eufy Security

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Power Mobile Life LLC
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User Reviews for eufy Security

4.61 out of 5
35.2K Ratings
2 years ago, 1Houdini
Unwavering top notch customer service
The news about doorbell thumbnail images being uploaded to eufy cloud was alarming… however people need to know that Eufy is on top of this and making sure customers are aware that 1. They have a choice about selecting thumbnails or not, and 2. Eufy is not trying to steal personal information . The thumbnails go to their cloud storage just long enough to send them to phone apps and then they are deleted. I researched all the major security cameras before I bought a eufy system 2 years ago. I chose eufy because I could store all the data locally. Cloud storage is optional. I even drowned my indoor blink camera in a bowl of water before discarding it (I hate that technology winds up in landfills but there you have it). I had trouble with one of my first cameras and eufy replaced it immediately. They even replaced the mounting hardware at no charge even though the issue was mine rather than theirs. Today I talked to customer service rep David R. And my total confidence in Eufy is restored. No hardware is ever going to be perfect in the age of cyber theft but I’m confident that Eufy will be a leader. By the way, their batteries are Anker products and I have confidence in Anker as well. Power surge protectors, portable battery chargers for cellphones and tablets, and long lasting security camera batteries. Well done.
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10 months ago, Cjwelcome
Works well but have some suggestion
I love all my Eufy security cams, I currently have 4 on my house that I am able to monitor most all areas except for private rooms inside and out of my home and it’s great to be able to check into my dog at home and the backyard or front yard for packages or just to feel more secure knowing my home is safe. Having said that the only issue that I would love to see an option for is a very simple user interface correction or bare minimum toggle option to go in and select ALL recordings to delete them or do whatever other tasks one might do. It is a tedious and annoying task to go through each day individually, hit select all, hit delete then have to wait two seconds for the pop up at the top screen to clear so I can click back another day to eventually clear all data when I want to. I understand videos after so many months gets deleted but also having 99+ on all of my cameras is a bit of a pet peeve of mine and it feels nice to occasionally go into the app and just delete everything saved on the drives. Please Eufy talk to your app devs and see if this small update can be done because it’s the easiest functionality to add for them and would make tons of peoples small amount of OCD love Eufy that much more. You can have the best hardware in the world but if your user interface to work it has annoyances left and right then the overall product looses users. Overall Eufy gets 8/10 so far though and I’d recommend it to anyone!
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1 year ago, no regrets Judy
This is all New to me unfortunately I’ve had to get security cameras on my home after 33 years. I had some misfortune and now neighbors are just being plain ugly leaving all kinds of insulting things at my house around my front door main thing sad for no reason. hence I have to have proof for the police that have come here each night for the past five nights in time after time have to have proof. what’s so funny is nothing has been stolen it’s just for instance a huge shopping cart of trash left in my front door outside my screen porch front I’ve had a stolen bicycle put on my property so the thief that took it come back and get it later I’ve had can Tainer‘s of gasoline put in the back of the pick up truck so the thief could come back and use it for a moped of his now this thief is a squatter. i’ve never been the kind of person that has to show out but I am very good at doing it because of the upbringing I had in the schools I went to junior high school especially. The one thing I do wish is it would move with like a car I wish it would move with the motion of the car. I haven’t even had them for one week yet but so far so good because a month ago I was actually using my phone to follow cars that I thought might look suspicious and I did very good at that. also I was I had already gotten into almost a contract with ADT my daughter is the one that said hey want to try this thank God I did thank you again.
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4 years ago, onepacktummy
Eufy is done rite
I bought a 4 camera pack .Installing was provided with ample directions. Setup on 3 separate household phones was very helpful for us. Fast easy access on all phones with almost no delay was ideal. Everything is adjustable, sound from video, length of video clips. Camera night light intensity or only inferred . Intercom and even turning on/off all are available on my phone. USA made of great pride , and it shows. Battery on cameras lasts for many months before needing a charge. I live in hot wet and humid Florida and no issues on operation. Every camera is at least over 20 to 30 feet away from base unit with cement walls in between . Great signal and easy reliable notifications with very few false warnings due to human detection selections and sensitivity settings. Only issue is with front door camera , night light turns on and off in the beginning of night time video taking. Found out by swapping that all the cameras do the same thing because of night light reflections on being in corner I think. My friend has a competitor brand and Eufy was faster in app pop up, and videos started up faster, plus my sound was 100% better .Eufy thank you.
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6 months ago, World Citizen #?
Eufy App and Device Performance
If you can get Eufy products and homebase to work without getting inundated with ads on your app screen then it’s not bad. The video timing you select is not accurate. I set it to 20 seconds and I get 10, 11, 18, and sometimes 20 second clips. The bad part that I am currently stuck with - I can’t break out of an ad page associated with one of these electronic ads that pops into your app home screen and there is with no way to return to app. Nothing breaks it free - no return arrow - nothing. I am currently stuck. I may need to delete the app and possibly lose anything saved. I would not recommend this system unless you can shut off all of these ads getting shoved in your face. Now I’ll have to shut off notifications to prevent these ads from popping up notifications trying to grab my attention by leading me to think maybe my home door cam is reaching out to me while it’s actually just another ad trying to reach into my pocket. If you can’t shut this garbage off and prevent this sort of thing then don’t waste a dime on it unless you like getting nagged constantly for nothing. I don’t see how to so far and if it comes to it I will just trash the whole system and go back to life without it. Goos luck. Do thorough homework/research before you spend your hard earned money on this money grubbing nuisance.
