Esquire Magazine US

4.4 (1.2K)
44.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Hearst Communications, Inc.
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Esquire Magazine US

4.4 out of 5
1.2K Ratings
5 years ago, chrisjacobson
Great content but news and politics are not included in full digital content subscription?
Great content and enjoy the daily fresh content on the digital app with the subscription. I was disappointed to find that without warning I am asked to pay more for the news and politics stories. Feels like being nickeled and dimed after already paying for full digital content. Please address this feature. Otherwise well worth the subscription.
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6 years ago, ShaneTSpencer
Once the gold standard of digital media. A plead for the Esquire of old.
Once, Esquire Magazine was the pioneer of digital media. Their digital magazine was a thing of beauty and a delight to read. Images sprang to life, text was searchable and interactive and consumption of the text and inserted media was fluid and wonderful. What a great experience it once was. Recently, Esquire has chosen to abandon it's excellence in digital media for the no better published PDF "app", Maz. The so called magazine platform does nothing more than publish an image of the magazine page. No more interactive text. No more flowing articles. Just crappy, unscaled images that do nothing but open hyperlinks to ads. You're better off purchasing the paper copy. From a long time Esquire reader who found joy in Esquire's transition to digital and pursuit to be better than the other publications.... Be better than the PDF.
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5 years ago, Nans84
UI could be a bit better
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5 years ago, balgain
Misguided Approach
As a loyal subscriber to Esquire since 1982, I am extremely disappointed by the subscription model that you have adopted. Many other magazines, including Time, GQ, and Sports Illustrated, allow their print customers to access their iPad versions for free. I will not participate in this misguided approach. To make matters worse, Esquire has completely destroyed what was once a nice iPad magazine app. Now that you have “improved” the iPad app, I cannot even view the content for which I have paid! I called this morning to cancel my digital subscription. However, with this level of incompetence by Esquire, I am not certain.
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2 years ago, la.016
Mobile Device Readability Settings Recommendation
Room for enhanced mobile device content accessibility by way of text-font size, background tone adjustment settings for readers. To improve content browsing experience, reduce visual fatigue (battery life of screen) from white background only settings. (Times New Roman, Georgia font, black background suggestion, 10-12 pt font like on Kindle app).
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4 years ago, KenGM
Because Zero Stars Is Not An Option
DO NOT subscribe through this app. Like every one of the Maz apps it is filled with bugs and will take you forever to actually access an issue or issues you’ve purchased. Piece of 💩
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5 years ago, mngrant
Missing features, poor page layout, unrefined
Previous experience was much better. This app is functional at best. The simple fact that full bleed pages can’t be viewed full screen is sloppy. The app feels like a simple PDF reader with limited additional functions. Media isn’t integrated in an interesting way. It isn’t fun to use and has no draw to keep you returning. I’m disappointed every time I open it - which is rarely anymore.
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4 years ago, capital-t-bone
Updated Review May 2020
They’re no longer monthly, and you should avoid any subscription powered by Maz. After canceling, I lost access to my issues during my subscribed period. Esquire used to be great. Original review: Looks like they simply skipped the Big Black Book for Spring, and I keep getting monthly charges even though they’re combining multiple months into seasonal issues. Great content when it’s there, but lately they’re a no show.
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7 months ago, Blemmers
Think I made a mistake
I joined so that I could read Charles Pierce online. Have been trying for an hour now just to figure it out and still haven’t been able to get access to Charles Pierce articles. Although they want to send me some newsletter that is just going to clutter up my inbox. Never have this problem with The New Yorker, so it is really shocking to see something this bad.
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6 years ago, BYGWHJ
What have you done?
I renewed my digital subscription after about a year-long break. I was sorry to find the once feature-rich and engaging digital editions had been tossed aside and replaced with soulless page scans. I can’t even revisit my old issues in the format I loved and remembered. Instead, they too have been stripped bare. What remains is lifeless. Stay away or stick to print. It’s not worth the dollar to have both.
