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Equity Bank
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User Reviews for Equity Bank

4.27 out of 5
1.3K Ratings
3 years ago, KevBot-1989
New Customer changing from USAA
Every once in a while I’ll go through the process of logging in and then the app stays on the loading screen indefinitely, which means that there are lapses of when I have access to my money. However, When I call the bank to get something done, someone answers the phone and then proceeds to help me. USAA used to do that but hasn’t lately which is the reason I am switching my direct deposit to Equity. USAA is no longer trustworthy. They should be shut down. I’m a USAF veteran and I approve this message.
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10 months ago, Kian Thiessen
Makes me want to change banks
This app, I am not joking, takes a MINIMUM of 5 full minutes to open the details of any account once you log into the app. It may sound like a small problem, and it may sound like an only-me problem; however, do not be mistaken, this app makes my life miserable and I’d honestly rather pay more fees or something at another bank than deal with this much longer. My mom, who also uses Equity bank, has the same issue, and I guarantee if you’re reading this, you will too. …Honestly, close your eyes and imagine if every time you needed to know anything about your bank account, you had to cancel your plans for the rest of the week because that’s how long it takes the app to load. Now ask yourself, are you happy in this envisioning of your life?? If not, you’re lucky it’s just an envisioning and not real; bank somewhere else until they invest a little bit more in their app devs. Godspeed my friends.
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5 years ago, PumpaRumpa
Needs fine tuning and lots of work.
Earlier this year when I finally decided to download the app it worked phenomenally. However, by August this wasn’t the case and the app quickly declined. My IPhone is always up to date and I know app programming is not the easiest for a company that is just now adding online banking. With all that being said, I’m giving it this rating because I have contacted support 5 times, alerted the bank personally and still have the same issues with the app. I can no longer log into my account and refresh, it automatically kicks me out. I don’t know what more to do other than to say please make sure your apps work properly. While advertising it was a grand idea, I don’t think it’s professional to maintain that when your product doesn’t work.
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10 months ago, Nick 05.2022
It is not very good
It does not work seamlessly. I do like the ability to transfer between accts, and it has other decent features, but the interface seems quite dated compared to my other banking apps. Out of the 5 banking apps I use, I like this one the least. When I transfer $ from one acct to another I have to go into the locations tab, wait for it to update, and then go back into the accounts tab just to see the updated balance. Otherwise it will continue to show the “un-transferred” amount. It has quite a few hiccups like this. I love the bank, but not the app. My wife just opened up an account there and she feels the same. Iphone 13
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6 months ago, tl geng
The deposit alert is everyday, until the next deposit and then that’s everyday until the next deposit, can’t it be fixed so the a Deposit alert just comes once maybe twice but no more, I opted out of this feature because it everyday
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6 months ago, MulesFan
Equity app works well, lots of options
I’ve used Equity's app for several years. Love the electronic deposit feature. Bill pay works nicely too. All other features seem to work without any issues. I miss being able to edit individual transactions (I used that feature to create a Quicken-like check register) which was removed a few years ago. Main point is this app works as expected.
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2 years ago, Bjdowers
Too many problems
I try logging on and the face log on won’t work at least half the time. Some items listed in my checking account doesn’t show who the money was to. Just says check. I don’t write that many checks but I did figure out it wasn’t a check. It was a debit to the account. The old system seemed to be better at this. I got gas one day. The pump wasn’t working so I cancelled the transaction. You held $76 on my account for about 5 days for that cancelled transaction. I should receive interest or something for not being able to use my own money.
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4 months ago, ChrisChenoweth
It’s overly complicated
Maybe it’s because I have a business account but I’m forced to login and then have a text sent to confirm it’s me which is a bit of a time waste and there is no way to turn this feature off. I also need two apps, one to look at my accounts and another to do remote deposits, which, again, is not the most efficient process. Throw in the random “time to change your password”, which has already been proven to be less secure rather than more…it’s just clumsy
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4 years ago, ElderOdinSon
App is always improving
It has slowly developed into a decent app. It is still dumb that they make you wait a year before you can deposit checks on it. I had to cancel an account and open a new one, even though I had been with the bank for years I had to wait a year before I could deposit checks on the app. That could be fixed. Especially if you have been with the bank for a really long time.
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2 years ago, EasyWifiSniper
Works, but…
Everything usually works fine but I have never been able to make a mobile deposit. Every single time I try to tap the mobile deposit whether it be through the home or transaction section, the app crashes and never lets me go any farther. I am enrolled for mobile deposit and I’ve talked to my local bank and assistance through the app. It’s pretty annoying knowing I can’t do it because the app crashes. Hope someone sees this and helps me out.
