, and over again, and over again, and over again, ad infinitum! 😡. Do you know what it’s like to try entering a complex wifi password on their tiny “keyboard” with no touch screen? A very time consuming process that would be bad enough if we only had to do it once, but absolute torture to have to do it every other day! Grrrr! 😡Today I tried numerous times to re-connect this thing, but it failed every single time, both with wifi, and with the Ethernet connection, nothing worked! 😡. I’m getting pretty disgusted with this terrible printer, and pretty fed up! It’s still not connected, and it’s dead in the water, a pretty useless paperweight, as far as I can see right now! EPSON, why can’t you make a printer that actually consistently works, and stays connected to a network??? And don’t be blaming the network either, we have a very fast and very capable high speed network with a 1GB fiber connection, with most devices including this printer, connected through hard wired CAT8 Ethernet cables, except for our mobile devices. Epson, Let’s get your printer to consistently work for a change!
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10 months ago, Mr. bubble gums
Works Great!
I bought this for me and my son’s school work since we are always needing to print documents all the time. Getting tired of running to the local fedex to print. I bought additional ink didn't realize it already came with a set. I got this on sell for less than $70 and the ink cartridge is $50- a bit pricey. The set up is pretty self explanatory just make sure you are following the instructions from the manual. I had synced this to my iphone and laptop with no issues. Test printed a photo as well and quality was perfect I will just need to purchase glossy photo paper and I am sure it will look great. The print didn't take long at all to process. I strongly recommend this product if you are looking for something reliable and affordable.
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1 year ago, CheriMo
Epson hate Apple
Epson seems to universally make their products difficult if not impossible to use with Apple products. While claiming that Epson printers are AirPrint compatible, I have yet to ever get an Epson printer to consistently work with AirPrint. I have returned 3 Epson printers and replaced them with Brother or Canon because those brands live up to their claims of being AirPrint compatible. The only reason I’m keeping the Epson printer I just bought is because it’s for my business which requires I use a PC for software reasons. But for my personal use I am exclusively Apple having am iPhone, 3 iPads, and a Mac, none of which can consistently connect to this printer via AirPrint. I managed somehow to get the stars to align and printed from one of my iPads twice but have not been able to get the iPad and printer connected since. However this stupid app, which I shouldn’t need since the printer is AirPrint compatible, can see the printer, no problem. That means that the printer is on the network and this iPad can see it but AirPrint isn’t working. There is little to no information about troubleshooting the AirPrint connection in the Epson documentation so I have to conclude that Epson is trying to force Apple users to use the Epson apps rather than AirPrint which is for the birds. I guess this printer will have to go back to the store too.
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6 months ago, 11@ssrt
I use to pride myself on my Epson 24 inch printer (long ago retired) and my Epson 24 inch printer and later my 4500 eco tank. The ink started drying up so quickly on the 24 inch printer it pretty well made it too expensive to use. With the constant head cleaning. Then the eco tank just stopped working after a software up date. I have not purchased an Epson printer in years. Finding Canon a much more reliable product. Here in Panama the Canon was harder to find so I purchased an Epson L3250. I am not a novice at setting up printers. However this one was an 7 hour process. The instructions were terrible, the registration would not accept the Serial number, then it would not print properly. after 7 hours it is working now. I hope it stays this way. this is likelyto be a printer I wind up junking before I ever use the ink. To put it directly Epson has not had their act together for the last few years and simply do not have it together now. Jack Stanley
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5 months ago, Old Guy trying new stuff
Not great
This is not a user friendly printer and app. Sometimes it will print from my pad or phone and sometimes it will not. I guess it depends on the mood it’s in. I should be able to select the icon go to print and it should print period! FIX IT! It loses the Wi-Fi connection very frequently, and no it’s not because the router is too far away. They are about two feet apart. Sometimes you have to save the document to a folder the app recognizes, which aren’t many, then go through the app, find the folder, open the document, then there’s about a 75% chance it will print. One more thing, this thing drinks ink like water and like all printers, it is expensive. The one good thing is the print quality is good but no better than the HP that it replaced. BTW, the HP worked great for years until it didn’t. It took months for the ink cartridges to empty, and it would accept aftermarket ink so I could save a few dollars. Just goes to show that sometimes what looks like a deal is not.
