Euchre 3D

4.8 (122.7K)
98.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
A Star Software LLC
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Euchre 3D

4.84 out of 5
122.7K Ratings
2 years ago, Annacf1
The best euchre app! Please make 2 changes
I tried all of almost all of the euchre apps out there and this one is the best by far, not even close! Gameplay is super smooth and intuitive. Lots of humans play for the multiplayer games and the skill level is surprisingly high across the board. Also the rate of ppl abandoning their games is pretty low. There are 2 changes to this app that would make it practically perfect. 1. I need you to add more chat options, especially “thanks” and “sorry” and 2. I’d love to be able to keep playing with the same ppl. So I think when a new game starts it should automatically seat you at the same table, with the option to leave and join a different table (at random). Part of euchre is learning your partner and how they play. It’s much more fun to do that over time with the same partner than to constantly be switching partners.
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1 year ago, walker_boh
Here’s how you can tell who is going to win
First of all ads are annoying. It used to be you would close the ad by right clicking the “x” in the top right. Then they upgraded is so now you have to click an “x” in the left hand corner then click an “x” in the right hand corner. Second of all, before you start playing, look at everyone’s score. You can almost always bet whoever has the highest score will be the team that wins. Nothing to do with skill, that team just gets the better cards every time. I’ve played this app for a long time and watched this closely. I would say 95% of the time this is true. Also, at some point the AI will determine you’re going to lose. Buckle up buddy…you’ll lose 10+ games or so and drive your score way down. Then magically, it likes you and you can no wrong for 10 games. Back and forth, back and forth. Statistically baloney, I’ve played a ton of Euchre in my lifetime, and I’ve never seen such dramatically long winning or losing streaks. Lastly, if you’ve ever played real Euchre players you know this game is fast. Boom, boom, boom…game over. You should be able to boot a person right away if they don’t play. Guaranteed every game there’s ALWAYS one guy who takes forever to play then either leaves or you have to boot him.
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2 months ago, Debi_J98142
Play this game if you want to lose 90% of the time. I’ve been keeping track of the trump cards the other teams consistently gets and most of the time they will call trump and will have 5+ trump cards and usually those are the highest cards. The amount of times a Joker will come up as the card they turn over is higher than you will normally see in a game. It is rare they will turn over trump on their deal. It definitely seems weighted to the other team and I don’t care what the app developer’s response is, those who play Euchre know that nobody has good luck streaks like they do in this game. The other part that I really find frustrating is my partner will call trump and won’t have the right or the left bower and doesn’t have enough trump so we don’t get euchered. So often I will have no Trump when my partner calls it. While the other team seems to have a higher than average amount of good luck when they deal, I generally get a hand with all the suits or 3 of the suits and I’ll turn up the 4th suit. I also tend to get a lot of 9’s and 10’s. I’m talking several times in a game. When you have losing streaks of 5-10 games that you lose by 5 or more points you have to believe the game is rigged. I love playing Euchre but this game is very frustrating. So if you like playing to lose 90% of the time this game is for you.
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2 years ago, Disappointed with Comcast
Game needs many simple fixes
The adds are frequent and annoying, but other free euchre games are worse. The format of the gameplay is good and pace (ads not withstanding) good too, but there are several things that are extremely annoying, namely: - the lack of randomness in hands dealt. You will see the slight variations on the same hand for 4 hands in a row quite frequently. The randomness of the shuffles is highly questionable. There are also long runs of hands favoring one team or another that you just don’t get in real life. - lack of options, e.g. ‘ace no face’ re-deals - the quality of plays for the AI players. Related, it would be nice to be able to see a recap of the 5 tricks to verify if the other players are playing of the points properly. Here are 2 actual examples of the AI in the game: 1) my AI partner orders up trump to the other team. We go down two tricks. In the third trick my partner cannot follow suit, but instead of throwing a trump card, he throws off and we lose the third trick (because I then had to follow suit) and we get euchred. With the trump cards we both had in our hands, we could have easily won the 3 tricks if he would have thrown a trump card. 2) My partner, as the 4th player, trumps my winning Ace despite having a non-trump card in hand. We go on to loose 3-2.
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3 years ago, NevetsInNMi
Full size pop up ads not authors fault
Edited: I defended this program a few years ago. Unfortunately now they force a 35 second ad halfway through the game that you have to stop the game and twiddle your thumbs while it plays out. It went from a game I enjoyed to kill some time with to a game I don’t want to play because of the ads. Not going to pay to avoid them either. Greed appears to have taken over for the developer. Old review: I have been playing this game for a long time. When the full screen popups started I contacted the authors support site and within 2 hours they had contacted me back advising that they had blocked the advertising network that was shoving out the full size screen ads and that they are in the process of changing their ad provider to eliminate that kind of stuff from happening again. You get more done by contacting support than just writing a bad review. This game is an excellent basic version of euchre. Yes, the AI does make some interesting moves like going alone with hardly anything, but it's not like it happens all the time. I would like to see some additional switches like STD or partners best but compared to other euchre games I have downloaded this one is solid and worth your time, either the free version or the paid version.
