ES File Explorer

4.6 (12.8K)
270.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Beijing Xiaoxiong Bowang Technology Co., Ltd.
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
11.2 or later
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User Reviews for ES File Explorer

4.62 out of 5
12.8K Ratings
1 year ago, Loyal, but frustrated shopper
Been using this app since it’s beginnings and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!! The creator of this app is genuine and has made regular upgrades to it. The fact that of everything you can do and it’s free?!? It’s unheard of today with apps in App Store. He has a donation section and lemme tell you it WILL be worth it and you will WANT to donate! Thank you to the developer for being an amazing person and human being and letting those of us who can’t afford monthly subscriptions to have the opportunity to do so!! I use this app all the time and it’s super important to me. I wish you the best in life and your kindness will be rewarded. I hope you continue to have the time to keep updating the app when life allows it. I have absolutely nothing bad to say ONLY positive things 💗
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1 month ago, TeNHeaDsSaiD
Es file explorer is holding my account hostage against my will.
This app holds my apple account hostage, blocking me from making any other purchases and even stops me from redeeming FREE PROMO codes until i pay the $7.50 for the subscription that i never wanted or used . I never authorized the charge to my account and now every time i Try to make a purchse or redeem codes a window pops up trying to charge me for es files exporer that blocks all other purchases and even blocks the redemption of free promo codes . When i request a refund to try and get rid of the window i am swiftly denied of course because there has been no transaction to refund , because i refuse to pay the unauthorized amount they continuously try to charge me . Apple support claims They cannot do anything about the transaction unless i pay them first and i dont have the money to pay Es file explorer and i refuse to pay even if i did . I never been able to over charge my account in the past so its beyond me how i can get a negative balance in the first place. So now im im a position where i have to pay the subscription charge for something i Never authorized or wanted or i have to delete my account and start a completely new account loosing all my personal data . So think twice before you even use a free trial from these folks because they may just take your apple account hostage just like mine and youll find yourself account hijacked just like me...
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4 years ago, 7he6rim0ne
Wow! This app rocks! (but)
Great interface, fast, able to move large files around very easy and in the background which is very helpful when you don’t want to sit and watch file transfer bars all day. Two problems tho... the interface for setting up an smb for an airport time capsule doesn’t seem to match what info you can type in. it has a required space to type in a URL. well, my time capsule doesn’t give me a URL. inputting IP or .local doesn’t work. It’s too much to go into but a different app called REMOTE FILE MANAGER (QuickApps Inc) has a much simpler set up that’s almost automatically configured. It’s just not supported anymore for anything else really. Second, is an endless loop of a message when trying to connect to GoogleDrive that you need to configure GD to work with this app. No duh... HOW? it never takes you thru the steps of doing that. If anyone can enlighten me with the knowledge I am lacking, PLEASE DO!
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5 years ago, PapercraftMatriarch
Restricted by Apple design decisions, but...
Noticed some things that I haven't seen before. Under System Files, This app is showing me my photo library. I noticed something that I haven't seen another apps do with photos. This app identifies photos by number. When viewing a photo, at the top of the screen this app displays x/y, where x is the current photo's place in the list and y is the total number of photos. The list is in reverse chronological order. This is helpful to me when backing up thousands of photos using a sync/charge cable to a desktop computer. Thank you to Developer for adding SMB fileshare access alongside Google Drive access!!! Wishlist To Developer: can you give us the following under System Files? * a LIST VIEW alternative to just displaying by thumbnail, where the filename column has an adjustable width that allows the user to see full filenames up to 127 characters at least? * DISPLAY FILENAME of a currently viewed photo? Or display prediction of what the filename would be if the iPhone were to export that photo to a desktop computer via sync/charge cable?
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11 months ago, Gadsden1776
Happy To Purchase
Like another reviewer here, I had another app I was using to transfer files between my Apple devices and other devices. After that app no longer worked, I searched around for alternatives. I tried this app, and it worked like a charm… Even better than my previous app. I really appreciate this developer, allowing people to try for free and then purchasing the lifetime purchase after testing it. This is what I did, and I am also appreciative that there is no ongoing subscription. Thank you, and hats off to this developer!
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4 months ago, AlaskanGuy94
Best file/movie browser in the store
Bought this about a year ago. Used the free version years ago in older iPhone. It's improved so much. It makes it so easy to move files into your iPhone. It plays most all video formats with its own video player. Haven't run into any issue with watching movies. I haven't tried using the server access tabs because I don't have an servers but it looks promising. You can transfer files without it. Either by wifi or thru iTunes.
