Euchre: Classic Card Game

3.6 (7.1K)
262.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Euchre: Classic Card Game

3.65 out of 5
7.1K Ratings
4 years ago, Stupid Bug-_-
Overall Very Decent
I play this game very frequently & it’s one of the best euchre apps available in the App Store (in my opinion). Although I play this game frequently, I am REGULARLY experiencing incredibly frustrating events. Almost every single game, one of the computers won’t follow suit and will later renege later in the round and it’s incredibly frustrating. Also, the opponent AI’s will go alone at LEAST two to three times every single game and it is immensely infuriating — especially when my AI teammate seems to ALWAYS have the IQ of a potato and has maybe gone alone once in the many months I’ve been playing the game. Overall it’s a good game for sure, but there are so many bugs that need fixed before I’m able to say this game is perfect.
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4 years ago, 1eucherplayerthatwillwin
Love this game! Biggest flaw is it freezes up all the time and so we wait and wait until someone can play their card! A couple things that could be improved is we really don’t need 10 seconds to see the score each hand and people don’t need 20 seconds to make a decision . Both of those can be knocked down in half. And on a side note to the one saying partners can’t play, there are a lot of times you just have to jump in and take chances ! Several times my hand ain’t worth anything, but my partner has enough to get one point. I have called it with no trump and my partner ends up having both trump, nothing wrong with that! It’s called playing and hoping partner can help out just like any other hand. Everyone has their own mindset on what they are gonna play with what they have. It doesn’t always work out the way as planned. But... that is the game. I’d give you five ⭐️s if the seconds were lowered and technical issues were solved.
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6 years ago, sboslet12
Partner doesn’t know game
I’ve tried a few different euchre games and they all have their flaws. This apps major flaw is that your partner doesn’t really know how to play, and it shocks me that the developers haven’t fixed this yet. I couldn’t tell you how many times my partner has called alone with neither of the Jacks, as well as an off suit nine or ten. They will also steal a trick after I already have it won. The two opponents clearly play off one another as if they can see all 10 of their cards at once. One will call trump with an Ace, king, nine, and their partner will happen to have both jacks. As for the ads, most of them are short, 15 seconds or less. The more often you play, the less often the ads show up. I’ve seen reviews about how this app has so many ads it causes people to delete it, which to me seems like an exaggeration. When I delete this game (which I know I will do sooner rather than later) it will be because my dumb partner caused me not to want to play, not because of the annoying ads.
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5 years ago, euchre23
Dumb Partner
Sometimes I feel with this app I’m better off playing alone than with a partner. The CPU partner doesn’t appear to always know what they’re doing. Going alone with no Bauer’s for instance. The CPU opponents are more in tune with one another & also draw SO much card luck. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been stuck 4 suited hand after hand after hand after hand. Its gotten to the point where I’ve had to delete this app. The CPU wins blowout games even, winning 10-2 & even 10-0, when games my parter & I win are 10-8, or 10-9 games. As for ads, it’s an easy solve; turn off cellular data & never see ads, except when connected to WiFi. Beyond that, the 4 suited hands as well as a partner ordering up with nothing & getting set a lot because of it is a reason I’ve deleted this app. It might be good for beginners, and that is a stretch to say the least, but It is without a doubt TERRIBLE for experienced players.
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7 years ago, QuisPolice
Frustrating game
It doesn't matter if you play medium or hard.... your partner still picks trump without any bowers and still gets set..... I wish there was a better euchre game out there because this game is horrible. The game of euchre is pretty easy but none of these fantasy players no how to play. You would think the creater of this game would figure it out.... SAD Very frustrating when your partner goes alone with a off suit 9. Does my partner really think that the other two players are not going to have a A,K,Q,J, or 10 in that suit? Come on man..... who you crappin And as far as the long adds... I've learned if you close and reopen it only takes about 10 seconds to start playing again. But what a hassle to have to do that. And it seems like my partner gets set more times than not. It's got to the point where I cringe whenever my partner call up. And by the way this is happening in the Medium game. I quit playing the Hard because I was 8-26 thru 34 games.
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4 years ago, Sungloblu
I grew up playing Pepper which is a game with the same size deck as Euchre but with all cards kept in play except the hand of the partner of the high bidder. People who say Euchre and Pepper are alike probably do not really know one of two games very well. The mechanics and the strategy are clearly different. Since I have moved out of the Midwest, Pepper players are pretty much non-existent where I live now. Unable to find card players or Pepper online, I have learned to play Euchre on this app. Out of several apps that I have tried, this seems to be the best. I like Euchre for an online card game because it moves fast. I occasionally enjoy a game of Hearts but I rarely want to commit the time required to finish that game.
