Eureka: Earn money for surveys

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SocialLoop LLC
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1 month ago
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15.5 or later
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User Reviews for Eureka: Earn money for surveys

4.75 out of 5
394.6K Ratings
6 months ago, ayecece2002
Eureka is one of THE best survey apps in my opinion. In under 30 days I’ve earned nearly 100 bucks from just taking surveys. I’ve cashed out twice so far, with my first payout being $24 and my most recent being $70. While some surveys will scam, (i.e you’re halfway through it will boot you and you may or may not receive 2 cents as compensation from Eureka, OR you complete a survey fully and it tells you to “close this window” to claim your reward, and when you close the window you don’t get paid. Or you completely finish it and it submits your answers, then it says this researcher has ended this survey, after you already did the whole survey and submitted your well thought out responses.) It’s disappointing but I don’t let it stop me from continuing to do other surveys. Eureka’s payouts are usually instant, and they also offer BANK transfers! I love the ability for it to just go straight to my bank account. The extra money I make from Eureka is SO useful in buying my day to day essentials or just treating myself. At the end of the day you can’t beat earning $$ for simply giving your opinions online. I haven’t needed to contact their customer service team as I didn’t feel like I had a big enough reason to, so I can’t speak on that. Overall, this is my favorite app to earn cash for doing surveys, the user interface is very friendly.
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1 year ago, mikep1919
Sad to say but this is the absolute worst of app to try to earn money on et for games surveys etc
There are so many other apps that are way better that you should keep scrolling, fast and far away from this one! I’ve been playing games taking surveys online for well over four or five years and this is by far the cheapest worst app of its kind. they pay a minimal amount, If you’re lucky to even get paid. I’ve been going back-and-forth with them and their ad partner since Februaryfor an offer I completed the offer was even confirmed completed by the other partner as of a couple weeks ago and now they’ve completely become unresponsive and won’t reply to any of my emails after going back-and-forth for like I said February almost 4 months even their add partner has confirmed and yet they have still cheated me out of $10. It’s really sad that they do this. Also on the surveys they make you complete them and then give you two cents and tell you that the provider declined it after literally sometimes taking longer than the time that it says to complete the survey. so you literally complete the survey, it takes longer then they say,and then they don’t pay you what they said they were going to. And give you two cents then act like that’s a good thing. Awful really shady app.
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4 years ago, Ashtyn_2584
Not a fan of the new update- locked out of surveys…
I haven’t had any problems with this app Until recently. The new update prevents me from being eligible for a lot more surveys, and I have not been compensated for any of those surveys that I did start but was unable to complete due to not being qualified… This resulted in me having to file multiple complaints on multiple surveys and leaving them early due to errors or the page being frozen or not being able to move onto the next question… However, my biggest issue was that because I was not qualifying for a lot of the surveys I was moving through the surveys relatively quickly, and the app I guess detected that? It then locked all of the surveys, and they’ve been locked for multiple hours ever cents, despite this not being my fault that I was unqualified for the surveys but wished to continue attempting other surveys that I may or may not qualify for. It’s really unfortunate, because I absolutely loved this app up until this point. Now it just seems useless to have an app that I can’t even use anymore that I’m seeing as of right now (due to the surveys being locked) in addition for not qualifying fornine out of 10 of the surveys, or those surveys that I had begun, not receiving compensation for. I hope someone is able to read this and help me troubleshoot the problem, because the tech-support for this application is not incredibly handy, and I hope people are not having similar issues…
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3 years ago, Jimmertt
$0.05/HR is what you’ll make here, or in other words... this company is paying you $0.05/HR To give away your privacy to hundreds maybe thousands of companies. Don’t fall for the trick. First off I’d like to state that you have to put in about 40 hours of your time to get $10. And that’s if you’re lucky. Basically comes down to you make about $0.05 an hour while doing this. HAHAH. They start you off with a couple good service in a bad mood like maybe if you were a total of three or four dollars when you’re done. The survey time that they predict for you never is the case. There’s usually a pre-survey to the survey and that’s what the times are accurate about. It probably takes about 20-30mins per. As you get closer to the $10 cash out Mark you’ll start seeing some surveys that have like five minutes prediction time and a decent pay out close to a dollar. You’ll never get to complete them on time you’ll get halfway maybe and then it’ll say the survey is no longer available. And then the worst part of it all is when you get closer to your cash out, starts denying you for every survey saying that you don’t qualify after you take the pre-survey.I went from my $3 dollar mark today to the $9 mark and probably about 3 hours ish. Since then I’ve spent eight hours trying to get to the $10 mark and I’m at $9.90 right now. And after two surveys pop up and they deny me it says no more service available for me.
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2 weeks ago, MadsGamer
Favorite survey app!! 🫶
I’ve searched high and low for a good paying survey app that doesn’t scam you when you get close to cashing out, or that gives you 2 cents for 20 minutes. I don’t get payed to promote this app nor do I get payed to write this review lol. But as far as with my experience using eureka all I can say is that it’s legit, decent pay for you’re time and easy cashout and don’t even get me started on how many gift card options there are 🥹 There is also PayPal or direct money to you’re bank account! Super convenient and when you have extra time I highly recommend hopping on this app and earning a few dollars for you’re opinions. With that said one thing I’d love to see improved with this app is the questions themselves, I feel sometimes too as if I have spent enough time on one survey and wish to be over with it so I click through it fast. I hope that in the future they will make more questions open ended so that it can keep us engaged and even more interactive. That way it lets us share our thoughts more openly instead of just choosing an answer. Over all I would rate this app more stars if I could but 5 is pretty generous and I think there’s room for improvement but they are doing a super job with it!!! 🥰
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4 months ago, Bassira K
Actually pretty nice
I’ve had this app for a month now and made $50 In total. What I really like about this app is that unlike other surveys, the minimum you can cashout is $5 and there’s also many cashout options available. You can have the money sent directly to your paypal (it’ll be on your account within literally 1 minute), You can get a virtual prepaid card (also available within minutes), You can do a bank transfer but that one would take 2-4 days. You can get a gift card, and there’s charity options as well if you’re feeling generous. The surveys usually don’t take that long, the longest I ever spent on one is probably 40 minutes. But it was worth it. I have had two survey issues where i’ve spent a good 20 minutes on each and both said that I’ve completed it but didn’t close out and reward me. I couldn’t really do anything about it because the same two surveys won’t show up on my survey history, so I didn’t bother to email. But if you have any survey issues i’m sure you can reach out to them by email and have it fixed. I usually would go on it and complete surveys if i’m bored or on the train/bus. If I was more avidly on it I probably would have made much more. This honestly is one of the best survey apps.