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1 year ago, KLouisK 66
Definitely not like a real game
To start there is a lot of really cool features to this app, enjoy the statistics, speed of play, live play & rankings it provides. The big drawback to me is that they keep track of what you are doing……meaning that if you exit too many games early they suspend you for a period of time (from one minute to one day in my experience). Which leads me to wonder if they’re keeping track of that, what else are they tracking to control your experience which is why to me it’s not a real game. I enjoy playing euchre against others & I understand that it’s not always going to go my way but I play on multiple apps & this one is the only one that I experienced long streaks of poor luck. I have gone several games without the opportunity to make a trump call in multiple occasions, losing most games by a score of 10 to 2 or something similar. Most hands consisting of 3-4 cards 9-Q with all four suits represented. Never ever have I experienced anything similar on another app or in real life & I have been playing euchre for 40 years with friends & family. Now I don’t know if this is intentional (based on tracking your interactions, and they are tracking you. Or if it’s just a bad algorithm….which is possible) but it’s a shame……my advice is buyer beware.
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4 years ago, Figaro6419
Read Flyinjeep’s review! It’s the same way for me! Don’t understand why he gave it a “5 star” rating though? I consider myself as good a euchre player as you will find as I have the reputation and paid my way through college playing it, including $100/game, $50/set! But as Flyinjeep said, the deals cannot be random as I have played days with 4 suited hands every deal! I’ve never dealt that many bad hands in my life! Try stopping a loner or setting someone with hands like that! Also, I have told the developers that in the single game format, the players are the the stupidest players in the world and no one would learn how to play the game correctly from them! I told them they should develop their game from the book of Hoyle which explains the basics of euchre! I have a partner in singles called Shark who is everything but! He will pass almost all the time, leads Aces when he has both Jacks in trump, get set because he gets his Aces trumped (It’s like playing 3 against 1), will not lead trump for you when you make trump, even though he has even the right bower, makes trump when he shouldn’t and doesn’t when he should! The other players are just as stupid! Please, please redevelop you’re app to play sensibly for everybody’s sake! You have the resources to do this, use them!!!
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3 years ago, Jill2346
LOVE the App, but HATE HATE HATE the ADS!
So, I probably use this app every single day. I love the layout of this app, and it is so addicting. The layout is so simple and easy to work. The app is fast and is doesn’t glitch often at all. I love all the different settings you can choose for your type of game. I don’t know 100% if it’s this app I love because I am just a little bias because I just love euchre, but lately I’ve been upset with this app. And the advertisements are why. I HATE HOW MANY ADVERTISEMENTS SHOW UP. Literally if your in a single player game (yourself against computers), there is a REQUIRED VIDEO 5-10 second advertisement each time your score or your opponents score is around 5-7 points, and after every game is over, THERE IS ANOTHER REQUIRED AD. It is so irritating. This is the same thing that happens for multiply player too. I play at least once a day when I’m relaxing or taking a break, and I just can’t stand the advertisements. I just went to check how much it would be to pay for the app without the advertisements and it was $20!!!!! That is WAY TOO COSTLY TO PAY FOR AN APP WITHOUT ADS! I was very upset, and so now I am looking into other apps that may have cheaper options for opting out of euchre without advertisements....
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9 months ago, jayh92082
I have Doubts about random deals
I like the game. I like the no nonsense, no long chat, and no constant in app purchase ads like spades+ and others. However…. My first complaint is the new ads system. Why on earth would any company think annoying me and making me wait 3 seconds 3-4 times for the same ad is going to drum up business? Especially when you hit the “x” and it still acts like you clicked to download. Beyond that I highly doubt the deals are random. I was nearly an 1800 player for quite a while and suddenly I go DAYS without getting a game of good hands. Now I’m ranked low 1500s and lose probably 8 out of 10 games. I would suggest using a verification service for your random deals, because until you do, I have no doubt that they are not random. I play ranked online only. And when I started about a year ago with the app, I got a lot of good hands frequently. Got my ranking up, got excited to play, and now it seems that’s what my opponents are getting. Hook line and sinker. THAT would be your incentive.
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10 months ago, DarylRosz
Way too many loners! Tsk! Tsk!
I’m usually playing this game while going to the bathroom; there is NO difference between this game and what I’m doing in the toilet! Addicteddd’s review (which was just recently posted) is spot on. THIS GAME IS HORRIBLY RIGGED!!!! Every game is decided by a loner (which totally takes the fun out of playing). Old Review of mine: Let’s try this again (since it was already removed once). Virtually impossible to play a normal game of euchre (in the “rated” game mode) when you have to protect yourself from the opponent having a loner. Every game is decided by a loner one way or another. Not very fun at all. Deals are NOT random. I got the little pop-up box asking if I like the game… I clicked “No” and haven’t won a game since (about 20 games). Went from a 2000 rating to 1700 within a few days. NICE! P.S. I was just up 8-0, but lost because of… you guessed it… 2 liners in a row by the opposition… Fun game! EDIT: since posting this “negative” review, I’ve only won 3 out of 25 games (causing my rating to plummet); and I got the below response from the “moderators” (which has nothing to do with my review)… this game is a complete rigged train wreck!
