eSound - MP3 Music Player App

4.4 (29.5K)
140.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Spicy Sparks S.R.L.
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for eSound - MP3 Music Player App

4.39 out of 5
29.5K Ratings
2 years ago, gunshow
Starting to become annoying
I’ve had this app across different devices for years, no problems at first. But now two things are getting out of control. First, when I download a song offline, I should have it permanently no problems right? I’ve played the same song hundreds of times and suddenly, It will fail (greyed out won’t play) causing me to have to delete it then search it up and download it again… Secondly, at first there was an ad at the opening of the app, and that was pretty much it u less you were in the app for around 20 mins. But now, there’s consistently an opening ad, an ad when you tap on the song, an ad when you skip a song, and most recently, an ad when the app is closed in between songs!!! It’s embarrassing to have an ad play in between songs. And most of the adds have the X in the top corner but the “hit box” on it is so tiny every time you try to tap it, your redirected to the App Store even if you know for sure you tapped the x. This app was good but increasingly have fallen off the chart. I hope they remove at least their newest blunder (the ad in between songs when the app is closed) because that is now obnoxious. As I’m writing this review, I’ve had 3 ads play with the app in the background 🙄.
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5 years ago, Jordan Russ
Very Good App but..
So I love where this app is headed to and I wish they can keep it up but there are a few problems. So the first: it’s a little touch sensitive when you scroll up or down and it just plays a song. Second: it is very slow. For example when it starts to play the next song or when you tap to play a song or when you tap the back arrow. The third: Some of the songs aren’t right (but I do report an issue saying that some of the songs don’t match.) The fourth: When you do play a song it zooms in on it and I wish there was a feature where you can turn off automatically zooming in on the song so you can scroll through your other songs faster. Lastly: Sometimes the app gets mixed up if you choose a song it plays a different one like the one under it or over it so I have to re choose the song that was playing and choose the song that I wanted to play for it to work. Overall, I love the app and how you can download music and play it offline and I believe this app will have a good future. I didn’t want to rate it 3 stars because I believe in this app and that it could fix all these issues. Thank you for your time for reading this developers. PS: If you fix all these issues I could make the rating higher.
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3 months ago, Fullsend5424
The app is great app but..
This app is great. I’ve had it’s for going on 4 years but lately I’ve been having issues. For example, about once a month and sometimes more, I can’t play a single song on my playlist. The app will say, “this song is unavailable” throughout my whole entire playlist. And I’m having this issue as of this very moment. Furthermore, I can not download my songs offline. I’ve never had the option to download a song offline at all. According to my observations, the app clearly states that you can download song offline but It’s looks to me that’s false advertisement. Finally, this app has way too many ads. Again, according to my experience, almost every tap on the screen I make there’s an ad popping up. The ads take up way too much time to just play a single song. It’s unfortunate. I have tried everything possible to make this app work for me. For example, I’ve updated the app every time an update was available yet, no changes. I’ve deleted the app as a whole and redownloaded it and yet, again, no changes. I truly hope the ESound industry makes its way back up the charts. It’s devastating knowing the app is at a constant fail.
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5 months ago, Zsull1101
Over 2 years of use and issues start today
I’ve used this app for over 2 years. The first year I didn’t pay for premium and would just accept the ads. After a year I figured it was worth it to pay for premium with how much I used the app because it was perfect. I could find and download almost any song known to our universe. This was by far the most used app on my phone and I LOVED it so I recommended it to everyone I came across. Today I open the app to play music on my drive and it has deleted over 5gigs of music, and now I can’t download the songs and play them offline. I’m giving 4 stars because it has been so reliable over the years but if they can’t fix these issues then I will cancel my yearly subscription and delete the app. There are other options available for around the same price. Just let me download my music and I will continue to recommend this app to everyone I know. Losing my music collection and being unable to download music for drives when I don’t have service has ruined my experience.