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4 years ago, Fuentes2015
Awesome Home Security system and company!!!
I would like to start by saying Eufy is a great company that cares for their customers 100%. Before I buy anything I like to do my homework and after researching for days and contacting support for a few technical questions I had, we decided to buy some cameras to test them. First of all, these cameras are awesome. Great video resolution, video quality is very clear and the motion is clean. The Homebase 2 storage is fixed at 16 GB, we have been using it for about a month and it’s not even 15% of the storage. Features are great, the speakers and talk back are great. The siren alarm is loud enough to call people attention and scare whoever would like to try to steal the cameras. We love it so much that we decided to invest more in Eufy Security by getting more cameras and a doorbell 2K for our house. We are looking forward in getting the new smart door lock device that they are releasing soon I hope. Overall, this system is amazing specially on storing your videos locally not on the cloud for privacy and security. We definitely didn’t go wrong with this system. Thank you Eufy for providing a great product for the protection of our home.
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3 years ago, 1John5v11-12
A high quality product
Bought this for my backyard and was impressed with the product. First of all, it is well built with high quality material. Then it functions exactly as advertised with high quality 2k video. The two way audio is superb. I use it to communicate with my kids when they are playing in the backyard, and I could hear them very clearly (our house is a two storey building and the floodlight is about 12 feet from the ground). Motion detection works great, and the light is activated at night when there is motion. The siren also works great. Setup was easy, within minutes. The app works seamlessly and it is easy to navigate. I like the idea of the internal storage, where you don’t have to be paying any subscription for iCloud. The only downsize is the 3GB internal storage limit and how it does not integrate with their Homebase 2, like their other products. This would have provided additional storage space for this product. Overall it’s a great buy for anyone looking for a high quality floodlight camera with similar capabilities as the popular ones but without the monthly subscription.
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2 years ago, asannoyingaspickingoutapw
I’m overall happy with it
I did a lot of research before getting a camera. So many had mixed reviews and as a single woman who’s only slightly tech savvy I was a bit worried I wouldn’t be able to figure it out, but it was fairly easy! Just had to call my internet company to get me the 2.5 setting and they did that easily. It makes me feel very safe and I can keep an eye on my dogs when they are in the backyard. There are some things that could be better. My main complaint is that I wish I could snooze it for longer. 12 hours isn’t long enough. Days or weeks would be nice. I would be thrilled just to have a snooze setting for a full 24 hours because I don’t want to be notified all the time, but still want it to record events just in case I need to look back at the recordings for something. This camera did help me catch a fight between my boys and my neighbor boys. They neighbor boys tried to say my son started it, but the camera clearly caught the neighbor boy throwing the first punch. So overall a great camera and app and I’m very grateful for it.
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3 years ago, Cmoney0314
Simply, The Best!!
I was so indecisive about which brand security camera to get. I stood inside the store for hours researching them and looking at Eufy, Ring and Arlo. I was leaning towards Ring until I saw the monthly fee. I really wanted the flood light and I liked Eufy’s version more than Ario. After seeing some reviews on Eufy I decided to pull the trigger. I got the flood light w/ 2K camera and the two pack of pro2 2k cameras. I came home and hooked all 3 up in less than an hour. Super easy to install and set up. The resolution is amazing! The motion detection is amazing! Everything about the entire system and setup is perfect. Having the app is a bonus like no other! I can hop on and stream my cameras anywhere at anytime. The cameras have 100db loud alarms of anyone moves them. You can also manually activate the alarm or set your camera to activate the alarm for any movement. They record clips when they see any motion. You can adjust everything from the brightness of light to how long it records. It really is an amazing system and I can’t wait to add onto it. I am so glad I went with Eufy!
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2 years ago, Appkev
Great hardware, ok software, amazing support
1) I really love the outdoor 2K camera. The colors are amazing even at night. The Eufy doorbell is decent. Overall, great value for all the 2K hardwares. 2) However, the software has a few things that I wished it has. I got rid of all of my old Nest Cams because they were chewing up my bandwidth and they were only 1K. Even though Nest Cam resolutions were terrible, the cloud suites were pretty good. You can choose which zones to monitor and the scroll bar allows you to pick which zones to seach and review. It’s quite handy. Another features Nest Hello has is that it tells you when somebody leaves you a package. I wished Eufy apps have those features. 3) Lastly, support is amazing. I had a defective Eufy Doorbell (it kept notifying me of activities when it shouldn’t have) and after a call with the support (local USA support, not overseas with a very hard to understand accent), they sent me a brand new one the very next day. And that one worked perfectly. Wow! I’m a big fan of Eufy/Anker now!
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2 years ago, eufyguy
Suggested software improvements
Our property has two driveways. One on each side of the house. I installed a system with four cameras. One facing the front of the house, one in the back, and one on each side. During the day, there is a significant amount of foot traffic which activates the cameras many times which unnecessarily shortens usable battery service between recharges. We’ve been turning cameras off daily during these peak activity times, and turn them on in the evening and through the overnight when it is more important for them to be in service. However, we have occasionally forgotten to turn them on which can be concerning. The suggestion is to see if a schedule timer can be added to the software so that the cameras can be set to automatically turn on and off at predetermined intervals. I’m certain that there are other Eufy customers that would welcome this feature as well. With this added feature, not only will there be peace of mind knowing the cameras activate and deactivate when expected, the battery service will be extended between the need to recharge .