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3 years ago, EsFileExplorer
This app is useless without downloading ability, it was a great app for downloading and storing files but now it's useless *another thing that made this app useful was because it works on old phones and I used it for my iPhone 5 and it is very useful but now without downloading ability it's useless and I hope they fix it *i always hoped that they design the PDF reader of this app just like iPhone iBook app (with search engine and iPhone review downside page)! Thanks
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2 months ago, Carlover718
Next music is not playing
I have a Music folder on it on my iPhone 6 which is my dedicated device to play music in the car via AUX. Unfortunately when iPhone screen is locked my Musics are not playing back to back (Even with all of the right settings) and It works only when you keep the screen on and turn off the auto-lock of the iPhone. I’m fully aware that this is maybe because of using the older phone or the older iOS but I really want to use my iPhone 6 in the car and I don’t want to keep my screen on all the time because of the battery usage. I hope you can do a little tweak and fix this bug. With regards
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1 year ago, 邪恶测测v上次
I like it, support almost every file types that I needed.
Very convenient for schoolwork or for personal use. Everything is great for me, but “ts”file from streaming isn’t working great wow far, couldn’t toggle Picture in Picture is ok but I can’t even slide to fast forward, the video control isn’t working for “ts” type of files.
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2 years ago, bluejay2768
About Music files…
The music player is completely fine, until it finishes the song you first started playing or you skip it. If you skip it, the same song will play through again with the next song’s description. If you don’t skip it/ after you skip it, it will play through two whole times and play the song AFTER the song that was next. It will repeat this, so you hear only every other song on the list, two times.
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2 years ago, kdchavez
Good Program
Good program all in all; however, I seem to be having issues saving documents to the ES File Explorer using my iPhone. For some reason, the iOS File app is showing ES File Explorer as being Read-Only & I’m not seeing anyway to fix this. I can; however, still save files by bypassing ES File Explorer & saving the files directly to my network drives by connecting to the individual servers, which I’d rather not do.
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3 years ago, Lamoboy
1. “Stop after current song” in “Sleep timer” menu doesn’t work. 2. It’s not possible to connect to the SMB ver1 server. 3. It’s not possible to start playing all songs in the current folder and in all of its sub folders. Didn’t get a reply from developer via email so only 1 star.
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4 months ago, Shpankie
Search isn’t working
Connected to a network drive was a breeze and it works great, very fast. However the search isn’t working at all. Trying to find a file within a few folders and it just says the folder is empty. Anything else that needs to be done for that to work properly ? Otherwise a 5 star app.
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2 months ago, K Dec kvbc
Latest update corrected the issue
The developer corrected the issue where the app would not open or run properly unless you were connected to the internet WELL DONE! . I can definitely recommend this app to friends once again. Thank you.
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2 years ago, -X-.
Very useful
Not much to write, its a well organized and useful app thats good for anything from listening to music to organizing other files, while there are ads they are very few and are for actual products not crappy mobile games.
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3 years ago, anonymous ej
Liked the browser feature! Please add it back to where it was
I started usuing this app because of the browser icon that’s always there when u open a file, but now it’s not there, please put it back
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3 days ago, Lovely Ashraful
About Apple Watch using
It’s great to use the app because I can send some files from my iPhone to Apple Watch but the problem is how can I back those file from Apple Watch to iPhone and I already used some file from my iPhone to Apple Watch and I deleted those file from my iPhone , if there any solve or any hidden programs from Apple Watch to iPhone please suggest me i need help.
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12 months ago, kamsott
Great but need more future and stability and improve ui/ux
I buying your pro app but i dont like it user interface i hope you will improve it, and solve the problems: Access to gallery and full access to file app and custom moves from gallery like this app and this one “movie to album” And all formats of zip like the zipym app and add And improve User interface like the king of ui kings the Document app
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3 years ago, planty.person
A mistake.
I’ve used this app for years and have always used it for its computer like browser capabilities like being able to actually download videos and files through the web without a direct transfer like on phone, but now that they have taken that out the app stands useless. I find it to be a mistake so please reverse the changes I want to use the app as much as anyone but now I have no use for it.
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4 years ago, Jerry_mc
Excellent in general
Can’t find my separate folders of the system albums inside the app but was able to select photos in Photos to import to it. The downside is you can only import 9 photos at a time.
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3 years ago, ninetitle
Still has trouble with ftp
In the 4-5 version earlier, ftp worked fine… Now, I can only see list of root folder (not files inside), after entering a folder an error say “please make sure permission is enabled”. I tried to double check if the problem is at my end by download another ftp client, it works perfectly fine. My recommendation for you is to implement different version of ftp and support its credentials in the server url (the same with SMB). Please make sure the existing features work fine in various scenarios before adding new features in update, otherwise the app become useless itself (e.g. sidebar iPad is useless since ftp is not working).
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2 years ago, TTV_Michael8
It’s great!
So I was going to change my save file in sonic 3 AIR and I decided I needed a file manager so i got one and then I deleted it because it was terrible but i got this and I successfully changed my save file so 5 stars! (Note: Im gonna attempt to extract a rar file.)