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4 years ago, Cricket101_200126
Love this app!!!!
I downloaded this app about a couple years ago and I never got any new surveys!! It was frustrating, I probably only earned maybe 3-4 dollars over 1 year period. Which was hard as the cash out is $10, because I wasn’t getting any opportunities for surveys I just ended up deleting it. About 1 month ago I decided to give it another shot, I didn’t delete my account so I still had a small balance on it. I am SHOOK! I have new surveys everyday and I got a cash out for $10 in just a few weeks! I admit I didn’t qualify for every survey, there was a good amount that I didn’t qualify for but there was a good amount that I did! I love how I get a small 2 cent compensation for the surveys that I don’t qualify for! That truly helps and adds up! Keep in mind that if the survey has closed and you have already put a little time in that survey you will not get compensated. Another great thing is the daily penny for your thoughts! I love that! Transfer to PayPal was fast plus you get $3.50 just for cashing out so that’s a great head start for your next $10 cash out! Don’t just take my word for it, download and see for yourself! Also make sure you have all your information down in your settings profile, that helps to get more survey opportunities!!
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3 years ago, Daisy121932
Surveys crashing and saying “No longer available”.
I spent around 45 to 60 minutes on a survey. I literally finished it after answering every question and it said ”Thank you, you have reached the end of the survey.” It then went to the eureka page that says “sorry this survey is no longer available “ and took me back to the main page..... I was so upset and angry because I basically wasted an hour and didn’t even get the normal 2¢ compensation. Currently wanting to be compensated for completing a survey until the end and possibly thinking of using a different survey app. I answer every question honestly to my best ability and honestly just enjoy answering questions, surveys and quizzes for fun. So this is pretty upsetting. I told my siblings and parents to download this app as well, but if this doesn’t improve or get fixed we will just find a different app to use. My one example isn’t the only time this survey closed message has appeared but it was the only time it appeared after I spent more than 10 minutes on a survey and also had completed it. Edit: I wrote this, took a survey just now and had it happen again. Now I have photo evidence of this exact example happening. Edit 2: I have been compensated and look forward to this problem being fixed, I do highly recommend this app even though it has some errors.
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1 year ago, XxRawrrKittyx
I like this app but there are some minor issues!
Overall, I really do like this app, I’ve made 60 dollars so far and have only been using it for 20 days. I work part time so in my free time I do a few surveys! I’ve always received my PayPal cashouts everytime, although it does take a bit for it to get to my PayPal and then from my PayPal to my bank account. Also signing up was a bit of a pain, they want your password to be like 15 characters long or something like that, but they don’t tell you that. So I was trying to figure out why I couldn’t sign up and it was because my password was too short but I had to come to that conclusion myself. Sometimes you will get disqualified mid survey. Sometimes I’ll do a survery, I’ll be at the very last question and all of a sudden it will tell me the survey is closed. This doesn’t happen often enough for me to stop using the app completely but it is something to be aware of. I don’t understand why people get mad about that though, that’s the risk you take using apps like these. If they’re looking for 500 participants, and they have 499 so far and someone else is taking that survey at the same time as you, and they finish before you, there goes your chance. I don’t necessarily blame the app for this, it’s just what happens.
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6 months ago, dariusl11
Just Get a Job
While you can earn real money on this app, the honest truth is that you don’t make anywhere near enough for the amount of time it takes you to complete one survey. There are so many other better ways to spend your valuable time trying to make money instead of this app. Like most other people, I was drawn in by the appeal of being able to make some extra cash just sitting around at home since I am currently unemployed. Had the app for less than a week and am already thinking about getting rid of it. Most of the time, the survey says something like “the researcher has shut down the survey” or I’ll get disqualified somehow after already having spent 15-20+ minutes trying to complete the survey. Getting a measly 2¢ after having wasted even just 10 minutes of my life seems like a slap in the face. I was able to get my account to just above 7$ and am having way more trouble all of a sudden trying to complete one survey for some reason. This is leading me to believe what other people are saying is true and is really scummy on the developers part honestly. Wanted to try getting to at least 10$ but that seems like more of a hassle than I thought it would be so I definitely won’t be using this app for too much longer. You would be better off spending your time filling out job applications or asking a relative to borrow money if you really need it.
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1 year ago, SergioFreex
It’s okay
Before I start: Yes, I cashed out once. It was definitely the most painful experience to be able to reach $5. This is mainly because 8 times out of 10 I don’t qualify for a survey. It also does this really frustrating thing where I can make some progress in a survey but it puts me in a survey I don’t qualify for. Also, those supposed “quick” surveys that usually pay ~40 cents? They kick you off the quick survey and then forces you to do a 20 minute one. Don’t even get me started on playing games for payments… The apps they make you play INTENTIONALLY FREEZE just to make you close out of the game and reopen it, and that results in you not getting any rewards. Then, after a day passes and you attempt to dispute it, a yellow error message says “Please wait 24 hours after staring app before filing an issue”. You literally have to wait a day before you are even allowed to dispute it and yet it’s making me wait another day? I severely doubt waiting 1-3 business days will actually give me a payment. TL;DR: 8 times out of 10 I don’t qualify for a survey, “quick” surveys aren’t quick, and app offers scam you out of your time. I’m still waiting on the app reward to come through however. I still have a bit of faith it’ll come through, but I wish I was able to get it right now, similar to how AttaPoll is instant.
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2 years ago, Lordenki40
Unfair, but pretends like it is and you’re just unreasonable
Surveys are extremely underwhelming in compensation vs time spent. More importantly the first full survey I do, for a whopping 55 cents takes 20 minutes and then on the final page to submit the button conveniently doesn’t work. They get to keep all my answers and I don’t get anything. Update: I have tried four more surveys after the initial three freebies and 1 failed. Every single one has stopped me after gathering 50-75% of my responses and disqualified me. Then compensated me 1-2 pennies for up to 75% of the work that I guarantee you the companies still use. They’re so generous with the first three surveys because they know most people will never grind out the hours and hours of work to get ten bucks. They will no doubt respond to my review with some response about individual companies make the surveys, and although they try to ensure quality, that someone’s they will be bad. They’ll no doubt try to say something to make it look like I didn’t understand and I’m overreacting. They’re so proud they compensate for disqualified surveys as if you should be grateful for 0.25% of what was promised for 50-75% of the work. It’s legitimate only by technicality that they will pay you, but only after they gently funnel you in what should be illegal slave labor for your time. Update again, ten attempts later and the same story. I’m deleting this racist app that keeps denying my surveys after I put in my race.