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5 months ago, Jgc27
App getting stuck
We’ve had the app for nearly a year with few issues. Lately it’s been lagging when opening the app, delaying when playing a video, it freezes if I stop a video mid-stream to pause and enlarge, and just today it totally froze up my phone requiring a hard restart. Looks like many others have had this issue since the newest version was released two weeks ago. Please fix the app! As for longer-term issues, there is a setting, where you can determine if you want a shorter video clip versus a longer clip, however, that doesn’t always hold. If the camera senses that there is no more movement, it stops recording even if it’s on a longer clip setting. However, in most cases I can see clearly that there is additional movement after the clip has ended (such as a human walking their dog, dog stops to go to the bathroom and the clip ends mid-stream because the human & dog stopped moving… and the human & dog have to leave my property but the camera didn’t pick up their movement leaving because it was too busy saving the clip). I wish there was a way to specify how long each clip is, for example minimum of 20 seconds, even if there’s no further movement.
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2 years ago, What support?
Great system but room for improvement
Hopefully this get read by Eufy. My most recent issue is that you updated your app and it may sound trivial. I’ve installed two cameras in my 84 yr old mom’s apartment. The cameras stay on 24/7 so there’s a lot of files to be deleted daily but you put banner message “video clips have been deleted “ a not really necessary message right over the button to select from the list of files, so every time a page full I have to wait for that message to clear since selecting all and then delete only deletes a page full. My hope is you can move or remove this message or when selecting all, it would actually select ALL. I’m sure to some this sounds trivial but when it’s something you have to deal with daily it can get annoying . I still believe Eufy is the best out there and I’m sure they are always looking for ways to improve their product but I believe the last app update was tiny step back.
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3 years ago, 126598baertpindde
Not worth it
I bought these cameras to record activity when I am not at my home. These cameras are not reliable to do this. All the other positive reviews here may very well not realize how many detections they are missing. I do, and documented all them. I miss several recordings, that I know of, every day! This occurred on two sets of cameras I have owened. I was given a new set due to cameras not charging correctly. Eufy customer service requested my data to look into the issue of missing recordings and never got back to me. It’s been over two months with no response. (Unless you count them requesting me to contact customer service in response to another review I gave) So unless you really want to spend a lot of money just to watch an area live, don’t waste your money. My frustration comes mostly from these cameras not only missing activity in my activity zones on a regular basis, but also recording activity outside my detection zones on a regular basis! The worst of both worlds. Eufy not giving a response most likely because it can’t be fixed. Friend who stated he likes his Eufy cameras says he is also aware he misses detections. Too much money just to watch live footage.
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1 year ago, Ninj1stic
In its current state not good!
***None of my events throughout the day are even showing up now. Cameras take forever to view live when they use to be fast enough*** PLEASE FIX YOUR APP!! Eufy use to be one of the best out there and have used several of their different cameras for years. They were a step ahead of others and they listened to their customers. However they now seem to be falling behind and appear to have no clue on what’s going on. In its current state it’s no good and can no longer recommend using them. I’m thinking one of the last updates has made it barely usable. Previously the cameras caught two crimes the police were able to use. Now it takes forever to view my cameras live when I need to see something going on. Sometimes it doesn’t even load up. Most the time what I’m trying to see has already come and gone before it allows me to view. This is unacceptable and puts my family at risk!! I own over 8 Eufy cameras have purchased some for family members and recommended to friends. Planned on buying several more as gifts and excited to purchase the new camera releases. I can no longer do so and will not in its current state. Please fix or will be moving to a different platform!
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2 years ago, Ben-IN
Good but needs some polishing
Overall a great app. I have it partnered with the Eufy C24 outdoor wired cameras. Response is quick and reviewing notifications is responsive and straightforward. Interface is clean and well put together. My gripe is that the activity zone seems to have no effect. I set the activity zone to eliminate the street because it goes off every time a car goes by. The app completely ignores the activity zone and still sends notifications every time a car passes. I have to put my phone on silent to sleep. I have gone into the notifications section of the app to only set notifications for pets and humans-still notifies when a car passes. Turned the sensitivity way down-still sends notifications. So frustrating. It also sometimes mistakes my wife’s flower pot for an animal and was saying the carved pumpkin on the front porch was a human. Overall, I’m very happy with the cameras and app but wish the activity zone or notifications setting features would work properly so I could avoid so many unimportant notifications.
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3 years ago, Lou from Boston
Extremely happy with eufy!!!
I purchased the Ring Doorbell/Camera and a month later stopped getting all the recorded clips as apparently it was only free for the first month. They wanted a monthly subscription to continue with the video recording gs as it gets stored in the Cloud. Luckily, I was able to return it on the 34th day and only lost about $10 for the FedEx cost to ship back. Did some research for a system that doesn’t require a monthly subscription and found eufy who are the makers of the Anker chargers of which I have 4 wall, 4 car and have gifted at least 8 to friends and family during past Christmases. Anker makes quality products so it was a no brained to go ahead and purchase eufy. It’s basically a clone of the Ring system but without the monthly subscription fee as it comes with a small base that houses a hard drive that stores the video clips for free. The base also acts as a door bell. I say that it is a clone of Ring but in fact I think it’s better than Ring... much better if you ask me!
