EseeCloud(IP Pro, VR Cam)

Photo & Video
4.5 (6.6K)
567.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Guangzhou Juan Intelligent Tech Co., Ltd
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for EseeCloud(IP Pro, VR Cam)

4.46 out of 5
6.6K Ratings
3 years ago, nordstrom515
App has major flaws
Update: after reading other reviews (how to fix the swipe) I did delete the app and added back- works great! (I added 4 stars but keeping a star off due to the feedback/help section not working) Fix the app and I will update my review. It’s very frustrating that the app used to work and seems to get worse each update. I have this system for my home and business. I used to be able to pull up the business or residential group of cameras and when pulled up - be able to swipe (to view the next camera image) now you can’t. It’s very frustrating to have to go out of the view and select a different angle/view to view live monitoring. (I originally only had this system at my home- the video quality was decent, APP at that time- decent, purchased a 2nd systems for our business- app worked great for several months. Now it is horrible!) Another HUGE frustration- you can’t even submit “help/feedback” through the app (you fill out the form but yet it doesn’t allow you to submit the help/feedback form. It wants you to select a image but when trying to select a image (that also doesn’t work). So the bottom line- they want you to think you can submit feedback or help through the app but it’s just for looks apparently.
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4 years ago, Cleveland State University Graduate
Good app
I like and enjoy using the app. There are lot of disappointed people in the other reviews I read but I have had a completely different experience with the app. It works well and I had no issues setting my system up and viewing my cameras through the app. I think that a lot of people write reviews when something happens and the app doesn’t work as it did in the past. They don’t give the developers time to correct bugs or fix the glitches. Then the people giving bad reviews don’t go back and edit the review they wrote once the developers fix the issues.
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7 years ago, DominicanClub
TO THE CREATORS OF THIS APP: please please please DO NOT UPDATE EseeCloud. It is working very well. If you update it, it may stop working. For example, programmers from other companies have updated their P2P monitoring app and they have either all stopped working altogether or contain countless bugs in them. These apps include: P2PWIFICAM and FREEIP and XMeye. After their update they became really lousy. As a result, people have stopped buying 4CH/8CH CCTV NVRs that are associated with these apps. If you update EseeCloud and it stops working, people will STOP BUYING the NVR that uses EseeCloud. And that includes me. (For users, if this app works, do not update it should there be a new version. Also try not to upgrade your iPad from 10.3.1 to 11.0.3. Plus you can also download apps similar to EseeCloud like IP-PRO and CORSEE). Finally, a tip to the programmers: If you feel the need to update this app, leave EseeCloud in the apple store to let users download the old version. Then when you create a new version, call it EseeCloud2 or EseeCloud3 or EseeCloud4...etc. This gives users a WIDER CHOICE OF APPS that fit their system. Lastly, your current app is already good enough for most users. No need to update it to a new version. You have done a good job (25 October 2017).
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2 years ago, Jmldesigns
An intuitively designed app that’s easy to use
I have to say, I’m kind of a grouch when it comes to leaving reviews online. I’d never leave a five star review unless I absolutely love it. I was kind of shocked and surprised just how amazing this app actually is! I haven’t had any issues with the camera and it seems to be working great. The HD quality is pretty good for the price too so this review is primarily about the app. I love that I can scrub the timeline, use my own SD card locally, download videos to my phone from the app and get push notifications. You can even allocate which area of the screen he would like to ignore and which area of the screen you would like to get a notification on. I sure hope this camera lasts because other peoples reviews say that it does not but until then I will leave this review as it is. Great app!My only complaint is that there are some pretty annoying advertisements on the app but for what the app does, I will put up with them I guess althoughIf I bought the camera in a store and it says it comes with the app, I’m not sure why they are running ads if I paid for the product. A moot point.