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3 years ago, Artimeo
The Best and AFFORDABLE in music streaming
I had Apple Music I was paying $14 until one day I ran across this app and was reading the reviews and decided to give it a try. And I love it I quit Apple Music the next month because I wanted to try it for 30 days which I then purchased the whole annual subscription it was less then Apple‘s monthly subscription I’ve also recommended it to several friends and family and they are doing the switch The only thing I wish we could do is work with Siri as a as if I’m in a take a shower I can tell Siri to play a song that’s the only thing that I do miss from Apple Music not sure if it’s only a feature for Apple Music but if it is it I would recommend the source to get that feature which makes it more convenient for customers. You know nowadays as humans are lazy we want a command to do everything and that’s just one of the commands that I wantOne more suggestion having some type of program or we can transfer our music from another streaming source to each source would be very very helpful once again human being lazy
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4 months ago, elreydelinfierno
I've used this app for over 2 years. The first year I didn't pay for premium and would just accept the ads. After a year I figured it was worth it to pay for premium with how much I used the app because it was perfect. I could find and download almost any song known to our universe. This was by far the most used app on my phone and I LOVED it so l recommended it to everyone I came across. Today I open the app to play music on my drive and it has deleted over 5gigs of music, and now I can't download the songs and play them offline. I'm giving 4 stars because it has been so reliable over the years but if they can't fix these issues then I will cancel my yearly subscription and delete the app. There are other options available for around the same price. Just let me download my music and I will continue to recommend this app to everyone I know. Losing my music collection and being unable to download music for drives when I don't have service has ruined my experience.
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9 months ago, Awesomeness2775
Can't listen to downloaded songs?
I've only had this app for a few months, maybe even less, but as soon as I downloaded it I've experienced many technical issues. One that I experienced almost immediately was there was no option for me to download my music offline. I kept opening and closing the app, but nothing was working. I also restarted my iPhone, but that did not help either. I gave it a few days, and I was finally able to download my songs. It was a quick and easy process. However, even when I attempted to play them offline, it didn't work. I also just discovered the other day, that ALL the songs I downloaded have mysteriously been taken offline? I just tried to download them all again, and I tested to see if it would finally work offline. It worked for a brief second, then when I attempted again, it kept telling me there was an error and to try a different track. Wish it would work because I travel a lot where there is usually no service available for at least an hour. Other than that, the app has a very sleek, clean design, and I do like it. If only it worked. 😕
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4 years ago, VF-Jacky
Good App, New Problems w/ Update
I’ve been using this app for a pretty long while now, since before the devs added ads and premium and stuff like that. It was one of the better apps I could use to download my music and listen to offline and I’ve kept it since I found it. This is a really good app, but the latest update seems to have broken it a bit: my entire song library keeps deleting itself. Songs just won’t stay downloaded, no matter how many times I redownload, remove, download again - they just won’t work. A few songs will stay as they are, but the majority of my songs will just delete themselves whenever I open the app. I’m not sure if it’s because of the size of my library (694 songs) or it’s because of the app, but I’m hoping this can at least be looked into. Anyways, even with this issue, I’m still happy with the rest of the app. Easy to use, clean layout, and your songs can play and loop seamlessly in the background. I don’t believe any other app comes close to how good this one is.
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4 years ago, iGeassX
5 stars nonetheless, but 1 problem...
Don’t get me wrong I love this app but even after the latest update, this certain problem I have wouldn’t be fixed. There is an ad called Sniper 3D that is inescapable, via no X buttons to exit out, the ad puts you in a situation where a young man is taken hostage and an older man is pointing a gun at the hostage whereas the Sniper, you, must snipe the bad guy from an elevated building afar. It was simple to win but after I shot the baddie, the only button that came up was NEXT, which takes the user to their page on the AppStore so I’m required to restart eSound to get back to listening, no I will not buy Premium, that is what I got this app for; free music offline. I know eSound needs ads to continue what their great at but this ad is quite annoying and if it could be removed that would be great. Small problem, but thank you for time. P.S. Yes I did take the time to wait over 30 seconds to see if an X would pop up but one never did. Just in case you’re wondering.