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6 years ago, Abstar 67
I have been unable for 9 months to see the magazine yet my subscription is fully paid . Written to HelpDesk no luck, do something already
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6 years ago, Nespakashuty
Iphone x support pls!!!
Dear developers, please add iphone x support to your otherwise excellent iphone app! On a different note: the news section seems cumbersome and not intuitive in its current form, perhaps you could show as a list with smaller icons?! Anyway, good luck with the developement!
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2 months ago, atg145
Reviewers could use this App as a battery test
Seriously, why does reading this app turn my iPad into a space heater and chew through battery like a coked up beaver I’m a lumberyard? The magazine is great but the app experience is horrendous. At this rate I likely won’t renew because if this is the quality of the product they are happy with… not great bob,
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4 years ago, Prozacjm
Terrible update
I was an app subscriber until 2015 and loved how interactive the app was, now than I returned, all I see is a pdf reader which doesn’t even works well, I mean, trying to look one page full screen is a pain in the ...there aren’t videos, no gifs, no sound, justa a plain pdf reader, is just boring.
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3 years ago, Admascott
Why can’t all Esquire content be read on the app?
I get at least a daily blast from Esquire with a lot of great articles- I need to sign in each time - why not have all of these articles in the app? Or have the link in the email open the app?
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4 years ago, CaptainFootnotes
Rip off
I subscribed for the digital service a month ago and have yet to be able to access anything of value in the app or online. All I seem to be able to get is five minutes of access to the latest issue DESPITE PAYING FOR A DIGITAL SUBSCRIPTION! Their customer service is nonexistent. DO NOT BUY.
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6 years ago, J from Palo Alto
Huge DOWNGRADE From a Formerly Great App
What a huge disappointment! I used to go to the old app daily. I also subscribe to the magazine. This new app is so bad and so utterly useless... I will un-install it. I’m so disappointed I may cancel the magazine subscription as well. Whoever came up with the strategy behind this new approach for the app should be fired.
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4 years ago, FaustMN71
App has ceased functioning
Esquire used to be a great app. The change in tech a couple of years ago made the reader experience much worse and now it has ceased to function. Download not working and even home page images won’t load. Total garbage
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4 years ago, BBswing
Is this app working for anyone? Is Esquire paying any attention? The app has stopped working for me completely. Issues will not download at all. App freezes and crashes. No updates or bug fixes. No customer support. Worst men’s magazine app I’ve seen. Do not subscribe to this digital disaster.
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6 years ago, bonedaddy
Poor design, awful UX, buggy, unable to use. App is awful. No response to multiple outreach. RIP Esquire.
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3 years ago, ZachBrimhall
Esquire not honoring years of purchases
Paid for years of subscriptions, got a new device, contacted Esquire many many times to restore purchases and they will not honor past edition purchases.
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4 years ago, jimbo154,8
Horrible download experience
This is the only app that doesn’t work well of all of the men,s mags. Glitchy and slow. Freezes all the time, even after reinstalling several times, every time.
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6 years ago, Brian6199661598
MAZ is awful
This was a 5 star app before MAZ took over. The new all doesn’t work properly, is buggy and doesn’t have the same ease of use as the previous app. Perviously, the digital subscription was free with my monthly magazine subscription and it also came with the black book for free as well. And on top of all that it worked great. Esquire has really dropped the ball with this one. MAZ is garbage, they need to drop them and go back to how it was.
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4 years ago, SwiftieMacerHiddles
I bought a back issue that I know I had previously bought only to find I couldn’t access it even after paying $6.99. Unbelievable business model. Shame.
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9 months ago, luiss
This is a magazine that lost its way and no way it’s worth the subscription. Anything before the year 2000 is fantastic anything afterwards don’t even read. where are the archives?
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4 years ago, KarlSomething
Love the magazine, hate the app
This app is insanely buggy, even though they seem to always be changing it, it seems to never get fixed.
