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User Reviews for Esurance Mobile

4.84 out of 5
210K Ratings
5 years ago, Cornwallus Magnificó
A Glance Into the Future of Insurance
What can we say about this app & company, as a whole? Well for starters, it is extremely easy to use, even my 5 year old niece can figure it out! And me loveyyyyy love the platform layout! Esurance is truly insurance for the modern world. It’s as if they understand our wants and needs when it comes to accessibility and make it easy to find anything. We also have to love the roadside assistance section of the app. Even if you don’t have it as part of your policy, they still let you call in case of an emergency and will help you get your car back on the road. Now, I haven’t had to use this option yet thank goodness- but it brings peace of mind to know that it’s there in case of an emergency. I like being able to access my ID card and see my upcoming payments all from the very start of opening up the app. You can also file a claim and take photos right from the app! It finds repair shops you can use, once again- directly from the app... It’s just convenient from all sides of the spectrum. Having used a couple of their top competitors layouts- Esurance by far excels in every category when it comes to its superiority over other insurance company platforms. Overall, Esurance works for me and if you’re tech savvy and enjoy a nice, easy platform to use and a company that looks out for you, then you’ve found your new home. Esurance isn’t just insurance for the modern world, it’s a peace of mind. :)
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3 years ago, DonnetteF
Great Customer Service and People Skills
I Donnette Faulkner has been with Esaurance for almost A year or more. I had the pleasure on today of working with Ms Kim I didn’t get her last name however I know it’s only one her. I had became very frustrated for numerous reasons I believed I mean I know I got on Ms Kins last nerves I mean she never got rude disrespectful nor was she inpatient after being on the phone with myself for over and hour Ms Kim has displayed the model relationship between customer and Rep never once losing her composure and even when I became difficult she still continued to display the actions of a Model Team player problem solver and great employee for Esaurance I appreciate Ms Kim for making my experience thee best and not breaking a sweat and did an Awesome job with assisting me with my policies Yes it’s my belief that she went over and beyond for her job however her Assurance with making sure that all my needs were met and I’m my budget there’s no JOB REQUIREMENT FOR THAT wish I could call and get Ms Kim each and every time I’m Thankful for her THANKS MS KIM
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5 years ago, URTooNosey
Convenient but....
I love this insurance for the convenience but when my roof was damaged by high winds in West Texas, the appraiser said the whole roof should be replaced. By the time it went through everything at Essurance, the guy on the phone told me just a few shingles actually flew off and my roof was not put on correctly to start with so the damage would not even meet my deductible. The Essurance inspector who looked at the roof when I started Essurance thought the roof was just fine but now it was put on incorrectly???? Every time the wind blows, more shingles blow off now. I am looking for new insurance now but won’t be able to switch until I can come up with thousands of dollars to pay for the roof that Essurance refuses to pay for. Essurance is definitely convenient but plan on them accepting your payments but them refusing to pay when you make a claim.
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3 years ago, T.sequaya
The absolutely worst!
This company is a total RIP OFF ! A complete and utter MESS ! I wouldn’t recommend this insurance for anyone ! From 2016 until 2020 I’ve paid my FULL COVERAGE auto insurance on time and even in advanced ! November I had gotten into a (not at fault) accident with a deer ! My car was deemed a total loss (BY THEY’RE recommended body shop) it could’ve been fixed !!... not only did they ONLY pay out a very small portion to the loan company but they have been very rude with me ! They were very inconsistent and inconsiderate when it came to the loss of my car ! They never sent a tow truck to get my vehicle to “they’re recommended body repair shop” and I was forced to get it there myself ! Mind you , I HAD BEEN PAYING FOR TOWING & labor ! I was never updated on my claim , and after all those years of paying insurance they could only pay such a small amount for damages ! The worst company ever ! DO NOT , and I mean DO NOT sign up with this company ! Unless you want to be HIGHLY disappointed when something happens to you’re vehicle !!! If I had money to lawyer up and sue , I WOULD LIKE , TODAY ! I hope someone looking into reviews really takes heed to what I’m saying because I was ripped off and payed so much money for absolutely NOTHING !
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4 years ago, jjcann
Worse company ever!!