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1 year ago, Michael.Bubble
Fraud and fake
Now I know about these survey companies due to a complaint I once filed with my state attorney general’s consumer protection office. The company was forced to tell me how much THEY make vs what they give us. These companies make about 1000x more than they give us for doing them. A common tactic for them to gain more profit is to bait the user into thinking you’ll decent money by simply completing easy and “fun” surveys. They post fake reviews. Lock the “high earning” ones to keep you thinking the more you do they may unlock. They won’t. Luckily. In some states you can request their public records and earnings vs payouts. Might wanna look into that. It’s also a common tactic to get you as close to the cash out then stop rewarding you in hopes you’ll either keep giving them your free time or just give up and let them keep what you earned. By law in all 50 states. If you choose to leave. They must pay you. You did the work. You earned the money. It’s yours. I’ve been at 4.96 for 3 days now. Not one “complete”. Not a single “reward for trying”. That’s the tactic to either keep me trying or. Walk away unpaid. Also! Every time you get sent to a new screen asking for your demographic info. You completed the previous survey. Democratic info is only for current qualifications. So if this happens over and over. That’s how many surveys you actually completed. They owe you the advertised reward times how many demographic qualifiers you did
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3 years ago, teekitz71
This survey app is AWESOME !!
I Absolutely love this survey app! I have tried several different survey companies in the past and always ended up disappointed. Eureka blows all of them away!! There are always plenty of surveys to choose from. They can range anywhere from 2 mins. to 20 mins. and they compensate well for each survey completed. There are some that I haven’t qualified for, due to certain criteria, but Eureka still paid me 2 cents just for trying. Also they allow you to cash out once you’ve earned $10 AND there are so many options to do so! You can choose between PayPal or several other gift cards. *spoiler alert*……you are rewarded $3.50 for cashing out. I have only been using this app for 3-4 weeks and have already cashed out 4 times!! This has quickly become my new favorite pastime after a long day at work. Lastly, I want to give a big shout-out to Sarah B. for her quick response & help when I cashed out this last time. I chose to cash out with PayPal, but I accidentally put in the wrong email address. I immediately contacted Eureka support to let them know, and by the next morning, Sarah had already contacted me to let me know that the issue had been resolved!!
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3 years ago, NicBri90210
Let’s you finish a whole survey then doesn’t pay
I really liked this app at first. Lots of surveys that I actually qualified for and it let me complete them just fine. These last few weeks though I’ve had so many that either let me fill out several minutes worth of survey and then tell me I’m not qualified, or have me fill out the entire thing, then start me on what seems like a new survey without paying for the previous one and then tell me I’m not qualified and pay me 2 cents. I’m so close to $10 that I feel like it’s a total waste if I can’t get there to cash out, but it’s going to take forever if I keep doing 10 minutes worth of questions to then be told I don’t qualify. I’ve also been getting a ton of surveys that aren’t in English. I’ve never indicated I can read another language and it doesn’t give me the option to change it to English. Another thing is that when you click on the survey it says one time, but when you get there it says another. Yesterday I had one that was supposed to be 13 minutes, but when I got to the companies page they said it’ll take 45 minutes. I’m not spending 45 minutes answering questions for a few cents, especially if I was expecting to be there for less than a third of that time. If you’re doing this during downtime at work and making extra change while you’re already making money I think it’s worth it. If you’re doing it in your free time instead of doing something else is definitely is not.
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4 weeks ago, Wings19-24
This was free so I thought I would give it a try. I very quickly earned 3 dollars for downloading and setting up my profile. But then the app tells me that you can get disqualified for random reasons. So i start sitting and taking all these surveys that ALL basically ask the same questions concern my political affiliations! If you decline to answer ANY question your chances of being disqualified are almost certain but it will not tell you until AFTER you sat and answered all the questions. If you actually receive compensation it is only a fraction of what was originally offered. When I noticed this I decided I would download and play games rather than take their fake surveys. So I download Coin Masters and it states to complete Village 3 in 3 days of installing for $4.63. So i download and complete within the first 24 hours and I did not receive the compensation as promised so I attempted to contact support and it told me I had to wait 48 hours to submit a complaint request directly to coin master. So i submitted a support complaint directly to Eureka asking for help because Coin Master did not pay as promised. However, Eureka told me to contact Coon Masters the very people who lied to me and has denied me access to support. So no matter what if you download and complete tasks or surveys and dont receive the agreed upon compensation you have NO recourse because the companies themselves are hiding behind Eureka and Eureka helping them do it! Total SCAM
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3 years ago, Curly6972
In the beginning this was a great app when I downloaded it I made $20 off of it but after I cash out twice it no longer let me take surveys I’d click one & it would automatically disqualify me & give me the 2¢ compensation for starting the survey but I never started the survey I couldn’t, shouldn’t have been disqualified without answer any questions because that’s how they determine if you’re the demographic they want for that survey anyways because of it doing this my account got flagged & banned for “fraudulent activity” this app is set up if you leave a-lot of surveys in a small timeframe then it’s fraudulent. I didn’t leave a-lot of surveys in a small timeframe the app wouldn’t let me take them. So I’ve been flagged & banned for fraudulent activity & the actions it took to get banned is due to their app malfunctioning. I can no longer take any surveys which is disappointing I was surprised when this app actually worked at first but now I’m just frustrated. Also to add on top of that I contacted Eureka twice about it not letting me take surveys to be ignored. And I was once again ignored when I contacted them about me being banned due to fraudulent activity.
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5 years ago, rollinghedgehogs
Eureka Lost It’s Best Features w/ New Update
I’ve been using Eureka since early July of this year and it was one of my honestly one of my favorite survey taking apps because you were always guaranteed a payout for your time. The surveys were relatively short and inspired thought and encouraged takers to think about what they’re writing and present it in an eloquent manner. I didn’t even mind that you had to wait to accumulate $10 before being able to cash out (this actually takes awhile since the surveys only pay 15¢ on average and the surveys don’t come too often). My biggest issue with this most recent update is that surveys are no longer taken within the app but rather you’re redirected to another platform. 9/10 I’ve been denied surveys and am told that I do not qualify. Previously, if the rare situation occurred that you were NOT eligible for a survey, you would be given 5-10¢ as compensation and recognition of your time. However I have spent 20+ minutes simply trying to qualify for surveys and have not received a cent in compensation for my time. This makes zero sense to me as I have completely filled out my profile and have answered all the questions I was asked to fill out. In a nutshell, I am sorely disappointed in what Eureka has become and unless they make some adjustments to their app I’m planning to reach the $10 payout and delays the app because this is ridiculous misbranding on their part.