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2 years ago, Misspink# 49
Very easy to use
Very easy to use! Not real fond of the bank. But the app is great. I have had this account for over 45 . Added my husband as co user. When Equity bought my bank they put my husband as owner. Every thing comes in his name. Even MY emails. Yes I have called. We had to go in and sign new signature cards. Not sure why. They did not need a signature card to make him the primary.
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2 years ago, Nurse daddy
Clean and well put together
I appreciate the functionality. It has everything I need in a mobile banking app yet isn’t to busy or distracting. I just tried the budget tool and it was great to use. We are trying to save money for a house and looking forward to using the different tools on the app to get us there.
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3 years ago, ConnorLogan21
This app is easy to use and functions properly. Never have issues. If there is the customer service department is extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Not sure why there are so many bad reviews. I read through some and it seems people just aren’t patient enough to learn how to navigate the app.
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5 years ago, J9089
The worst
This app would be great....if it could do its job. Every single day when I check my bank balance, it tells that the app is currently down for maintenance and to try again later. EVERY DAY?! That’s ridiculous. Not only that but it can’t even tell me how much is in my account when it does this and don’t even try to use the app on the weekends because it doesn’t work then either. It’s to the point that I am thinking about switching banks because they can’t get their online banking figured out. It’s 2019, you should be able to figure out how to create a functioning app.
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2 years ago, Mojo housekeeping
Love this App
I've had this app for several years now and I love it! I think it's great that I can capture a picture of a check and it's deposited into my account almost immediately! I don't live very close to an Equity Bank, so the mobile banking is very handy for me! This app is very easy to navigate as well. Thanks Equity Bank!
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9 months ago, Claymonger4153
Easy as can be
Has everything you need as a banking app. All the different sections are labeled easily and you can access your account just as well. Would recommend for people who want fast transactions and need to see how there bank account is looking!
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5 months ago, Dyragonian
Five Stars
Have had all of my accounts, checking savings debit for close to Twenty years and have had no problems with good credit getting a loan for a home or auto with a low interest rate and payment. Except excellence with Equity Bank for all of your Banking needs
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7 months ago, Big Wulfe
Not showing all my accounts
The app takes forever to load and even longer if you want to see the transactions. Then at least once a week it doesn’t show all of my accounts for days
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3 years ago, Ticonderoga PencilMan
It does it’s job
i love equity bank and my experience with them is 10/10 i definitely would recommend to anyone! I just feel as if the app isn’t very user friendly compared to friends of mine with other mid size banks, with that being said i’ll still give it 4/5 just because i have no bugs with it
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4 months ago, Cmonbone
Everything I need and easy to use!
What more can I say? It’s got everything I need, or will ever need. I have had no problem finding my way around in it at one point, I was thinking of changing banks, and truthfully, I did not because of the app..
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9 months ago, Exrsize Momma
Very nice
This app is a huge improvement over others in previous banking experiences. The site rarely is off-line. It is extremely easy to negotiate. A great feeling to be able to check on things whenever you need!!!!
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2 years ago, Thatcher B
I absolutely love this app! It’s so helpful and easy to use. I like how I can set a budget and it tracks it for me. Also, you can do all the other things like transfers, mobile deposits, and checking your transactions. This app is WAY BETTER than my former bank’s online banking!
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2 years ago, tasandy
Mobile Check Deposit
Every time I want to deposit a check via mobile deposit, I have to delete the app, add it back then I can mobile deposit one check. When I try to deposit a check after closing out the app and returning I get an error notification saying unavailable try again later. So frustrating having to delete the app every week and adding it back so I can deposit a check, then go through verification process.
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10 months ago, Rainman 2121
Updating transactions faster
Needs to update faster and recognize when your checks pending when your company sends it out to go ahead and put it in your bank account
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2 years ago, Amitch84
This app is dependable, user friendly and it has all my accounts information at my fingertips. Don’t be afraid to use it. I’ve never had a single problem with this system, and I have been using it as long as I can remember.
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3 years ago, PapaJox2U
Home Page
The app is great overall... I have learned to be patient as the app seems to update and ‘jump n dump’ the Home info where you were about to click. Wait, then you have to scroll to start manipulating your accounts... I get it though, large database and security. Great job so far...
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5 months ago, StaceICT
Mobile Deposits
Have had issues when depositing checks. App says the deposit was accepted then the check never posts to my account. Went into a branch to ask about it and they basically acted like that’s normal on the app and after I mobile deposit a check I shouldn’t trust that it was actually accepted and I will need to save the checks to re-attempt depositing once I review my statement and see that I was never given my money. What a hassle
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8 months ago, Ehdivine
Ever since I have moved to Missouri and used Equity Bank they have always been nice, personable, and efficient in anything we have needed. From just resetting my password which happens often HaHa, deposits or handling family business!
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3 years ago, Marie 0545
Mobile app
Convenient and easy to use. Especially since our local branch does not have a night deposit and my work hours make it difficult to make deposits during bank hours. I hope that changes and Equity will add the night deposit box some day soon.