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2 years ago, Luis Tejeda91
Gets worse and worse. Its a scam
This app has been updated and gotten worse and worse with each update. My old complaint was that they added advertisements that you had to watch hindering your ability to pop up the cameras you payed hundreds for. Also it disconnected for no reason atleast once a day in 1/4 cameras and the customer service is nonexistent. It's just there for legal reasons so they can say they have one. There is no reason for the outages and there is no customer service that will solve any problem. Ok well as of the last few days it just doesn't work at all. The cameras work fine and display on a monitor but not the app. So I gave it 1 star for being trash what do I give it now for not working at all? Finally, these issues have been apparent for years in the reviews of the software but the cameras that use eseecloud have no reviews mentioning how completey bunked and non-functional the software is. Once you buy the cameras it's too late. These reviews of the software/app should be on all the review sections of the cameras as well because it should be disclosed that the software has a recent average of 1 point something stars because it is so dysfunctional.
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1 month ago, Uetcfncfjbdssz
Missing one key feature
The app does not give you a time to view pre-event. What I mean is, most systems when they see an event they show you 3-4 seconds before the event. So if someone comes through a door, you see the door open. Many times with this app, by the time recording starts, the person is almost out of view. The app is also slow. If I'm in my garage and I go back to the house. Sometimes I get a notice 10-15 later that human activity is seen. When I look at it, it's mean leaving the garage 15 min ago. Also, if the app does see someone, and rhe person stands still for say, 2-3 seconds the camera goes back to hit home location. The camera does not wait long enough to make sure the event is over. Also very annoying, even if you buy the cloud services you still have to put up with their ads at every turn trying to sell you more services... it is very annoying and a lot of times in the way of getting things done.
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1 year ago, CaymanRich
Decent app
Updating to 5 stars. The list which wasn’t getting populated is now working. I really don’t understand all of the hate for this app. There are so many factors that can affect performance that have nothing to do with the app. And there is a setting to turn off the ads. Original reviews: This app is working fine except it isn’t able to retrieve the list of events. When I click the notification however it does playback the event. To all the people complaining about the ads, there’s a setting to turn them off. Also make sure you setup the camera system software correctly to get notifications. For my system, notifications were turned off by default.
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4 weeks ago, treehstn
Tired of error messages
Cameras work well enough but not very happy with the software to monitor cameras from an iPad. I will get the following error message for weeks on end and then all of a sudden I won’t get it anymore for quite a long time, sometimes months. Then it’ll start up again and there’s no way that I’ve found to fix this. I’ve made sure the iPad OSis up-to-date, the app is up-to-date, my network is working fine and this is what I keep getting. And I’m not finding any help for this online. It’s almost like it’s an error message from the software itself not from the iPad OS. The video has been played for more than 10 minutes and no one has watched it, which will affect information security. Do you want to continue playing? (Button says “Keep playing “)
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4 weeks ago, kmbl859
Horrible. Probably malicious.
This app is always my largest running process. Eats my battery up running in the background, even with background refresh off. I’ve given it ZERO permission except to use on my cellular data. Still functions. (Go read the terms of use and privacy policy - you’ll probably start reading them on every app after….) Before the last update, once I denied them camera permission, it stopped telling me that “no one has watched the video in ten minutes”. Now, even with that permission turned off still, it’s doing it again. I cover my camera when I use this app. I’m waiting to install new cameras. This app is total garbage. I’m sure the cameras/hardware are completely unrelated to this god awful app so I can’t say anything about them. They’ve always worked just fine. I’ll definitely be reporting to the camera company that they should change applications!
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4 years ago, 4242tw6
The recent update messed up it’s been fixed!
The app was doing well until this recent update. For whatever reason, the app won’t connect and it’s always offline while using mobile network or other wifi networks. The only way to connect is by using the same wifi network as the cameras which defeats the purpose of monitoring remotely. Please fix this issue ASAP!!! Thanks! 6 hrs later: It looks like everything is working again! The app is no longer offline. It can connect and be viewed remotely using mobile or other wifi networks. Problem fixed. Thanks for the prompt response!
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3 years ago, mrsbellZz
So we’ve had this camera system for about 3-4 months now. At first it was a good price point, super easy to set up & worked well..FOR TWO MONTHS! -over the last 2 months we have been having continuous messages saying “incorrect password”, we can’t get on to view camera through the app, (which is y we got it.. we don’t need to be at home and look at the cameras we need to look at the cameras when we’re out as well! —long story shorty we have change the password. It lets us, says it’s complete.. & it continues to tell us that it’s incorrect when we get on! We can not use the app anymore & on top of everything else -for the last month, #1 of our cameras just -don’t work! it’s just a freaking mess. I need help with our system! —-or is it to late to send the whole thing back?!! That’s where I’m at.