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3 months ago, Hates2Wait72
Sounds quality in my car and the app itself are amazing
I’ve been looking for a new app to download for music streaming that will sound good in my brand new car and I tried many. But there’s always something lacking whether it’s not loud enough or the clarity is not clear enough or the quality is not good or the selection is not good, I think I just found the mother load. With other apps if I had my sunroof open or my windows down, I could barely hear the music, but I’ll tell you right now. I drove with my sunroof down on the interstate and I didn’t even have my volume turned up halfway and I could hear it Crystal clear the music doesn’t or get tied up. I’ve had no issues with it so far and I would highly recommend it. It was very easy for me to get my music transferred from other streaming services that I had used in the past I just contacted Support and they told me how to do it very simple
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10 months ago, Heyu readthis
I finally figured out why my music wasn’t working but I’ll tell you the story first so I was just minding my own business about to turn on music and then all the sudden I see re-download this song or something like that and I thought maybe I should just shut my phone off and turn it back on I did that it didn’t work. I tried going out of the app back into the app resetting my Internet. None of it was working so a week later I tried again didn’t work one day later I was like oh maybe I need to update the app so I update it and it finally worked again a day later I had to update it again because it didn’t work, once I finally finished updating it, I got to listen to my music and I’ve been fine for a month now so if your music isn’t working and it’s saying some weird thing that you need to like re-download the music try updating your app because I’m not even joking. It actually works. Good luck bye ✌🏻
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4 months ago, tydcdtdtficjyf
almost perfect
upon opening the app you are greeted with a 5 second ad which would be fine usually after choosing a song or whatever theres another ad and while listening to the song I hear another ad while the song is playing so theres an ad and the song playing at the same time the amount of ads is annoying but i could see why If it wearnt for the ads that require you to click a x i can guarantee i clicked it and it sent me to the appstore 40 times i swear it feels intentional at this point and its very janky and buggy while listening to music and reopening the app most of the time somethings broken either i cant skip songs and it says i did but still plays the same song or its none of the songs playing at all OR its some random glitch that makes it so i cant listen to any music and it just says music unavailable for like a whole day and then fixes it self i dont really understand how these havent been fixed i dont know but i dont think it should take this long
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4 years ago, Stayathomereaper
This is a good app, there’s just a few problems
Hello people and developers, this is a good app, it is like the old one i used before it got removed from the App Store mid song, the only issue I have has become a recent problem, you see when I try to download a song, it will say it downloaded but it won’t actually download and make me wait for at least three minutes before to play it, it’s been happening recently, and I would love to see it fixed, another problem I have recently is that songs will play way past their play time, I’ll have a song playing and it’ll be 2:06 minutes long, the song will end but the time keeps going for about 45 minutes and I have to restart the song manually, I would also love to have this bug fixed as well Excluding the problem, it is the best music app I have, and would love to keep using this app through the years! Thank you developers
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9 months ago, character logs
Im going to get straight to the point. It’s a good app, HOWEVER there are SO MANY ads. Literally open the app and you’ll get an ad which is absolutely ridiculous. I don’t think it’s appropriate to get an ad after almost every single song or just from opening the app. Secondly when I download music, then go off line, it does not work and I really don’t understand that. Plus the download button is not even available half of the time. Thirdly, even after closing ads the music from the ad STILL plays. Ive literally closed the app 3 times and it keeps going. I honestly wouldn’t even recommend this to someone because it’s lowkey just not fun or a good app anymore. It was great at first especially because it didn’t have many ads and all music is available but these bugs and stuff are just plain irritating. I hope y’all fix this issue.
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2 years ago, CD🦋
Omg so many ads
It’s honestly annoying how many ads there are. I know they need ads to keep the app free but jeez. Ads as soon as you open the app, ads when you click on a song, ads after a song, silent ads in the middle of your song to where you cant even pause it until the ad is done. They aren’t even quiet ads sometimes; you’ll be listening to a calm quiet song at night and then a loud Pokémon go ad will pop up or something. Like the kind of ads you’d see on a mobile game. It’s also really frustrating when you’re trying to listen to a certain song before you get home and there’s an unskippable 30 second ad and you’re already home by then. Even more annoying when you’re shuffling through songs and an ad pops up, or when you choose a song you don’t like and want to change it but have to wait for the ad to end. Also there’s an option where it can play your playlist in random order, but it doesn’t even shuffle it well. It will play song A, for example, and then maybe song C, but then play song A again after, like I just listened to this, come on now. And when you play songs from your entire library it will play some songs more than once but won’t even play others. Like I have 50 songs in the library, why have I heard the same song 3 times in 30 minutes but the ones at the bottom of the playlist haven’t even got played yet?