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3 years ago, Punkalina
Used to be much better
I am just about at the point of deleting this game even though I enjoy Euchre! I understand the need for ads. What I do not understand is why certain ads are allowed that cannot have an X Or a close to get back to the game in progress!You have to go completely out of the game and go back in and try to continue the game and still have that same annoying ad pop up or another that also doesn’t have a way to get back to the game. Another annoying fact is that sometimes your partner plays a Trump when it is not necessary and they could have thrown off and still won the point and then later play an off suit and lose the point when they could have saved the trump card for a winner! It just doesn’t make sense.
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4 years ago, Podspore
Could be great, but....
I like it a lot, but they show you what card to throw , if you’re playing med to hard we know how to play, you don’t have to point out what card is to be played next, I do like that trump is shaded helps to remember when you have a nine of trump and you know you’re not in the game, not really, but the telling us what to play next is what made me look for another euchre game in the first place and now I have two that do the same thing.
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4 years ago, dont start with this
Deleted the app after multiple times a day for about a month. Here are some of the issues- no way to rate a player- there were people that I enjoyed playing with but I couldn’t flag them to play again. There were others, well let’s just say I deleted the app. Too frequently players drop as soon as they get a bad hand- that’s more on the players than the app but perhaps it’s who they are targeting to play. :20 timer is too long to make a decision but the chat function is useless because it’s too hard to get too and you can’t use it between hands. The robo substitutes for quitters and dropped players get euchered more frequently than the live players- so it’s double whammy if your partner drops. Game play is good but too many issues to keep playing.
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5 years ago, joec144
Bad partner and bad update
I agree about the partner being a bad player (from previous review), makes it aggravating at times to even play. I understand about updates and trying to make improvements but this latest one, I find it very slow and quirky! I really enjoyed playing in the past but after just two days with this update, I’m ready to pull the plug! I did go into the settings and saw that it was on medium and changed it to fast. The only thing that’s faster is when the cards are flipped, and its still not nearly as fast as prior. It’s all the in between the card flips that makes the game slower. I’d have to say it takes nearly double the time to play one game. The ONLY thing I like on the update is that the cards are bigger for my fat fingers. Sometimes change isn’t always better!
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5 years ago, match 3 player
A lot of potential
Euchre is a dying card game, Growing up in the North it was a fun pastime with friends and family. I was excited to see this come out with multiplayer, and even more excited for the potential it has. I would definitely recommend a tournament mode, single elimination sort of like a bracket style. Obviously, this won’t be realistic until more players are online. I’d also love to see trackable W/L, match history, and win % in a profile of sorts. It would be nice to see how your partner is based on these stats. I’m sure more is I the works, like emojis and limited chat, but keep on this! Maybe introduce some micro transactions for card design, profile outfit, titles, etc. people eat that stuff up!
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6 years ago, B/Rad G
What a great way to keep in practice!! 3 different levels, great way for beginners to learn the game. Easy is boring after winning almost every hand! Make sure you Challenge yourself by going to the higher levels as you get better!! Also brings up past memories of some great euchre parties and tournaments from back in the day!! I can remember my partner was so drunk he was dealing backwards. It was a pretty pristine club tournament and he was kinked out for using the duck word. One his way out he was singing Marky Mark, "Never Fear Marky Mark Is Hear", if that gives you a clue as to how long ago it was lol!!! Great game 10+!!!
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6 years ago, JemaStop
This Ap is frustrating. Your partner orders up trump with neither bar. We get euchred ALL the time because of it. The Going Under option pretty much assures the higher cards don’t get buried so why my partner thinks he has a chance to win three tricks without either bar I’ll never know. I wish the Going Under option was something you can turn off. In all my euchre life I’ve never played with that option so I’m not used to it. Also, the other partners seem to know each other’s cards. On top of all that that there are so many ads it’s nauseating. I’ll eventually delete this when I get tired of loosing because of my stupid partner. I’m looking for a better euchre Ap.
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2 years ago, iris oon
I’Ve been playing euchre for over 50 years now. When I play face to face with people I do okay. I play at the hard level. I thought that it meant more experienced. But I’m starting to wonder. How can you make a game of euchre harder unless you control the deal? I figure that in this app my partner and I probably lose 80% of the time. I see a lot of patterns when I’m playing and it really does seem like the deal is programmed. When opponent calls it their partner usually takes one to two tricks but I notice that if my partner calls it I usually don’t have any trump. This really does not seem like random deals.