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1 year ago, Lisa Ann Nixon
Epson is best of the best of the best and a beast
Tried printers from everywhere and every company, bar none the best software especially compared to the hot mess HP has right now. Other than large format Canon photo printers and plotters The Ink tank is beast and is a tank. Been using continuous ink systems since 2002 as a add-on product. Auto priming and cleaning with maintenance carts. Get on board to a hassle free experience, with only the rare and super quick restarts for issues with some wi-fi access points. Honestly even that isn’t Epson fault but wow do they restart fast. Get in!
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1 year ago, Portfolio hard to find
Cryptic, not user-friendly - buying it was a mistake
I bought an Epson printer after years of HP - the salesperson convinced me it was superior to HP, mainly because of how the ink is refilled. However, I find it is FAR more difficult to use - it is not the least bit user friendly. I haven’t recently had to puzzle out how to refill the ink - I did it a while back and it seemed doable but I’m not confident about next time. HOWEVER, everything else about it needs to be puzzled out each time I want to print something out. Also, there is a ridiculously long wait period for it to be ready to print after I turn it on so when I try to print and get an error message of “printer not ready” or “not detected” I don’t know if it isn’t being detected for some reason - such as not being connected - or just hasn’t taken its 15-minute warm-up time. I feel buying it was a mistake but since it’s new I’m stuck with it - I won’t make this mistake next time.
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6 months ago, DRS1977
Can barely use this app
Location is asked for every single time I open the app to try and print and take forever to connect. Sometimes it’s not even worth trying to print because it’s so time consuming and frustrating just to get it to connect. The app doesn’t connect to the printer most of the time even though it’s connected to the same WiFi and other times takes up to 10min to connect. Then when you cancel a print job everything is frozen on canceling until I unplug the printer and plug it back in. The HP app works flawlessly and wish I would have kept my old print now. I just got this printer and considering taking it back just because of this stupid app. Horrible customer service, no updates, no explanations, no help, and just a terrible user experience. Please get this fixed or I’ll deftly never be buying an Epson printer again.
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2 years ago, Amasing reviewer
I DO NOT recomend this app!!
Usually my reviews are always positive, but it is not the case with this one!! I am really frustrated with the way they make it!! If there is a way the Epson people could change this, it would be easier… well, ok, this app looks so cool, and when I downloaded it I thought I would NEVER regret. But oh boy, how wrong was I!! It has all these cool features that you can never get if you do it on your own without using it. So yeah, that is cool, but I even didn’t get to USE IT. The thing is, is that it tells you to find your printer (of course) but when you try to put in your Epson printer, it cannot find it!! Though I have it on, and when I want to print directly from the web or from photos, it works perfectly!! But when I try it on THIS APP, it doesn’t work! All the things that we have tried to do, it doesn’t work! So if that can PLEASE be changed, this app would be PERFECT
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1 year ago, Riccoh Rodriguez
I very tied of you guys blocking my printer with the notice to upgrade. Just so you can control me, after I paid you for the printer that should be MINE! You want to tell me who’s and what ink to buy. I hate control and not letting Am-r-Rican out of debt. Church for your printer and leave us alone. We’re not a communist country. In fact, we’re not a country at all it’s a business.. Shame. Rise your price on the printer, leave choses what ever we want and if the heads get clogged with the cheeper ink then we’ll buy another printer. Every time I want to air print I got to get up and dismiss your “request for an update “ i don’t want your update! I want to stay in my wheelchair and print without have to get up where the printer is mounted and worry about falling because of you control. Ed Rodriguez
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1 year ago, printerreview2023
Just bought the 2400 eco tank model. Print speeds of black and white is great. Color is decent too. Photos are pretty slow. The app was pretty user friendly except when connecting to Wi-Fi. You just have to press the Wi-Fi button on the printer which I figured out on my own. Other than that setup was a breeze. I’m pretty happy over all. Prints over Wi-Fi easily from my phone if you select the documents from the app. The only part that is less than desirable is that it requires that you save the document then open the app and select that document to print it rather than it letting you print straight from an opened document. Overall would recommend this product.