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3 years ago, creekhooper54
Good Game overall
I’m a relatively new euchre player, and I’ve been playing this for a while, it very much helped me to learn to play rather than watching my family play. Many people complain about the ads, but you can just turn in airplane mode or block data/WiFi on the game. I like being able to adjust the difficulty of the ai and how aggressive the partner is. I do feel like the hands are a bit on the bad side sometimes as I can get multiple bad hands in a row, so maybe adjust the odds a bit so that it is harder to get bad hands consecutively. The graphics are great for a free phone game and the animation of the card plays are very smooth. Overall I’ve been very impressed with the game and would recommend it to people who want to learn to play euchre or people who want to kill a bit of time.
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4 years ago, CurtainsFor You
Very Good euchre app, few exceptions
This app is great for time wasting. It’s smooth and the ai gameplay is good. Multiplayer has a few issues for me that keep it from being a 5 star game. Each player has a certain amount of time to make a play before they can be kicked. It is WAY too much time. I haven’t timed it yet, but it feels like an eternity. It’s infuriating because people will intentionally wait until the last possible second, then make a play to stay in the game. They will do this EVERY TURN. The other thing I’ve noticed is that I’m convinced somehow that players can cheat and know your hand. Case in point, just played a game where my partner and I both had lay down loner hands at different points in the game, but the opponent knew it and ordered up trump to keep us from getting the 4 point loners. How would someone know that intentionally get euchered is the best possible outcome of a hand for them? Twice in the same game? I don’t think so.
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1 year ago, Nofunhad
Impossible statistics
I’ve been playing euchre since I was twelve years old. I’ve never seen such terrible luck when bidding. Cards stacked against you. You’re teammate almost always has no trump and no aces and your opponents have all the rest of the trump and the suit aces. I just played a loner with right, left, nine and two suit aces and got set! In any real game of euchre you would convert a point 99% of the time and make a loner at least 80% of the time probably more like 90% of the time. But this game’s statistical anomalies got me set. Opponent lead to one of my aces and his teammate trumped it. Then said teammate lead back another suit and I trumped with my nine. I got over trumped. Then opponent lead to my other ace and that got trumped. There’s only 7 trump in the deck. I had three and my opponents had the other four. None in my teammates hand. None in the blind. In the 30 years been playing euchre it would be a stretch to say I’ve seen something like that happen maybe 5 times. This game creates the most impossible odds against you on a regular basis. It’s not fun and I don’t intend to play anymore.
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3 years ago, False ad Please read
Needs Improvement
Overall I am happy with the gameplay which is why I am leaving 2 stars. I play this game daily but a lot of little things about this game take out of what it could be especially the competitive nature. First you can only say 5 pre-programmed things in the chat. If going to do this follow 8 ball pool and give the opportunity to earn points to get more sayings or just buy some. Second, I quit games when players are slow or I have something come up in real life. Certain numbers of quits you are “banned” 24 hours. I understand the concept but I think adding loss of points to overall score would be a better way to do that - Also I feel like you should be able to create rooms and play with certain people or have friends. Maybe even pick out of certain people available when starting a game? Getting stuck playing with somebody who doesn’t know what they are even doing - lowers my score? These are my main issues - have a great game. Def need to modify a lot.
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6 months ago, mj31102
AI makes odd plays
Playing single with the AI partner the partner plays cards that make no sense and will lose you the points when you could/should have won. Example: last game I played. Spades are trump. Opponent to my right leads off suit ace. I throw the right bower, the jack of spades. Opponent to my left throws an off suit card. I have it obviously. My AI partner throws the left bower, the Jack of clubs. Uh, WHAT? Then we end up losing the set because my partner had no more trump and would have won had it not played it’s only trump card when it did. Another example: hearts are trump. My right side opponent leads trump, the 9 of hearts. I throw the left bower, the Jack of diamonds. Left side opponent throws the queen of hearts. I have it. AI partner throws the right bower the Jack of hearts and takes it. I then believe that that was the only trump card they could play. Because I already had the trick but my AI partner trumped me. Well then my AI partner leads and throws a 10 of hearts. WHAT? We then lose being the opponents had the ace of hearts. Ridiculous.
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1 year ago, Mister Average
What happened…
Couple three weeks ago, things got weird! I play a lot cards but all of a sudden the two opponents started “cross trumping.” That happens now and then, but not every other game and even twice in one game. I play this app several times a day and in four years have only seen this maybe a couple dozen times! Also, at first I thought it was my imagination, but then my wife commented above it to. About every couple games, you lead a card, especially in trump, and the opponent plays off signifying that they are out of that suite A play or two later, the opponent plays that suite! That makes it difficult to know what to play! Is there a bug in your software? Or, I do win far more than I lose so do you have some sort of equalizer in your app? Overall your app is great!