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4 years ago, Choice iPad app
Very Frustrated
Absolutely have positively come to hate this game. I like the interaction with live players but some get frustrated and drop out and then replaced by robots who don’t care and often get Euchred, stupid!! I try to play as often as I can and recently I have noticed that we are getting the same cards! I kid you not. I can tell you exactly what’s going to happen even before it does. I can even predict what card is going to be played! Stupid!!! Got to reset that computer otherwise I’m done I’ll delete the game and never again!! Get with it!
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5 years ago, Lcfree2
Recently started using his app. Complaints are 1) it says it’s “not your turn to play” when it is. 2) have seen tricks lost incorrectly. To wit, I played right bower and lost the trick! That’s a BAD error. 3) more detail on screen is needed when bidding, passing and declaring trump. The screen is hard to read and not always clear what exactly happened. 4). I have seen it call up incorrect suit. I called up hearts and game incorrectly made clubs trump. 5) on the last trick of the game, you cannot review it as it deals the next game too quickly. Need a review mode where not only can you look at ALL the tricks but can review the entire game just played so you can see how you could have played differently. 6) dealing clearly not done with a random generator - that is a show-stopper in my opinion. All card apps should deal randomly as in real life and the developers should program good logic. This game seems to shortcut sophisticated logic in favor of manually fixing the deals. Lots of small errors in logic needing some Work. L.
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6 years ago, peterpucker
Hard to determine "who dealt"
The cards are dealt out so fast that if you blink you can't tell who dealt and whether you're ordering up your partner or your opponent. My "Partner" has gone alone 5 times and never made it while I have never had more than one sure trick dealt to me. It's no fun to sit and watch 3 computer players play against each other. Can't stand the hard difficulty level as the cards are heavily stacked against you with the opponents holding the jacks and aces so you have to settle for a moral victory by taking one trick per hand. The "randomness " of the hands repeats so after a while you will recognize what cards everyone is dealt but at least the moderate level is more balanced and you can win consistently.
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6 years ago, Airaslt3
Bad algorithms
After playing hard level and noticing some things I nerded out and played 100 hands logging who received what cards and when trump was called. Bottom line-hard level should be renamed farmer hand. The percentage you will receive an opportunity to have a jack with a supporting trump on the deal is 2%. Two times out of 100. Medium was too easy. Hard isn’t hard, your partner plays the same as medium. You just have to make trump with queens and 10’s hoping your partner will get all three. Opposing players will call trump on a 9, 10, and K while their partner has a J and A trump. It’s almost like the CPU computes their hands as 10 cards when they make trump. Anyway, I’m done playing it. I don’t suggest wasting your time.
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1 year ago, Lexylady12345
Don’t pay for a year in advance
I paid for a year to play this game. Since doing so, I get the worst hands and the other players get the bowers. The developers could do a better job of programming the card deals. Further, the developer allows a very minimal amount of time to read messages and they are blocked out while waiting for another game to start. There are a bunch of icons. Players throw up “go team” after Trump is called and seems like a signal to partner of a support hand. Take away the icons!!! Lastly, “support” is lacking for this app. It could be so much better. And I’d rather not play than play with a Bot. I just exit out when they show up. They always win.
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3 years ago, Malarkey36
Great game to many adds
The gameplay is quick, feels and looks fantastic, and the app is easy to get around on and makes sense…. The adds are ridiculous though. I understand adds are how these apps make money so I’m all for adds, but These adds are far to frequent and far to long. You spend a minute a hand and then 30 seconds on an add. And to my knowledge, there’s no purchase available to remove the adds. I would rate much higher if the length of adds were reduced or there was an option to purchase an add free version.
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5 years ago, CherrySofttail
I used to love this card game when I was growing up in Michigan!
I really enjoy playing this app but the “partner” plays like an idiot sometimes and I wish the app “learned” from the games played. For instance when I’ve taken the hand with the left trump why the F does the “partner” then snag it from me with the right? Especially when “he” almost always holds another lesser card that could be used to take the next hand? He does that every time! I don’t know how apps work obviously but if there’s a way to make the partner play “with” me, instead of against me, that would be great. Thank you!
