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User Reviews for ERCOT

2.38 out of 5
89 Ratings
2 years ago, JPS_999
Could be much more useful
Would be nice to know the sources of the electricity, how much is renewable etc. so that the carbon footprint can be determined. Would also be nice to see historical data for comparison. Suggest to check the ISO Today App for the California ISO grid to get some good ideas.
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3 years ago, PhotoChrisTX
App opens and crashes
I got a notification of a “ERCOT Emergency Notification Test” so I tried to open the app and it crashes and closes. Then I updated the app and same happens. Rebooted iPad and iPhone. App opens and crashes. I got a notification “End of ERECOT Emergecy Notification Test” and the app still fails to open. Just crashes. So much for the help ERCOT, given my power was out for days in February 2021 it would be essential that you create a working app to notify people when you roll the power out for several days. App opens and crashes. Not helpful.
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2 years ago, Liz909015
ERCOT complicity
This is more of a review of ERCOT as an entity: they are complicit in the deaths of everyone e who froze to death during the 2021 snow storm, and the future deaths of everyone who dies from overheating since they KNOW the grid is faulty and have done literally nothing to maintain it. The excuse given in 2021 was “oh we weren’t prepared for temps that cold”, but it’s not like summer in Texas is a big secret thing no one could anticipate coming. I’d say do better, but I imagine it’s hard to generate a soul in wealthy entitled board members who will never have to suffer in the conditions they’ve created for millions. ERCOT is garbage.
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2 years ago, jasnrx
Simple works great
For the simple use case of checking the supply and demand graph, this works great. Easier to get to as an app rather than a browser tab. I have not experienced any notifications from this app.
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3 years ago, Niyehhhhh!!!!!
Exhibit A why Texas can’t secede
Federal regulations would require weatherproofing gas lines, but Texas has their own power grid to avoid federal regulations. With power sources frozen, Texans get to experience hours of power outages during a record low temperatures. Other states don’t shutdown power when it’s cold out, but Texas is too arrogant and wants to keep doing its own thing Do Texans really want to freeze to death to “Own the Libs”? I hope not. As for the app, I agree there should be more gridlines on the axis for time on the chart
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3 years ago, MoldyOldyComputerGuy
Age: 4+ Years Old
So this is what ERCOT does with its time, is it? Creating a silly, worthless app so they can pretend they aren’t sitting around picking their noses. My local utility, CoServ, is equally clueless. Sending an email to all its customers, recommending they download this stupid app. It’s a miracle Texas made it through February. I guess that’s what’s to be expected though. The governor blaming windmills for the loss of power, like a modern day Don Quixote. Ted Cruz heading for Cancun while his Texas brethren are freezing to death. Yup. That’s Texass alright.
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7 months ago, SlyyAllDay
Unable to read
Please please please either increase the font in your app or allow settings to be adjusted. I am not old yet and I can barely see what’s in your app notifications. There is no way to zoom in or increase the font. I can only imagine how frustrated older folks are with this app. I basically don’t even open it and wait for a push notification because at least I can read that.
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3 years ago, hububpubsub
Crashing after last update
Updated within the last couple days. Didn’t think much about it. Received “emergency notification test” just now. App crashed and didn’t open when I tapped the notification. Unable to open app at all. What a mess.
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3 years ago, CLolzy
Good job
These “rolling” black outs sure did fix everything. Fixed it so good that I no longer have to worry about my power bill! I’m going off the grid after this dumb fiasco. Sitting here in a house that’s at 20 degrees, and absolutely no water because they can’t even turn on power long enough for the water pumps to work.
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5 years ago, Chaman10
Chart with no numbers on vertical axis
How can you’ve a chart on your home page with no numbers on vertical axis? Such a poor design. It would be great to see more info such as comparison with last week or last year so that one can see the trend ..