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4 years ago, Canuck in NC
Love my Eufy System
Was looking for a way to keep an eye on my front porch. Researched all the brands, types, door bells, and options. Spent hours reading reviews and searching for deals online. Ultimately I landed on the Eufy cam system. I have been a big fan of Anker now for years with great experiences with the brand from cords, speakers, and power banks. One of the main draws of this eufy set up is that there is no monthly fees. I feel way more comfortable knowing that my video is stored safely on my eufy home unit in my home... not out in the cyber world on some cloud. Maybe just me. But anytime I can keep information and personal data in house... I’m in. I have enjoyed the app and it’s so cool to be able to access this system from anywhere with my phone. Best part is catching the kids in the act of swiping potato chip bags from our basket meant for delivery drivers. As soon as they hear daddy saying “I see you” from the camera they pretend like they were just checking on the stock. :)
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3 years ago, Decadeindc
Who thought a persistent product sale pop up ad was a good idea?
Generally the app is a good interface for the Eufy video doorbell I bought. But there is an increasingly annoying focus on product sale promotion in the app. A couple of days ago they crossed a personal line with me. Every time I open the app — every single time — I get a product sale pop up ad that I have to dismiss before I can use any app functionality. If someone is ringing the doorbell, I have to dismiss the ad before I can even see the video feed, let alone respond to whomever is at the door. Same thing if I want to see a live feed, recorded clip, or change a setting. The whole idea of a video doorbell is to quickly see who is at the door. Putting a barrier up that greatly slows down that function for self serving purposes is a very customer unfriendly move. Your marketing needs are not more important than my potential safety. It’s all really too bad — this is otherwise a quality app with decent functionality that keeps connectivity for the video and audio live feed without eating bandwidth. The app/doorbell is a solid value with good reliability.
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3 years ago, javierruiz
Almost perfect app
I really like my eufy 2K indoor cam. And I really like the app that controls it. The interface is well thought out and the options are clear and easy to navigate. The image quality is great even while streaming, and the options of storage are plentiful, ranging between cloud, HomeKit, RTSP and SD card. Why 3 stars only? 1. The RTSP implementation is buggy. In my experience setting it is a breeze, but afterward my NAS loses communication with the camera and the only way to make it come back (briefly), is to delete the camera and add it again, from scratch. This is the only camera in my Synology that loses connection. 2. While the app has Geofencing, and it works perfectly, instead of simply shutting down the camera after you return home, the app merely stops recording events, but the camera AI is still tracking you, and, recording or not, it is frankly disconcerting to see the camera follow you around the room even if it’s true that it is not recording. I can tell it to power off manually, but then I have to remember to turn it back on before I leave the ne t day, or it will stay powered down.
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7 months ago, Benj B.
Advertisement as a Security Notification today.
I purchased Eufy's security products to keep my home safe and receive timely alerts for any suspicious activity. However, I am extremely disappointed with their recent decision to misuse these security notifications to promote their Black Friday deals. This is a blatant disregard for the purpose of these alerts and a breach of trust between the company and its customers. Not only is this practice intrusive and annoying, but it also undermines the very purpose of having a security system in the first place. When I receive a notification from Eufy, I expect it to be related to the safety of my home, not an advertisement for a sale. This misuse of notifications could potentially desensitize users to actual security alerts, putting their safety at risk. Eufy needs to recognize the importance of maintaining trust with their customers and prioritize the primary function of their products: security. I strongly urge them to reconsider their marketing tactics and keep security notifications strictly for their intended purpose. Until they rectify this issue, I cannot recommend Eufy's security products to others
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1 year ago, ThinkerAnshu
Lot of Glitches and bugs
I purchases video smart door lock and was in love with it. Based on this I decided to purchase all security devices(Eufycam S330 solarcam) from eufy instead of Google to keep same security ecosystem. Now I am regretting my decision as I found lot of issues in the app like 1. Under Events, recording date does not change automatically to next day. You have to manually change the date. 2. Not all recording appears on Events section, you would need to go to individual devices to see the recordings. Although it starts to appear in Event after sometime has gone by. I could have turned blind eye on these issues however the biggest one which I got was its ability to recognize faces and ignore unnecessary notification. It was working perfectly fine for some time however recently it stopped working and although I had the “Ignore Notification” turned on for familiar faces, my phone was still flooded with motion detection notifications even though it was recognizing the faces in recording clips. I have worked with tech support and provided all the details but not heard anything so far. Hence one star from me for this app.
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6 months ago, Awasak
Urgent Enhancements Required for the App's Performance
For three years, I've relied on the Smart door lock from Eufy. I'm considering adding a doorbell and Floodlight Camera for my home, but the underperforming app is holding me back. While I appreciate Eufy's products, the persistent issue with the app has made it difficult for me to expand my device collection. The app frequently disconnects from the Wi-Fi or the devices autonomously, requiring me to manually reconnect my smartphone to the app for it to function properly. Despite setting notifications for door lock and unlock events, I often miss them due to this issue, which persists even after repeated attempts on different smartphones. The reliability of the app is crucial, as it serves as the control center for our Eufy devices. Without a functioning app, the appeal of smart products diminishes significantly. I strongly urge the developers to address these issues promptly, as it may negatively impact the business if left unattended. I hope my feedback will be taken seriously to enhance the app's performance. - Thank you.
