ESL Mobile Banking

4.9 (23.4K)
41.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
ESL Federal Credit Union
Last update
5 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for ESL Mobile Banking

4.85 out of 5
23.4K Ratings
9 months ago, stevenyuna766
Best banking experience in Rochester, NY
ESL is the best. When visiting any of there many conveniently located branches in towns and suburbs all over Rochester and Monroe County, I am always treated respectfully and taken care of. The website and mobile app for both iPhone and iPad are top notch. Very nicely designed and straightforward to use. Depositing checks is a breeze and checking balances couldn’t be easier. Also love that they offer live chat banking right inside the app. As far as any comments go, I would love to one day see digital ATM receipts somewhere in the app. That would be amazing! Keep it up ESL!
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9 months ago, The Wizza
Love the app but this needs to be fixed!
Just updated my phone to 16.2. Ever since I did that, my banking information can be seen while my screen is locked. I even changed my settings to allow my widgets not to be seen unless my phone is unlocked. The feature works perfectly for all the other widgets EXCEPT the widget with my bank information, balances, etc. Someone can just pick up my phone and see my bank information without unlocking it because of the widget on the Lock Screen. Until it’s fixed I have to delete it. It was so convenient to be able to easily see my balance and now it’s made difficult again. How was this overlooked and how has no one said anything to where an update hasn’t been put out yet?!
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2 years ago, GoingPurple
Essential but deficit
I’ve been a customer for decades. Impressive that a Credit Union has a thorough and useful app. This is required now of any useful banking organization. But the Mobile Deposit portion of the app is deficient to the point of unusability. I have endured it for many months as I take and retake the check picture on multiple devices hoping it will finally accept a picture for deposit. It can’t seem to capture the whole check as required without way too many frustrating attempts. You’d think the auto-mode could identify the important parts and capture them. Not so. I’ve waited long enough for ESL to replace this barely useful part of the app. If ESL can’t contract with a better app provider, it’s time to switch banks.
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6 years ago, Hawkner
Best banking anywhere. Hands down
It’s so easy to pay Bills rather than write and mail a check. Transfer funds from and to anywhere and write a reminder in that memo section- excellent feature, deposit checks to any account of my choice. Check balances, balance my check book, yes I still do that manually too. Although there has never been a mistake, need to be sure account has what it should. Great features Thank You ESL. Great on line banking. Best around.
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5 years ago, Gmrxtrm
Fraud catcher!
Because of this app I’ve been able to catch unauthorized use on my account, twice, before it really became a problem. ESL was easy to work with to resolve these issues. I've used this app since the beginning. It works great! The check deposit feature is so convenient and works every time. I have had no issues with it and have deposited at least 50 checks. I love the email confirmation and that I can keep the checks for my records.
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3 years ago, SAHM o'4
App was fixed the next day
Edit: developer fixed this issue the next day. VERY quick response. The app is overall good but I have such trouble with quick balance. Sometimes it tells me to login to re-enable it. But I’ve never turned it off and it’s listed as being “on”. I have to disable all Accts. Close it and then relaunch and enable accts. Now it tells me I have no valid accts for quick balance?? So i can’t even use it at all. What?? So annoying.
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3 years ago, StevenYuna
Best banking in Rochester period!
After being with several different local and national banks/credit unions, I’ve finally felt at home at ESL. Not only do they have branches all over the area, they have tons of ATM’s and super helpful staff at all branches. They have the best website and app of any bank I’ve ever experienced. Keep up the great work! Only thing I’d like to see is Zelle but the pop money service and bank to bank transfers works well.
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7 months ago, howiseverynocknametaken
To all of ESL
I have only been with 2 banks, in the beginning I used Five Star, I look back and realize what a mistake that was, I have been with ESL for quite a bit now and I am glad I made that move. Customer service is amazing, the app is amazing, everything in general is amazing. Thank you for the best banking experience.
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4 years ago, jrebop
Transactions disappear, come back days later
ESL is great but some of the transactions intially show up on the app, as an example when at a store you swipe your card connected to a checking account, the transaction will stay there for a couples hours or a day, and then often disappear. I've had transactions of hundreds of dollars be gone for a day and my balance reflects as if I haven't spent it. It's funny, when you spend money you don't have based off ESL'S error, they don't charge you an overdraft fee!
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4 years ago, M-Chae
Good App but Be aware of your transactions
I looked the app overall but I have learned to keep a close eye on transactions. One day a transaction is there and the next day it suddenly “falls off” and your balance is higher. Then a day or so later the “missing transactions” repost. If you aren’t diligent and keeping up with transactions on your own, this app could easily cost you an overdraft. That is a glitch that definitely needs to be fixed, customers need accurate banking information.