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6 years ago, Leelonna
Called the bank to make sure I could deposit a money order with the mobile app like a check- “Yes. Just like a check.” Money order has been rejected 5X so I called the number it gave for questions. First time they said try again then they said our scanner just can’t read money orders well. I suggest getting a GOOD scanner or not telling customers that money orders can be deposited with the mobile app. So irritating!!! GET A NEW SCANNER FOR MOBILE DEPOSITS!! I have a check that has “for mobile deposits only” on it. 😡😡😡
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2 years ago, ardoingolden
Equity Bank
Equity bank is far superior to any bank in Hays Kansas especially Sunflower Bank. Sunflower Bank has repeatedly cheated me out of a enormous amount of fees and I’m 68 years old and a veteran United States Army . At Equity I’m treated with dignity and respect and no demands or outrageous fees associated with my accounts . Thank You Equity Bank!!
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3 years ago, NMB38
Great App
I love this app. It gives me the ability to view my account daily without a lot of hassle. It’s user friendly and allows a lot of the same capabilities as going to the actual bank, which is helpful since I live in a state where there’s no Equity Bank.
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5 months ago, Hollyjo32
Best Banking app EVER
The speed, efficiency, customization of auto pays and what’s attached to your debit card, so many customizable features too long to list..bank with Equity and enjoy the most competitive features available!!
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3 years ago, jelliott32
Efficient and easy
This app is great. It is so easy to navigate and can show you all you want to see. I love the feature that allows you to deposit checks with just a few pictures!!
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5 months ago, Boscocye
It gives you the ability to pay online and stay in touch with past bills and allows you to be more comfortable with your transactions.
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10 months ago, Yug 12349
Excellent Service and Function
Never have issues in the app, works excellently if you follow the instructions, and the instructions have perfect detail. Worst case, call for support, and very kind help is always ready.
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1 year ago, w3ndy b1rd
I think this is a fair app. I wish the checking account balance was easier to understand, like a traditional check book register. If the balance available was at the bottom, and you could see the pending transactions and how they affect the available balance. How it is now is not clear.
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2 years ago, realnurd
Good app
It’s easy to navigate around the website. I don’t care for the way it’s set up to scroll through the transactions. If you hit the right side just right, you have to start all over from the beginning.
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4 months ago, Chacha0323
Very efficient!!!
I was scared when the bank changed yet again! Was worried I wouldn’t be able to figure out the new app! But, I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it is! Thank you! It works extremely well!!!
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6 months ago, love banking online
Love the app!!
The app is great and easy to navigate. What makes it even better is having someone to help you if you do have a question and they’re just a phone call away!!!
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4 months ago, Just call me Grumpy
Great app
The Equity app is great. It’s so easy to use. I love being able to check all of my accounts anytime I want instead of having to wait until I get home to use my laptop.
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2 years ago, just make the review
Account numbers
Please put the account numbers on the Mobil app! As well, if you could fix the check deposits like other banks. If you don’t sign the specific spot and check the box and write for Mobil deposit; it does not do the deposit. Please put the balance of all accounts on the app as well.
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2 years ago, NeedaGroovyName
Easy and Convenient
A great banking app! Very user friendly and easy to navigate. Never any real issues, just works like it’s supposed to. Easy to do everything I need to do from my phone.
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3 years ago, gordo 2000
Easy to use
The Equity Bank app is easy to use. I’m able to transfer money between accounts deposit checks and pay bills. I use this app all the time and I’m very pleased with it.
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6 months ago, Alexis rates em
I can so easily view all of my accounts, transfer money, explore products. This app is really up to date unlike other banks I’ve used and I really appreciate it.
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3 years ago, Ozarkmeg
Way easier
Using the app and banking from my phone where I can use facial recognition log-in is so much easier. I had constant problems with passwords and log-ins before.
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2 years ago, Johnetta62
Best in the West
Checking out account and staying on b to of things is critical for us. This app is easy N to use and we like being connected and using B it. Saved a lot of mental pain and frustration.
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5 years ago, bencihshanx
Under maintenance once again
I am consistently having problems saying the app is under maintenance. Also any auto debits that I have for bills will take up to 5 days before it shows the money is taken from my account. I receive an email saying thank you for your payment yet 48 hrs later payment still hasn’t been taken from my account. Pretty frustrating.
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6 months ago, K.B.y.x.z
Has a lot of maintenance problems, and errors that occur randomly. Other than that the app is normallly great! Been a few times where it delays the transactions for days (there’s been once it took a week) so account goes to the negatives bc it doesn’t update Daily.
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3 years ago, Lulu--Lee
App needs work
This app is glitchy. I use to love it but now I just try to use it as well as I can. The first page that comes us is not user friendly as it moves around and I wind up clicking the wrong button. It seems like every update makes it harder to use.
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