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1 year ago, No-Never-None
Stick With the Manual Install Process
I downloaded this app to install and configure my new ET-3850 and it worked … up to a point. The first attempt put at charging the ink went nowhere so I backed up a step and restarted it. Worked ok the 2nd time around. It didn’t do much else after that. I opted to go down the path in the “Start Here” instruction guide that DIDN’T use the app and everything appears to have installed fine. Of course it took me through the ink recharge again and I had to manually connect to my Wi-Fi because the auto setup didn’t work, but being an IT techie guy it wasn’t a big deal. I pity the folks who are not tech savvy in trying to do this. I see a few support calls in there future. So far the printer works great! I replaced an Epson Workforce printer that I’ve had for 15 years.
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1 year ago, carolinagirl2781
Printing photos
Ok, so I got this printer about a couple of months ago. I haven’t tried printing documents yet. I basically got it to print labels for my business, that part works well. I had a photo of my husband and my self I wanted to print out, just a 4x6. The printer kept telling me wrong paper size, I checked and rechecked and it was right for what I wanted. Printed photo and about 1/2 way through printing, the paper slides and I ended up with a “rainbow “ effect on the end of my photo. So I printed again and same thing happened. I gave a 2 star because money is money theses days and you should be able to print good quality photos but not with this. Would I buy again? Yes, only for printing labels . Buy anther printer for photos because this one isn’t worth the money.
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1 year ago, Disgusted with Epson
Epson Won’t Work With Apple Products
I’m on my second Epson printer, currently an ET-3850. I’ve been through the Epson Smart Panel settings many, many times. It hasn’t helped. If I do some combination of restarting the printer, restarting my computer, reselecting the printer through settings, etc, it will eventually print— maybe. If it does, I can then print various documents. However, if I don’t print for a while, such as overnight, it won’t print again. I then have to go through all this again. It consistently does this with my Mac desktop, my new IPad, my wife’s iPad, my iPhone and my wife’s iPhone. This seems to be a common problem with Epson printers and Apple products. Epson should make it very clear in their advertising their printers have major issues when you’re using Apple products. This is simply ridiculous and unacceptable!
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8 months ago, BbigNutzZ
Just Okay
I returned an HP smart tank printer for this printer due to HP only uses its app to manage their printers. Changed internet provider and could not switch WiFi connection from old to new. Staples couldn’t figure it out either but I have to say the quality and quickness of printing is better with HP. This one is okay and that’s all I need. It’s slower for sure but at least you can change Wi-Fi on the settings on the printer itself. Had to restart it once because it wouldn’t print too. Never had that issue with HP. So basically if HP adds a touch screen to their printer I would go with HP. Hopefully Epson does some software updates that fix the slowness and quality.
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3 months ago, YouWontLetMeEnterMyBadReview
Why are multi-page documents printing the first page at the bottom?
My much older Epson printer was smart enough to print a multi-page document, last page first, so that the completed document was already in proper page order. My newer ET-2400 printer prints the first page first, next, the second, etc, then the document has to be sorted to rearrange the pages. It sounds like a First World Problem, but what I don’t understand is how the user friendliness of your printer deteriorates rather than improving over time. While I’m on the subject, I couldn’t believe the hoops I had to jump through to get this printer to work with a new Apple MacBook Pro. Even after installing Epson drivers in the MacBook Pro, the printer is still not recognized as an airPrinter when attempting to print via an Apple IOS devices. I can only print from an IOS device by using a convoluted multi-step process. Share->Print->Share->EpsonPrint My much older Epson printer had no such issues. Why are you making your product harder to use? It is far from intuitive. I do not understand why printing to this printer in particular is so convoluted.