Fist of all, at first this company seemed great. I got into my first car accident ever! (My fault) and they were great. Then, here’s the kick to the gut. I got a call saying their adjusters messed up and I needed to pay them back almost 2,000$ litterly days after issuing a payment for it to get fixed. Then, they dropped me bc I’m a health aid and they tried saying my job was like a drive share or taxi and it’s def NOT! Then, they wanted to keep charging my card for payments to them when they told me to find a new car insurance company. Smh this place is a joke and litterly will blaime u for their faults and expect YOU to fix their mistakes. Legally I don’t have to pay them a dime back bc I have all the papers work they issues to me during all this which was an agreement on their part and they litterly broke our insurance agreement. Do not go thru this company if ur a health aid. Do not go thru this company if u expect them to be fair and great to u during a very hard time in ur life such as getting in ur first accident. They stressed me out hard core and are still continuing to do so. Get a lawyer if this happened to u or something similar. Do not go thru this company!!!! #singlemom #momofadisabledchild #badcarinsurance #badbuisness
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6 years ago, GeminiLefty
Customer Service
I’ve been w/Esurance for several years & anytime I call customer service I have always spoken with a VERY nice & informative representative. Thank you for having short wait times & extremely friendly reps/adjusters as it makes a HUGE impact. If the rep I speak with isn’t quite sure of the answer to my question they always find out before hanging up with me. Now if you could lower your rates in GA that would be phenomenal! Yes I know the state has been at an increase for years now, but just thought I’d try. Keep up the great work & please know your amazing customer service & kind representatives make a such a difference & I’m hoping it stays this way. God Bless! (I’m from the south know). 🙃
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3 years ago, CzernAttack
My car broke down on the freeway FOUR HOURS AGO and I’m STILL trying to get Esurance to send a tow truck under my roadside assistance coverage. The app won’t let me put in the address of my car’s location (it’s on a highway so there is no street address). So I have called in 3 times. The first time it was someone who could barely speak English. I couldn’t understand 90% of what she said. Well I had the keys on me so I held off until I put the keys with the car. After an hour, the tow service called and said my car is out of their zone. So I requested roadside assistance through the app, but it wouldn’t allow me to use the highway spot as the address so I called to change it. I couldn’t get through to anyone for 30 min. So I just canceled it and put the request in on the app again. Now there are no tow providers available anywhere. I called again and AGAIN the person could BARELY speak English. THIS IS SO FRUSTRATING
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4 years ago, number one in world redhead
Samuel Rothbeind
I spoke to essurance and the sales people are honest loyal sincere they walked me through the process and I sent to them everything they needed then they advised me what insurance on my car I should get I did what the agent reccomended I showed the policy to my attorney and they said essurance gave u the proper coverage and they said u even did it way she would want me to have it . I am very happy using ure mobile application and it’s so easy I see everything I must say you guys are great I reccomend you to people I speak to cause u do it bettter than agents that advertise on internet and better than other insurance companies I am proud to be a member off essurance and the Allstate family Samuel Rothbeind policyholder thank you so much
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3 years ago, eastlakeK
New member
I have been calling for days for new insurance and have been told crazy amounts so I went online same thing. Been with progressive three years they dropped me after they said they got the payment. They didn’t get it cause my card was turned off but told me they did. I tried the next week to pay it again nope they dropped me. So my son told me about you guys I went online. And omg you made it so easy so fast so cheap thank you so much I was very upset not being able to afford a big down payment and look what you all did wow wow wow is all I can say thank you so much you helped make me not sad today.
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2 years ago, N810dahood
The app works
The app does what you need it to. Also nice to have an easy way to digitally access your ID card when needed. Biggest issue I ever had with the app was logging in. Sometimes it just wouldn’t take like it was supposed to for no real reasoning. It was rare but it was frustrating when it would happen. Taking two stars because of Esurance apart from the app. I guess I should only rate them for the app, but I feel the experience is part of the app, which is fair. Raising my rates for ZERO reason is not cool at all. I was paying $160 a month and then they raise to $190 for no reason at all. I’ve been with them for 11 years and had 2 accidents 5+ years ago and neither were my fault. Esurance was able to recoup their money from those individuals while still collecting from me. Raising my rates was unacceptable and I found a cheaper option. Glad it happened because I also found a bundle experience which saves me hundreds of dollars each year since Esurance’s parent AllState doesn’t cover my home for whatever reason. Either way, wouldn’t recommend this app solely because of them as a company. They have no loyalty to loyal customers.