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3 years ago, Left0verture
Overall Eufy experience: not bad
I started with Blink cameras back at their beginning and have a dozen of them. They’ve been mostly okay, but Amazon’s done little by way of improvement over the years since acquiring them. I decided to try Eufy after reading a lot of good reviews. So far, so good, hardware, at least. About the same cost as Blink, but noticeably better images and respond much quicker. The claimed 6 month battery life is (for me) overly optimistic - I’m getting about half that, but Blink’s claimed 2 years was overly optimistic too, so maybe it’s me. The app… well... It doesn’t play well with other apps on my iPad, so I can’t run it split screen. I was disappointed in the limitations of HKSV but the blame for that goes to Apple. It’s touch and go when I need to temporarily disable a camera - sometimes it works, sometimes it just spins forever and eventually fails. And the marketing… grrr. An ad once on opening would be one thing, but today it’s Every. Single. Time. I. Open. The. App… all day… ON EVERY DEVICE! Other than those noted annoyances, I’m good with Eufy.
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3 years ago, GardenGate
Geofencing not working even after 1 year
This app and product are solid on the hardwire side. I have the eufy pro 2 cameras with 2k video. Pictures are clear, night vision is reasonable and battery life is good. However geofencing simply does not work and has never worked. It has been reported many times over the past year with no resolution. If you have one phone you can usually get it to work part of the time. However if I share it with my wife and add her phone it never works. I have 2 other security apps that work like clockwork with geofencing, including with background app refresh, which means the app does not have to be open in the background, just logged in. If you have 2 Phones in geofencing it will never work. All of my well written mobile apps are done so that you do not need to do any manual setting of the app to control it. For my other security apps, when I am away they are armed. When I am home they are either on a Schedule for arm/ disarm or they are disarmed. This should be a basic function of any security app. Not sure why they have never been able to fix it.
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1 year ago, Pete Sveen (DIY PETE)
Great but one improvement please
We love our four EufyCam 3 cameras and the app is great. We recently added the 2k outdoor wired camera in hopes it would replace our Google nest so we could have 24/7 continuous recording from one camera at the home. The eufy 2k works excellent and has better quality video than the nest. It does chase 24/7 continuous recording. However, you can scroll through the timeline on a nest in a matter of seconds and see everything that’s happened in 24 hours. On the eufy app you can only watch each event or the timeline in 16x speed. This is much slower than simply flipping through the nest timeline… because of this we still use the nest for our 24/7 camera. We have to use 2 different apps because of this. Please update your app to be able to scroll through the timeline fast while seeing all the footage similar to the nest app. Once you do this, I will use only eufy and can recommend it to more friends and family. Thanks!!
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1 year ago, 777ChosenOne
Initial thoughts
Everything works as it should. It’s day 1 and I have not got around tinkering with the settings. The motion detection on the other hand. I did mess around with those configurations. Low is too close and the next highest is to far. For my specific use case, cam is using the panned mount along with the entrance to my porch and the position of my door from the entrance is weird. So the provided zoning option’s doesn’t work.(for me) I also literally just got a “human alert” on my doorbell cam and nobody was there. Maybe the AI is still learning? (It’s only been a day) I am guessing it takes a little bit of time for it to tighten up its algorithms. Anyways the app is easy to understand so far. I just started down the smart home road. So once I have more experience with the automation features then I can leave a detailed review over this app.
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1 year ago, iseverynictaken
This app went from good to bad to worse
After the last couple App updates I no longer receive any sensor, camera, or alarm alerts. It appears to log many of the entries but under devices the event badge shows zero events for the day even if the captured photo for the camera shows a recent event. The alarm sensors work intermittently. No alerts, sometimes log, show an incorrect status. I can hold a door open and it doesn't alert, the status shows closed... while browsing back and forth it sometimes decides it's open then goes back to closed while still open. I have 4 Homebase units at different locations and different Internet providers. All are broken. I've restarted everything including the phone. I've triple checked all settings even though I changed none. This system has become completely useless to me but worked great a week ago... prior to the app updates. With zero notifications and incorrect status and logging across all 4 sites what's the point? This is the danger of the cloud. I can't interact with the devices unless their cloud and App are up and working properly.
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1 year ago, Capt. Radar
Fix geofencing checking interval
All most all other apps I use switch almost instantly when I re-enter “home” region and I don’t even have the apps open on my phone (Apple Home; August; ecobee). However, at your recommendation, I have to leave eufy Security app running all the time and I can still come home and my cameras stay in the Away mode more often than not and I have refresh to trigger the switch in mode to Home. Not only is it slow in changing modes most times but I’ve also verified that Background App Refresh is enabled along with share location as Always. Almost all other apps can trigger geofence without needing the app open and running except yours and this is very frustrating. Also, while you’re at it, how about a feature that can turn cameras off when in Home geofence mode like Apple does in HomeKit. I’m not comfortable with my internal cameras (eufyCam 2C Pro) not being off when I’m home and that I can still use the app to stream my internal cameras when I’m home.
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3 years ago, wizard jaeyoung
Total failure of an app/product.
I purchased the eufy cam 2c cameras because I was going to be taking a 2 month long trip out of the country and there had been home burglary in my neighborhood recently. For two weeks, everything worked great; I was able to see my house and surrounding area whenever I wanted from overseas. Then suddenly everything disappeared and it said I had no devices connected. So when I got home after nearly two months of having a literally useless security setup, I find that I need to reset the home base and re-add the cameras, which requires climbing all the way up to the roof again to bring the cameras close enough to the home base (read: immediately next to the home base) in order to bring it back online??? This is absolutely absurd. Total waste of money. These cameras and this app have precisely ONE purpose, and it failed miserably. I’m in total disbelief at how stupidly this was designed. So frustrating. Read up on this issue: apparently it’s very common, just google it. Lots of people complaining about this issue with no actual resolution from eufy. If it were just a one off incident I wouldn’t have written a review. Be ware.