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2 years ago, Maria Teresa Benedetti
Good app but
I love this app so much, like it has all of my favorite song and all the artists I love, but there’s some things that they need to fix. 1.) How long it takes to open the app at the beginning, like, I don’t know if it is just my wifi, but it takes so long like to open the app, it just shows the app icon and eSound, it takes like 2-3 minutes to open and I don’t know why. 2.) This is like the most important thing, and this is why I give a 4/5 to this app, as we know, you can use this app offline if you download the songs, but there’s sometimes it just don’t let me download them. I just don’t know why, and when it lets me download it like I download the songs, and everything normal, I can listen the music offline. Like I can’t explain what is happening, like sometimes it just don’t let me download anything and it don’t let me listen to music.
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4 years ago, CAM_R_EN
Too Much Lag
I love using this app. The free music, appropriate use of ads, and offline listening. However, as great as it is, it needs some work. There is too much lag now and I’m unable to use the app properly. I almost believe that it’s the fact that I have over 4,000 songs downloaded, but that can’t be the case because on some days the app works completely fine and doesn’t lag or crash at all, but the next day it goes right back to the lag. The lag seems to be not as bad when I use my LTE service and not any form of Wifi, but even when I use that there’s still lagging and crashing. Also, I don’t know if this is normal or not, but when I launch the app it takes a few seconds to load everything and i don’t think it’s supposed to do that because sometimes when I launch the app it doesn’t need to load at all and everything works perfectly. Overall, the app works fine, but the lag and crashing makes it unbearable. Please help me.
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5 years ago, this is good asp
Please fix these immediately or as quick ad possible!!
Okay I like almost everything about this app except the bugs and problems like 1. it randomly pauses and i thought it was my earphones but it wasn’t, it was the app because my friend said he had the same problem too, i also took off the earphones to check if it was the them and it was still doing the same thing so please fix that 2.when I rename the artist back to the original artist of the song it ends up changing the artist back to a random artist or a weird artist name that that the song had which it didn’t even belong to. well thats about it so please just fix the first problem at least because the second one doesn’t bother me as much as the first and i could see how i can confuse you on how I explained the second so don’t really mind that one
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3 years ago, kryssa_21
Been using eSound for YEARS
I have been using this app for years and it’s one of the best offline apps in my opinion. The interface is really easy, they update songs everyday, and I can really rely on the songs being original. However with the recent updates i’ve gotten a few problems. 1. When i’m am not accessible to wifi sometimes the app will crash midway into a song. 2. When put on shuffle the playlist would sometimes play the same song after just a randomly selected song. 3. On my phone I can download songs offline just fine, but when I put it on my aunts phone the downloaded songs just aren’t there anymore. Besides these cons I think eSound is a fantastic app. I suggest an equalizer for the app cause that would add a very nice experience to listeners :)
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3 months ago, am i wrong-?
Great but..
I got this app recently because I’m going on a plane trip soon and needed to have a way to play music and I’m quite satisfied with most of the features, especially the offline play. It does make my phone a little buggy sometimes and tracks will skip on their own which is a little annoying but I think the biggest thing is that the frequency of ads is near unreasonable. I get that you need some way to get money but like do I really have to get an ad as soon as I open the app? The other app I use at least lets me browse and add songs without being interrupted and throws out pop up ads only when I play music, and they’re auto muted too so that it doesn’t interrupt the music and I wish there was a similar system for eSound too.