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5 years ago, Bella_Angelita_
Can show alot of false info. Such as on many occasions it will seem like I have money in my account that I go spend and then I get a notification that I’m negative. I depend on my app to know how much is in my account and when it glitches and gives me false numbers and I go negative for spending what I thought I had it’s frustrating. And believe me I manage my spending carefully with the list of transactions that app shows me. I love ESL but I hate to go negative off false numbers.
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2 years ago, A6779
Garbage deposit
The mobile deposit feature is absolute trash, the images are never the same size, which apparently is required, it’s telling me to make sure the signature is visible, which it clearly is, but the app doesn’t think so, wasted 20 minutes on this, good thing it was only a $2 check. I will be keeping my account at the other bank because I work nights and can at least use the mobile deposit without a lot of hassle.
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5 years ago, Norp1281
Lacks a lot of modern banking features.
1) no fingerprint/face scan support 2) bill pay needs more progress reports. Sync between ESL and their bill pay provider is delayed and creates confusion as payments can “disappear” from view for a period of time before they show up completed. 3) no ability to activate replacement ESL credit VISA cards. The 800 number touch tone process fails and puts me into an interminable “all operators are busy” queue that I’ve given up twice on. All told the online experience with the ESL app falls far short of other banks and even the ESL web page.
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2 years ago, WinterCam
No longer recognizes commercial checks
Mobile deposit of commercial checks is a fail. Does not accept a clear image. This has worked flawlessly in the past. If this isn’t corrected, moving to another bank is in my future.
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2 years ago, KoranaK
Great App, Mobile Check Deposit is Meh.
Great app, clear to understand and navigate. The only issue I’ve had is the mobile deposit feature, the camera specifically, is temperamental. It never seems to like my photo. I’ve taken to just using that feature on my other bank app just to avoid it. Otherwise, great and easy app.
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5 months ago, cynrod79
Mrs. Rodriguez
I start with 3 different banks and now it’s only ESL for me it’s the only bank that doesn’t discriminate and literally wants what’s best for you excellent customer service and support if you want to be financially secure bring you money to them that will definitely make you knowledgeable and secure
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5 years ago, 30yrCustomer
This is a very easy, intuitive website, whether used from my PC browser or the iPhone app. I’ve used other banks’ sites in my work and for my parents, and those experiences were very frustrating. I’ve recommended ESL to several friends, especially for this reason!
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3 years ago, Neka17
I love the ESL app
I’ve been a member of ESL since I was 10 years old and 19 years later I would still refer and recommend them. I love the community and family feel. I know the tellers and they always offer such great customer service that keeps me coming back. This app is well payed out and simple to use!
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3 years ago, tendy tree
More security options are needed
Please add a way to view past logins(ip, location, device, choice of 2 factor) and a way to remove all devices from being trusted. It would also be nice to make it require 2 factor every time I use the app or at least an option to do so. Also would be nice to allow google or Microsofts 2 factor.
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5 years ago, Khgrn83
ESL to begin with is top notch banking. They’re personal, appreciate you as a customer, and give all around great service. The app goes above and beyond all expectations! Easy to use, great services like mobile deposit, and a location section to show you the closest ESL building or ATM. Hands down awesome!
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11 months ago, Seezar1212
Check deposit no longer works
With the most recent app update, can no longer cash checks. I turn the phone to the right like what was posted and can take a photo but it won’t accept the front of the check. Kept saying I have retake the picture even though there is nothing wrong with the picture. Attempting to cash a state refund check. Have never had an issue before.
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5 years ago, andrewcayer
Helpful but
It’s great to be able to check my account at any time and to be able to deposit on mobile. The annoying thing is that it always prompts me for Touch ID, but when I try to enable it, the feature resets itself to “off”. Every time. Minor complaint, but it would be 5 stars otherwise.
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5 years ago, JayR...
Rock & Roll ESL
They are the best!!!! They are the best in the business and they save me time everyday with their app. Cash a check or transfer funds in seconds. They are always looking to make banking easier for their customers. If you aren’t a member, you’re missing out.
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3 years ago, HLewis5
Excellent overall
I have an immediate issue with the current build, being that bill pay crashes the app immediately after tapping on iOS and iPadOS 14.2 Otherwise, the functionality of this app is great. Security-wise, all banking apps should have some form of MFA by now, preferably TOTP. ESL is far from alone in lacking that, though.
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6 years ago, Peg111
I find it easy to use, to get balances and to check on what has cleared. At least some of the issues I see mentioned in old reviews have been solved (for example it shows the balance after each tx).
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1 year ago, Renee from ROC
ESL App Review
I was just telling my daughter the other day that the ESL app is my favorite app. The ease with which I can pay my bills, transfer money and check on accounts is absolutely awesome! Don’t change a thing!!! Renee Guider Very Satisfied Customer
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2 years ago, Patsy533
Overall online & mobile device banking is exceptional and very user friendly!!