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3 years ago, Luke20333
Inaccurate Graphs - Feb 2021 Outage
With millions of people without power, there is no possible way that the demand for power is below capacity. The fact the app reports demand always being lower than current capacity is laughable. However the app does not crash and is easy to navigate. Please fix the data problems!
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5 years ago, nuke energy
Need more info
Need to have axis labels on the chart. Be nice if you could see real time what is producing the power broken down by nuclear, natural gas, coal, wind, solar. And see the tends of the historical data. As it the app stands right now it’s functional but nothing special.
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5 years ago, Evcar13
Lost current demand number
With new release, the current demand value is not shown. What happened to that?
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2 years ago, Dallas350z
Information of MW
Love the information y’all use of MW usage, solar, etc.
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3 months ago, jdelosrios
The app should have a custom alert notification, prices, capacity … need to improve!
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2 years ago, bgpnk
Couldn’t make an app that does less
There are so many things that could help this app. Why not provide a history view or sources of energy at the bare minimum.
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3 years ago, dhoffman2004
Privacy issues...
There’s no reason at all that the Wrcot app should be able to copy data from the messages app... but every time I switch back to the app I get an alert “ERCOT Mobile App pasted from messages”. Big privacy issue there.
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5 years ago, ChadsReviews
Irrelevant data
Includes too much irrelevant data. I only care about my loadzone, not all of them. I only need to see prices for one. Why does the app show all? Who is this built for that this is helpful? Waste of time.
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10 months ago, vocalsguy
ERCOT is an embarrassment.
This governing entity has been so inept that people across Texas frequently go without power in the name of saving a dime not ensuring our grid is up to date and able to handle the extremes of the state.
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3 years ago, TXShammy
Emergency Notification Test Fail
Received a pop up notification of the test. Tried to open the app and the app kept crashing.
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3 years ago, Lurvis
Sat on Their Hands
Totally unprepared for a forecasted historic week for all of Texas. Going through rolling blackouts and many friends across the state are going through 35-52° ambient temps in their homes because of no power. But at least we get this outdated app.
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6 years ago, marty byrde
More information
Why isn’t there a 5min price? Why only 15mins prices? Would be great to see forecasted wind and actual wind output on a chart.
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3 years ago, Jenevere
What’s the point
What’s the point of this app? I don’t care about the grid as a whole, I care about my current area and when I will have power restored.
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12 years ago, Xeiran
Good Info, needs a few tweaks
Clean and concise info, easy to understand system conditions, decent ( if somewhat generic) conservation advice. Needed Tweaks: 1. Change the color or linetype of the forecast peak - the solid bright blue line almost completely obscures the pale green color of the current system load line, making it very hard to tell at a glance what current load is. +1star if done. 2. Offer historic views beyond 1day, perhaps the past 30 days history and forecast conditions for the next 30 days; as another reviewer said, information is good and keeps the consumer aware of what to expect. +1/2 star if done. 3. Give at least two "push notification" options, with one of those options being a "critical" alert as opposed to warning or informational alerts. If the grid is in danger of (or going into) rolling blackout conditions, that's critical. If you just want to tell folks to "conserve because continued high heat will make conditions tight", like I got 5 minutes after installing the app, that's more warning - and little I can do about it beyond measures already taken with automated thermostats and such. +1/2 star if done.
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3 years ago, millertime92
APP no longer works
After the update, the app just closes down.
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8 months ago, HorizonFanMan
Terrible app
Disaster of a company/organization. If you can’t handle the load, rejoin national grid.
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3 years ago, Cypreetree
The app is useless
It continues to crash upon launch. What are we to expect in terms of transparency… ERCOT you are an embarrassment to the great state of Texas.
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3 years ago, lcj1994
Enron 2.0
Searched for the Enron app but was directed towards this app instead. Seems like a similar business.
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3 years ago, Andy001110012
Useless Graph
Whoever came up with this non-zoomable graph with no time notches except for 12AM should be fired. Can’t believe we are wasting taxpayers’ money on this joke of an app.
