ESS 41 - Reflexis One

1.4 (2.4K)
54 MB
Age rating
Current version
Reflexis Systems Inc
Last update
4 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for ESS 41 - Reflexis One

1.44 out of 5
2.4K Ratings
4 years ago, HHoffman823
This app is terrible. It only works with location on and my job does not need to know where I am when I am not at work and if I’m at work I don’t need the app because the schedule is hanging on the wall. I personally make the schedule and this app is useless to me because if people put in their requests or change their availability it doesn’t alert me. What good is that? I have to wait until I get into the mySchedule app on the computer and SEARCH for requests. I’d much rather my people just come to me at work and tell me and I will pull up the mySchedule and submit changes with them right there. And our schedule is only 1.5 pages long so we print it and hang it on the wall still anyway. My people take a photo of the schedule and there they have the whole thing. Their shifts for the week and who they work with. This app is just a terrible attempt at big brother-ing their employees. And further more my DM says it is mandatory. I’m sorry, do you pay MY PERSONAL phone bill? You provide me a paycheck yes, but that for the work I do...not for my personal cell phone use. If we are demanded to use this then they can not yell at their employees for being on their personal cell phones. 🤷🏻‍♀️ this entire post/point is also being brought up to my DM today as well. Simply put, this app is useless.
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2 years ago, Fyra Kitsune
Face recognition does nothing, logs you out every time and super slow. Hate that the company I work for uses this app with such horrid reviews and now I can’t even login to see my schedule. Isn’t that the whole point of this app? I guess I’ll just go back to calling and asking 🤷🏻‍♀️ Update: everything is still as horrible as before. Now it won’t even load the login page. Read other reviews and find it frustratingly hilarious that the developer(s) take all the app related issues stated in reviews and blame the consumers workplace management. Because our employers made your app and know how to fix it, right? (Sarcasm) Instead of blaming others and saying our management needs to file this and that, how about you take the problems stated here (as you’ve asked several of the reviewers to be more specific about your apps numerous bugs and issues) and do something about it. If not, let us all know you’re not willing to fix them so we can all further push our employers to drop you. Thank you.
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2 years ago, Scannergirlfandom
I like that you can put in a vacation request and view schedules digitally. That makes a lot of sense. The problem is it seems like the developers rushed this app out in a few days and haven’t bothered to do any testing/updating since it’s intitial release! It is VERY buggy (especially when trying to log in using Touch ID). There are design issues. For instance, when viewing the store schedule, the left part of the times are chopped off. So it will read “:00-4:30pm” instead of 8:00-4:30pm” with no way to scroll. You can only read one day’s schedule at a time, not the whole week. Toggling between days is very slow. It would also be helpful to display the day of the week as well, not just “May 20, 2022” but “Fri May 20,2022”, since employees work on specific days. For this reason I usually will take a photo of the schedule posted on the wall. Before this app was used a few years ago the entire schedule could be printed on a single page. Now it usually takes up 2-3 and is less legible because of formatting and font lightness.
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1 year ago, JuneBug2037
Just check your schedule at work. This app is useless
This app constantly crashes and every time I try to report the issue on the app it also makes the app crash so there isn’t even a way to report it to the developers who obviously don’t care about the app working at all because in the last 2+ years I’ve been forced to have this app for my job it RARELY works. My current issue with it is that it keeps saying “User is already registered with another device with the same device type. Only one device type is allowed per user.” But I have never logged in with another device and for whatever reason it decides today is the day it’s not going to recognize my phone that I’ve been using this app with for the last 2+ years so now I don’t know my schedule and have to go into work on my day off to see what I work since this app is absolute trash. Honestly all companies should steer clear from this app if they care at all about their employees.
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4 years ago, smallcall
business backwards
If an app is too complicated to properly schedule a fleet of people after 5 years of use, it’s probably time to go back to the good old fashioned telephone and quit wasting money on a dream that doesn’t deliver anything other than aggravation and potential lawsuits. this app is of no use for time sensitive scheduling. if you are on-call and get scheduled last minute, aka within 2 hours of start time, you might get a notification 50% of the time. there was 4 month window where it worked 100% of the time but that is past and we are back to where we started. that means pharmacies go unopened and whoever gets the call gets to deal with a lot of unhappy customers. the solution corporate came up with is to check the scheduling app every hour.. so, it’s a choice between unhappy employees or unhappy customers at this point. the moment a law passes where being forced to check the schedule an hour or two of every day is defined as remote paid work is the moment this app gets dropped.