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4 years ago, Bravens23
Roadside Assistance Issue
I already gave up on trying to get my $75 back from the towing company when first they gave my mom the wrong receipt and then I contacted the towing company who was not really helpful in anyway. I told my mother we will just charge this to experience and make sure next we double check our receipts. The customer service of Esurance I only remember J.Martinez from Arizona and I forgot the second agent name but he is just as nice and helpful!! Kudos to these 2 gentlemen who really went above and beyond their job. I will definitely recommend Esurance to family and friends and thinking of moving my home insurance with them as well. Thank you!!
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3 years ago, Melkgn
A little early to tell ...but
So it kills me, how so many places want a review, before it done downloading on my screen! Well 75% of the time, I just close it, but this time I will do 1. And only bc of the situation I was in. Covid knocked me out of work, so been living on unemployment for awhile. Needed a new car, and had held off as long as possible. Came across the deal I wanted, needed insurance, time was a factor. Family member had recommended Esurance, it was 7:10pm, test drive at 8:00. Daughter driving, 15 mins away, by time we pulled into dealer, new car was covered, proof sent to my phone, and, AND, got a good price! So 1st 24 hrs have been great! And believe me, if anything changes in near future, I will be doing another review for you! Good or bad!
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6 years ago, everythingKK_
Love esurance, the app-not so much rn
Before they’d have 5 stars from me, I’ve had great customer service and it’s a helluva lot cheaper than anywhere else I’ve gone. But recently the app has stopped working and allowing me to sign in. My iOS is up to date, I had the app updated, and still nothing. I deleted and re-downloaded the app, still nothing. I couldn’t even access my ID card... so frustrated that now the only way I can access my account is by the internet. Hopefully you fix is soon. It could also be because Apple, but really not sure what else to do on my end at this point.
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10 months ago, StormieC25
Bad experience with Esurance
Let me start by saying they started off great but I got into a accident and was assigned a claims adjuster (Melissa Carter) and she wouldn’t answer the phone for weeks! I was given a number to call for her supervisor and he wouldn’t answer either! I have been calling and only getting the background music for days now! This is emotionally exhausting at this point! They wouldn’t set up a collision center for me to use! I had to find me own and they wouldn’t extend the rental. They prices are low but please be aware if u get into a accident they will not pay for the amount given from the collision center! So I am stuck with trying to pay the difference which is almost $700! Please think twice before joining this insurance company. I still haven’t gotten a answer and I was in the accident in April it is now July.
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1 year ago, Cicpgzitso hochdphd
Terrible company
To be fair, the app always worked perfectly for me. The problem is Esurance as a company. The agent assigned to me literally yelled at me and harassed me (and wouldn't return a call until a full week or more later) because "she was having a bad day." This was after I was rear ended at a red light because some lady was paying attention to her phone and not to her driving. Fast forward nearly 6 months and I haven't received a dime, just a letter in the mail stating that "after repeated attempts to reach the other driver's insurance company (state farm) we have been unsuccessful. Feel free to attempt communication with them." You're telling me you can't get a hold of a single person at state farm? This is after being with Esurance for nearly a decade always paying early. Feels good being brushed off.
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3 years ago, Bob Joe Z...
So, I switched to Esurance from State Farm (worthless company) to save $$, and I have ! ... .. I heard about Esurance from from a friend and saved approx $128 a month, so thank you !! But then, talking to the same buddy, he told me he switched to Liberty (with the obnoxious bird ?) and was saving approx the same amount again ! I’m considering switching to Liberty but I really like Esurance ! Can you save me more money? Please convince me to stay with a company that doesn’t use a freaking bird, or some other gimmick as a representative of their company ! So, the ONLY reason I gave you 4 stars instead of 5 was because of the difference in price ! Can you convince me to stay with Esurance by saving me money ?
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4 years ago, el_presidente720
Run! Look up insurance bad faith
The representative I’ve been working with on a homeowners claim is deliberately blocking the process to appeal/appraise a denied claim. He has 1) falsely claimed my appraiser isn’t one (the man has worked hundreds of claims in multiple states, including claims for Esurance); 2) claimed my paid in full/current policy has some unspecified mysterious problem as soon as I hired my own appraiser (how convenient and yet probably false - Esurance opened my claim in the first place, proving my policy has no such issue); 3) threatened to send a structural engineer to my house to assess my roof when structural engineers do nothing to assess hail and wind damage. All efforts to muddy the waters and duck the process I’m entitled to by law. This is the definition of “insurance bad faith.” Also, neither of the two supervisors I have called will return my calls. They do not have your back. Run.