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3 years ago, enriquem
Not very reliable
Their system is broken
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2 years ago, $$&&""
Poor development
Was good! ERCOT must have intentionally corrupted the app! Now does not work!
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6 years ago, elduderino15
Needed for heatwaves
Thank the app gods!
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3 years ago, Ac1d_1dea
No power
Forecast is freeze to death. That’s not a lifestyle.
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7 years ago, Connor Fagin
Finally an ERCOT app! Love it. Thanks guys.
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10 years ago, MichaelHarrison
Almost perfect!
Hopefully this achievement by ERCOT will show other ISOs & RTOs the benefits of having mobile apps with system wide alerts. I have a few requests and suggestions, please add nodal pricing points and ultimately a simple DB query function for source and sink of PTPs as you can't mouse over those points on the Web Contour Map. Also, a list of scheduled outages and line work would easily be scraped off your market data website. Or if it's easier list the DA congestion costs built into DA prices. Then finally I see a huge synergy with my firm and the retail ESCOs out there and don't want to give away any proprietary info but I am able to generate revenues for ERCOT by providing customers the available 3rd party providers through my DOE funded efforts!
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12 years ago, Theodore Ryan
Where are the system conditions? Turrible
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12 years ago, EmergencyOps
Useful Tool
Received an e-mail from the State of Texas State Operations Center (SOC) at work today with the press release for this app. Downloaded it and am fairly impressed; I like transparency when it comes to utilities and enjoy having situation awareness. This app gives usage and forecast usage, as well as great tips on how to conserve energy (AND save money). I'm looking forward to what types of notifications it will send; according to the press release, when ERCOT forecasts issues with high demand, they will notify app users ... and users can reference their conservation tips. More features could be added if utility companies/cooperatives share their outage data or other pertinent info with ERCOT.
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11 years ago, yarnspotting
First class App! Congrats!
I used v1 of this app, and I can't believe the massive improvement with the new release! This rebuilt app is actually interesting, usable and informative in this latest incarnation. You can't even fairly call it an "update" - more like a complete do-over. Thanks to the team that built this improved version I can actually see what's happening with demand and conditions, wholesale prices, alerts/notices and more, plus it's super easy on the eyes (the old app was, well, ugly). Nice UI! I especially like the graph / gauge home page switch. Thanks ERCOT!
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11 years ago, BrandonScottT
Awesome App. Highly Recommend
What can I say. Learning about the Texas power grid was never on the top of my list, but seeing how much attention ERCOT has put into designing this app for the public has changed my tune for good. I love the interactive push notifications that allow me to take action on conserving energy as well as see who else has joined the cause. Not to mention the app is absolutely beautiful to look at. Way to go! Highly recommend!
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11 years ago, Herkybob
Great App
This app is really interesting and easy to use. This is a big improvement from the last version.
Show more
12 years ago, Tay W.
Functional but could use a Design overhaul
Overall good delivery of Actual usage vs forecast data, but just needs a prettier way of delivering to the user.
Show more
12 years ago, Doug1965
Not bad. Clean and concise.
I see the "Normal Conditions" banner at the top. I assume that banner will change to reflect abnormal conditions. Looking forward to seeing the alerts in action.
Show more
11 years ago, powerfans
Much more informative and beautiful!
Hope it's performance will be better--faster!
Show more
12 years ago, Simsillysue
Decent App
Not a bad app. Provides good details about the grid is and the push alerts work great.
Show more
12 years ago, Hoosiers Bowl Bound
Great app
Highly recommend
Show more
10 years ago, David105290
Great app with a nice look
Like the new look
Show more
12 years ago, Brazil217
Comment if you came he because of news 8!!!!
Show more
11 years ago, CarolUser
Great work!
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2 years ago, ss78610
New Release 7.3.6 Faulty
Version 7.3.6 released 2022-06-28 throws constant 403 errors. Delete/reload, same thing.
Show more
12 years ago, Tazzlewaz
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