Overall online and mobile device banking is exceptional
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5 years ago, Nadiii1108
ESL Bank App
This is a very convenient app, transfer money whenever I need to & to my closest family/friends that also have ESL! Being able to take out quick loans has also been a huge help when life hits me with expenses. So greatful for ESL!!
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4 years ago, cytharea
wish I could search for transactions
Works fine except it will not let you go back in time very far when viewing your transaction history. You also cannot search for key words to find a particular transaction.
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4 years ago, mandyfizzle
Doesn’t work on Friday’s
All week my app is the best and I love it, except on Fridays and my accounts are not available, There is a display that says app error and I am not able to do anything at all on the app. The app should work everyday, including Fridays. I have called customer service and they suggest to uninstall and redownload and that doesn’t help either.
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7 months ago, k8t282
Easy use
I love being able to depot checks in the app, but I really wish I could see a visual after of what the check was for, or at least leave a note so I knew what check it was. All it says is mobile deposit.
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1 year ago, RCoaster
Difficult to do Mobile Deposits
It’s a real hassle to do mobile deposits. When taking a picture of the front, it doesn’t recognize the image and keeps asking you to take it again. After trying again 5 times, I gave up and deposited my check at another bank that I have an account with.
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3 years ago, laseys
Love the bank and the app somewhat
I love ESL for banking. Their app has a lot of bugs. Suddenly the quick view balance stopped showing up on my phone and my watch though it is turned on for both. It’s very convenient and I hope to gets fixed soon
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1 year ago, @realNickCapozzi
20+ year member
ESL is a solid financial institution and I prefer to work with them over the big banks. The app is simple and works well. Easy to do simple transfers between owned accounts and mobile deposits.
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4 years ago, EmilyVR
Easiest app
I use almost every function this app offers. I deposit checks, transfer money between accounts, pay bills, etc. it is so user friendly!
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5 years ago, Kidder83
This app makes my life so much easier, I can always check my account and transfer money from checking to saving quickly and from anywhere.
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3 years ago, Shdkfnd
Quick balance
I have used quick balance forever. All of a sudden it shows only the amount in the accounts and not the name of the account. Disappointed. Having so many accounts it was useful to have the name. I have rebooted iPhone, updated app but still won’t work.
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5 years ago, megstevens2003
Account info
I feel as though on the mobile app we should be able to look up specific dollar amount transactions.
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3 years ago, Prolane88
App review
I like I can now make all my payments on the app instead of using a passbook thanks for the update and this wonderful feature
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2 years ago, Sugarsweetbear
App not bank
Esl is probably the worst bank I have ever worked with when considering their fees it’s the convenience at their arm locations and the app that make it worth it.
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1 year ago, 4th Dave so far
This app would have gotten 5 stars if I wasn’t nagged every time I tried to do a transfer.
It’s a great app, the constant harassment of an insecure company for me to validate their app’s existence is a big pain. It interrupts my banking and is very counterproductive. I am using the app, therefore it is an acceptable program. If it wasn’t, I wouldn’t use it. I am using the bank, therefor it is an acceptable company. If it wasn't, I wouldn’t bank there.
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5 years ago, jgle1
App review
Overall the app is fine. It seems a little more archaic than some of the other banking apps that I have used. Could use more of a sleek, user friendly look.
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2 years ago, Volleyball guy 5
Love the app.
I moved away from Rochester and have kept ESL as my bank. I love knowing I can deposit any check from anyone or anywhere on the app and it saves me time and money. Ron
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4 years ago, Jammi Food Truck
ESL bank
It is a great way to bank and it is safe with them. Any unnecessary purchases and they contact you. Thanks you and please continue to keep us safe.
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4 years ago, Maintaintheappplease
Recent update
I love this app, but after the recent update my Quick Balance widget stopped working. When I try to enable it in the app it shows no valid accounts.
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10 months ago, Mystariah
Zelle isn’t available in update
Spent ten minutes with an online chat rep trying to tell me where the Zelle option went. It’s simply not there. She told me I needed to update the app. Clearly this version from 3 days ago isn’t the update I need. Would be good to have received a message about the issue before I wasted my time in chat getting frustrated about it. 😩
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3 years ago, Ryoushii
Easy to use banking.
Good clean app and very happy now that the Quick Balance issue was fixed. Only question is I could have sworn there was a history tab for my transfers but now I don’t see it anymore. Was this removed?
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8 months ago, Highstatis
ESL Banking
Easy to use very convenient and transparent banking systems. Reliable and up to date to the second. Would recommend this app to everyone banking with ESL
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1 year ago, hbbgfhj
Very easy
Very easy way to bank. I love being able to move my money from account to account
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1 year ago, JM. DELPHINO
Loyal customer for 25 years
Great app. Easy to use. Helpful features like chat and mobile deposit. Highly recommend
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