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1 year ago, Kjor0787
Plan on extra work to be rewarded
I am not understanding how this app has such a high star rating? I’ve literally completed dozens of offers and the only ones I’ve actually been rewarded for are all less than $1. I’ve even invested and paid into some offers and have yet to see the reward sent to my Eureka acct… I’ve submitted disputes to all the offers I completed and attached photos to prove completion. Even though I don’t have multiple accounts, use a proxie, vpn, etc… I’ve received emails back denying my claim saying that I’ve violated the offer rules or the offer stands incomplete, even after attaching photos and videos of receipts, App Store log, and photos in app to verify my claim. There’s still offers I filed dispute over missing reward that I’ve heard nothing back over 1 week later. I’ve spent more time chasing rewards im owed than anything else. It’s just strange how im immediately rewarded for small amount offers, but anything that’s suppose to pay reward over $1 I have to file a dispute. My entire “complete offers” list are all rewards less than $1, and my “in progress” are the larger rewards I still haven’t seen sent to my account. At this point I’m just trying to retrieve the rewards for the offers I paid my money into and then wash my hands of this app. It’s too frustrating wonder whether or not I’ll have to chase what I’m owed.
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1 year ago, Squishy_Princess
Account Flagged, Reasons Unclear
Used this app for over a year, completed 360 surveys according to my account, made over $100 in total and never had problems with cash outs. Eureka was my favorite survey app! Suddenly last month all surveys are closed for me and tell me to try again, but when I try again they are still closed. Reached out to support and was told my account was flagged by one of the third-parties for various possible reasons but they didn’t tell me exactly what reason. I was never intentionally dishonest and kept my profile updated to reflect to the best of my ability. I was told it’s possible I “attempted too many surveys,” which sounds ridiculous to me. I always take surveys in the same manner. I attempt, I get disqualified several times in a row and continue to attempt until I do qualify. That was never an issue before but I guess is “unusual” now. I hoped that by reaching out Eureka would be able to help, but apparently third-parties have more authority over my account with Eureka than Eureka themselves, as I was told once my account is flagged by a third-party provider that Eureka cannot undo it. Now I can only earn 1¢ from daily polls or 10¢ from the occasional location bonus, which is absolutely not worth the time it will take to even break $5… So I’ve cashed out my last $6 of earnings and will be moving on to another app.
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2 years ago, IzzyT687
My Opinion
Honestly, I saw one review saying that they made 90 cents in 8 hours, and all I can say to that is, BRAVO!! If this app would make me that much, I would consider it to every person I meet! But it doesn’t! All it does is let you make it to around $7 in around 1-2 weeks, and then stops qualifying you for surveys. It always did disqualify me even before $7, but it’s not as bad as it is later on! Like one of those claw machines, you grab your toy, your 2 yr old is freaking out, you’re approaching the drop spot, and the machine drops it before you get there! I spent around 2 weeks after making it to $7 and finally made it to $10. By time you get your $10, you’ll never appreciate money more! The only analogy I can think of that best suits how your feelings for your hard hard earned $10, is Frodo and his love for the ring! And if you think $10 is awesome in around 4 weeks, then look forward to making your $10 in the first round, because it’s as hard as it is to get from $7 to $10, except you go from a 3 dollar bonus that idiots like me get their eyes set on, to $8, where I am now in around 2 months! Of course I don’t get on there for hours a day to make that much, but I do get on there when I see a notification, and I’ll work for 30 mins or so. This app is such a waste of time! Go get a job. It doesn’t have to be a good job, but almost anywhere nowadays pays 10 an hour. Not 4 months!
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3 years ago, kobebear1029
Kicks You Out of Surveys after they’re almost complete, With NO Compensation!
I just completed a survey all the way through, that was supposed to pay $0.43, (for a 4 minute survey, that actually ended up taking over 15 minutes!!!) and then after clicking “submit” I received the message that the survey was closed. This has happened to me several times which leads me to think this app is a ripoff, especially after you’ve finally reached the $10 payout amount after months of trying… But getting surveyors to complete surveys in their entirety, with “no” compensation as promised, is dishonest, extremely disappointing and a waste of my time!!! This app is full of trickery, very misleading completion times, and often a complete waste of valuable time! I have to delete my account, and truly encourage others to do the same… It has proven to be painfully apparent, that the expectation of this Eureka app is to only provide it’s patrons with a 1 time payout (after making it extremely difficult to even reach this $10 minimum payout amount), and then you pretty much just continue to get screwed over and not compensate for “completed” surveys after that?!? They are banking on several people joining, and giving them plenty of completed surveys, in hopes that we’ll get discouraged and just give up, before they ever actually make it to the payout amount!!! Please don’t patronize this fraudulent behavior, provided by this app!!!
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1 month ago, showup21
Company going under?
All of the sudden all the surveys, check ins and offers have disappeared. There’s been one survey for under $.20 for a week. This is after they reduced cash outs to once per day. Then the cahoots started taking longer. It’s the same with all 3 apps that they run, Eureka, Survey Pop and Survey Spin. My neighbor said she cashed out and it took way longer than normal to get the payment as well. I’ve emailed the company more than once with no response. I’m no longer going to use this app, or it’s sister apps, until I’m sure they aren’t going under. Because that’s exactly what I see happening. Update - I stopped using this app - the following is from my sister who started using the app a few months ago - now having issues with receiving payouts. The emails stated my two cash outs would be in my PayPal in 1-2 business days. It’s now been 4 and 5 days since request, plus the weekend. I’ve sent multiple emails and they aren’t bothering to respond. Update #2 - my sister has reported the app for fraud to report fraud at the FTC website. They promise to investigate bad business practices such as the ones being committed by socialloop. Please be aware the devs are being paid for your work, they just aren’t paying you. They kept $22 of my hard earned money and $11 of my sisters.