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1 year ago, Rafi Mud
Completely unreliable
This is the only app I’ve ever reviewed because I feel strongly that others should know what they’re getting into. This app and the camera systems are fairly unreliable. I have two outdoor cams and they’ve both suddenly stopped recording new videos. Despite the 32 GB memory cards, only about 20 videos are available even though the cameras have been on and should have been recording for weeks. The app shows that events happened every day, but no videos are available. This seemed to coincide with an updated version of the app and I saw a Eufy forum post about a bug in the app decrypting the videos. I disabled my cameras for a few days hoping a new version of the app would be released and I would get access to the videos. However, that has not happened and the app still shows that events occurred even on the days when the cameras were off. This app has data reuse issues as well as an incompatibility with the cameras themselves. Despite many requests in the eufy forum for a public facing api so that we can build our own app, Eufy has not responded. In short, they advertise that you own your data but in reality you can only view it through their app and you’re relying on the assumption that their technology works. Unfortunately for me, my car was damaged during the period when these videos are not accessible. I WISH I HAD CHOSEN A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT CAMERA SYSTEM. I went with eufy to avoid cloud services and because it was cheap. I have regrets.
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3 years ago, dmny
Just locked my phone up for hours
Where the heck is your quality control team? I haven’t had any issues until tonight and I’ve had the app for about six months which makes me think you have a serious bug in an update. I received a movement alert and opened it. The app open screen came up and just hung there. I couldn’t swipe up to close the app and I couldn’t use the force reset by pressing the buttons. It got to the point where I had to turn on the flashlight to try and drain the battery. After about three hours I thought to try Siri and asked it to go to the Home Screen which actually worked (crazy right?!) and I restarted the phone. I’m afraid to try and open the app again because what if it locks and Siri doesn’t work? I did a quick Google search and I see very recent posts of people having the same issue. Can you try a little harder to make a product that works? I know making an app it’s really hard but if you can’t do it don’t waste everyone’s time. I’m on an iPhone 11. I have two of the eufy indoor pan tilt security cameras. I’m using the eufy security app.
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7 months ago, MorangeR18
Review: I purchased Eufy's security products to keep my home safe and receive timely alerts for any suspicious activity. However, I am extremely disappointed with their recent decision to misuse these security notifications to promote their Black Friday deals. This is a blatant disregard for the purpose of these alerts and a breach of trust between the company and its customers. Not only is this practice intrusive and annoying, but it also undermines the very purpose of having a security system in the first place. When I receive a notification from Eufy, I expect it to be related to the safety of my home, not an advertisement for a sale. This misuse of notifications could potentially desensitize users to actual security alerts, putting their safety at risk. Eufy needs to recognize the importance of maintaining trust with their customers and prioritize the primary function of their products: security. I strongly urge them to reconsider their marketing tactics and keep security notifications strictly for their intended purpose. Until they rectify this issue, I cannot recommend Eufy's security products to others
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3 days ago, JenSnookums
Works well, wish notification options were better
This app works well and has been a great asset to us for a few years now while caring for our Alzheimer’s Grandpa in his apartment downstairs in our home. My biggest frustration is the inability to pause notifications for different devices. For instance, we have myself and a couple of caregivers who all have the same login for this account. It would be nice while a caregiver is off of work, for them to have the ability to pause notifications until they are on the clock without having to adjust the notifications for everyone who is still actively caring for him. This means while caregivers are off of work with family, notifications continue to ping sometimes every few seconds while he is moving in front of the camera or if the TV is on in the room. for now, the only way they can stop it completely. Delete the app and then reload it when they come back on shift..
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12 months ago, 909853562
The app has no ability to perform routine functions
The cameras are great. The app is horrible and prevents you from customizing your setup as needed. You can’t implement logical use cases in automation. then tediously delete events by day while they only display a maximum of 20 events, so a lot of “select all 20 events, delete, load the next 20 events and select all and delete. Then, choose the next day and repeat, It can take hours to delete events within a 3 month timeframe. Because You can only delete recorded events by individual day, not a date range. No functionality to “only store events from the last 3 months and auto delete all older events. Basic expected functionality is severely missing so you are limited I don’t think they have a User experience team. this app limits the full potential. Very frustrating. The R&D team don’t seem to use Eufy in real life situations otherwise they would see how weak, frustrating, and lack of needed functionality this app has. No logic to its design and they don’t seem to add needed functionality to the app, just bug fixes, which causes more bugs and you can’t do anything to triage the bugs that create a large security problem when cameras decide not to record intermittently after it updates. I could pay a high schooler to make a better more functional, reliable app than this even if it is their first App they have attempted to create.
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3 years ago, EZCheeze12345
Great Hardware, Software Seriously Lacking
Eufy builds quality cameras and they function well, but the software, specifically the settings for and the actual recordings are terrible. Most of the time I don’t see a car or person enter the frame on playback because it starts recording when the object is halfway through the frame, then keeps recording for 7-10 seconds after the object leaves the frame. Can’t it time shift enough to capture a few seconds before entry through a few seconds after departing? I’ve tried every different setting, including Custom and it’s always the same. HomeKit video is awful too. Most of those clips are a second long if they’re in there at all. You know who’s software does it right? Logitech. Always a recording that starts before the action and runs until the action is over. No choosing how long to make the video - it’s smart enough to know what to do from a few seconds to over a minute of activity.