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1 year ago, Bogusfeedback
Default settings
Frustrated with default paper setting from PC, MAC and iPhones. I have wasted dozens of glossy pages on docs AND TIME when they expecting default plain paper. Read all help pages dozens of times. Family using apps doesn't have familiarity with all app settings; they just want to open app and print. Otherwise, have had the ET-8500 for a year and LOVE the print quality and ink management! If you can update the bios to automatically retract the print tray 30min after use, I’d up my rating to 4 stars.
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2 years ago, Drew Zimny
Fun with printing!
Great machine, I bought it one day because I was operating my backhoe in the community that I live, a natural gas main was ruptured, it was my fault, so I needed to apologize to almost 200 individual homes who lost the use of that utility for a day 1/2, but the ones closest to me got rudely wrangled up, by me, to get everyone 1000’ from the danger. I’m famously long winded, so summation; I made really cool cards for everybody in the community. One gentleman even said, hey man, I like your style, you got style, he said. The printer is fantastic, thank you Epson
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1 year ago, negativeupdate
Selecting page
I just bought this last black friday so I don’t know if the ink is going stay for long. The printer doesn’t get connected through Airprint. It also doesn’t print MSword so I have to convert the MSword docx to PDF just to print them. Selecting a page to print is much of a hassle, it wouldve been easier if I can just type or scroll to the pages I want printed from a 600 page PDF file and not pressing the plus or minus just to get to the page I want printed. Imagine I just want to print the first page of a 600 page PDF file, I have to click the minus sign 599 times to get that first page printed.
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2 years ago, Zittle12
Tolerable but not great
The printer prints well. The controls to do anything besides print, such as scan - not very clear at all. For example: on the printer’s home screen is a option to scan. Unless I connect the printer to my computer with a cord, this option DOES NOT WORK. And, no it is not the wifi. I have a friend in IT who came over and walked me through the reinstall and he had no luck with it either. So the only way to scan is by using the app. Fine. Through much trial and error, and using my iPad or iPhone the scan feature can be utilized. I painstakingly added info to scan directly to my Google drive on setup, and yet that option does not appear anywhere. Nor can I see the original users added at the first and second install. The device also has its own email address, for remote printing - that option hasn’t worked either. Look, I am admittedly not the most tech-savvy person, but what is the point of bells and whistles if only those with tech training can get them to work?
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1 year ago, Under consideration
Eco yes, but mainly because I can’t print
Bought this as I wanted to do the right thing regarding reducing waste (of ink cartridges). However, set up wasn’t easy, (and repeatedly loses internet as you have to Re connect to the Epson WiFi every time). I now can only print from my phone, not my laptop (Epson says that’s my internet provider’s fault) and I often have to be in the same room as the printer in order for my phone to find it and paper jams are frequent. It’s going back.
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2 years ago, DJ Polarized
Was great, now is a brick
When I first started using this app, it was great. Hooked up to my printer/scanner WF-2830 just fine, allowed me to update firmware, gave me ink status, etc. very UI friendly. Since the most recent firmware update on my printer and the update on iPhone, I have been unable to find, much less connect to my printer/scanner. Other printer apps are still able to find and print to it so I don’t know what’s going on. I’ve searched forums and even Epson’s site to no avail. I can’t recommend a bricked app to anyone until Epson figures out what happened and fixes it. To Epson: my printer and my Apple device have been tried on both regular WiFi and WiFi Direct connection and it still couldn’t see the printer to “set it up”.
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1 year ago, amberdawnchrisfam
Not user friendly for large printing projects
If I’m printing a larger project, like homeschool curriculum, and I need to just print a page or two from the middle of the curriculum, I have to sit there and scroll hundreds of pages until I get to the right page, then find the corresponding printer page number to make sure I enter the correct page numbers to print. Then when you have to enter the page numbers in the settings, it won’t let me enter them manually, so I have to sit there and click hundreds of times until it gets to the correct numbers. REALLY annoying. If I could use another app I would, but this one is so far the only one that will print the curriculum correctly.