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2 years ago, OtomeThot🖤
Can't verify my phone number 🥴
I've never used this app before today heck i've never even heard of this app before today but for some weird reason it still won't let me verify my phone number and keeps giving me an error message when I try. I've force exited from the app, closed it and reopened it, installed it and uninstalled it, shut my phone on and off, etc and I know for a fact i'd bet my life on it that i'm entering my information correctly so I don't know what it's doing, what I do know though is that i'm no longer going to use them because first off if you don't verify your phone number you can't do any of the higher paying surveys just the really low paying ones and secondly if I can't even verify my phone number then odds are when/if it comes time to cash out on my rewards I probably won't be able to (I use countless other survey sites and when you cash out with them you have to verify yourself first) so all I need is to spend a lot of time earning rewards just to be told "NoPe" when I try to cash out wasting all that time and effort because they can't or won't verify me 🤷🏻‍♀️ Nice idea especially the paying out instantly thing versus the days and weeks it takes with other survey sites but not being able to do even basic things (like verifying a phone number), risking not being rewarded because of it and not being able to do anything of value is a no no.
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4 years ago, Dwelch87
Worst survey app
I’ve had this app well over a month now and have only made $6.20 which I can’t cash out till I hit $10. You make $5 or so in the first day then NOTHING after. It gives you a ton of surveys but they’re measly .3 cent to .10 cent surveys that take 5-20 minutes. Rarely do low minute high value surveys pop up and when they do, they’re always closed. It has you start answering questions and wastes your time to say the survey is closed after a couple minutes then pays you nothing. This app makes money but giving people the false hope that they’ll be able to win the big prize attached to each survey. They pay each person so little for each survey then only 1 person out of hundreds of thousands actually wins. They pocket all the rest of the money. Only they make out and we’re the poor saps who get ****ed. Is it possible to make money on this app, yes but you’ll waste 10Xs more time then ANY other app to do so. The chances of winning the lottery prize is exponentially low so it’s not worth it. When I hit $10 in the next year or so, I’ll delete this app. Such a waste of time.
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8 months ago, BopJarts
app is weird
i've had this app for a month now, i earned around $40 i think. the first problem is that after my first two cashouts i started getting surveys that were all less than 30 cents. almost all of them would tell me the survey was too full or i wasn't needed before even putting in information and would disappear from my screen leaving me with almost always 1 survey that MIGHT work and let me start it just to get all my answers and not reward me. I don't know if this is on the surveys end or the app but it's extremely annoying. you take the time out of your day to carefully take surveys and give genuine information to not get rewarded at all. I came back today because it had taken me over a week to get a cash out a couple of days ago and wanted to see if i could try a faster attempt, despite the crappy surveys. I took some surveys this morning and then opened the app later today to see i had been logged out... they gave me a login option and i put in my email. they said i would be emailed a login. i've checked more than 5 times within the span of 30 mins and see nothing. And no the app DOESNT GIVE U ANY OTHER WAY TO LOGIN. Me thinking this was just a mistake and maybe i used a different email to make the account i choose the "join" option to create an account, as soon as i put in my email it tells me it's already in use. app is wasting my time
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4 years ago, Cirseii
Not Worth It!
How come when I’m answering all the questions honestly I was given a warning that if I don’t answer honestly I’ll get less surveys, which again I have been honest with every single one of them and now it’s been over a week and I haven’t received any surveys since getting a warning? There is no way to dispute the warning or anything, it’s stupid. I’ve only made $6 and you can’t even cash out unless you get $10 in total. They have some apparently larger surveys where you can earn bigger prizes but they’re just scams, they have you fill out the same questions over and over after spending a good 10 minutes or more then suddenly you don’t qualify or they already have enough people they don’t need you??? You won’t even see a single penny for what you answered. Also, you earn about $0.15 at a time for each survey if it even allows you to complete it, but basically then you get entered into some thing where they choose who the winner is but the chances are VERY slim. Don’t bother with this app, people that claim to have earned a lot of money are either lying or have insanely good luck. I’ve had this app over a month now and I haven’t earned hardly enough. // EDIT: Now that I wrote a review about the app they’ve removed every single one of my surveys, guess I’m uninstalling now. They want your opinions but can’t take opinions on their own app or try to fix the issues they have. You’ve been warned!
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3 years ago, RProp
First I noticed only the good reviews had a response from the company which I thought was odd. So I ignored the reviews about how you spend so much time on a survey only to be told the survey no longer exists. However this is only mentioned at the end of the survey after answering questions for 10+ minutes. The first time it happened I thought it was due to my tracking being off. So I allowed them to track. (MIstake) after that I received another error at the end of my survey saying it no longer existed or something of that nature, but I received my 2 cents for participating. Then, the next survey I took I was told at the end that I got a $2 reward. However when I returned back to my dashboard my balance flashed but did not add the $2 reward and I was still at a balance of $1.88. I have already take three 10 minute surveys and still remain with my initial reward for joining and completing my profile. These reviews also state that the app will let you cash out at anytime WHICH IS A LIE. You have to have a minimum of $10 to cash out. Which I can see will take forever due to the surveys that are being offered but yet they are “no longer available “ after you’ve waisted your time. Plus they only offer you one survey at a time and you do not get to choose which survey to take. Absolutely horrible just stick with swag bucks
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2 years ago, Tresa79
After almost completing the survey , I get a 2 cents for what suppose to been 3.00 and some change
I’ve only had the app a day so I’m sure I need to give it time to be able to make a little something from it , but the issue I’m having makes me not even want to keep going! At first it was letting me do survey after survey and once I reached the ones that pay over a dollar, I was no longer being able to complete them and receive the actual amount quoted. I’m not trying to bash the app but it’s hard to trust that My Opinion really matters and answer almost all questions only to be told that the survey got declined because the amount needed had already been reached! I just think that should be determined when it is loading the survey before letting you even start. Most of the surveys ask a lot of personal “questions” like Age for example, yes I know that some will require different ages , gender and race but to have tried 3 or 4 back to back and only get thru the ones that are a few Pennie’s is discouraging and questionable. Hope it gets better I won’t give up on it just yet because most reviews speak positive so maybe it’s just the timing.