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3 years ago, caddy08
Easiest online app I have ever had to use
The app with Esurance is amazing. I had to get a new email and phone number. When I tried getting my info switched over I was turned over to the live chat in the app and it took a total of 5 minutes max to have everything switched and taken care of. I got a new phone and it took almost 4 days to figure it out to be able to even access my phone acct info. I tried live chat with it and never got a reply. Thank you ESURANCE for making my experience truely easy
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1 month ago, Brenda from Brooklyn
Roadside assistance
I hit a pothole with my Volvo S60 and blew out my low profile Perelli tire in the front it ripped the sidewalk 3 inches up. I was able to pull over into a bank parking lot and go to the app for assistance. Super easy clicked on roadside assistance and within 30 minutes they were there to change my tire put my spare on and I was on my way! Could be happier with the service. I have to write the state a letter about the road. There’s no way I’m the first one having an issue, but that’s another story. Thanks again Esurance…. you saved the day!!!!
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3 years ago, Beba😜
Loyal Customer!
i’ve been a loyal esurance customer since i got my first car at 19! after the years go by & switching cars etc. i always chose esurance as my #1 car insurance because they are so affordable & easy to use thru the app or web! i’m glad i found esurance when i did thru tv commercials, i’ve never chosen any other car insurance because this ones my go to & i recommend it to anyone & everyone i know! thanks for being great esurance!
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4 years ago, User47: JL Johnson
Don’t try to file a claim via app
I have been happy Esurance subscriber for years. The app is what you would expect from an internet savvy company with one major exception. A lady hit me this week. I tried to file a claim but the process via app isn’t great. The lady who hit me refused to give her details and the app wasn’t designed for this use case. My biggest complaint, however is that I couldn’t use my phone’s voice dictation to provide the detailed description of the event. It would automatically erase. So I entered everything manually. When I went back to the field later to add more detail it all deleted. How annoying! Additionally, I was disappointed the app wouldn’t allow for uploading of dash cam video. Update- You are forced to use the app for claims. Revising rating from 3 to 1 stars.
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5 years ago, Majik Iyes Ty
Most Confusing APP
My car was dinged by an Esurance policyholder and the claims rep told me I can upload my photos to file a photo claim. I was instructed to download “latest version of the app.” As an iPhone user the latest version available is dated 2017. I tried to upload my photos for the claims adjusters and the mobile app is asking me for the email address I used to buy my policy. There is no pop up or drop down tab for non-Esurance customers. Even the website is an exercise in patience in that it requires you to start the claim all over. If you’re going to design an app for convenience then make it convenient. I now must proceed with a traditional claim since it is clear this app is not design to make life easier for non-Esurance users.
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5 years ago, Jessica (Ward-Adams)Burks
Seems really easy and efficient so far
I mean we all know the point insurance is to be covered, but the insurance thing only works for insurance companies if they can pay out as little as possible. Although we’ve never cause an accident we have had hard times with other people hitting us and our vehicle. He sure and seems to make this process easier, not sure about claims but so far the online account was essentially drama free
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2 years ago, Walker-z
Good luck getting a hold of your claims agent
A kid ran a stop sign and t-boned me. I could not get a hold of my claims agent and could not get a hold of any other rep. Left serval messages with the supervisor. Was a terrible experience. They get you at first with their customer service and ease of use but when you need them the most they drop the ball. I won’t do business with them or Allstate. I now go with a local agent who is always available. Also their automated phone system is the worst. The automatic routing makes it nearly impossible to navigate. With my experience it kept auto connecting to an agent who left the company and I was always stuck in a dead call loop.
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4 years ago, Momack111
Mackey - Pearl Camry
Esurance made an awful “crash experience” a soothing process by having Body company “Uptown Body &Fender an option. That repair company was heaven sent from start to finish. However, I would also recommend that they add “Berry’s Towing” as well. Berry was provided to me by the repair company and they responded to me ASAP and was located near my crash site. I was not pleased with the response of the Tow company that Esurance originally provided. But in the end it all worked out. Esurance response was great overall (5 stars).