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4 weeks ago, mihoyo fannnn
Pros/Cons list - Been using for 1 year and a half
Pros - Contains a bunch of music - Bunch of artists - Easy to navigate - Lyrics - Easy to find your faves Cons - Sometimes glitchy - Lyrics can be unavailable / wrong - Sometimes it says songs are not available (just reset the app a few times) - If your fave is a super small artist, goodluck finding all their songs. Experiences- 1. I recently searched for a small artist (Claudia Tan) and I couldn’t find her, I found her song tho. When I clicked to see her page it was all mixed up with a bunch of different artists also named Claudia, it got confusing and I was wondering why one cover had a 26 year old woman and the other had a woman that was old enough to be her mom. 2. I was searching for vocaloid songs and Mikus page is a hot mess- it’s a bunch of songs that ARE Miku but sometimes the “albums” are literally so random?! Also some songs have the wrong title completely. 3. For 2 days I couldn’t play a single song because it said all of them were unavailable, solution? Delete and reinstall or restart the app over and over again. That’s all I got, have fun listening to music <3
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4 years ago, idk... no ig
Good app but...
I’ve had this app for a while now and I love it! But... they just recently did an update were you can’t download songs anymore so then you can listen to them offline. This gets me really mad because the reason I got this app was so then I could listen to music offline! I have so many songs saved on this app already and I can’t find another app that I can download all of the songs I want for free, and listen to them offline whenever I want to. Could the makers of eSound please change it back to how it was before?!?!?! I LOVE MY MUSIC AND I CAN’T LIVE A DAY WITHOUT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I find new music everyday that I love but now I can’t download them anymore and listen to them whenever I want, even when I don’t have internet. Please please please, I’m begging you, please change it back so then I can download my music again and listen to it offline😓😢🥺🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
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5 years ago, Such simple
Almost perfect
The one thing that is missing from this is that it does not show up on the lock screen saying that it is playing. That also means you can’t skip songs with headphones or simply by swiping up and hitting a button. You just have to go into the app. Not that big of an issue for me but it would be a nice thing to have. Also I figured out you have to be in the app for the next song to play. It would be great if it would just play the next song. Keep up the good work. It’s a day later and all these issues have gone away. The only thing I would change now is part of the dark theme. The shuffle and repeat buttons are hard to see as they are a dark green. A brighter color would be easier to see with a glare.
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1 year ago, JaysonG24
Almost perfect
I’ll start by saying I love this app. Without a doubt the best way to play music without breaking the bank. However, there seems to be some issues with explicit content and newer albums/songs. It will sometimes play the clean versions of songs even though you have explicit content enabled and choose the explicit version. And with newer albums/songs (at least I’ve noticed it on Logics new College Park) it will play the wrong song, or the wrong version. But besides these two issues, the app is top tier. After these issues get smoothed out, I will without a doubt be buying the yearly premium and making this my permanent music player across all my devices
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4 years ago, SuperstarEvo
Esound is great but needs minor adjustments
I’ve been using this app I believe almost since launch and it’s been an amazing for the years and has improved greatly. The new import feature for songs is very good, but it seems to not download the entire file which is strange. It may be only half the song but I would like to download the entire song. So I ask that you can try and fix this shortly. I also have had this issue for awhile and it’s not a huge inconvenience but whenever I’m playing music in the background I have to press the pause button twice to unpause a song. No a big deal but would be nice to only have to press it once. Thank you for continuing to update and create an amazing experience for us users.
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2 years ago, MsloveyGirl
Very convenient
I been looking for a music player (app) for my self made affirmation audio’s and a feature that had a sleep timer and this app has everything I am looking for to be able to conveniently add my own audio tracks with any complications. However it would be nice to have a way to have a proper “player queue” that can add the same track without putting repeat button into the same queue as many times as possible to be able to switch to another other audio within the queue. However this is such a great music player app with so many awesome features. Highly recommend this app for affirmation/subliminal users.
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3 years ago, jeannn2003
this is the only app i use for music since it is offline and you can get any song you want. but, i’ve had way too many problems with this app within the last month and it’s really making me want to delete the whole app and NEVER get it again. i have tried to get support more than once and i am still being left on read. i was only helped one time. maybe instead of leaving your customers on read, you should respond. especially if you want to “improve the app”. i cannot download music, i’ve done what yall told me to do and it’s still the same problem. now, sometimes i’ll get on my app and MORE THAN HALF of my music will not be downloaded.