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3 years ago, Patti39
Nice app for surveys
Update: Been irritated by a few glitches but it’s still a great app. I used to do a lot of surveys online and just got so frustrated by the sites I used - long periods between surveys, only got coupons and no money, a couple cents here and there, etc. this really is the best app I’ve used. Anyone who’s done surveys for money knows that you can’t expect to get rich this way and that it takes a lot of time to do. You also won’t be chosen for many surveys, depending on your personal qualifications. However, this app is extremely easy to get started on and use and there are constantly surveys to do. I made over $10 in 2 or 3 days while just sitting in my spare time. If you cash out to PayPal, you get your money within seconds (haven’t cashed out any other way, so I can’t comment about the other options). The surveys are usually interesting and gives you a good idea about what companies are concerned with at the moment. I haven’t experienced too many glitches on the surveys and when I have, I’ve been able to work them out and finish every survey. So far, this app has been fantastic and I don’t see any reason why it won’t continue to be.
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3 years ago, TanBlarb
High payment potential
This is actually pretty worth the time necessary for a payment. Plus they have been giving away a weekly $1000+ sweepstakes that has got me thinking I really have a chance of winning. It's legit and when I cashed out I got it deposited quick to my bank. Plus I attained the reedeming minimum to withdrawal fairly quick and had I put more time into it I could have redeemed even sooner so I know they are actually trying to keep their users happy and paid because they are caring about this stuff. Plus the look and operation of the app is pretty cool. It's definitely easy on the eyes. gave it 4 stars because the surveys don't always accept or qualify you for each survey you do and I understand that not all can take every person and they need a certain demographic, but there should be a different survey to take if that happens but either way you still get a compilation bonus points. So that's why I did 4 stars but that's nothing bad compared to a lot of these other survey apps that are a enormous waste of time . At least with eureka you feel you are being compensated fairly for your data thats making these companies wealthy.
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1 year ago, lenzicz
App is alright
Eureka is a nice way to make money, i’ve made over 100$ using it now and will continue to make more. The 2$ you get after cashout is very helpful and makes it easy to make money. If you cashed out twice without going much over the withdraw threshold, essentially you would make 10$ by earning only 6$. The cashouts also come very quick and you shouldn’t have much of a problem with them. The only issues I have with this app is that the more you complete surveys, the less surveys you start to get. There are times where I go 2 hours or more without getting a single survey and when I do hardly any of them work. If you want to effectively make money from this app, you have to constantly check for new surveys and sometimes do surveys that aren’t even worth doing. Another problem I have with this app is that when you get disqualified from a survey, 9 times out of 10 it won’t even pay you the 2 cents it claims to and it will say that this survey is closed which gets very annoying. Overall, if you’re looking for a good way to make money, I would give Eureka a chance but it does have a handful of issues.
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12 months ago, Razqli
The In-App Experience
I’ve been using this app for about a month now since starting May 14, 2023. When I first got into it I wasn’t able to verify my account and still can’t so no referral for me I guess. I just did check ins for 10 cents though they changed it to 6 cents unfortunately. I mean half the check ins don’t even work always unavailable even when I just refreshed it. I didn’t do the games I won’t talk about that, but the surveys are horrible. The UI of the survey promises something like 22 cents for a 14 minute survey on average. I did these since I wanted to cash out quicker and they paid something like 4 or 3 cents. I also didn’t get disqualified from the survey so it wasn’t the pity money. I EXPECT to get the money promised, I'm already getting paid 5 cents an hour for 22 cents, but for some reason I’m paid less than promised. Eureka survey’s didn’t even let me verify when I contacted them about how I couldn’t verify, just some response about how I exited too much surveys without finishing them. That was a month ago dawg. In conclusion don’t trust them to pay you in full unless I’m missing something. I didn’t even get my 10 cent location bonus man. But that’s it, I'm only coming in for check ins now. I hope you see this Eureka Suveys. I mean Survey Pop is just a better you. Peace out y’all.
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4 years ago, Leogotdabank
I really hope the reviews aren’t true.
So I’ve had this app for two days now, and honestly it’s great, however there are some issues I’ve experienced and heard about. For example I was taking a 15 min survey and maybe it was because I went through it fast but I was doing the survey and literally near the end of the survey, it said I was disqualified and it did not reward me with any kind of money, not even two cents. And sometimes the surveys would freeze and I would have to start a WHOLE NEW ONE. Overall I did like 8-10 surveys today and only 3 surveys out of the ten actually paid me. I hope this doesn’t because a issue in the future because I like this app and I really hope it doesn’t disappoint me. Also I’ve heard people complain that after they reach a certain amount of money (for example over $8.00 accumulated) that they wouldn’t be able to take any more surveys or they weren’t qualified for any. And also a big issue that I HOPE IS NOT TRUE, is that I heard that once you cash out, you don’t receive any money from PayPal or that the money doesn’t appear there. I hope it’s not true. But this app is over all pretty good but could be much better.
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8 months ago, vb872
not worth it
I download eureka about two months ago, and now the app has become an useless. 6 cent check ins don’t do much, and I’ve been getting kicked out of 80% of the surveys on there. Each time you get kicked out they give you 2 cents which doesn’t help with 30-50 minutes you just lost. Most $1.50-$2.00 surveys will end up kicking the average user out. The offer walls like Adgem and RevU have become completely unhelpful now. They don’t offer anything promising, and most of the offers are just ridiculous. You’ll have to deal with potentially not getting paid after spending days to weeks completing the offer. And what made the app so addictive is the $1.50 free handout they give you after cashing out each time. Once you get that minimal boost you just feel like you can get to the next Cashout (which is at $5) and then the cycle starts all over again until you become drained of it. And they’re most likely taking peoples information. There’s always a cost to everything, they aren’t just giving out 20cent-$2.00 surveys without making people pay for it in some way. If anybody really wants to download survey apps and get money then just get a job. You’ll make more and you’ll actually be keeping your mind intact. But don’t download survey apps, it’s not worth it.
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8 months ago, tommy white0nly1
Gets promisingly good to progressively worst
They will “allow” you to do surveys . Keyword “allow” then out of nowhere it will cut you out and close your surveys almost immediately after you reach 5$ or immediately as you grow close enough to cashing out. If your not 23-26 and a certain ethnicity. You will be immediately cut from the survey. Also 10 out of 19 surveys will not pay you and then eureka won’t compensate you for the minuscule 2c. I have videos posted of this entire discrepancy on TikTok and instagram. So what I will tell you is, if your lucky you’ll have a good time randomly doing surveys that don’t match the value or time you put into completing them. Also all survey times are not what’s being posted. I clicked on a 5min survey and the very next page says 15 minutes. Also the purple survey category does not even pay you let alone compensate you after you wasted your time. So my point is, download this if you’re bored and would like 5$ sometimes . But don’t rely or think that if your stuck in a rut or 5$ short that you can get on the app for an hour and get that money for yourself. You’ll be highly disappointed. So play the game and don’t convince yourself that you will make it cash out limit in no time . It took me a week to get 5$ because of all the issues.