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5 years ago, Akabruce
Excellent customer service
I recently had to make a claim on my auto policy and the customer service I received was exceptional! I was on the fence upon renewing my policy when my situation happened. When it came time for renewal I didn’t hesitate after the experience I had. They were on top of everything and giving constant updates to the process of my vehicle as it was being repaired! I would recommend Esurance to anyone looking for new auto insurance. Tony C
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4 years ago, InsistMischief
(Almost) Cheapest insurance for me
After forgetting to turn in my exclusion document, my policy cancelled, I was hoping they’d see this is a mistake, help me reinstate it for a small fee, then in my form, all would be good. I could barely afford groceries today because they still made me buy a whole new policy at full price again, even though I only had one month of insurance. Please be aware when you don’t turn in your exclusion form, there aren’t reminders, and they will make you go through the hassle of getting a brand new policy, rather than adjusting your old one.
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2 years ago, nay nay2018
I had a few insurance company’s thru out my driving years and I always have to search for new insurance typically after a year or two due to there rates always starting low and then going up so far I believe this is my second year with this insurance company and my rate did not go up it actually went down I must say so far I might have found my last insurance company ..! 👍👍⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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4 years ago, Lukeginger12
Easy to use app
Have been using Esurance app for 3 years now and had a great experience and customer service is usually quick Also like doing everything online so this is nice to have when you don’t want to talk with anyone :) Best price too, have gotten estimates around and this is the cheapest one. I do have $1000 deductible so I don’t pay to much for 1 car $150 When I had 2 cars was around $230
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3 years ago, Mr.wright1970
App is crashing
When I log into the mobile app it keeps crashing when I click on the policy tab, the next screen with my policy details is visible for about 10 seconds after That screen is showing then the app crashes and closes out. I have restarted the app 3 different times and it does the same thing. This is something new since I was using the app without problems 2 weeks ago on the same iPhone. Running the latest iOS updates and using iPhone 8. Other than this crashing issue the app is great.
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3 years ago, ginpal
Love how easy it is
To get a quote and manage my policy was/is super easy and quick. I needed car insurance quickly and Esurance was the only Insurance that gave me a reasonable quote quickly. It was easy for me to pay and print out proof of insurance until I get my card. With the Esurance app I can do everything from see my next payment see my policy change my policy add a claim all from the app on my phone.
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5 years ago, iPhone4s and windows 7
Best Customer srv money can buy
After finding my beloved vehicle was struck by a hit and run person or persons I was able to contact my insurers and file a claim quick fast and easy via the mobile app took no more than 5 mins one of the best tools on the market saves time and gas money and time I can’t get back! Thx Esurance for being such an awesome company and best of all they didn’t even raise my rates! Five stars....
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6 years ago, messengeruser2018
Scan Cards? Nope.
I have had a bad experience with the cards scan. I have an iPhone 6s and i have always been able to use the app perfectly. Then i used the card scan. It wouldn't scan. I put it perfectly in the box for at least 10 seconds. But i was able to manually put my card in. Hopefully i will be able to this next time i get a new card.
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5 years ago, Plrmmbr434
I’m glad I have Esurance
I had a claim for a dent someone did to my suv in a parking lot. The process went smoothly. The agent responded quickly and took care of the repair, the car rental and followed up with me during the repairs. Additional damages were found by the repair facility and they were taken care as well. I only will be responsible for my deductible since I didn’t know who hit my car.
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3 years ago, Bg933
Avoid at all costs
They have commercials and everything, but if you actually need a person you’re out of luck. Esurance is great for taking your money but the second they have to pay you….. good luck. I’ve had customer service and claim adjusters avoid my calls to avoid returning my deductible. I was recently blind sided by a car and esurance hounded me until they realized I was not at fault. I’ve been trying to get my deductible back for a while now but apparently not one person who works there is responsible for getting that back to me. Go local or small but avoid esurance.
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3 years ago, djwosndi rsoemeidneid duwoamsn
Always glitches
This app is easy to use, and it’s nice to have ID cards easily accessible, but every time I try to make any policy changes I always get the message “we’ve encountered an error. Let’s try that again”. It’s frustrating wasting time trying to make a policy change, and then ending up having to call an agent anyway to make changes, and listen to the recording telling you you should use the mobile app before it’ll ring someone. I’d love to use this app, I hate having to waste time calling someone when I should be able to use this.
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5 years ago, Cindy Friddle
Quick Responce
This has been and is, a great experience. Quick response on a claim we had. Great follow up to make sure all our needs were met. Sold and added 2 newer cars and our premiums are just slightly higher. That was a nice surprise! Great customer service. Representatives were cheerful and eager to help and answer any questions we had. Nice to know that excellence still exists.