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2 months ago, ajjromine
Good memories, great game
My dad and uncle taught all us kids how to play euchre, and poker. We were playing that all the time. With REAL cards!!, I learned a lot about people by their card play and their sportsmanship… my dad died ten years ago, but in the single player mode I have it set to my dad as my partner. Still the partner ever and he NEVER leaves the game. I also like the std rated games, except the comment drop down is way too cumbersome. Someone is always saying the wrong thing and you can’t correct yourself.I don’t care for “let’s go!” It seems aggressive. And it would be nice to thank someone we they say “Nice one.” I would perhaps consider adding a friend button. A lot of times I play with awesome people and I’d like to play again but there’s no way to do it outside of the casual game and they cheat too much in there.
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2 years ago, Viktorialee
Ads get you booted off
The set up for this game is great you can play against the computer off line or with real players if you have Wi-Fi, the main problem is they got greedy with the ads!! There is a banner that shows ads the whole time your playing, not a big deal. Then during a real game they make you watch a video that will get you kicked off the game for “inactivity” so while your stuck watching an ad your holding up all 3 players and if the ad is to long your be kicked off!!! Sometimes it will let you close the ad before being kicked off but usually all the other players are upset for taking so long to come back to play!! There should be no breakaway ads during actual game play!!
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6 years ago, Mile Golf
I love playing Euchre with friends. It is the ONLY card game I like to play. Sadly, Euchre seems to be a regional game so finding folks who know HOW to play can be difficult. I am a VERY good player & partner. Imagine my joy when I found the free version in the App Store. The game looked good & moves pretty well. I sometimes wondered about the way the game was programmed to play in a few Instances, but generally it was a decent game. It was good enough so that when I found out the same folks made a “pay for it” version of the same game, I (virtually) plunked down my $4.99 and began to play. SADLY, the new, “paid” version is quite a disappointment. My AI partner, whom I have (non) affectionately named “Bonehead” has improved his boneheaded ways ... somewhat ... but my big issue is that it would seem that except for the occasional good hand, I now seem to only get Queens, tens, and nines in the hand I’m dealt. To make matters worse, my Qs, 10s, and 9s seldom include trump! The opponents nearly always make their loans on improbable (or “lucky”) hands, while I regularly fail to make my loans. I can nearly ALWAYS count on my opponent to my left having the Ace to my off suit. “Bonehead” has better luck with his loans than I, (for some odd reason) so there is one slight improvement from the free vs. paid version of this Euchre online game. All in all, I only continue to play this “pay-to-play” version BECAUSE I paid for it!
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3 years ago, INTRPTR
Ads are getting out of control
Sure, the gameplay is only average. AI players (and developers) have no sense of Hoyle when it comes to the game. And aggressive settings just increase the odds that your hands will be terrible. However, when I started playing this game years ago, the ads were only in between games. About last year, there started to be a mid-game break for an ad and that was tolerable because most of the time they lasted 15 seconds or less. However, since 2021 began, the ads are happening at least twice per game and I’ve even had 4 ads during the same game. To make it worse, they’re mostly 30 seconds long now with no way to close them out early. I get that the developers are trying o make money, but you don’t do that by frustrating the players to the point that they go looking for another way to play and/or delete the app altogether. Personally, I’m at the trial stage with other Euchre apps.
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2 years ago, mojoflo32
Exceedingly frustrating
The multi-player option is great. I’ll agree with some other comments regarding the chat options. Maybe need to include some additional phrases, but not a huge deal. The single player version has plenty of issues, though. Not the least of which is their AI. I just finished a game where my AI partner threw trump on a trick I had won. Thought maybe all it was holding was trump. Nope. It lead with an off Ace after that and we ended up losing the hand. Never saw that happen before. The developers can say all they want that the cards are random. Not a chance I believe them. Had a stretch of three games recently where we had a total of three points. 11-0, 10-1, and 10-2. The amount of 9’s and 10’s I was dealt was ridiculous. I’m a relatively aggressive player, but we didn’t even have an opportunity to call trump. Will stick with multi-player. Getting kicked in the crotch might be less painful than playing single player.
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1 week ago, Listen-Up123
Enjoyable - despite dumb AI Players!
First off, let’s be honest: in Single Player mode, the computer intelligence on tap for the virtual partner on your team is very seriously lacking (to be kind). This is very frustrating to witness, but at least this deficit is balanced by the equal stupidity of the opposing virtual team one is playing against. So… the basic experience that results is that you are playing with 3 numb skulls, but in the end, the single player (you) will most certainly win a high majority of games so there’s still some satisfaction in that. What would be wonderful is if the play level of these virtual players could be upgraded significantly - if this were so, I would have no qualm paying for the game. As it stands currently, I play the game for free, I like the interface, and Ads are relatively minimal (thank you) so still I play on…
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3 years ago, Hoosier1616
AI and programming issues!
I am an avid Euchre player, and I have played and won countless tournaments. Unfortunately the AI in this game is completely inconsistent, if my partner was willing to consistently order trump with not enough cards to support two tricks, I’d find a new partner. I have played with my AI partner in all aspects from conservative to aggressive and the tendencies are still the same... bad choices. (Teach them how to throw off, or lead out better). I also have observed on multiple occasions, AI opponents seemingly know the hand of their teammate, to order trump without having a high trump and observing the opposite player pick up four of five tricks, consistently, would get the AI team eliminated from any tournament for cheating. Programming needs to be rethought, this game is not a game of chance... just circumstance and errored programming Fix these issue and this would be a good app, until then I’ll look for a better, and more fair option. I don’t like to be cheated.