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2 years ago, dmoney$maker
Eureka what a sweet surprise
I love having the ability to settle down and give my honest thoughts for surveys- I always have; it helps me zone out. I honestly feel like I get away from everything when I take surveys. I really deep dive into my innermost thoughts and truly think about the questions before I answer them. I have always been interested in surveys And I have tried every survey I've out there are used to even do in person surveys in malls, but this is hands-down, by far, incomparablly awesome survey provider. It is so easy to navigate, the surveys I have take as of late are short, concise, yet well thought-out and different... they are fun! Eueka is THE BEST Survey App! I have never been so impressed (or admittedly, so excited to take surveys. I feel like they give me power against the environment I might not want to be in at any given moment. But I like to be an informed person whom properly shares my thoughts and opinions for consideration; this puts both of those things together.I have the power and the power is right in the palm of my hands, now with Eureka!!
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4 years ago, Emmaboemma
Finally someone responded to my review and made the time I spent on this survey worth my while. Thank you for your response... I have just spent exactly 42 minutes doing a what was supposed to be a 10 to 12 minute survey. Of course some of that was my fault. I did what I was supposed to do and read each question carefully and answered all questions to the furthest extent of my capabilities! At the end of the survey it even asked for additional comments. I went on and on and on about how much I enjoyed doing that particular survey and even thanked them for allowing me to do the survey. I hit the submit button at what I thought was the end of the survey, only to receive a message in tiny little text stating, “I’m sorry but you do not qualify for this survey, blah, blah, blah!!!” THEN, when I exited, which was the only freakin option they gave me; a box came up asking if I wanted to continue, which I tried and it still wouldn’t go any further OR if I wanted to forfeit my winnings? WTH! To forfeit my winnings was the only option I had! WHAT A WASTE OF MY TIME!!!
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7 months ago, Chrissy Moran
Fair and Appropriate way to make money
I wouldn’t go as far as to say that it is specially an easy way to make money because as a person who tends to over analyze things that I am reading sometimes, it does take me longer than the expected time that that it says it will take. I do feel that although it is getting the surveys from outside companies, it sometimes feels that I have to answer so many qualifying before the actual survey that amount tn more questions than it actually should take for what I am getting paid for. I also do think that it should have more surveys geared towards students and teens because more and more, we are the generation that is using apps like these to look to make some extra money in our limited free time, because then I wouldn’t feel that I am answering the default questions of being single as my marital status or zero for how many kids I have! I do definitely understand how the app is designed and feel that it can be worthwhile but I would make a few tweaks if I could.
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3 years ago, GinnyLynne34
Eureka is one of the best surveys apps that I have come a crossed. I have cashed out six times in the past two months and that’s awesome… I have been using the app a lot more since the pandemic and it really comes in handy when you need a few extra bucks. Although I wish you could cashout at anytime which would be way more convenient, instead of the $10 minimum it’s actually really easy to get to $10. If you stay and complete all the surveys that are available to you. I’m definitely giving this app a 5 star rating. I also love the fact that when you cash out they give you a survey each time to start you off with $3.50 so getting $6.50 to get to the $10 again is a great incentive! All I want to say is if your skeptical about this app don’t be it’s easy and simple. Love the music surveys btw. There the best and I could do them all day everyday. :) also wish there was an invitation bonus for when you invite others to join but other then that it’s one of the best survey apps that i interact with on a daily basis!
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2 years ago, ChaBellz
Locked Surveys are Annoying
I love that even if it boots me out I can get 2 cents but when I finish a survey all the high paying surveys are locked and I’m being told to check in tomorrow for more. Which I strongly dislike being that I do surveys in my free time which is very limited when u work full time with 2 young children and a fiancé. I literally use the extra funds for myself and it’s like I can’t get anywhere on this app. Then I was told through branded surveys I would get my FIRST $1 free for adding the app; I did not receive that at all. It’s like it’s going to take me months to get anywhere in funds because some of the surveys are saying they will close the tab and that I was already paid and then are stuck on that screen when I refresh and all. So if I close it I just lose the money all together; this has me feeling cheated. I’ve finished 5 surveys with no pay because I was stuck waiting for the tab to close on its own. Then I’m being told there aren’t any more surveys for the full day which had me yelling HOW?! Because this is supposed to be such a convenient app for survey influencers right?! 🤔 feels like I’m just losing all around the board.
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4 years ago, R3AD THIS!
Please Read if You’re thinking about downloading
Some of these bad reviews talks about how... they have to wait until they earn $10 to cash out, and how surveys pays very little, and how they don’t qualify for most surveys. You need to understand that money is not that easy to earn, you can’t just expect to earn a couple bucks immediately because you’re doing surveys. Trust me! This app is worth it, you’re basically getting money for your opinions, and if everyone were to get a lot of money then there would be no point. You have to work hard your money, and this app is giving you a chance. So before you give a bad review about how, “each surveys are only a couple of cents” “I don’t qualify for most surveys”. Think about how they’re making it easy for you to earn some money. Please do think before you give a review. When I first saw this app and I saw all these bad reviews, I didn’t want to waste my time doing it. But then I tried a couple weeks later, and I now understand that hard work and patience pays off. This app is trying its best.