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1 year ago, T Angie
Excellent and easy
Super easy to use from my iPhone ! Has been wey practical and besides the negative few comments I have had no issues at all with the app, in fact I’m not tech savvy at all and have been able to connect to my wifi again easily following the online guidelines . App is very user friendly and isn’t overly complicated !! I recommended this app to a friend and she purchased a printer from this company as well ! Fantastic
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3 years ago, JD_Washington
Great Family Photo App
Great for easily printing photos from your phone suitable for framing and hanging as family photos. Not as customizable as a professional program, but it’s money for casual photo. Could have better instructions; not easy to figure out how to scale or customize your print size; defaults to border less and whatever size paper you are using. Some layout options would be nice. NOTE: Saturation, contrast, shadows and highlights all need to be adjusted in some other program before printing from this app.
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5 months ago, M-13
Printing Microsoft docs from Apple products
My Et-2800 Epson printer prints images and pdf documents well, BUT printing Microsoft documents has been frustrating. Google search showed this has been a problem with Epson printers for years. The error message I received when first trying to print a docx document was that format not recognized, convert to PDF format. Ridiculous. I have now gotten a docx file to print, but I tried several solutions including download new version of Printing app from Epson after a hardware update. Note: I use Apple products, iPhone, iPad, and MacBook.
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11 months ago, GypoLogger
Lots of steps
Set up wasn’t too bad. Having a hard time printing documents attached to emails that was seem less with my last hp printer. Now there a lot of flickering of my phone screen as Epson smart panel bounces from display screen to display screen on its way to the actual printer. Haven’t found copy sizing yet so I’ve wasted 5 pages trying to print one. Seems that the printer wants a picture or saved pdf to print rather than any document… then there’s the sizing issue. Maybe I will figure it out. Next I’m trying, still unsuccessfully to connect a Chromebook. Still working. It’s been a 45 minute ordeal so far.
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5 months ago, Pmcpatty
Great Printer
This printer does everything I want and more. perfect home computer. It uses very little ink. Prints black & white and color perfectly. The Smart Panel App even allows me to scan photos, save or email them where I want and even crop them if I so desire. 2 sided is easy. It rarely jams and then is easy to unjam. I wish the screen was touch instead of icons to push, but with all the positives I deal with that little inconvenience
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1 year ago, barb kat
Epson xp4200
Could not get my epson xp4200 to print called customer service for help. First gal couldn’t help said she would send me to customer tech support. Chris told me he couldn’t help and would send a request that someone would call me in 24 hours. I do want to wait 24 hours to set up my printer. After telling him that was acceptable and asked, why if he was tech support he couldn’t help. Then he tried to help and couldn’t help me download my printer to the computer. Now he is sending me instructions through my email. Too much hassle for help. If I can’t get the printer to work with my phone and computer I will pack it up and take it back. Disappointed with customer service.
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3 years ago, LegendaryFit
App is still reading old router.
This app is still reading info from previous app info I entered. Very frustrating. I’ve deleted the app. All EPSON ET-3850 software and drivers from my computer restored the printer/scanner back to original defaults and at one point had both WiFi router and printer/scanner connected by computer but I cannot connect to cloud services from WiFi bc of this app. I need it to delete all my info and let me redownload as a new user
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2 months ago, Tetrogramaton
Game Changer
Incorporating Epson into my workflow has dramatically improved my productivity and professional performance. Not only that I feel an increased sense of confidence in my ability to get things done in a timely and professional manner. The convenience and ease of use has made my work life more enjoyable and less stressful. I recommend all small business owners to make use of Epson and their user friendly products.
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5 months ago, Mr. Geekster
Epson ET4850
I purchased this printer because I am tired of paying so much for ink cartridges and was looking at ink tank printers. This one has a larger information screen and had more accessories. It was fairly easy to install, I am rather technically challenged but had no problems setting it up. The print quality is great and should be more economical having to buy less ink. This ink lasts longer and cost less than cartridges.
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3 years ago, RFox99
Failed to find printer via iPhone
I’ve got a new L3150. The old Epson iPrint app works fine on both connecting through iPhone and my Windows laptop, but the UI is old, and no optimization when iPhone is set on large text display. I was looking forward to this SmartPanel app (which seems to be Epson’s newer and well refined update), but it just can not find my printer at all. I have tried: (a) resetting router following instructions many times (b) allow location track, BT, all “on”, same WiFi network (c) tested on both “wireless” and “WiFi Direct” mode. All failed to connect the printer to my iPhone. Also tested on all iPhones from other family members, still not working.