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5 years ago, jOhnG38
New customer
My phone agent Alan Sizemore was amazing! I needed a new policy and from selecting my best coverage to final payment options I was helped every step of the way and quickly. Alan made me feel welcomed and I’m happy I made the choice to go with Esurance! You can get insurance in a lot of different places but not people like Alan. Thanks again Alan for your help...and no one does a disclaimer like you: nO oNe! 😆
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6 years ago, The keeper king
Easy payments, great installment
This app is everything easy about insurance or how easy it should be. Everything is laid out and straightforward. They enable push notifications, so you’ll be able to know when you need to pay your insurance bill(s) by the time your scheduled date happens to come around. I’d give it 6 stars but five is still a good review.
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5 years ago, allfor1inc
I have been calling Esurance for the last 48 hours trying to get someone on the phone. Using their automated service, I get to my option then the phone hangs up every single time! I tried to email someone and I get no response. I’ve used the app to call, and sure enough, they hang up on me there too! This is absolutely the worst service I’ve ever had.
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7 years ago, Jkarman8
Motorcycle Insurance Policy Issues
I have a motorcycle insurance policy, and this app is basically useless for any review/modifications for that policy. There’s no option to add my Proof or Insurance card to my Apple Wallet, and the only options on the home page exist as a button that simply takes me to the Esurance website for any review/modifications to my policy. The phone number and customer service links are helpful, but since this is my only policy it sort of makes the app unnecessary. I can just make a bookmark of the website and do all the same things.
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3 years ago, Goodfaith1
5 Star Review
This company has been AMAZING!! One of the best insurance companies I’ve worked with. During the pandemic they were so flexible and created cash back options. Everyone I’ve spoken to over the phone has been extremely helpful and I always walk away feeling informed. Thank you Esurance for all that you do!
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5 years ago, Jarred Mars
Nothing but good things to say
This company is great, I was going to be little late on payment and they let you go into your account and change when payment is due to give yourself a buffer. When I was rear ended, they were quick and helpful. And you can’t beat the price. They’ve saved me a few times.
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5 years ago, surperhero1970
Tony L
I have been with Progressive for more than 10 years because they’ve been the most affordable insurance I can find ,recently I got a quote from Esurance and found out that I would save more than $500 annually on my auto insurance, I decided to switch and save .Esurance was professional ,prompt, knowledgeable,it was a smooth transition,I strongly recommend Esurance
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5 years ago, Michaelapierre
Easy and Simple
So easy to have car insurance. The app is so easy to work and navigate to check on your insurance and policy. Need help? Just message them. I think I will have esurance for life. With my old insurance I never remembered when the payment would be due. I had to drive to their office to have them take pictures of my car ect. Hassle.
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3 years ago, Mary.G.
Best Insurance EVER
Esurance’s App is so convenient. Make a claim, upload photos, speak to the agent and payment received. I have had 2 claims through their app and I can’t say anything more than how great they are! They literally have turned a stressful situation into a reassuring, confident, and easy situation. Their rates are the best too!!! Thank you - thank you -THANK YOU!
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1 year ago, Md713
Look elsewhere- terrible company
For starters, if you get any damage to your vehicle they will tell you “you may get an increase to your premium but we can’t say how much and if you will at all” so useless there. Also, when I canceled my insurance with them I was paid up but then 6 months later all of a sudden I get a notice that my credit score has been negatively impacted because they said I had a balance of $3.16!!! Look for another insurance company- Esurance and Allstate are one big monopolistic conglomerate that does not care about its consumer.
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5 years ago, mrippey
Customer service
My name is Mikel Rippey I had someone named Erica help me get started through esurance over the phone. I honestly Never thought I’d enjoy a phone call with a insurance company. Although I did have to pay 900 dollars to start my car insurance, she made the womb not hurt as bad. haha... amazing personality and great job to her. I would’ve went somewhere else if it wasn’t for her.
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3 years ago, slaveformyB
The mobile app for Esurance has made it so easy for me to pay my bill. What ever questions I need answers to, it’s all on the app. Should I have any further questions that need to be answered by an agent, I always get through within the first call. I would recommend Esurance.
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4 years ago, KW FL
Thank you!
Esurance has made my busy lifestyle so easy! The App/site is user friendly with everything you need at your fingertips, completely paper free! They offer great rates and their response to the COVID-19 pandemic was swift and required no action from the customer. I am truly grateful for their continued outstanding
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