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6 months ago, emobeu
Good app but multitude of problems
I have been using eSound for over 4 years now and everything has been alright for the app but just today I have been experiencing a multitude of problems 1. All my song thumbnails are random pictures 2. The artist name for each song have been switched with other songs 3. I am having the music videos play even though I have it turned off 4. All of my music tracks length have been cut in half and my playlist will go to the next song half way through the first one 5. I went ahead and deleted the app and reinstalled it to try and refresh everything but now when I try too log in it says there is an issue connecting with the server or it just loads and never logs me in.
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10 months ago, Kitsaknocking
Used to be great, but now it’s only an inconvenience
Ok so I had this app for about a year now and it’s been really great, especially the feature to download songs and listen to them offline. However ever since the latest update or whatever the ability to download songs has been taken off which is really a problem since I mostly relied on the downloading feature because most of the places I have to go to doesn’t have any Wi-Fi or internet to use, and the extra fact that I have to walk to a lot of those places, so now I can really only use this app when I’m at home or somewhere with free Wi-Fi. So if your the person who stays at home a lot then this app is for you, however if you’re someone like me who has to move around a good bit then you might wanna keep looking.
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1 year ago, 😽🫶🤍
Half and half
When I found this app I fell in love cause I have been looking for an app like this that allowed me to download music and yt vids and also like if I ran out of service in like the middle of a trip I would be able to keep myself entertained but suddenly i was taking a shower when all my music went out and it would work btw when there is a green dot under the song title it ment I could listen to it without needing wifi or service and so all my music that day was grey and no the music videos don’t work and it’s so annoying how it doesn’t work because I have a separated playlist for my yt vids and they don’t work 😿but besides that I love everything from this app 🤍🤍
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1 year ago, Rei41
Again Motion problem even after updates and again
Where since the last update not yesterday day one the one before it evertime I try to check the time when hearing music in this app it changes my music for no reason I don’t know why I try looking in my settings but nothing I shut down my phone but nothing it started after last update so I don’t know I can do Edit: it still has the same problems even after two updates Edit: after two or three updates again this bug has return just now please fix’s this and add updates that actually help the app run smooth
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4 years ago, shsynh
Perfect Music App but...
So I’ve had this app for a very long time now and everything has been excellent until recently. When I try to start the app, it automatically and immediately exits out by itself. I’ve tried everything from exiting the app to shutting down my phone and restarting. As for the music I download, it doesn’t download offline and doesn’t show the green dot next to it like my other songs do to indicate that it is downloaded offline. Also that alot of the songs I’ve previously downloaded or want to download suddenly say “track is unavailable” I really love this app and I will continue to keep using it, but I would like for these bugs to be fixed if they can be. Thank you!!!
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5 years ago, 2_3#
What a app eSound is !!!!
I like the app it’s easy to listen to music offline and online but most of the songs I love I can’t play because it plays a different song. Example. ( Songs like 21 + blank blank by dababy and slime belief + overdose by young boy never broke again and love me by lil tecca plays ransom and panini by lil nas x dose not have any words and last but not least shotta flow by nle choppa plays the blue face remix). Sorry if this is to much for you to fix but I just want to listen to my favorite music every where. I also reported those songs as problems on the app. Usually I like newer song after a wile so maybe you can fix almost all the songs nowadays. Thank You and I hope you read thoroughly so you could fix those songs for now. 👌
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10 months ago, Bogdvjnc
Used to work but not anymore
I can only be disappointed as i watch the downfall of this app. It used to be amazing except from the few ads here and there but nothing really comes for free so it was understandable. Now after the amount of new users it seemed like it decreased with every update. The evident problems are still there with apparent no fix , i even tried to contact the developers on insta but got no reply. - The songs offload once they’re downloaded. - you can download the song over and over and once you leave the app it will be gone . - you get the error wc0 , with every single command weather it’s renaming , changing pic or removing a song. - the amount of ads doubled ! - the shuffle button only focusing on a set numbers of songs instead of the whole list.