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1 month ago, Lukass1998
Deep Breaths
This Epson app and printer are giving me a lot of practice when it comes to controlling my anger. I’m attempting to print using an iPhone 15 Pro and iPad 10. Using this app to connect my printer (ET-2400) to my Wi-Fi (2.4 GHz, I know) only works about 30% of the time. “Cannot find printer, printer not in range, incorrect password” are a few of the messages it gives. So I try again. “Printer already connected to Wi-Fi.” Interesting, because my devices can’t find it. There’s even an entire option for connecting to a printer that’s already on Wi-Fi. Be cool if it worked. Next, I totally reset the printer settings and try again. I have to do this every time my device loses connection to the printer - even after just closing out the app after a successful print. I’ve only got it to spit out 6 pages in the last week. “Set up a new product” “Connect to product already on Wi-Fi” “Create new Wi-Fi connection” “Connect via IP address” None of these options work consistently.
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1 year ago, TTH&R
Doesn’t Automatically Choose Paper Size
While I love that you don’t waste cartridges, this printer is very frustrating because it doesn’t automatically select the paper size like our Canon printer did. It is very difficult to print pictures from you phone because you have to manually select the paper size in the printed, even if you’ve inserted photo paper. So, you have to put the settings in twice. Given how difficult this printer is to use to print photos and other files, I would definitely NOT purchase again. Our old Canon printer was much easier.
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2 years ago, Tshippy
The app won’t connect over WiFi. It will only connect through the WiFi direct setup. Start there and it’s a mediocre app with limited functionality. It requires a second app Epson creative print to actually get to a lot of the functionality Epson is marketing. There is no documentation around features like connect to Google classroom. I suspect all this is new and it’s a new product so documentation and support are lagging. But until those catch-up, I would recommend you avoid the huge time sink into trying to find some useful purpose for this app- because it just isn’t there.
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11 months ago, tsoper5
Great addition to a great printer
This app is great for me because I work for a company that will not allow me to attach to a home printer to print things from a work computer. But the app allows me to send the document to my Gmail account and then I can print the document using the app. The only problem is, you have to convert a word document to PDF before it will properly format the document for printing.
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4 months ago, Jro12405051
Excellent printer for the money
I am a beginner administration work, but I am it makes all my paperwork legal work makes everything look like a professional I am really satisfied. It’s helped me tremendously save me thousands of dollars on documents, affidavits stuff that would’ve cost me so much that I appreciate the ingenuity of this little printer. I have a small one bedroom. It fits perfect and very compact also aloha from Hawaii.
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2 years ago, Mdmiley
Enable the “ok” button so I can submit the WiFi password
Cannot submit password via smart panel app because the “ok” button is Greyed out and not enabled. Frustrating and not smart at all! Could only connect the printer via the touch display on printer and was able to print from networked desktop, laptop and phones so hopefully the printer is better than the app. The app however sees the printer but won’t connect so basically the app is a brick and useless to me. Don’t know if you should fix the app because not sure what I’m missing out on because it won’t function. Oh well, what a colossal waste of time trying to get the app to work.
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4 months ago, xoeling
Unintutive Design
Automatically changes format of document, without an ability to reformat it. Incredibly unintuitive tedious design, and on the addition, prints with a wasteful black line across the page as a “cut off”, utterly senseless incompetent design. Somehow, the printing is messy, cut off, and cannot maintain the proper borders/parameters, and prints sloppily in comparison to other options. The automatico reformatting is the most equally mind boggling, and mentally defecating experience, possible. Who would ever design this app? I also fail to see why Epson printer would have two apps, two—separate entire apps, with the same design, same issues, and same objective/usage. Why?