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5 months ago, Sweet 3577
The best one I’ve found yet
I am a grandmother that has custody over my grandson. That’s a year and a half. I stay home and watch him and my daughter Son, who is three years old one day I went on the Internet and I was looking for ways to make money at home and they showed me surveys. I read a review and I found about this one. It’s a great app. It really pays you money. Also, customer service will respond back to you which is great. I have downloaded two other survey apps just in case this one has less surveys. I keep running back to This One because I know I will get paid, the the surveys are quick some of them are longer if the survey doesn’t pay you Eureka well for your time they’ll give you something it’s one of the best if you want to sit down and make money at home or either on the go this is the app you want to get it’s totally legit soon as you reach five dollars you can cash out you don’t have to wait until the next day or three days later, go check it out you will get paid
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4 years ago, OverIt08
Steal your info
This was a decent app however now you spend 2 mins qualifying for a survey. One “qualifying” went in to exact detail on a certain topic. Have you heard of this? Have you used that? Which of these do u own? Have you bought in the last 6 mths? 12 mths? Year? Have you done this in the last mth? 6 mths? 12 mths? Would you consider trying this?? Only to be told I did not qualify... then the only way to get out of it is forfeit your payment.... so spent well over the time the complete survey advised. Not paid anything. And the most I receive is .02 cents. I have been at 9 plus dollars for a very long time and spent way to many hours giving them free info for nothing. Then let’s look at how many people don’t make it to 10 dollar min pay out.... they are killing it! I plan on continuing until I get my 10 but will be logging start and end time and actual guaranteed payouts verse what I actually receive. Then I plan on emailing to my state attorney general and see how it stacks up to min wage laws in my state. I am just wondering what my state law considers legal. I am glad I can screen record because I may come in handy...,. And all of this to get my .02 cents when trying to qualify on a survey!
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1 year ago, blind queen 22
It’s OK
I did try to zap surveys, and it honestly was a pain in the neck. then I heard about Eureka so I decided to give this one a try.. the only thing I wish they would change is for at least to earn $.50 to a dollar for the daily polls. I guess the one cent will have to do but at least you are getting some thing.. I do like the fact that some of the surveys will give you some credit if you do not qualify for them. I will admit, though that I have had abs like this, in the past, that just did not qualify for my liking. I am legally blind and I’m also in college just trying to earn some extra cash because I currently do not have a job due to my disability.. I was able to cash out at five dollars whereas I had to make $25 on zap surveys. The cash out process is also very quick as well so I do give this app a four star rating.. I do wish that the app was a bit more user-friendly for people with disabilities like the visually impaired. otherwise you can give it a try if you would like..
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1 year ago, ajdiduxyjsisixyskh
Be careful
When I first used this app, it was decent. I’ve had it for about 9 months, maybe longer. Well, when I first download it, it paid instantly to my PayPal account. Now, I’m having trouble getting compensated. One day the PayPal payment was being declined (the Eureka App) and then today, it stated I would receive my funds within 1-2 days. That’s going to be a no for me. I earned the money and have never had to wait, previously. Why should I have to wait now? I don’t like the new updates nor being kicked out after completing 20 minutes of a survey. It’s like they get my thoughts for free. Then, when you contact customer service, they ask for a screenshot of the survey. Like, how would I have that? I’m not screenshot every survey attempt. And it’s not in your history only the amount your compensated for completing a survey. Not the ones you’ve attempted or complete 80% of just to get kicked out. Honestly, a great survey app is AttaPoll and you don’t have to have but three dollars to cash out. Never had a problem with AttaPoll, and this is an honest opinion. My husband also uses this app, but he’s his own person and has nothing to do with my surveys. So, take it for what you will.
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3 months ago, c(:{
Its “Alright”
If you want to earn money answering surveys then this is #1 go to app, but only if you have the patience of never qualifying for any survey or getting kick out without ever getting a chance to answer anything. You average about 1-2 successful surveys completed out of 10. You can sit through an entire survey, be told “thanks for completing” and then have it closed without notice or payment, this will happen more often than not. So far I’ve made $160, but not without loosing my patience. The offers are “ok”, some expect you to pay or make a purchase twice the amount they’ll reward you, which seems ridiculous, but it’s how they operate. Referral numbers don’t seem to work at all, so don’t bother referring anyone. Just focus on answering to your best ability to provide honest answers, and you might get a good payout. But of course, this is free money, and nothing come without a catch, having the patience and free time to answer questions can be pretty rewarding during hardship. But in all honesty, just go find a job, and keep this as a past time.
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2 years ago, kclynjones2986
This is legit
I don’t do many reviews as I doReferrals. But this app made me want to leave a review. Eureka is legit I started using it I say a week ago didn’tReally take it seriously because I do a lot of survey apps a lot of them are fake they don’t pay out so I thought this one was just the same but it was not he gets a little iffy around 8 dollars itStarted at and little strange and won’t let me do surveys but eventually he got worked out I think it’s showing in Surveys that you are done or that you already dismissed from anyways I was able to cash out just fine. I was able to cash out $10 to my PayPal account and it happened immediately the good thing about this site does better than the others is some other surveys or 4 5 6 dollars and you actually get paid I don’t know anything about the sweepstakes stuff I haven’t won anything but as far as getting paid for your surveys yes you get paid just hang in there good job Eureka you’re one of the few apps I will keep continue to use 💯💯💯💯
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4 months ago, Rizzroriemike
Why app
So basically to my experience, this app has been the worst place to earn money. I’ve had JustPlay play, but Cashout are so hard to require a lot, so I’ve tried a bunch other apps and have they worked no all they have done to scan the survey that sells your data on the black market that Ryan Trahan did the penny challenge just kept call once every two minutes two out just kidding about that two days so I never got to it so and besides that like two cents and I qualify for almost none of the sideways like I literally put in like five minutes of my like 19 minutes ago. Last says I didn’t qualify giving me like at least a dollar for something or at least $.50 it gives me two cents and the service I give you two cents and take like two seconds one minute give you two cents don’t you so this app is not good I’m sorry app creators I don’t like your app I’ve been playing for weeks and I still haven’t been able to cash out because I have qualified for any of the service. I recommend you don’t play this a lot of time you are fine with that game is good for people who don’t like to qualify or like a lot of things but I’m not all of the
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4 years ago, Chocolateblasiandoll
I’m starting to think this is a scam. I’m stuck at $9.57
I have had the Eureka app for 2 weeks or so now. There has ALWAYS been surveys for me to do, each and everyday. I even got qualified for what they call, “VALUE SURVEYS”, which are considered higher paying surveys that you can take at your own leisure (although they only pay 22 cents at the most, and you can usually complete about 5 of them per day), you can get these types of surveys due to having high quality responses to surveys, otherwise you’ll just take the 1 to 2 per day surveys Eureka provides you with. Now that I have finally reached $9.57, I noticed my value survey option has went away, and every survey I tried to complete, no matter what, would not allow me to finish it, and would say that, “I do not qualify”, or something of that sort. I am literally stuck at $9.57, and why all of a sudden am I stuck right there, although this whole time, surveys were always available to me? Eureka should want to pay more to those that took their time and dedication to do those low paying surveys. I hope this doesn’t last long, and I hope this is not a scam. If so I’ve done over 50, 10 minute and up surveys for free.
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