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1 year ago, Troilus bam
I was told Esound could download music
The whole reason I downloaded Esound was so I could enjoy music offline on my iPhone like I want and, for some reason it isn’t happening on mine and is requesting wifi whenever I turn it off. Moreover I did try favoriting the song and adding it to a playlist. However it is undeniably an amazing music player, but could someone please look into this problem?. The download offline button is available and works on my Ipad with the same account but not on my phone The issue was fixed, they attend to your problems real well, definitely recommend this app
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5 years ago, bangtanpop
It’s a great app but has one small problem
Okay, first of all, i absolutely love this app. when i first downloaded it, i thought it wasn’t really going to let me play music offline but when it did, i fell in love. there’s one small problem though, when i first downloaded the app, i was excited to download all my favorite songs, it worked fine but when i woke up this morning and decided to download more songs, i was shocked to see that the “download offline” opinion was removed. i tried deleting the app and downloading it again to see if it would work but it didn’t. Is there a limit of how many songs you can download offline? But other than that, it’s a wonderful app and i would recommend it
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3 years ago, Teagan Bauer
Very great app but there’s a major issue
So I had no problem the first few months, it was great and I could download songs with no problem. However, I don’t know if it was the update, but I can’t download music anymore. All my songs aren’t downloaded anymore, they are still in my playlists but I can’t listen to them online. The app keeps lagging and it keeps telling me that the song I want to listen to isn’t available even though I’ve listened it a thousand time before. There isn’t a download button anymore and it’s annoying. + all of my previous downloaded songs aren’t downloaded anymore. This has ruined the app for me since the main reason I got it for was to be able to download music for free. I’m already looking for other free music apps. Please fix this!!
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5 years ago, Paula Delgdo
Good but has Misleading titles
Ok first of all i love this app. Ever since i ended my pandora subscription i was upset about not listening to offline music anymore. Then when I discovered this app i fell in love it so much however there’s one problem. I noticed that some of my music has misleading titles. Like I downloaded a song but it ended up being a instrumental version of that song even though the title never said instrumental just the song name. Then i also downloaded another song timber by pitbull but it ended up being a kids pop version of the song instead of the original. Even though the picture and the title doesn’t say kids pop. Overall the app is great but has a few problems
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1 year ago, LuxskerC
Double audio in songs
Dear eSound team, I am writing to you because I am experiencing an issue with playing songs on your platform. When listening to songs, I am hearing double audio, which causes the beat to sound of poor quality, as if something is not functioning correctly. It sounds weird while listening to the beat of a song and I have never experienced this before. I have been using the app for the past 3 years and this problem has just started happening recently. The songs are sounding weird, like they are playing twice at the same time.
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2 years ago, GetRidOfAds69
Don’t Get Premium!
I got this app so that I could listen to my music anywhere at anytime, after I saw that my girlfriend could download music easily I figured this was the app for me but I was wrong. I got this and then purchased the premium version of the app so that I didn’t have to deal with the awful amount of ads that my girlfriend has to watch but it won’t allow for the download of offline music after you make your account premium, after hours of trying to find the problem we logged onto her account of my phone and sure enough I got the option to download music proving that it was the premium version that was causing the issues. The only reason to get this app is if your a fan of listening to ads more than music or you want to get screwed out of $13 because you bought the year of premium.
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1 year ago, 𝑳𝒔𝒅
love, but
i love this app, i appreciate it so much, BUT there have been A LOT of bugs and glitches lately. when i go to skip a song, it will skip two songs ahead, and if i want to go back, it will skip back two songs. also whenever i turn my phone on while i’m playing music, it randomly skips to the next song. with a new feature, sliding to the right lets me add songs into the queue. but when i try to do this, it automatically queues the latest song i have added to my library. this makes the app quite tiring to use, but before these bugs i loved this app. i hope these issues can be fixed soon!
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12 months ago, Ratgod_2008
I just wanna download music
This is my first time using the app and at first it was great and I loved it but I’ve been struggling with downloading music. I clicked on a song I wanted and I saw the download button, it worked and the little green dot appeared but then the next day when I tried to download another song and this time the offline download button wasn’t there. I went online and tried to find answers but all I saw were tutorials that had the button and people on Reddit who were having the same issue. It’s really upsetting because I don’t know what happened since it was working fine, I hope this can be fixed or else I’ll probably delete the app. This was extremely disappointing.