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12 months ago, Lillidid
Worst scheduling app EVER
I’m new, so not being able to access my own work schedule is pretty darn important. Luckily, I get a email showing all my shifts for the week whenever the schedule is finished. But I can’t see my schedule many other way because this app is way too glitchy and won’t even allow me to log in. Last update was about four months ago, and four months before that, SEVEN months before that, and so on and so forth, so no wonder it doesn’t work. Selecting app support from the App Store takes you to the main page of the developer’s website, where they tout the greatness and efficacy of this terrible app. From there, if you select Contact Us, it will take you to a screen which includes a disclaimer that instructs you to direct any app issues back to the employer who requires you to use the app to begin with. Gee thanks for the “app support”. Rolling my eyes as we speak.
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4 years ago, USound77
Works as Necessary
This app is a great reference to view my work calendar on the go. The FaceID integration is a great touch, but the entire sign-in process just feels a bit clunky due to the “session timeout” error message present most times you open the app. Calendar syncing can be a lifesaver, not needing to input every shift into my calendar app by hand. I previously wrote a review negatively discussing the calendar sync options, but this was due to an error on my end and a misunderstanding of my own calendar settings. That said, I would like a more fleshed-out option for how the calendar sync works. Android’s version provides options for which calendar to sync to, when the reminder should be, etc. Overall, this app works well for what it needs to do. It’s not a perfect experience, but it gets its job done and it’s improving along the way.
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3 years ago, TN&BSU 4 Life
I haven’t got a clue why this app is ineffective. I’ve had to reboot my phone multiple times to get lucky enough to get rid of the eternal spinning loading wheel. I try to open the app…eternal pinwheel. I get lucky enough to get to the main menu & select a feature…eternal pinwheel. I get Powerball lucky enough to get past that to actually put in for PTO, look at the sch, or any other simple feature that this app should do seamlessly…pinwheel. It’s ATRAGEDY that I have to call someone at work or GO IN just to find out I don’t work that day or got up early since they scheduled me an afternoon shift. Granted I’m not blaming the app for people not posting the sch on time part on the app, but the fact I can’t check it whenever I please is. We’re half way through 2021 & surely there’s a brilliant mind in one of the individuals on this app team that can make this a more effective process.
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3 years ago, Kanpolx3
Hands down the worst app I’ve ever used my whole company switched to this gravel app and I can never check my hours I can never open the app without it crashing. Every time I try to log in it has to send a call verification which is the most annoying thing in the world like who is trying to hack my hours are you guys this dense whoever made this stupid app. Trust if you think I’m being mean it’s well deserved because I kept giving this app the benefit of the doubt and it’s still trash I see why it has such low rating. Guess what even if I put all my info in it still tells me Java. Something because this app is garbage and guess what if you try to request a day and the schedule is already premade you can’t request it although you can’t see it ahead of time. Terrible app I’d never recommend it to someone
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4 days ago, derpydarroh
I wish there was an option to choose zero stars to rate this app's performance. I actually can say with a fair amount of confidence that this app is most likely the absolute worst one I've ever had to consistently deal with due to my job. It is way too buggy for how long it has been available for use and does NOT work far more often than it ever does work. I do not know why any corporation would want to have this app as a part of their business scheduling--But it simply goes to show just how little investment (time or money) & thought go into such things.
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4 years ago, mundo7621
The worst app ever! Never opens after signing in. Logs you out and times out after just a few minutes. When you try to pig back in it takes 10-15 mins just to pull up your schedule or change screens within the app. There is no website to log into so you have to use the app. The only thing I like about the app is that it sync with your cae ser so you don’t have to access the app. But there is no lead or manager function that lets you make changes, adjustments or view notifications being submitted from you team. It’s useless outside of being at work. And the other half my team can’t access the app with their passwords, I have to screen shot my copies and send to them every morning or they have to take a physical picture of their schedules. So it’s pretty much useless....