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4 years ago, Duane400
App function
Read most of the reviews. Have to agree with the issues I had not being able to use the app away from my wifi. Played around with it for a week. It is now working. Best I can say another that is I reconnected the ethernet cable which was working, rebooted for the third time and now I am able to view my system away from my wifi. Sounds like this has been a big issue. Today is 8-7-20. I had talked to support they had me check my ip address for my router it was ok. Not totally sure why it worked this time after rebooting, 2 reboots prior changed nothing. I do not have any picture notifications in my motion detection list so you don’t know what the notification is without looking at every notification and there seems to be a lot of notifications each day of motion.
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2 years ago, Ron in Phoenix
Swipe change channels feature is restored…
You must delete the app and reinstall in order to make ‘swipe to change channels” feature work again. I don’t know why but a simple update should have kept that feature. Another issue I found after the reinstallation was that whenever I open a channel, the screen suddenly became extremely bright, it went back to normal when I went back to the main screen (closing viewing any channel). The app is excellent other that those two issues in the last update.
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3 months ago, Tammy S
The setting for night time doesn’t work
I have tried this app with two different camera devices and have the same problem. It doesn’t recognize the setting for recording only at night. Neither manually or by choosing night only, it won’t do it. Only way to record at night is to allow 24 hour continuous or event recording. There is also no easy way to delete recording to clear camera space. You can only reformat the card. I would like to be able to delete the days I’ve reviewed and keep the ones that are of interest. I can do this with another camera app I use. I’m also having trouble getting it to cruise stations. Customer service doesn’t exist, so don’t bother sending them an email.
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2 years ago, Ajaybake
I’ve had this system for about a year and 8 months, and the only problems I find with this system nvr, and cams 5323-w , is it has like a 2 second lag on monitor, and when previewing from app it likes to not show real time and likes to pause, I keep closing out and going back in and for me to have to do that over 3 or 4 times before I can even view em remotely, but besides that I like it , wish the firmware on the cams could be updated easier than usb , but yea. I need another camera bosses!! Hook me up !!
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3 years ago, Choctawlakerat
Works Well Again
I have used many different apps associated with home video security systems. They all have significantly limited function compared to the device firmware. That said, this app was one of the better ones I have used. The most recent update fixed the swiping issue reported by many. Thanks
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2 years ago, Mitsa Waya
Oossxx and EseeCloud are JUNK
When I first got my 8 cam system, setup was easy and everything worked fine. Then power supplies started failing, cameras died, errors started popping up. I’ve got hardwired as well as WiFi cams going. I have 3 PTZ cams that I can’t even add to this app any more!! It hangs at the “connect to camera WiFi and come back to app” and it SHOWS the connected camera wifi name!!!! Can’t find the config screen via hardwired system, can’t modify anything, and now this app is JUNK!!! Just open it all up and let us manually put in to the cam our info (and allow NO WIFI PASSWORDS for hidden networks!!) Time to get serious about figuring out how to mod this junk!!! Or sell it all and get one from the “ship docking area” Freight place
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2 years ago, Spartanrose
Worst app ever
After successfully setting up the device, the app logged me out within less than 4 hours of operation. I am unable to log back in because the password I set now shows as “incorrect password.” I then changed the password from my desktop and proceeded to log back in only for the same “incorrect password” message. A final attempt, I power cycled the security system, restarted my mobile device and attempted to log back in. No luck. I then deleted the security system from the app and attempted to completely reset up the entire system. The app would not let me add the device even after a full factory reset. Absolute garbage and a huge waste of time.
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1 year ago, mountianmomma
Did the new update and the system shut down my cameras
I did your update and now I have only one camera that works. All the others have frozen. I have unplugged them and waited and plugged them back in change… I have restarted the system … no change… I checked to make sure everything is up to date it is and still no changed. Whatever you did to the update you screwed up. Please get it fixed or I will take my business else where. Unbelievable to spend this kind of money on a security system and can’t get the app to work at all, showing all cameras but one frozen. Worst system not even worth a star at this point.