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4 years ago, ppee head
keeps crashing
My app keeps crashing and i dont know why?? not even a second after i open the app it immediately closes out, ive experienced this problem before and it took nearly 2 days before the app went back to normal. generally the app is very good and i can listen to almost every song i want whenever, and i can listen offline which is exceptionally great, just this small bug and several other ones where the songs cut short, turn into other songs, or freeze up when they have a problem. But besides that, this is a very amazing app and i would most certainly recommend it to people who love music but dont have wifi/strong wifi at home.
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3 years ago, Korean_Kings
Good project but one problem
I would probably make this my most used music app, but one problem. The offline download system is very inconsistent. I would want to download my songs offline for when I’m out of the house, but very rarely does the app let me download anything. Sometimes it lets me download songs but by the time I restart the app, those downloaded songs aren’t downloaded anymore and there is no more download option. I don’t know if this is just me but if this download issue was fixed, I would give it the highest rating. Let me know if it’s something I can fix because the download icon just doesn’t show up at all
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1 year ago, Arianna_daniela
I can’t download more songs, or even change the songs name. Now I can’t log in
Hi, I would like to report a problem about this app. I’ve been using this app about two and it doesn’t give me problems at all. But today, my account hasn’t been working good; I can’t download more music and change the songs name. For the record, I pay a Premium Subscription every month. Since a have this problem a decided to uninstall and download again. But now I can’t log in. Of course I remember mi email and password, and the app says that is an error communicating with the server. I would like to fix this problem please. I can’t log in and it’s a concern for me. I would appreciate if you’re listen to me.
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11 months ago, MichiganWolverines GoBlue
Hello Developers, I think that this app is a very good app and has good potential. But I got back on today to listen to music and all of my playlists were gone. So then I went to create them again and when I was trying to add songs it kept popping up saying error, and then it said cancel or contact developers. Also another thing was that all of my uploaded tracks were deleted and I don’t know how. I don’t know if this is an ongoing problem for others or if it’s just me. Other than that I think that this app is beyond amazing because, turn your phone off and it still plays. Thank you developers for this great app!
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2 years ago, The girl named levi<3
Great, but I have a few things to say.
This app was working amazing for me, everything was going fine, and great. But then I deleted it because I thought that I didn’t need it anymore. When I realized that I did need it and downloaded it again, something was off. I logged back into my account and listened to music. Then the next day when I went back to all my music, I couldn’t go past the loading screen. I tried numerous times, but nothing was working. I deleted it and downloaded it again and again, but nothing seemed to work. I tried again today but nothing worked. Other than this incident, it was a great app.
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1 year ago, egywkrdjegfwjdjdj
This app is really good and I use it all the time but lately for me, it has a bug. Every time I’m listening to a song and my phone turns on (whether it be me turning it on to check something on my phone or even if I get a notification), the song skips automatically. It doesn’t matter if I am offline or online, It only happens when my phone turns on. I tried everything to fix it, from powering my phone on and off to even deleting and redownloading the app. I have over 400 offline songs downloaded but now I have to download all of them again all because I tried to fix my skip issue. But it still did not fix it. Please fix this bug!!
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10 months ago, dangman4
Now I would give this a 5 but now it’s a 3 and it might be a two tmrw. Let me explain. I love this app but it’s slowly becoming an abundance of ads which is usually most annoying but you guys have something that surpasses that. Songs will spontaneously say not available and grey out for no reason. Full wifi or data doesn’t matter. And u have to close and re open the app and be showered w ads before u can play it again. And somehow even above that right now it completely logged me out of my account and I can’t get back in because it says servers are down or something. I loved it at first but This app is really inconsistent and starting to bring bad features too.
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2 years ago, Piepop101
Long Time User - My likes and dislikes
I started using this app even before all the incredibly obnoxious ads. I don’t really mind them since they make the developers money, but what I DO mind is that half the time I can’t even connect to songs anymore. Well more than half. The only songs I can listen to are the songs I previously downloaded. Typing in new songs and pressing play won’t even load them to start playing anymore. Another terrible bug is that if an ad doesn’t play when starting the app, it freezes and I can’t listen to any music. I love that I can download music to listen to offline for free, but some of these new bugs are very very annoying
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