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4 years ago, captain AppleBoy
Getting better! Hardwired needs to send to homebase though
Eufy Security crashes every second video or so. This more than doubles the time it should take to simply download security videos. Additionally, all the videos from today, February 29, are labeled February 28! I guess these coders weren’t around for Y2K!! LOL FAIL. This concerns me, for what other bugs lurk in there hiding and waiting to bite us? I think it’s gotten better with one of the secret background updates. Now, if Anker could just figure out how to make a battery pack that will deliver power AUTOMATICALLY, when it’s needed, rather than only when you first plug your device in and then shutting down, these remote cameras could last for more than a couple of weeks. Now they just need to combine the hardwired with the battery powered, to deliver three-second pre-roll, 24/7 video recording, REMOTE recording to the homebase (so when someone grabs your doorbell camera and leaves with all your packages and the doorbell camera, at least you have the recording on the homebase inside!)
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3 years ago, Rpzino
Great doorbell cam!
Was researching doorbell cams and naturally already knew about the ring, my existing doorbell is wireless and at the time ring didn’t seem to offer an easy solution, came across the Eufy and the more I researched it the more I liked it and decided to give it a try, turned out to be a great decision, price is very reasonable, especially compared to other brands, super easy to install and very user friendly, being wireless i was a little concerned about how often the supplied battery pack would need to be recharged, they said in their instructions approx every 6 months which I thought was very reasonable compared to the alternative of having to hard wire a doorbell in, also its been about 4 months already and its been working flawlessly and gives me the piece of mind when my kids are home alone plus the battery pack still says 90%, highly recommend this product!
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4 years ago, qxinfinity
Well the verdict is in. EUFY wins by a knockout. Comparing Ring Doorbell to EUFY is like comparing apples to oranges. Ring Doorbell is not even in the minor leagues. More like the rookie league. The clarity I’d say is beyond amazing. My wife would complIn that the video is so blurry on the Ring Doorbell. So I researched it and came up with the winner. The EUFY Doorbell camera. My EUFY is at least 10 to 12 feet away. If I whisper the EUFY picks it up loud and clear. Something the Ring Doorbell can not do. The battery life is out of this world. EUFY claims 6 months on one charge. I’ve had it 1 month and it’s still going strong. My Ring Doorbell would be dead n a few days. I have 2 EUFY. Both are fantastic. BUT 1 is wired only and the other is wired or battery. IMHO, I’d go for the wired/battery version. Either way you go. You’ll be getting an absolute sweet door bell camera. I just can’t wait to order the EUFY dome camera and outside flood camera.
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2 years ago, K9 powers
Excellent Cameras
We have owned several brands of cameras and custom security systems, but most were hard wired into stick built houses. When we bought a house in Mexico that was, for the most part, built of concrete, I turned to battery powered cameras primarily for ease of installation. Of the 2 brands of battery cameras I have bought, Eufy has out performed the other by an incomparable margin. Since we live 6 months in Mexico and 6 months in the US, I needed a camera that would operate consistently for 6 months on a single charge. Both brands made that claim but only Eufy passed the test. In fact I can rely on them for about 7 months with consistent text alerts and excellent video quality. 2 charges per year and you are good to go. The mounts are also simple ant strong. Yes, I would recommend for almost any application.
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3 years ago, Nate.thack18
Things are getting worse
Eufy really has bitten off more than they can chew. Support didn’t take calls. I wait An hour for live chat only to be disconnected. And my cameras that I spent about $500 on with solar panels just don’t record or detect motion anymore. It’s crazy how they blame all the HomeKit issues on apple when they are the ones that dont support two way audio in home and don’t support more than 4 cams at once in home. The cams have to be reset almost daily to function at this point and it’s a bummer because In times of danger or concerns when I thought I could count on the cams they’ve been useless. At this point they are just for show and live streaming because they will detect anything for you on their own to alert. If you see 3.8.4 for your firmware version then you own garbage. I’ve reached so many times about these issues and instead of resolving them they just keep Launching new crap and ignoring concerns! At this point I just want a refund so I can buy another company cam that will actually care about my experience.
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7 months ago, socalgypsy
Ring floodlight MUCH better than eufy
One year ago I installed a Eufy Floodlight Cam at the back of my house. At the same time I put a Ring floodlight cam at the front of my house. The eufy was great at first; great video quality + zero subscription fee although the Ring was performing very well. 6 months later the efuy started to give errors: 1. when trying to view live video I get “unable to view live video” 2. When trying to view recorded events I get “failed to load video clips please pull down to refresh” Randomly the camera will begin to deliver video events that are recorded and allow live view as well. There is no rhyme or reason why it works some time but not others. I’ve checked everything - connection is solid, software is up to date. The only conclusion I can make is that eufy is garbage. Meanwhile I have NEVER had an issue with my ring floodlight. Never. At my other house I have Blink and that is also going strong 1.5 years after installation. Guess what can I’ll be buying this Black Friday? Hint: it won’t be an eufy.
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2 years ago, Waztnme
First review
Everything about the cameras and the installation is so simple and made of great quality. I have 6 camera total I have one. That is at the end of my driveway it is 4,000 feet has great signal was really surprised how far it will reach. I normally charge batteries on the most used my front door and my driveway the others don’t get much traffic unless a bear or fox or deer set it off them I charge maybe every 2 months. For the price the features and the Apple HomeKit works great love I can have my PTZ front room camera recording to the cloud 24/7 and if need be I can rewind to the very min. And sec of said day I need. Also have there Wi-Fi deadbolt. If forget to lock door at night can tell Alexa to lock the doors and you will hear it ding from the door. It is been the best smart lock in a great price for it.