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1 year ago, my cocky truth
Warning exposing my data online
This app is limited, yet seems to get around pretty good inside my old files. When I tried to pursue a solution by going to its webpage link that I found within its app, it was a dead end. This is just a tiny little app inside of a multibillion dollar entity that has been around since 1948, providing convenient tricks with our own data, and distracting its collection tactics by pointing out the favors it’s doing to make our lives easier, that is until we find ourselves at the mercy of an app that should be back on level ground in the playing field as consequence for being deceptive to the innocent.
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6 months ago, Masogon
Great little printer
After dealing for 25 + years of HP printers generation after generation started with HP 4L (laser) pretty good while it worked - and then a few others I’ve decided to go the appeal of less and cheaper ink. So here we go. Great app while using my iPhone or iPad works perfect. Then downloaded the drivers and user software into my PC. Also, no issues so far it’s been 2 months I think. Printing not as fast as HP but quality is great and works all the time My model 2850 does not come with Ethernet port but works great on WiFi. No issues so far and very happy. For those people who are having issues I’d say go back to basics download everything from scratch and read the manual! I did, very happy with my little giant printer
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1 year ago, Great service/product
Epsom customer service
Your customer service was awesome walking me through the set up over the phone. I used the app store and the first item that shows up says Epsom, but its a third party trying to get you to pay money. I was able to download the correct app on my phone and copying documents to then email was very easy with the app. Thank you
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5 months ago, Kym Jackson
So, I’m printing 100 page scripts from my phone, and they’re coming out in the wrong order… which means I have to sit there, flipping the pages into the correct order. When I called Epson Support, the guy said that Feature is not available on the phone app and there is nothing I can do but print from my laptop. I print several scripts a day from my phone and don’t use a laptop. He was pretty rude to me, and would not put a Feature request through to the technical team for this so I came here to let you all know about it.
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1 year ago, REALWESSY
Poor setup and connectivity
The setup for the printer is gruesome. I would not suggest buying this printer as it takes about an hour to get it connected to wifi. The quality of printing of far less of printers that cost $50. I’d really just like to get my money back honestly, but the problems with the printer are more realistic than me getting a dime back. Anyhow. I’ve had to reconnect the printer to the app and then to the wifi, yes separate connections. And I have roughly 5 more hours than I want invested, just to use the machine. I could give negative stars I would. But sadly they don’t allow less than one.
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5 months ago, Raygunxx
Forcing users to go through your painful app and making them give full access to their photos etc in order to print is disgusting! When I bought the printer it said iOS compatible and my old Epson was easy to use with all my products! This is a real mistake to force this app on users! I am not going to buy Epson in the future and I am probably going to return this product and I was a loyal customer!! Your App isn’t even user friendly with iOS! Serious screwup forcing this app and forcing users to give you way more access than we should ever have to!!
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1 year ago, d5m8
Needs Precise Location? Why?
It’s a printer. It prints. It’s not a GPS…I don’t expect this app to help me navigate around traffic. I’m only using this printer at one location, why does it need my precise GPS location? Do you want Epson to link our WiFi SSID with my location, because that’s exactly what this app lets it do? Epson can hide behind the claim that it doesn’t associate this data with a user, and that may be true, but it doesn’t stop them from associating the name of you WiFi network with your location, which is valuable information when collected from hundreds of thousands of users.
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3 years ago, 🅾
Prettier than old app, less usable
The older app is less colorful and doesn’t have as many cute features but it is significantly easier to use. New unable to locate printer while the old iPrint app can find it right away. Old iPrint app also has the ability to add the printer directly via IP address, which is a great option to have and save time for those who know how to do it. New app has no such function. New app also makes precise location sharing a requirement. This is absolutely not necessary to set up a wireless printer and a privacy concern for people like me. Going to stick with using the old app.
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4 months ago, Teresamci
Uses a lot of ink!!!!
I think it’s crazy if you print 20 color pages and your out of ink. Then I got more ink the next day, and printed more pages with just a tiny pic of the recipe, like a 1x1 photo, and everything else was black. That used another cartridge of two of my ink cartridges. So every time I print 10-20 pages I have to change a cartridge or more. I have already spent more in cartridges then I have for the printer and I just got less then a week ago. The print quality is great even thought I have it on normal for every day use.
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