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6 months ago, dreamneophyte
Doesn’t work
I used to be able to sync the calendar on the app with the calendar on my phone and then it installed an update and now when I try to do that I get an error message. I’ve heard other people have the same problem. This app is garbage. The Face ID login doesn’t work and the password has to be 13 characters long and needs to be changed every 3 months. When you put in your availability it needs to be the same for all 7 days of the week. You can’t request time off and select that some be paid. So you need 24 hours of pto to request a paid day off even though you’ll only get paid for 8 hours of that day. It is the least user friendly app I have ever used and seems to be getting worse.
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4 years ago, Lena Snow
Update after Update
This App seems to be constantly under construction with no improvement. The “reason” in the description says “make changes and fix bugs”, no mention of which bugs or changes. It’s hard to believe that large companies rely on such a bad App. There are issues with loading updates. ESS times out before the update is completed. Secondly, the schedule posted with the company are at least 1 day delayed when loaded to ESS. I wouldn’t rely on this App so if you have a second option to view your time card, you should take it. Lastly, check that your Security Setting are on for this App. It’s has so many changes I wouldn’t it trust it with my personal information. All around ESS isn’t the product that companies should rely for scheduling people.
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5 months ago, Muruska 567
Sync with iPhone calendar
It seems to work Ok most of the time, however lately I cannot sync to the calendar. I’m sure tons of other people are also having the same problem and cannot find a solution for this problem. I don’t even know where to turn. I tried everything possible and I’ve wasted so much time in uninstalling, reinstalling, changing passwords and just asking people and trying to figure out where to go to get tech help with this app. Again, it’s not just me. And to have a whole bunch of people struggling with the same problem and for there not to be any solutions or anyone to contact, it’s so frustrating!
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1 year ago, Lokidaughter
So Many Problems
Well another problem has arisen with this app. Today it’s that “this user is registered to another device of the same device type. Only one device type is allowed per user” despite being able to use the app LAST NIGHT on my phone (the only device I can use it on). I’ll admit, I did change phones recently but for the past 2 weeks with the new phone this error didn’t happen. I was also previously locked out of the app for over a month & had to change ALL my work credentials to get back in which was a problem for myself and my coworkers since they were in the same boat.
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3 years ago, Nick34678955
Just look at the reviews, it has a 1.5 / 5, and the lowest you can even have is a 1/5. Pathetic. Walgreens uses this abysmal app but they obviously don’t care, and since reflexis is being paid they don’t care either. The issues with this app are too long to name. But I’ll throw out a couple. The login takes no less than 2 full minutes every time. Fingerprint / Touch ID does not work, and is actually bugged and makes it take longer to log in. Every single option within the app, if you manage to login, takes minutes to load, regardless of internet connectivity / speed. When you close the app it bugs out and sometimes you have to continuously open and force closes the app. Hey reflexis, all you have to do is hire 1 competent programmer to fix your issuers and just have them read 2 or 3 reviews on your app. And hey Walgreens, if you cared about your employees you wouldn’t continue some bogus contract with an obviously hated app. 1.5/5 is the current average review.
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3 years ago, SEE VE
This APP is CRAP Part 3
To the developer, are you on drugs? What’s really going on here? I read the response to my second review and it’s not the solution to the problem. Again, the font size in the App (not my phone) is too large. The schedule is being cut off because the letters are too large for the screen. Your response for me to change my font size in my phone setting is not the solution to the problem. IT’S IN THE APP! Before the updates there was no problem with the size. Why don’t you get it, give us something better! Sorry but it’s frustrating because it appears that you don’t get it. Zero stars.
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1 year ago, Keke4100
Endless cycle of logging in.
I’ve been using the app for 2 years and haven’t had problems until now. I’m trying to log in but after typing in my information it says I’ve been logged out. It prompts me to log in again Only to say I’ve been logged out AGAIN. It keeps doing this over and over and over again and I can’t log into my account at all. I’ve restarted my app, uninstalled and redownloaded it, and checked for updates, but of course none of that worked. It’s been like this for a week now and it’s really frustrating. PLEASE HELP!!!
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2 years ago, kris < 3
my gawddd
I’m so thankful my job doesn’t rely on this app at all for anything other than time off requests. The app doesn’t even work most of the time, it just has some random Error message. And when it does magically work, it’s slow. Doesn’t matter if your wifi is top tier, the app just takes it’s sweet ol time. It’s 2022 and i’m honestly frustrated that businesses still use these types of apps. Either they need to create their own or find one that actually works. I’ve had this and Kronos (for a different job) and i’m baffled at why we have to deal with this s***. Billion dollar companies using a 2 cent app.