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6 years ago, Jordan Kozuszek
The graphics are great and the gameplay is smooth, but the cards are anything but random. If you’ve played Euchre with real people who actually know what they’re doing, you’ll be able to feel it when you play. Nobody’s opponents always turn up exactly what they need to beat you all the time. I have no problem losing a hand or a game or ten games, but I do have a problem with the logic of the computers. The opponent AI’s table talk like their lips are made of said table. Your partner is dim-witted at best. If you’re a beginner looking to learn the rules and basic strategy, this is a phenomenal app that will suit your purposes marvelously. If you’re a serious player looking for a real game, find some friends, invite them over, pour a Tom Collins, and enjoy the cards that way. Have a drink and wait for someone to make a Euchre app that relies on a self-reinforcement learning algorithm to run the AI’s instead of whatever they run on now.
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3 years ago, pdsummer75
I love euchre. This is the most fair app out there. However, I found after playing it for about 1-2 hours a day for weeks straight……I grew miserable. I would not recommend. I deleted it from my phone, and I suggest you do the same and go for a walk outside. Many people wait to long to play. You can tell they are doing something else and wasting your time. The app has no function to block other players……even though I’ve played with people who go alone with no trump and I would like to never play with them again. Also, many players shoot a message like “nice one” after every trick and just comment the entire game making it harder for you to play. The best is when they send so many messages you can’t play and then they start sending you messages to speed up when your slower because of all the messages flashing on the screen. Try to make a real friend (in the flesh) and play in person. You’ll be better for it. Peace and love to you.
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2 years ago, Madaboutmibs
Best of a bad lot, but boring AI play
I am a long-time AI player of this, and while it’s the best euchre game I’ve found for the iPad, as others have rightly pointed out it’s got flaws that make it very frustrating to play. The biggest flaw is the horrible hands you hold as declarer; these are not truly “random deals.” There’s a bug in the algorithm that skews South (your hand) receiving a steady diet of kings and below, while your opponents - especially West - holds aces & up. Your partner will call a loner on fumes (no bowers) and go set regularly, regardless of his setting for aggressive play. He will fail to lead the right bower in critical situations. AIs do have far to go to “think” like a human in card play, which is certainly forgivable here. However ***hand after hand of lousy, clearly not random cards - ones not even good for defense - should have been fixed long ago.*** Boring card games are just no fun.
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4 years ago, Homer278
Random deals my foot
I’ve played a lot of euchre over the years and there is no way this game gives random deals. There are entirely too many useless hands and loners. There’s very little skill involved as you either seem to win by a landslide or get blown out. It’s a shame because the gameplay is better than all the other games I’ve tried. I keep on playing but I have never been as frustrated as I am playing this game. My advice is not to download this game. Once you get used to the smooth, uncluttered gameplay this offers it is difficult to play anything else. If you do start prepare to be angry most of the time. If you’re good your rank will improve quickly but you will be penalized with a seemingly endless string of garbage hands.
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4 years ago, Jimmypettet
Okay at best
I’ve played so much euchre in my lifetime. I grew up in a bar. My grandparents owned it and we had euchre tournaments regularly. This is the card game I love. This app - sheesh. Multiplayer isn’t bad. It could certainly use some improvements such as better quick phrases, an improved community system where one can friend another player without giving out personal information such as phone numbers and emails. The core of the game is there though. It’s kind of hard to screw that part up unless there’s an AI in the mix. Which brings me to the crux of my review. If, like me, you just want to squeeze in a few hands between jobs or on a break and don’t have time to commit to a whole game, you’re in for a bad ride. I’ll use the example that sparked me to write this review. I had an actual loner - 4 trump, both bars and an off ace. My partner (AI) was the dealer and picked up another suite alone AND GOT EUCHRED WITH NO BARS. here’s the kicker - it was 8-9 and we lost. This isn’t the kind of decision an actual player, with minimal experience, would make. This is pretty routine behavior for the AI. It will order you a trump and has 2 in its hand and is 3 suited with no bars. The AI logic needs a drastic overhaul. If you’re not into “shut up and play” this app might not be for you. It’s hard to interface with others and the AI is brutal. Good luck. Hopefully someone writes a better app soon.