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1 year ago, pioneer malik abdus
Do not buy their scam product
The app lags a tremendous amount. The ptz camera can be seen moving but the video updates very slowly. And no its not because of a slow internet problem. Regardless of the internet speed the video in the app lags very far behind. When I press the ptz buttons it takes 20 seconds to update the view!! In the beginning the app will work well but as your hiseeu camera gets older they intentionally make your app slow so that you buy their cloud storage. My friend bought their cloud storage and even then its not as fast as it used to be. This is to be expected from a company based in Guangzhou. Its a Scam, buyer be aware
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1 month ago, A robot with tired eyes
paid plan but no services storage recording or playback
most expensive app subscription and hardware i have ever purchase. DO NOT PAY for this. there is no customer support. i have spent : hours going through my settings to determine the problem. $60 for 90 days of headache. everything properly set and i have receipt for purchase but no storage no playback terrible ux. terrible ui . very poor faqs poor english everything going in circles. apple app store developer info page empty. settings pages do not load. actions to toggle unclear. and still the app offers me to post more for upgrade.
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4 years ago, Former Gv endorser
Track my camera not my phone🤨
So far the cameras are great. Yes, they don’t travel or move. We ordered these to avoid buying flood light AND camera system. So one must ask, why would a developer install an app that attempts to require location for a cellphone? Customers are buying cameras for cell phones, stationary cameras. Hogwash! A cells location should not be required to obtain camera system data, it simply needs an internet connection to access the cloud. Right now I’m not in favor of using the cloud, so we likely won’t. We are also not in favor of the app that keeps saying it needs the location of its users. I must ask why would the developer need to know if his users were or were not home? Had I known this PRIOR to purchasing, we would have NOT purchased. I highly advise this is corrected. Someone will reverse engineer and remove this. Will loose present and future customers.
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1 year ago, jena8207
A message to Developer
Could you please advise how to get cameras to show online via app? I was able to access prior to your last two updates. Now when opening the app the cameras show offline and will not connect even though cameras show online via the system and internet is working. I do not need to see instructions on how to disable ads which seems to be the only developer response that is given. Those of us that have cameras just want an app that works when to view our home when we are away. I have the Crystal Vision Technology cameras and this app has been up and down since November.
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10 months ago, Alan6543
Please get it right
Since the last update any and all minor “screen changes” records a 30 second video. All motion detection settings are set to lowest, all motion areas are set to just a pinpoint. Ridiculous to have 200 to 500 screen change recordings (not motion detection recordings)daily. I’ve communicated with the company, they just ask the same questions. Have you set the detection to lowest, have you reduced the detection area? Yes, yes, yes!! Now what? Even the motion events are labeled “screen change” now. Please read this carefully and understand what I am saying. Do not have the app record all “screen changes”. Only motion detection videos.
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3 months ago, Please Fix!! Crashes!!
What Happened
Last week there was an update and this app stopped working?? I have had no issues for the past 5 years but now it won’t load and constantly crashes!! I have this app on my PC which I did not update and I have no issues and can still view cameras fine. Why was there an update? Everything worked great but now I can’t view cameras on my mobile at all. Please fix this issue or go back to the way it was. If it’s not broke don’t fix it!! Please fix!!!
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2 years ago, EtM80
It seems like the cameras I have are pretty decent. The image quality is amazing. But this app is SO slow & glitchy that it makes them practically useless. I get a movement notice, and by the time I’m able to access the images, its long gone. It’s always constantly freezing and not catching everything (like someone coming but not going). And it’s just generally difficult to maneuver through. When I read the reviews for the camera, I wish I had known that I needed to read the app reviews as well! I just pray that this company finds someone to fix their product, so I don’t have to buy new cameras!
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3 years ago, NotARussiansSpY222
Worked good until today!
Leaving 5 stars because I do love the app. Until yesterday really… the update made it so you cannot swipe to switch cameras and it’s infuriating. Please put that feature back! What’s the harm in it? It’s really difficult to quickly switch cameras now or rotate through them. Please change it back. Using Hiseeu cameras.