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3 years ago, Cellovator
Usually works for what I need, but...
My main use is to see who else is on the schedule. But looking at the whole site schedule is clunky, as it defaults to today, and if I need to look ahead 2 weeks, I have to move forward day by day. Having a monthly calendar where you could pick the day you want to see the site schedule would be great. Also... I have an iPhone 7, but TouchID for this app NEVER WORKS. It brings up the little screen asking for my fingerprint and has my employee ID#, but it doesn’t log in. Just cycles back to login screen.
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3 years ago, ghubbs
Improve or loose contract
Zebra Technologies, In this review I will give you some advice. The corporations that currently hold contracts with Reflexis are not very forgiving. They will find a way to get rid of you and simply commission their own engineers to build an internal project if given the chance. Consider fixing this poor excuse for an app. If you don’t know where to start- I’ll give you a hint. Look at the app development team. Anyone on the team that thinks this app is a success or that app development is going well should be reassigned to a less important project. Fix your crap... or else don’t be complaining on social media later on about having to layoff employees due to a terminated contract.
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3 years ago, zeena1838
It was good until it started loading endlessly!!
This app was pretty great in telling me my schedules, but then today it kept loading endlessly! 5 hours later, it said it can’t connect because of “internet issues.” Mind you, I’ve fortunate enough to nit have any issues with my internet and everything else is working perfectly, besides this app. Now thanks to this slow app, I don’t know what my schedule for tomorrow is, and I’ll be in big trouble from the head manager. Unless if you could fix the issue, that would be appreciated…
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9 months ago, SasiG61
App is Terrible
This app does not work majority of the time. It has so many glitches and does not want to open. This app is a waste of time for work schedules or other things we need for work. I have to use this app to check my schedule because I’m not working every day. The only reason why I have this on my phone is that my job wanted us to use this app. I thought this would work better since I got a new phone. Nope it does not work better. This app needs to be reworked and made better. Better yet you need to discontinue this app and create a new and improved version. Please fix.
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4 years ago, dt-pc
Waste of time
Terrible app that has super poor performance and optimization. Literally will not work for my phone as iphone7+, will not work on blue stacks (Android/iPhone emulator). Have updated the app multiple times, have restarted my phone multiple times, have uninstalled and reinstalled multiple times. I have contacted the system administrator and I get sent a copy and pasted message that has nothing to do with my errors. Waste of my time, and definitely will be a waste of your time. I usually will never write a review on anything good or bad, but this one takes some serious malfunctioning and devoid of any quality of service that it does no provide.
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9 months ago, blahhh🤢🤮🤢🤮🤢
Hate this app
I have to use this app to see my schedule but it’s so slow and Face ID does nothing. I often try to just log in manually which I don’t mind but it loads and starts glitches all the time. I can’t even see my schedule because it doesn’t let me log in, I have to ask other people to send me a screenshot of my schedule (they often have the same problem also). I’ve tried uninstalling it and downloading it again but it does the same thing, there’s no updates to fix the bugs either. Employers have to stop selecting this terrible app!!!
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2 years ago, Daxcky
Pretty bad so far
It’s been about 2 years and a half since I started using this app and it doesn’t work properly. Sometimes it just glitches and it won’t let you access any function at all, you don’t even get to the menu. You log in and a blank page with a 2-3 line text appears with an URL sending you to their website. It’s frustrating specially when you know you’ll be out for a few days with no way to check your physical schedule, which is the same issue this app’s supposed to solve.
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2 years ago, Dr Schaffhausen
Horrible is not strong enough.
My God. Where do I begin. I work part time at Advance after a long career as an engineer with IBM. This is perhaps the worst app I have ever used. God help you if you forget your password. Instead of sending you a direct link to reset it, they want you to login. Login! After you forgot your password! Insanity. Also fingerprint ID does not work on an iPhone. Don’t they have people who test the User Interface? Apparently not. Fire everyone involved with this app. The people who wrote it, the people who tested it, the people who approved it. Horrible is not strong enough to describe this app.
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12 months ago, Riley Pellizzari
It made my stomach hurt
I’ve had this app for 3+ years and it hardly works. I’m always having to redownload the app. I don’t understand why Wawa uses this app for their employees, it’s genuinely terrible. The login screen has a 50% chance of working and when it does work it takes forever to load. Face ID works 10% of the time. The app itself is fine but the problem is that it just doesn’t work most of the time. If it actually worked I wouldn’t have any complaints but it’s just so inconvenient trying to get your schedule and the app isn’t working.