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4 years ago, DERxWALROSS
You only get trash hands
I just learned to play Euchre a couple weeks ago and it was really enjoyable. THEN I downloaded this rigged crap. I started playing casually, then moved to the rated which is essentially a rating mode keeping track of how “good” you are. I put that in quotes because this app is actually just trash. You’ll start off getting good hands every couple rounds and maybe get a 4 point loner but after doing well for a game or maybe even a couple rounds you are reduced to all 9s and a 10 for MULTIPLE GAMES. Your hands literally don’t get better. You’ll get a King maybe... but the other team will have the Ace so it doesn’t matter. Once you’ve been crapped on for multiple games it will finally give you a couple good hands BUT I MUST WARN YOU, play well with those hands and you’ll be sent to the pit of 9’s and 10’s. Also you go to play casual and people are literally just cheating. Played against people typing random letters to each other. One of the people would type something then the other will call trump or tell dealer to pick up whatever card was flipped then not play a single trump card. This happens pretty much every casual game. I’m tired of getting literal crap hands in rated mode and people cheating in casual. App is unplayable at this point. Like a lot of negative reviews say, cards are NOT RANDOM
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3 years ago, bfkwndrnendn
The last straw
Just played a rated game where my partner left before the first hand was even dealt. I decided to stick it out and try it with AI. Things were going okay at first but AI kept making all the calls, not giving me a chance to really play. When I could call trump, we got the euchre or the point. So it’s not like I was making bad calls. AI made a bad call at the end which got us euchred and cost us the game. And I was docked -10 points!!! That’s the most I’ve ever been docked in a rated game! While the teammate who abandoned me first round lost 9!! So I was punished more for a bad AI and a crappy partner?? Developers need to fix the rated game play because scoring doesn’t make sense and the game is clearly rigged. Also I’m pretty sure my last review was deleted. I can’t find it and I had posted it only a week ago. It should be easy to find. I’m losing all respect for this app and the developers ignoring bad reviews won’t help with any sort of progress or trust in this game. I’m fed up and it’s reasonable to be so.
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5 years ago, Jonhoffm
Not perfect I suppose, but pretty darn good
I see a lot of reviews complaining that the game is rigged against you. All I can say is that I am a mediocre player in real life and have a 55% win rate which is probably about right. While I seem to get more variability in hands in real life (some lay down loners now and then along with some dismal hands as well) this does not feel like a set up to me. I think the app is great for someone who just learned or is just learning. A couple of suggestions - 1) have an option to show what was buried after the hand, I find that entertaining sometimes in real life. And so you know if you miscounted Trump or not. 2) have a lay down option when the hand is over but hasn't played out. For example, you need the last 2tricks and are sitting there with both bowers. Even with auto-play selected you need to play the tricks out. This is clearly a nit-pick. 3) have an option to let you renege instead of always limiting your selection to not do so. Better practice for real life. 4) have a suggestion button or setting to help new players. This is risky seeing how the AI seems to play sometimes, but could be helpful.
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5 years ago, FeatherForkFingers
One of my main issues are the available comments in rated play. Players, bc they are impatient humans, will often use the “let’s go” comment excessively. It doesn’t even happen to me that often, but I get irritated with it being used all the time. Don’t have it as an option. It’s unnecessary and encourages bad behavior. The game reminds you if it’s your turn and you haven’t laid a card. After that players can boot you from the game. That’s sufficient. Don’t allow jerks who take just as much time to make a play but aren’t self aware to harass other players. Also, I’ve left a couple of games due to inappropriate ongoing sexual comments - I shouldn’t be penalized for that as a warning came up about consequences for leaving the game. Why? It wasn’t even a rated game. This game would be also be better with more options for different types of play like No Trump, Bottoms, etc.
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4 years ago, lipsticklively
Review of Euchure app
I learned Euchre as a kid. Many adults in our neighborhood played together, while us kids hung out. I haven’t played in over 30years for many reasons. No one I met in GA or TN ever heard of it over the last 10 years. I recently started playing solitare again. I do prefer a real deck with real people. Im trying to teach my grandchildren some fun card games. Recently i down loaded words with friends & found one of my childhood neighborhood friends on WWF & she told me about being able to play Euchre as partners.? I was floored😳.... shocked. Long story short we won our first match playing together about a week ago. It is wonderful, though Im creeped out sometimes about what tech. Can do. Thanks for the game Deb Pro
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2 years ago, ColoradoCrue
Player AI logic needs work, but otherwise gameplay is enjoyable
An extremely well written program that provides hours of entertainment for euchre fans of all skill levels, the interface and experience is simple without distracting animations and overbearing visual feedback. The AI logic needs work, you’ll be frustrated by some of your partner’s gameplay choices such as not leading with trump when you order, holding on to a right bauer instead of leading with it, and not drawing out all trump out before playing off suites when going alone. Otherwise, it excels over any other euchre app that I’ve found online, and is an enjoyable and addictive alternative for times when you need your euchre fix and don’t have access to human competition!
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4 months ago, ne-cs
I have played this euchre game for the last 8 months. I started out enjoying the game but recently have been very disappointed. There are glitches in the game play that need to be fixed. For players lapses in time you receive a message “booted from game for inactivity”, which is perfectly understandable during those circumstances. However, for months now and it has happened several times each week you receive the message “booted from game for inactivity” AFTER you’ve already played your card and are waiting for your opponent to play their card. Today (February 15, 2024) it happened three times in a row, one of which I was even involved in the card play because my partner called a loner! So frustrating and disappointing! FIX YOUR GAME!! Since you can review the play you should be capable of replacing a players token when booted from game through no fault of player. RESTORE MY TOKENS!! 😡
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3 years ago, Brayden booooo
Great app some rude players in chat tho
I love this game, especially in multi player. I’m relatively new to the game and I understand the rules and I keep up the pace, but I occasionally misplay a card and sometimes I might make a risky call to learn from it. Because of this I only play in the casual games, not the rated ones. However I occasionally still get abused and it’s really annoying. My partner last night “Brayden” sent me lines of question marks and told me that I sucked at cards, thanks partner, just the fun kind of experience I want in an on-line game. Maybe one or two or the rooms in the casual games could be designated for people who are casual Euchre players looking to have fun and don’t want to suffer verbal abuse for occasional misplayed rounds. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Love the app! Thanks.