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4 months ago, Fishdog1972
Fun but Flawed
This game is an okay time waster, but the AI needs improvement. The opposing AI goes alone almost half the time when it calls the trump suit and most of the time it doesn’t have a hand that’s anywhere close to being able to get the four points. Sometimes it doesn’t even have a good enough hand to take three trick when it goes alone. The partner AI isn’t much better. I just played a game where it called Trump with only a queen and a nine. Sad thing is it’s the best euchre game I’ve been able to find in the App Store.
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3 years ago, Surinam Guy
Online takes to long.
To whom this may concern. Each online game takes way to long. To select a trump card SHOULDNT take 20 secs. Cut that down to at least 10. The time between hand at the end of a deal shouldnt take 10 sec. Bring that down to 3. No need to let it idle there. At least 95% of each online game end with 1 or 2 players quitting where “Robo” takes over because each online game takes to long. Especially if it goes the distance. (Final score 10-9). Let’s fix this for a better experience. Thanx.
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5 years ago, saltlife001
Game freezes periodically
Every so often the game will freeze at the end of a hand and it will not advance to the score screen. I have to delete the app and download again. I have read several of the reviews and agree that the other players tend to call trump when they have hardly any in their hand. I see this with the opponents as well as my partner. So I guess that makes it fair. I also agree, after awhile you can catch on to the algorithms and will recognize the same hands being dealt. I feel like they should be able to make the dealt cards more random so it feels more like a real game.
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4 weeks ago, Kleest
If you chose to play this game you will be frustrated. Your opponents go alone at least twice a game. Your partner never goes alone. When they are dealing they seem to draw bowers regularly. When you are dealing you tend to get 9’s. When they get the bid and you get to lead, it seems that every ace you lead gets trumped. And if that isn’t enough, the ads take longer than the hands and the latest ads let you x out just to get another go around with another ad for another 12 count just to x out and get a 3rd one. Very frustrating.
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4 years ago, tsmithla
Jogatina Euchre
Yes this game is absolutely rigged-there’s no question about it. It’ll be fun for a while, but then you’ll have a streak whereby you will be getting absolutely torched. You could be up seven to nothing and your opponents will mysteriously get three loners in a row. Also, the fact that your partner is one of the worst euchre players ever (or bots, I guess) doesn’t help either. I just played a hand where my bot had all Trump in his hand with the right and left and didn’t go alone! By the way if you want a life hack and wanna play this game without the ads, just turn off your Wi-Fi and cellular data in settings and no ads will appear.
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3 years ago, bidetcleaner
Same deal again?!
I have been sealed 3 hands in a row ( along with rest of players) that I specifically had played earlier today. Hadn’t thought much about it til I recalled having same thought a few weeks back! But same day? In general I like the ap .. but playing real people is a snore! When you’re used to instant play … it takes centuries by comparison . And some people are so rude … constantly hitting the emoji symbols and making comments about players hot bods etc. ewwww . I’ll stick to the computer… or change altogetherbecause she has limited hands/deals!
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5 years ago, Tookaks
Pass or Play Online Exclusively
Unless you’re playing online (multiplayer) then you will have at least one ad after every single hand. This game is fast paced so, it breaks your rhythm and ruins the fun. If it was a few ads after the game, I’d be okay with that. Which btw, is how it is in multiplayer mode. Also, the bots you are paired with play like idiots. Most of the time, expect them to pull you down (seriously like 80-90% of the time). Everything aside. The multiplayer aspect is fine as long as you can get enough people to play. The wait times for other players can be lengthy. Good luck.
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4 years ago, Scol151
Ads between every hand! Computer players do not play like real people would. They almost always order up trump as the dealer. Even if they don’t have enough to truly order it up. Cards played out do not have any rhyme or reason and will Trump you even if you have won the hand. Terrible programming. The computer partner will order up the other team on trump with the leg bower and a K with 9,10,Q off suits! Why!? Takes too long between hands because of all the ads. Actually have deleted app. This game is the worst. Found another app that is soooo much better and plays more like a real game.
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4 years ago, Anonymous19861986
Too many ads
I downloaded this game because I love euchre but it’s hard to get 4 people together to play. First off, the robots are horrible players that your partner plays dumb and seems to throw the hand and the other 2 know what everyone has. I’ve had a lay down loner and the person before me calls it on 9s and 10s. But the real reason I will be deleting this app is the ads! It is ridiculous! After every round!! I mean I get the app is free and you can pay to get rid of ads but this game is not good enough to pay for and it’s so frustrating to have so many ads during an already frustrating game it just puts me over the edge! Ahh!!!