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6 years ago, NickFury1964
Embarrassing. What used to be a terrific immersive experience that defined how a magazine can be brought to life has now been dumbed down to the extreme. If you are thinking of going digital for Esquire, don’t do it. The app does not work. And when it does do something other than show you the cover, you are barraged by ads. I don’t know who made the decision to make this incredibly stupid change. Cancelling my subscription.
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7 months ago, eowoolf
Good read
Late for work!!
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3 years ago, We win they lose!
Lately too woke
Used to enjoy it a lot more when it talked about being a man than a social justice warrior
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4 years ago, JRZ1
App Doesn’t Recognize Subscription Info
I have a three year subscription but can’t login to my iPad. I can access via my browser but not via my iPad. Frustrating!
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6 years ago, Oleskool
The worse paid subscription apps I have experienced. Maz seems not to get that there is a problem. The publisher seems not to care if the customer receives what is paid for.
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6 years ago, HamGamgee
Fundamentally broken
Can’t turn pages, can’t view full screen, back button shows table of contents unexpectedly but fails to work. Terrible.
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2 years ago, lkjklj
Great writing.
I think it’s like the best.
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2 years ago, HerVillGroup
This is a real gentleman magazine
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3 years ago, Brymarkie9483720
Deceptive charges
Hearst Publications charged me $42 when I didn’t agree to it. They have several complainants for bad business practices
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11 months ago, RLC3033
Awful outdated app
Doesn’t really do anything but deliver the e version of the print copy. What a waste!
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6 years ago, Gaffs houngan
Unbelievably poor app experience
The app experience is so poor, it makes it impossible to enjoy the magazine. This app used to be great, now it’s unintuitive.
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4 years ago, esquiredme
iPod mini issues
Once again content is not loading on iPod mini
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6 years ago, OIG lenpro
iPad app doesn’t work properly
Can’t switch between articles in March 2018 issue, please fix the app!!!
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6 years ago, TOHUSA
Has anyone at Esquire heard of Apple?
Shockingly terrible app. Clearly designed by people who still use flip phones.
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5 years ago, Robrodo
Impossible to login
Something wrong with login.
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1 year ago, JackAttackski
Cant login to the app
This is a piece of junk. No wonder legacy media is dying.
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9 years ago, Ashplayer
What happened to the Esquire App?
This new update is beyond terrible. The appeal of the app was that it gave you a better experience than holding the actual magazine in your hands. I have been a loyal subscriber for many years going from receiving Esquire in the mail to now my IPad. It was great to download the magazine and to be able from the opening cover to see said cover come alive. Now with the April edition the app has taken many steps back. The Big Black Book Spring/Summer 2015 keeps shutting down the app. This app has gone from one of the best magazine apps to one of the worst. It has seriously made me reconsider my subscription.
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4 years ago, AP23_1
Barely works
App barely works.
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9 years ago, rocktheglobe
No warning & no way to turn off "progressive downloading"
I've always liked Esquire and was ecstatic when they made the jump to iPad. I think they take good advantage of the digital capabilities available to them. But this update introduces "progressive downloading" with no apparent way of forcing the entire issue to download at once, so imagine my surprise when I took my iPad to lunch expecting to be able to read Esquire, but I was only able to read the first few articles because you need a constant Internet connection to download more content out of each issue as you go along, and the place I was eating at didn't have WiFi. While I can bear not being able to access certain additional article features because I don't have an active Internet connection at the time of reading (embedded videos, for example), I shouldn't be penalized for not being able to access the Internet and I shouldn't be denied content. At least give me the option to download the whole issue at once for offline viewing if I want, especially if I know I'm heading into a situation where I won't have WiFi access and want to spend time reading, like a plane flight or something.
