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2 weeks ago
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User Reviews for Estate Sales - EstateSales.NET

4.82 out of 5
5.5K Ratings
1 year ago, TaskMistress
If you like estate sales this app is for you!
I enjoy using this app and don’t use any other method of searching for estate sales. The thumbnails are useful and if you want to view an item more closely you can low them up. I’ve never had an issue with app and I find it easy to use. Of course while the app works well, if the sellers don’t post photos of a a good cross section of items you can’t get a feel for what might be available. Sometimes I see a photo of an item I want specifically and I make a point of going to that sale. I think it would be valuable if they just stood back and took a photo of the rooms without closeups.
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3 years ago, KBLevin
Estate Sale Lover? This is THE app for you!
We’ve been going to estate sales for year's and we used to use the website to preview estate sales. We’d print out pages and circle the estate sales we were interested in. When we found out there was an app in development we applied to be testers. This app is in a word: AWESOME! •You decide the area where you want to look You can preview sales •You can search for items if the estate sale company lists what you are looking for in their description. •You can favor the estate sales you like. •You can hide the estate sales you aren’t interested in. •You can look for the city you are interested in. •You can look for the estate sale company you are interested in. •You can get directions directly from the app. •You can go to estate sales when traveling. This app makes going to an estate sale a breeze. It is that easy and no time is wasted. It isn’t always about the stuff, sometimes it is just the house and the history. Did I say we enjoyed going to estate sales? 😆
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3 years ago, Cbarks.834
Needs interface with online account
I love this app, but it doesn’t “talk to” the online version. I have an online account and sometimes like working on something other than a microscopic phone screen, especially when examining items. Unfortunately, any sales and photos I save in the app while out and about on the phone are not saved to the online version. Similarly any photos or sales I “favorite” online are not accessible when I take just my phone with me to the sale. This is such a great app, but I would love to see this functionality of integrating the online and app accounts. Thanks.
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12 months ago, Reflect101
Every part of the new upgrade is a degradation of the apps functionality
Every single change made in the most recent update on diminishes the usefulness of this app. This has gone from my favorite app to a source of frustration. The not interested, used to be preserved, but turned into black and white and now it stays in color just like the other ones. How is that an improvement? The layout is less useful than the previous layout. When you would like a specific photo, it would move it to the top of the listing and it stopped doing that now. Is there any way to go back to the way the app used to work? Why would you make these changes? I am a big lover of new and improved and I do not resist change unless the change clearly degrades or damages some thing that is working well. Was it working so beautifully that you had to screw it up?
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7 years ago, Absolutv13
I'm giving a 5-star review because I love this app so much! But, I have a suggestion and I'm not sure where else it should go... the way I use the app is I pull up the map and look at those that appear closest. The day before I plan to go to sales, I favorite those sales that I'm interested in the most. But, sometimes I want to consider others after those I've seen from my "favorites." Then, in the app, I still see the junk I've already ruled out AND the sales I thought... "maybe, if I have the time." What about... give us a way to delete the sales from our app we have no interest in OR giving us a rating scale instead of a "favorite or not" scale? Thanks!
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4 years ago, missK46&2
Saves me time so I can do more shopping!
I am so glad I eventually downloaded this app. My kiddo hasn’t lived at home for a couple years but we maintain our relationship by going to estate sales every Sunday. This streamlines my searching and saving process so I can spend less time scrolling and more time shopping. I love that I can add notes directly to the photo without leaving the app as I used to make notes in my notes app which would invariably not load once at the actual sale🙄 Notifications are a godsend so I’m up to speed on any changes. Great all around!
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7 years ago, JAw1959
Incredible App
This is an incredible app and I use it frequently. Since I generally use it on my phone pictures are smaller so I usually try to use the website to look at the more detail in pictures to decide which sales I would like to see or go to. I general save the sales with the notes. Problem is that, since there is no way to log into my account via the app and access my saved favorites and notes there is no way to easily figure out which ones I want to go to. I wish the developer would tie the two together and allow me to login to the app and have it retrieve all my saved and favorites and populate the app map with the favorites. Would make life so much easier! Can you do that?