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2 years ago, nrw50
One of the better apps
I like this euchre game because I feel like I’m actually at the table playing. Also if you get a good player you can continue to play several games in a row while both of you are hot. This app also tell your partner how hot your playing by showing how many win/loses the last 5 games. I haven’t found a better euchre app than this one.
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5 years ago, Umaize1
Avoid The Latest Update
The animations are mind numbingly slow even when you go into settings to speed them up. The act of passing is an ordeal now as it is sooooo slow. There have also been requests to remove the score board after every hand as that too slows everything down.....but it is still there for no reason. Overall, the update added nothing to the game and made it 30 to 40 percent longer to play a game. The best we could do is ask the developer to revert back to the previous version until this one is fixed. SPEED THE GAME UP!!!!!
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6 years ago, MoogieMooger
Don't get this app: horrible ads and gameplay
The ads on this halt everything between rounds and hold for around 15 seconds total (this is on top of having banner ads). That's enough to not consider this app. The gameplay is also broken I rarely received a solid hand but even rarer was a hand to even compete with the two opposing AI. Speaking of, the AI you play on the same team with is the worst. (On medium) They have a 50/50 shot of winning when they go solo. Not getting the 4 points of WINNING. That said it does better than you when it comes to the rest of the time because your hands are bad. Don't waste your time like I did.
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4 years ago, Fatboy_mcStuffin
Lousy game all around
I’d rather pay a one-time fee than have to put up with commercials after each turn. They are annoying, loud and obtrusive. As for the game itself it seems inherently unfair. I’m only speaking from playing against the computer - but good luck ever getting a good hand. Yet the computer bots seem to get great hands every time. When you call trump with a rare J, A, K, for example you can be sure your opponent has a bunch of 9’s and 10’s and the bots have the other 4 trumps. I’ve played enough random, computer generated euchre hands to know that this version is more crooked than the Cheeto in the White House. 1 star is generous.
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5 years ago, Bruntz1220
Way to many ads
I think this is a great game. I haven’t had any problems with my AI partner. Been euchred maybe 2 times in 10 games. My problem with this game is the ads. A minimum 5 second ad, sometimes longer, plays after just about every hand. Just guessing but an ad plays 8 of out 10 hands. From what I can tell you can’t even buy the game to eliminate the ads. I’d be willing to buy the game if given the option but I don’t see the game lasting too long on my phone when I’m forced to watch an ad 8 out of 10 hands. Too bad because I do enjoy the game.
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4 years ago, fb card group
Ok to pass the time
Quite realistic except for the “going under” portion. I’ve never heard of that before. It would be nice if “going under” didn’t cancel the chance to make the turned up suit trump since the new cards are usually for that suit. Also, it seems like the opposing team has “knowledge” of the cards in play, as one partner frequently calls trump in a suit that they have very few/very low cards in but the other partner has. And always seem to know what suit to lead that I am weak in.
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4 years ago, Risky_Biscuit
Works great
I don’t play multiplayer on the app. The single player works fantastic and enjoy running through it, but the ads after every. Single. Trick. Make it borderline unplayable. I understand ads are a necessary part of free to play games, but this is just too much for me. Update: Truly do appreciate the snarky response with a winky face from the dev. I found a different euchre app with a different ad setup after every match instead of of every trick and have been playing that. Enjoy your ad revenue and bad ratings.
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6 years ago, lenora-joy
Game is FINALLY over.
Ok, I get that ads are how you make your money. I get it. But really, an ad at the end of EVERY HAND?? I could manage one at the end of every game and the only reason I stuck it out to the end of game 1 was because I just had to see how it ended. I lost, by the way, because apparently my partner is very bad at calling trump when he/she doesn’t actually have any. This has been an issue with other Euchre games, which I find difficult to understand. Game play is beautiful and smooth and I’d love to play more, but I just CAN’T with those ads.
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2 years ago, LL Lady
I have been playing this game for many, many years, several times a day. The commercials are getting longer and longer and almost all are about gambling games. I really do purchase from some ads but I choose my other games from the app store. Gambling, lengthy ads and my game freezing way too much lately. Hope there are fixes in the immediate future or I’m going to have to move on!!