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2 years ago, N4t3 XD
Swear to god the algorithms decide winners
I’ve played well over 1000 online games of euchre with this app. It is the absolute best app across the board for in game play. My only complaint is that the algorithm I swear decides the winners. I’ve gone on win streaks for weeks where I couldn’t lose if I tried and then be at the same exact level for 3 months and then lose (currently on a 7 month losing streak) where it is impossible to even get above 4 in a game. I am a mathematician by degree. I understand random probability trends. This is NOT one of them. It’s just does not seem possible to have the trends naturally that this app displays. If I felt there wasn’t funny business going on behind the scenes with the algorithm, I would give 5 stars in second. I do not believe that this is the case so I gave 3 stars.
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5 years ago, kaspar5613
Definitely not random
The amount of times your opponent is short suited to your off suit ace is incredible. I play pretty aggressively in real life so I can handle being set every now and again, but the cards are clearly rigged in favor of you losing. I think the computers are programmed to play their cards in the right order, I prefer to lead my power when I have it and they prefer to lead their off suit, but I can see both sides of the strategy. However, the computer is very regularly shorted and can trump over tricks that are regularly good when i play in real life. Whereas the reverse is almost never true. If the opponent leads an off suit ace theres about a 95% chance I have that suit and can’t trump in. I feel like that happens 3-4 times a game in real like and it happens almost every time I lead an ace in this game. Eventually it becomes so frustrating you just give up playing. Again, something I’ve never done or will ever do in real life.
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4 years ago, kblair1511
Don't bother until they offer a paid version
The game plays well, half the time. The other half of the time?. Your teammates get dropped often, leaving you with a CPU teammate who gets you eurchred 3-4 times a game. Wouldn't be so bad but you still lose rating because they can't figure out how to create proper AI. You can't talk to your team, that's fine. But the other team can spam messages constantly which can cause you to miss your turn or be unable to play your cards. What happens then? You get kicked. The adds used to just be at the top of the screen, that's fair. You need to support the game, I get it. Now the adds play several times During the game, in effect making games last twice as long sometimes. And there is no option to pay for the game and be ad free. I had to remove it after it spammed 3 ads in a row causing every player in the game but me to drop. There are other eurchre apps that are far less annoying.
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4 years ago, Canoeracer
Great game but....
I've played a lot of euchre in my life, but I swear the other partners talk under the table !!! They will order up trump to their partner and not even have that suit in their hand, or they will lead a 9 of trump like the know their partner has the right bar in their partners hand !!! Also I seem to get the worst hands I don't know how may times I've had all 9's and 10's I know that happens but not as after as I seem to get them !!!! I've never noticed the other players getting all 9's and 10's !!!!! I hope you read this review this time because everything I said here years ago are still the same issues that I think are happening
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3 years ago, IndyXTopher
A Punishing Exercise in Frustration
I’ve been playing euchre most of my life & have never seen annoying patterns in the types of hands one receives in this game. There is no way these hands are random! How to explain 10-20 losing hands in a row? How to explain a 200 point drop in overall user score over a 30-40 game time frame? How annoying to be down 8-0 and have the opposing team turn up a Jack on their deal (repeatedly)! How frustrating to be up 7-5 and have the opposing team be dealt back-to-back loners (repeatedly)! Sadly, this game is blatantly manipulative. Bravo to the creators for so successfully preying on human behavior. 😠😖😠😖
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4 months ago, Ry****
Worst euchre game
First off, ads are absolutely ridiculous. For some of them you have to exit out of them multiple times (after exiting one, it goes to another screen where you have to exit again). In some instances, you press the exit button and it takes you to the App Store. I’m here to play euchre, not click bait. Secondly, some of the ads are in different languages and i don’t know how to exit because there is no “x” and one of the two options probably says “cancel” in a different language. As for the actual game, there are way too many instances of loners when you are winning 9 to 6 and the opponent wins 9-10. This game is not a good replication of true euchre with a deck of cards. They say it’s “random,” but the losing and winning streaks say otherwise. I’ve played euchre for years, and this app should be taken out with the trash with the rest of the garbage next Tuesday.
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10 months ago, D$$$!
Unrealistic Games + Bad Ads
I really want to like this app b/c I love euchre, however the algorithm/AI or whatever is terrible. I play euchre all the time in real life competitively and there are NEVER so many loners in games. I would say every game has at least has 1-2 successful loners…if not 3. It’s just not realistic. Also, I will go on losing streaks of like 10 games where it’s simply impossible to win a game…then suddenly I will go and win 10 games where it’s simply outrageously good hands and the other team has no chance. I have to adapt and play differently on the app than in real life and that’s a shame. And then there are the ads. I get it, that’s how an app makes $$$, but some of these ads you have to click on like 3 times to get out of it. DO BETTER. Make the card play more realistic.