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4 years ago, 650gs
Location services need to be active?
I don’t understand why the app needs location to be turned on in order to work. No way for it to be used otherwise. Edit: Response from the developer indicates that the requirement for location services is required by my particular organization and not by the app. The app works as expected and my organization has faults. Updated rating from 2 to 4 stars. Thanks for the info!
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5 months ago, Braydonf
Horrible app doesn’t work properly
I have tried to log in 8 times and it won’t log in. I reset my password and the two questions it asks me to recover my password are the two easiest ones in the world to me. It says my answers wrong. Over and over and over again. When it dose work it logs you out every time I open another app. And sometimes it just randomly crashes. This is truly a horrible app just take a picture of your schedule each weeks it’s easier. Every review you read about this app is not a lie.
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4 years ago, Ms. Math Byrdie
Worked Once
First logged in at my CVS store with a poster my SM received last week. (It worked then, so I closed the app & thought I would browse it at home this following week.) Now I’ve been trying to log back in but can’t! It reads “Please wait while system is fetching data...” & then pops up with “LOGIN Error while login”. I thought that maybe it was the wrong app but ESS42 gives me “LOGIN ERROR Days / Week”. AAAAHHHHHHH! It’s so agitating! I just want to sign up for more hours at other stores! (And nothing happens when I press “Report a problem”. I have tried restarting my phone & redownloading both apps.)
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2 years ago, J3rky J
Please fix
I find the app extremely useful. However, it takes opening the app multiple times for face id activate. Then when it does log in, sometimes all options are white and we can’t click on anything. Which leads to restarting the app once again and hoping that face id works the next time. Long story short, takes several attempts to get logged in with face id sometimes. Please fix.
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3 years ago, Lumbherg
The app is terrible, and even the desktop version of Atlas is terrible. We switched to this software back in October of 2020, and the software claim is that as long as you set the parameters for each employee, it will build an optimized schedule. It builds anything but that. I spend 1 hour a week tweaking my schedule to match what the software alleges to do. Talk about time management. There is no telling how many millions of dollars my company invested in this garbage only for it not to do what it claims, and it wastes my time and countless others to fix its errors.
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1 year ago, Powerman500000
Horrible App
I don’t like to write negative reviews, but this app is absolutely horrible. I’m not somebody with an outdated phone complaining, my phone and updates are all up to date. This app is still horrifically glitchy. What’s even worse is when it doesn’t take your correct password and locks you out of your work account, then you have to go through a million hoops and change your password several times to get access. This app is good in theory but is horrible because of the developers.
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1 year ago, Rmdewitt
I am very upset! This is the only place that I have to request days off and every time I try to log in it says I’m already registered with another device and you can only have one device linked. I only have one phone and no other devices so what the heck am I supposed to do now! This app was useful but now it’s getting on my nerves! I don’t know what else to do, I even tried deleting it and reinstalling it, nothing is working and I have to request off for a doctors appointment!
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2 years ago, carribyrd
When I first downloaded the app, I had no issues. I was able to view my schedule and request days off. NOW, I camper even log in. After the face recognition, the screen keeps reloading the sign in page. I cannot do anything. I tried to bypass the face recognition but still get the same issue. I’ve tried closing the app and opening it, updating and uninstalling it… nothing works. I decided to delete the app and free up some space for apps that actually DO work… smh!
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3 months ago, Nascar Junky
Totally unreliable plaform
I can’t understand why in the world would any company including my work place continue using o has any partnership when this constantly crashes, unable to log in and time after time anoher useless update. I am leadership and must use company PC to access platform as it’s never avaliable on my Iphone no matter what help center or work around is sent this is an on going issue for many team memeber and I have suggested thru serveys monkey, glint, galop our concerns an on unreliable platform.
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4 years ago, Ciara324
The App Store needs to delete this app!
All of these one star reviews and this app is still up!? It won’t allow me to use the old app that actually worked. I keep getting the notification to use this new app. But this app DOES NOT WORK! I cannot log in! Says my information is incorrect, I can’t even reset my password. Thank god we have the schedules on paper at work as well. Also because the app doesn’t work, I can’t pick up shifts at other locations. Delete this app already. What’s taking so Long? The previous one worked just fine.