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2 months ago, kjjgggffddds
Keep away from this
You need to give them access to your network including your internet/network password. The first time I installed, I received a text message from my credit card alerting me of my card being used on Facebook (thing I had never done). Because I had disconnected the cameras, I had to reinstall and give them access a second time. Well, AT&T had a security bridge and guess who was my internet provider at the time? AT&T. They had access to the network. Stay away from their services this is a Chinese scam app.
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12 months ago, PhattDaddy
Have used for 3 1/2 yrs
We have used this app with the Smonet 4ch 720P HD NVR cameras and it has worked great the entire time. We can view on our phones and it opens immediately and we do not have any subscriptions. It just works. That’s way more than I can say for the one we have at home that is pure garbage and more expensive than these cameras were! Smonet 4CH 720P HD NVR
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2 years ago, brittny m
Events won’t load half the time
When you get notifications that you’ve had an ‘event’ happen at your house and you click to watch the 30 second video it times out half the time and won’t let you watch it. Cameras worked well at first, but not they’re not picking up anything but bugs! I can walk passed the camera and it won’t do anything. You guys just did a update, and when I get a notification IT STILL takes forever for it to come up with the video! I’m ready to rip the cameras out and go buy name brand cameras !!
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2 years ago, DAGCREATIVE
Don’t update the app!
I’ve been using this app and camera system for a year now and for the most part it’s been working fine until a couple of days when I updated the app. It gave me a message saying I needed to update so of course I went ahead and did that but now every time I go to connect to it it says it has no connection available. My camera system is up and running fine and so is my Wi-Fi this iso it’s a problem with the app obviously. If there is someone out there can help me resolve this issue I would be very appreciative.
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1 year ago, Rannuda
App is Garbage
This is just pointless. Whenever you try to setup anything or use any of its features all you get is a spinning circle. If I pulled software out from the 80’s it would work better. I can’t use the intercom. It just spins and spins until I’m told that the intercom failed. By that time, whoever you were trying to talk to has gone home and gone to bed. I can’t even turn on DST. I just get spinning. The most unfortunate thing is that I find this out after I’ve bought the camera. The software has been crappy for years too.
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2 years ago, emotionalsupportbunny
May need to replace?
The system works great. The cameras are really accurate. Unfortunately the app no longer registers movement in the playback mode. If I want to go back through footage I have to re-watch everything in real time to try to find an event. Extremely frustrating. It used to show movement in a different color on the timeline. I can’t for the life of me figure out why they would have removed that feature.
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1 year ago, 6Odiesel
I paid for the cameras and hardware, why do I have full page ads?
I paid for the cameras and hardware, and one camera dies a few months in and they wouldn’t replace it. And it’s hosted on my internet and hard drive, why do I need to have full page ads on start up and ads through out? This isn’t a subscription service, this is me using what I bought and paid for. These ads weren’t there when first purchased. I found out you can turn them off but they give a sob story about it. There’s no need for that crap.
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8 months ago, Peakpoohcoco
I have been fighting this app for over a month now tried contacting the company but can’t get no answer I have no play back just real time makes me so mad they did this same thing with yosee to and I had to get rid of my camera my friend told me about this I go out buy the darn thing works great the first 2 years and bam they do it to me again after paying for the app for 2years your cloud stops working you have no play back I even contacted the cloud they said that there is plenty of storage left very unsatisfied
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2 years ago, Automogirl
Recent update was mostly a downgrade
Live view used to take a while to load. They improved that with the update. However, now video playback is pure garbage and basically unusable. It just sits there and loads continuously and never works. So I have to view video playback from my actual NVR, which isn’t possible if I’m not home. Fixed one issue and created another with the update. I’d rather have slower live view than be unable to view playback.
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2 months ago, 飞卢呵呵
“This is a software that’s extremely user-unfriendly. It requires manual clicking to continue playing videos if they exceed 10 minutes without viewers. As a real-time surveillance camera, it’s incredibly annoying. I have it set up in my store linked to my tablet, and every time I want to check the screen, I have to walk over and click again. It’s infuriating. I spent money expecting a convenient camera to help me monitor situations, not something that adds burdensome trouble. “
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1 year ago, CA.Clark
Viewing the recordings
The installation of the iPhone app was easy. I got live images from the cameras almost immediately. But when attempting to stream the video recordings, the video never loads. All the app does is run the three dots endlessly. Although the EseeCloud app for the Power Book laptop works pretty well. Initially when contacting the staff they were and have been very helpful. Thank you.