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1 year ago, Goda7
Still some fixes needed….
I’ve been playing this game a lot lately. I always just play in the single mode. Our internet can be tricky sometimes so I don’t like to play other people in case it goes out. Usually, I win a few games in a row and then I lose a few games in a row. I can’t remember the last time I was able to pick up the card when I deal. Either I have a good hand and my partner orders it up, or I simply cannot pick up the card. Somehow, the player on my left almost always trumps or over trumps my play. It’s rare that they don’t. The player on my left also renigs on a regular basis to take the trick and win the hand. It’s getting quite predictable and frustrating.
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5 years ago, Flydeltatoomuch
Not a serious Euchre game
My family takes the game of Euchre VERY serious and if any member would ever play the way the AI (artificial idiot) programmed into this game, they would be asked to leave the table and not return until they learn to play the game. The author(s) of this game should consider consulting with some real Euchre players. I realize that strategic play is not written in the rules of the game but good players understand that you don’t take you partners trick with a higher trump, right bower over your partners Ace and then play a smaller trump, a 10. Passing dirty in my family will get you expelled from the game for life, not with this game. Its almost feels like the AI opponents know what you have and pass so you will call it n then you go set. I’ve read other reviews about the cards dealt. I thought it was just my luck but maybe there is something to it but the AI issues are not imagined and not by chance, just poor programming.
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1 year ago, C. McBasketball
Addicting but rigged
I performed well. Even though they say it is random, I don’t believe that is the case. I think their algorithm has a higher turn rate on jacks and increases loner likelihoods for teams down say 9-6 or 9-5. If you are up 9-6, and a Jack is flipped if you don’t have it guarded just get your team euchred on purpose and try winning on your own. If you catch fire, wait for the streak of awfulness where every time the other team calls it weak their partner has what they need. I also believe aces are not in the kitty nearly as often as other cards. I believe if I had the time I could provide analytics on this. However, I am just providing my opinion on observations after 250+ games with a high rating. I decided to delete it when it was clear it was nothing like in-person playing.
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3 years ago, traceylynn79
9’s & 10’s
I love to play euchre & am impressed with layout of this game. I don’t need special features to drain my battery. However when I play euchre for real I never get that many 9’s & 10’s in a row for multiple games. I only play the free single version because I can’t sign in with an email for multiplayer. My partner will call trump with the left & one other trump; or make it with only 3 trump cards (none being a bower) & terrible off cards. When trump is made my partner will only lead a bower if my OPPONENT made trump. The only exception is if my partner make trumps & does lead a bower, I know for a fact it is going to take all the trump as if it’s going alone. Then I’m left with crap cards. I just updated the game to see how it is. But if these problems remain I will delete the app. It’s just too frustrating.
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6 years ago, Boomsheeka27
Not a fan
If you want to play a game where your opponents almost constantly make very low-probability calls like ordering trump when they hold A 10 9 and it somehow works out for them over and over and over, while at the same time you make high-probability calls like ordering trump when you're holding left A Q and offsuit A and end up euchred again and again, then this is the game for you! Seriously though, it's a joke at this point. They deal you loner hands pretty much exclusively when you're the dealer and the upcard is the opposite color, meaning the call has to be passed 7 times so you can order up your loner. So you very rarely can call a loner but your opponents sure seem to be blessed with them! They have the nerve to call their AI "intelligent"! I've had two occasions where my AI partner went alone and was euchred! No thanks.
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4 years ago, superguyy4akaamo
Good App - Some issues
First of all; $20 to remove ads? That’s ridiculous. Next, as most people have mentioned, your “randomizer” needs work. I just had a game where every single hand had at least 3 9s or 10s. It just seems strange sometimes, but I hope it’s just a streak of bad luck. Most importantly, your rating system is absolutely flawed!! Ratings should be based on individual merit and not a combined team score! When I have a terrible partner given to me at random, I should not have to pay for his sabotage! If someone wins but played poorly, they shouldn’t gain points! If they win but played well, they shouldn’t lose points! Random partners makes it difficult. Lastly, please implement some sort of reporting button in rated games for those who “table-talk”. When I see a highly ranked player saying “nice one” when something is turned up, it’s obvious cheating! You should be able to view their chat patterns and ban/demote then for continuous abuse. I hope some of these concerns are met. Thank you!
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2 years ago, Margiepowers
Keep saying it, but it’s NOT random
I have played euchre for decades in real life and have played this version for a while. I’m a pretty good player but you would never know it from this game. There is no way the deals are random. The feel to this game is off. There are way too many deals in a row with tens and queens being the highest card… and most times four-suited. There are also way too many loners in this game. That doesn’t happen in real life to the extent it does here. It’s like the hands are all or nothing. It takes the fun out of playing. I’ll play until I use up the coins I paid for then I’m done. I also don’t like that there’s no penalty for players who skip out early, often when they are close to a likely loss. They hold up the flow of the game. The time to boot them should be shortened and and they should be penalized for this behavior.
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