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8 months ago, Horsie529
This app is useless. Every time I try to check my work schedule it won't load the login screen. It crashes constantly and will log me out with no reason. I have to keep deleting the app and reinstalling to see my schedule once and then the issue happens again. Its frustrating that we all have to deal with this and its even more ridiculous that you guys won't fix this issue as it has been a known problem for a while.
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3 years ago, Saberblue
Works occasionally
I can get my schedule. But sometimes it requires me opening the app several times before it functions. The app also never notifies me of changes even though I’ve got email and text enabled. It also has somehow lost sync with my password, so in order for me to have it pop up I actually have to type the beginning of the web address. This defeats the purpose of the app. Every update seems t make the app worse instead of better in the 3 years I’ve been using it.
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10 months ago, Aaliyah Matthew
Login Issues
My job requires I change my password every other month or so. When it does, it’s a huge inconvenience on this app. I’ll change my login but even then it still won’t let me log in. As well, why not allow facial login? It would help in case a password is forgotten for anyone. Waiting for informational syncing doesn’t really feel worthy if I can’t check my schedule for the upcoming week.
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4 years ago, Boisha77
I use to be able to at least log in!
I work for CVS-Before this last update I was at least able to log in and see my posted schedule although I was not able to request shifts or request time/vacation off which defeats the purpose of having the app but since the update I can’t even log in when I put in the login information it just clears it and has me sit in the log in screen and even when I try to hit the setting and report a problem it won’t let me click the link!
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10 months ago, Fed Up 200
Can’t get into from home again. Last month it kept saying wrong password. Went to work couldn’t get it to work there either. My boss finally had to reset everything. This month the same thing. Now I have to go in on my day off again! Other people have had this issue too but are afraid to complain. I looked at the other review from two years ago and it’s the same problem. Still not fixed!
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3 years ago, Green05
This is the worst
The app is terrible. From not allowing me to login or consistently flashing the login page, this app is the worst. I have faceid enabled and it tries to log me in but flashes the screen. To report an issue, you need to be in the app, can’t even get in. If I close the app and attempt to go back in, it spins and will not connect. I’ve only seen it work once while on WiFi, has no working ability on cellular data. This app needs an over-haul or better developers.
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2 years ago, Oolong7278
Just look at the rating
This app is literally more inconvenient than a paper schedule. Can’t believe I have to say that in 2022. I’ve had to delete it and reinstall it several times just to have access to my schedule. It either gets stuck in the loading screen or attempts to log in so many times in rapid succession that it causes me to have to reset my password, not only for this garbage app but for my credentials at CVS as well. I have no idea why CVS pays for this
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3 years ago, xoxomaha3322
App is useless and does not work.
I never give any reviews for apps on the App Store, but I had to for this one! Where do I start… the dates in the “submits” availability are not labeled. And the app closes every 10 mins, Face ID does not work, and I’ve been trying to access the app for the past two days, and it’s telling me “can not fetch users data please call administrator” so I can stay on the phone for 20 mins and no help was provided. The app still does not allow me to log in.
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3 years ago, Ecliipez
Still operates as bad as it did a year ago
I have no idea what’s going on through the developers heads but I’ve been using this app to look at my schedule for a year now and there are STILL so many problems with it. Automatically logging you out, can’t use Face ID with correct passwords, errors, bugs, slow responsiveness, can’t change password in the app I can go on but there is really no point since nothing ever really changes. It blows my mine my company still uses this broken app. What a shame.
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7 months ago, Calliape
No app help and no longer syncs with calendar…
This app has always been a struggle but at least I could still sync my schedule with my phones calendar. Now in the last weeks that is no longer an option and in researching how to get some sort of answer or assistance I see it seems to be a universal problem. Yet no way to get any help from the app creators. Frustrating to say the least. Anyone listening out there…
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4 years ago, Busted1200
Works for this employee
Like the app and being able to view entire schedule from home and being able to request days off and such. Just wish I didn’t have to log in every time. Be nice if Face ID was supported for iPhone users.
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4 months ago, Celdily7
Can’t sync
App has not worked for months now. Haven’t been able to sync my schedule to my calendar on my phone. Update: they have fixed the app and it works again syncing to my calendar ❤️
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