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3 years ago, makfhej
Estate Sales
My friend Susan and I Estate Sale shop in Dallas every Friday! This app. makes it so easy for me to browse and pick out the sales we would enjoy. I start early in the week saving the ones that are appealing with a heart ❤️ On Thursday I pull up the map with all the green dots indicating the sales I have chosen. I write down all the addresses and time they are open. It’s that simple! We love to visit the grand houses in Dallas, Highland Park is a favorite!
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2 years ago, Buddy in Paulding
Great Time Saving App.
The app itself is great! But some of the People running the estate sales have close to FULL BLOWN RETAIL PRICES on the items. The app saves time as far as being able to route your trip, but as the sale in Acworth yesterday, it’s still a waste of time to get there and see that everything is way overpriced… even with the 50% OFF they advertised… Which would explain why this particular house didn’t seem to have sold much! Very seldom do I ever leave an estate sale without buying anything, but I did yesterday!
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7 years ago, Emnryhouse
Furnishing my home.
This app has been been very helpful. The map and being able to set the distance from me has been most helpful. Some of the vendors are better than others at photos but the app is great. I like that I can also chose whether to see sales for the next day or next seven days. I have very nearly been able to furnish my home from sales no further than a couple of miles from home.
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1 month ago, willyfufu1
The greatest thing since the hamburger.
The app allows you to look through the estate sales around your area. Even if you travel out of state. It also allows you to look at the sale so you can decide if you want to go to that estate sale. Plus if you hit the address my phone automatically gives me directions to the one I want to go.
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7 years ago, W8loser
Best way to go Estate Sale shopping
Love this app! So easy to use! You can enter your own zip or if you aren't home, you can search by your current location which is great! I mark my favorites, then start my route using my Favorites list. When I click on the address, it links directly to my maps and off I go! Once I've been there, I can hide it so doesn't show up on my list anymore. It's the best!
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3 years ago, heijevdhjdbvd
Great For Choosing Sales
I use this every week and go to one or two estate sales listed. The photos are invaluable in choosing which sale to attend. I especially like being able to choose the location and then going to the list of sales in that location. I always try to mention to the sale manager where I saw information about their estate sale.
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4 years ago, Bookseller Jim
Please Fix This Problem
Very useful. I just wish they would fix the feature where if you look at an estate sale and go back to the list you get put back to the beginning of the list and have to scroll through the list. I think most users would save time and be less annoyed, if when you return to the list you ended up where were when you clicked a specific sale.
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4 years ago, Erin. S.
Sale Editor
While this is an useful app for finding current sales going on, it would be very helpful if they could install a feature to add/edit your own sales. I work for an estate sale company and usually upload the photos and everything from my phone. Having an easy access app to do that from would probably be a lot easier than using the website on my phones browser.
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9 months ago, hot pepperxxx
Someone’s trash is someone else’s treasure
It’s weird how we all have different favorite items. We like sometimes difficult to foam are cool, fetish of trinkets and furniture and household items but one day it’s time for them to go, and the estate sale has brought it to ahead to where we can share with the world thank you estate sales I found my home
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1 year ago, ihre schönheit
My favorite app
I have used this app for years. It is the most useful tool when spending a day visiting estate sales. It gives you every detail you need in order to enjoy finding bargains. Has not once failed me! From sale listings, to dates and times, to exact locations, it is phenomenal! Thank you for developing such a great and useful tool!
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3 years ago, Avid treasure hunter.
So helpful
This app really makes finding sales simple. It is way better than CL or FB. I can sort on a list or map and easily see distance dates and times. It also clearly shows who is running the sale. This is important as there are good and bad companies.