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4 years ago, Jake_ks
Ads that won’t close
Love the game! However There are a lot of ads. And some of them can’t be closed. At all. Even if I let them play all the way through. The only thing I can do is open the ad in the App Store. Then when I go back, the ad is still there and I can’t get back to the game without completely closing the game and restarting it. Fortunately I go right back to where the game left off, but after this happens a few times, I quit playing entirely. I would pay for ad free if it weren’t a recurring charge and so pricey
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5 years ago, Griggwa
Decent but hard level = stacked deck
The game play is good but even the most skilled Euchre player will have a hard time winning on the hard setting. Not because of skill, but because of the card stacking. Never in my 30 years of playing Euchre have I seen a game whereby one team has 5 ‘go alone’ hands dealt to them and won each and every one. I consider myself a pretty good euchre player but I expect the card dealing to be random and the skill level of the computer AI to be hard, not the hard level to involve a stacked deck.
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3 years ago, PattySacerich
Too many noisy ads
The game is ok. I hate the Robo’s. They are annoying. The worst are the ads! I play this game to unwind my mind from work during the day and I have everything on the game on silent. Then an ad comes on blaring with nothing to mute the sound! Yes, I could turn my phone volume down, then I can’t hear the tones I need for work. If we choose everything to be silent, keep the ads silent, too. I know they are a necessary evil, but come on.
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5 years ago, Bebelestrange3
>>>Beware of adult content ads<<<
Overall this is a great app if you want to learn to play Euchre. HOWEVER...the age rating of 4+ should be bumped up to teen with some of their ad content. My 8 year old was playing when an ad popped up showing 2 people having sex in one of those “Chapter” apps. It was an animated app and it was extremely obvious what was going on. That was enough for me to remove the app. If your young kids will be playing this, you might want to find another app.
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7 years ago, Bluemanshoe
Fun but halts after ads
This is a good app and is fun to play. HOWEVER, it's started having issues playing after the ads are done. It doesn't freeze because you can still go to the menus, etc. It just doesn't deal the next hand. It stops play. So I have to close out of the app completely then reopen to get it to go. Annoying to say the least. Actually going to look for another app because of it, after typing this review.
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5 years ago, wthe4frz
all this talk about your partner being trash I haven’t found to be true. seems pretty realistic and i get to play a ton of euchre which is a bonus. To me it feels like my partner plays like someone who has at least some euchre experience and that’s really all you can ask for. Also your opponents mess up enough where it makes up for it.
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4 years ago, Karanella
Fun but there are issues!
Partner is the worst. Why don’t they program this so the bots actually know how to play? I don’t understand. Hate bringing this up because the problem was opposite in earlier versions but partner will have all trump, including both jacks, and will still not go alone! Why? Also annoyed that you can no longer reset stats! Why get rid of this option? This is still a fun game but it could be so much better.
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5 years ago, myfamilytradition
The fix is in
I have played euchre for 30 plus years and it is very obvious this game is programmed for the opponents. If you pay attention to the hands that are dealt the best hands and high trumps are dealt to the two opponents 9:1. Your partner seems to be programmed to help the opponents win, for example in one game my partners made trump and played alone WITHOUT either bar! This might happen once to a new, inexperienced player but should never have happened in the medium or hard setting. I have played with some extremely good players and they never repeatedly get the best cards deal after deal!
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1 year ago, Bummers69
Game is pretty unrealistic, almost comical how you can predict how you’re gonna lose. The partner likes to get you set A LOT. On the off chance you do have a loner hand your partner will always call something. Every time, no exaggeration. The computer also gets a lot of loner hands. I’ve had multiple games go three hands with the opponent getting two loners and then a perfect hand to finish it off. This game isn’t for money, so why not make it realistic and enjoyable?
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5 years ago, dani53581
Frustrating that it is set up to fail because the partner never calls loners when they have the sure tricks. There are specific rules to playing euchre like never trump ur partners ace or don’t trump a sure trick ur partners has when u didn’t have too. It is ridiculous how your opponents always seem to have the ace to stop u from getting all the tricks. I actually caught a flaw in the game where my opponent did not follow suit to trump in but was able to take my trick with the suit held back to set me..... sad.... but it does waste time
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7 years ago, Nowwere2
Love the game, but...
Love the game but I'm pretty tired of the nearly 1 minute pop up of gardenscape between each hand. I used to be able to click out of it, now closing the game doesn't even help. I don't have a lot of playing time, and with these pop ups I have even less. Getting really tired of getting a pop up ad after each hand. I don't mind the long ads at the end of the game, but seriously, does it have to be after every single hand? Getting ready to ditch this game.
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