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3 years ago, jordan2722
Neayly Perfect
I love the added feature to secure folders and network shares! The only thing missing is the ability to loop a video in the video player. I like the auto play next video option, but please add loop as well. I'm a lifetime member. Great app.
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2 years ago, Charm8er
Able to login can’t transfer files
I can login to my SFTP server but I am unable to transfer files. It shows the whole folder structure, I can view the files but I cannot transfer it just says task failed when I try…. Additionally if I close the app and open it again I have to delete my password and reenter it to be able to log on to the server. Not sure what I could be doing wrong here. As it stands the app is useless though.
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1 year ago, Danny Hartono
Great app
Great file manager where I can access my NAS, manage, and watch at the same time. One bug, the seek bar in the media player sometimes stuck and does not go with the media. Please fix.
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4 years ago, R3Z1H
Pretty Good for SMB
I use it for SMB access.. is pretty good.. it plays videos instantly and does everything else well.. only downside is I can’t edit text files with this.. at least one other app I know can edit text files over SMB..
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3 years ago, XII03GRIZZLY
Not so Clever theif stealing people’s money
I just paid for this app lifetime no add a couple weeks ago updated it today now I have to pay again??? U are breaking contract because I already paid for this app for lifetime ad free, how is it that just because u update it I have to pay for lifetime again? That wouldn’t make it lifetime now would it? You can’t sell me the same bike I already bought just because you put a whistle on it.
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3 years ago, Xxxxxhcfbvx
Great app - though would appreciate one addition
Could you add the ability to send a file to another app? The video player lags sometimes and I would like to send the file to the VLC app instead.
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2 years ago, buzzzed.lightyear
Pretty solid
I haven’t noticed much of a difference when going pro but it’s a easy to use reliable app. (Just wish it had more)
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4 months ago, hosaiphone
Small problem after update
I can only see the Markdown Resources folder when tying to import a file from another app… please help..
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2 years ago, GatorBait66
No #1
This app is the best ive used and i have tried many, its well put together as it was well planned and its very easy to use, i give thanks to the developer you did a great job
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1 month ago, Dinonuggets-1Lol
I love this But I have one complaint
Love to use this app a lot, especially for json editing! but….. recently it hasn’t been letting me share files, only photos.
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5 months ago, html///study
The app is broken you can no longer move files and there is a new Chinese spy ware built into it so do not download
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11 months ago, AlusBe
Seems fixed after that last update. Thanks.
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2 years ago, JazzBass13
Awesome file manager!
After two weeks I'm still learning all the different ways to use this handy intuitive app. 💖💕
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3 years ago, anomaly301
This the best
iPhone don’t have a MP3 player that plays files back to back I downloaded this app and now app my music files plays back to back 🙏🏾 devs
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2 years ago, Edpoffical4469Eagles fly
Best iPhone file manager
It’s so easy to use has a mp4 and MP3 player built in as well as is compatible with .Flac files as well as easy to navigate and manage
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2 years ago, principiaqualia
Excel it by Dark Mode
First - Thank you so much for everything Second - Please, if possible, add a dark mode to its appearance settings Thanks again
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5 months ago, Jahvmar
Explore external devices
It’s a great app I must say but I’m struggling to find a way to explore externally connected storage devices. I know that can be done in the native file explorer on iOS but is there a way to do it in the ES file explorer app?
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2 years ago, 041076Again
Deleted all my files…!!!
This is a load of crap! The new update deleted all my files and folders. This is such a disappointment for a product (PAID) that I relied on. I’m going back to the old Apple file explorer, at least it’s reliable. I would highly recommend not using this app…
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2 years ago, amir_9898
A have problems in music player
when a songs play sometimes my players crashed
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5 months ago, dvinal
Adds to the power of the iPad. One of those features you need.
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4 years ago, ccccece B2:$
Finding Couldn’t be Easier
This is one of the best sources for finding files. Navigation is easy and straight forward and renaming and organizing files is blast.
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3 years ago, kimbery313
The best APP
One thing I would do is add run push button excellent app for people who have no patience with the app closing or say it can’t open
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4 years ago, TDarkskin
Excellent app
Excellent alternative for me to listen to my music offline and browse through my files fast
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2 years ago, Hemam11
Best File Manager for iOS !
With many lovely and useful features , I do not know how to deal with iOS if it were not
Show more
3 years ago, Maker1895
Great Alternative to native iPhone files App
Works like a champ, even better than the original Apple provided files app
Show more
3 years ago, Mvbenz
Works great
No issues. I installed SMB on a PC and can connect fine. I also connected to my onedrive and that works also.
Show more
11 months ago, Saeideh f
Hello, in the download section, add download all and stop all and give more importance and expand this section, thank you
Show more
4 years ago, maderethan
es files start
Recognize opportunities and problems could be the winning move
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