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4 years ago, Pacesttr
Excellent app when it works
This app *frequently* is unable to find my location, rendering it completely useless when I am traveling between sales. I have taken to screen-shotting the addresses I want to visit, so when the app blanks on me, I can still find the property. In case anyone thinks it’s my phone’s GPS/antenna - I have tried accessing the app on my ipad (running on the same wifi network) at the same time and it comes up just fine. When it does work, I love it.
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1 year ago, Chicago handyman
Average and hard to use
It would be a 2 star improvement if the photos were three times larger. The map feature works well but trying to see what’s available is impossible with those tiny pictures (on a tablet). The website is easier to view pictures, but it would be nice to stay with the app and not have to go to the website.
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7 years ago, nchat
Great for shoppers, update for estate companies
This app is great for shoppers. Wonderful way to find estate sales in your general area and see pictures. However it would be even better if estate sale and auction companies could use the app to edit listings. Like add/delete pictures on the go from a mobile device through the app. It's a bit of a drag to only be able to do this on the site.
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7 months ago, AMF7890
I would like my likes on top of the list
I like the app a lot. Helps me find the stuff I am looking for. In the past when I clicked the “like” button, my liked item would go to the top of the list, and now the item stays down in the middle of the list. I a sale with hundreds of pictures is hard to find out why I even liked the sale and considered going there. So, many times I give up on going to the sale because of that! It’s hard to scroll and find pictures while driving, since I go to sales alone. So, please, bring back the feature that brings my likes to the top! It will help a lot! Thanks !!!
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5 years ago, Sassy-style
Love this app
I’m now addicted to Estate Sales! This app makes it so easy to choose the estate sales I am interested in, find the place using the map feature, and to know what to expect thanks to the individualized info tab. Thanks so much! I do wish it was easier to see the ones I mark...the green heart seems to blend in.
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5 years ago, yas375
Can’t just copy a link to sale when sharing
Please consider adding possibility to just copy link to the sale from the sharing dialog. It offers to “save to files”, “hide sale”, message and etc. But I’d like to be able to just “copy” the link. I thought it’s standard in iOS so I’m guessing you intentionally disabled this option and I’m mot getting why you would do so 🤷‍♂️
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6 years ago, Gwelson
Great app and a suggestion
Love this app. Would be helpful if you could categorize the sales with different colors. Currently can only favorite them. Would be helpful to have another cover or mark a sale as already viewed so you don’t keep reviewing ones that you are not interested in.
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7 years ago, Kashueofflame
Great and helpful
This app is awesome! I use it almost in a daily basis and love how well organized it is. It is very user friendly and helpful when looking for different types of sales and auctions. The only improvement I would ask for would be more pricing, but that is by no means a problem. I really enjoy this app!
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4 years ago, SLWalk
Great for treasure hunting!
Great app- easy to find and sort. The map and locator is very simple. You decide how far you want to travel to go treasure hunting....When the search turns up estate sales, it’s easy to look at what goodies are up for sale. You can also go online to see virtual auctions. Couldn’t get much better!
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5 years ago, atuncel
Great app for treasure hunters
This is a great, solid app. I use it before heading out to sales. Map feature is very handy to maximize my time. I wish the pictures were bigger as it leaves a lot of unused screen space. Also wish it included a listing of local garage sales but, all in all, this a wonderful, useful app.
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1 year ago, Nate thank you!
Life made easy
I have used this app about three years or longer. I like the fact that by looking at the app. I can know where to go. How faraway or how close. Have knowledge of what is at the sale, by looking at the pictures.
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7 years ago, DDeRossetteBRLA
Useful App
I find this to be one of the most useful apps I have used. Since starting to use this app I have gone to Estate sales I would not have even known about and have found some very useful things at reasonable prices! This is one app I will definitely continue to use!!!!!
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2 years ago, Lisa Nicole Photography
Great app! Easy to use, has helped score amazing items!
An amazing help to my family and business! We also share free items all of the time! Great app and runs without issues crashing etc!
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2 years ago, dixdar
EstateSales notice
I love having this resource available. It helps plan your visits to sales by seeing what’s being sold and all the other info made available on this site about sales in your desired area.