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2 years ago, Wmwmwmwmwmwmwmw
Frequently freezes and requires a phone reset to exit the app
The cameras are really top notch, but the app freezes often and requires a long-power button reset to exit the app. This happens very often - around 50% of the time, most frequently when changing from portrait to landscape view, but also sometimes immediately upon opening the app. Also, in terms of functionality, there should be a way to change security modes (e.g., home or away) for all camera simultaneously with a single button. Currently you have to do this for every camera separately, which is a stupefying oversight. Furthermore, the “always-on geofencing” option for switching modes is an unacceptable privacy intrusion and should be replaced with a local bluetooth proximity switch. Common sense stuff. Finally, why is there no option for viewing all cameras live feed at the same time?
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1 year ago, havetoenteranicknamehere
Missing events with 4.5.4
For those complaining about missing events it took several days to get a response from eufy support who initially considered it a problem with my app/phone. After providing more information they followed up this removal was intentional by the engineering team and they are considering adding it back but provided no timeline or comment to doing so. This effectively makes these cameras useless. There is a event view mode before you go into playback mode but that only plays event clips. No way to see what happens around each individual event. I was willing to stick with them despite the security issues since I was not using push notifications and only ran their HomeKit cameras in HKSV mode which I think didn’t suffer from the potential data breach. But after they pulled one of the most useful features I’m now looking into other camera solutions. They should have at least noted it in their release notes! Hope this review helps stop someone from investing in their ecosystem.
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2 years ago, WRLD TRAVLR
Worst cameras ever bought
Have the dual doorbell camera and flood light camera set up. Have two others but main issue is these two. Notifications do not come through until AFTER someone has already left. Had UPS guy walk up driveway, up the stairs and place package down and didn’t get notification until he was starting to drive away. That has occurred several times. I can NEVER catch anyone unless they stand at my door for longer than two minutes. When a notification comes through on flood light cam and you click on it, it does not take you to a live view. It takes you to the recording. Give me the live view!! It also doesn’t detect anyone until they are a couple feet from camera even though I have sensitivity and every other setting set at the highest. What’s the use if you can’t ever catch activity when it’s happening. Fully regret buying Eufy. Too bad return window is closed. Should have stuck with Lorex.
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4 months ago, imlenryj
Bad App Bad Ai Bad Camera Bad Everything
App continuously logs me out for no reason and when I use Face ID to log in it just viciously cycles the app and logs me in and out over and over amd I have to quit the app and log in again. And then when I’m finally in it takes forever for the live feed to load and let’s say you think someone is breaking in your house or think something strange is going on outside by the time the camera shows the live stream something bad might’ve already happen or someone might’ve already gotta to you. Also the AI they use to record the clips pics and chooses when and when not to record you could walk right in front of the camera clearly visible and it won’t notify you or record anything but if you do the same thing a few minutes later it may or may not record. Just a really bad app and if you want a camera for safety against intruders this is not the Camera you want by the time the app loads any thing it’ll be too late for you
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2 months ago, DIDE2020
Pretty good with a big problem
This is a good app, it was confusing in the beginning but when I got the hang of it, I liked it. It gives you lots of camera customization, my favorite one is geofencing; I set it up to turn my cameras on when I leave my home and to turn them off when I come back. That’s what it’s supposed to do, but (and this is where the 2 stars from the rating disappear), when I come back home, it doesn’t turn the cameras off, but instead, it continues to record and send motion notifications. ONLY when I open the app and refresh it, it switches to “home” mode and stops recording. This isn’t good because most of the times my hand are full and I can’t take my phone out to refresh the app right away, which means the batteries run out quickly. Well, with geofencing enabled, I shouldn’t even have to take my phone out of the bag.
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3 years ago, J6.$
False triggers
Eufy cameras are good. No subscriptions, everything saves on the home base (with the exception of indoor cameras) and very easy to use and install. One of the features that attracted me to eufy is the human only motion detection which I thought was great because of the wild life I have around my house (bears, deers, etc) but this feature is very disappointing. It detects cars, anything that waves in front of it for example my patio umbrella, flag, etc which constantly causes notifications at all times of the day and has us thinking we have people on our property. I’ve reached out to eufy support twice and got the same generic response which tells you to switch camera positions, set up activity zones, etc which I’ve done and still the problem. Eufy cameras are most definitely not the cheapest but with flaws like this it doesn’t make it a big difference from the cheaper brands. Eufy went from highly recommend to buy or beware.
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1 year ago, Selenity hyperion
Eufy used to be awesome. However, their latest update has endangered my family. Motion detection is unreliable - CLEAR motion is left undetected but sometimes cameras go off for literally no reason and record like crazy. Lights randomly turn on and off with no events apparently recorded. The ‘decrypting local storage’ message has appeared abs now I can never view events because it literally takes FIVE MINUTES TO ‘DECRYPT’. Cameras randomly go offline. Thumbnails aren’t updated. Notifications aren’t reliable when the cameras finally DO detect motion. Overall, I am absolutely livid that I placed my trust in Eufy. My family’s safety is paramount and after investing the time and over $2k in this setup, I am left with unreliable software and hardware. I don’t know what the development team is doing but they CLEARLY need to either hire a QA department or hire better QA because clearly the dev team is unreliable and enjoys placing people in situations where they could be harmed because their products are a failure.
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