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1 month ago, msoqhc
I need help & can not figure out how to get to support to ask. I got a new phone & I can not figure out how to add the device to it. When I do “add device” & scan the barcode , it comes up “already bound” to my phone number. I keep going around in circles. When I go to developer site it is not in English. Agghh, I don’t know what to do!
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1 year ago, brianc1959
Chinese Ads and System Hacked
I’ve used this for a few years now to monitor property 3 hours away from me. Last year midway through the winter I was unable to get to the cameras. We were snowed in so in the spring when the pass cleared I found the camera system was converted to Chinese and password no longer worked. I had to do a factory password reset and a blind language change since I couldn’t read the menus. I now see all Chinese ads in the app and wonder if my data is going to China.
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12 months ago, Mattyxbooboo
Fix for iPhone
Please fix. The latest update doesn’t allow me to pan or tilt the cameras anymore. The little controls don’t even show up just empty space. Update: thank you for updating and bringing controls back. 😁
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4 years ago, Diaz_809
Trash. TRASH!!!
This app is trash. You can only view On one device at a time. Once you launch it on a second device the other freezes. Also, no fast forward or rewind on the app. It is extremely difficult to move forward or back just a few seconds using the slider. It also takes way too long to load after each time you slide back or Forward. This company only worries about selling their system and taking your money, but have done nothing to improve any of then apps. DO NOT RECOMMEND BUYING THIS CRAP!
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3 years ago, 8Cam-man
PLEASE FIX APP. Unable to swipe screen to see my 8 cameras.
Unable to swipe between screens to see my other cams. It worked beautifully until this latest update version got deployed. Losing this important function makes this app less usable. Please help by fixing this critical function. Otherwise, this is has been a good reasonable app. I’ve had it for 1 year.
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2 years ago, shidimadafas
Works great , very easy to use and reliable.
I honestly have never had an issue with using these cameras and the playback and access is quick on my app. I highly recommend using this app if you have security cameras !!
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2 years ago, Starzsszsz
Wrong Password
I’ve had this app for about 1 yr and never had problems but now it’s sayings wrong password. I’ve reset it and it continues to say that same message. It’s no point in having these cameras if I can’t view them away from home. Being able to view them while at home doesn’t make sense. Can someone help me reset the app so I’m able to view my cameras away from home?
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3 years ago, cjcomments
Latest update makes app useless
I was satisfied with the app until the latest update which now will mot allow us to scroll between cameras. Compile this with the fact that there is no functional fast forward or rewind and HD has to be selected for each camera every time (no default) this app has become annoying, cumbersome and virtually useless. I’m now in the market for a whole new system with a better app. So frustrating.
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2 weeks ago, transformer kotouc
It’s ok
It’s an ok app - I can keep taps on my place with, but when I try to play playback videos the app crashes & closes itself. Which is annoying. I tried the trouble shoot app & it took me to a website that I could not read or makes sense of. If ya are going to sell & make things for the world need to have website in all languages. Anyway need to fix the app crashing issue.
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4 years ago, security help 101
App needsfast forward in playback!
The app is ok. When watching the playback, I want to be able to fast forward. There is a scrub bar to scroll through the recording, but every time you move it, it has to load the data. So unless you are looking for a specific time during the day when you think something happened, you can miss a lot of details and it will take FOREVER to review footage.
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4 years ago, Mrtzi9
Not letting me log in with Apple account.
I’ve always signed in with my Apple ID and now it isn’t letting me. It keeps telling me “failed to sign in.” I’ve never had this problem before. I’ve deleted the app and installed again to see if it’ll work and still doesn’t. I am using the correct password and all. I even took my face recognition off to see if maybe it helped to input the password but still doesn’t.
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2 years ago, HorseDoodMama
Not worth it! And update isn’t compatible
With this latest EseeCloud update, the cameras are working but the app keeps saying they’re offline. I assuming my 1-year-old camera system isn’t compatible with the app they have to use? It’s ridiculous, and the platform of the app is pretty elementary, so it’s not hard to figure out. I really don’t recommend EseeCloud, and had I known that’s what this camera system used, I would have kept shopping!
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