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5 years ago, durissus
Not as efficient on phone as tablet or laptop
I can get more information when I type in the website on my tablet or phone. Additionally, I cannot increase my territory to over a 100 mile search area. So phone app does not work for me.
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6 years ago, sharby81
One stop info
I use this app weekly. It shows me all the sales on my area and I don’t have to go to each individual company to see if they are having a sale. I also love that it allows you to look at pictures to see what’s for sale
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6 years ago, Urztruly23
Easy & efficient!
Cannot begin to describe how awesome this app is! Navigation is easy & plenty of pictures to browse for each auction in 2 different ways; all at once or one by one. You can save your favorites & create alerts. Must have for estate sale lovers!
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2 years ago, Debifox
Great App!
This is a great app I check weekly for sales in my area. I love how easy it is to use and the links to other online auctions and bidding sites. I just moved to a new house and plan to continue to use this app in my new town.
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1 month ago, Drevis10
Good but no in-app admin support yet
The app is very good for consumer use, but I’d love the ability to access the company settings and functions that are available in the browser version. Working on sales in the mobile browser is tedious and sometimes buggy.
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5 years ago, Bunny + Lover
So helpful!
When I am not on my computer, the app is so very helpful. I can see photos, pin-point exactly where the EstateSales are. Dates, opening & closing times at my finger tips. I really appreciate having access. I tell my family & friends about the app.
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2 years ago, ksenia2001
Best website of all of them
I always check this site first for any and all estate sales that I may be interested in. This site is the most inclusive of all of them based on my experience…
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11 months ago, JFJ2000
Responsive developers
The developers are quick to squash bugs and glitches. The redesign takes time to find where things are from the previous version. It still has some quirks.
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7 years ago, Melancholydolly
#1 source I use! Love it
Easy, quick, many sales at your fingertips. Photos make it easy to find which sales are worth it to you or not. I use it every day and it's brought me amazing finds. I have a vintage shop online and this app has been critical. Love it!!!
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3 years ago, Wedowee,Al
Best APP on my cellphone!
We were on vacation in Texas for a surprise party we had all morning and half of the afternoon to kill, Soooootook took my cellphone out of my purse and my husband and I spent 5-hours going estate shopping ,,,,,loved every minute of it!! THANK YOU 🥰♥️
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1 year ago, Burnsey12!
Better than an auction, more fun than a Yard sale!
Better than an auction, more fun than a Yard sale! Well crap, I peaked with the Title! Great app, these sales are ran by different individuals. All of which to this point have been awesome to deal with. We love it!!!
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2 years ago, Mrsgywebster
Only one thing to change
Wish there was a way you could look at all the sales posted by a certain company!
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6 years ago, Papa oso
The best app
I start using this app since I found out about the state sales and is amazing to have it gives you a lot of information and you make your decision to go to the once you are interested with out waist of time
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5 years ago, TheLibrarianCurates
Great, with one caveat
I love the app, but agree with another reviewer that it would function even better if one could sign in and be automatically synched with their acct./favorite sale info from the website. I prefer the site because it stores my faves and photo scrolling is easier on the eyes.
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4 years ago, Alarm24lotr
Great app!
I love this app! I use it all the time. I love the favorite feature on each sale so I can pinpoint pictures to help me remember highlights of each sale. I wish there was an option to favorite sale owners so I could always be alerted to me favorite sellers.
Show more
6 years ago, Imgreenrose
Love it!
I’m so glad this app exists — until I found it, trying to find estate sales was so random. This app is very intuitive and easy to use. It gives me all the info I need without having to wade through a lot of stuff.
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5 months ago, colonial girl
Very Helpful App
I have begun to use the Estate Sales app exclusively for all of my adventures. I like that there is an integrated map feature for each sale as well as an over all map view.
Show more
5 years ago, RebRobMac
Amazing App
I & my Husband look forward to the local EstateSales in our area & you can favorite the sale also! The many pictures are of value & it doesn’t give you the address till the day before. A great all & all Apt
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