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12 years ago, jibnyc
Esquire does not acknowledge digital subscribers as customers
Before you hit that buy button BEWARE. If you purchase a HEARST digital subscription and have an issue, despite the support link listed above, Hearst gives ZERO support to digital subscribers. They have no way of looking up your account, there is no digital media department to speak to, there is no way for them to troubleshoot an issue with your subscription. I am not talking about technical issues. They offer NO support for their digital subscribers WHATSOEVER. After speaking to 6 Hearst reps, 2 which were supervisors they admit they have no ability to address any issues. The last rep I spoke with also says that when you subscribe it is not a subscription to your iTunes Store account but is a subscription to one specific device. So…say you buy a new iPad or have to get a replacement…how do you view your subscription? You can't. If what he says is true how do you transfer your subscription to the new device…they don't know. They just submit a complaint. I really felt Esquire was the best digital magazine on the iTunes Store. It definitely is the best designed one. But it is ineptitude like this that will prevent me from ever purchasing any Hearst digital subscription in the future.
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12 years ago, Victor.A
Great Magazine!! Awful download issues.....
I would give this a full star rating but while purchasing and downloading I had way to many issues with crashing so I decided to delete and reinstall where I ended repurchasing a years subscription....... And now am waiting to be refunded by Apple who seams to be very slow on giving me feed back as to weather or not I will be receiving said refund...... That aside this has to be one of the BEST magazines in the App Store today, it provides you with the same articles you'd expect to find but also sneaks in some sophistication by adding videos and music to almost every article, giving it the true essence of what a great digital magazine should be. Now I just have to wait for my refund so I can go ahead and spend it again on something else's in this App Store..... Why not just have an immediate refund via store credit available.... COME ON APPLE!!! I know your busy with stock market sales rising but I'm your loyal customer and fan boy here don't I deserve some help?
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11 years ago, DeBoy03
Great magazine. HORRIBLE APP!!!!!!!
This is an awesome magazine, but Hearst (the people who own the app) are about the worst people to deal with ever. The app NEVER works and you have to contact them, in which they give you NO SOLUTION or HELP. They need to be banned due to their lack of caring about their apps. On top of the fact the developer is impossible to contact, iTunes, when I contacted them regarding the developers lack of cooperation on purchased magazines being non-viewable, responded with "Please contact the developer before contacting iTunes." Upon responding to the not to smart iTunes employee a senior advisor had nothing to help me, so bottom line; do NOT purchase any magazine from this developer and proceed with your own risk when purchasing any app or content not directly put out by apple as they do not care so long as your money is with them. The only way to get it back is by wasting 3 hours combined throughout multiple days via emailing the developer back and forth and then emailing the "intelligent" people at the iTunes Store....
Show more
12 years ago, Jason Tunget
Does. Not. Work.
Look, we can all understand glitches. We deal with them on a daily basis and, when it comes to technology, we even expect them. We'll put up with something not working the way it's supposed to as the creators work out the kinks. We'll even pay money for a product we know isn't at what it should be because it's developed by a company we think knows what it's doing. Microsoft had Vista. Apple has Lion OSX. This stuff happens. But when a company releases an app that is essentially an e-reader, which was perfected long before the iPad or Kindles came along, and that app can't even function (literally will not open or download any issues that you just paid for) and hasn't been able to for MONTHS with no sign whatsoever that Esquire is even trying to make it work… well… that's when you know a company just doesn't care, plain and simple. Digital subscriptions are the future and Esquire is a world-renowned magazine. Get it right because we're all tired of waiting.
Show more
12 years ago, Temp_E_AZ
Infuriating beyond belief.
Tell me, Hearst, why I just spent any money at all on a subscription to your digital edition (thinking it was time to try this publication more regularly after a few pleasantly-experienced issues bought from newsstands) when your app won't download the d**n issues?! This clearly isn't isolated given the number of poor reviews (I made the mistake of assuming a reputable publisher would have a solid app to use and didn't vet with reviews first, an error I will not be repeating). I already subscribe to PopSci, WSJ, Economist, and a few others digitally and have been wowed by the experience, you have clearly dropped the ball on getting this right, I'd take PDF scans of your print version over not getting my purchased content at all! This left a poor taste in my mouth I won't soon forget (read: I refuse to purchase another issue of any or your publications). I suggest fixing this before it becomes a permanent reputation among other newcomers like myself.
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